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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

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((I couldn't resist waiting another 5 days))

Title Night 85!

March 15 from the Park Center in Charlotte, NC



Battle Royal-Winner Gets U.S. Title Shot

Twenty of Mid-Atlantic's finest enter this match, including some of the territory's biggest stars like JYD, Kerry Brown, Buzz Tyler, Kevin Kelly, Kamala, and Purple Haze. Kamala and Haze are both on tears early. Kamala makes quick work of Tim Horner, Tyree Pride, and Billy Travis. The Gunslingers try to work together to eliminate Purple Haze, but he fends them off. A charging double clothesline sends both Johnny Mantell and Casey tumbling to the floor! JYD also looking strong, tossing out Gene Ligon, as well as Tommy Lane. Mike Graham pounces on the back of Purple Haze, trying to hook a sleeper hold, hammering away with punches. Lewin turns and delivers a modified snap mare, dropping Graham ass-first off the apron to the floor! Dutch Mantell and Bobby Jaggers ambush Purple Haze from behind and dump him over and out! Purple Haze grabs hold of Jaggers, Mantell backs away so HE doesn't get grabbed and Jaggers gets pulled to the floor. Kamala is still like an Ugandan wrecking ball, chucking Rocky Kernodle from the match... then Kerry Brown! Kamala turns and runs into a big clothesline from Buzz Tyler. The Ugandan Giant reeling back against the ropes, but Tyler can't follow up as Kevin Kelly raking his eyes. Kelly goes for an Irish whip, Tyler revses! Kamala lowers a shoulder and back drops Kelly to the floor! Then Tyler charges with a clothesline... WHAM! Kamala's out! Meanwhile, Robert Fuller and Randy Rose from the Stud Stable double team and eliminate Mike Davis.

The final five: JYD, Dutch Mantell, Buzz Tyler, Robert Fuller, Randy Rose

Mantell and Fuller directing traffic and it looks like Dirty Dutch and the Studs have joined forces. JYD and Tyler size up one another, then go back to back, fighting off the three rule breakers! The Charlotte crowd is loving it! The numbers game starting to add up... Fuller, Dutch and Rose swarm JYD. He grabs hold of Randy Rose and chucks him out of the ring! Mantell and Fuller pounce, and send the beloved Dog tumbling up, over... and out! Mantell and Fuller high-five... and then Dirty Dutch eliminates Fuller! He barely has time to celebrate before turning around and getting clotheslined head over heels to the floor!

WIN: “Avalanche” Buzz Tyler

It'll be Buzz Tyler against the Masked Superstar for U.S. gold later tonight!



Jimmy Valiant vs. Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Iron Sheik)

Volkoff and Sheik are out first and Volkoff gets the mic to sing the Soviet national anthem, but before he even utters a syllable, Jimmy Valiant's music hits. Here's the Handsome Jimmy we all know and love! The Boogie Woogie boy from New York City! Farewell to the Reverend, may he rest in peace!

Volkoff is hot at being interrupted and he and Sheiky jump Valiant as he enters the ring! Iron Sheik throttling Valiant with the flagpole for his Iranian flag... This match hasn't even started yet! Wait, there comes Brett Wayne Sawyer! He leaps at Iron Sheik with fists flying, and the tide turns now that the odds are even! Sawyer and Sheik spill to the floor, the referee calls for the bell to officially start the match as Volkoff sizing up Valiant... he pulls Volkoff down into a small package! 1! 2! 3!

Valiant celebrating and dancing his way up the aisle with Sawyer. Meanwhile, Sheik and Volkoff are LIVID in the ring!

WIN: Jimmy Valiant



Mid-Atlantic TV Title

Duke Myers defends vs. Jimmy Golden

Myers putting the strap on the line against the man he defeated to win it in the first place. Golden really takes the fight to Myers, relentlessly going for pin attempts as he tries to regain his title in the 10-minute time allotted. Myers keeps kicking out or getting a shoulder up. Around the 6-minute mark, Myers finally gains the upper hand, battering Golden from pillar to post! But he can't put away the challenger either. Time ticking down into the final minute... here comes Randy Rose trying to get into the ring! While the referee is distracted, Robert Fuller comes out of the crowd. He slips Golden a set of brass knucks! Golden sizes up Myers... who ducks! Back suplex! Both men's shoulders are down! 1! 2! Myers shoots his left shoulder off the mat just before the three count!

WIN: Duke Myers (STILL TV Champion)

All three members of the Stud Stable hit the ring and start laying the boots to Myers... but here comes Kerry Brown! And he's got a chair! Brown swinging for heads as Fuller, Golden, and Rose make their retreat! Kerry Brown stares them down... then turns and gives Duke a hand to his feet. The two longtime partners shake hands. Has Stampede Rush gotten back together?!?!



C.R. vs. Brett Wayne Sawyer

The long awaited debut of the masked man who's been running roughshod through the territory and put Cowboy Bob Orton on the shelf! C.R. has a significant size advantage over Sawyer, but the smaller man is holding his own as C.R. puts him through the wringer with a series of different holds and stretches. Sawyer battling back, using his quickness to push the pace! He has C.R. rocking after a couple of nice standing dropkicks but... wait... what are Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff doing down here? They storm into the ring and brush right past C.R. Sawyer getting mugged and the referee has no choice but to call for the bell!

WIN: Brett Wayne Sawyer by DQ

Sawyer getting brutalized and C.R. is on his feet and does NOT seem happy. Sheik and Volkoff are clobbering away, oblivious. C.R. taps Volkoff on the shoulder and gets shrugged off. He tries the Sheik and gets the same treatment. C.R. now spins Iron Sheik around and BLASTS him with a big overhand right! Volkoff turns and eats one as well! Now Volkoff and C.R. are tied up and muscle back into the corner, as Sawyer and Iron Sheik slugging it out. Volkoff has C.R. in a headlock and raining down punches, pulling at the mask... it's coming loose! It's ripping! Volkoff shoved off, the mask in his hand...



Murdoch with a DROPKICK sends Volkoff flying! Sawyer rocking Iron Sheik, who staggers back, Murdoch grabs him, hooks him, Brainbusterrrrrr! Iron Sheik is left twitching on the canvas as Dick Murdoch and Sawyer are standing tall! These two rivals now eyeing one another... and Murdoch gives Sawyer a simple nod before leaving the ring. Meanwhile, Volkoff dragging Sheik's carcass out to the floor.




During intermission, the ring announcer reveals the Crockett Cup is coming! This is a special two-night tag team tournament. The first round takes place April 13 in Richmond, Virginia. Night 2 is April 14 in Norfolk! Tickets are on sale NOW!



Mid-Atlantic U.S. Title

Masked Superstar (w/ J.J. Dillon) defends vs. “Avalanche” Buzz Tyler

Tyler is at less than full strength after surviving the battle royal but he comes out hot, trying to score the quick win and dethrone the champ. Superstar survives the onslaught, then turns the tide with a wicked chop block. Tyler's left knee buckles and he collapses in pain. Superstar proceeds to start dissecting the knee of Tyler for the next several minutes, content to just exact extreme torment on his opponent. Masked Superstar then ensnares Tyler, finally, in an Indian Deathlock. Tyler fighting like mad to survive the hold or reverse it, but he can't hold on and gives up!

