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Fantastic segment with Terry Funk to start the show. Pointing out the old injuries, and the hypocrisy of the announcers was a great touch.  Love the usage of the open contract to make Terry an even bigger prick. Great stuff. I hope Terry takes the belt from Magnum in the cheapest way possible to get himself even more heat.

Glad to see Black Bart getting a good start here. He was lost in the shuffle in the WWF. Hoping you have a good place for him!

Harts definitely seem ready for the Midnights, but I'd be careful calling Bubba names. That's a good way to get got.

Ox Baker with a nice win, and a great promo. He may be nearing the end of his days, but he still cuts a menacing figure and you are doing a great job with him.

Solid interview from Magnum. That man has a lot on his mind, and challengers coming from every direction. He's ultra talented, but can he hold up to the schedule?

Wrestling II and Parsons is a good little feud. Enjoying the build.

Windham and Dory ends in a schmoz, with Magnum and Barry standing tall. That won't sit well with the Funks!


Good Show Man!

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Tulsa Convention Center



Show repeated around the Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri 


Steve Simpson defeats Iron Mike Sharpe with a top rope dropkick


Tim Horner and “Hangman” Bobby Jaggers wrestle to a 10 minute draw


Kamala with Skandar Akbar & Kim Chee defeats Mark Youngblood in under 2 minutes with the Ugandan Splash.


Non-Title Match

Brad Rheingans defeated NWA TV Champ, Jesse “The Body” Ventura when he caught the champ with a cradle suplex. 


Mr. Saito with Skandar Akbar defeated Ron Garvin when Skandar Akbar distracted the ref allowing Hercules Hernandez to clobber Garvin with a chain wrapped around his right hand.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Hercules Hernandez with Skandar Akbar when Ron Garvin came to ringside and hit Hercules with his own big right hand while the ref was admonishing Akbar



Ted Dibiase defeated “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin © by DQ as he was attacked by Mr. Pogo with a bamboo stick while Dibiase had Garvin trapped in the Figure 4.  Pogo gave Dibiase a vicious beating and when he was done, he held up one of Akbar’s Bounty poster that he put out on Dibiase!  The fans were both frightened and outraged.  First, frightened from the beating and outraged when it was announced that Garvin retained his title!


Harley Race & Larry Zbyszko © with Roger Kirby vs “Dr. Death” Steve Williams & Hacksaw Butch Reed

This back and forth bout showed the talents of all but Zbyszko might have just made himself the most hated man in the NWA.  From playing the frightened heel in the beginning against Dr. Death to the dirty tactics every time the ref turned his head, Zbyszko certainly knows how to draw the heat. 

In the end, we get our hot tag to Dr. Death and it is almost just like last week when the Midwest Mafia won the belts. Reed throws Race through the ropes and heads out after him while Dr. Death battles Larry Z on the inside.  While the ref watched Reed go out after Race, Kirby tosses the nunchunks to Zbyszko who quickly tosses them to Dr. Death.  Instincts take over and Williams catches them.  Zbyszko hits the floor and is rolling on the floor like he was hit by a mack truck.  Kirby is screaming at the ref who has no turned around.  Kirby is saying that Dr. Death hit Larry with the weapon,  The ref sees the nunchuks in Willams hand and calls for the bell and disqualifies Dr. Death and Hacksaw.  Dr. Death nearly snaps and goes after the ref while Larry Z and Kirby grab Race and head for the hills while debris is raining down on them. 





Show repeated throughout Louisiana.    


Black Bart defeats Tyree Pride with the middle rope double leg drop.


Baby Bull Leon White defeats Thunderfoot with a Powerslam


Rufus Jones defeated King Parsons by DQ when Slick hit Rufus with his walking stick


Ox Baker defeated Chris Benoit with a Heart Punch.  When Ox went to hit Benoit with another one, Baby Bull rushed out and the brawl was on.  Once again, Leon White was left standing and Ox found himself on his back on the outside of the ring.

Jos Leduc vs Mr. Wrestling II was ruled a No Contest when King Parsons and Slick attacked Wrestling II as he was making his entrance to the ring.  Rufus Jones rushed out and made the save by ripping Slick’s walking stick out of his hand and beating both Parsons and Slick with it. 


Barry Windham & Bugsy McGraw defeat Dory Funk Jr. & Dirty Rhodes when Windham a superplex on Dirty Rhodes while McGraw and Funk were fighting on the outside.



