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The 2/1/86 episode of MACW TV did not air due to sports programming.


The 2/8/86 episode of MACW TV was a tribute to Gino Hernandez, who passed away suddenly on February 2. The entire episode was clips of Gino’s matches and interviews.


2/9/86, WorldWide

Phil LaFleur & Chris Benoit defeat Mick Foley & Terry Brunk after a victory roll by LaFleur on Foley.

Nelson Royal defeated rookie Doug Furnas with a hand full of tights.

Mad Dog Vachon defeated Warlord with a piledriver.

Jimmy Valiant & Kerry Brown battled the Blade Runners to a double countout when all four men brawled outside the ring.

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Mick Foley and Terry Brunk ... wondering if we will ever see these guys together again? Don't mess with the Mad Dog, wild image with him dropping the big Warlord on his head.

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2/15/86, MACW TV

The episode begins with a 10-bell salute for Gino Hernandez. There is a large, framed picture of him in the ring, with a black wreath hung on it.

We go to the broadcast podium, and Bob Caudle and David Crockett. David is clearly emotional as he talks about the untimely death of Gino, and how everyone at Mid-Atlantic wishes their deepest condolences to Gino’s family and friends. Bob then runs down this week’s card: Tom Prichard defends the TV Title for the first time. We see the Rockers in action in studio for the first time since their return to the territory. Denny Brown faces the Great Kabuki. And, in a rematch for the tag titles, Dick Murdoch and Brett Sawyer get one last shot at the Rougeaus. But this time, at the request of the challengers, it’s a No DQ match.

Right now, let’s go to the ring!



Denny Brown vs. Great Kabuki (w/ Kazaharu & Sonny King)

A good back-and-forth match for about five minutes until Kabuki delivers an open-handed blow to the throat of Brown. Kabuki applies a nerve hold to the trapezius, until someone comes through the studio crowd with a chair. IT’S JIMMY VALIANT! He blasts Kabuki across the back, and the ref calls for a DQ. Kazaharu into the ring, and Valiant nails him in the gut with the chair, and again across the back! The referee high-tails it out of the ring as Valiant wields the chair, standing tall, begging Sonny King to get in the ring.

WIN: Kabuki by DQ


King and his henchmen make their treat, while Valiant makes a beeline for the broadcasters.

Valiant: Big Daddy Rittah! That’s twice now you’ve beat me down like a dog, brotha! Well Handsome Jimmy has had enough, jack! I don’t care if I gotta go through every one of your goons, I’ll do whatever it takes to get my hands on you, daddy!

Valiant storms off.




Back from the break, to footage from Winter Warfare in Tallahassee. We see Ric Flair crowing after a quick win over Lex Luger, who issues a open challenge. “Iron Man” hits as Hawk comes storming to the ring, and the Road Warrior wins quickly with a nasty clothesline in a shocking victory.

We cut to the studio, and “Iron Man” is playing again as Hawk stalks out into the studio, shirtless in a pair of jeans with the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title over one shoulder.

Hawk: WELL… it looks like there’s a new sheriff in town, doesn’t it? Ric Flair, you were struttin’ and preenin’ around … but that cockiness faded mighty fast once I got in the ring, didn’t it?!? No one expected me to be standing here right now, holding this belt… EXCEPT ME!

Caudle: Well champ, eight men are going to have the chance to make your title reign a short one. Just announced by Jim Crockett, an eight-man tournament, and the winner is going to challenge you at Title Night, on March 16 in Atlanta. The field includes… Starrcade Cup winner Dick Murdoch. Former TV champion Lex Luger. Former U.S. tag champ, the Italian Stallion. The Macho Man Randy Savage. Another former TV champion, Kokina. Brett Wayne Sawyer. The winner of a qualifying match later tonight, in our main event, between Mr. Wrestling II and Justice. And finally, the man you defeated for that title… Ric Flair.