WIN: Masked Superstar by submission (retains title)

Paul Orndorff is out to check on Tyler, who needs help to get out of the ring. He grabs the microphone and says he's tired of seeing Superstar and J.J. Dillon pull this garbage. He's not waiting until the main event; he wants Gino for the title NOW!



Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title

Gino Hernandez (w/ Masked Superstar, J.J. Dillon & Miss Elizabeth) defends vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

The crowd is all in a fury as Gino Hernandez comes out with Miss Elizabeth, joining Masked Superstar at ringside. The match starts out as a straightforward technical match, but not for long before Gino starts trying to take shortcuts. Now Gino has the upper hand. He removes the turnbuckle pad in one of the corners while the referee is distracted and slams Orndorff into the exposed steel, lacerating the challenger! Hernandez keeps it up with a mixture of solid wrestling and dirty tricks and Orndorff is quickly a bloody mess. But the champion can't finish off his foe! Soon Mr. Wonderful is making his comeback, walloping Gino with punches and kicks, punctuated by a HUGE back body drop! Orndorff already going for the piledriver... but Gino is able to reverse! He sweeps Orndorff's legs out from under him... goes for the figure four. Orndorff kicks him off, and the momentum sends Gino SAILING over the top rope to the floor. The referee... calls for the bell?!?! No! Gino Hernandez wins by DQ! The crowd is IRATE at the decision, but Gino is still celebrating with his cohorts out on the floor. Orndorff shows his opinion, grabbing the referee and delivering a piledriver in the center of the ring!

WIN: Gino Hernandez by DQ (retains title)



Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles

British Bulldogs defend vs. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew

This is a stacked tag team match that would main event for any promotion in any arena anywhere in the world! Davey Boy, Dynamite Kid, Ole, and Arn put on a tag team clinic. Their battle continues for nearly 30 minutes with countless changes in momentum, double teams and near falls. The challengers isolate Dynamite Kid for a few minutes, then do the same to Davey Boy for several minutes, focusing on the strongman's left arm and cutting the ring in half in textbook Anderson fashion. Finally Davey Boy is able to make the tag. Dynamite comes in like a house afire and overcomes the 2-on-1 odds. By the time the smoke has cleared, Ole is down outside, Arn is flat on his back in the middle of the ring, and Dynamite is climbing to the top, looking for the diving headbutt. HE HITS IT! 1! 2! The referee gets dragged out of the ring by... Masked Superstar?!?! Davey Boy Smith is up and confronting the masked man... Ole delivers a leaping knee to the back and posts the Englishman! The referee now trying to direct traffic, wondering why Superstar is out here... and meanwhile Gino Hernandez is in the ring! What's going on?!? Dynamite Kid and Arn are still down and out in the ring. I think Dynamite knocked himself unconscious delivering that headbutt! Gino grabs Arn by the arm and drags his carcass on top of Dynamite. Now they both bail out, the referee back in... no not this way! 1! 2! 3!

WIN: Minnesota Wrecking Crew (NEW tag champs)

Gino Hernandez, Masked Superstar, Elizabeth, JJ join the new champs in their celebration as boos and trash rain down from the crowd. J.J. Dillon has fortified his stable and Mid-Atlantic may never be the same!



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Really glad you didn't wait the 5 days!

Good write up for the Battle Royal.  They are tough to do and you did a nice job.  I must say I was rooting for JYD!

Nice to see Bret Wayne get a major role as he comes to the rescue of the Boogie Woogie Man!  Nice job here as it was so easy to see Valiant getting it with that flag!

Another great write-up with the CR match.  The entire way I was hoping we would find out who he was and when we did.... WOW!  Hope Murdoch gets a huge run here!  So many of us have had him and we never seem to capture his greatness.

I like the U.S. title match as it was a good way to keep everyone looking good.  Nobody could expect Tyler to win the match after the battle royal... Nice booking!

The last two matches where main events anywhere in the country.  Gino has become so big in this game and I am glad you continued it!

It took us a while but I think we finally got this game firing on all cylinders!  MACW is in good hands.

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Well done on the Battle Royal. You made the big guys look like threats at the beginning, then got rid of them logically. Awesome final 5 with the heels taking out the biggest threat in the Dog before turning on each other and giving the other babyface the win. Great Stuff!

The Boogie Woogie Man, the way he should be embarrasses the big Russian and puts himself right back on the map as one of the top babyfaces in the game. Brett Sawyer lends a helping hand, and likely makes himself a lot of fans in the process.

Stud Stable tries to play the numbers game again, and ends up not only not winning the title, but potentially reuniting Stampede Rush. Bad night for the Stud Stable.

Oh Boy, my man Dicky Murdoch is back and kicking ass! Love It!! Brett Sawyer gets some more of a rub, and Sheiky and Volkoff show some ass on the way out. Perfect!

Buzz Tyler can't overcome that battle royal fatigue and Superstar picks up the win, leading nicely to our next match...

Gino gets the win over Orndorff with the Over the Top Rope Rule! Beautiful! The crowd hates it, and Gino can act like he just got the hardest fought win of his career to make them hate him more. Fantastic! I know you only have about 10 months of Gino, but man you can do SO much with him.

and then in the Main Event, The Andersons take what is rightfully theirs and become the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champs. More importantly though, Gino, Superstar, and the Andersons with JJ and Elizabeth..... God Damn, what a stable. I think we know who is going to be running this area for a long time.


Great Show from top to bottom. Looking forward to seeing where you take things.


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Mid Atlantic coming in hot!!

I agree with the others, well done on the battle royal and I like how it played into the title match, good way for Tyler to go out

Dick Murdoch is a huge pay off for this "Masked CR" angle, and he's a great fit here in Mid Atlantic.....I look forward to seeing what's next for him!

Thank goodness the "Boogie Woogie Man" is back.....regardless of how anyone feels about his "work rate" he was SOOOO over in this territory back in this era and I'm glad to see him back on track!

Great heat for Gino as he retains the title.....and then to the MAIN EVENT.....The Andersons are the champions and we now have a very, very strong stable that is equal to the Horsemen if not stronger in some ways....these sorts of stables and twists are what make this type of game the most fun to me....the whole "what if" scenario that gets to play out!  Great job man!!

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Love the exciting start. Always enjoy a big win for the Boogie Woogie Man, but I am sure that Slick will be back for vengeance. The Gino vs Mr. Wonderful feud is something I can really get behind.

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Awesome show! 

Starts off with a bang as Buzz Tyler wins the battle royal and a shot at the US title. I loved how you went old school with the "rulebreakers" term. 

Boogie Woogie man is back and is way over with the fans.

Myers retains the TV title against Golden but takes a beating from the Stud Stable until his old partner Brown runs in to make the save. I would love to see a Stampede Rush/Stud Stable feud. 

WOW! CR is Dick Murdoch! Murdoch is showing some real fire. 