The Hart Foundation defeat the The Midnight Express as Jim Neidhart hit Lover Boy Denis Condrey with Cornett’s tennis racket.  This was all during a very chaotic scene that saw all 4 men in the ring at the same time and Cornette hands his tennis racket to Big Bubba Rogers and then jumps up on the apron to distract the ref.  Rogers climbs the ropes and it about to come down from the top rope with a racket shot to the head of Neidhart but Jos Leduc rushed down the aisle and shoves Rodgers of the ropes and into the ring.  Neidhart catches a flying racket and clobbers Condrey with the racket and covers him just as the ref turns around and we get the three count and New Champions!



As we approach the 30-minute mark, Magnum T.A. is a bloody mess.  He has been bitten, rammed into the ring post and hit with illegal objects but he refuses to lose.  After a long period of wrestling from the bottom, T.A. starts his comeback.  He is all over Funk.  Right… Left… Right… Left.  The ref is trying to keep control and comes in to get T.A. off Funk who is stuck in the ropes.  T.A. shoves the ref away, pulls Funk out the ropes and whips him across the ring. 

WHAM… Belly to Belly Suplex!

Ding Ding Ding!

T.A. grabs his belt

Ring Announcer Boyd Pierce:  Your winner by Disqualification, Terry Funk!

The crowd is fuming but Pierce explains that it is because T.A. shoved the ref.  The crowd erupts with joy when it is explained that the title does not change hands on a DQ.  T.A. seems not to care too much.  He turns to Funk and gives him 3 big whips with the NWA Title and the crowd loves every moment of it!

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Great interview with Terry Funk. Him and Dusty are heading for a brutal blow off.

A couple of good house show loops which shows how stacked your roster is. 

Tim Horner impresses by taking Jaggers to a draw.

Rheingans gets a big non title win over Jessie. The Body should be concerned. 

Herc helps Saito get a win over Garvin but Garvin gets payback on Herc. Great way to put heat on their feud.

Pogo arrives to collect the bounty on Dibiase! I think this is only the beginning. Dibiase better come up with a plan. 

LOL yea Larry might be the most hated chicken heel in the NWA after pulling that stunt. 


Black Bart is on the winning track. 

You have done a great job with the Ox/Baby Bull feud. This is going to get Leon over. 

Wrestling 2 sure has a friend in Rufus. Rufus really went off on King and Slick. 

Hart Foundation are the champs!!! That was one satisfying win. 

Oh man Magnum and Funk give the fans a wild main event! Funk wins by DQ go figure LOL. I hope these two go at it again. 

NWA is rock'n! 



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SDQLDtb.png      Y22f3WD.png?2


May 23, 1985

The North American Wrestling Alliance proudly presents NWA MAIN EVENT & NWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING in a 2 -hour combined show coming to you from the “Big Brown Barn” in Wichita, Kansas


Jim Ross:  Hello everybody and welcome to a very special television show.   I am Jim Ross and my partner today is none other than wrestling legend, Gordon Solie.   The big news in the NWA this week is that we are getting set for our huge Memorial Day Spectacular at the Ahearn Field House on the campus of Kansas State University in Manhatten, Kansas.  Gordon, welcome to the Midwest.    

Gordon Solie:  Thank you, thank you very much Jim.  Not only welcome to the Midwest but welcome to Summer as Memorial Day Weekend is upon us.  One of the greatest holidays in our great county as we celebrate the men and women who have served in our military and the NWA has come up with a great way to thank them for all of their service.   To give you more information on that, let’s bring in NWA President Bob Geigel!  Welcome Mr. Geigel.

Bob Geigel:  Thank you Gordon.  Thank you Jim.  As always it is a pleasure to be here.  Gordon, you hit the nail on the head.  Memorial Day is a time to pay tribute to all of our military personality and the NWA has come up with the perfect way to do that with our Memorial Day Spectacular at the Ahearn Field House.  Not only will it be the best NWA wrestling event so far this year, but we are also going to let all military personal from nearby Fort Riley in for free. 

Jim Ross:  Wow, that is a wonderful gesture.

Bob Geigel:  Well Jim, they really deserve it and what an amazing show we got planned for them. 

Gordon Solie:  I have seen a glance at the matches on that card and bro-ther, it is something else. 


Most of the rest of this show acts as preview for the Memorial Day Spectacular:


Angle #1:  Skandar Akbar’s $50,000 Bounty on Ted Dibiase.

Skandar Akbar recently placed a bounty on the head of public enemy #1, Ted Dibase.  This week in the Tulsa Convention Center, Dibiase was wrestling Jimmy Garvin for the NWA North American Title when Mr. Pogo arrived on the scene and began to beat Dibiase with a bamboo cane.  The beating went on and on and people in Tulsa wondered if Pogo had successfully claimed the beating.  On TV this week, a battered and bandaged Dibiase shows up and is fuming.

