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[2001-04-02-WWF-Raw] Steve Austin vs The Rock (Cage)

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This was a rematch for the WWF title. Earlier in the show, Rock had assaulted Vince McMahon and demanded a title shot. Vince relented but on one condition -- he'd get his title shot inside a steel cage. Austin, meanwhile, said he didn't owe the fans an explanation for joining forces with Vince McMahon so his motivation remains unclear. I did like the segment they taped for Smackdown where Austin attacked Jim Ross. That was callous and I actually felt bad for Ross. This was a decent brawl. Austin bled. McMahon got involved again and physically abused the referee Tim White. Then Hunter showed up and the unthinkable happened -- an alliance between Stone Cold Steve Austin and the man who tried to end his career, Triple H. All those months of terrible booking and awful angles. The Survivor Series rubbish with the forklift. The attempted vehicular homicides. The layoff. The Three Stages of Hell. As far as I remember, the idea of turning Austin heel was always on the table. We used to fantasy book it back in the day. But while it was easy to believe the Bret Hart heel turn or the Hogan heel turn, this was perplexing. It was as though Austin had been hit on the head with a cinder block and his personality changed. 

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