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[1989-02-15-NWA-Clash of the Champions V] Midnight Express vs Russian Assassins

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The Russian Assassins don’t even get an entrance as they’re already in the ring as we return from a commercial break.  ‘Sweet’ Stan switches to his karate to combat the strength advantage of Russian Dave Sheldon.  Plenty of quick tags by the Midnights.  We get an insert interview from Paul E. Dangerously who thinks it is very generous of Jim Herd to let everyone see Jim Cornette for one last time before he and his Original Midnight Express put them out of the NWA.  Oddly, Heyman then joins Jim Ross and Magnum T.A. on commentary for the match.  Corny looks to get some practice in for the Chi Town Rumble as he squares up to Paul Jones however Tommy Young gets between them.  The Assassins pull a switcheroo and finally start to control things.  Their control is dire though with long bearhug spots.  Lane is taking a beating from them and Ross thinks this could carry over to Monday night.  Stan makes the hot tag after the Assassins crash into each other and Paul E. has seen enough at this point.  More miscommunications from the heels as one of the Assassins accidentally headbutts the other.  Karate kick by Lane to Victory, ‘Rocket launcher’ and the Midnights pick up the victory going into the biggest match of their careers.

The Midnights made this watchable and overrode the ungodly dull Russian Assassin control section.  One of those matches where the result was never in doubt as the Midnights have bigger and more important fish to fry.

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