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It's me and two other guys talking wrestling. We're kind of in the midst of changing formats to focus on some older stuff because the WWE has been so terrible this year. We're going to be getting into some more long form content starting in a few weeks. We are going to do a couple of episodes on the Mega Powers angle and go through that and we also have plans to do the Dynamite Kid/Tiger Mask series of matches.

If you are looking for episode recommendations I would say episodes 49-52 are a good place to start and the Dark Matches.

A few other things, if you are interested in being a guest for a Dark Match let me know. That is kind of a side project that is going to focus on fans and their journey as a wrestling fan.

And, if you have any thoughts comments on the Mega Powers angle or Dynamite Kid/Tiger Mask, you can reply here or PM them to me. We would like to read other people's thoughts on the air. I particularly want to know if you side with Savage or Hogan for the Mega Powers.


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