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Once again, the Rougeaus had me rolling. Comedy at it's best. They might end up paying big time when the Road Warriors get a hold of them. 

We'll see if Prichard has what it takes to team with Kernodle. 

After an exciting Cup, we're down to the final four.

Ritter vs. Street was so intriguing to me. Two very different types of heels going at it and they put on a pretty exciting match. Damn, what a finish as Ritter thumps his way to the finals. 

Arn and Murdoch put on a classic. Murdoch's perseverance gives him the win. Horsemen beatdown follows but GINO returns! Gino vs. Flair is going to be a wild one. Flair has the Horsemen but I don't know if Gino has many friends left. Excited to see what happens.

Ritter vs. Murdoch for all the marbles! Either one of these guys deserve that Starrcade title shot.  

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Worldwide Wrestling, 8/25/85

Gorgeous Gary Royal defeats Brady Boone in about 5 minutes, proclaiming that’s how it’s done!

El Santo Negro defeats the young rookie Chris Benoit with a flying cross body off the top rope in about 4 minutes. Gary Royal, watching from ringside, is enraged.

Fatu & Samu defeat Jim Powers & Mike Jackson.

In the main event, Kerry Brown faces Mr. Wrestling II, with the winner getting a U.S. Title shot on Labor Day. The match never has a result, as the Horsemen storm the ring and attack both men. Brown and II are getting beat down until JACK BRISCO makes the save. Power Play might be gone, but Brisco still has unfinished business with Ole and Arn. He challenges the Horsemen to a six man tag on Labor Day in Atlanta.


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8/31, MACW TV

We see video highlights of the Block A and Block B finals for the Starrcade Cup, and the end of the show as a baseball bat-wielding Gino Hernandez stormed the ring to chase off the Four Horsemen.



Jim Powers & Chris Benoit vs Gene Ligon & Pete Sanchez

The match never happens, as seconds after the opening bell, Animal and Hawk storm into the studio and annihilate all four men. Each of the four receives a Doomsday Device.

Animal, Hawk, and Paul Ellering then make their way to the broadcast position.

ANIMAL: ROUGEAU BROTHERS! You think this is a joke?!? You think this is a game?!? This is real life, and your necks are on the line… and are gonna get SNAPPED in Atlanta. See if we lose this match… we don’t get a title shot for a year. That means we’ve got nothin’ to lose. We snack on danger and we dine on death, on a GOOD day. So what do you think is gonna happen… when two guys like us, have nothin’ to lose? Tell em Hawk!

Hawk: WELL… Rougeaus… ya looked real CUTE out here in your paint, tryin’ to make fun of us. We’ll see how many jokes you make after the Omni, when you’re eatin’ all your meals through a straw.

Ellering: And Grapplers, don’t think we forgot about you! You say you’re not intimidated by my Road Warriors? Well if that’s true, you two are dumber than I thought. Prepare to reap the whirlwind at Star Wars.




Steve Gatorwolf vs Gorgeous Gary Royal

Royal dominates, knocking Gatorwolf out with his sleeper hold, assisted by a bodyscissors. It’s Royal vs El Santo Negro on Labor Day!


Big Daddy Ritter, Kazaharu, and Sonny King are now at the podium.

Caudle: I’m joined by one of our two finalists in the Starrcade Cup, Big Daddy Ritter.

King: Bob Caudle, what did I tell you? My man here was being held back. During this tournament, you’ve seen what Big Daddy Ritter truly is capable of in that ring.

Ritter: For years, I’d go from town to town, different promotions, and get told the same thing: you’re too strong for your own good. Hold back. You might hurt somebody. Well Dick Murdoch you’re about to see what happens, when there’s nobody to hold me back! And tonight, on this show, it’s me and your little buddy… Brett Sawyer. Listen here, half-pint. I got unfinished business with you, after Murdoch threw in the towel a few weeks back. Tonight, I send a message—and I will rip you off the bone,.

Caudle: Chilling words from Big Daddy Ritter…

King: The man who WILL be in the main event at Starrcade, and don’t you forget it!



Lex Luger & The Paisans vs The Samoans (w/ Rip Rogers)

Luger and Kokina share the ring before their battle for the TV Title in Atlanta in two days… The Paisans and Fatu and Samu end up doing most of the work early on, and Stallion and Parisi show some good continuity against their hard-headed, bare-footed opponents. Then Kokina tags in and runs roughshod over both Paisans. He chucks Parisi out of the ring and hurls Stallion back to his own corner, beckoning for Luger to tag himself in. The studio audience is heated as Luger enters, psyching himself up—only to get jumped from behind by Fatu and Samu. It’s a three on one assault! The referee restores order but the Samoans start isolating and punishing Luger, focusing most of their attention on the lower back of the TV Champ. Luger is in the Samoans’ corner, and throwing punches desperately as he fights against all three of them. He grabs Kokina and Samu and rams their heads together! That creates enough of a breather for him to make the diving desperation tag to Parisi! Parisi charges right at Kokina off the ropes… the behemoth doesn’t budge. A second running attack, and this time Kokina raises a foot and catches Parisi on the jaw with a thrust kick! We’ve never seen that from the big man before… Rip Rogers is beaming out on the floor as Kokina points at Luger and delivers his leaping legdrop, then remains seated across Parisi for the three count.