Hawk: Well let me send a little message to those eight. Maybe you don’t like what you see. Well if you don’t like it… COME AND TAKE IT FROM ME! OHHHHHHHHHH What a RUSH!!!


To the ring we go!


The Rockers vs. The Royals

A back-and-forth match for about 10 minutes at a fast pace of action, with the Rockers wowing the studio audience with their high-flying offense and slick double-team moves. Shawn and Marty get the win, with Marty delivering a reverse atomic drop on Gary Royal, and Shawn hitting a thrust kick to the jaw, then covering him for the pin.

WIN: The Rockers by pin




Back from the break, and Bob Caudle sets up some more footage from Winter Warfare when Brett Wayne Sawyer and Dick Murdoch enter the studio.

Sawyer: Sorry to interrupt but we’ve waited long enough, Bob! This feud with the Rougeaus, it ends tonight, and it ends RIGHT NOW! No DQ! For the tag titles! We’ll be waiting in the ring!

Murdoch gives Sawyer a clap on the back as the challengers approach the ring. Sawyer grabs a wooden chair out from under the ring as he enters. Huge boos from the studio audience as the champs come out, accompanied by their brother, Armand.


MACW Tag Title Match, No DQ

Fabulous Rougeaus (w/ Armand Rougeau) defend vs. Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer

The Rougeaus appear none too pleased about this match, and Armand goes looking for weapons.

Armand: Sacre bleu! Zere are no more chairs under ze ring!

Sawyer and Murdoch just smirk and now the Rougeaus definitely are out of sorts. Meanwhile, a referee is out to the ring, and calls for the bell.

Sawyer raises the chair… and turns and BASHES Murdoch in the head with it! WHAT IN THE WORLD?!? The chair shatters over Murdoch’s head, and the frame hangs around his neck as he crumbles to the mat. The Rougeaus stand there, awestruck, as Sawyer gets down in the face of Captain Redneck, who is unconscious and bleeding profusely. Sawyer starts screaming.


Sawyer rolls out of the ring. Jacques, meanwhile, pounces on top of Murdoch for the pin. 1… 2… 3. The Rougeaus begin celebrating as if they just won the Starrcade main event.

The studio audience is booing the Rougeaus, and Sawyer most of all as he makes his way out. Security is holding back fans from Sawyer as he exits. Meanwhile, the reign of the Rougeaus continues…

WIN: Fabulous Rougeaus (still champs)



Back from the break, and David Crockett informs us Murdoch has been taken to receive medical attention. Bob and David can’t believe what we just saw from Brett Sawyer, after everything Murdoch had done to take him under his wing.

Their reflections are interrupted as Ric Flair comes storming into the studio.

Flair: A tournament? A TOURNAMENT?!? I’m Ric Flair! Former Mid-Atlantic champion! Former world champion! The GREATEST! Wrestler! On this earth! Tricked out of my title by that street thug Hawk. Guaranteed, as former champion, a rematch! And you’re tellin’ me I have to go through a tournament to get MY property back?!? Well that’s fine, jack! Line them up, and get the doctors ready, because I’m going to break the leg of each and every person in my way! WHOOOOO!

Just as quickly as he arrived, Flair exits.



TV Title Match

Tom Prichard defends vs. Koko Ware

Prichard is escorted to the ring by the large, redheaded man who ran Lex Luger into the ringpost and helped cost Luger the title. The man stands in Prichard’s corner outside the ring, arms folded. Prichard and Koko start out having a good, clean, scientific match but Prichard can’t sustain any control over his highly motivated challenger through the first half of the 10-minute match. Koko starts going for pinfall after pinfall, trying to ensnare Prichard in a variety of pinning predicaments. On the seventh or eighth try, Koko runs Prichard into the ropes and goes for an O’Connor roll. Prichard kicks out at two, throwing Koko forward to the ropes… and directly into a huge overhand punch by the man on the outside! Koko drops, stunned! Prichard swoops in, pulls Koko up into a standing headscissors… and connects on a piledriver! The champ covers and the three count is academic.

