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Maybe Landell can borrow Buddy Roberts’ headgear.

All hail the new king!  Really looking forward to a Tully Blanchard reign.

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After a red hot summer in the NWA, we get the ultimate pay off with Wrestlefest! 

Even though we knew it was coming, it's still hits hard to see Youngblood taken away in the prime of his life. 

Bull Power is a rising star. 

I thought Horner was going to win the tournament but the distraction is the factor as Keith Hart wins the Jr. title. I will say the Commonwealth will give us some entertaining promos. 

Ox and Barbarian take Atlas and Hansen to a double c.o. but the faces clearly won the fight. 

Huge highlight as Landel gets his head shaved! The fans and Olympia must of loved every moment of that. I can only imagine the bald Budro promos LOL. 

I can watch the RnR and Midnights go at it forever! 

What just happened?!?! Precious is now with Idol? Didn't see that coming! 

Another shocker as Leroy Brown hits the ring which allows Ladd to get the win on Mulligan! Watts says no. Looking forward to the follow up. 

Well, it was only a matter of time before it happened. Larry Z clocks Harley and forgets about the tag titles. I do like Dibiase and Williams as champs. Both Larry and Kirby better be ready because Harley is going to get payback. No question about it. 

Rhodes and Bart put on a wild brawl! I loved this match. Bart's undefeated streak comes to an end but man Rhodes had to work for that win. 

Magnum vs. Tully! This was one of my all time favorite feuds. This match was filled with excitement and drama. Thanks to some help from Baby Doll, Tully wins the title! I have a feeling this is only the beginning. I'm ok with that because this feud is going to be awesome! 

Great job Kev! 



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Loved the way the Zbysko/Race issue finally came to the surface in a high-stakes situation!

Magnum losing the Title? Wow, man. The fallout has to be major, I'd imagine. Takes me back to childhood when an "Oh snap" controversial moment like that sort hangs over for the week, until new TV unveils.

Great work!




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You shaved Budrow!!!


Been digging what you've done with Leon. Not pushing him too fast, but making him a credible threat. Him squashing the lower card is a great place for him.

Glad to see you've been having as much fun with Watts and Cornette as I did. Having them banter with one another is just good fun.

Speaking of which, always fun to see the Midnights and the Rock and Roll go at it. Never a bad match, and always a good feud.

Precious leaving Jimmy? I dunno....I hope there is a swerve coming. Glad to see Idol win some gold though!

Digging the Ernie Ladd stable. Anything that gets Butch Reed into a position of prominence is good with me!

Have to say that I am glad to see Mulligan leaving town, if only so that Barry Windham can stand on his own two feet. No Dad, no Brother. We are entering the part of the time line, where Windham was one of the best wrestlers in the world. Time for him to achieve that greatness!

Loved the Race/Zbyszko storyline from start to finish. Well thought out and well played. Love me some Harley and I never liked Larry, so I look forward to Race getting some revenge!

You Shaved Budrow!!!

The Landel/Olympia stuff was a lot of fun. Can't wait to hear and see what bald Buddy has to say and do.

Well done on the reign of Magnum TA, and fortunately there is still time to build on his legacy, but I am hoping that Tully gets his run at the top. This is a feud that can carry the top of the card in the NWA for a long while.

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WrestleFest was a well built show, been looking forward to it.

Smart move having Wahoo deliver the unfortunate news about Jay Youngblood

I too was shocked that Horner didn't win the title, but Hart will make for an interesting champion none the less.

I haven't had time to watch the YouTube video so not sure who came out on top there with the Expresses but I'm sure it was good considering those involved.

Wow...I did not that coming with Precious siding with Idol!! Can't wait to hear what Garvin has to say about this!

Leroy Brown helps Ernie run BJM out of town...Barry Windham will not let this injustice stand!

After a great long build things finally come to a head with Larry Z and Harley Race....it's a win/win....great new tag Champs and a heated feud between Race/Zybyszko!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge fan of both Buddy Landel and Mr. Olympia so I've been invested in this angle from day one. Great payoff here as Landel gets his head shaved which will provide endless entertainment potential in the weeks to come as Landel is sure to have tons of excuses for losing and shenanigans to try and hide his bald head.

Classic Dusty here as Bart made for a perfect opponent for the Dream, good stuff!

Tully gets the NWA World title win here that he never got IRL and I'm thrilled! Magnum was a great champion but Tully could prove to be an amazing champion with no Flair around and Baby Doll adds to the package. Can't wait to bring him to Twin States to defend the title........if Watts doesn't reverse the decision that is.



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Baby Doll and Tully Blanchard | Wrestling stars, Tully blanchard, Pro  wrestling


After the regular montage of NWA stars, we see a highlight video from Wrestlefest that includes a power slam by Leon White on Avalanche Buzz Tyler, Keith Hart pinning Tim Horner with some help from Dave Morgan, Atlas and Hansen brawling all over the arena against the House of Humperdink, Larry Zbyszko using the nunchuks against his own partner Harley Race, Robert Gibson using Cornette’s tennis racket on Denis Condrey only to get hit himself by Bobby Eaton, Dusty Rhodes with a big piledriver on Black Bart, Precious hitting Jimmy Garvin with the loaded purse, “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel in a chair with Cowboy Bill Watts with the clippers in hand, LeRoy Brown holding Blackjack Mulligan as he gets the Big Boot from Ernie Ladd, and Baby Doll throwing something to Tully Blanchard as he clobber NWA  World Champion Magnum T.A. 



Bob Geigel upholds the two controversial decisions by referee Ron West at Wrestlefest 85 saying that West was accidentally knocked down which allowed some outside interference to occur.  In one case LeRoy Brown, who is not even a contracted wrestler here in the NWA, came in and helped Ernie Ladd defeat Blackjack Mulligan.  This was not an ordinary loss as it was a loser-leave town match.  In the NWA Championship Match, Baby Doll throw some object in to Tully Blanchard which he in turn used it to help him with the NWA World Title.  Again, law and order are the key to wrestling and since Ron West was accidental knocked down, he is still in complete charge and his decisions are his and his alone to make.  If Ron was knocked down on purpose, he would have had the power to disqualify whoever did it. 

That being said, The NWA can sanction individuals for actions that went against our rules.  With that in mind, the NWA has determined the contract sent to us last Monday that named Ernie Ladd the new manager of LeRoy Brown to be null and void.  LeRoy Brown is not allowed to participate in any wrestling event where Ernie Ladd will be for 1 year.  In terms of Baby Doll, she has been fined the maximum fine allowed by NWA By-Laws, which is the sum of $50,000. 

Interview with Ernie Ladd about his Army 

Ernie Ladd:  I told you that Big Dummy, Blackjack Mulligan couldn’t beat me.  I mean how stupid can one person get.  I took his title in Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling, I broke his leg here in the NWA and now, we sent him packing in the loser-leave town match!  As far as what Bob Geigel did… he’s like Blackjack but instead of being a big dummy, he’s just an old dummy.  He thinks because LeRoy isn’t here with me, he isn’t part of the cause.  This Movement can’t be stopped.  It is all over wrestling.  We got Slick with Tiger and Shaska.  We got Bad News Allen fighting for the cause wherever he goes.  And then you got me!  The Godfather of it all, the Big Cat, the man with the Power.  Geigel thinks he put a whole in my army.  Listen up Geigel… I had plans for LeRoy Brown to carry out the mission down in Texas, so he was never going to be with me anyway.  In fact, I sent Master G with him!  You can’t stop us.  Just because you had Bad News Harris arrested don’t mean nothing to us.  In fact, let me bring out my main man here in the NWA and let him tell you what is coming next.

Out comes Butch Reed who has a big smile on his face and gives Ernie a big slap across the shoulders.

Butch Reed:  Kendell Windham’s gone… Blackjack Mulligan… he aint around no mo.  I think it’s time we sent the last family member packing.  That’s right Barry Windham.  I’m talking to you.  You’re our next victim and there aint nothing you can do about it!

