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Night 1 of the Crockett Cup was filled with fun, action, drama and heat.

I figured Street would be out for some payback as he helps the Devil's Duo get an upset win over the Rockers.

Cool seeing my guys the Grapplers get a solid win. Thanks buddy :) 

I'll say at least the Thunderfoots have some guts in going after the Road Warriors right off the bat. The Road Warriors were just simply to much.

I know the fans didn't like JYD and Valiant getting eliminated early and things got even worse as the House of Humperdink leave them laying. Big time feud ahead. 

AWA reps the RnR Express get a nice win over the tough Highwaymen. 

Atlas and Reed have the Playboy Club bumping but in the end the Pacific champs show why they are indeed champs. They could be the sleeper team in the tournament. 

Houston and Royal have the fans rallying behind them but the crafty Andersons find a way to win. 

Even though the hated Rougeau's walk away with the win, Murdoch gives the fans something to cheer about as he puts Armand down. 

Night 2 will provide some exciting match ups. 

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Crockett Cup, Night 2

4/14/85, Norfolk


Broadcast LIVE on closed circuit. Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone are on commentary.

Caudle: Hello everyone, and welcome in to the exciting conclusion of the Crockett Cup! Tony, a big night ahead...

Schiavone: A big night indeed! Ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining us on this special broadcast, wherever you might be. We started this tournament with 16 teams, Bob, and we're down to seven... one will walk out tonight as winners of the Crockett Cup and receive that million dollar prize.

Caudle: Pairings tonight were determined at random... and after JYD and Jimmy Valiant went to a Double DQ with the Samoans, one team is gonna get a bye. So let's go to the ring to see which team that's gonna be!


The Minnesota Wrecking Crew walk out to huge boos. Of course, Ole, Arn and J.J. Dillon are celebrating like they just reached some major milestone.

Schiavone: Wow, Bob! Not only are they the Mid-Atlantic champions, not only are they arguably the No. 1 team to beat in this tournament, but they've got an automatic bye into the semifinals!

Caudle: With that, fans, it's time to figure out who they'll be facing in the semifinals!

Ole, Arn, and J.J., are still celebrating as “Ironman” kicks up over the speakers. The celebratory looks fade as Animal, Hawk, and Paul Ellering enter the arena. Animal and Hawk just glare at the champs as they make their way to the ring.

Schiavone: OH MY! Now Ole and Arn know what might await them in the semifinals... the Road Warriors!

Huge cheers for Animal and Hawk as their opponents are announced... the USWA Tag Champs, the Grapplers!


Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. The Grapplers (from USWA)

The Grapplers bail out to the floor as Animal and Hawk approach to avoid getting rushed at the start of the match. A standard tag match begins, and the traditional beginnings seem to throw Animal and Hawk for a loop, as do a couple of illegal switches by the masked men behind the back of the referee. Animal and Hawk eventually rally, and start pinballing the Grapplers all over the ring. A big power slam by Animal on Grappler #2, but he lands too close to the ropes for the pin. Animal confronts the official, giving the USWA champs a chance to make another illegal switch. Grappler #1 in... and immediately gets clocked with a running clothesline by Hawk. He creamed him! Animal hoists Grappler #1 onto his shoulders... Doomsday Device! 1, 2, 3!

WIN: Road Warriors (advance to semifinals)


Caudle: That means it's gonna be the Road Warriors against the Andersons in the semifinals!

Schiavone: Two of the heavy favorites in this tournament and we're not going to have to wait until the finals to see it!



Rock 'n' Roll Express (AWA) vs. Playboy Club (PCW)

A battle of tag champions from other promotions lives up to all the expectations of such a collision! Rose and Somers struggle in the early going and eventually isolate Ricky Morton, working over his left leg in particular. Morton fighting valiantly to tag in Robert, but every time, the Playboys find a way to cut him off. Meanwhile, Morton keeps battling! He slugs it out with Rose at center ring, and the fans are loving it! Morton crawling for the tag, but Somers skulks around and baits Gibson into a brawl on the floor! In the ring, a smirking Rose goes for the kill on Morton... who pulls him down into an inside cradle! 1, 2, 3! THAT'S IT! The crowd erupts, and Rose is LIVID as the Rock 'n' Roll Express come away with the stunning victory!