The studio audience boos as Prichard’s tall friend enters the ring and raises the arm of the champion.




A quick graphic plays with neon colors and exciting rock music. In the background, complete with synthesizers, since it’s the 1980s and all.

Words start to appear on the screen:


The law… is about to get way cooler.

Spartanburg Vice

Coming Soon



Qualifier for the Heavyweight Tournament

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Justice

Justice sends Czar to the back for this match so it’s one on one. The power and youth of Justice against the experience and technical prowess of Mr. Wrestling II. The studio audience has their favorite; they’re chanting “Two!” at times throughout the match. A hard-fought battle ensues in what’s easily the longest televised match yet for Justice, but he holds his own in a back-and-forth contest. Justice keeps trying to drop the hammer with a big power move, while II trying to keep Justice off his feet and set him up for the knee lift. Eventually II does hit the knee lift, but Justice has the wherewithal to roll out of the ring. II goes out to bring the masked man back in, charges for the knee lift again, Justice side steps it and hoists II in a HUGE press slam! He drops II who crashes facefirst to the canvas. Justice turns and covers, hooking the leg for the three count! The biggest win yet for Justice in his young career!

WIN: Justice


II and Justice actually shake hands after the match, as another episode of MACW TV concludes.



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This was an exciting episode! The opening tribute was nice. Ric Flair has a right to be angry - the company's clearly screwed him out of his rematch. I have every confidence he'll make short work of the competition, however. Tom Prichard works well as a dominant television champion.

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I really wonder what could have been with Gino!

Great opening match... Jimmy Valiant vs Kabuki sounds like fun for the fans.  Valiant was so over in MACW at this time.

WOW... Hawk as champ.  Interestesting.  Looking forward to the big card in ATL.

I had a bad feeling that Sawyer was going to turn on Murdoch.  He might have gotten what he wanted tonight but he might be in TROUBLE!  God, you mske me hate the Rougeaus.  Great work by you getting them some major heat.

Prichard seems to have a new bodyguard.... this will be fun to follow.

Spartenburg Vice... Looking forward to the new team.  

Nice to see the handshake at the end of the last match.  Nice to see Justice moving in.  Nice job making that match seem so tough.  No matter what part of his career he is in, Mr. Wrestling II brings instant credibility to any bout.  Nice booking here!


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35 years later and Gino's passing is still hard. So talented. 

I know the fans were roaring when Jimmy Valiant came out swinging. The man was defiantly over in Mid Atlantic. 

Hawk looks and acts the part of champ. Very curious to see what kind of title run he gets. 

Tag champs better be ready because the Rockers have arrived. 

WOW! Shocker! Sawyer turns on Murdoch! You know, I always thought it would be Murdoch going heel, so you got me LOL. 

Rougeau's still cracking me up. 

Flair wants his title back! WHOOOO! 

Thanks to the big red monster, Prichard gets in a successful title defense. I'm liking this combo. Classic heel champ stuff. 

Like Rain, I'm looking forward to the debut of Spartanburg Vice. The vignettes are so entertaining. 

Justice gets a big win indeed over popular Wrestling 2. Interesting that they shook hands. 


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2/16/85, WorldWide

The Italian Stallion defeats Mick Foley.

El Santo Negro defeats Sean Royal with a flying cross body.

In a U.S. Tag Title Match, the Minnesota Wrecking Crew retain over Mike Jackson & Chris Champion when Ole submits Champion to an armhold.

Mad Dog Vachon defeats Czar. Justice tried to interfere but hit his partner by mistake.

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MACW TV, 2/22/86

 A video package airs of the eight participants in the World Title Contender tournament that begins tonight: Lex Luger, Dick Murdoch, Italian Stallion, Ric Flair, Kokina, Randy Savage, Brett Sawyer, and Justice. The first round happens here, live on the program!