“Baby Bull” Leon White

After finishing off Buzz Tyler, Leon White was giving a gracious interview where he was very thankful for his opportunity to be in the ring at Wrestlefest when he confronted by NWA newcomer, “Mr. Piledriver” Bob Sweetan.  Sweetan lets him know that he has heard all the hype about Leon but he ain’t buying it.  Sweetan says that he is as tough as they come and that he will retire from wrestling before he lets a punk like White make a name for himself at his expense.  White, still respectful, says the one thing he will never do is back down from a fight and that he might just send “MR. Piledriver into the next stage of his life!

As White turns away, Sweetan clobbers him from behind and does work him over really bad.  In fact, we see the action spill into the ring and Sweetan does piledrive White in the center of the ring.



NWA World Jr Heavyweight Title:

New champion, Keith Hart, along with his fellow Commonwealth member, Dave Morgan, continue to get some serious heat with their anti-American campaign.  With so many quality babyface JR’s in the NWA, Morgan better have Hart’s back as Tim Horner, Mike Graham and Yeichi Yamada are in hot pursuit of the title. 

Harley Race and Larry Zbyszko

Anybody who has been following the NWA knew that the NWA World Tag Team Champions were on the outs and when Zbyszko clobbered Race with the nunchucks at Wrestlefest, this alliance and title run came to an end.  Race seemed to be in trouble in this feud as it was already 2-1 when you throw in Roger Kirby and then… out of now…. Jos Leduc returns from Twin States Wrestling. 

The last we saw of Jos Leduc, he and Mad Dog Levebre were attacking Harley Race on a weekly basis.  When Race was giving an interview about getting revenge on Larry Z. and Leduc came out, Race was ready to fight.  Leduc asked him to hold on for just a minute as his time in Alabama and Mississippi taught him a lesson.  When he first got there, he got hooked up with Skandar Akbar and he was tearing it up, winning titles and making a lot of money but it all went wrong really quickly.  Leduc says he realized, while knocking Akbar on his rear end, that money doesn’t mean everything, and it is time to start doing what is right for a sport that has given him so much.

Race is getting frustrated and asks Leduc to get to the point.

Leduc goes on to explain that the reason he and Mad Dog were attacking him was because Zybysko was paying them to…. or at least he said he was going to pay them.  Larry Z. wanted Race to join the Midwest Mafia so badly, he had to make it seem to Harley that he needed someone to watch his back.  So, if Leduc and Mad Dog attacked him enough, Race would ask Larry Z for help and that is exactly what happened.  As soon as it did, Zbyszko said that he would give Leduc an extra $25,000 if he left the area.   Leduc left never expecting to return but the check that Larry promised was in the mail never arrived.

Leduc asks if he could help Race get even with Zbyszko as he had his own debt to collect.

Race paused for a minute….

WHAM…. Race clocked Leduc right in the mouth and Leduc went down.

What happened next could only happen with two people like Race and Leduc.

Race helped Leduc up who was rubbing his jaw and smiling….  The two shook hands and it looks like it will be Race and Jos Leduc going after the Midwest Mafia!



While it would seem to most that a stable of Ox Baker and The Barbarian would be scary enough for most, when Humperdink’s team did not win at Wresltefest against Stan Hansen and Tony Atlas, Humperdink made some upgrades….

Sir Oliver Humperdink:  If I have learned anything in life, I have learned history repeats itself.  When I was in Florida, Eddie Graham gave the keys to the kingdom to his prince and his court jester.  For those of you who have forgotten your Medieval History, the prince is the son to the king and the court jester is the clown who entertained the king and his family.  We all know that Mike Graham is the Prince and he did his best to ruin the kingdom.  Well the court jester didn’t just ruin the kingdom, but he went out of his way to crush me.  But as you can see, he failed.  If you are still wondering who the clown of Florida Championship Wrestling is …. It is none other then the biggest clown in the sport of wrestling… Dusty Rhodes.  While my men have already sent Mike Graham to the hospital, we have not yet gotten to Dusty Rhodes.  After Wrestlefest, I thought to myself who has done the most damage to Dusty Rhodes and the answer immediate came to me.  I made one phone call and my plans where complete!



After his defeat and head shaving by Mr. Olympia at Wrestlefest 85, we get some classic interviews from Landel.  Each week he comes out looking worse and worse with a different wig on his head.  When the match with Mr. Olympia comes up Landel seems to have no recollection of it and won’t admit that he is wearing a wig.  He is taking a little heat from the rest of the Diamond Club as they are all World Champions with Tully with the singles title and Dibiase and Dr. Death with the tag belts.  Landel says it is only a matter of time and recently, he has been calling out the new North American Title Holder, Austin Idol. 



Last we saw, Austin Idol left the ring with Jimmy Garvin’s title and his woman.  Idol let everyone know that this is exactly what he said he would do.  Precious explained that she just couldn’t help herself as each week she was getting these feelings for Idol and they kept getting stronger.  She hangs onto Idol’s biceps as she speaks, and it is obvious that she is loving her knew beau.  What is interesting is that she no longer seems to be carrying that loaded purse and when she was asked about it, she throws Garvin under the bus and said it was all his idea and that Idol is a real man and doesn’t need any help in the ring!  The fans can’t seem to get enough of The Universal Heartthrob and his lady!

As for Jimmy Garvin, he has not been seen since Wrestlefest. 



While the Midnight Express got the best of the Rock n Roll Express at Wrestlefest, we can expect to see more of this rivalry down the road.  As much as Cornette will protest that they Rock n Roll shouldn’t get a title match, it is basically written in stone!


Tully Blanchard is our new champ but there are so many people hot on his tail, it will be interesting to see how long he can keep it.  Magnum T.A. continues to be the #1 contender but don’t count out Dusty Rhodes, Hacksaw Butch Reed, Barry Windham, Stan Hansen, Austin Idol and Harley Race!

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Welcome back Kev! So good to see the NWA back in action. 

Nice recap show that brings us all up to date. 

Ladd seems more dangerous than ever and the Movement seems stronger than ever. I'm all for a Reed/Windham feud. 

Bull Power is on a roll but now has to deal with Mr. Piledriver Bruiser Bob Sweetan. 

Hart and Morgan have really gotten their act over. I like the shine the Jr. division is getting. 

Larry Z and Kirby are is big trouble with Race and LeDuc coming after them. 

Humperdink drops a bombshell! Kevin Sullivan is here and is after Dusty Rhodes! This is going to be a blood feud! 

LOL Bald Buddy Landel. Poor guy is even getting razzed by his stablemates. Landel and Idol could be a fun feud especially with Precious involved.

Speaking of Precious, so crazy seeing her without Jimmy Jam. Where's Jimmy? He might have fallen into a deep depression over this. We'll see what happens. 

I'm sure the Midnights vs. RnR will go on until one team is forced to leave. This feud is just so epic. 

It's Tully's time. He really deserves a solid run with the title. With all those challengers in line, Tully will get some big paydays. 


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Great update to catch things up since WrestleFest!

Glad to see Tully will not be stripped of World title, I hope he gets a chance to show he can be a great heel champion when not in the shadow of 'Slick Ric'

Ernie Ladd made things happen at WrestleFest....but it will be interesting to see where things go from here.....count me in as well for being all about a Reed vs. Windham feud!

The future Vader has a huge test in front of him going against big Bob Sweetan....I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

With LeDuc on his side, Race may have the upperhand unless Larry Z and Kirby have a trick up their sleeve!

Humperdink brings in Sullivan! Who better to torment the Dream than the "Debel himself"

Bald Buddy...is endless comedy...but an embarrassed Buddy Landel is a dangerous Buddy Landel....Idol better beware!

Hmm, wonder where Garvin could be??

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            October 5

The North American Wrestling Alliance proudly presents 



Missouri Loop:  Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, St. Joseph


Dave Morgan defeats Paul Roma with help from fellow Commonwealth member and NWA JR. Heavyweight Champion, Keith Hart as Hart tripped Roma and Morgan capitalized with a top rope knee drop.


Big Bubba Rogers defeated fellow big man Ron Shaw as Jim Cornette distracted the ref long enough for Rogers to clobber show with the night stick.