Ted Dibiase: (with a bamboo cane)  Mr. Pogo.  I don’t blame you for what you did.  General Skandar Akbar and Devastation Inc. know they can’t beat me, so Akbar sends this poster all over the world to try and pay someone to take me out. Low and behold, Mr. Pogo arrives from the Orient and takes the first crack at putting me out of the wrestling business.  Well take a look, I might have some bruises.  I might have some sore muscles, but one thing is for sure, I am still here.  Now listen up Pogo, I said I understand why you did it, but I can’t forgive you!  This week in front of all those soldiers from Ft. Riley, I am going to earn some revenge for your Pearl Harbor attack on me and the real Pearl Harbor attack that happened forty something years ago.  Bob Geigel has already granted me any type of match I want against you so listen up.  To prove that I am better than you at every type of match imaginable, I am going to pick on you seem to be the expert in.  That’s right Mr. Pogo.  It will be me and you in a Bamboo Cane Match.  Each of us will bring one of these weapons with us to the ring and we will beat each other until only one of us is still standing.  So, you get another chance to “earn” that $50,000 Bounty but if I win, I get Akbar in the ring for 5 minutes with the Bamboo Canes!

Later in the show, General Akbar comes out laughing.  He is not the least bit concerned about the possibility of facing Dibiase in the ring.  He goes on to show a short video of Mr. Pogo in every type of match imaginable.  We see him throwing fireballs, beating people with num-chuks, barbed wire matches, etc.…


When the video is over, Akbar is laughing about the fact that Dibiase is in the ring with a monster and he has never been so excited to pay out $50,000. 


ANGLE #2:  Mr. Wrestling #2 vs King Parsons & Slick

This feud all started a while ago when Slick and King Parsons made some negative statements about Mr. Wrestling II being over the hill.  From there on out, the fight was on.  No matter who Mr. Wrestling II has been wrestling, he has been subject to attacks from Parsons and Slick.  The interesting thing here was that every time they have faced each other in the ring, Mr. Wrestling II has come out on top, usually as a result of a blunder by Slick.  Now this week at the Ahearn Field House, it will be Mr. Wrestling II vs King Parson’s for all the marbles.  If Mr. Wrestling II loses, he must unmask and retire.  If Parsons loses, his NWA Contract will become Null and Void. 

Mr. Wrestling II:  I have been in a lot of brawls in my time and if this one happens to be my last, it was for a very, very good reason.  No person should have to endure the abuse that I have had to since Slick arrived her in the NWA.  Iceman King Parsons and I used to be buddies. We used to be on the same page and then this used car salesman shows up here in the NWA and convinces Parsons of some nonsense.  Now, it seems Iceman thinks I have kept him down in his career.  Slick goes around saying that the NWA is giving me special treatment instead of getting rid of me because I am too old.  Well, Parsons, here is your chance.  Send me out to pasture.  Send me off into the wild blue yonder …. But let’s make on think certain, I am not going without putting up one heck of a fight. 

Later in the show King Parsons and Slick give their take on the big match


King Parsons:  Okay… Miiister Rastling II…truth time is hear.  I’ll tell ya what…  I should be the North American Champion but as Mr. Slick here told me, I have been kept down by the Man.  I have not been given the opportunities I deserve so I am showing up in Kansas this week to take the Man down.  For some reason, the NWA still thinks someone your age can do it…. Can come to the ring and get these fans off their seats by snapping someone’s head back with that Million Dollar Knee Lift of yours.  Well, I would be surprised if your knee was even strong enough at your age to get you to the ring.  Getting rid of you this week will show the NWA officials that King Parsons is a man to be reckon with.  All you Mr. Wrestling II fans, bring your cameras Sunday night and get your last picture of Mr. Wrestling II. 


The Hart Foundation was at the interview desk as they hyped up the fact that they won the North American Tag Team Champions after defeating the Midnight Express last week in Baton Rouge.  A quick video showed that Jos Leduc rushed down to the ring to push Big Bubba Rodgers off the top rope as he was trying to come off and hit Jim Neidhart with a tennis racket shot.  This allowed Neidhart to hit Denis Condrey in the head with the racked and get the win.

When asked what their relationship was with Jos Leduc, both Harts said they have no relationship with him but they knew they needed a plan to deal with Jim Cornette and Rodgers so they offered Leduc half of their paycheck for winning the title if he made sure there was no funny business. 

