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[2000-12-13-WCW-Thunder] Shannon Moore & Shane Helms vs Jung Dragons vs Jamie Noble & Evan Karagias

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Tony Schiavone clarifies the rules for the Starrcade ladder match, explaining how it’s the one person who climbs the ladder and retrieves the envelope that will get the Cruiserweight title shot.  So there’s nothing to stop partners fighting one another then?  To be honest, I would’ve much preferred them to make this a six-way then instead to cut out nonsense like that.  3 Count sprint to the ring and immediately get it on with Noble & Karagias who are already in there, not even waiting for the Jung Dragons.  Combination Samoan drop/neckbreaker on Noble.  Oh dear, Schiavone hasn’t been checking his format sheet and was of the impression that this was a tag match; at least Mike Tenay is prepared and knows what’s going on as the Dragon’s make their entrance.  They slide into the ring through the legs of 3 Count and land a pair of inverted atomic drops followed by a pair of spinning wheel kicks.  I forgot to mention that Konnan is on commentary and is putting the Dragons over (remember what I said about him?), how they may not be the biggest in WCW but they’re amongst the most talented.  Leah Meiow’s outfit isn’t leaving much to the imagination.  Double springboard clothesline by Evan to the Dragons as things start to settle down.  A miscommunication sees Noble and Karagias take each other out as Helms nails Jamie with a superkick for a two count.  He escapes the Moore sleeper-drop and dumps him with a belly to back.  As Noble makes his way over to his partner Shane is in and clocks Karagias to prevent the tag, however Jamie smartly then rolls over to the Dragon’s corner instead and tags in Kaz Hayashi.  I liked that thinking.  Kaz takes care of everyone all by himself while Konnan starts talking about when he wrestled in Promo Azteca.  The camera concentrates on Yang collecting a ladder from under the ring so we don’t see what happens inside that lead to Helms now being in control and hitting the ‘Vertabreaker’.  He forearms Yang on the apron, who falls to the floor, and Shane with a sensational flip dive out onto him.  Konnan is legit enjoying himself watching this.  ‘Rocker dropper’ by Shannon on Evan.  He positions the ladder across the top turnbuckle and climbs up onto it when he is cut off by Noble.  Evan joins his partner up there and it looks both scary and dangerous, although nothing goes wrong as they hit a double superplex.  As Jamie goes to make the cover, Karagias shoves him out the way and steals it for himself, the two continuing to argue even after picking up the win.  Schiavone mentions how at Starrcade it will be every man for themselves once they get the ladder and this goes some way to showing that.

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