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[2019-06-22-Tokyo Joshi Pro] Miu Watanabe vs Yuka Sakazaki

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Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2

Very good little match build around Yuka working over Miu's arm in pretty Yuka fashion, unique techniques and all. Miu's selling is fine for the most part but she is a great underdog and puts up a hell of a struggle. ***1/2


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Tokyo Princess Cup - Quarter-Finals: Miu Watanabe vs. Yuka Sakazaki

Yuka's so great when she's chipping away or controlling a limb on an opponent. Miu powers through the pain in a performance befitting an ace and delivers explosive offense. Cool sequences built around Yuka's elbow strikes, and Miu's "laser beam" chop was well utilized. An excellent quarter-final.


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