WIN: Rock 'n' Roll Express



Doug Vines & Jeff Sword (St. Louis) vs. Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (w/ Armand Rougeau)

Armand is wearing a neck brace after what happened to him last night at the hands of Dick Murdoch. Still, he is just as vocal from ringside. The crowd is FIRMLY behind Vines and Sword, and they show plenty of fight and grit but ultimately they're no match for the athletic, fluid double teaming of the Rougeaus, who finish the match after their Bombs Away bearhug/senton combination move on Sword.

WIN: Fabulous Rougeau Brothers




During the break, David Crockett comes to the ring and announces another huge event coming to closed-circuit from Mid-Atlantic: the Great American Bash! It happens July 6, 1985, OUTDOORS at the American Legion Memorial Stadium! Don't miss it!



Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Minnesota Wrecking Crew (w/ J.J. Dillon)

The crowd is at a fever pitch for this one! The reigning and reviled MACW tag champs against the astonishing powerhouses from Chicago! The titles aren't on the line in this one, but the Andersons still come out hot and actually get the drop on Animal and Hawk for once! A pier six brawl breaks out among the four men, but the tide quickly turns in the favor of the Road Warriors! Tandem back body drops send the champs to the outside to regroup. Animal and Hawk are really letting the champs have it here in the early going... and it's all Road Warriors until Hawk goes for a flying shoulder tackle, but Arn is able to duck and Hawk smashes into the canvas hard. He comes up holding his left arm and that's like blood in the water for a shark! The Andersons pounce on the injury and begin dissecting the left arm of Hawk, cutting the ring in half. Hawk taking some serious punishment and the Road Warriors being truly tested for the first time since arriving in Mid-Atlantic... Several submission attempts, but Hawk won't quit. He keeps fighting! Arn trying to hold Hawk so Ole can launch off with a knee to his shoulder, instead Hawk shoves free of Arn, slams Ole off the top rope! Hawk then wallops Arn with a clothesline with his good arm! He staggers across the ring and he makes the tag!! Animal is in and he is ENRAGED! Throwing Ole and Arn all over the ring, and wiping out the champs with a BIG double clothesline! Arn laid out at center ring, Animal picks up Ole, and slams him on top of his cousin! J.J. Dillon is panicking at ringside! Animal tosses Ole to the floor, picks up Arn for a big powerslam... spins him and Arn;'s feet inadvertently nail the referee! He's down! The powerslam hits! J.J. Trying to get in the ring, and Ellering over to cut him off! The referee trying to break up the managers, and now Ole is in the ring! He's got one of the tag title belts... and he SMASHES Animal in the back of the head! Ole stands there, proud... as THUNDERBOLT PATTERSON charges into the ring! Thunderbolt spins Ole around and delivers a HUGE overhand right! Ole is down! He might be out! Thunderbolt grabs the title belt, and drills a rising Arn in the head with it! A woozy Animal makes the cover. The referee has come to! 1... 2... 3!

