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6/9/85, World Wide Wrestling

The Moondogs defeat The Nightmares when Spot hits his second rope legdrop and pinned Nightmare #1.

Dick Murdoch defeats Sonny King with the brain buster.

Duke Myers defeats the debuting Flash Borden quickly with a running clothesline.

In the Main Event, Fatu and Samu defeat Ron Bass and Mr. Wrestling II. The veteran duo of Bass and II are doing well despite not teaming together before, until Samu reverses an Irish whip and sends II smashing into Bass, propelling the Outlaw to the floor hard. Bass is slow to get up, while in the ring Fatu and Samu hit a double flapjack on II. Fatu follows with a diving headbutt, then goes for the pin. 1... Bass starts to climb in the ring... 2... he stops! 3!

As Oliver Humperdink celebrates with the Samoans, Bass hits the ring and assaults the masked man, screaming in his barely conscious face.




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6/8, Florence SC

Johnny Weaver defeats Dutch Mantell by countout.

Ole Anderson defeats Mike Jackson by submission.

Adrian Street defeats Tom Prichard by submission with the Gator Hold.

Kerry Brown and the Moondogs defeated The Rockers and Duke Myers in an Elimination Tag.

-Marty Jannetty pins Moondog Spot.

-Moondog Rex pins Marty Jannetty.

-Duke Myers and Moondog Rex both get counted out.

-Kerry Brown pins Shawn Michsels.


6/9, Roanoke, VA

Gene Ligon defeats Chris Youngblood.

Mr. Wrestling II defeats Korchenko.

Arn Anderson defeats Steve Gatorwolf.

Italian Stallion defeats Sonny King.

In an Elimination Tag, the House of Humperdink defeated JYD, Lex Luger and Jimmy Valiant.

-Lex Luger gets counted out.

-JYD gets disqualified for throwing Fatu over the top rope.

-Jimmy Valiant pins Samu.

-Jimmy Valiant pins Fatu.

-Kokina pins Jimmy Valiant.


6/10, Greenville NC

Tom Prichard defeats Korchenko with a superkick

Adrian Street defeats Mike Jackson by submission with the Gator Hold.

The Moondogs defeat Chris Youngblood & Steve Gatorwolf after Spot hits Gatorwolf with his middle rope legdrop.

Duke Myers & Johnny Weaver battle Kerry Brown & Dutch Mantell to a double countout.

The Andersons defeat the Rockers to retain the MACW Tag Titles, after Ole Anderson clocks Marty with a set of brass knuckles behind the referee's back.


6/14, Salisbury NC

Flash Borden defeats Gene Ligon by submission with a bearhug.

Mr. Wrestling II defeats Justice with his patented kneelift!

Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer defeat the Fabulous Rougeaus by DQ when Jacques gets caught trying to use a set of brass knuckles. Murdoch and Sawyer try to get their hands on Armand after the match but his brothers help him escape.

Kerry Brown defeats Italian Stallion in a non-title match.

In the main event, Power Play (Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson & Matt Borne) defeat JYD, Lex Luger & Jimmy Valiant after Borne pins JYD with both feet on the ropes while the other four men are brawling in a melee.

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Ron Bass is truly an outlaw as he turns on Mr. Wrestling 2! Bass is one bad dude.

Like those 6 man elimination tag matches. Very entertaining.

I have to say once again, the Myers/Brown feud has been pretty damn good! 

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I seem to remain perpetually a week behind, so shifting to quickie results so I can get caught up


6/15 MACW TV

Show opens with a recap of Power Play, including their new member Matt Borne, destroying Thunderbolt Patterson and the Brisco Brothers 

After opening credits and theme song, Bob Caudle interviews Thunderbolt Patterson, Jack Brisco, and Jerry Brisco. All three are bandaged up after the attack. Thuynderbolt promises he'll still get his hands on Ole Anderson. Jack and Jerry Brisco, meanwhile, call out Paul Ellering. They're not happy that Hawk and Animal weren't there to watch their backs last week. That's why they've challenged the Road Warriors to a match, June 20, in Columbia, SC! Paul Ellering accepts!


The Rockers vs Gene Ligon & Pete Sanchez 

Shawn and Marty show more aggression than they have in the past! Marty pins Sanchez after tandem leaping fist drops from the top!

WIN: Rockers

The Rockers go to do an interview after the match but David Crockett wants to get their thoughts on a video sent in by Lord Adrian Street. Filmed in his manor, Lord Adrian is sitting in front a fireplace in his study. The Moondogs stand behind him, gnawing huge turkey legs. Street informs the Rockers that their issue is far from settled, and challenges them to a tag match with the Moondogs at the Great American Bash.

Back in the studio, the Rockers enthusiastically accept!


TV Title Match

Kerry Brown defends vs. Steve Armstrong

Brown bum rushes Armstrong at the bell and unloads with punches and kicks, battering Armstrong into oblivion before scoring an easy pin. After the match, Brown keeps on beating Armstrong, bringing Duke Myers out into the studio! The two men brawl and Duke gets the upper hand, to the delight of the audience. 

WIN: Kerry Brown (retains title)

The Rougeaus are back in the studio, this time with Mad Dog Vachon spoon-feeding Armand caviar that costs $100 an ounce. Armand spits it out and demands a cheeseburger instead! He orders Vachon to go get him one... Meanwhile, Jacques and Raymond say that they have nothing to prove by wrestling Dick Murdoch and Brett Sawyer again in a tag match. David Crockett agrees, and says that's why the matchmaker has scheduled singles matches for the both of them with Murdoch and Sawyer, next week on the program!


Matt Borne vs. Italian Stallion 

Borne completely devastates and dominates the poor Stallion, busting out several bridging suplexes. After dropping Stallion on his head a couple of times, the referee rules that Stallion cannot continue.

WIN: Matt Borne 

After the match, Borne joins all of Power Play for a victorious interview. During the interview, Gino Hernandez shares that he's heard Jack Brisco talking about wanting a rematch for the title, but there's nothing that Brisco can offer in return that interests the champion.


Johnny Weaver vs. Dutch Mantell 

After Mantell lost his luggage last week, we try again in this grudge match. Once again, Weaver is waiting in the ring. Mantell starts toward the ring, and then complains about his boot. He says the laces are broken! Mantell shakes his head and says he won't be able to wrestle this week. He then high-tails it out of the studio before Weaver can catch him.

We see a recap from World Wide Wrestling, with Ron Bass and Mr. Wrestling II's team disintegrating in its very first match.


Outlaw Ron Bass vs. Mike Jackson

Bass dominates, winning with his head vice.

WIN: Ron Bass

After the match, he talks about working on the ranch, and how when you have an animal that can't do its job anymore because it gets too old, you go behind the barn and put the animal out of its misery. He says that's precisely what he did to Mr. Wrestling II! Bass barely finishes the sentence when the masked man CHARGES into the studio, fists flying! A huge brawl breaks out between the two men, that ends up knocking over the broadcast podium and sending Caudle and Crockett scattering! Referees and personnel come out trying desperately to separate the two men as the show comes to a close...



