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IWR: International Wrestling Revolution

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Just decided to inject a bit of life in this part of the fantasy section so in parallel to what I do with the Dawn of War project, I'll do my own thing here with this made-up promotion called IWR. I picked the roster at random (Thank you, random.org and profightdb. com lol). Roster goes like this:

Koji Kanemoto (IWR Spirit Champion)

Masahiro Chono

Hitoshi Kumano

Johnny Gargano (IWR Tag Team Champion)

Anthony McMurphy

Prince Devitt

Candice LeRae (IWR Tag Team Champion)

Jimmy Snuka

Robert Thompson

El Sancho

Kamala 2

Joe Gacy

Davey Richards

Chris Sabin

El NOZAWA Mendoza

Buck Quartermaine

Adam Brooks

Bo Dupp

Kofi Kingston

Toby Klein

Al Snow

James Storm


Irwin R. Schyster

Big Daddy Walter

Johnny Grunge

Dezmond Xavier


Michiyoshi Ohara


Tony Nese


Stephon J. Baxter III



Wade Barrett

Christopher Daniels

Hideo Itami

William Regal

CM Punk

Tyson Kidd

Soldier Ant

Derrick Neikirk

Frank Murdoch

Bobby Fulton

Dale Patricks

The Sandman

Tracy Smothers

The promotion will have 3 championships:

IWR Championship

IWR Tag Team Championship

IWR Spirit Championship

The Spirit Championship will be more than a secondary championship. Its champion will pretty much be calling the shots when it comes to the division as to how it will be defended and against who. If a puro specialist like Koji Kanemoto or Masahiro Chono has the title, that's his call to make. If a junior heavyweight like Johnny Gargano, Davey Richards, Chris Sabin or Christopher Daniels wins it, we could be in for some exciting matches. And if a hardcore aficionado with the likes of Toby Klein, Joe Gacy, Al Snow, Sandman and Tracy Smothers wins it....uh oh.

There's also a Joker Rule applied in the promotion that can only be invoked once by show by only one wrestler. That Joker Rule can give a wrestler the right to involve an outsider to the promotion in a specific match. This can be particularly helpful for guys like Johnny Grunge and Bobby Fulton. Or even Tracy Smothers and James Storm for instance.

There will be a special event after every 4 TV episodes. So on that note.....have fun!

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Newark, NJ


The show kicks off with SirEdger announcing he's taking over from the previous owner of this company and he wants to give fans the best show possible, as he doesn't want any remnants of the previous ownership involved so we're starting with a clean slate. To prove that point, SirEdger announces that the IWR Spirit Championship will be awarded tonight inside a Steel Cage between Koji Kanemoto and Johnny Gargano!

-In the opening match, Adam Brooks beat Candice LeRae with the Future Reaction

Steel Cage Match for the IWR Spirit Championship:  Koji Kanemoto (w/Sonny Onoo) beat Johnny Gargano via submission with the Koji Clutch to become the inaugural Spirit Champion

-Bo Dupp vs Joe Gacy vs Derrick Neikirk ends in a no-contest after Colonel Robert Parker, and his bodyguard Dale Patricks interrupts the match. Parker says that there's no chance he's gonna let 3 studs like them fight each other when they can be fighting together. Colonel Robert Parker then introduces his new Stud Stable: Bo Dupp, Joe Gacy & Derrick Neikirk!

-Yoshitatsu beat Irwin R. Schyster with the Land of Rising Knee.

-William Regal destroys El Sancho by submission via the Regal Stretch

-To close the show, we're scheduled to have Colonel Robert Parker's muscle, Dale Patricks to take on Dezmond Xavier but Patricks & Parker doesn't come alone as the new Stud Stable has come with them. Soon enough, Xavier must fight the whole Stud Stable by himself but a miscue from Patricks on Joe Gacy saves him and he can escape outside. Furious, Gacy gets into a shoving match with Patricks and it ends with Gacy hitting Patricks with the Unforgiven Backbreaker. Looks like Patricks is already out of the Stud Stable. The show ends with Bo Dupp, Joe Gacy and Derrick Neikirk standing tall over their ex-stablemate.