Bob Sweetan and Leon “Baby Bull” White wrestles to a No Contest as White could not wait for the match to start to try and get some revenge.  White attacked Sweetan before he ever got to the ring and by the time order was restored, both White and Sweetan were a bloody mess.  This was the first time White had been in action in two weeks after Sweetan interrupted his interview with Cowboy Bill Watts and Pearl Harbored Baby Bull and then finished him off with a devasting piledriver.  This feud is really starting to heat up.


NWA JR. Lightweight Title Bout:

Ricky Gibson defeated Keith Hart by disqualification as Big Bubba Rogers attacked Gibson and really laid him out when he dragged him to corner while he climbed to the top rope and they jumped off with a knee to the back of the neck.  Rogers hightailed it out of there when The Rock N Roll Express hit the ring.  After the match, Jim Cornette grabbed the house microphone as said, “Any brother of the Rock n Roll Express is an enemy of mine!”

Hacksaw Butch Reed with Ernie Ladd defeated Jos Leduc with a military press slam.  Leduc was attacked from behind by Roger Kirby before the match with a chair shot to the back of the knee.  Leduc was never at full strength in this match and Reed never backed down!  Roger Kirby was heard saying, “Anyone who tells Midwest Mafia secrets better watch their backs.”  This was about Leduc spilling the beans the Kirby and Zbyszko had paid Leduc to attack Harley Race back in June.



The Rock n Roll Express defeated The Midnight Express that saw Ricky Gibson rush to the ring and shove Big Bubba off the top rope as Bubba was trying to interfere in the match.  Bubba crashed down on top of Condrey and Robert Gibson made the quick cover.  NEW CHAMPIONS!!  (Title Change occurred in the NWA’s return to St. Louis)




Harley Race defeated Larry Zbyszko when he followed up a diving headbutt with a huge piledriver.  This all happened when Jos Leduc rushed the ring and prevented Kirby from giving the Nun-chucks to Larry Z.  Leduc grabbed the weapon from Kirby and clobbered him over the head with them.  Zbyszko was distracted and Race caught him with a huge suplex to set up the finish!



OKLAHOMA LOOP:  OKC, Tulsa, Lawton, Seminole


Steve O defeated Ted Allen with a Cross Body Block.


The Moondogs (Moretti and King) defeated the Batten Brothers when by submission when Moondog King locked in a Bearhug on the already bloodied Bart.


Mr. Olympia defeated The Nightmare with a sleeper hold.  The crowd was sure the Nightmare was Buddy Landell looking for revenge after Olympia won the Hair vs Mask match on Labor Day.  Mr. Olympia seemed to hesitate when to take off the Nigthmare’s mask, but Olympia simply slapped his opponent across the neck waking him up and Mr. Olympia headed to the locker room.  He did pause to look back as you could tell he was wondering who the Nightmare was.



Austin Idol © with Precious defeated Buddy Landell with the Vegas Leglock in a match that saw the two valets remain quiet.  In fact, it looked like Baby Doll and Austin Idol were doing a little flirting. 


Baby Doll had multiple chances to clobber Landell when the action spilled out onto the floor but each time, she took a pass.  It is also interesting to note that the bald Landell seemed a little off his game. 




Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death © with Baby Doll wrestled Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Tony Atlas to a Double Count Out as these two teams seemed to care more about hurting each other then getting the win.  The action spilled all the way to the concession stand in this wild brawl.



Tully Blanchard © with Baby Doll defeated Barry Windham when Blanchard connected with a slingshot suplex following Baby Doll tripping Windham after he had been whipped into the ropes by the champ. 




LOUISIANA LOOP:  New Orleans, Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Alexandria


Keicchi Yamada defeated The Conquistador with a Top Rope Plancha


Tim Horner defeated Kendo Nagasaki by DQ as the ref caught Nagasaki spraying the green mist into Horner’s eyes.

The Invaders and the Cuban Assassins wrestled to a 15-minute draw but neither team was satisfied, and this turned into a post-match brawl!


“Bruiser” Bob Sweetan defeated Bugsy McGraw with a piledriver following a blow with a loaded elbow pad that sent Bugsy into next week.



Magnum T.A. & Stan Hansen defeated “Maniac Mark Lewin & The Barbarian with Sir Oliver Humperdink when Hansen clobbered Lewin with Humperdink’s walking stick as the ref was losing control.



NWA TV Champion, “The American Dusty Rhodes defeated Kevin Sullivan with Sir Olivier Humperdink by DQ.  This one turned into a wild scene that left many of the fans in tears…

Sullivan’s master plan had nothing to do with wrestling as Sullivan clobbered Dusty with the ring bell and then Humperdink signaled to the back and out came Lewin, the Barbarian and Nagasaki.  Nobody up till this point even knew that Nagasaki was in the House of Humperdink. 

Long story short- Nagasaki and the Barbarian stood guard at the entrance ramp to make sure nobody could get to the ring while Humperdink,


Sullivan and Lewin triple-teamed The American Dream.  In the end, we saw Sullivan place Dusty’s head in the middle of the chair and then throw the chair over the top rope.  Lewin grabbed Rhodes by the legs, and he was being strangled by the chair as Sullivan and Humperdink held on to the top of the chair with all their might.


By the time Stan Hansen, Magnum T.A. and Bugsy McGraw broke through Nagasaki and the Barbarian, the damage was done and Dusty was stretchered out!


Sullivan grabs the inhouse microphone:

“Dusty Rhodes… Ex Child of Light…Listen close and Listen clear…. You can not stop me…. You have tortured me for 36 months… and now it is mine turn!  The difference is… I survived!




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Running 3 loops just shows how stacked and talented your roster is. I would of paid for any of these shows. 

Bull Power has been built up so well. I've enjoyed his feuds with the grizzled vets. This one with Sweetan will push Leon higher up the ladder. 

The Commonwealth seem to have a firm grip on the Jr. Title. Although tonight Bubba was the one who interferes. More heat with Cornette and the RnR Express.

NEW CHAMPS! Well it seems Cornette's plan backfired LOL. Even more heat! RnR as champs will defiantly bring in the money. 

Harley finally gets that satisfying win over Larry Z. Will the Midwest Mafia be out for revenge on Race and LeDuc? 

LOL, I think the Road Warriors knocked some sense into Steve O as he looks to be back on the babyface side. 

 The Moondogs style fits right into the hard hitting style of the NWA. 

Classy move by Olympia.

HAHAHA, The Universal Heartthrob loves the ladies. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. I think Landel has lost a bit of his mojo. 

I'm all for more Dibiase/Williams-Duggan/Atlas brawls! 

Tully is on a roll as he retains against an always game Windham. What a match! 

The mist was always a great visual. 

Invaders vs. Cuban Assassins could be a fun lower card program. This is the type of match that does a great job of filling out the card. 

One thing about Hansen is he's not afraid to whack somebody over the head with ANYTHING. I don't think the House of Humperdink should mess with him. 

WOW! The American Dream took a severe beating from Sullivan and his army. It's a big deal when Dusty does a stretcher job. This feud just got real. 

 I know you're extremely busy so props to you for doing a great job with keeping up. 





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Holy shit! Reed shows some super human strength bench pressing big LeDuc!!

Rock and Roll win the North American gold! Dibiase/Williams better watch out!

Harley gets a win over Larry Z! I like it!

The Moondogs have arrived!

Poor Buddy....will he be able to get his mojo back with no hair??

Tully vs. Windham is a match I hope we see a lot more of in this game!

Magnum/Hansen is a bad ass tag team, who could give Dibiase/Williams a real fun for their money for those World Tag titles

Dusty/Sullivan is a license to print money and they're off to the races now!!


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       Week of October 12



Iowa Loop:  Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Dubuque


Steve O defeated Man Mountain Link with a Cross Body Block


“Mr. Piledriver” Bob Sweetan and “Baby Bull” Leon White fought to a double count-out as the action spilled outside and the two were happy brawling all over the arena.  Give the rookie his due, he went nose to nose with the grizzled vet and never backed down an inch.


NWA JR. Heavyweight Title Match

Keith Hart © with Dave Morgan wrestled Mike Graham to a 15-minute draw.  At the end, Morgan rushed the ring and clobbered Graham with the Commonwealth flagpole and the two really went to work on Graham.  Steve O rushed out to help Graham and the Commonwealth headed for the hills. 