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Fun read here.

Not sure the Briscos want to challenge the Road Warriors.  First of all, they need them for protection from Power Play and secondly, they might get hurt!

The young Rockers are starting to put things together.  Should be a fun ride to see them take off.

Dirty Dutch seems a bit yellow here!  Wonder what is going to happen here.

Bass vs II is a nice feud here as II's name still sells tickets in the south

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6/16/85, Worldwide Wrestling

The Nightmares defeat Chris Youngblood & Steve Gatorwolf after Nightmare #2 catches Gatorwolf in a Victory Roll.

Tom Prichard defeats Korchenko in a very hard-fought match.

Brett Sawyer defeats Sonny King with a cross body off the second rope. King issued the challenge after losing to Sawyer's tag partner, Dick Murdoch, last week.

In the main event, JYD and Jimmy Valiant defeat Fatu & Samu. JYD takes a beating at the hands of the Samoans, then makes a tag to Valiant, who cleans house until he gets tripped by Kokina, who is watching ringside. The referee ejects Kokina AND Sir Oliver after that. Fatu and Samu then proceed to maul Handsome Jimmy for several minutes more, until finally JYD has had enough, dropping both Samoans with haymakers and dragging Valiant near his corner so he can make the tag. JYD comes in like a house afire, laying waste to both Fatu and Samu. Even the Samoan headbutts have no effect! After JYD clotheslines Fatu out of the ring, he plants Samu for the Thump powerslam and the three count.


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6/15, Richmond, VA

Gene Ligon defeats Flash Borden after a schoolboy with a hand full of tights.

Matt Borne defeats Italian Stallion.

Mr. Wrestling II defeats Jim Justice with his knee lift.

JYD & Jimmy Valiant defeat the Fabulous Rougeaus by DQ after Jacques attacks JYD with a steel chair. The Rougeaus lay waste to JYD with the chair while JYD tries to get his hands on Armand, who pedals furiously around the ring pushing his wheelchair.

The main event is a Championship Challenge. If a champion gets pinned, whoever beats him, gets a title shot. If a champion pins someone, whoever gets pinned cannot challenge for as long as they remain champion.

Dick Murdoch, Brett Sawyer & Lex Luger defeat Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson & Kerry Brown when Luger catches Brown with a powerslam.


6/16, Sumter SC

Steve Gatorwolf defeats Pete Sanchez.

Ron Bass defeats Phil LaFleur with a facefirst piledriver.

Rip Rogers defeats Mike Jackson, using the ropes for leverage.

Adrian Street submits Johnny Weaver with the Gator Hold. He refuses to let go! Thge Rockers hit the ring to help and get cut off by the Moondogs. A six man tag match is happening now!

Johnny Weaver and the Rockers defeat Adrian Street and the Moondogs when Shawn catches Spot in a sunset flip.


6/17, Greenville SC

Flash and Justice battle to a 10 minute time limit draw.

Italian Stallion defeats Gene Ligon.

Lex Luger, Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer defeat Kerry Brown & the Fabulous Rougeaus when Jacques pins Sawyer after a distraction by Raymond and Armand.

Matt Borne defeats Mr. Wrestling II.

In a Mid-Atlantic Tag Title Match, the Minnesota Wrecking Crew defeat JYD & Jimmy Valiant by DQ. Late in the match, JYD has Arn in trouble when Ole Anderson hustled in and spits in the face of Valiant. An enraged Handsome Jimmy storms the ring with a steel chair.


6/18, Hickory NC

Mr. Wrestling II defeats Flash with the knee lift.

Jim Justice defeats Italian Stallion.

Kerry Brown defeats Gene Ligon in a non-title match.

In the main event, it's Dick Murdoch, Brett Sawyer, JYD, Lex Luger & Jimmy Valiant vs Matt Borne, Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson & the Rougeaus in an Elimination Tag!

-Jimmy Valiant and Ole Anderson both get counted out.

-Jacques Rougeau pins Brett Sawyer after the Bombs Away.

-Dick Murdoch gets eliminated by countout trying to get his hands on Armand Rougeau.

-JYD gets disqualified for throwing Matt Borne over the top rope.

-Lex Luger pins Matt Borne after a powerslam.

-Lex Luger submits Raymond Rougeau to the Torture Rack.

-Arn Anderson pins Lex Luger after a gourdbuster.

Arn and Jacques Rougeau are the winners but after the match Jacques seems more interested in Arn's tag title belt than celebrating!


6/19, Raleigh

JYD defeats Justice after the Thump powerslam.

Kerry Brown beats the Italian Stallion.

Jimmy Valiant defeats Gene Ligon.

Matt Borne defeats Flash.

The Fabulous Rougeaus defeat Mr. Wrestling II & Lex Luger after Jacques pins Mr. Wrestling II on an O'Connor Roll with a hand full of tights. Kerry Brown had come out and distracted Luger at ringside.

In the main event, Ole and Arn Anderson defend the MACW Tag Titles against Dick Murdoch and Brett Sawyer. After nearly 30 minutes of back-and-forth action, Sawyer reverses an Irish whip and sends Arn into the unsuspecting referee, who was trying to break up a fight between Murdoch and Ole and gets sent hard to the concrete floor. Ole with a low kick! Then he grabs a title belt and smashes Sawyer in the head with it. Ole out trying to wake up the referee, and HAWK AND ANIMAL HIT THE RING! Huge double clothesline! They hoist an exhausted Arn... Doomsday Device! Now Ole sees what's happening, Hawk is out and letting him have it with punches and kicks! Animal leaving the ring as the referee crawls in. Sawyer is up and climbing the corner ropes. Splash off the top on Arn! 1! 2! 3! Dick Murdoch and Brett Sawyer are the NEW tag champions!


6/20, Columbia SC

Ron Bass defeats Flash Borden.

Lex Luger submits Gene Ligon with the Torture Rack

Jim Justice defeats Rip Rogers after a press slam followed by an elbow drop.

Dick Murdoch defeats Raymond Rougeau with a brainbuster. Brett Sawyer and Jacques Rougeau were both ringside.

The Brisco Brothers and the Road Warriors battle to a no contest. This was easily Animal and Hawk's hardest tag match to date since coming to the territory, but it ended when Power Play came out and surrounded the ring. The two opposing teams immediately became allies, fighting off the Horsemen despite the 4-on-5 odds!


6/21, Charleston SC

Flash Borden and Jim Justice battle to a 10-minute time limit draw.

JYD defeats Sonny King with the Thump powerslam.

Thunderbolt Patterson defeats Korchenko.

Fatu and Samu defeat the Nightmares after a spectacular leaping headbutt off the top rope by Fatu to pin Nightmare #2.

Kerry Brown defeats Tom Prichard in a non-title match.

The Brisco Brothers defeat Gino Hernandez & Masked Superstar by DQ.