WIN: Road Warriors



Rock 'n' Roll Express (AWA) vs. Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (w/ Armand Rougeau)

These two teams combine to put on an AMAZING semifinal match! The action is fast and furious from the opening bell, bringing the Norfolk crowd out of their seats! After the beating Ricky Morton took in the last match, Robert Gibson tries to carry the load for his team in this one, or tag out rapidly with Ricky to make plenty of exchanges. Eventually, though, Robert starts to tire and Ricky insists on tagging in and gets overwhelmed by the fresher Rougeaus! Morton taking another beating, but once again refusing to give in or go down for the three count. The Rougeaus think they have it won, though, whip Morton off the ropes and go for the double dropkick—the Express' own signature move! Gibson grabs Morton as he hits the ropes, though, and both Rougeaus crash to the mat! Morton makes the tag to Robert, and now the Rougeaus are the ones in trouble against the fresh man! Fast-paced action once more soon as all four men are battling in and around the ring! Eventually Morton tagged back in, but the Rougeaus set him up for their Bombs Away finisher! Gibson out of nowhere shoves Jacques off the top ALL THE WAY to the floor! Ricky ensnares Raymond in another small package! 1! 2! SOOOO CLOSE but Raymond barely kicks out! Both Ricky and Robert though now in the ring, as the referee is checking on Jacques after his crash landing. The Express fire Raymond off the ropes... Armand charges into the ring and he sprays something at the Express! He got Ricky in the eyes! Is that mace?!?! Robert Gibson goes after Armand. Meanwhile, Raymond catches a blinded Ricky Morton and delivers a belly to belly suplex, then covers. The referee is back around! 1, 2, 3!

WIN: Fabulous Rougeau Brothers



Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title

Jack Brisco defends vs. Gino Hernandez

Gino is escorted to the ring by J.J. Dillon and Masked Superstar, but after the introductions, he sends both of them to the back. It's going to be one on one, just as the champ requested! Brisco extends his hand to Gino, who instead slaps Brisco in the face! Just like that, we are off and running, with more of a fight going on than a wrestling match. Both men slugging it out at center ring and eventually into one of the corners, and the crowd is loving it. Eventually, Brisco hammering Gino in the corner. Referee Tommy Young trying to break them up, and Gino thumbs the champ in the eye over the shoulder of the unaware referee! Just like that the tide turns and the younger challenger starts punishing the champion. The physical nature of the match continues, and a series of punches from a headlock by Gino open up a cut over the left eye of the former world champ. Brisco is bleeding profusely! The referee tries to check the cut but Gino pushes him away and continues the onslaught, though he's unable to finish the champion. Gino getting frustrated as the match continues, turns and starts untying one of the turnbuckle covers despite the protests of the referee. He turns back to Brisco, who begins battling back once more! He's got the challenger on his heels now! Brisco unleashes a big flurry of blows and now Gino is begging off! Brisco fires Gino HARD into that exposed turnbuckle, and Gino rolls out to the floor, coming up bloody from his own head wound. In the ring, Brisco collapses, spent from blood loss. The rest time appears to be just what he needed, as Brisco follows Hernandez out to brawl around the ringside area. He sends Gino into one of the ringposts, and the fight carries back into the ring, after Brisco suplexes him in the hard way! Both men are down and spent after the impact, working their way up to their knees and trading huge shots! The sweat and the blood are flying! Such intensity!!! Both men standing now and Gino SCREAMING at Brisco to hit him! Brisco does, and he nearly knocks Gino out on his feet! Gino answers, and Brisco goes rubber legged! Gino with a beautiful standing dropkick and covers, but he only gets two! Gino goes for another dropkick, this time off the ropes, but Brisco holds onto the ropes. As Gino starts to stand, Brisco delivers a sliding chop block to the knee! Brisco now working over the left leg of Gino, setting him up for the figure four! Brisco with the spinning toehold, Gino kicks him off and Brisco crashes HARD into that exposed turnbuckle! Brisco staggers back, Gino schoolboys him! 1! 2! Gino with a hand full of tights! 3!!!