Masked Superstar looked strong tonight making Buzz submit. 

Oh man big disappointment for the fans as Orndorff gets the DQ. Gino survives another night with the title. 

Andersons win the titles!!! Talk about a dream match! The big story here is the faction JJ Dillion has formed. What an elite group! 

Cant wait for the Crockett Cup. 

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I appreciate all the positive feedback. One of the big goals of this first show was to establish the tone and also "write out" most of the guys getting traded. I think I've turned over about half the roster since I took control. A fresh start coming on the next set of Mid-Atlantic TV!

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I really like what you have done with the roster is such a short time.  It has that old MACW feel and you really have it moving in a positive direction.  Can't wait for the next show!

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Coming THIS WEEKEND to a Television near you...

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling airs on Saturday, March 16, 1985!

We recap all the huge happenings from Title Night!

We'll hear from the new Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions, the Minnesota Wrecking Crew!

Dick Murdoch shocked the wrestling world, first by being revealed as the man behind the C.R. mask, and then by helping his opponent Brett Wayne Sawyer run Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff out of the territory. We'll hear from "Captain Redneck" on the program.

We'll also provide details on our huge Crockett Cup tag tournament, which is happening in less than a month.

Jimmy Valiant takes on Mr. Pogo in singles action! After some of the recent roster moves, Pogo is the last man left standing in the House of Humperdink. 

Plus, the Mid-Atlantic debut of Lex Luger and the Fabulous Rougeaus, the return of Mr. Wrestling II, and much more!

Worldwide Wrestling on Sunday, March 17!

We welcome a surprise new addition to the commentary team for the program...

In our Main Event, it's the Championship Challenge! It will be six man tag action as Heavyweight Champion Gino Hernandez, U.S. Champ Masked Superstar and one half of the tag champs Arn Anderson take on TV Champion Duke Myers, Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco! Special stipulations for this match: if one of the champions in the match is beaten, whoever scores the fall will earn a guaranteed shot at that title. However, if one of the Briscos is pinned, then he won't be ever to challenge for that title for as long as the fall winner is still champion.

The Rockers make their Mid-Atlantic debut!

Plus Brett Wayne Sawyer, Kerry Brown, JYD, and much more!



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MACW TV, 3/16/85

Opening credits and theme music before we cut to Bob Caudle and David Crockett at the announce podium.

Caudle: Hello everyone, and welcome to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling! Bob Caudle here joined by David Crockett, and David, it feels like a brand-new start here in Mid-Atlantic.

Crockett: It sure does, Bob. We've got a lot of new faces here in the territory. A new start, in a lot of ways, and a new way about doing things. You know Bob, we've always said that wins and losses matter here in Mid-Atlantic. And starting with this week's episode, we're keeping track of all the results here in Mid-Atlantic: how many matches you win, and also how you win. We're gonna use that information to develop full-fledged rankings. And by the end of the year, the bottom four in the rankings? Well, they're gonna have to look elsewhere for a place to wrestle, because they'll be receiving their release. Now it's not just about wins and losses. This is also gonna factor in where you wrestle on the card, whether or not you wrestle for a title, and much more, so we can determine who the best wrestlers here really are...

Caudle: We've got a jam-packed hour for you, fans, so let's get right to the ring for our first match.


Mr Wrestling II vs Mike Jackson

Two of the new arrivals in Mid-Atlantic go head to head. A nice reaction for the masked man, and he and Jackson shake hands as the bell rings. After a back-and-forth six minutes of sound technical grappling, Mr. Wrestling II gains some separation and clocks Jackson with his patented knee lift to score the three count. II helps Jackson to his feet after the result in a show of sportsmanship.

WIN: Mr. Wrestling II


After the match, back to the podium.

Crockett: Fans, we want to give you some information on our next big event: the Crockett Cup. It's taking place next month, a huge, two-night tag team tournament. Night 1 is the first round, April 13, in Richmond. The next night, April 14 in Norfolk, those final eight teams go at it until we declare a champion. You know, Bob, we believe we've got the best tag teams in the world here in Mid Altnaitc, and we're gonna prove it with this tournament. Sixteen teams in the field... but, we're opening up the tournament to all the other territories out there, to each send a representative, if they've got the guts. And the winners of the tournament? They're gonna split one tremendous prize: one. Million. Dollars.

There's a hubbub in the studio audience as Paul Ellering joins Caudle and Crockett. We hope to see all our great fans in Richmond and Norfolk, but if you're not able to make it? Well, we're gonna broadcast Night 2 of the Crockett Cup on closed-circuit.

There's a hubbub in the studio audience as Precious Paul Ellering comes out and joins the broadcast position.

Ellering: Bob Caudle, you might know me as a wrestler, you might know me as a manager, but I've moved on to bigger and better things. I've found the most dominant force in all of professional wrestling... Hawk... Animal... the Road Warriors. And they're coming here, to Mid-Atlantic. Allow me, as the official representative of this dominant team, to make the Road Warriors the FIRST TEAM to declare for the Crockett Cup. And trust me, they're gonna run right through the other 15 teams, doesn't matter who they are! Don't believe me? Just be here next week! Because Animal and Hawk will be here, live, and show just how tough they are!




Back from the break with a recap video from Title Night, as Duke Myers gets the best of Jimmy Golden to retain the TV Title. After the match, the Stud Stable attack Duke... but Kerry Brown runs out with a chair and makes the save. The Stud Stable leave with their tails between their legs, while Stampede Rush stand tall in the ring.

Cut to the studio, where Bob Caudle now is joined by Myers and Brown.

Caudle: All right fans, now welcome two men who definitely made a statement at Title Night: Kerry Brown and our TV Champion, Duke Myers. Guys, I gotta ask... after what we saw, are you reunited as a tag team?

Duke: No, Bob... nothing's changed from a few months ago, when Kerry and me decided to go our own ways and give it a run as singles wrestlers. But no matter what, I know he's my friend and he's got my back. Just like I've got his...

Kerry: That's 100 percent right. However... well, pal, it seems like you kinda owe me one. So, here's what I'm thinking. Next week, you put that TV title on the line... against me. What do you say?

Duke: After all we've been through, and the way you saved me from the Studs, that's the least I can do.

Myers and Brown shake hands.

Caudle: You heard it here first! Next week, Duke Myers against Kerry Brown as Stampede Rush go head to head for the Television Title! Right now, though, back to the ring!


Rocky Kernodle vs. Gene Ligon

Ligon pulls every dirty trick in the book trying to score the win in this one, but Kernodle fights off every one of them. After about 5 minutes of back-and-forth action, Ligon seems to finally have Kernodle down for the count, hoists him for a slam... Kernodle drops down off his shoulder, runs him forward into the ropes, pushes him off... into an O'Connor Roll for the 1, 2, 3!

WIN: Rocky Kernodle




Back from the break to a close-up of the well-coiffed androgynous face of Adrian Street. It zooms out to reveal him in a smoking jacket and silk pajamas, sitting in a wingbacked chair in front of a roaring fire, holding a snifter of brandy.

