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[1989-02-15-NWA-Clash of the Champions V] Butch Reed vs Steve Casey

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Magnum T.A. says Steve Casey is trying to prove himself in the NWA and may have bitten off more than he can chew with ‘Hacksaw’ someone who is “all man”.  The camera bizarrely cuts away from the in ring action to focus on a couple eating each other’s faces off!  Lengthy armbar/wristlock from Casey.  Reed escapes, stalls and then goes after the arm himself.  Casey is apparently unbeaten in the NWA and putting that unbeaten record on the line here.  It’s been a while since I watched the NWA TV seasons but I can’t ever remember seeing him win a match.  Casey escapes the armbar and slaps on… an armbar.  Lots of shots of the crowd because of how boring this is.  Jim Ross thinks Reed’s match against Sting at the Chi Town Rumble could be the sleeper match of the show.  Not on the evidence of this bout.  Rear chinlock time.  Can this get any worse?  Casey misses a dropkick and the audience are cheering.  FFS, another rear chinlock.  This has been nothing but rest holds.  Casey mounts a brief comeback but succumbs to a flying shoulderblock off the top.

If you are struggling to sleep give this snorefest a watch.  Awful.

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