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[1992-07-08-AJPW-Summer Action Series] Stan Hansen vs Kenta Kobashi

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Stan Hansen vs Kenta Kobashi - AJPW 7/8/92

This is non-title even though Stan Hansen is the Triple Crown Champion. Definitely their least interesting match thus far. It looks like it was very hot on July 8, 1992 in Aomori, Japan as these two are sweating profusely like two minutes in and all the fans have their hand fans going. I dont know if the heat played a role in them taking it easy or if it was because Hansen had Triple Crown defenses coming up. 

Kobashi controls with the side headlock early. Hansen tries a number of different tactics to re-establish control (bullying in corner, attacking the bandaged knee, sleeper hold, and just straight bludgeoning), but Kobashi is a pugnacious pitbull and will not be denied. It is a back suplex that buys Hansen some time. He starts to hitting Kobashi in the head with knees and elbows. Kobashi starts a comeback on the outside with some kicks to the head. There were a lot kicks/strikes to the head in this match by both men. I really liked Hansen sliding tackle at one point. There were a lot of good Hansen tackles in this match in general really bowling Kobashi over. Business picks up on the outside when Hansen bounces a chair off Kobashi's back not once, but twice. Kobashi retaliates with a tackle of his own off the apron then sends Hansen ass over tea kettle on the guardrail. DDT ON THE FLOOR! Kobashi looks back in control, but in the ring he leaves his feet and Hansen makes him pay takes his head and driving into the mat. I love that spot. Hansen has a great powerbomb. His second powerbomb could be the first ever Turnbuckle Powerbomb and it is fucking gnarly. He signals for the Western Lariat, but Kobashi evades and SLEEPER! I love how they work the sleeper into their matches. You really feel like Kobashi has a chance as Hansen sells the Sleeper like he is KO'd. Fist pump! Moonsault! 1-2-NO! Kobashi makes the cardinal mistake of trying to pick Hansen up into an abdominal stretch. He was doing so well LegDropping Hansen to the death. Hansen starts hitting gnarly elbows and a tackle. Kobashi just keeps coming but on one charge Hansen SMOKES HIM WITH THE WESTERN LARIAOTOOOOOOOOOO!

The finishing stretch was awesome as usual but a very pedestrian opening makes this the most skippable of the Hansen vs Kobashi series. ***1/2  

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