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[1975-01-06-IWE] Chiyo Obata & Kyoko Chigusa vs Susan Green & Peggy Patterson

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This was on a flash drive with a bunch of stuff I’d downloaded from YouTube but not got around to watching so thought it was about time I did.  Excellent picture quality given the bout’s age, although it turns out this is heavily clipped.  The US girls are the heels here and Obata’s hot tag in the first fall is something else, she’s swinging her arm like she’s Mick Channon in there.  Green evens things up, pinning Chigusa to the sound of cricket’s chirping.  It’s that quiet that I even wonder whether it was a fall or not.  It was.  In the decider Chigusa ends up on the outside in the heels corner where they start double teaming her.  Obata is around to help her partner out, joined by their second who wallops Patterson with a metal bucket that she’s carrying.  While this is going on Obata is laughably whipping Green with a towel.  Before returning to her corner the second hits Green with the bucket but is pretty fucking careless, hitting her hard with the edge of the base of it and splitting Green’s head open.  I thought at times this match was being played for laughs, especially by the Japanese girls, not any more.  Green can barely stand and is rolled into the ring by Patterson.  The pin quickly follows after an Obata giant swing as Green’s blonde hair turns red a la a Steve Corino blade job, there’s even a puddle of it on the mat.  She has to be helped to the back although does get some applause from the audience.  The blood totally caught me off guard and made me sit up and take notice as I was not expecting that at all.

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