 Bret and the ”Anvil” go on to say that they are the best tag team in the world. 

As they said this, the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Harley Race and Larry Zbyszko were heading to the ring but they took a detour to the podium.  We get a little debate here as Race and Zbyszko try to explain that they are the World Champions and the Hart Foundation are only the North American Champions.   

The Anvil just laughs that evil laugh while Bret comes up with a solution…. Title vs Title Match at the Ahearn Field House.  Roger Kirby and Larry Z start to stutter a bit as they seem to want to backtrack now but before they can come out with a reason…

Harley Race:  Deal!


ANGLE #4:  Can anyone stop “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala

Kamal quickly crushes jobber, Russell Knorr with the Ugandan Splash but General Akbar has decided today will be the day to make a statement.  He orders Kamala to do it again! And again!  And again!

Jim Ross:  Bah Gawd, I think Russell Knorr may be broken in half.

Gordon Solie:  Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  Dr. Death Steve Williams has hit the ring.  Right hand, left hand right hand.  Dr. Death is all over the giant but he won’t go down.  Dr. Death hits the ropes…. Spear… Spear.  Dr. Death connected with a hug spear and there he goes; the Giant is down.  Kamala quickly gets to his feet but Akbar and Kim Chee are ordering him out of the ring but he doesn’t seem to want to listen.

Later in the show, we find out that Dr. Death will take on Kamala at the big Memorial Day event. 


ANGLE #5:  Jimmy Garvin & Precious

After Garvin successful defended his NWA North American Title against Tim Horner, Precious and Garvin head over to the interview area where both Jim Ross and Gordon Solie questioned his tactics in the match against Horner because Precious seemed to spray the perfume in his eyes.  Garvin quickly denied any wrongdoing and Precious said that she had to spray the entire area because Musty Blue was out here earlier during Ron Garvin’s match. 

This brought Ron Garvin and Misty Blue out and they confronted the “Gorgeous People.”  Misty Blue gets right in the face of Precious who at first seemed nervous.

Misty Blue:  Okay Precious, you think your funny coming out here week after week and spraying the perfume bottle around because you say I left some odor.  You go around calling my Musty.  Hahaha, you are real funny but we all know the real reason you go around spraying that bottle.  Its because whereever you go, there is a strong smell of garbage. 

You can tell that Misty Blue is getting under the skin of Precious and maybe because she thinks Gorgeous Jimmy will protect her, Precious is standing face to face with Misty.

Misty Blue:  And the smell is the worst kind of garbage.  It is pure 100% white trash garbage.

You can tell Precious is about to snap. 

Misty Blue:  Not just regular white trash but the white trash that comes from generation after generation of white trash upbringing.  The type of white trash that parents should be arrested for!

SMACK… Precious smacks Misty Blue

Misty Blue “no sells” the smack and just grins.

WHAM:  Misty Blue dropkicks Precious and Precious hits the floor and you can see the fear in her eyes.  She scrambles behind Jimmy Garvin who steps towards Misty Blue.

WHAM:  Ron Garvin blasts his younger brother and Jim hits the floor.  

Gorgeous Jimmy and Precious scramble to their feet and hit the road as quick as they can.

After the commercial break, Ron Garvin and Misty Blue are back at the podium where they ask NWA President Bob Geigel to come back out.

Ron Garvin:  Mr. Geigel, I am getting tired of my brother and that poor excuse for a woman running around the NWA acting like that can do whatever they want.  Almost every NWA North American title match ends in controversy because of her.  Something must be done.  I know that I can’t hit a woman but this lady standing next to me right now could.  How about sanctioning an Intergender Match for the Memorial Day spectacular?

Bob Geigel:  Hmmm, Mr. Garvin, the problem is that Precious is not a wrestler.  Putting her in the ring in a ….

Ron Garvin interrupts, “But Mr. Geigel, just a few weeks ago, you sanctioned a match between Hacksaw Duggan and Skandar Akbar because Akbar had laid his hands on Duggan.  Well, we all just saw Precious hit Misty a few minutes ago.  What seems fair for one, seems fair for all.

Geigel thinks about this for a minute and agrees and yet another match has been added to the Memorial Day Spectacular. 