Street: Hello there, peasants... My name is Lord Adrian Street. And soon, you plebians will be graced with my presence there in Mid-Atlantic wrestling. Now I've been watching from afar, watching all you so-called world-class athletes muck about with your idea of “wrestling”. All that punching and kicking and blood! Eww! (he shudders) Dreadful...

Street takes a sip of the brandy, smacking his lips with relish.

Street: I'm coming to bring some class, some composure, and some elegance to your proceedings. And I already have a few of you in my sights... stay tuned, my pretties...

Street drinks his brandy as the picture fades out.


Dick Murdoch vs. Steve Gatorwolf

A superstar-worthy reaction for Captain Redneck as he makes his way to the ring. Gatorwolf tries to jump Murdoch at the opening bell but this goes very poorly for him. Murdoch responds with some West Texas clubbering and things go south for Gatorwolf from there. After less than two minutes, Murdoch hooks Gatorwolf and delivers his patented brain buster for the three count.

WIN: Dick Murdoch

Murdoch goes and joins Bob Caudle and David Crockett at the podium.

Crockett: Now joined by Captain Redneck, Dick Murdoch... and Dick, a lotta people were surprised not only to see you as the man behind the mask at Title Night... but also to end up helping your opponent Brett Wayne Sawyer against the Sheik and Nikolai.

Murdoch: Ya know I think it's time I let you and everyone in this studio... in that locker room... and everybody at home... know some things about me. I've done a lotta things I'm not proud of, and before we're said and done, I'll probably do a lot more. I'm a beer-drinking, truck-driving redneck. I'm gonna look out for number one, no matter what. I might be a double-crossin', rule-breakin'-, no-good SOB... but above all things, first and foremost, I am an American. And I will NEVER stand by, while somebody tries to come in here and push some other agenda! Because this is the greatest country in the world!

The studio audience breaks into a U-S-A chant.

Murdoch glares into the camera... as a slender, young, brown-haired man with a pencil-thin mustache wanders up to the broadcast podium.

Man: U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! Ha HA! Oui!

He gives Murdoch an enthusiastic clap on the shoulder.

Man: Allo! Bienvenue! Je'mapelle Armand Rougeau, no? We are... 'ow you say... very happy to be here in Mid-Atlantic! Viva la U-S-A! My brothers, Jacques and Raymond, we are ze great fans of you, no? Captaine Plouc! Ha HA! Might I have your... autograph, mon ami?

Murdoch scowls.

Murdoch: My autograph?

Armand: Oui! You are, 'ow they say, ze wrestling veteran, no? I wanted to get your autograph before you go, 'ow they say, out to pasture?

Murdoch: Why you little...

Murdoch grabs Armand by the shirt.

Murdoch: No quiche-eatin', wine-drinkin' FRENCHMAN is gonna tell ME that I'm over the hill! Why, I--

Murdoch gets cut off as two more men run into the shot and attack him from behind. It's the other Rougeaus, Jacques and Raymond! Murdoch crumples under the 3-on-1 attack as all three brothers lay the boots to him. The Rougeaus end their assault by pulling the podium down on top of Murdoch! Captain Redneck has been left in a heap!

Armand: And we are from QUEBEC! Idiot!

Crockett: My God, we gotta get some help out here!




Back from the break and some what order has been restored. The new Russian signee, Korchenko, is in the ring... until rock music hits. The studio audience erupts as Lex Luger walks into the arena.

Lex Luger vs. Korchenko

“The Total Package” going one on one with the Russian in a battle between two strong, beefy individuals. A somewhat slow pace, as Korchenko tries to pound Luger into oblivion... but Luger won't be denied. He makes a comeback, rocking Korchenko with a couple of clotheslines, followed by a back elbow smash and a scoop slam. Luger fires Korchenko HARD into the far corner off the turnbuckles, then hits a powerslam off the ropes. Korchenko up, favoring his lower back... and scooped onto Luger's shoulders in the Torture Rack backbreaker! Korchenko submits! It's over!

WIN: Lex Luger

Luger flexes for the cameras, as we cut to a recap of the tag title match from Title Night, where Gino Hernandez and Masked Superstar helped the Andersons dethrone the British Bulldogs.


Back to the studio, where J.J. Dillon, Gino, Superstar, the Andersons, and Miss Elizabeth all are in the ring. All the men are wearing suits and the four champs have their title belts prominently displayed.

Dillon: Ladies and gentlemen, take a look. You're seeing the four greatest wrestlers in this territory, holding the four major championships. And Duke Myers, after that Championship Challenge tomorrow night, we'll be coming for that TV Title next! We're not here to make a statement... we're not here to win friends or fans... we're here to take over. So get ready, because we're making a Power Play on this entire promotion!

The champions pose in the ring with their title belts next to a gleeful JJ Dillon.


Cut to a run down of the upcoming Mid-Atlantic events!

-3/24, Atlanta

-3/26, Tampa

-3/27, Miami

-3/28, Melbourne FL

-3/30, Greensboro

-3/31, Asheville

-4/1, Greenville SC

-4/2, Worldwide taping in Spartanburg SC

-4/3, Raleigh





Jimmy Valiant vs Mr Pogo (w/ Oliver Humperdink)

Back from the break and Valiant's music hits and the studio audience goes wild! They love the Boogie Woogie Man here in Mid-Atlantic! Valiant dances all around the ringside area, slapping hands and such, then climbs into the ring and beckons for Pogo. Mr. Pogo and Humperdink make the entrance... and then Sir Oliver pauses, extending two fingers to the camera. He turns, gestures, and SIKA and KOKINA come out and join Pogo! The Samoans are here! Valiant showing no fear, both fists clenched, when

Abdullah the Butcher has come through the crowd from another entrance and attacks Jimmy Valiant from behind! Now Sika, Kokina and Pogo hit the ring. A four-on-one beatdown as Humperdink directs traffic! Abdullah now has a weapon, and he's going to carve up the head of Valiant, but he's fighting like mad! Both Samoans holding the arms of Boogie...

Here comes some help from the locker room!
Tim Horner and Tyree Pride hit the ring. They both get clobbered and tossed.

Caudle: We gotta get some more help out here!

Crockett: Wait a minute!

Mike Graham is out here, and he's got a chair! He blasts Sika, then smashes the chair over Kokina's head. It splinters into a million pieces... but THE SAMOAN BEHEMOTH IS UNFAZED! He rocks Graham with an open-handed strike to the throat and he collapses!

Caudle: It's JYD and Lex Luger!

Indeed, the Dog and Luger hit the ring. They start slugging it out with Kokina and Pogo. Valiant is firing fists at Abdullah! The referee frantically calling for the bell as the episode comes to a chaotic conclusion!!!



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Action Packed TV show!

I really used to like watching Mike Jackson go against other fan favorites.  The Sportsmanship of the sport was so rarely seen!  Mr. Wrestling II may be getting up there in age but that mask is a legend.  As long as he can go... he is huge in the South

And the Road Warriors are coming!  Be ready for some beatings!

