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[2001-04-10-CMLL] Atlantis & Brazo de Plata & Mr Niebla vs Shocker & El Hijo del Pierroth Jr & Gran Markus Jr

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This was light entertainment but I enjoyed it. It was a lot more clever and humourous than Monterrey dick jokes. The highlight was the chemistry between Shocker and Porky but we also got flashes of Shocker vs. Atlantis, and boy do I wish they'd pull the trigger on that. Atlantis is having a great year. In fact, I'd argue that he's having a better year than 2000. I didn't love the build to the Villano mask match, and after the match they gave a big push to Villano while Atlantis went back to doing nothing. I often wonder how our perception of lucha workers would be different if they worked singles matches on a regular basis. There's a number of match-ups I've love to see Atlantis have in '01 but ultimately I have to be content with him crossing paths with guys in trios matches and hope that they square off. Still, if anyone thought he was a faded force by this point, they were wrong.  

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