ANGLE 6:  The Funk Brothers

Terry and Dory have been causing havoc sense they arrived in the NWA back in January.  First breaking the leg of Blackjack Mulligan and then breaking the arm of the American Dream.  After crushing Dusty Rhodes’ arm with that branding iron, Funk took advantage of an open contract left by Dusty that said that Dusty would pay Terry Funk $10,000 of his own money if Terry beat him at the Great American Bash

While all of this has been going on, Terry Funk has had three major bouts against the NWA Champion, Magnum T.A..  While he has not been able to win the belt, he has lowered himself to such questionable tactics that T.A. left each match battered and bruised.  Magnum wants revenge as does Barry Windham for the attack on his father and this leads us to the Memorial Day Spectacular as it will be the Funk brothers vs Magnum T.A. and Barry Windham.


Angle 7: $20,000 Battle Royal where the winner gets the NWA Title Shot at the Great American Bash

Throughout the show, we get numerous wrestlers stopping by the podium to hype up the big Battle Royal.


Terry Funk:  Oh this would make the Great American Bash the greatest night in wrestling history as I could take Dusty Rhodes’ money and the NWA World Heavyweight Title from Magnum T.A. all in the same night.


Bad News Allen:  Magnum T.A.,you better hope I don’t win that Battle Royal.  You know and I know that the last time we were in the ring together, your shoulders were on the mat for the count of three and if we meet at the Bash, that belt will be mine.


Ted Dibiiase:  While Magnum and I are good friends, I would love a shot at the NWA Title.  I have already been the AWA World Champion and winning the NWA Title would just cement my place as one of the greatest to ever step foot in the ring. 


Skandar Akbar:  Oh, what a night it is going to be.  20 men in one ring at the same time with 19 of them going after Ted Dibiase if he survived his bout against Mr. Pogo which I highly doubt he will.  Tomorrow night at the Ahearn Field House, Ted Dibiase will step into the ring for the LAST TIME! 


Gordon Solie:  Folks, we are out of time.  Get your tickets for tomorrow’s big event at the Ahearn Field House.   So long from the Sunflower State.    






BELL TIME:  7:00



Ron Garvin & Misty Blue vs Jimmy Garvin & Precious


The Fabulous Ones vs The Midnight Express


Dr. Death vs “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala



Mr. Wrestling II vs King Parsons




Harley Race & Larry Zbyszko vs The Hart Foundation



Ted Dibiase vs Mr. Pogo


Terry & Dory Funk Jr. vs Magnum T.A. & Barry Windham



Winner gets NWA Title Shot at the Great American Bash


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Nice recap show to get people pumped up for the huge Memorial Day card.

I think Akbar's bounty plan might have backfired as Dibiase is a man possessed. Akbar's days might be numbered especially if Dibiase puts the bamboo cane to him. 

Wrestling 2 and King Parsons has developed into quite a feud. A lot on the line in their upcoming match. 

WOW! Title vs. Title! Man this one is hard to call. The Hart Foundation had a plan for Cornette but the Mafia is a different ballgame. This will be very interesting. 

Kamala and Dr. Death will be the classic monster vs powerhouse match. 

YES! I was hoping we would get this and we are. Mixed tag match! This has been built up nicely. 

Funks vs. Magnum and Windham will be a solid all-star tag match. 

Lot at stake for the battle royal winner. So many options that can challenge Magnum. 

NWA's summer will be a hot one! 

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BELL TIME:  6:00

The show starts with Lee Greenwood singing the National Anthem and then saluting the troops from Fort Riley.  Lee Greenwood promises everyone that he will be back during intermission and to enjoy the show. 



Ron Garvin & Misty Blue vs Jimmy Garvin & Precious

The rules here are simply.  The men will only wrestle men and the women will only face each other.    If one team tags out, the other must follow suit.  As the match is getting set to start, we see Gorgeous Jimmy and Precious both wanting the other to start the match.  Finally, Jimmy gives in and agrees to face his brother. Ron is all over Jimmy Garvin for the first few minutes and every time Jimmy went to tag in Precious, she jumped down to the arena floor.  Jimmy finally rakes the eyes and takes over the momentum.  Ron is bumping and selling pretty good and Jimmy begins to strut around the ring.  He whipped his brother into the ropes and went for a clothesline, but Ron ducked under and came off and connected with a forearm smash to the Gorgeous One.  Ron scoops up Jimmy and hits an atomic drop.  Jimmy leaps up in pain and flies toward his own corner, where he bumps into an unsuspecting Precious.  The ref signals that a tag was made and orders Ron to tag in Misty Blue.  The crowd goes wild as Precious has a look of horror on her face.  She wants out but Jimmy has yet to leave the ring so she can’t tag him back in.  Misty Blue grabs Precious and monkey flips her to the center of the ring.  Precious staggers to her feet, running drop kick! Precious is down again.  Misty Blue …. Scoop slam!  Precious arches her back in agony.  Misty Blue hooks her by leggings and hoists her up for a big vertical suplay.  Misty covers Precious



Jimmy rushes in and gets clobbered by Ronnie,


The crowd goes wild as Precious is acting like she is dead in the center of the ring as Jimmy crawls over to her to try and help her.  He is obviously upset as he is holding his own head wondering what he has done to put his lady in this predicament. 