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From Boston

6-Men Elimination Tag Match: Tony Nese, El NOZAWA Mendoza & Adam Brooks beat Irwin R. Schyster (w/Rain), Meat & El Sancho; Nese & NOZAWA were the last survivors of their team

-Davey Richards beat Hitoshi Kumano (w/Sonny Onoo) by DQ after Onoo broke the Kimura that Richards had applied on Kumano. For his trouble, Davey hit Creeping Death on Onoo!

-Chris Sabin easily dispatches Stephon J. Baxter III with the CSV2

-In a highly competitive match, Christopher Daniels beat Hideo Itami with Angel's Wings. Boss SirEdger was looking on from the stage...

-William Regal beat Toby Klein by submission with the Regal Stretch.

IWR Spirit Championship: Candice LeRae (w/Johnny Gargano) fight Koji Kanemoto (w/Sonny Onoo) to a double DQ afer both Onoo and Gargano got involved; Kanemoto retains the championship

-Jimmy Snuka beat Kofi Kingston after interference from The Sandman while Woman was distracting the referee, allowing Sandman to hit Kofi with a Singapore Cane!

To close the show, SirEdger invites Christopher Daniels back to the ring. Edger congratulates Daniels on a great match with Hideo Itami earlier tonight. He says he shouldn't be doing this but he wants to award Daniels with the IWR Tag Team Championship belts. He will allow him to invoke the Joker Rule and find himself a co-champion outside of IWR if he wants to. Daniels is about to make a speech, possibly revealing his partner when Johnny Curtis & Ultimo Guerrero jump over the railing and climb in the ring to attack both SirEdger and Daniels! Edger is tossed outside and Ultimo Guerrero hits the Guerrero Special on Daniels and Curtis hits the top rope legdrop afterwards. Curtis and Guerrero grab the tag titles and run away through the crowd to close the show.

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From Hampton, NE

The show is scheduled to start with an IWR Tag Team Championship match, with SirEdger announcing that Christopher Daniels & his partner will take on Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano for the title. Daniels is about to announce his partner when Johnny Grunge comes out and invokes the Joker Rule. SirEdger is forced to accept, considering that Daniels hadn't made his announcement yet and Johnny Grunge introduces his old friend Rocco Rock and Public Enemy get their tag title shot!

IWR Tag Team Championship: Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano beat Public Enemy to become the inaugural IWR Tag Team Champions.

-Derrick Neikirk (w/Colonel Robert Parker) beat Equinox

6-Men Tag Team Match: Chris Sabin, William Regal & Hideo Itami easily beat Buck Quartermaine, Anthony McMurphy & Kamala II

-Rain upsets Tracy Smothers after Rain blocked an attempted choke out from Smothers and turned it into the Rain Drop. Rain was ecstatic, but not so much Irwin R. Schyster, who was watching from the back...

6-Men Elimination Tag Match: Big Daddy Walter, Kofi Kingston & Wade Barrett beat The Stud Stable (Joe Gacy & Bo Dupp, w/Col. Rob Parker) & The Sandman (w/Woman). Walter & Barrett were the sole survivors for the team, with Walter last eliminating Sandman

-Hitoshi Kumano fought Michiyoshi Ohara to a double DQ. After the match, Sonny Onoo tried to calm both men but he was shoved by both Kumano & Ohara and they kept brawling

-Jimmy Snuka scored the victory over Prince Devitt with the Superfly Splash

To close the show, an emotional Rain was interviewed about her victory against Tracy Smothers earlier in the night. This brought out Irwin R. Schyster, who told Rain not to forget that she works for him and he's not gonna let her ruin things for him. Rain said if Candice LeRae could have opportunities against men, so should she. Irwin answered with a slap to Rain's face! A shaken Rain cowered in the background with IRS grabbing her by the arm and dragging her to the back, telling her to go apologize to Tracy Smothers for humiliating him that way. Will Rain apologize to Smothers when she doesn't have to? Tune in next week!

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