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[1981-02-25-AJW] Jackie Sato vs Jaguar Yokota

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Red belt title match. I think Maki Ueda is one of the color commentators that they show throughout the early parts of the match. Sato comes out in black! She's working heel! Not really going as hard as the Black Pair, but I doubt that was an accident. She's stronger than Yokota in pretty much every exchange, so Yokota has to be smart and use some of her flashier offense (was she the first one to stand up with a bridge out of a pin?) to win. This doesn't have all the wild drama of other AJW matches, but it's great on a technical level and the build-up to the finishing stretch is good. Jaguar wins by just pinning Sato, she just struggles to pin her shoulders as Sato tries to get out, and after a while she keeps her down for the three count. I thought that was great.

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