The Fabulous Ones vs The Midnight Express with Jim Cornette and Big Bubba Rodgers

A typical Fab Ones/Midnight Express classic so lets just get to the finish.  Keirn is in a world of trouble but somehow manages to make the hot tag to Stan Lane.  Lane comes nailing both Condrey and Eaton with superkicks.  Keirn is up and he and Condrey are going at it as both tumble to the outside.  Big Bubba Rogers seems to be closing in on Keirn and the ref is trying to keep an on the outside to make sure nothing happens.  Lane catches Eaton in a sleeper.  Here comes Cornette wth the tennis racket.  He swings but it is like Lane has eyes in the back of his head and he ducks.  Cornette loses his balance and the racket goes flying.  Lane releases Eaton from the Sleeper and hooks it on Cornette.  The crowd is going wild as the ref turns back to ring.  He has no idea how or why Cornette is in the ring, so he lets it go.  Cornette is down and is going to sleep.  Lane is really putting the pressure on as he is leaning in with all his might.

WHAM… Eaton of the top rope for the Alabama Jammer and Lane goes down.  Eaton covers him for the 1….2….3.  The Midnight Express are just too much when you add in Cornette and Rodgers.  The Midnight Express quickly turn their attention to their “sleeping” manager in the center of the ring. 


Dr. Death vs “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala with Skandar Akbar & Kim Chee

Interesting part here was the Jim Duggan accompanied Dr. Death to the ring and he was waving a giant American flag.  He went right over to a section of soldiers from Ft. Riley and gave them a big salute.  Akbar started screaming that Duggan had no right being out here as he was not a manager.  Hacksaw grabbed the microphone and said neither is Kim Chee who has been out here for week after week so what’s good for one is good for the other.  The ref seemed to buy this and Duggan stayed.  A typical powerhouse vs monster match here where we get about 5 minutes in the ring where the beat the hell of each other and then the action spills out to the floor where neither Kamala nor Dr. Death will give an inch.  Eventually we get Duggan and Dr. Death vs Akbar and Kamala.  While Kamala could hold his own, Akbar was the weak link and the fan favorites eventually end up on top and come back to the ring where they get a thunderous applause.  We get the double count-out here but it is a war that the fans will long remember. 



Mr. Wrestling II vs King Parsons with Slick

This one is huge.  If Mr. Wrestling II goes down in defeat, he must unmask and retire.  If King Parsons loses, his NWA contract as well as the managerial license of Slick will become Null and Void. King Parsons and Slick really take advantage of the No DQ rules in this match and it almost becomes a handicap match. Slick is in the ring more than he is out of it and there is nothing the referee can do.  Eventually, the outcome appears to be obvious as Mr. Wrestling II can’t continue to take a beating like this.

It starts somewhere in the upper levels of the Ahearn Field House:  the chant 2,2,2

It grows; 2,2,2,.  Eventually the entire venue is screaming; 2,2,2.  The crowd is doing everything to will their beloved Mr. Wrestling II to make one last stand. 

After each blow by Parsons and Stick, they go for the cover and each time Mr. Wrestling II kicks out.  The crowd explodes as Cowboy Bill Watts comes to the ring.  He grabs Slick by his jacket lapel and  lifts him up in the air and tosses him from the ring.

It is now Mr. Wrestling II vs King Parsons in a fair fight.  The crowd chanting his name and Watts coming down in support has the adrenaline pumping for Mr. Wrestling II and nothing can stop him now.  Parsons tries every dirty tactic imaginable but 2 will not be stopped.

Million Dollar Knee lift.  1…2…3.  The crowd explodes. Even under the mask, you can tell the Mr. Wrestling II is emotional.  Everyone knows he is only a shell of his former self, but they are so thankful for his effort and career that they give him a standing ovation.  Parsons and Slick slither away to allow Wrestling II to soak in the moment!