6/21, Hampton VA

Kokina defeats Mike Jackson.

Mr. Wrestling II and Adrian Street battle to a 15-minute time limit draw. After the match, the Moondogs jump the masked man. The Rockers make the save. A six-man tag match is made on the spot!

Mr. Wrestling II and the Rockers defeat Adrian Street and the Moondogs when II pins Rex after a knee lift.

After intermission, Steve Armstrong & Italian Stallion defeat Rip Rogers & Pete Sanchez in tag action after Armstrong gets the pin on Sanchez.

Abdullah the Butcher pins Jimmy Valiant in a bloodbath main event.


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The Rockers and Moondogs are heading into a show stealing feud. 

Brown and Myers continues to be one of my favorite feuds. 

LOL, Dutch keeps playing games with Weaver. I think a match stipulation is coming soon. 

Wrestling 2 shows he still has some fire as he attacks Bass. Cool seeing Wrestling 2 get the sendoff he deserves. 

Lot's of fun house shows. The biggest result was Murdoch and Sawyer winning the tag titles!!! I'm sure we're going to see the Andersons and Road Warriors going at it soon. 

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Great set of house shows here.  I really liked how realistic it all seemed with the 5 or 6 match cards.

The most interesting thing to me here is the Road Warriors who are doing a great job of straddling the fence here as they help Murdoch ans Sawyer win the titles in Raleigh and then go after the Briscos the very next night in Columbia. I think Power Play coming down during this match and the Briscos and RW's joining forces shows were Animal and Hawk's allegiance really lies. 

Real well developed angle!

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6/22/85, MACW TV

Bob Caudle and David Crockett look at footage from the last few weeks:

-Thunderbolt Patterson, the Brisco Brothers, and the Road Warriors battling Power Play

-Power Play (aided by the debuting Matt Borne) decimating Thunderbolt and the Briscos

-Last week at a live event in Raleigh, the Road Warriors help Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer defeat the Minnesota Wrecking Crew to retain the MACW Tag Titles

-The Briscos and Road Warriors cut short their main event tag match to fight off Power Play together

A rare appearance from Jim Crockett follows. He says that the issue between these two groups is threatening to throw the entire territory into chaos. They will settle it at the Great American Bash in a two-ring cage match called Wargames: The Match Beyond! The rules will be explained next week. Meanwhile, both groups won't be allowed in the same building until the night of Wargames from the stadium in Charlotte.


A previously recorded interview with the new tag champs, Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer, follows. A gloating Murdoch says he now has what he needs to get a match with the Rougeaus at the Bash!


Brett Sawyer vs Jacques Rougeau

Partners, managers and managers' valets have been banned from ringside for both of these matches. Sawyer comes out hot, but Jacques scores the victory after reversing an O'Connor Roll and grabbing a heaping handful of tights for the illegal assist.

WIN: Jacques Rougeau



Tom Prichard, Phil La Fleur & Steve Armstrong vs Masked Superstar, Gino Hernandez & Matt Borne

Huge boos for Power Play's trio, and their opponents give them all that they can handle! Back-and-forth action for about 15 minutes, with the fan favorites stopping Power Play's underhanded tactics at every turn! Has this faction been thrown off by the tag titles changing hands, and the announcement of Wargames? Apparently not... Armstrong has Gino Hernandez isolated in the ring, but misses on a dropkick. Gino follows with a chop block then finishes Armstrong by submission with the figure four—Jack Brisco's very own move!

WIN: Power Play



TV Title Match

Kerry Brown defends vs. Lex Luger

After Luger got the best of Brown in a Championship Challenge at a recent live event, Brown is obligated to put the title on the line here. Brown comes right at Luger—but this promising rookie sees it coming. It's all Luger until Brown blatantly rakes his eyes, then starts unloading with his punishing punches and kicks. Duke Myers is out now, and he starts heckling Brown from the commentary position. Frustrated that he hasn't put away Luger, Brown starts jawing at Duke, and that's the opening the challenger needed! Two clotheslines, and a big back body drop! Brown is reeling, Luger catches him and hits a power slam... but wait now here comes Sir Oliver Humperdink and his Samoans! Jimmy Valiant and JYD, they're out to try and even the odds! A huge brawl at ringside! The referee gets distracted, and Brown is into the ring with a chair! Duke Myers down to the ring in the chaos, and he yanks the chair away. Brown jawing at his former partner... and gets picked up in the Human Torture Rack by Luger! Brown has nowhere to go! He submits! Luger is the new champ!

WIN: Lex Luger by submission (AND NEW TV Champ)

A huge celebration with JYD, Valiant, and Luger after the final bell.


Back from the break to an interview with the three fan favorites. Luger promises to be a fighting champion. Valiant says he knows what the people want at the Great American Bash—and that's running Sir Oliver out of the territory. He challenges Humperdink to pick any man in his stable for a match at the Bash to settle the score, once and for all!



Johnny Weaver vs Dutch Mantell

Mantell has all his gear. His boots are well-laced. He has no excuses this time against Weaver, who is raring to go after two weeks of false starts by the Dirty Dutchman. Mantell tries some stall tactics, avoiding locking up with Weaver until the studio audience is howling for his blood. Finally Weaver reaches through the ropes for two handfuls of hair, hoisting Mantell into the ring with a suplex. Before he can follow up, Outlaw Ron Bass hits the ring and starts laying the boots to Weaver. That quickly brings out Mr. Wrestling II to even the odds! The two veterans clear the ring, and end up nose to nose. II extends his hand—and Weaver takes it!

WIN: Weaver by DQ


After the break, Johnny Weaver and Mr. Wrestling II get interviewed by Bob Caudle. They challenge Outlaw Ron Bass and Dutch to a tag match at the Bash.



Adrian Street vs. Mike Jackson

Street wins rather quickly and easily, submitting Jackson with what Crockett keeps calling the Gator Hold. After the match, Street corrects Crockett on the name, noting the hold now “heretofore and forever” shall be known as the Lordly Privilege.

WIN: Adrian Street by submission



Dick Murdoch vs Raymond Rougeau

A back-and-forth match as Raymond takes the fight right to Murdoch. The misstep for Rougeau comes when he goes for a leaping dropkick, but the cagey Captain Redneck grabs the ropes and Rougeau crashes to the mat. A running neckbreaker, followed by a brainbuster, and just like that it is over!

WIN: Dick Murdoch

Brett Sawyer hits the ring and the new tag champs celebrate.


Caudle and Crockett go to wrap up the show when Kerry Brown comes charging back into the studio. He says he's had all he can handle of Duke Myers, and one of them has to go! He challenges Duke to an Anything Goes, Loser Leaves Town match at the Bash. Duke is quick to come into the studio and accept. Referees are getting between the two men as the show ends.



July 6, 1985

from American Legion Memorial Stadium in Charlotte, NC



Thunderbolt Patterson, Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco, Animal & Hawk (w/ Paul Ellering)


Power Play (Gino Hernandez, Masked Superstar, Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson & Matt Borne) (w/ J.J. Dillon)

Anything Goes, Loser Leaves Town Match

Duke Myers vs Kerry Brown

Valiant and Humperdink Settle the Score!