WIN: Gino Hernandez (and NEW champion)




For the Crockett Cup and $1 Million

Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (w/ Armand Rougeau)

The Rougeaus make their way out to thunderous boos but, as always, remain oblivious, smiling and waving to the fans. Animal and Hawk are out next, but WAIT! They're getting jumped on their way to the ring by Power Play! Ole, Arn and the Masked Superstar attacking the Legion of Doom! Ellering trying to help and Superstar clocks him with a big clothesline. The Andersons isolating Hawk, Arn stretches his left arm out on the floor, and Ole SMASHES it with a chair! COME ON! Now the referees and officials are out as Power Play back off. Animal and Ellering checking on Hawk with concern... Hawk is in need of some medical attention! Animal meanwhile looks to the ring... and starts walking to the squared circle. Has this turned into a handicap match?!!

Indeed it does, and Animal goes at both Rougeaus like his life is on the line. It works for a few minutes but eventually the numbers game proves to be too much and the Rougeaus begin a one-sided beatdown on Animal. With nowhere to go and no fresh man to tag, the punishment continues for Animal. Meanwhile, there's a buzz in the crowd. HAWK IS HEADED TO THE RING! His facepaint is gone, and his left arm is heavily bandaged, but he is here! Hawk climbs up in his corner and starts admonishing Animal to let him tag in! Animal shakes it off. He knows Hawk is hurt bad! The onslaught on Animal continues, and finally Hawk has had enough! He comes in throwing punches with his good arm to drop both Rougeaus, then drags a barely conscious Animal near enough to the corner to tag in himself! Hawk in and he's fighting as a one armed man! Punches and back elbows and clotheslines as the Rougeaus taking a beating! Animal is back in now, doing his best to assist. Armand is up on the apron... Hawk turns and grabs him by the throat! That creates an opening, though, as Raymond delivers a savate kick right to Hawk's injured shoulder! Hawk staggers, Armand drops, snapping Hawk's left arm against the top rope! Raymond pulls Hawk down into a pinning predicament, with his feet on the ropes for extra leverage! 1! 2! 3! Just too much working against the Road Warriors and THE ROUGEAUS WIN THE CROCKETT CUP!

WIN: Fabulous Rougeau Brothers


HUGE BOOS from the crowd as Jacques, Raymond, and Armand celebrate in the ring. A giant check is brought out to them. As they celebrate, Hawk and Animal are in the ring behind them. The Rougeaus turn and Hawk and Animal wipe out both of them with clotheslines. Jacques and Raymond roll to the floor, and now Armand is cornered. Animal grabs Armand, and picks him up in a military press! He turns and throws him down onto his brothers as they stand! The Rougeaus win the Cup, but Animal and Hawk stand tall as the show concludes...




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What an incredible night of action! All the matches delivered. 

My guys the Grapplers had a good showing. No shame in losing to the Road Warriors. 

Solid battle of territory champs as RnR down the Playboy Club. 

Devil's Duo put up a fight but the Rougeau's were just to smooth. 

Road Warriors and Andersons have a hell of a match. Thunderbolt plays a factor and RW's advance. 

RnR and Rougeau's might of had the match of the night. Tag team wrestling at its best. That sneaky Armand helps his brothers get the tainted win. 

With all the tag team dream matches, Brisco and Gino almost steal the show. Awesome match! Gino takes back the title! 

We reach the finals and Power Play messes everything up for the Road Warriors. Rougeau's take full advantage. Hawk puts up a valiant fight but with the injury and Armand it was to much, even for him. Rougeau's win the Cup and now might be the most hated team in the game. 

Props to all your hard work. Excellent show! 

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Awesome event!  

Each match was well written and I could just see the action unfolding.

I was 1 for 2.  I had a feeling Gino would get the belt and never even considered the Rougeau brothers to have shot,  That is what makes wrestling games like this fun.  

Gino will be an awesome champ and seeing the arrogance of the Rougeaus being higher then ever will make for great TV

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Great tournament! Any of those teams could have won and no one would have been disappointed but the Rougeaus took it home to Canada, just goes to show anything can happen in Mid Atlantic!