Harley Race & Larry Zbyszko with Roger Kirby vs The Hart Foundation with Jos Leduc

This bout goes the distance as we get a 30-minute “broadway.”  The interesting part here was the Jos Leduc seemed off of his game.  The Harts recently hired him to make sure no shenanigans occurred in their matches and he was really successful in stopping Cornette and Big Bubba Rodgers from getting involved in the match last week when the Harts won the North American Tag Titles.  Unfortunately, tonight was just not his night.  Every time Kirby and Zbyszko tried something devious, Jos Leduc seemed to enhance its effect, either by distracting the ref to allow it to happen or by hitting his own man when he tried to break something up.  Somehow, Bret and the “Anvil” were able to survive and get this one to the time limit and the question remains.  Which tag team champions in the NWA are the best? 



Ted Dibiase vs Mr. Pogo with Skandar Akbar

It is violent.  It is brutal but there is only one way this one can go.  A bloodied Dibiase gets the win in the end by beating the lower body of Mr. Pogo with the Bamboo Cane and then locking in the Figure 4.  We then get 5 minutes of Akbar getting canned all over the ring.  From the sound of that stick hitting Akbar over and over again, the General is going to be black and blue for months! 



This Land is Your Land

Kansa State Song:  Home on the Range

America the Beautiful

God Bless America


Terry & Dory Funk Jr. vs Magnum T.A. & Barry Windham

With all of the wrestling talent in the ring, you would expect to see at least of few minutes of technical wrestling, but the anger is so deep between these teams, this one starts out as a brawl and continues that way right to the end.  Terry and T.A. end up on the outside.  Terry  has that branding iron while Barry and Dory are the legal duo in the ring.  Terry swings at Magnum with the branding iron and nails him in the shoulder.  T.A. is in trouble.

Dory goes for the Spinning Toe Hold on Barry but Barry kicks him off.  Dory hits the steel post and staggers back towards Windham.  Windham grabs Dory by the head…. Running Bull Dog!

Terry ax handle chops at T.A. with the branding iron.  T.A. rolls away but is still hit with a glancing blow to the hip area.

Barry covers Dory.   1…2…3.

Terry lines up T.A. for the kill shot!

WHAM:  Windham off the apron with the Flying Clothesline!

Funk goes down and the branding iron goes flying.  Barry grabs it.  He now keeps it to ward off the Funks from getting to the champ and when the Funks leave, Barry glances at the branding iron.  He lifts high in the air and lets out a big scream.  The crowd pops and Barry keeps the branding Iron as a souvenir of his latest win over the Funks. 



Winner gets NWA Title Shot at the Great American Bash



Ron Garvin                              Kamala                                     Jimmy Garvin                Dr. Death                                 Mr. Wrestling II                         Terry Funk

Dory Fink Jr.                            Barry Windham                       Mr. Pogo                       Ted Dibiase                             Jose Leduc                              Harley Race

Jim Neidhart                            Big Bubba Rodgers                 Hacksaw Reed          Larry Zbyszko                          Bad News Allen                       Hercules Hernandez

Hacksaw Duggan                    Mr. Saito


Elimination # 1&2:  Barry Windham & Dory Funk are picking up where they left off.  Big Bubba Rodgers sees a chance to make a name for himself and charges at both.  Windham sees it coming and steps aside.  BBR hits Dory and Dory goes over the top rope.  Unfortunately for Rodgers, his inexperience here also carried him over the top rope.

Elimination # 3&4: Saito, Hercules Hernandez and Mr. Pogo were pounding on Ted Dibiase but the interesting thing here was that Akbar was screaming from the outside to keep him in the ring so they could all continue to hurt him and collect the bounty.  The hero of the night, Mr. Wrestling II comes over and hits a Million Dollar Knee Lift on Mr. Pogo.  Pogo is staggered and Wrestling II, hits hit with a big forearm and out goes M. Pogo.  WHAM… Savat Kick by Saito on Wrestling II and he staggers back and over the top rope.

Elimination #5&6:  Jim Neidhart, still upset from the earlier match, is after Larry Zbyszko and yells for some help from Jos Leduc.  Leduc comes over but again messes up and hits Neidhart who was holding Zbyszko and out goes Neidhart.  Leduc grabs his own head in shock at the type of night he is having and WHAM… he is nailed from behind from Hacksaw Duggan and out he goes. 

Elimination #7&8: Terry Funk has seemed to find a quiet spot in the corner as we see the brotherly feud between Ron and Jim continuing.  They push each other into the ropes and here comes Precious.  She has that perfume bottle but here comes Misty Blue.  Precious takes off running and that is the last we see of her.  Unfortunately for both Garvin brothers, Kamala rushed in a Giant Belly Bump… both Garvins are out on the floor but they continue to brawl until they are escorted to the back by a referee. 