Jimmy Valiant vs A Member of the House of Humperdink

Tag Team Grudge Match

The Rockers vs The Moondogs (w/ Lord Adrian Street & Ms. Linda)

The Veterans Unite Against Their Rivals

Johnny Weaver & Mr. Wrestling II vs Outlaw Ron Bass & Dirty Dutch Mantell


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Fun show featuring the rise of Lex Luger and the continuing feud between the Rougeaus and Murdoch and Sawyer. The Lordly Privilege is such a perfect name for Street's finisher. Great American Bash is looking hot.

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6/23/85, Worldwide Wrestling

The Rockers defeat Rip Rogers & Korchenko after hitting their double fist drop on Rip.

The Moondogs defeat Chris Youngblood & Steve Gatorwolf after Spot flattens Gatorwolf with his leaping legdrop off the middle rope.

Kokina destroys the Italian Stallion.

In the main event, Jack Brisco defeats Pete Sanchez, submitting him with the figure four.

Tony Schiavone and Ray Stevens announce that next week, Heavyweight Champion Gino Hernandez will be on the program AND putting the title on the line!


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MACW is on fire!

You have done a great job of developing all of these angles and I am really looking forward to the Great American Bash!  Bring on WARGAMES!

Nice, slow progress by Lex Luger.  

I never thought I would be into the Rougeau's but you have done such a great job of bringing the heat on the same that I actually root for them to go down each week.  I feel like a little kid thinking this is all real.

Dirty Dutch and Ron Bass could end up being one tough team!

No matter where Adrian Street goes in this game, he is such an intriguing figure for 1985 that he always captures my attention.  Nice use of him here.

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6/22/85, Marietta GA

Ron Bass defeats Steve Armstrong with his facefirst piledriver.

Adrian Street defeats Johnny Weaver, pinning him with an inside cradle—and a hand full of tights—after reversing the attempt at a Weaver Lock.

Mr. Wrestling II defeats Sonny King.

The Nightmares defeat Rip Rogers & Justice when Nightmare #1 pins Justice after a series of high-flying moves off the top by both Nightmares.

The Brisco Brothers, Thunderbolt Patterson & JYD defeat Power Play (Masked Superstar, Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson & Matt Borne) after Patterson pins Matt Borne. Borne tried to bring a foreign object into the match but Patterson grabbed it instead and used it to devastating effect!


6/23/85, Atlanta – Tag Wars

Steve Armstrong defeats Rip Rogers with a Russian legsweep.

The Nightmares defeat Sonny King & Justice when Nightmare #2 hits a flying legdrop off the top on a fallen Justice.

JYD & Jimmy Valiant battle Fatu & Samu to a Double DQ. Kokina and Abdullah the Butcher hit the ring, but Lex Luger runs out with a chair to help fight off the House of Humperdink!

Dutch Mantell & Outlaw Ron Bass defeat Johnny Weaver & Mr. Wrestling II after Mantell tries to untie II's mask, then catches him in a schoolboy pin and hooks the tights.

In an MACW Tag Title match, Dick Murdoch and Brett Sawyer retain over the Minnesota Wrecking Crew after Murdoch hits Ole Anderson with a brainbuster, and Sawyer comes off the middle rope with a splash!

In the Main Event, Power Play (Gino Hernandez, Masked Superstar & Matt Borne) defeat the Brisco Brothers & Thunderbolt Patterson after Superstar catches Jerry Brisco with a loaded headbutt.


6/24/85, Savannah

Korchenko defeats Steve Gatorwolf.

Ron Bass defeats Tom Prichard.

The Road Warriors defeat the Minnesota Wrecking Crew by DQ after Ole Anderson pulls the referee out of the ring and wallops him.

Gene Ligon defeats Chris Youngblood.

In an MACW Tag Title Match, Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer defeat the Fabulous Rougeaus by countout.


6/25, Jacksonville

Arn Anderson defeats Steve Armstrong.

Ron Bass defeats Chris Youngblood.

Ole Anderson defeats Steve Gatorwolf.

The Road Warriors defeat Korchenko and Gene Ligon after Hawk flattens Korchenko with a flying shoulder tackle.

In an MACW Tag Title Match, the Fabulous Rougeaus defeat Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer by DQ after Murdoch throws Jacques over the top rope.


6/26, Tallahassee

Korchenko defeats Steve Gatorwolf.

Jacques Rougeau defeats Chris Youngblood.

The Road Warriors defeat Gene Ligon and Ron Bass after a Doomsday Device on Ligon. Bass bailed out and abandoned Ligon in the final minutes of the match.

Steve Armstrong and Raymond Rougeau battled to a 15-minute draw.

In an MACW Tag Title Match, Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer retain over the Minnesota Wrecking Crew after hitting their brainbuster/corner splash combo on Ole Anderson.


6/27, Gainesville

Dick Murdoch defeats Gene Ligon with the brainbuster.

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew defeat Chris Youngblood & Steve Gatorwolf when Ole Anderson submits Youngblood with an armlock.

Brett Sawyer and Ron Bass battle to a time limit draw after 20 hard-fought minutes.

Steve Armstrong defeats Korchenko with a sunset flip.

The Road Warriors defeat the Fabulous Rougeaus by DQ after Jacques pulls the referee out of the ring before he can make the three count on Raymond.


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6/29/85, MACW TV

This week, Oliver Humperdink reveals which member of his faction will face Jimmy Valiant at the Great American Bash. Plus, explaining all the rules for Wargames and a HUGE announcement by MACW President Jim Crockett.



MACW TV Title Match

Lex Luger defends vs. Korchenko

After his big win last week, the Total Package comes out like a house afire, bringing the fight directly to the mammoth Russian and battering him from pillar to post. Luger shows off his power by hoisting Korchenko in the Torture Rack for the submission and the victory!

WIN: Lex Luger

David Crockett interviews Luger, who says he'll face any and all challengers as champion. This brings out Tom Prichard! Prichard talks about how they've teamed together a few times out on the road, and says he wants a shot at the Great American Bash. Luger agrees!


Bob Caudle sets up a video to recount Duke Myers and Kerry Brown's history in Mid-Atlantic...

-Duke and Kerry teaming together as Stampede Rush
-Kerry Brown challenging Duke for the TV Title, then turning on his partner and bloodying him en route to winning the title

-Brawl after brawl between the two men

-Last week, Duke stops Kerry Brown from using a steel chair, leaving him vulnerable to the Torture Rack by Luger. At the end of last week's program, Brown challenges Duke to an Anything Goes Loser Leaves Town Match.


Steve Armstrong vs. Abdullah the Butcher (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink)

Abdullah completely steamrolls Armstrong, mauling him and busting him open before finishing him with his elbow drop.

