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[1989-06-02-EMLL] Fuerza Guerrera vs Aguila Solitaria

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Águila Solitaria is an entertaining enough técnico, but Fuerza Guerrera is an amazing rudo, even though this is slightly less over the top than what he used to do/did later on. He gets all but ragdolled in the first fall. Águila still takes most of the second fall, but Fuerza comes back by pushing the rules a little bit. He doesn't brutally target the guy's nuts, he just throws a couple closed fists and throws him against the turnbuckles. It's really neat how Águila Solitaria hits the cleanest backbreaker you've ever seen and Fuerza Guerrera has to struggle to get Águila up. Third fall is a bit long and nearfall-heavy but Fuerza is still very fun in it. Cool match.

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