Harley Race & Jos Leduc defeated the Midwest Mafia (Larry Zbyszko & Roger Kirby).  Zbyszko was about to clobber Harley Race with the Nunchucks but Leduc who had just thrown Kirby out of the ring came from behind and ripped the weapon from Larry Legend’s hand.  A surprised Zybyszko was then double eye gouged by Race.  Race followed this up with a high, high vertical suplex and then came off the top rope with a diving headbutt for the win.  Leduc walked off with Zbyszko’s nunchucks while Zbyszko struggled to get to his knees.

In the back Leduc and Race gave a quick post-match interview that aired on the following week’s TV show.


Jos Leduc:  Zybyszko…. Until I get the money you owe me, I am going to keep taking my fee in blood and I’m going to use your own nunchucks to get that blood.

Harley Race:  All I know Zbyszko…… is that when this is said and done… only one of us will survive and I am pretty sure you are not man enough to get me out of wrestling!


SEMI MAIN EVENT:  No DQ Steel Cage Match:   Hacksaw Butch Reed with Ernie Ladd vs Barry Windham

This was your typical, violent, bloody cage match until Ernie Ladd pulled a pair of bolt cutters from out of his jacket.  Ladd cut the lock off the cage and entered it.  Next, Ladd pulls another lock from his jacket and relocks the cage.  Ladd and Reed now do a nasty 2-1 job on Windham.  We see Ladd connect with a NASTY big boot to Windham and then Reed climb to the cage.  Ladd hoists Windham up and Hacksaw dives off the top of the cage with a devastating shoulder tackle.  Reed simply steps on the chest of Windham and ref Ron West has no choice but to make the three count.  Leduc, Race and Graham rush to the ring but have trouble getting in because of the lock!  Eventually, Leduc just rips the door off and the three rush in.  A few blows by each side but Ladd and Reed manage to escape.  Race, Leduc and Graham go to aid Windham as Reed and his manager dodge debris from the fans all the way back to the locker room.


MAIN EVENT:  6 Man Tag Match:

The Midnight Express & Big Bubba Rogers with Jim Cornette defeats the Rock n Roll Express & Ricky Gibson.  The action had gone complete chaotic as their action both inside and outside of the ring and the ref had lost control.  We see Cornette drop his tennis racket, and then run halfway around the ring and jump up on the apron and start screaming at the ref.  As this is happening, Big Bubba grabs the racket and climbs to the top rope!  WHAM… Racket shot by Bubba on Ricky Gibson!  Cornette is now screaming at the ref to turn around!  As the ref turns, he sees Bubba covering Ricky.  1…2…3.   Just after the ref makes the 3 count, the RnR hit the ring with a sliding double dropkick on Bubba but it is too late!

In a quick post-match interview, we hear Cornette screaming that last week was a complete fluke that the RnR Express won the titles from the Midnight Express and tonight proves it.  He also demands a rematch next week in St. Louis or else the NWA will be hearing from Mother’s Lawyers. 



Kansas Loop:  Wichita, Topeka, Hutchinson, Ft. Scott


Keiichi Yamada defeats the Nightmare with a Top Rope Plancha.  In a strange twist of events, Buddy Landel rushes out the ring screaming that the Nightmare is Mr. Olympia and he is going to prove.  As he is pulling at the mask of the Nightmare…  WHAM… Superkick by Yamada and Landel and down goes Buddy.  The crowd loves this as Yamada and the Nightmare head out together with Landel struggling to get to his feet.  Some of the faithful in the audience are overheard saying Landel has completely lost his mind since losing his hair!


Bugsy McGraw defeats the Conquistador with a big elbow drop.  This quirky 300-pounder is nuttier than a peanut farm but the fans love his antics.


Rufus “Freight Train” Jones defeats The Executioner (Ron Shaw) after the Executioner tried to take the match to the gutter.  This just seemed to anger Freight Train and he finished off the big man with 3 big headbutts followed by a knockout punch.


The Moondogs and The Invaders fought to a double count-out as the action went bonzo-gonza and all 4 men where brawling on the outside.  This is one to watch as whoever comes out on top might just earn a North American Tag Team Title shot!


SEMI-MAIN EVENT:  6 Man Tag Team Match: 

“The Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol, "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas & Hacksaw Duggan with Precious  vs  “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel, Ted Dibiase & “Dr. Death” Steve Williams with Baby Doll


A wild bout that saw everyone get a little shine.  The match was full of momentum changes, double-double teaming and rough stuff from both sides.  In the end, we see Buddy Landel holding Austin Idol from behind as Baby Doll has a chair.  Some who were in the arena said it seemed Baby Doll hesitated for a moment before swinging the chair.  WHAM…. Baby Doll cracks Buddy Landel with chair as Idol slipped away at the last second.  Idol quickly covered Landel.  1…2…3.  

As the bell sounds the Tag Team Champs (Dibiase & Dr. Death), who were on the outside, stop their brawl with Atlas and Duggan to see what happened.  You can tell by the expression on their faces that they are none too pleased with the outcome!  As they head to the back, the champs can be heard yelling that losing is not the Diamond Club way and they won’t stand for it much longer. 



Tully Blanchard © with Baby Doll defeated Wahoo McDaniel after a nearly 25-minute slugfest.  Again, Baby Doll gets involved in the finish as she jumped up on the apron and berated Wahoo.  Wahoo turned his attention to the leader of the Diamond Club.  With Wahoo and the Perfect 10 nose to nose the ref demanded that that Baby Doll get down.  WHAM… from behind and without the ref seeing it, low blow by Tully on the Chief!  WHAM… Sling-Shot Suplex by Tully.  1…2…3.!

Once again, the champ survives!


 Louisiana/Arkansas Loop:  Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Little Rock, Ft. Smith 


Paul Roma defeated Verlon Biggs with a Powerslam.  This will be hyped on the following TV show as Roma’s first win. 


The Cuban Assassin defeats Brad Batten as Fidel Sierra came down to ringside and tossed his fellow Cuban tag partner some sort of medal object that he clobbered Batten with and got the tainted win.


Fidel Sierra defeated Bart Batten in the same fashion as this time it was Sierra getting help from the Cuban Assassin. 

Bart and Brad Batten were fuming after the first two matches and demanded an immediate match against the Cubans and it was granted.


The Batten Twins defeated The Cubans as Bart intercepted the foreign object being tossed to Sierra from the Assassin!  WHAM… To the delight of the fans, Batten cracked Sierra and he went down like a bag of rocks!  1…2…3.  The Assassin went for the save but got caught by a lariat from Brad.  The Battens get revenge on the Cubans and the fans love it!


Tim Horner defeats Kendo Nagasaki with Sir Oliver Humperdink by DQ as Kendo went to spray the green mist in the eyes of Horner but Horner ducked out of the way and Kendo sprayed the ref.



Stan “The Man” Hansen defeats The Barbarian with Sir Oliver Humperdink with a big lariat following a brutal match that had big blow after big blow.


Main Event:  Kevin Sullivan & the Purple Haze with Sir Oliver Humperdink  defeated Tim Horner & Mr. Olympia. 

This main event was originally going to be Mr. Olympia and Dusty Rhodes teaming against Sullivan and Haze, but Rhodes was not cleared by the doctor’s following last week’s brutal strangling by the House of Humperdink.  Needless to say, the fans were disappointed, but the show must go on.  In this match, Horner was not as lucky as the Purple Haze caught him with his own “purple mist.”  From there he was just brutally beaten. 

Post-Match Interview:

Kevin Sullivan:  Dusty Rhodes…. Please Dusty Rhodes… tell me I have not won yet.  While I know your demise is inevitable, I thought you were a better advisory than this.  One beating is all I get to enjoy… I hope that this is not what the American Dream has turned into but if it is… So be it… The ending has already been written and sent to Abbudadein… The Princess of Darkness has sent Dusty Rhodes into the great abyss!

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The house show loop is a great method of keeping things running smoothly until you are ready to start producing a television show again.