WIN: Abdullah

After the match, Sir Oliver reveals Abdullah will his man to face Valiant at the Bash. David Crockett then tells him that Sir Oliver will be handcuffed to JYD at ringside during the match!



Mr. Wrestling II (w/ Johnny Weaver) vs. Rip Rogers

The masked man wins with his knee lift.

WIN: Mr. Wrestling II

II and Weaver talk about beating some respect into Ron Bass and Dirty Dutch Mantell at the Bash!


Bob Caudle goes through the rules for Wargames.

-One man starts out in the two-ring cage for each team. They wrestle for 5 minutes.

-A coin flip determines which team sends in the next man. That man comes in for 2 minutes, creating a 2 on 1 advantage.

-The team that loses the coin flip sends in its next man.

-Staggered entry continues until all 10 men have entered.

-The match does not officially begin until everyone has entered the cage. At that point, submission or surrender are the only ways to win.


We hear from Team Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt Patterson, Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco, Animal, and Hawk. Thunderbolt calls out Ole Anderson to meet him one on one at the beginning of the match. Jack Brisco says he still has his sights set on Gino Hernandez and the Heavyweight Title. Jerry Brisco still wants a shot at the U.S. Title and Masked Superstar.



JYD vs. Sonny King

King goes nose to nose with JYD, talking trash. JYD apparently doesn't like what he says, as he just starts choking King blatantly with both hands. He batters King back into the corner, waylaying him with punches and nearly getting disqualified. JYD hoists King onto his shoulder and hits a Thump powerslam. 1... 2... JYD pulls him up! JYD hits a second Thump and scores the win. An angry JYD scowls down on King's carcass after the dominant victory and King needs help getting out of the ring.


After the match, Jimmy Valiant and JYD do an interview. An excited Valiant does almost all the talking, says he can't wait to get his hands at Abdullah at the Bash and have that fat toad Sir Oliver handcuffed to his good buddy JYD and be forced to watch!


We then go to a previously recorded promo from Power Play. J.J. Dillon guarantees victory for his faction in the match.



The Nightmares vs. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (w/ Armand Rougeau & Maurice Vachon)

Vachon pushes Armand to ringside, and then is basically ordered to caddy for the Rougeaus. He takes their jackets and, after the Nightmares grab the upper hand and both brothers bail out, is ordered to dab their sweat with a towel. The Rougeaus keep struggling with the Nightmares, who are wowing the studio audience with their high-flying offense. After Nightmare #1 dropkicks Raymond off the apron, he evades a charge by Jacques and goes for a monkey flip. Vachon grabs the waistband of Jacques, sending Nightmare #1 crashing hard to the mat. Jacques promptly goes for a jackknife pin, using the ropes for leverage! A tainted victory for the Rougeaus!

WIN: Fabulous Rougeau Brothers

After the match, the Rougeaus say they've accepted the challenge and will face Murdoch and Sawyer for the tag titles at the Bash! That brings out Dick Murdoch and Brett Sawyer. Dick Murdoch promises to beat the Rougeaus and drop Armand on his head again with the brainbuster.


Jim Crockett is out next. He jokes about being on the program twice in as many weeks. Then he talks about Starrcade, which is coming Thanksgiving night from the Greensboro Coliseum. It's the biggest event of the entire wrestling year. That night, the MACW Heavyweight Title will be on the line in the main event. And to determine who gets the shot, Crockett is introducing the Starrcade Cup. It will be an eight-man, round-robin tournament, with two four-man groups. The winner of each group then advances to the finals, which happen at the Labor Day Spectacular on September 2 in Atlanta. The Starrcade Cup winner then gets a guaranteed MACW Title shot and will main event at Starrcade.



Shawn Michaels (w/ Marty Jannetty) vs Moondog Spot (w/ Adrian Street, Ms. Linda & Moondog Rex

Shawn gets the better of Spot with his speed and quickness but after a few minutes, Rex storms the ring and leads to a DQ. Adrian Street joins in, and the Rockers do their best to fight off their three opponents but are left laying as the show ends.

WIN: Shawn Michaels by DQ



July 6, 1985

from American Legion Memorial Stadium in Charlotte, NC




Thunderbolt Patterson, Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco, Animal & Hawk (w/ Paul Ellering)


Power Play (Gino Hernandez, Masked Superstar, Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson & Matt Borne) (w/ J.J. Dillon)


MACW Tag Title Match

Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer defend vs Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (w/ Armand Rougeau & Maurice Vachon)


MACW TV Title Match

“The Total Package” Lex Luger defends vs Tom Prichard


Anything Goes, Loser Leaves Town Match

Duke Myers vs Kerry Brown


Valiant and Humperdink Settle the Score!
JYD and Oliver Humperdink Will Be Handcuffed at Ringside

Jimmy Valiant vs Abdullah the Butcher


Tag Team Grudge Match

The Rockers vs The Moondogs (w/ Lord Adrian Street & Ms. Linda)


The Veterans Unite Against Their Rivals

Johnny Weaver & Mr. Wrestling II vs Outlaw Ron Bass & Dirty Dutch Mantell


Plus much more!!


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Luger with a win over the big Russian can only help but build him up even more!  Nice job

Poor Jimmy Valiant... having to deal with Abbie at the bash!  Even if he finds a way to win, he will still get the fork!

Nice use of Wrestling II... no matter his age, he will always sell a few tickets.  Mantel and Bass seem to ready to take some cheer from the crowd.  Should be a fun one.

Valiant does all the talking during in an interview... Valiant is just being Valiant.  JYD was happy howling at the moon.

Really like the Starrcade cup Idea!

Bring on the Bash!

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6/30/85, Worldwide

Adrian Street submits Tom Prichard with the Lordly Privilege.

Ron Bass and Dutch Mantell defeat Steve Gatorwolf and Chris Youngblood in tag action. Bass pins Youngblood after his facefirst piledriver.

Johnny Weaver submits Pete Sanchez with the Weaver Lock.

Gino Hernandez defeats Phil LaFleur to retain the MACW Heavyweight Title.



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WOW! MACW is on fire as we head into the Bash! 

Luger is off to a great start as TV champ. Him vs. Prichard at the Bash will be an interesting fan favorites match up. 

Brown and Myers in an anything goes loser leaves town match is a fitting blow off to a fantastic feud.

Even after Abby is announced as his opponent, Valiant seems more confident than ever. Poor Humperdink has to be cuffed to JYD. 

Murdoch finally gets the Rougeaus in a match. 

I'm really enjoying the Rockers/Moondogs feud. Their match at the Bash might be a show stealer. 

Another match that has been built up well is Wrestling 2 and Weaver vs. Bass and Mantell. Two feuds in one. 

Wargames is born! This match will get bloody! All the crazy history comes down to this big one. It's going to be epic! 

Cant wait for the Bash! 


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6/28/85, Tampa

Jacques Rougeau defeats Steve Armstrong.

Dick Murdoch and Ron Bass battle to a double countout.

Brett Sawyer defeats Raymond Rougeau with a sunset flip.