The Rougeau's may have bitten off more then the can chew!  Can't wait to follow this one.  That interview segment was priceless!  Great job.  I wish I had to do that local dialect thing in interviews.  AWESOME

The House of Humperdink has some real babyfaces to fight now with you in charge here!  This is must see TV!  The H of H used to scare the crap out f me when I was like 7!


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Agreed, awesome TV. Luger getting Korchenko up in the torture rack would have been impressive to see. Valiant vs. House Of Humperdink is shaping up to be epic. Loving the direction you are taking things.

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Great TV from top to bottom. Loving that we finally have a distinction between the face and heels here in Mid-Atlantic.

I freaking hate the Rougeau's and them taking out Dicky Murdoch only makes me hate them more!

Luger is going to be a star here sooner than later, and hopefully in a world where he doesn't change alignments a million times can be bigger than ever before.

Abby, The Samoans, and Pogo is quite the stable of monsters. That's a perfect feud for Valiant!


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Great TV to get Mid Atlantic back up and running!  I really enjoyed the Adrian Street vignette! Great way to get to the TV title match!

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28 minutes ago, GeneJackson95 said:

Great TV to get Mid Atlantic back up and running!  I really enjoyed the Adrian Street vignette! Great way to get to the TV title match!

I had a lot of fun writing that one 

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Worldwide Wrestling, 3/17/85


Tony Schiavone: Hello everyone, and welcome in for another exciting episode of Worldwide Wrestling! I'm your host Tony Schiavone, and I have the honor of introducing a very special individual who's now joining me at the announce desk... please welcome wrestling legend, Ray Stevens!

A big reaction from the live crowd as The Crippler walks in, wearing a three-piece suit.

Stevens: Glad to be here, Tony, and you can bet I'm gonna call things like I see 'em for as long as I'm here.

Schiavone: A huge main event this week, as Gino Hernandez, Masked Superstar and Arn Anderson take on Duke Myers and the Brisco Brothers. But first, we've got another tag team match... let's get right to it.



The Rockers vs. The Thunderfoots

Great ovation from the crowd as Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty make their MACW debut! The tag team of masked man has the experience edge, but they can't contain the excitement and athleticism of the Rockers. The Thundefoots can't get anything going in what amounts to a showcase for the fan favorites. Along the way, Michaels and Jannetty bust out a double superkick, followed by tandem missile dropkicks from adjacent corners to send the masked men flying! Thunderfoot #2 rolls to the floor after that impact, and Michaels and Jannetty ascend to the top rope again... double fist drop! Michaels with the cover... 1, 2, 3, and the match is over!

WIN: The Rockers




A recap of the finish of the TV Title match from Title Night 85, Kerry Brown making the save for Duke Myers, and then we re-air the interview from yesterday's episode of Mid-Atlantic TV, where Brown laid down a challenge to Myers for the TV title, and the challenge was accepted! See that match on next week's episode of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling!



Italian Stallion vs. Dirty Dutch Mantell

The Dirty Dutchman seems, well, dirtier than he did when he was one half of the Kansas Jayhawks. He's also wielding a bullwhip. Mantell sets it aside for the match, which ends up to be a very back-and-forth affair. Mantell dominates the early minutes, and then the Stallion makes a rally. He's throwing Mantell from pillar to post! After a few close two counts, Stallion fires Mantell hard into the far corner and charges... leaps... Mantell gets both feet up SQUARE into the sternum of the Italian Stallion who collapses. Mantell folds him up in a jackknife pin... both feet on the ropes! The ref doesn't see it! 1, 2, 3!

WIN: Dutch Mantell

Schiavone: Dirty Dutch lives up to his name with that result!

Stevens: Wrestling's a tough sport, Tony. You've got to be willing to do whatever it takes to win and climb that ladder...




Back from the break to footage from Title Night, and C.R. taking on Brett Wayne Sawyer in a match that gets broken up when Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff attack Sawyer. C.R. ends up entering the fray and unmasking as Dick Murdoch to a HUGE reaction from the Charlotte audience, eventually planting Sheiky with a brainbuster.



Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. Billy Travis

Sawyer giving up some size to his opponent, but that's nothing new for him. He shows plenty of grit and fight against his bigger foe, who never really gets on track until a blatant rake of the eyes. Travis with the dirty tricks, but Sawyer battles back into the match. A running dropkick sets him up... and then Sawyer sprints off the far ropes, leaps... CLOCKS Travis with a flying forearm! Travis might be unconscious! 1, 2, 3 and Hacksaw gets the win!

WIN: Brett Wayne Sawyer




A recap of the finish of the tag title match from Title Night, when Gino Hernandez and Masked Superstar helped the Andersons dethrone the British Bulldogs.

Schiavone: There you see it, fans, the shocking conclusion of Title Night. And Crippler, now we know, those four men have united with the assistance of J.J. Dillon and Elizabeth. And, that this group is calling themselves Power Play!

Stevens: There's strength in numbers, Tony. Each of those men is one of the most talented, most dangerous in wrestling. Now that they've all joined forces? Well, there might be no stopping them...



JYD vs. Tim Patterson

THUNDEROUS reaction from the live crowd as Junk Yard Dog heads for the ring to the catchy bass line of Queen. He runs through Patterson in less than two minutes, finishing him with his patented powerslam!




Championship Challenge: Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco & Duke Myers vs Power Play (Gino Hernandez, Masked Superstar & Arn Anderson) (w/ J.J. Dillon & Miss Elizabeth)

Interesting rules for this match:

-If a champion is pinned, whoever scores the win is guaranteed a title shot.

-If a champion scores the pin, whoever they beat can't challenge for that title until their reign ends.

The crowd is fired up for this battle between six of Mid-Atlantic's best. The fan favorite trio gains the early advantage, isolating Gino and cutting off a few attempts at double teams and triple teams by the rule breakers. The tide turns after J.J. Dillon tries to climb into the ring, allowing Superstar in to clobber Duke Myers from behind. Power Play proceed to engage in a total assault on the TV Champ, even busting him wide open! Myers keeps fighting, though, and refuses to go down for either the pin or the submission. Power Play now has Myers in their own corner, for a 3-on-1 mugging. Myers fighting his way out! Look at him go! Myers slugs his way out of the corner, trying to reach and make the tag... Arn in and cuts him off, gets hoisted for an atomic drop, then clobbered with a clothesline to the back of the head. Myers is down! Arn is down! The 10 count is on! Both men crawl to their corners and tag fresh men! Jack Brisco is in, as is Masked Superstar! Brisco unloads on Superstar like a house afire! Leaps to his feet and runs and smashes Gino off the apron to the floor. Superstar charges Brisco from behind, he ducks... and he hooks Superstar in a sleeper hold! Is this gonna be enough??? Arn in to try and cut it off, and Jerry Brisco drills him! Meanwhile, Superstar backing into his own corner... Brisco wrestles him free but Gino with the blind tag! Gino attacks Jack from behind! Hernandez mugging over the carcass of Brisco! The masked man is barely conscious, and Elizabeth up on the apron, trying to assist him out to the floor... Gino has Brisco up... hooks him for a neckbreaker... until he sees his valet on the apron. He pauses, confused, Briscio breaks the hold, hooks Gino's arms and pulls him down into a backslide! 1! 2! 3!