Sullivan is a fantastic new addition to your heel ranks, and a Rhodes/Sullivan feud can go on for ages. I look forward to seeing where you take it.

Tully as champion is fantastic, and with Baby Doll and his crew behind him, I think he may have a nice long reign in his future.

Baby Doll falling for Idol might be an issue though. An Idol/Blanchard feud could be a whole lot of fun.

Buddy losing his shit since getting his head shaved is good stuff, but I have to wonder if it's an act. Landel is a smart cookie.

Barry Windham needs to find some friends fast, or he is going to be in a lot of trouble against Ladd and his boys.

Rock and Rolls and Midnights produce like always!

Loving the Harley vs Midwest Mafia feud. Harley isn't a guy to mess with, but you've played this just right.

Good Stuff Dude!

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More money making loops for the NWA.

Sweetan and Bull Power continue their hard hitting feud with neither man gaining the upper hand...yet.

Steve O helps Graham against the Commonwealth. Good to have friends. 

Race and LeDuc are getting the best of the Mafia but never count Larry Z out, the man is pretty intelligent. Then again they don't come any tougher than Race and LeDuc so we'll see what happens. 

All I can say is I hope we get a lot more of Reed and Windham!

Cornette's men get the 6 man win and looks like Mama's lawyers are going to be all over a title rematch.

LOL, oh man what's going on with Landel?? I hope his hair grows back fast. Buddy's got to get his mojo back! 

Moondogs and Invaders could become a fun feud as they battle for contention. 

Idol sure has a spell on the ladies. That hesitation costed the Diamond Club and they're not happy about it. 

Tully retaining against Wahoo is a pretty big deal. I'm so glad you're giving Tully a run with the belt. 

Look at that, Roma picks up his first win. Good job kid! 

Like the Invaders and Moondogs, the Battens and Cubans is another pretty good feud for contention. Lot's of solid tag teams here.

Hansen/Barbarian is one heck of a brawl! 

Sullivan is such a maniac and is quickly becoming the top heel. I can't wait for Dusty to come back because this is going to be a WAR! 

Good job keeping the flow going Kev.  


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October 19


Missouri Loop:  Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, St. Joseph


Bugsy McGraw defeats Man Mountain Link with a Big Slash


Moondogs (Cujo & Spike) defeat the Batten Twins after Cujo distracted the ref long enough for Spike to clobber Bart with the dog bone.


Ricky Gibson defeated Big Bubba Rogers with Jim Cornette when Cornette cracked Gibson with the Tennis Racket.  This led to a wild scene as the Rock n Roll Express rushed to the ring quickly followed by the Midnight Express.  Even though these teams will face each other later in the evening, they roughed each other up pretty good here.  NWA President, Bob Geigel, was in attendance and once order was restored, he took the house microphone and told Jim Cornette that because he just interfered in yet another match, he would be banned from ringside for the night’s title match!  As you could imagine, Corny went wild; throwing a tantrum and threatening lawsuits. 


Larry Zbyszko and Jos Leduc wrestled to a no contest as Leduc attacked Zbyszko before the match started. Leduc came to the ring with Zbyszko’s nunchucks which he stole last week and he went right after Zbyszko as soon as he got to the ring.  Larry “Legend” was lucky to escape without serious injury.  Leduc took the house mic.  “I warned you Zbyszko that until I get my money, I’m going to starting taking my payment with your blood!  Let tonight be a warning to you!  I don’t care about winning matches!  I am going to cripple you. 


Harley Race defeated Roger Kirby when he followed up a top rope diving headbutt with a piledriver.  Zbyszko attempted to come to ringside but as soon as he appeared, Leduc was in hot pursuit with the nunchucks.  Larry Z made a quick circle of the ring and headed for the hills with a crazed Leduc giving chase.



Hacksaw Butch Reed vs Barry Windham

Ernie Ladd was banned from ringside tonight due to his interference last week in the cage match between these two.  These two gave the fans everything they had, and both left the ring bloodied after a wild bout that had a little of everything. These two showed the fans that they can both wrestle and brawl.  While it was a classic, it did end in a 30-minute draw.  This one is far from over!




With no Cornette, we get to see these two teams go at it on a level playing field and what we learn is that they really are quite even.  Either team could win on any given night.  It just happened that tonight it was the Double Drop Kick by the Rock n Roll Express on Condrey that got the win for the champs as the Rock n Roll Express successful defend their titles. 



OKLAHOMA-KANSAS LOOP:  OKC, Tulsa, Lawton, Wichita,


The Invaders defeat the Cuban Assassins (Sierra & Acevedo) as Sierra clobbered Invader #1 with a foreign object.  Invader #1 rolled out of the ring to regroup but it was Invader #2 who returned.  Invader #2 shocked Sierra with a sunset flip over the ropes for the win


The Nightmare stunned Paul Roma with an Airplane Drop for the win.  As soon as the ref made the three count, Mr. Olympia rushed to the ring and attacked the Nightmare.  Nobody could understand why but Mr. Olympia was tossing the Nightmare from pillar to post. Then he went for the Nightmare’s mask.  Suddenly, another Mr. Olympia rushed out from the back and went after Mr. Olympia.  Everyone was now completely lost but they were enjoying a good battle.  The second Olympia whips the first Olympia into the ropes and got him with a nasty clothesline.  As Olympia #1 is down, Olympia #2 rips at the mask.  The first Olympia is fighting back but to no avail…. The Mask comes off….  It is none other than BALD BUDDY LANDEL who hightails it back to the locker room.  This should be real interesting as Landel and Olympia are supposed to wrestle later in the show!


Mike Graham defeats Jose Luis Rivera by submission with the Figure 4


GRUDGE MATCH:  Mr. Olympia vs Buddy Landel with Baby Doll

We get a pretty good match here but it is interesting how little support Landel gets from Baby Doll.  It seems that his antic are even getting to her.  Anyway, there is no denying the Nature Boy has tremendous skill and he has Mr. Olympia on the verge of defeat.  Landel starts to showboat to the fans who respond with the BALD-EEE, BALD-EEE chant and Landel starts to become unglued.  He starts to slap his head and face a-la the Three Stooges and the crowd is going wild!  WHAM… from behind comes Olympia with a forearm to the lower back.  Landel hits the ropes and comes back towards Olympia…. SLEEPER HOLD by Mr. Olympia and Landel goes out.  The ref calls for the bell and gives the victory to Mr. Olympia.  In a surprise, Baby Doll comes into the ring and asks Mr. Olympia if she can wake up Buddy.  Olympia gladly allows it…..WHAM…. BABY DOLL hits Landel so hard that it echoes throughout the arena!  Landel does follow Baby Doll out but you can tell the leader of the Diamond Club is not happy with her wrestler!



Dr. Death Steve Williams with Baby Doll defeats Stan Hansen after a wild brawl.  Unlike the last match, Baby Doll was involved as often as she could.  She was careful not to get to close to Hansen but every now and then, she made her mark on the match.  In fact, it was when she jumped up on the apron and distracted Hansen that Dr. Death caught Hansen with the Oklahoma Stampede for the win.



Austin Idol with Precious © vs Ted Dibiase with Baby Doll

Interesting thing here was that Idol seemed to pay more attention to Baby Doll then Precious and Baby Doll was not nearly as involved as she was in the last match.  Precious seemed to notice this but said nothing.  Probably a good thing as Baby Doll might have smacked her into the 8th row!  As for the match, Dibiase carried the action.  There is no denying Idol is gold on the mic, but in the ring… Dibiase is the master.  You could tell that this was a battle to see who could lock in the Figure 4 first as both men went after their opponent’s knees. With the ref knocked down, the action spills outside.  The crowd moans as Buddy Landel races to the ring.  He has been after Idol for the last few weeks and it is obvious that Landel and Idol can’t stand each other.  Idol is winding up to hit Dibiase with a big right hand.  Landel comes up from behind with a chair…WHAM…WHAM…  Idol sensed Landel behind him and moved out of the way.  Landel cracks Dibiase right in the skull with the chair and Dibiase’s head cracks off the steel barricade.  Idol just laughs and goes back to the ring.  The ref is back up and makes the 10 count on Dibiase.  Idol gives a last look at Baby Doll and heads back with his title and Precious!


NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH:  Tully Blanchard © with Precious vs Magnum T.A.

A 30-minute classic that ends with Baby Doll once again distracting the ref and Magnum long enough for Tully to hit T.A. with a low blow followed by the sling shot suplex!  Tully is really getting good working with Baby Doll and saving his title!  




LOUISIANA LOOP:  New Orleans, Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Alexandria


Rufus Jones defeats The Executioner (Ron Shaw) with 3 headbutts followed by a big right hand


“Mr. Piledriver” Bob Sweetan defeated “Baby Bull” Leon White when White rushed in to quickly and was caught by an elbow to the jaw.  This eventually led to the Piledriver for the win.  Sweetan was overheard telling the fans that he told you so… this rookie wasn’t going to beat him!”


Yeiichi Yamada defeats Dave Morgan with a Top Rope Plancha.  No matter how often Morgan tried to take this match to the gutter, Yamada was just one step ahead of him!



Tim Horner defeated Keith Hart © by DQ as Morgan rushed into the ring with the flagpole and hit Horner in the back.  Yamada rushed to the ring and in the end, Horner and Yamadea controlled the ring while the Commonwealth was out on the floor heading for the hills.  Horner got the win and the last laugh but because of the DQ, he didn’t get the title!


Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Tony Atlas defeated Kendo Nagasaki & Purple Haze with Sir Oliver Humperdink as Atlas caught Kendo with the Military Press Slam.  As Atlas celebrated, Haze came in with Nagasaki’s kendo stick and clobbered both Hacksaw and Atlas.  Duggan and Atlas got the win and continue to move up the tag team ranks but they did leave a little worse for wear!



Kevin Sullivan with Sir Oliver Humperdink defeated Wahoo McDaniel as Purple Haze and Nagasaki interfered in this NO DQ match and Sullivan finished it off with the Tree of Woo.  Duggan and Atlas rushed the ring, and we got a great Pier 6 Brawl here that left the fan favorites in charge of the ring when all was said and done. 



“American Dream” Dusty Rhodes vs The Barbarian with Sir Oliver Humperdink.

Dusty Rhodes defeats The Barbarian in his first bout back since his beating from Sullivan’s crew a few weeks ago.  The America Dream catches the Barbarian with the Bionic Elbow for the win after a nasty brawl.  Dusty really played the face in peril here as the Barbarian connected with some huge power moves.  Just as the you would expect, the brawling wasn’t done.  Sullivan led Haze and Nagasaki back to the ring but they were followed by Atlas, Duggan and Wahoo and now we go 4 aside in this wild brawl.  To make sure no riots occurred, the fan favorites come out on top and the House of Humperdink slithers away as debris rains down on them. 

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Wild action all over the NWA!!

The eternal feud between the Rock and Roll and the Midnights gets a little extra with the addition of Ricky Gibson and Big Bubba to move it along. Using their match to bar Cornette from ringside in the main is a cool idea.

LeDuc causing Larry Z nothing but trouble, while Harley calmly kicks asses is good stuff too.

Windham and Reed for 30 minutes.... Sign Me Up!!

Buddy dressing as Olympia trying to unmask the Nightmare only to get unmasked by the real Olympia is pretty funny stuff. I figure Nightmare is just wondering what the hell he even did to be involved in this!

Good Lord, Baby Doll is all over the place at ringside for the next 4 matches! I think we know who is running the show in the NWA!

Though I get the feeling she is just about done with Buddy!

Huge win for Doc over Hansen.

Interested to see where this Idol having eyes for Doll while Precious looks on thing goes. Jimmy Garvin may want to come back and get his woman.

House of Humperdink is still a formidable force, and with Sullivan involved, you know shit will be chaotic.

Nice work making sure the fans go home happy with the babyfaces kicking ass and taking names.

Good Stuff All Around!

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The NWA must be racking in the money with 3 solid loops going. Watts is a happy man right now.

Moondogs are making their presence known.

I've always had a hard time writing for IRL classic feuds. You have done a tremendous job keeping the RnR/Midnites feud fresh. 

It's bad enough having LeDuc coming after you but it's horrifying if he has a pair of nunchucks with him. Larry Z might want to pack up and get out of town. 

I'm so glad you're continuing the Reed/Windham feud. 

The Invaders pull the old switch to get one over on the Cubans. 

HAHAHAHA, we get masked confusion tonight. I think Landel lost his mind along with his hair. 

Landel's woes continue as Olympia puts him to sleep while Baby Doll just seems annoyed. Nice touch with Olympia waking Landel up with the big slap LOL. 

Williams stock just sky rocketed with that huge win over Hansen. Damn, he put Hansen down with the Oklahoma Stampede! This makes Williams a legit threat to everybody. 

Landel is on really thin ice now. I'm sure Dibiase is going to have a long talk with him. Meanwhile, it looks like Idol has lost interest in Precious and has serious eyes for Baby Doll. Bleh is right, now would be a good time for Jimmy Jam to get his woman back. 

Tully and Magnum! Doesn't get any better. Tully gets the tainted win and I can only hope Magnum will be back for more. 

Sweetan gets the first decisive win in his feud with Bull Power. Leon's been down before but has always come back. 

Things are heating up in the Jr. division. Hart as the champ has put a lot of attention on the division. Good job with this. 

House of Humperdink is all over the rest of the card. They wont have an easy time taking out Dusty with friends like Wahoo, Atlas and Duggan watching his back. This is the type of feud that would be awesome to see end in a Wargames type match. 



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LOADED house show loops!! Great action in every city!

Zbyzsko better find some back up real soon....having Race or LeDuc after you is a big problem to have....having both is going to be the end of him and Kirby

the Rock & Roll retain....you have to wonder how soon the Moondogs will come looking for some gold

Fun stuff with the two "Mr. Olympias", which leads right into a match between the two.  Baby Doll isn't going to put up with much more of Buddy being off his game with the bald head

Dusty vs. the HOH is going to be fun to watch especially with Atlas/Wahoo/Hacksaw having his back!

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OCTOBER 31, 1985



“Baby Bull” Leon White vs “Mr. Piledriver” Bob Sweetan

This feud, which has been raging for about a month now, pits too very similar wrestlers against each other.  Both men are big and powerful and love to mix it up but there is one main difference here.  Sweetan is looking to continue his long illustrious career by putting down the promising rookie while White looks to add Sweetan to his list of established vets that he has defeated.  We will have to see if it is Sweetan’s piledriver or Baby Bull’s powerslam that prevails in this one.



Keith Hart © vs “White Lightening” Tim Horner

The crowd will be strongly behind White Lightening here as Hart and fellow Commonwealth member, Dave Morgan, have really gotten under the skin of the NWA fans.  For Horner to win the title, he is going to have to find some way to keep Morgan from interfering in the match.  Many a foe have seen their lights go out as Morgan has clobbered them with the Commonwealth flag.  It is this move that has kept the title around the waist of the arrogant Hart since Labor Day.




Mr. Olympia vs Buddy Landel

While we all know that Mr. Olympia is responsible for Landel having his head shaved, many are wondering if this feud is causing Landel to also lose his mind and his mojo.  In recent weeks, we have seen Landel go after the Nightmare thinking it was Mr. Olympia in a different mask.  We have even seen the Nature Boy attack the Nightmare disguised as Mr. Olympia.  Add that to the facts that we have seen Landel on a bit of a losing streak and he also cost fellow Diamond Club member, Ted Dibiase, the NWA North American Title by interfering in his match against Austin Idol.  Landel is struggling to make his manager, Baby Doll very   happy.  In fact, she has vowed to rip up his contract and membership to the Diamond Club if he fails to defeat Mr. Olympia on Halloween night.  Mr. Olympia is so confident that he has Landel’s number, that he has agreed to take off his mask if he loses the match. 




The Rock n Roll Express © vs The Midnight Express vs The Invaders vs The Moondogs

While the Rock n Roll Express and Midnight Express have been beating each other all over the NWA and trading the North American Tag Team title back and forth, the Invaders and the Moondogs have quickly risen into contention.  The rules here are simple.  Whoever wins the match leaves with the titles.  It will be interesting to see what Cornette does in this match as he might not have enough tennis rackets for all the people he is going to need to clobber!