Chris Youngblood & Steve Gatorwolf defeat Korchenko & Gene Ligon after a dropkick off the corner ropes by Youngblood.

The Road Warriors defeat the Minnesota Wrecking Crew after Hawk clocks Ole Anderson with a flying shoulder tackle after Paul Ellering stopped J.J. Dillon from introducing brass knucks into the match.


6/29/85, Miami

The Fabulous Rougeaus defeated Chris Youngblood & Steve Gatorwolf after hitting Youngblood with Bombs Away.

Ron Bass defeated Steve Armstrong by submission with the head vice.

Animal and Ole Anderson battled to a Double DQ.

Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer defeated Korchenko & Gene Ligon to retain the MACW Tag Titles.

Arn Anderson defeated Hawk after a distraction by J.J. Dillon let him clock Hawk with brass knuckles.


6/30/85, West Palm Beach

Ron Bass defeats Steve Gatorwolf in less than 5 minutes with his facefirst piledriver. Bass calls for more competition.

Ron Bass defeats Chris Youngblood with the head vice.

Steve Armstrong defeats Gene Ligon.

The main event was a Gauntlet Match for the MACW Tag Titles.

-The Road Warriors defeated the Fabulous Rougeaus by DQ.

-The Minnesota Wrecking Crew defeated the Road Warriors after Arn cracked Animal with brass knuckles that J.J. Dillon slipped into the ring.

-Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer defeated the Minnesota Wrecking Crew after Murdoch planted Ole with a brainbuster.


7/1/85, Melbourne

Steve Armstrong and Ole Anderson battle to a 15-minute draw. Ole tries to break Armstrong's arm after the match but the Road Warriors make the save.

Ron Bass defeats Steve Gatorwolf with the facefirst piledriver.

The Road Warriors defeat Korchenko & Gene Ligon.

Arn Anderson defeats Chris Youngblood.

In an MACW Tag Title Match, Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer and the Fabulous Rougeaus battle to a Double DQ when the match breaks down into an uncontrollable brawl.


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Great American Bash, 7/6/85, American Legion Memorial Stadium in Charlotte



Phil LaFleur & The Nightmares vs. The Samoans (Kokina, Fatu & Samu) (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink)

LaFleur and the masked men try to push the pace with their speed and high flying, but the tide turns once Kokina gets tagged into the march. The massive Kokina plows through his three opponents like a giant Samoan wrecking ball. After laying waste single handed, he grabs the Nightmares and stacks them like cordwood, then climbs to the middle rope and delivers a falling elbow smash. That's at least 500 pounds! Kokina pins both Nightmares, who need medical attention while the Samoans celebrate.

WIN: The Samoans


After the national anthem and a flyover by military jets, we're off to the main card!



The Rockers vs. The Moondogs (w/ Lord Adrian Street & Ms. Linda)

This red-hot tag team rivalry kicks off the main card and the stadium crowd is fully enraptured. It's the speed and technique of the Rockers, Shawn and Marty, against the power and viciousness of the Moondogs, Spot and Rex. Shawn gets isolated by the Moondogs and pummeled for several minutes but keeps fighting. Finally he makes the tag to Marty who comes in like a house afire! Things break down soon after that, with all four men brawling in the ring. As the referee tries to break up Shawn and Spot, Rex has Marty's arms hooked and Street climbs up on the apron. Street throws a handful of powder... but Marty ducks and the powder goes in Rex's face instead! Marty decks Street with a roundhouse right! Now both Rockers with thrust kicks to the jaw of Rex, and he drops! Referee trying to get Shawn out of the ring... and Spot has that massive bone! He BLASTS Marty in the head with it, and drapes Rex over Marty's carcass. Not like this! 1! 2! 3!

WIN: Moondogs



MACW TV Title Match

Lex Luger defends vs. Tom Prichard

A handshake of respect between these two fan favorites. Luger is the bigger and stronger man, but Prichard goes after the left shoulder of Luger, trying to even the odds that way... the strategy takes away some of Luger's power, as he can't hoist Prichard for the Human Torture Rack! Prichard counters with a sleeper, slowly wearing down Luger. He releases it and goes for his thrust kick but Luger side steps it and clocks Prichard with a clothesline to the back of the head! Prichard drops like he's been shot, and Luger makes the cover for the pin and the win.

WIN: Lex Luger

After the match, Luger helps Prichard to his feet and they shake hands again.



Johnny Weaver & Mr. Wrestling II vs. Outlaw Ron Bass & Dutch Mantell

The crowd is firmly behind the two veterans for this one, but Bass and Mantell jump Weaver and II before the bell. The masked man gets sent hard into the ringpost and that leaves Weaver basically fighting a handicap match. On a couple of occasions, Weaver battles to where he could make the tag but II is nowhere in sight. Finally, II makes his way up to the corner. Weaver ducks a double clothesline and makes a leaping tag to the masked man! Mr. Wrestling II comes in and starts decking both Bass and Mantell! He isolates Bass, and starts delivering 10 punches in the corner. Weaver intercepts Mantell and starts doing the same in the opposite corner! Double Irish whip, but the rulebreakers reverse it and Weaver and II smash into one another. Mantell tosses Weaver out of the ring, grabs II and motions to Bass. Bass goes for a running clothesline, II with a standing switch and shoves Mantell into Bass on the run! They crack heads! II catches Mantell with a back suplex, as Weaver trips Bass. As Bass starts to rise, II drills him with the knee lift and covers for the three count!

WIN: Johnny Weaver & Mr. Wrestling II

Bass and Mantell bicker after the match. Bass goes to leave and Mantell clobbers him from behind, then gives him a few lashes with Shoo Baby!



Anything Goes, Loser Leaves Town

Duke Myers vs. Kerry Brown

Given the stakes, this match only can end by pin or submission. Former partners in Stampede Rush. Former best friends. Both former TV champions in Mid-Atlantic. For one of them, this is their final match. Brown has taken on a more rugged brawling style as of late and this match is a fight from bell to bell. After Duke gets the better of the first couple of exchanges of blows, Brown bails out to the field. Duke follows him and they start to brawl through both rings, into the crowd and all over the football field! Brown gets busted open. At one point, Duke drives Brown hard into the wall of the stadium itself! They finally make their way back toward the ringside area and Brown is begging off totally. He's a bloody mess. Duke pauses for a moment, and Brown drills him in the stomach and then catches Duke in the face with the ring bell! Now both men are bleeding profusely. The fight continues back into the ring but neither man can put the other down for a three count. Duke is down, and a frustrated Brown starts scaling the ropes. This isn't something we're used to from Kerry Brown! He gets to the top rope slowly but Duke has time to climb the corner ropes and cut him off. The fists are flying! Duke scales to the VERY top rope! Be careful! The battle continues... and Duke with a top rope superplex! Devastating impact as nearly 600 pounds of man hit the mat at once! Both men are down! But the impact leaves Brown's head and left arm resting on top of Duke. Duke's shoulders are down! 1... 2... 3!