WIN: Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco & Duke Myers

It's over! The former world champion has done it! And now he gets a guaranteed shot at Gino Hernandez for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title!

Gino is on his knees in the ring, still astonished, as the fan favorites celebrate on the outside and the show concludes.



-3/24, Atlanta
-3/26, Tampa
-3/27, Miami
-3/28, Melbourne
-3/30, Greensboro
-3/31, Asheville
-4/1, Greenville SC
-4/2, Worldwide taping in Spartanburg SC
-4/3, Raleigh


Night 1, April 13, Richmond VA

Night 2, April 14, Norfolk VA (available on closed circuit TV)

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Awesome show again... MACW is on a roll.

I must admit that you beat me to the punch on Ray Stevens as I was about to pick him up but I love the role you have for him and I can't wait for all hell to break loose on the set of Worldwide.

It seems you are getting everybody in some sort of order and using tv and clean wins to get it done.  With the Rockers, Bret Sawyer and Dirty Dutch all beating some wrestlers with some name recognition shows us where everybody stands.  This is exactly what MACW needed to become the powerhouse that it is!

Please don't be angry but I will be stealing the rules from that Championship Challenge match!  Great idea for TV!

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 Advanced issue found
12 minutes ago, kevinmcfl said:

Please don't be angry but I will be stealing the rules from that Championship Challenge match!  Great idea for TV!

Take it with my compliments and blessing 

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Couple of action packed shows which proves how stacked your roster is. 

I really like the rankings format. It gives the wrestlers a lot of incentive. 

Myers vs. Brown will be interesting. 

Murdoch is now way over with the fans but things take a wild turn as he gets beat down by the Rougeaus! 

Lex Luger storms on the scene and makes a huge impact. I'm expecting big things from this young powerhouse.

Oh man what an ending! Abby is here! Abby vs. Valiant will be all sorts of crazy. 

Cant wait for the Crockett Cup. Ellering wastes no time in putting his Road Warriors in the tournament. They've got to be considered early favorites. 


Cool seeing Ray Stevens on Worldwide commentary. Nice touch.

1985 might be the Rockers breakout year.

Wow! Jack Brisco pins Gino and gets a title shot. It's good to see Jack get one last go at the title. 

Keep up the outstanding work! 

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Aww man, I like the Thunderfoots! Good to see Michaels and Jannetty pick up the win against the lower card team. We'll have to see if the two youngsters can keep that momentum going against the established teams though.

Love Dutch Mantell cheating not because he needs too, but just because he can. Great touch!

Junkyard Dog squashes highly touted former draft pick Tim Patterson. JYD could easily be the star of this company. I am looking forward to seeing where he goes.

Loving the main event, awesome concept and a great way to get a future title match scheduled. Glad to see you getting the Brisco brothers in the mix before they retire.

Great Show!

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(so incredibly behind...)

MACW TV, 3/23/85

Opening credits and theme music and we go right to the studio, where there's a match already waiting in the ring.


The Rockers vs. Rip Rogers & Tim Patterson

Shawn and Marty might be new to the area, but the studio audience appears to be in love at first sight! They shriek in delight as the duo poses and whenever they hit some of their high-flying maneuvers, and then scream like their loved ones are being murdered in front of their eyes when Rogers and Patterson isolate Michaels, working him over for several minutes. Eventually, Michaels makes the long-overdue tag to his partner. Jannetty is in like a house afire, pinballing Rogers and Patterson all over the ring. Michaels back in to help... and two tandem thrust kicks to the jaw of Rogers send him spilling to the floor. Two more drop Patterson! Both Rockers to the top rope... double fist drops right to the noggin! Jannetty covers! 1, 2, 3!

WIN: The Rockers

Caudle: What a win for the Rockers! Simply sensational!

Crockett: These two are gonna be big here in Mid-Atlantic, I just know it!

Caudle: Fans, welcome again for another big episode of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, and David, we're all counting down to the Crockett Cup.

Crockett: That's right. A big two night, tag team tournament. Night 1, April 13 in Richmond. Night 2, the next night, the 14th, in Norfolk. And that one will be on closed-circuit TV. Sixteen teams … and a one million dollar prize to the winners. We already know the Road Warriors are in. And Bob, teams from all around the country are lining up wanting to be a part of this. And we'll reveal some of those names, later on in the program.

Caudle: A big featured match this week, as Duke Myers defends the TV Title against Kerry Brown.

Crockett: Kerry saved Duke from the Stud Stable a few weeks ago, and he asked for a favor in return—a shot at the belt. Duke agreed, and so today, Stampede Rush go one on one against one another.

Caudle: Plus Ole Anderson will be singles action against Tyree Pride, and in a rematch from World Wide Wrestling, the Italian Stallion gets another crack at Dutch Mantell.

Crockett: And Bob, don't forget, we're gonna have some big news on an upcoming match for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title, based on something else that happened on World Wide last week.

Caudle: But right now, we wanna go back and look at what happened at the end of last week's program. Jimmy Valiant was set to go one on one with Mr. Pogo, when suddenly Sir Oliver Humperdink revealed he has a whole new crew of monsters under his control...


Cut to a replay of the main event from last week, when Pogo comes out for his match only to be flanked by the Samoans, Sika and Kokina. Valiant is in the ring ready to fight them when Abdullah the Butcher comes through the crowd and attacks Boogie. A four-on-one attack ensues until Mike Graham, JYD and Lex Luger hit the ring.

Back to the studio.

Caudle: There you saw it, fans, a dangerous new collection of talent by the House of Humperdink, and we'll be seeing the Samoans in action later on in the program. But right now, let's bring in the man who was in their sights, Handsome Jimmy himself, Jimmy Valiant!

Huge cheers from the studio audience as Jimmy Valiant struts up to the podium.

Valiant: Lemme tell ya somethin, daddy! Oliver Humpadink! More like Humpasaurus you big fat hippo! You think you scared me with your new buncha monsters! Well Handsome Jimmy don't scare, daddy! You send 'em at me... one at a time, two at a time... it don't matter! With the people behind me, I know I can take whatever you can throw at me, jack! Especially with THIS MAN watchin' my back!

Junk Yard Dog walks up and joins Valiant, shaking his hand. The crowd is loving it!

JYD: There's some big boys walkin' around that new House o' Humperdink. Well that's all right. Because this Dog's always hungry to find somebody to sink his teeth into!

Crockett: OH YEAH!

The studio audience is cheering wildly.


Dick Murdoch now approaches.

Murdoch: I been dropped on my head a few dozen times through the years so maybe I'm just confused, but maybe you fellas can clear up somethin' for me. Last week, Jimmy Valiant here gets jumped by the House o' Humperdink and all these guys come out to run to help. But then, when the Rougeaus decide to jump me three on one, who came out to help good ol' Captain Redneck? Hmm? NOBODY, that;'s who! Now I know I've made more enemies than I've made friends through the years, but that just showed me all I need to know about the way things are gonna be here in Mid-Atlantic. I guess ol' Dick Murdoch's gonna have to look out for himself, just like always. As far as you two go... and give this message to Luger and Graham too... don't you even think of asking me for nothing!

