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[2008-06-01-WWE One Night Stand] Beth Phoenix vs Melina (I Quit)

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Beth Phoenix vs Melina - WWE One Night Stand 2008 I Quit Match

A women's match without the title on the line! Wow! I didnt know that happened. Mickie James was champion at this time, FYI. Kadaveri recommended me this match on Twitter after I raved about Beth vs Candice. I got to say I really enjoyed this one. It felt like a really good PWFG match catch wrestling match. They focus almost exclusively on submission holds and there is no weapons. I thought there were a lot of innovative submissions that looked great. One thing, I think is that they dont always cater to the women's strengths in women's matches. They make them wrestle like men, but women have certain physical advantages over men, but they dont take advantage of them. One of those things is that women are more flexible and limber than men. So submissions look a lot cooler and financing on women. The psychology was very sound. Melina was hurling everything she had at Beth while Beth was using raw strength. I liked the immediate Guillotine Choke from Melina and Beth's sell. Beth's backbreaker out of it was gnarly. They were hitting each other hard too. I loved Melina's Mutoh Deathlock Back Bridge. Again more impressive looking because Melina is so flexible. Beth pulling herself to the ref with Melina still holding onto the submission popped me huge. What a cool spot. Then they tumbled out of the ring together! WOW! A lot of good Beth strength spots, but Melina avoids the Glam Slam. She kicks Beth in the ass into the post. She starts working the arm with the ropes. Awesome! FUJIWARA ARMBAR! I AM MARKING OUT! Cross-Armbreaker switch! BETH PICKS HER UP AND THROWS HER ASS DOWN!!! OH FUCK YEAH! GLAM SLAM! THEN SHE BENDS MELINA IN HALF UNTIL SHE SUBMITS FROM THE TORTURE!  

What a finish! I loved how submission based this was. Melina was a great scrappy underdog with lots of submissions and Beth was Beth just a glorious monster heel that owned it in this match. ****

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