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paul sosnowski

"Triple H shoots himself in the foot" thread

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I recall from shoots from RVD and others from the 200xs where HHH was known for horrible, cutting, unfunny jokes in the locker room. Most guys stood up to him and he shied away or apologized. Just bad sense of humor.

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46 minutes ago, sek69 said:

Yeah the point wasn't that what he said was horribly offensive, it was just a thoughtlessly dumb thing for a company executive to say in a public setting. It's one of those things that will probably cause the stock price to crater if/when something happens to Vince because this is the guy being groomed to take over.

This. I think people have lost sight of the point. I don't think anyone is exaggerating outrage over this or anything. It was just dumb, tasteless, and pointless.

Plus it's a pretty low bar when people have to say things like, "Well give him credit. At least he admitted he sounded dumb, tasteless, and pointless."

Well okay. So we're celebrating people for having common sense and behaving like courteous human beings now. So that's something.

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