Valiant steps up to Murdoch.

Valiant: Hey man... what's your deal, jack! Maybe you should stop and think for just a second! Maybe... there might be more people willin' to step up and watch your back, assumin' they could believe you won't stick a knife in 'em when you get the chance, jack!

Murdoch and Valiant are now nose to nose.

Murdoch: Oh really... oh, you think so?

Murdoch shoves Valiant. Valiant shoves back! The two men start going at it, and JYD steps between them, trying to pull Valiant away as the show cuts to a very sudden commercial break.




Back from the commercial, to another video message from Lord Adrian Street.

Street is now outside, apparently dressed for a fox hunt, but in lieu of the traditional red coat, he's wearing a bright pink coat with knickers of the same hue.

Street: Hello again, there, peasants... Lord Adrian Street, here once more. Today, I'm out seeking some fresh air, and preparing to go for my hunt. But just what will my quarry be, hmm? Will it be a big, nasty, ill-tempered dog like you might find in a junkyard? Perhaps a man in a mask... a fugitive, no doubt. Will my prey be from New York City? Or perhaps West Texas? All I know, is that a man of my refined tastes and background need not sully himself going through this hunt alone. No, I'll be looking for help. And before I choose to grace you with my presence live and in person within the next fortnight, I'll be sending my emissary, to make someone a VERY special offer to serve under your lordship. I suggest they listen. Until next time, my pretties...

Street blows a kiss at the camera as the picture fades out.


Back to the studio, where a rumpled-looking Bob Caudle and David Crockett are at the podium.

Caudle: Finally order restored, here, David, and based on what we just saw, we've got an announcement to make.

Crockett: That's right. The matchmaker saw what happened, the issue between Jimmy Valiant and Dick Murdoch and said, you wanna fight, then let's settle it now. So next week on this program, in our main event, Handsome Jimmy against Captain Redneck, one on one!

Caudle: That's a huge main event! Right now, though, let's go to the ring...



Mr. Wrestling II vs. Billy Travis

Travis tries to jump the masked man at the opening bell, so he can gain the upper hand and score the upset win. It doesn't work out well for him, II turns the tables and unloads with some frenzied kicks and punches! This isn't what we're used to seeing from the masked man, but it's working! A HUGE back body drop on Travis... now II measuring him... knee lift! Travis is down for the count!

WIN: Mr. Wrestling II


As II celebrates, we cut to a replay of footage from World Wide Wrestling. Dutch Mantell and Italian Stallion are well into a grueling back-and-forth match. Stallion whips Dutch into the corner and charges for a leaping attack... but Dutch gets both feet up into the sternum of the Stallion. Mantell then makes a jackknife pin, putting his feet on the ropes for extra leverage.


Italian Stallion vs. Dutch Mantell

Back to the ring now for this rematch, and Dutch wants no part of the Italian Stallion. He ducks out of the ring every time Stallion advances, waits until referee Tommy Young reaches a count of nine, then slides back in to break the count. After a few minutes of this, the Stallion has had enough and chases Dutch outside the ring. Dirty Dutch running like a scalded dog, but Italian Stallion in hot pursuit. Dutch slides into the ring, and is able to cut off the Stallion as he enters. Kicks and punches rain down on the Italian Stallion, who's just trying to cover up at this point. Mantell with a bone-rattling suplex, then climbs to the middle rope in the near corner... jumping elbow down across the throat! 1, 2, 3. The Stallion never had a chance after that attack!

WIN: Dutch Mantell




Back from the break to more footage from World Wide Wrestling... this time the six man tag pitting the Brisco Brothers and Duke Myers against Gino Hernandez, Masked Superstar and Arn Anderson of Power Play. Jack Brisco is in and running wild as the fresh man! He hooks Masked Superstar in a sleeper, when Gino Hernandez makes a blind tag and enters the ring. Gino clobbers Brisco, and Superstar rolls out barely conscious to the apron when the video suddenly freezes.

We cut suddenly to the studio, where all the members of Power Play are out at the broadcast position.

Dillon: You turn that off, you hear me!?! Nobody needs to see that! As far as we're concerned, that match didn't happen! The result shouldn't even be counted! My client Gino Hernandez was unfairly distracted, and that's the only reason that things happened the way they did!

Gino glares at Miss Elizabeth at the “distracted” comment. She tucks her head, ashamed.

Dillon: It didn't happen, you hear me?!? IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!

Crockett: It DID happen, JJ! We've got the proof, it's in the record. And that means Jack Brisco has a guaranteed shot at Gino and that Mid-Atlantic Title. And he's already called his shot: at the Omni... in Atlanta... TOMORROW NIGHT.

The studio audience erupts in cheers. JJ is about to start another tirade but...

Gino: Know what, that's fine with me! That old fossil? He doesn't have what it takes anymore to beat me! You saw Old Yeller, right? I'm gonna treat Brisco the same way! And this time, there's not gonna be anyone distracting me! You get that? And right now, Ole's gonna go show them what to expect.



Ole Anderson vs. Tyree Pride

Ole climbs into the ring, sheds his jacket and goes right at Pride. Ole is merciless, breaking or bending every rule in the book. Ole goes right for the eyes of Pride, then knocks him to the floor, running his left shoulder into the ringpost three times. Now back into the ring, and Ole is all over Pride, dissecting his shoulder and going for just torture at times, gouging at the face and even fish hooking the man. Ole delivers a shoulder breaker... goes for the cover... and pulls Pride up at two. Ole is trying to make a statement here! Referee Tommy Young not happy, as Ole delivers a second shoulder breaker... then a third! Tyree Pride is clutching at his arm like he's been shot. Finally, Young calls for the bell. Tyree is unable to continue!

WIN: Ole Anderson by referee stoppage

Ole struts back to the broadcast position as the referees tend to an obviously injured Tyree Pride.

Ole: There you see what happens. You see what happens when somebody crosses Power Play. Maybe you don't understand, but we run this territory now! And when something happens that we don't like, people are gonna start getting hurt! Tomorrow night we're in Atlanta... and I'm calling out any two men that think they have the guts to challenge me and Arn for OUR tag titles. If we're in a good mood, maybe we'll just beat you. If not? You're gonna end up just like Mr. Pride in there...




Back from the break to Caudle and Crockett at the broadcast position. Crockett is shaking his head in disgust.

Caudle: Well fans, you saw before the break, that sickening attack on Tyree Pride, and he's been taken to the hospital unfortunately to seek medical attention for that shoulder... And David, you've gotta wonder if something like that's in store for the Crockett Cup, because the Andersons have thrown their name into the ring for that million dollar prize.

Crockett: Ole and Arn, they claim they're the best tag team in the country. Well guess what? They are gonna have their chance to prove it at the Crockett Cup, because we've got teams from all across the U.S., that are showing up... including these men.


