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[2001-03-15-IWRG] Cicloncito Ramirez & Fire & Tzuki vs El Fierito & El Torito & Sombrita

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This was better minis action than your standard IWRG fare. They brought in two tecnicos that could go so there was a lot more action. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Cicloncito Ramirez as a worker. To me, he has the same effect on a match as Atlantis. When Atlantis was in his prime, you knew if there were three good rudos, you could partner Atlantis with just about anybody and he would shore up the tecnico side and make sure there were enough exciting sequences to make the trios match worthwhile. In this case, Ramirez had some nice partners but his presence was still the difference maker into terms of making this worthwhile, especially since El Torito and Sombrita would have slowed things down and picked on Tzuki if left to their own devices. Tzuki kicked ass in this, btw. Watching him brawl with the bigger sized rudos was so much fun. 

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