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Mid-Atlantic TV, 5/25/85

The show opens with ringside camera footage from the Crockett Cup of Gino Hernandez and Jack Brisco battling. Both men are a bloody mess and trading huge punches. Gino goes for a dropkick, Brisco holds onto the ropes and Gino crashes to the mat. Brisco moves in and starts to apply the figure four leglock as the image freezes...


Opening credits and theme song and we go to the studio in Charlotte and your hosts, Bob Caudle and David Crockett.

Caudle: Hello everyone and welcome! Bob Caudle here with David Crockett for another exciting episode of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling and David, we're so happy to be back from our spring hiatus!

Crockett: That's right, Bob. And even though it's been a few weeks, this entire territory still is shaking over what happened at the Crockett Cup, We have a new Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, Gino Hernandez. We'll hear from him on the program today. We'll also hear from the winners of the Crockett Cup... now 1 million dollars richer... the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers. Plus, Kerry Brown defends the TV Title and much, much more.

Caudle: But right now, fans, let's head to the ring for our first contest!



Italian Stallion vs. Kokina (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink)

Stallion is a built, rugged individual but he is no match for Kokina... Kokina throws Stallion all over the ring, either mauling him with illegal tactics or mashing him with his bulk. Midway through the match, however, Jimmy Valiant and JYD make their way out into the studio. Valiant is going right after Humperdink! Kokina out to try and cut them off, but JYD starts throwing punches at the massive Samoan. The referee calling for the bell! Meanwhile the brawl continues... Humperdink crawls into the ring trying to escape Valiant, JYD and Kokina still fighting on the floor. And now Fatu and Samu are out! The Samoans gang up on Valiant in the ring—but here comes Lex Luger! Luger into the ring fighting off Fatu and Samu! Luger hoists Fatu in a Human Torture Rack! Samu meanwhile is able to pull Sir Oliver out to the safety. Luger drops Fatu's carcass as the House of Humperdink retreat! Meanwhile, Valiant, JYD and Luger are standing tall!

WIN: Kokina by DQ



Back from the break and JYD, Luger, and Valiant remain in the ring. Valiant has a microphone.

Valiant: Sir Olivah!!! Did you think we had forgotten, baby?!? Did you think we would let bygones be bygones!!! You left me and JYD layin' in the ring like chumps at th' Crockett Cup. Well let's see what's gonna happen when the odds are a little more even! Now, we got this prospect Lex Luger on our side—and he's the Total Package, baby!

Luger: I'm all warmed up and ready to wrestle, punks! So, what do you say, Samu... me and you, one on one, RIGHT HERE!

The crowd is loving it! JYD reaches for the microphone, and Valiant high fives him instead.

Caudle: Big strong words from the Boogie Woogie Man himself, David!

Crockett: Oh, yeah! Handsome Jimmy has the House of Humperdink in his sights and some great allies behind him: Junkyard Dog, and now, Lex Luger. And so next week, we'll see Luger and Samu in singles action...

Caudle: But right now, fans, we want to go back and show you what happened in our match for the Mid-Atlantic Title, with former champion Gino Hernandez challenging the man who beat him, Jack Brisco. Jack asked Gino to face him one on one, without any of Power Play at ringside, and Gino did just that! But the match still had some controversy; let's take a look …


The final few minutes of the title match roll, culminating with Gino blocking Brisco's attempt at the figure four by kicking Brisco off, headfirst into the exposed turnbuckle, and then ensnaring him in a schoolboy pin with a hand full of tights for good measure.


We then cut to a few words, sent in through the magic of videotape, from Power Play. They're relaxing in what appears to be an impressive sunken hot tub, drinking champagne, their belts displayed behind them. Masked Superstar, of course, still is wearing his mask.

Gino: This is the way things should be, and the way they are—Power Play, once again, holding all the gold here in Mid-Atlantic! You've got yours truly, Gorgeous Gino, now a TWO-TIME Mid-Atlantic Champion... Masked Superstar, the United States Champion... and the best tag team in the world, Ole and Arn Anderson, the Mid-Atlantic Tag Champions. Take a good look, and learn to like what you see, because the view isn't changing.

