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[2019-02-16-WWCI] Caifan vs Ultimo Guerrero

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Another day, another lucha brawl in a run down building between two washed up luchadors. It only takes a little over a minute for Caifan to bust Guerrero open. The crowd are REALLY behind Guerrero. Most of this match is fought around the ring. Once they get back in the ring, Guerrero hits his signature slingshot corner dropkick and follows it up with a baseball slide which violently drops Caifan onto the concrete floor surrounding the ring. More outside brawling.  Sadly, this has a crap ending. Guerrero attempts his dropkick again, only for Caifan to counter it with a ball shot, ending the match via disqualification. Apparently this was done to set up a wager match down the line. Due to the lack of a proper finish and the overall short length, this feels more like a decent angle than a great match. My takeaways from this is how over Guerrero is and how brilliantly Caifan can play the smug prick.


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