We go to the studio and hosts Bob Caudle and David Crocklett. The tournament starts here on the program tonight, and the eventual winner will challenge Road Warrior Hawk for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title at Title Night on March 16 at The Omni in Atlanta! We're not going to waste any time, let's go right to the ring for the first of our four quarterfinals...

World Title Contender Tournament, First Round
Lex Luger vs. Kokina

It's a rematch from Starrcade! Kokina goes against the only man who has pinned him here in Mid-Atlantic. These two rivals don't waste any time and they start trading blows, with the smaller, quicker Luger getting the better of it. Kokina is rocked and on his heels! Luger charges into the ropes and blasts Kokina with a clothesline. He still won't go down! Luger runs off the ropes for another and Kokina drops him with a thrust kick! That caught the Total Package right in the throat! Kokina starts pounding on Luger, mauling at his eyes and face. The massive Samoan then starts irish whipping Luger hard from corner to corner, focusing on the back of Luger... wonder if that nagging injury from the fall really did heal all the way? Now Kokina locks in a bearhug! Luger's face is contorted in agony, and the referee is right there, checking to see if he's going to give it up. Luger claps the ears of Kokina! And again! And a third time! He breaks the hold! Kokina is woozy, and Luger picks him up AND HE SLAMS HIM! Luger slams the monster! Kokina rolls out to the floor after the impact and he is irate. Kokina goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair... but he pauses. Kokina looking to the entranceway as Sonny King makes his way out into the studio. What is this?!? Sonny King staring at Kokina making a "look at me" gesture. And Kokina drops the chair. Now Luger out to the floor, and he starts taking the fight to Kokina again! The referee is out asking what Sonny King is doing out here, and he misses Kokina delivering a blatant low kick! Kokina slams Luger on the floor, and follows up with a big splash! Kokina rollas back into the ring as the referee heads back to the squared circle. He begins a count on Luger, who's down and out after that attack. 8... 9... 10! Kokina wins by countout!

Sonny King comes into the ring and raises Kokina's arm to a chorus of boos as we go to our first...



Back from the break and Sonny King and Kokina are at the broadcast position. Sonny King informs the announcers that he has purchased Kokina's contract from Rip Rogers. He sees the fury and potential in Kokina and knows he just needs direction. "With Sonny King by his side, Kokina cannot be stopped!"


King and Kokina clear out and now the Rougeaus come out to the broadcast position. All three are wearing suits. Jacques and Raymond are celebrating. Title Night is March 16, and that's one year since their first match here in ze territory! It has been ze greatest year in ze history of tag team wrestling. No! Ze history of wrestling! No! Ze history of all of ze sport! They are just sad because they have defeated every team there is and have no challengers left. David Crockett starts listing off the Rockers, the Paisans, the Andersons, the Blade Runners, and promptly gets shushed. Armand grabs the microphone and says that if anyone has the guts, come face them at Title Night. He barely gets the words out when Mad Dog Vachon heads out into the studio. Armand hides behind his brothers as Mad Dog steps out, making I-want-the-belt motions. Armand leans around his brother Jscques and spits on Vachon! The Rougeaus turn tail and flee as Mad Dog sprints after them, hungry for blood!




Back from the break, and Brett Sawyer is at the podium wearing new ring attire with a new hooded jacket. The last time we saw Sawyer, he destroyed Murdoch with a chair in a No DQ match for the tag titles and left his partner and mentor in a bloody heap. Sawyer says he doesn't NEED a mentor, he's already a star. Murdoch was just holding him back, and Brett knew it all along! Mid-Atlantic President Jim Crockett says he knows there's nothing Murdoch would like better than to get his hands on Brett, but and that day will come, but for now he's not going to let this rivalry ruin the tournament. Therefore, if either Murdoch OR Sawyer interfere in any of the other's matches, they'll be suspended! Sawyer is throwing a fit at this...  