WIN: Kerry Brown

Brown rolls to the outside, seemingly not sure where he is at and staggers toward the locker room area, still dripping blood. In the ring, Duke Myers finally comes to his senses and is given a round of applause in appreciation by the Charlotte fans.



MACW Tag Title Match

Dick Murdoch & Brett Sawyer defend vs. Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (w/ Armand Rougeau & Maurice Vachon)

Vachon pushes Armand to the ring in the wheelchair once more. All four men seem fired up for this match—Murdoch to get his hands on the Rougeaus, and the Rougeaus to have a shot at the gold. Be careful what you wish for... the Rougeaus end up getting the best of Murdoch and isolate him for a good 10 minutes, but don't have what it takes to put Captain Redneck down for the pin or submission. The Rougeaus try to pull a page out of the Rock 'n' Roll Express playbook and go for a double dropkick... but Sawyer scoots down the apron and grabs Murdoch as he hits the ropes. Both Rougeaus hit the mat, and Sawyer helps Murdoch reach the corner and tags in! Sawyer immediately scales to the top rope. LEAPING cross body flattens both brothers! Dropkicks for both Rougeaus! Then two clotheslines, followed by a double noggin knocker! Sawyer clotheslines Raymond and he goes head over heels over the top rope to the floor, landing right in front of Armand and Vachon. Vachon goes to help Raymond as Armand wheels around the ring... Murdoch trying to get at Raymond out on the floor as Sawyer is scaling back to the top rope. But ARMAND GETS OUT OF THE WHEELCHAIR! Armand shoves Sawyer off the top and he has a catastrophic landing to the field! Murdoch locks eyes with Armand, and takes off! Armand is SPRINTING away from the ring! Meanwhile, that's left Sawyer by himself! Raymond rolls Sawyer's carcass into the ring, and Jacques covers. 1! 2! 3! The Rougeaus are the new tag champs!

WIN: Rougeaus

Huge boos by the Charlotte fans, who greet Jacques and Raymond with a shower of trash as they celebrate the start of their reign.



JYD Handcuffed to Sir Oliver Humperdink

Jimmy Valiant vs Abdullah the Butcher

This match is as violent as expected. Abdullah gouges at the face of Valiant and draws blood just a couple of minutes in. The brawl spills to the floor, and after ramming Abdullah into the steps multiple times, the sadist from the Sudan also is lacerated. Back into the ring, and they're going back and forth until Sir Oliver sprays JYD with something in the face! He gets the key and unlocks himself! Sir Oliver tries to get in and interfere, but Jimmy cuts him off and delivers a HUGE roundhouse right! Abdullah hits Valiant with an open handed shot to the throat and Handsome Jimmy drops. Abdullah goes for his elbow... Valiant moves! Valiant with a leaping elbow of his own! And another! And another! And another! Now to the middle rope in the near corner... ANOTHER elbow! Valiant covers! 1! 2! 3!

WIN: Jimmy Valiant


JYD rolls into the ring, somewhat blinded. The referee tending to him as Valiant walks past, celebrating his big win. Now the referee has used a towel to assist JYD, who appears to be able to see now. JYD stands as Valiant keeps celebrating.

JYD still standing there... and Valiant motioning for JYD to take part. JYD nods... and then picks up Valiant! Thump powerslam! WHAT IN THE HELL?!?! JYD out of the ring now, and he's got a chair. JYD just laying waste to Valiant with the chair, delivering blow after blow across the back! Now he sets the chair on the mat and shoves away the referee who was helping him. A SECOND Thump powerslam on the chair!!! JYD removing his patented dog collar and chain from around his neck... and he starts strangling the life out of Jimmy Valiant with the chain! Valiant is helpless! He's turning purple! The Charlotte crowd is in SHOCK! JYD finally releases Valiant, leaving his chain wrapped around his neck and stalks out of the ring and the arena. What have we just witnessed?!?!




Thunderbolt Patterson, Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco, Animal & Hawk (w/ Paul Ellering)


Power Play (Gino Hernandez, Masked Superstar, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson & Matt Borne) (w/ J.J. Dillon)

A review of the rules:

-One man starts out for each team and they wrestle for 5 minutes.

-A coin flip takes place. The winning team sends in its second man, and they will have a 2 on 1 advantage for 2 minutes.

-The other team sends in its second man, for a 2 minute period.

-And so on, and so forth... until all 10 men have entered. At this point, the match officially begins.

-The only way to win is by submission or surrender.


Thunderbolt Patterson, as promised, starts off for his team and he is egging on Ole to join him in the cage. Ole starts up the steps, then jumps down and lets Arn go instead. The Enforcer pays for Ole's cowardice, as Thunderbolt unleashes five minutes of brutality on Arn, whether it be punches, kicks, a backdrop or a huge hiptoss from one ring into the next. The crowd is loving it!

Time for the coin flip... and Power Play wins the toss!

NOW Ole is all too eager to get into the match, but he's met with a flurry of lefts and rights by Thunderbolt as he comes in! Thunderbolt grabs a woozy Ole and looks for the coup de grace but he gets waylayed from behind by Arn. The former tag champs now going to work on Thunderbolt, ramming him headfirst into the steel cage and drawing the first blood of the match. The blood seems to awaken a fire, however! Thunderbolt is doing his best to fight off both men, though. He smashes both their heads together as the horn sounds.

Hawk is in next for his team and he's like a house afire! HUGE flying shoulder tackle levels Ole. A vicious clothesline drops Arn! Hawk now whipping Ole and Arn into big haymakers by Thunderbolt, then they combine to throw both Andersons into the steel fencing. Hawk delivering boots to Arn's carcass while, in the other ring, Thunderbolt is mauling Ole up against the cage.

The horn sounds and here comes Matt Borne for Power Play and the Maniac is charging in headlong, laying out both Thunderbolt and Hawk! He drops Hawk second and starts pounding away with kicks before laying in a two-handed choke that would be illegal in any other match. A bloody Ole working over Thunderbolt and calling Arn over to help. The two-on-one mugging continues, while Hawk reverses an Irish whip by Borne and hits a big flying clothesline.

Animal is in next! As the fresh man and the strongest (arguably) in the match he has all three men of Power Play pinballing! Animal with a press slam on Arn, throws him onto Borne AND Ole. Catches Borne with a powerslam, then throws him into the other ring. Thunderbolt mauling Ole up against the cage again as Animal hoists Borne up on his shoulders. Is there enough room?!? Hawk with the Doomsday Device! Borne falls right on his head!! That looked catastrophic!!!

Masked Superstar is in next and he blatantly loads up his mask upon entry and starts blasting every man from Team Thunderbolt with a loaded headbutt. Superstar, Ole and Arn have the upper hand. Borne remains down the entire time, still waylaid by that Doomsday Device.

