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Semi Finals

Semi finals   

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  1. 1. Semi Final #1

    • Demolition
    • Road Warriors
  2. 2. Semi Final 2

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Sorry for the delays. Tornados and other business.

These semi finals have happened in real life, yet were never satisfying. 

Demolition met the Road Warriors with Ultimate Warrior on television twice. 

Once at MSG in what I think was the best match the Roadies had in the WWF and beyond. 

The second was on NBC in a shorter match. 

If Ax and Smash had met the Roadies before Ax death scare, I think you get a legendary battle.

Here Demolition is in peak health. The Roadies have a better partner in the Hell Raiser. This match may kill us all. 

The other semi final will be less violent but just as intense. 

The Freebirds meet the Horsemen. The Freebirds were the first wrestling gang. There maybe others, but I'm not sure. Certainly the Freebirds were the first to be presented as a true unit. 

But the Horsemen perfected the concept and dominated wrestling. They were the unquestioned masters of the NWA. 

When the UWF was absorbed into the NWA, the most anticipated match was the Freebirds vs the Horsemen. 


The match happened once and was sadly never televised. The Horsemen won that night.

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