World Title Contender Tournament, First Round
Brett Sawyer vs. Justice

Sawyer is still throwing a tantrum over the ruling as Justice hits the ring. The strongman is throwing his smaller opponent all over the ring and battering him from pillar to post. The crowd is loving it, even though the Blade Runners are far from fan favorites here. Bob Caudle notices that the other Blade Runner, Czar, is conspicuous by his absence from the ringside area. In the ring, Justice goes for a big body slam, Sawyer drops down behind him and delivers a chop block to the strongman's leg. Sawyer starts working over the leg of Justice, but Justice refuses to submit. Sawyer starts going for a half Boston crab when Murdoch's theme music starts playing. Sawyer looks up, immediately going for the entranceway. This gives Justice the entry he needs, as when Sawyer turns, Justice blasts him with a wicked clothesline! Justice pulls Sawyer up into a press slam, and drops him facefirst to the mat! He covers for the 1... 2... 3! Justice wins in a HUGE upset! The studio audience is delighted, while Sawyer is trying to figure out what hit him.




We return from the ad break to Tom Prichard, the TV Champion at the broadcast position. Prichard has the week off here on this program but he'll be defending that TV Title tomorrow on WorldWide against Denny Brown. Prichard says first off he hopes Luger isn't too badly injured after being roughed up by that monster Kokina, and says he'll be sending all his thoughts and prayers to the Total Package. Prichard then wants to say a few words about his title win last week... he pulls out some index cards and starts giving what sounds like an acceptance speech. He thanks his trainers... the great state of Texas... his parents for producing such an example of genetic excellence... and speaking of family, Prichard also wants to thank someone who's been there for him since childhood, his cousin, another proud cousin.... with that the large man who rammed Luger into the ringpost last week comes stalking into the studio. Prichard says you might know him as Texas Red, but this man's true name is Mark Callaway. Cousin Mark, as Tom calls him. And they'll be watching each other's back from now on !

World Title Contender Tournament, First Round
Ric Flair vs. Italian Stallion

Flair is escorted to the ring by Ole Anderson and the Stallion has his fellow Paisan, Tony Parisi, watching his back. These two get into a shoving match during the introductions, with Parisi still heated about losing the U.S. Tag Titles to the Andersons, and so referee Tommy Young sends both seconds to the back! The match starts and Flair is spending more time strutting and preening than wrestling. He isn;'t taking his opponent seriously at all. That changes when the Stallion counters a side headlock and rolls Flair onto his shoulders for a VERY close two count. Flair rolls to his feet and into a huge haymaker by the Stallion. And another! Flair back into the corner, Stallion follows him in and unloads with punches to the head and the body. An Irish whip sends Flair head over heels out to the apron, and down to the floor. The Stallion follows him out, and blasting Flair with open-handed strikes to the chest and back. Flair tries to create distance after each shot but the Stallion runs him down each time. Back into the ring, where the Stallion catches Flair with a HUGE back bodydrop. Flair begging off huge now! The Stallion moves in as Flair backs into the corner. Stallion opens up with punches again,. as the referee makes a five count. Finally, after numerous warnings about a closed fist, the official grabs Stallion's hand. Flair thumbs his opponent in the eye! Double leg takedown and Flair stacks the Stallion for a pin. He's got his feet on the ropes! Not like this! 1... 2... NOOO Stallion kicks free! Flair is up and in the referee's face. Flair shoves the referee, who shoves back. Flair goes down! The Stallion hits a huge leaping elbow and covers. 1! 2! 3--NOOO Flair barely with the shoulder up. The studio audience is besides themselves and could we have another upset? Stallion goes to follow up and gets blasted with a chop by Flair, who delivers a measured punch to the jaw. Flair now going up top... Stallion cuts him off. Flair shaking his head no! Stallion slams him HARD to the mat! Flair is down! The Stallion is feeling it!  He's signaling to the crowd it's over! He goes to pull Flair up ... and gets yanked down into a small package. 1! 2! Flair with a handful of tights! 3! The Nature Boy steals one!