Ole: That's right, Gino! And let me say something to all those people out there, who think we lost at the Crockett Cup. We didn't lose anything, understand? While we were stretching before the match... Arn pulled his glute muscle. And so we went into that match hurt! We went in at less than 100 percent! And we still gave those Road Warriors the fight of their lives. Hawk, Animal, you're a couple of tough hombres... but when it comes to getting a shot at our titles, you're gonna have to wait your turn, like everybody else.

Gino: We'll be back next week, if we feel like it, to remind everyone who the top dogs in Mid-Atlantic really are...

All four men toast their champagne as the video ends.



Jerry Brisco (w/ Jack Brisco) vs. Korchenko

Korchenko comes out throwing punches and kicks like Brisco, and shows off his size advantage with an impressive Beal. Brisco staggers to his feet in the far corner, Korchenko charges... Brisco moves and Korchenko eats the turnbuckles and goes down hard! As he's up to all fours, Brisco leaps, catching him in a rolling cradle pin. The Oklahoma Roll! Korchenko can't escape and Brisco picks up the win in about a minute!

WIN: Jerry Brisco


The Brisco Brothers make their way to the broadcast podium after the match.

Jerry: You see, that right there is the difference, Bob Caudle. Experience. Skill. Technique. Sometimes it doesn't matter how big and strong and bad you are. It matters how well you're trained, and what you've got between the ears. Maybe you've not noticed... but I'm undefeated here in singles action in Mid-Atlantic in the last couple of months. And after I saw my brother win the Heavyweight Title, well, ol' Jerry's still got that taste for gold. So Masked Superstar... big boy, I'm calling you out! Because I want a shot at that United States Title...

Jack: Gino... I gotta hand it to you. You agreed to face me on your own, and we fought and fought until both of us were a bloody mess. And somehow you STILL found a way to take a shortcut and beat me. This fight's not over. You and me, we're not over. I might be 43 years old, but that title reign was like finding the fountain of youth! I'm ready for more! I want my rematch... I've beaten you once. You've beaten me once. Let's hook it up, one more time.




Back from the break to more footage from the Crockett Cup. The Rockers are in full control of Doug Vines and Jeff Sword when Adrian Street appears on the apron. With Ms. Linda distracting the referee, Street throws a face full of powder at Shawn Michaels while he's on the top rope. A catastrophic crash landing follows, and Vines and Sword score the upset win.

To the studio now, and both Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty have arrived. They're in street clothes, but have their fists taped and Marty has a steel chair as they approach Caudle and Crockett.

Shawn: Adrian Street! We've had enough with you and your weird crap! You cost us one million dollars at the Crockett Cup, and we're taking it out of your hide!

Marty: We're not leaving this studio until you come out and face us, and take what's coming to you!

The Rockers then climb into the ring, where Chris Youngblood is waiting to wrestle. He takes one look at the Rockers ready for war and decides to make a strategic retreat.

Caudle: The Rockers have called out Lord Adrian, David!

Crockett: Look at em! C'mon out, Adrian... c'mon out and get your whuppin!

After about a minute, Adrian Street and Ms. Linda enter the studio. Street is wearing a houndstooth suit with pink breeches and his full “Adorable” makeup.

Street: Get what's coming to me? Oh my... I would say that at some point you had your chance with me darlings, but quite frankly, you're not my type. I gave you the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of my entourage... but now, you've become my prey. And so, the only course of action I have is to sic my dogs upon you!

The Rockers still egging on Street to get into the ring, when, from the other side of the studio, two huge men with woolly blond hair and beards attack!


Moondog Rex and Moondog Spot clobber the Rockers who were totally unsuspecting. Street now strolls to ringside, as Spot has the chair. Michaels back to his feet and turns and gets BLASTED right in the face with the chair!

