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[2019-09-14-ZERO1] Daisuke Sekimoto vs Yuji Hino

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NCREDIBLE hoss battle, and a better kaju battle than Zeus vs Okabayashi (which is fucking saying something). It's a more condensed and more violent version of their draw from February, they also reversed roles, as Hino was the babyface having to fight from beneath. They beat the shit out of each other - the lariat exchanges near the end were as sick as their first match -, they do it in a slow(er) pace than most would, but it works for them because you can feel the damage every strike has. They do an awesome job at struggling for moves and trying to get the upper hand. This is a back and forth match, but every transition is earned. Hino was amazing here, his selling was out of this world and the spot were he grabs Sekimoto's leg to prevent him from hitting a match-ending lariat, to then slowly fight his way to hit a german suplex is one of my favorite spots in a match this year, might be my favorite. Daisuke has a couple of big no sells but I could live with them because it didn't actually lead to any excess, it was just to make him look like a monster that Hino had to slay.


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