Back from the break, and Dick Murdoch and Brett Sawyer are now being interviewed by Caudle. Murdoch talks about reaching the Starrcade Cup finals… and how he thinks he’s done pretty good for a simple boy from North (thanks Darknyt) Texas. He promises to give Ritter the fight of his life in Atlanta. Now Sawyer gets the microphone, and asks his partner for a favor: no matter what happens, do NOT throw in the towel in the main event. Sawyer has something to prove against Ritter, and he’s going to prove it tonight, one way or the other!

The two men now are interrupted by Gino Hernandez, still showing wounds from the attack by his former allies in Power Play. Gino brings up his title match with Flair on Labor Day… and is looking for some people to watch his back so the Horsemen don’t interfere. Murdoch informs him that if Gino is looking for friends, he’s looking in the wrong place. He’s on his own!



Four Horsemen (Super Destroyer, Ole Anderson & Arn Anderson) vs. Johnny Weaver, Phil LaFleur & Brady Boone

A dominant effort by the trio from the Horsemen. After struggling against Weaver’s veteran savvy and LaFleur’s quickness, they isolate Boone, the least experienced man on the opposing team, cutting the ring in half and punishing Boone. The beatdown ends with Super Destroyer hitting a superplex on Boone, and from there the pin is academic.

Ric Flair comes out, applauding, after the Horsemen’s win. He mocks Gino Hernandez for begging for people to watch his back and guarantees victory!



Brett Sawyer (w/ Dick Murdoch) vs Big Daddy Ritter (w/ Sonny King)

Sawyer charges at Ritter like a house afire, knocking him to the floor and diving off the apron. He rolls Ritter back intio the ring, and the big man appears thrown off by the savagery and aggression of Sawyer… a leaping clothesline drops Ritter, who backs into the ropes and goes for a big splash… into Ritter’s raised knees. The dreams of a glorious vengeful victory end there, as Ritter starts to pound, punish, and torture Sawyer, first by removing the reams of athletic tape protecting his injured left shoulder and then focusing all his energies on destroying that shoulder. Ritter toys with Sawyer, refusing to pin him and pulling him up on a two count on a couple of occasions, as Murdoch can only watch. Finally, Ritter climbs to the middle rope and leaps off with a headbutt right to the exposed shoulder joint of Sawyer, before pinning his arm behind his back and delivering a Thump powerslam. Another! AND A THIRD! The studio audience is hushed into silence, and even the commentators go silent with the only sounds Sawyer’s screams of agony. Ritter applies a simple armbar on Sawyer, who immediately submits. As Murdoch and the referee tend to a badly injured Brett Sawyer, Captain Redneck locks eyes with Ritter as the show ends…


September 2 from The Omni in Atlanta

Final Card

MAIN EVENT, Starrcade Cup Finals -- The Winner Challenges for the MACW Title in the Main Event of Starrcade 85!

Dick Murdoch vs. Big Daddy Ritter (w/ Sonny King)

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title

Gino Hernandez defends vs. Ric Flair

Mid-Atlanrtic Tag Titles

Titles Can Change Hands on a Countout or DQ / If Road Warriors Lose, No Title Shots for a Year

Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (w/ Armand Rougeau & Mad Dog Vachon) defend vs. Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering)

TV Title

Lex Luger defends vs. Kokina (w/ Rip Rogers)

Six Man Grudge Match

Jack Brisco, Kerry Brown & Mr Wrestling II vs Four Horsemen (Super Destroyer, Arn Anderson & Ole Anderson) (w/ JJ Dillon)

Special Challenge Match

Don Kernodle vs. Tom Prichard

Junior Heavyweight Action!

El Santo Negro vs. Gorgeous Gary Royal

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Great TV show...

I think Kernodle/Prichard will be a fun team!

And the 4 Horseman are born!  I think Super D in a suit is cool!

Ritter over Street was great as was Murdoch over Arn.  I like the Horseman sticking together after Arn goes down but I really liked the arrival of GINO looking for revenge!

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I’m as big of a JYD fan as you will find (John knows) and I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this heel incarnation.  He just savages Sawyer.

No man is an island?  Don’t tell Gino.

Still odd to see Super D as a Horseman, but it’s growing on me.