Jerry Brisco is next! One half of the legendary brother duo comes in with fists flying and makes a beeline right for Superstar! With Borne still down, this gives Team Thunderbolt the 4 on 3 advantage! Superstar gets sent into the cage! Meanwhile Animal has Arn pressed again, and is driving his spine up into the cage roof again and again!

Gino Hernandez, the MACW Heavyweight Champ, now is in! He shows no remorse, delivering low blows or eye gouges to every member of the opposing team. Gino helps a woozy Borne to his feet, and a 5 on 4 beatdown ensues on Team Thunderbolt. Patterson in particular is a bloody mess, and Brisco also is now lacerated!

Jack Brisco is the final man to enter! Wargames the Match Beyond officially begins! Brisco makes a beeline right for Gino, who pulls him into a side headlock. The two men grapple near the ropes, and Brisco trying to ensnare Gino in a sleeper hold as Gino dips into his trunks. He's going for brass knucks... wait! No! Are those handcuffs?!? Gino slaps one of the cuffs on Brisco's wrist. He starts fighting like a cornered wildcat! Borne comes charging into the fray as Gino trying to handcuff Brisco to the cage. Jerry Brisco over to help and is met with a blatant kick to the crotch! The stadium crowd groans as Brisco drops. Meanwhile, Borne gets the cuff on! Gino stands there, cackling, as Jack Brisco lunging to get at his nemesis!

With Brisco restrained, Power Play isolates the four remaining members of Team Thunderbolt: Ole is on Hawk, Arn on Thunderbolt, and Superstar on Animal. Gino and Borne grab Jerry Brisco and drag him to center ring right in front of Jack. Gino with a standing headscissors and motions to Borne who scales the ropes... SPIKE PILEDRIVER ON JERRY BRISCO! Jack Brisco starts screaming bloody murder at Gino, pulling like mad to escape the cuffs. Gino positions Brisco for ANOTHER piledriver, and Jack Brisco starts waving frantically for the referee. Brisco says he gives up! He couldn't see his brother take that move again!

WIN: Power Play

Huge boos from the crowd as Power Play celebrate their win. Referees and personnel hit the ring to tend to Jerry Brisco. One of them has bolt cutters and frees Jack, who makes a beeline for his brother without a second look at his enemies. Several minutes pass as Jerry Brisco is placed on a back board and taken out of the ring with care. Power Play, rather than retreat, stay and watch the entire scene.


As Team Thunderbolt departs, though, the wind picks up and there's a loud noise. Is... is that a helicopter?!? Medical assistance being called in for Jerry Brisco, this is a bad situation...


That's no medical copter! Instead a streamlined blue copter hovers over the stadium and slowly descends near one of the end zones. State troopers keeping back the crowd as the copter lowers and lands.

The door opens and...




The entire stadium ERUPTS at sight of the Nature Boy, who is resplendent in a three-piece suit and sunglasses even though the sun set hours ago. Ric Flair is here in Mid-Atlantic!



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What a great day of Supercards! 

MACW is up with an outstanding Bash show. 

Big things are in store for Kokina as he looks devastating tonight.

Great way to kick off the show with the Rockers and Moondogs going at it. The bone comes into play and the heels open the show with the win. 

Solid TV title defense for Luger. Nice display of sportsmanship by Prichard and Luger.

Nice surprise as Wrestling 2 and Weaver pull off the win. Dirty Dutch takes his frustrations out on Bass. Bass has had some bad luck with tag partners. 

I've told you how much I've enjoyed the Brown/Myers feud so I was really looking forward to the pay off. Man this match delivered! These two went out and tore the stadium down. Awesome finish as Brown technically gets the win. I would of been cheering with the fans as Myers left. Great finale to a great feud. 

Well it was only a matter of time before the Rougeaus got some gold. That sneaky Armand pulls it off and helps his brothers get the win. I think the Rougeaus might be the top heel team in the game. I cant wait for the follow up promo. The Rougeaus are absolute gold! 

Valiant gets the big win over Abby but the post match was a huge shocker! JYD turns heel and puts a vicious beating on Valiant. This is one of the reasons I love fantasy booking. JYD as a heel in 85 is going to be awesome. 

After all this we get an epic Wargames match! It wouldn't be Wargames unless Arn starts things off LOL. This was truly epic. So many awesome spots. The highlight would be the Road Warriors nailing Borne with the doomsday device WOW! Very creative ending as Jack has no choice but to give up and save his brother. Damn that was a great match! 

BUT WAIT! There's more! Ric Flair has arrived!!!! What an ending! I cant wait to find out his intentions in MACW. 

Awesome show! 


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The Great American Bash is a HUGE HIT!

Enjoyed reading about the Moondogs and the bone!  They are a great midcard team here.

Way to keep building Luger as he wins in a babyface vs babyface match.

Armand out of the wheelchair.... I just hate him so much... Nice job building up the Rougeau brothers.  

JYD turns on Jmmy... WOW! Stunner of the game so far.

Wargames was a huge hit and Ric Flai in a helicopter.  Really looking forward to see where this goes.


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The Bash in Charlotte, super excited for this one! The Great American Bash season was always my favorite time of year for JCP!


Nice win for the Samoans to kick things off here with their manager Oliver Humperdink as the prelim match!


Solid tag match to kick off the main card….and it's only right the much more experienced Moondogs get the victory over the super green Rockers here.


I like Luger as the TV champion at this point in his career….again much like the Rockers he's super green and have matches on Television every week with more experienced opponents who could carry him and teach him would have been great for him at this stage of his career.  I'm hoping our game lasts long term because I feel like you're on the path to building Luger into the star he could have been instead of the frequent underachiever he ended up being in real life.


Feel good moment here with Weaver and Wrestling 2, the legends of the territory getting a nice win then allowing for the angle to take place afterwards with Mantell and Bass.


Hard hitting match between the two former partners that earned them both the respect of the crowd, very solid show up to this point!


Here's where things start to really pick up!  The Crockett Cup winners the Rougeaus have nuclear heat here in MACW and manage to get EVEN MORE with the stunt from Armand jumping out of the wheelchair to help cost the champs the title and his brothers to win them.  Great booking here!


WOW, here's where things pick up even more, I'm sure to many fan's surprise "The Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant manages to score the victory!  But then…..the unthinkable happens as JYD turns on Valiant!?!?  Even though we still have an awesome main event to go, I feel like this is going to be what the fans will be talking about driving home, shocked that JYD would do such a thing.  I'm interested in seeing this play out…..I'd say this and the Kamala/Mr. Harris angle from the NWA Bash are the too wildest angles of the holiday events!


A very well booked WarGames! I loved the finish, very creative way to end it……as I'm reading it I'm thinking, Wow, if I'm fan at the show I'm kinda pissed off because the second half of the show was heavy on the heat with the Rougeau finish, the JYD turn, and the ending to the WarGames…..HOWEVER, you send everyone home excited and reenergized with the unexpected appearance of RIC FLAIR….even if Flair ends up being a heel it still was an exciting way to end the night with a huge star from the area "coming home"!


Great Show, I look forward to the fall out on television!

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