CUT to a video of the Grapplers, standing in front of the USWA logo, holding their tag titles.

Grappler 1: Take a good look, folks! We are the Grapplers, and we're the USWA Tag Team Champions. These titles finally are where they rightfully belong, with us!

Grappler 2: That's right. And on April 13, we come to Mid-Atlantic for the Crockett Cup. This is our chance to show everybody what they already know—that we're the toughest tag team in wrestling!

Grappler 1: We can have a lot of fun with that prize. NOBODY is gonna stand in the way of us winning the Cup and that million dollars!


Caudle: There you have it, fans. The USWA Champions the Grapplers are coming to the Crockett Cup!

Crockett: But they're not the only champions coming... we've also heard that Buddy Rose and Doug Somers, the Playboy Club, are coming from Pacific Coast Wrestling, where they've got the Pacific Tag Titles.

Caudle: We'll be announcing more teams in the coming weeks, but right now, let's take another look at the first team announced for the Crockett Cup: the Road Warriors!


A video of Hawk and Animal plays showing them wreaking havoc for wrestling territories all around the world, set to “Ironman” by Black Sabbath.


Back to the studio, and to the ring, where Duke Myers and Kerry Brown are waiting.


Mid-Atlantic Television Title

Duke Myers (c) defends vs. Kerry Brown

Myers has a large bandage on his head after being busted open in the main event of last week's episode of Worldwide Wrestling. He and Brown shake hands before the bell... and Brown immediately drills Myers with a sucker punch! WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! Brown pounces on Myers, firing away with punches and re-opening his head wound. Brown rips off the bandage, and Myers is bleeding profusely! Referee Tommy Young checking repeatedly on Myers, who insists he wants to continue. Brown continues to attack the head, hoisting Myers for an impressive delayed suplex. He continues to punish Myers, until the referee actually steps in! Myers is too bloody and not defending himself! The match is over!

WIN: Kerry Brown (and NEW TV Champion)

Brown celebrates as he gets booed mercilessly by the studio audience.

Caudle: We have a new TV Champion but what a way to win!

Crockett: I'm disgusted, Bob!

Caudle: Fans, we're out of time, see you next week!


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Worldwide, 3/24/85

Making his MACW debut, Bob Roop beats Mike Jackson with a shoulder breaker.

The House of Humperdink (Abdullah the Butcher, Kokina & Sika) destroy Chris Youngblood, Steve Gatorwolf & Pete Sanchez in a six-man tag match. Abdullah and the Samoans completely dominate the match, with Abdullah getting the pin on Gatorwolf after his elbow drop.

Tony and Ray Stevens hype tonight's big event at The Omni in Atlanta, topped by Gino Hernandez defending the MACW Title against Jack Brisco. They show a replay of the finish of last week's main event, then go to a canned interview with Brisco, who says he'll bring everything he's got to beat Gino and bring honor to the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title.

The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, Jacques and Raymond, defeat Rocky Kernodle & Phil LaFleur in tag action. Armand Rougeau watches from ringside in a director's chair, cheering on the action in French. The Rougeaus get the win after drilling Kernodle with a double dropkick and Raymond scores the pin.

In the main event, Killer Brooks defeats Mike Graham in somewhat of an upset! After nearly 15 minutes of hard-fought action, the match has broken down into a brawl. The referee is trying to keep them from fighting in the corner, when Brooks catches Graham with a finger to the eye, followed by an elbow smash to the side of the head! Graham drops, barely conscious, and gets pinned.


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LIVE from the Omni in Atlanta, GA (3/24/85)

-The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers defeat Italian Stallion & Mike Jackson in tag team action, with Raymond scoring the pin on Jackson after a double dropkick.

-Lex Luger beats Billy Travis, throwing Travis all over the ring before finishing him with the Human Torture Rack for a submission.

-Jerry Brisco defeats Rip Rogers after a hard-fought 13-minute match, knocking him out with a sleeper hold.

-In a Mid-Atlantic Tag Title Match, JYD & Jimmy Valiant defeat The Andersons by DQ. JYD hit his big power slam on Arn, but J.J. Dillon yanked referee Tommy Young out of the ring before he could make the three count. The Andersons spent most of the match working over Valiant, and his left arm in particular, but since the titles can't change hands on a DQ, they leave with their title reign intact!

Back from intermission, Brett Wayne Sawyer and the returning Johnny Weaver take on the Thunderfoots in tag team action! Weaver was a rulebreaker when we last saw him in MACW, but he's in total good-guy mode here and he gets the win on Thunderfoot #2 with his Weaver Roll!

-Masked Superstar retains the U.S. Title, defeating Mike Graham by submission with the Cobra Clutch. Even with J.J. Dillon lurking at ringside, Superstar beats Graham without any interference.

In the Main Event, Jack Brisco challenges Gino Hernandez for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title. Gino starts out wrestling within the rules, apparently determined to show he's the better technician. But every time, Brisco has the answer. Gino starts to get frustrated and drills Brisco with a punch to the face during a clinch in the corner. He goes for another, Brisco blocks it and sends Gino flying with a huge haymaker of his own! Rather than turn it into a fight, Brisco starts going after the left leg of the champion, softening up his knee for the figure four! The fans are loving it! Brisco actually winds up for the figure four, Gino gouges his eyes to break it up... then to his feet and smashes the blinded Brisco from behind, spilling him out HARD to the floor. Miss Elizabeth up on the apron now... the referee distracted... and here comes Masked Superstar. He's going to attack Brisco... but wait! Jerry Brisco is out now! Brisco fighting off Superstar! Now here come the Andersons! They're overwhelming Brisco! But here comes... wait! Someone's come out of the crowd! No! It's THUNDERBOLT PATTERSON! Thunderbolt fighting off both Andersons! Jerry and Thunderbolt battering the other members of Power Play back up the aisle! Gino still takes control of Jack Brisco in the ring, hitting suplexes, slams, punches, and kicks but he's unable to score the pin or submission. Several minutes of punishment ensue, until Brisco is on all fours at center ring, now getting lightly shoved and kicked by Gino, egging on the veteran to fight back. Brisco to his knees... and Gino slaps him! He goes for a kick, Brisco grabs his leg, pulls his free-standing leg... he stands... Figure Four! Jack Brisco hooks up the figure four! Gino is in agony at the center of the ring! Gino has nowhere to go! Now hang on, Miss Elizabeth on the apron AGAIN... the referee gets distracted... Brisco, frustrated, gets to his feet and now he's over and he's trying to grab Elizabeth. Gino ducks into his tights... is that a roll of quarters? Gino charges Brisco, who ducks... and Gino almost runs into Miss Elizabeth! He puts on the brakes... and Brisco grabs him in a sleeper hold from behind! Gino works out of it, lifts Brisco for a back suplex—but his left leg crumples. Brisco falls on top of him! Hooks the strong leg! One! Two! Three!


WIN: Jack Brisco by pin in 22 minutes (NEW MACW Champ)

The crowd ERUPTS as referee Tommy Young hands Brisco the title belt.


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