Waxahachie is in north Texas.

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As I mentioned to you over PM. I really like the Rip Rogers/Samoans combination. Just something about the image of Rip with his bleached hair and pink trunks surrounded by these monsters who for some reason aren't killing him makes for a great visual. I also think they are coming along nicely and could easily contend for the tag titles.

I also think you are moving Luger along nicely. I had hoped to do something similar with him when I was running WWF. A nice slow build before making him a star. The TV Title is a great starting point.

Super glad to see Dicky Murdoch getting a nice push. Love that man, and anyone who has the good sense to give him a push is okay in my book!

I have to admit that when you turned JYD, I didn't think much of the idea. But I have to say you have done a great job making the Big Daddy Ritter character work. As much as I love Murdoch, I will be pulling for BDR in the Starrcade Cup final.

Props to you on doing what most of us were never able to do, keeping the Road Warriors on our roster and making them interesting! With such an unbeatable team, it is rough to keep them in interesting storylines, but so far you've done that. I personally hate the fucking Rougeau's, so I am very invested in the LOD killing them!

Lastly, I was very much digging Power Play, and I have to say that the transition to the Horseman was nicely done. I'm not sure how Gino plays out as the unlikely hero/victim in this situation, but I look forward to seeing how it plays out. Also, you get bonus points from me for using Super D in such a prominent position!

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9/1/85, Worldwide

The Moondogs defeat Mike Jackson and the debuting Jack Foley after Rex plants Foley with a powerslam.

Tom Prichard defeats Eric Embry with a backslide.

El Santo Negro defeats Wild Bill Irwin by DQ after Gorgeous Gary Royal attacks the masked man seconds into the match. He and Irwin leave together.

Mr. Wrestling II and Kazaharu battle to a 15-minute draw.


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LABOR DAY SPECTACULAR, 9/2/85, The Omni in Atlanta


Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone are your commentators for this special closed-circuit event!

The event begins with a 10-bell salute and moment of silence for Jay Youngblood.



Don Kernodle vs Tom Prichard

Kernodle wanted to see what Prichard is made of and he did just that in this 15-minute opening match. Prichard hangs right with Kernodle in a match that stays on the up and up with both men within the rules. As the match enters the final minute, however, Kernodle pulls Prichard into a side headlock and delivers three quick rabbit punches to the face. He rolls Prichard up, laying on top for a stacking pin… and scores the victory! Kernodle just shakes his head as he leaves a frustrated Prichard in the ring.



El Santo Negro vs Gorgeous Gary Royal (w/ Wild Bill Irwin)

After working together on Worldwide, it’s no great shock to see Wild Bill and Royal on the same side here. The crowd is firmly behind El Santo Negro. He’s really won over the fans in Mid-Atlantic in the past month with his quickness, athletic ability, and high flying lucha libre moves! El Santo busts out more of the same, seemingly finding six different ways to arm drag Royal, who is having fits! Back into the ring and Royal delivers a fist right to the bread basket to gain control… He mounts El Santo in the corner, delivering punches down on him… when the masked man just slides out from under him! He pulls Royal’s legs out from under him, until Gorgerous Gary is straddling the middle turnbuckle! El Santo Negro with a running dropkick to the back! Royal drops. The masked man ascending to the top… looking for his flying cross body… but now Wild Bill is up on the apron. El Santo Negro leaps… big cross body. But the referee is distracted! Finally he turns. 1… 2… kickout! Royal was pinned for at least a 10 count! El Santo Negro is up now and pointing and jawing at Irwin… Royal grabs him from behind and hooks his sleeper, then applies the bodyscissors. The masked man is pulled down to the mat and Royal successfully puts him to sleep! A STUNNING win for the Gorgeous One, and the fans are irate.



Kerry Brown, Mr. Wrestling II & Jack Brisco vs Four Horsemen (Super Destroyer, Ole Anderson & Arn Anderson) (w/ J.J. Dillon)

This match came about when the Horsemen attacked Brown and II during a match at Worldwide, where the winner was going to earn a U.S. Title shot against Super Destroyer on this card. Instead, Jack Brisco made the save! The action starts out hot and heavy with all six man brawling in and around the ring. The Atlanta crowd is loving it! Jack Brisco has his sights set on Ole, still thinking about that bloodbath in Miami where he and Gino defeated Brisco and Thunderbolt Patterson! The referee finally gets the action to settle down, and as he does, the Horsemen are able to gain the advantage on II, working him over on their half of the ring for an extended period of time. The masked man is able to fight off the odds, though, and rocks Arn Anderson with his patented kneelift! II tags Brown—and Arn tags Super Destroyer. Brown steamrolls into the ring. Destroyer tries to clothesline him but Brown charges right through the attempt. Fists of fury from Brown battering the U.S. champ back into the neutral corner, as Brown works over the head and the body! Brown Irish whips the Destroyer HARD into the far corner, then charges in with an avalanche splash! Brown hooks Destroyer for a suplex… bounces him off the top rope and then back to the mat. Slingshot suplex, we haven’t seen that from him before! Brown covers. 1… 2… 3?!? WOW, Brown runs right through Super Destroyer and wins the match for his team before the other Horsemen even have a chance to react!



