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[2000-12-09-WWF-Metal] Eddy Guerrero vs Essa Rios

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Essa sticks a back flip off the top and as he lands Eddy immediately dropkicks him in the leg.  From here he focuses all his efforts on his opponent’s knee as he looks to neutralize his aerial advantage and keep him grounded.  Some nice and effective elbows to the knee in there that I liked.  Eddy sits him on the top turnbuckle but Essa grabs hold of the top rope to block the frankensteiner.  He then badly botches the leaping rana though as it looks more like Eddy powerbombed him to counter it (which I don’t think he did).  In all seriousness, considering he had his leg worked over he shouldn’t have been able to execute the move cleanly, but that’s me thinking deeper than most who are watching.  Essa recovers first, body slam, followed by the most graceful of moonsaults after hopping up the turnbuckles to continue selling that knee.  Eddy is able to get his knees up mind and a rolling cradle gets him the three.

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