World Title Contender Tournament, First Round
Dick Murdoch vs. Randy Savage 

Savage makes his entrance after the commercial, accompanied by Miss Elizabeth. Murdoch is out next, and has a smirk on his face. He's soaking in the cheers from the crowd as Brett Sawyer nails him from behind! What the hell?!? Sawyer, wearing his new hooded jacket, stomping the life out of Murdoch's bad knee! Sawyer has just ruined his career here in Mid-Atlantic. The beating becomes more intense and the hood falls back, to... MY GOD! THAT'S NOT BRETT SAWYER! THAT'S BUZZ SAWYER! THE MAD DOG IS HERE! THE MAD DOG IS HERE! Sawyer continues to destroy the knee of Murdoch until referees and other personnel come out and separate them. Savage, meanwhile, remains in the ring. Buzz Sawyer getting sent to the back as Murdoch's knee getting checked. He is in agony! He's unable to compete. Randy Savage is going to advance by forfeit.

A hush falls over the studio audience as Murdoch is checked and loaded onto a stretcher. His knee is immobilized. As the doctors work on him, Savage heads over to check on Captain Redneck, which earns a polite round of applause from the crowd for the sportsmanship. Murdoch loaded onto the stretcher,... and now here comes Brett Sawyer sprinting into view! He turns the stretcher over! HUGE BOOS from the crowd, and Sawyer laughs maniacally as he is dragged away. Medical personnel tending to Murdoch once more as the show ends!

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Welcome back! 

MACW comes back and we're treated with the first round tournament matches on free TV. Doesn't get any better.

Luger and Kokina pick up right where they left off. A surprise appearance by Sonny King is enough for Kokina to do damage and advance. King and Kokina together, watch out MACW. 

LOL, oh how I missed the Rougeaus! 

Sawyer gives a classic cocky heel promo on Murdoch. Big mistake as it just takes Murdoch's music for Justice to capitalize on the distraction to really put Sawyer down. 

Prichard's TV title run is going to be gold. Add in Cousin Mark and it's going to be even better. 

Oh man, Stallion gives Flair more than he bargained for. Flair manages to barely pull it out to advance. Flair was the master at this. 

Huge shocker as BUZZ SAWYER arrives to give Murdoch a Mad Dog beating! Even Savage was concerned. Brett gets massive heat by flipping the stretcher over.  

MACW is back with a vengeance! 



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Hi I just wanted to say I'm glad you're back being a North Carolina native yours is the territory I would have been able to attend had i been around.

Now onto the tournament.

Sonny King with Kokina! Glad I'm not on the MACW roster.

I had forgotten how much I'd enjoyed ze Rougeaus. You'd think Armand would've learned his listen by now.

Murdoch skirts Crockett's ruling with the old play my music trick allowing Justice to advance. 

How generous of Prichard to thank everyone who helped him get to this point especially "cousin" Mark Calloway. Calloway should make a great heavy.

Stallion puts up a great showing but Slick Ric steals the w.

Brett will see Murdoch's music trick and raise him a mad dog! The Sawyers are back together and that spells trouble for everyone.

I hadn't realized just how much I missed this.

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Welcome back!

Great show as we get right into a World Title Contender's Tourny!

I had Lex going over Kokina in my mind but then the twist of Sonny King is thrown at us and now the advantage and the win swings to Kokina.  Nice way to introduce us to a new angle.

Because of your great writing, I HATE the Rougeaus.  Let's Go Mad Dog and whoever they face at Title NIght.

Liked the music gimmick with Cpt. Redneck.  I wonder what song he would have come out to?

"Cousin" Calloway...interesting.

Ric pulls one out against Stallion.  Ric could always make others look good but in the end, you knew who was getting the win.

The hood?  Bret..... No Buzz!  Business is about to pick up here in MACW!  Love this angle. 

Great job catching us up with what was going on back in late Feb while introducing us to so many new and great angles!



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