#1 Contender’s Match for the North American Title

Harley Race vs Larry Zbyszko with Roger Kirby

Back and forth this one goes.  From World Tag Team Champions to bitter enemies, this feud is not only personal, there is a title shot on the line.  We know Kirby is dangerous but if he gets to involved, Jos Leduc might be in hot pursuit.  We  know that if this was strictly a wrestling match or a barroom brawl, Race would come out on top but never underestimate the cunning of Larry Legend!



Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death with Baby Doll vs Stan “The Man” Hansen & Wahoo McDaniel

Not much else to say here…. BRAWL FROM THE OPENING BELL. 



#1 Contender’s Match for the NWA World Title

Hacksaw Butch Reed with Ernie Ladd vs Magnum T.A.

We all know the havoc Ernie Ladd has caused since the return of the NWA but let’s not forget that Hacksaw Butch Reed has not been pinned or forced to submit this entire year.  Add in the fact that Magnum T.A., the former NWA World Champion, has only lost once this year and we can see why the winner of this one gets a World Title shot on Thanksgiving night!  Something here must give!




Tully Blanchard © with Baby Doll 


NWA North American Champion, “The Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol with Precious

While this is not a title vs title match, it is very interesting for many reasons.  First, Idol has not lost since coming to the NWA but there also seems to be some flirtations between Idol and Baby Doll.  Let’s see how Tully and Precious both deal with this issue.  Precious left her man, Jimmy Garvin, because she fell hard for the Heartthrob, but does Idol have eyes for someone else?  Who walks away with the World Title will be interesting but also, who walks away with the girls is something else we need to keep our eyes on!






TEAM DUSTY (Dusty Rhodes, Barry Windham, Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Tony Atlas)


TEAM SULLIVAN (Kevin Sullivan, Kendo Nagasaki, Purple Haze & The Barbarian) /Oliver Humperdink

The interesting thing here is that Sullivan becomes the NWA TV champion if any of his teammates wins the match.  In terms of the match, I know I am a little ahead of my time with this War Games type match, but I couldn’t resist!  Let the Battle Begin!

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Bleh is right, this card is stacked! 

Will Landel finally get his mojo back?

Like the 4 way tag title match. The focus will be on RnR and Midnight's but the Invaders or Moondogs could walk out with the titles. 

Harley and Larry Z have been going at it and now there's something big on the line. 

Oh man I'm really liking Butch Reed but I would be lying if I didn't want to see Magnum and Tully get into a full blown feud. 

So much lady intrigue surrounding the Tully/Idol match.

I'm more than ok with you bringing in Wargames a bit early especially with Dusty in there LOL. This is exactly the match this feud needs. Chaos at it's best! 

With all the great Halloween cards coming, next week is going to be pretty damn great! 

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OCTOBER 31, 1985


“Baby Bull” Leon White vs “Mr. Piledriver” Bob Sweetan

This one only goes about 8 minutes but is full of powerful moves.  Sweetan looks to finish White with the piledriver but Baby Bull blocks it.  Sweetan reloads and goes for the piledriver again.  Blocked!

Wham… Big back body drop by Baby Bull.

White pulls Sweetan to his knees and backs away.  Sweetan slowly rises.  White scoops him up, runs towards the center of the ring!

WHAM… Powerslam by White.


Wow… Leon White over Bob Sweetan.  What a rookie year this has been with huge wins over Ox Baker, “Avalanche” Buzz Tyler and now Mr. Piledriver Bob Sweetan



Keith Hart © vs “White Lightening” Tim Horner

The crowd is clearly behind Horner as the arrogance and tactics of the Commonwealth has gotten to everyone here in the NWA over the past 2 months.  Horner controls much of the action but Dave Morgan is on the outside helping his fellow Commonwealth member every chance he gets.  With Horner in firm control, we see Morgan grab the Commonwealth flagpole and he jumps up on the apron.  NWA fans have seen this act before and know he is going to clobber Horner with the flagpole to get the automatic DQ and safe the title for Keith Hart!

A roar from the crowd…. It is Keiichi Yamada. 

He grabs Morgan from behind and Morgan hits his own head on the mat on the wat down.  The crowd loves it as the flagpole falls to the ground. 

Keith Hart looks out at the distraction around the ring and from behind…

Rolling Cradle by Tim Horner.

1…2…3!  We have a new NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion and Yamada and Horner celebrate inside the ring as ref Al Neely hands Horner the title!




Mr. Olympia vs Buddy Landel

A lot on the line here as Mr. Olympia has put his mask on the line here for another shot at a now buzz- cut head, Nature Boy Buddy Landel.  Landel also knows that if he loses again, he will be thrown out of the Diamond Club.  In fact, Baby Doll does not even accompany her man to the ring tonight.

As for the match, Landel seems to be outclasses every step of the way.  Even when he goes to the dirty tactics, Olympia is ready for him.  After wearing down his opponent for about 12 minutes, Mr. Olympia locks in the sleeper hold.  Landel seems to be out and the ref comes in closer to raise the arm.

1…  Nothing

2… Back kick low blow by Landel on Mr. Olympia which the ref can’t see and Mr. Olympia is hunched over in agony!

Landel hits the ropes with a devastating sliding drop kick to the head and he follows it with a huge elbow drop!

1…  2… 3! 

Jim Ross:  Bawh God!  Landel has somehow won the match.  I am disgusted by those tactics but can’t wait to see who Mr. Olympia really is!

As Mr. Olympia sits up in frustration, Landel orders him to sit in a chair as he is going to untie the mask!

Landel arrogantly takes his time and struts around the ring each time he undoes one of the laces.

Jim Ross:  What’s this… the Nightmare is rushing to the ring….

Landel undoes the last lace and yanks off the mask.  Almost instantaneously the Nightmare covers Mr. Olympia with a towel and Olympia scampers away to the dressing room.

Jim Ross:  I can’t believe it…. Was that J….  ummm… no sorry folks.  I don’t want to speculate as to the identity of Mr. Olympia.  I didn’t get a good enough view.

In the ring, Buddy Landel is fuming and is going after the Nightmare and is tossing his from pillar to post.  After a minute or two, Landel now goes for his mask but just before it comes off, the Nightmare can beat a hasty retreat.    




The Rock n Roll Express © vs The Midnight Express vs The Invaders vs The Moondogs

A wild match that shows every team getting a little shine here.  The Moondogs are the one team not focused on speed and wrestling but rather on pure violence.  Their brute power and unorthodox fighting style have them holding most of the momentum, but they can’t seem to get a pinfall as one of the other teams always makes the save.  Moondog Spike violently whips Invader #1 into the corner where he makes obvious contact with Lover Boy Dennis Condrey.  The ref signals Condrey into the ring but Spike has no idea about the tag.  He grabs Invader #1 and forcefully chucks him through the middle ropes on the other side of the ring.  Just as the Invader is flying out Ricky Morton slaps him on the back.  Spike follows the Invader out to the floor.  Condrey, has no idea of the tag by Morton, goes over to check on the Spike.  Morton tags in Gibson…

WHAM:  Double Team Drop Kick on Condrey…

Cornette sees it but thinks the Rock n Roll Express are in the ring illegally.  He starts screaming for the ref to see what is happening.  For once, ref Ron West knew exactly what was going on!


Cornett and Eaton are shocked and are in the face of West.  You can see West make the motion that Morton tagged the Invader on the way top the floor.  Cornette as usually doesn’t get far with his argument and the Rock n Roll Express are still the NWA North American champs!


#1 Contender’s Match for the North American Title

Harley Race vs Larry Zbyszko with Roger Kirby

Race is double tough but Zbyszko is double sneaky and this combo gives us a great match.  Another interest thing we see here was that Zbyszko decided to wrestle in a gee instead of his normal attire.  This seems to backfire as Race just grabs it and throws Larry Z. around the ring.  We see Race connect with a few big moves but each time he went for the pin, Zbyszko got a foot on the ropes or Kirby distracted the ref long enough that Zbyszko kicked out. 