Elimination #9,10,11: Hacksaw Reed, who didn’t wrestle tonight seems pretty fresh and it able to overpower both NWA Tag Team Champions as he flips Harley Race and Larry Z over the top rope.  Unfortunately, he didn’t see Bad News Allen coming over and Reed got nailed with the Ghetto Blaster which made it easy for Allen to toss Reed over the ropes.

Elimination #12&13: Dr. Death and Kamala found each other again and they continued their match from earlier.  Kamala is pushing and pushing at the head of Dr. Death.  Not even sure if he understands the goal in this type of contest but he almost has Dr. Death out.  As Dr. Death falls over the top rope, he grabs the rope with his left hand in a desperate attempt to stay in.  All this does is cause the rope to be lowered and out go both Dr. Death and Kamala. 

Elimination #14: Now we got everyone squared off.  It is Windham vs Terry Funk, Saito and Hercules vs Duggan and Dibiase while Bad News Allen in the corner contemplating his next move.  Saito clotheslined Duggan and he staggers to the center of the ring.

WHAM… huge shoulder block by Allen and Duggan staggers toward the ropes.  WHAM… clothesline by Bad News Allen and out goes the patriotic fan favorite on Memorial Day as Duggan hits the floor.   

Elimination #15:  Saito gives a sarcastic salute to the fallen Duggan….

WHAM… Side Kick to the head by Allen on Saito and out he goes. 

Elimination #16: Windham and Funk are still brawling on one side and Dibiase and Hercules on the other.  Akbar grabs Dibiase by the leg.  Here comes Bill Watts for the second time tonight to stop the outside interference by a manager.  WHAM…  Watts decks Akbar.  Hercules turns his attention for a split second and Dibiase hoists him over the top rope! 

WHAM… Bad News hits Dibiase and he teeters on the top rope but doesn’t go over!   

Elimination #17: Akbar has gotten to his knees and is encouraging Bad News to take out Dibiase but Bad News turns first to Windham and Funk.  Funk grabs Windham and together, he and Bad News deposit Windham over the top rope!

Elimination #18: Funk and Allen now turn towards Dibiase.  They work him over good for a minute or two and then they come together for one last plan.  Funk hoists Dibiase up and hold him against the rope.  Allen signals that he is coming after Dibiase with the Big Boot.

WHAM… Allen has double crossed Funk and kicked him right in the head and out goes Funk.

Elimination #19:  With one last surge of energy, Dibiase grabs Allen up by grabbing him behind the knees and he shoves with all of his might but Allen doesn't buge.  Tonight belongs to Bad News.  One last knee to the gut of Dibiiase and Allen shoves him over the top rope.  The only man to pin the World Champion since the NWA returned, has survived the Battle Royal and has earned the NWA World Title Shot at the Great American Bash on July 5th.  See you in Pensacola!

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I like Lee Greenwood opening the Memorial Day card, in that area of the country he was super over….and probably still is!


Big, much needed win for Ronnie/Misty to open the show….between Greenwood and this match, you've started the show as hot as possible…..nicely done!


Corny takes a nap but the Midnights still pick up the win over the Fabs……fresh off a loss to the Hart Foundation, the Midnights get back to their winning ways…..this three way feud with the Fabs/MX/Harts has been very well done.


Dr. Death/Kamala have a hard hitting brawl that sees Duggan/Akbar get involved……we'll see more of this battle very soon I hope.


Wow….if this turns out to be Mr. Wrestling 2's last stand….it's a hell of a way to go out!! Parsons/Slick had been built well and had a ton of heat….while the fans were pulling for 2, I'm sure very few thought he'd actually win….which makes it all the more satisfying and fun to be there to witness!


The Hart Foundation vs. Race/Zbyszko is a fun tag team title match and it's very impressive at this stage in their career, that the Harts could go to a time limit draw with the veterans. 


Dibiase gives the fans what they came to see by overcoming Mr. Pogo and then beating the hell outta Akbar!! What better way to celebrate Memorial Day??


Greenwood plays the hits to what I'm sure was quite the ovation


The hits keep coming as Windham/Magnum get a victory over the Funks!! A little bit of revenge for the Dream!!


Very well booked and written battle royal!  Just when Magnum thinks he's moved past Bad News….NOPE, Bad News eliminates Dibiase to earn another shot at the title….Magnum just barely slipped by in the past……how many rabbits can he possibly pull out of that hat??


Great show, with that big holiday event feel!! Very well done!!

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