Crockett: GOOD LORD NO!

Now Rex has Marty in a front facelock... Spot sizing him up and cracks him across the back with the chair! And again! And again!

Crockett: HE'S HAD ENOUGH!

Rex drops Jannetty's carcass. Shawn trying to rise and he's gushing blood from his head... The studio audience is in shock! Street and Linda, meanwhile, are giving a polite golf clap from ringside while Lord Adrian says “splendid!” over and over. The Moondogs out to the floor and Street raises their hands, beaming, as they turn and face the camera.




Back from the break, and order has been restored...


Tom Prichard vs. Rip Rogers

Rip Rogers in the ring against Prichard, making his Mid-Atlantic debut! They have a back-and-forth match for about 10 minutes, before Prichard catches a charging Rogers in a sleeper hold. Prichard keeps the hold applied until Rogers is on his feet, woozy, then delivers a thrust kick to the jaw! He makes the cover and scores the three count.

WIN: Tom Prichard


To the broadcast position we go... and Dick Murdoch and Brett Sawyer have arrived.

Caudle: Ladies and gentlemen, here they are, two of the most popular men in Mid-Atlantic right now: Brett Wayne Sawyer and Captain Redneck, Dick Murdoch!

Murdoch: Popular?! Not something ol' Dick's used to hearin'... but I gotta say, at the Crockett Cup, when I gave that wannabe cheese-eater Armand Rougeau my brainbuster... heck, who wouldn't like that? That's high quality entertainment for the whole family... but it's not over, boys. You might have won the Cup, but everyone watching in Richmond knows you shouldn't have made it out of the first round. Me and Brett, we had you beat! So get ready, because we're coming to show you who the better team is.

Sawyer: That's right! You can keep your trophy... you can keep your money... but at the end of the day, when it's all said and done, everyone's gonna know who the better team REALLY is...

Caudle: All right, strong words from Dick Murdoch and Brett Wayne Sawyer, but right now, we're gonna hear from another strong individual—Thunderbolt Patterson! And Thunderbolt, we're going to see you in action right here, next week, on the program!

Thunderbolt: Ole Anderson, that's twice now I shut you down. The first time, the night that Mr. Jack Brisco won that Heavyweight Title... and the second time, at the Crockett Cup, when you tried to cheat against the Road Warriors. Back in the day, we were like brothers, but you strayed off the path somewhere along the line. I'm here to bring some righteous justice into your life, Ole. It don't matter who I wrestle next week, or the week after that, or months from now. Every step in my journey is leading me to you. And you better get yourself right with the man upstairs, because when I get you one on one in that ring, even He won't be able to help you!




Back from the break and Kerry Brown is ranting and raving.

Brown: Bob Caudle, that has-been Duke Myers attacked me! I was minding my business, defending my TV Title when he jumped me. I could have been injured seriously, ya know... he's just jealous. Jealous that I'm better lookin', a better wrestler, and outsmarted him for the TV Title. Well now you've gone and done it, pal! Because I have told the Championship Committee you will NEVERRRR get a shot at this title as long as I am champion!

Caudle: Aww, but what about his rematch clause?

Brown: I said forget it! I'm the champion, and I'm gonna go prove it right now!



Mid-Atlantic TV Title
Kerry Brown defends vs. Phil LaFleur

More unbridled aggression from the champion from the opening bell as he starts whaling away on LaFleur with punches, coming dangerously close to getting disqualified a couple of times. But La Fleur mounting a comeback! He's got Brown on the ropes after a couple of nice dropkicks and a spinning back elbow off the ropes! La Fleur scores a CLOSE two count... now going for a flying headscissors, Brown just throws him off and LaFleur crashes hard to the mat! He had to fall about 10 feet! Running clothesline off the ropes waffles the challenger, and Brown covers for the pin.