After a big suplex and diving headbut by Race, the match appeared to be over but again Kirby is up on the apron.  Harley has enough by now and flips Kirby into the ring and starts giving it pretty good to Kirby.  The ref is trying to restore order, but we see Zbyszko reach into the gee and grab what appeared to be a pair of brass knuckles.

WHAM… Zbyszko clocks Kirby with the Brass Knuckles!  Kirby is in Never-Never Land!

Double Eye Gouge by Race on Zbyszko….

Piledriver by Race

Middle Rope Diving Headbut by Race


Harley Race has left the Midwest Mafia laying in the center of the ring as he has earned himself a North American Title shot on Thanksgiving Night!




Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death with Baby Doll vs Stan “The Man” Hansen & Wahoo McDaniel

Not much else to say here…. BRAWL FROM THE OPENING BELL.  Each team had multiple chances to win the bout after some big moves but eventually the brawl ends up on the outside of the ring for the double count-out. 


#1 Contender’s Match for the NWA World Title

Hacksaw Butch Reed with Ernie Ladd vs Magnum T.A.

This match is everything you could imagine as both are in their prime and really want that push to the world title.  The one difference here is Ernie Ladd.  While T.A. and Reed are as even as could be, Ladd and his constant interference is what keeps Reed on top for most of the match.  In the end, Reed tosses T.A. through the ropes crashing out onto the floor.  As the ref goes to admonish Reed, Ladd once again goes to work on Magnum.  The ref turns to see what is going on outside the ring and now goes to admonish Ladd.  Ladd backs away from T.A. but goes nose to nose with the ref for about 30 seconds.  From under the ring comes a tall figure dressed in a yellow suit wearing a dog collar and chain.  Ladd starts screaming at the ref to turn around, but the ref is not through with Ladd and continues to berate the Big Cat.

WHAM…  the masked man connects with a big running bulldog on Reed and then rolls out of the ring and back under the mat.

T.A. makes it back into the ring and seems a little surprised to see Reed down on the mat struggling to his feet.

The crowd roars as Barry Windham emerges from under the ring and he is in hot pursuit of Ernie Ladd with that long chain we saw a minute ago. 

WHAM… As Reed gets to his feet…. Belly to Belly by Magnum T.A.


Magnum T.A wins a huge match and is the first to pin Butch Reed in 1985!  It will be Magnum T.A. going for the NWA World Title on Thanksgiving Night!

This situation between Ladd, Reed and the Windhams has really gotten personal now!




Tully Blanchard © with Baby Doll 


NWA North American Champion, “The Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol with Precious

So much girl drama here!  Baby Doll obviously has eyes for both Tully and Idol and this does not sit well with the champ.  Precious is feeling ignored as she left Jimmy Garvin for what she thought was a better man, but he seems to have lost interest in her and has eyes for Baby Doll.  You can just tell by looking at her, that she is depressed.  Throughout the match, Precious roots on The Universal Heartthrob while Baby Doll is rather inactive and seems confused!

As the match progresses, the camera catches Precious fondling with that purse of hers.  Jim Ross wonders if she is returning to her jezebel days with Jimmy Garvin and loading up that purse of hers.  Suddenly we see Buddy Landel coming down to ringside.  It appears that he is arguing with Baby Doll and it looks like he is wondering what she’s doing!  Precious takes this opportunity to hop up on the apron and it looks like she is about to clobber Tully with the purse.

Landel rushes the ring….

Wham… Landel jumps in front on Tully and Precious clocks him with the purse.

Wham… Tully takes advantage of the chaos and connects with a sling shot suplex for the win.

It is like Baby Doll was shaken out of her trance and goes to Tully to celebrate but he, instead, turns to check on Landel who is struggling to his feet.  Tully extends his hand to his Diamond Club teammate and it seems like Landel is back in the good graces of the group.  Tully then opens his arms and he and Baby Doll have a long embrace.    

Idol seems very upset at his loss and walks about three paces ahead of Precious.  A few times he turns and looks like he is about to say something but then turns back and continues his walk up the ramp.







TEAM SULLIVAN (Kevin Sullivan, Kendo Nagasaki, Purple Haze & The Barbarian) /Oliver Humperdink

The interesting thing here is that Sullivan becomes the NWA TV champion if any of his teammates wins the match. 

As we get the cages all set up, someone in a giant pumpkin suit that reads Happy Halloween is dancing all around the lower level of the arena handing out goody bags to all the children.

Once we get the team on opposite sides of the cage, the chaos begins.  The first two people into the cage are Hacksaw Duggan and The Barbarian and they beat the crap out of each other for two minutes.

Next in is Kendo Nagasaki and he is holding nothing back!  Kendo and the Barbarian really put the boots to Windham, but they might have punched themselves out because when Tony Atlas hit the ring, he was tossing them both from pillar to post.

Next in was the Purple Haze who slowed Atlas down but even as powerful as he is, Atlas was able to shrug off most of the blows.  When Windham hit the ring, the fan favorites took control of the cage.  The blood begins to spill as Kendo was tossed face first into the one of the cages.

Next in is Kevin Sullivan and all hell breaks loose.  You can just see his maniacal brain at work, and he is as violent and tough as anyone in wrestling.

And here comes Dusty…. Like a ranging bull he is throwing everyone around.  After a few minutes, we see action in both cages and out on the floor.  There is violence everywhere!

Sullivan and Dusty, both wearing a crimson mask of blood, are doing battle on the outside.  Rhodes rakes Sullivan’s face across the cage and Sullivan is roaring with a satanic laugh likes he likes it.  Sullivan jumps on the Dream’s back and starts biting at his ears.  Rhodes flips him off and goes back inside of the ring for a breather.

The action is hot and wild all over the ring!

Wait…. What is going on?

The Giant Pumpkin is now on the arena floor giving out candy to the kids in the front row.  The pumpkin turns to Sullivan and seems to pass his something through the mess of the cage.

Sullivan, again with an evil, primordial scream of laughter, enters the ring!

WHAM…. Sullivan takes whatever the Pumpkin gave him and smashes it into the eye and forehead of Dusty Rhodes.

The American Dream is screaming in pain as Sullivan covers Dusty.


Nobody on Team Dusty was able to get to Dusty in time.  The strangest thing was that as soon as the three count was finished, all of Sullivan’s minions stopped fighting and followed him single file out of the ring, along with the Giant Pumpkin who grabbed the NWA World TV title on his way out.

The fan favorites rushed to Dusty and quickly began screaming for a doctor!





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Another big win for Leon White! I like that you are having him work with older veterans in their twilight. A good way to build the big guy up without wrecking the careers of anyone in their prime.

Great finish on the Junior Title match! The heels get a taste of their own medicine, and Yamada returns to the NWA in grand fashion. The Horner/Yamada matches that I can only assume are coming should be quite a treat for the fans that get to see them.

Budrow gets himself a bit of revenge, but The Nightmare saves Olympia! An interesting turn as the lines continue to blur about who stands with who!

R'n'R Express pick up a nice win in the 4 way, and they cause Jimmy Cornette to blow a gasket in the process! A double win for Ricky and Robert!

Harley takes care of the Mafia and secures himself a title shot. Harley may be getting up their at this point in his career, but there still aren't many man tougher.

Doc and Dibiase vs Hansen and Wahoo... Yeah, I can see how that ends in a Double DQ or a Double Count Out 9 times out of 10! That's a brawl waiting to happen!

Huge win for Magnum TA! You've done a great job building up Butch, and now Magnum looks primed and ready to win back the title. Windham got him a little revenge too. Great pay off!

Chaos ensues in the World Title match! Landel takes a loaded purse meant for Blanchard, Blanchard pins Idol during the distraction. Idol is mad at Precious, Landel seems to be getting his mojo back, and who knows where Baby Dolls allegiances  truly are! Good Shit!

Proto-War Games is quite the violent spectacle and seems like it could go either way, until the Pumpkin Man slips something to Sullivan and he goes for the eye!! That's all she wrote for the Dream! Sullivan wins the match, and the title!! Who in the hell is the Pumpkin Man??

Great Show Dude!

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