WIN: Kerry Brown by pin (retains title)




Back from the break and the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers have joined Caudle and Crockett at the podium. All three are wearing new suits, and Jacques has added a snappy fedora to his. Armand, however, is in a neck brace and a wheel chair after what happened to him at the Crockett Cup.

Caudle: Folks, here they are: the winners of the Crockett Cup, the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers. Guys, congratulations on the big upset win.

Jacques: UPSET?!?

Raymond: What you mean, upset?! We are all very happy to be ze winners!

Caudle: Don't get offended. But, I mean, with all due respect, a lot of people didn't see you as the team to beat going into the tournament.

All three brothers start yelling at Caudle in French.

Jacques: 'ow disrespectful! Did you not know we were fighting for ze pride of all our fans in Quebec?!? And all ze fans who love us right here in ze Carolina?

The studio audience boos lustily.

Jacques: Merci! Merci!

Armand gestures for the microphone. Raymond gets Caudle to lower it so the wheelchair-bound Rougeau can speak.

Armand: We are ze team of dreams! Ze team of destiny! No one can stop us! You American fans, we feel sorry for you. Look at your role models. Dick Murdoch, he drop me on my head! Road Warriors? They throw me out of ze ring! They put me in zis chair, no?

Raymond Rougeau produces a cigar.

Raymond: Anyone got ze lightair?

Crockett: Hey you can't smoke in here!

Armand: Ah, here you go, mon frere!

Armand hands Raymond a $20 bill. He lights it on fire and uses it to light the cigar.

Crockett: C'mon put that out!

Jacques: Armand... Raymond and I, we cannot thank you enough for your support. And so next week, we have ze big surprise, no? For you, and everyone!

Armand: Sacre bleu, I cannot wait!

Caudle: Hang on now guys, what about this challenge from Dick Murcdoch and Brett Sawyer?

Raymond: Ope! Sorry Bob, we are, ow you say, out of ze time!

The Rougeaus leave the interview area, and Crockett is waving smoke out of his face and coughing as the credits roll.


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Great follow up from the Crockett Cup. 

Show starts with a bang as Valiant/JYD and Luger fight with the Samoans. This is developing into a really good feud. Luger will learn a lot hanging with these guys. I noticed JYD didnt get that mic. Valiant must of been to fired up LOL. 

Power Play is holding the gold and living life. Man, they're pretty much running the show right now.  Looking forward to their return to the ring and watch what kind of trouble they cause. 

Brisco's prove they still have a lot of fuel left in the tank. 

Absolutely loved that segment with the Rockers and Street! It went to an entire new level when the Moondogs showed up and beat down the Rockers. Oh man, Street with the Moondogs! How great is that. Those are going to be some bizarre segments and I cant wait. 

I think big things are in store for Tom Prichard.

Murdoch and Sawyer are getting really over with the fans. 

Thunderbolt and Ole are heading for a showdown. 

A vicious Kerry Brown takes out his frustrations on LeFleur  and retains the TV title.

I cant tell you how much I laughed during the Rougeaus segment. From Armand in a wheelchair to them yelling in French to lighting a 20 dollar bill to smoke a cigar. That was hilarious! You've done an amazing job with them. Keep up the great work. 

Solid show! 



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Wow. that first match with Italian Stallion and Kokina really got things going.  Love these TV brawls in the beginning as now the tension just seems amped up for the rest of the show.

Great video with Power Play.  Gino is a great leader for this group!

The Briscos are a nice choice to go after Power Play as they can do it in singles or tag action

I think the Moondogs with Adrian Street is interesting as they are so opposite.  This could be a lot of fun.

I am glad you found something for Prichard.  He seems to fit in perfectly here.

Good promos from Murdoch, Sawyer and Thunderbolt.  They all had that real Mid-Atlantic feel to them.  

WOW... after an interview like that in the Mid-Atlantic and the Rougeaus now BIG TIME heels.  Great promo here!

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