Television Title Match
Lex Luger defends vs. Kokina (w/ Rip Rogers)

Luger comes out with his ribs and lower back heavily taped after the past two encounters with the Samoans. This leads Rip Rogers to get on the mic and offer Luger the chance to forfeit the title right now, and walk out of Atlanta in one piece. Luger walks up to Rip, unclasps the title belt… and smashes Rip right in the face with it! The fans love it but Kokina waffles Luger with a clubbing blow to the side of the head as the match begins. Luger has plenty of fight but in his injured state he’s no match for Kokina, who throws the Total Package from pillar to post. Luger mounts a brief comeback but a single forearm across the back stops it, followed by a headbutt. Kokina with his leaping legdrop… and engulfs Luger with it! 1… 2… 3! Luger never had a chance… and we have a NEW TV champion…



Mid-Atlantic Tag Title Match
Titles Can Change Hands on a Countout or DQ
Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (w/ Armand Rougeau & Mad Dog Vachon) defend vs. Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering)

The stakes here could not be higher. The Rougeaus can lose the belts if they get counted out or disqualified. Meanwhile, if Hawk and Animal lose, they won’t receive any more matches for the MACW Tag Titles for a full year!

The Rougeaus seem nervous as the match begins, and they should be! The challengers come out next and just come sprinting down the aisle. Jacques and Rougeau try to jump them as they enter the ring but get hurled away. Double clotheslines on both champs, who then get hoisted into the air for stereo press slams. A clothesline sends Raymond end over end to the floor, isolating Jacques in the ring. Flying shoulderblock by Hawk! Then a leaping fist drop… he lays in a choke before tagging in Animal, who hits another press slam. Armand is screaming something at Mad Dog Vachon, who’s trying to get a dazed Raymond to his feet. Aninal fires Jacques HARD into the turnbuckles, and he comes crashing to the mat. Another leaping fist drop by Hawk, and the pin. 1… 2… Armand pulls Jacques’ boot under the bottom rope. That brings Ellering around and now the two managers are brawling, with the referee distracted, trying to break them up. On the other side of the ring… Raymond is in the ring, and Vachon throws him a title belt. Animal grabs it out of the air! He blasts Raymond… then blasts Jacques! Animal goes for the pin… the referee turns around! 1… 2… 3NOOOOOO Jacques SOMEHOW gets a shoulder up at the last second. Jacques is bleeding profusely now! Animal signals for the doomsday device… picks up Jacques… who is struggling like mad on Animal’s shoulders. Raymond slides in and delivers a chop block to Animal’s leg, and all three wrestlers drop in a heap. In the resulting collision, referee Tommy Young gets taken out as well! Hawk climbs down to check on his partner, who is clutching at his left knee. Hawk grabs Raymond and throws him out of the ring, hard to the floor. Armand is up on the apron and gets blasted. Ditto for Mad Dog Vachon! Hawk going for Jacques when… is that… Dutch Mantell?!? Wearing a neck brace, the Dirty Dutchman is on the apron with Shoo Baby. Hawk goes toward him when two HUGE muscular men come through the crowd from the other side of the arena and jump Hawk from behind. That’s… Korchenko is one of them! I have no idea who the other one is! Hawk is beaten down by the two men. They then toss Hawk out of the ring. Animal is up now, still hobbling, and also gets obliterated by the muscular duo. They both pick up Animal…. And then drop him across two outstretched knees. A disgusting impact to the ribs and abdomen! Animal is doubled over on the mat! Dutch has Tommy Young up as his two hitmen drape Jacques over Animal and leave the ring. He’s rolling the referee’s carcass in… Not like this! No! 1! 2! 3!

The crowd ERUPTS in boos and hatred. What a miscarriage of justice! Somehow, someway, the Rougeaus are STILL your tag champions.


Bob Caudle tries to chase down Mantell in the aisle for some answers. Dirty Dutch rips off the neck brace.

Mantell: The Road Warriors made a FOOL out of me last month… well how do they like it now? Huh? You’re not the biggest and baddest in this territory anymore. Because I’ve found the new strongest tag team in the area—and they answer solely to ME. Meet Justice and Czar… the Blade Runners. And we’re playing for keeps! C’mon men!

Mantell and his new tag team stalk back up the aisle leaving bodies strewn in their wake in and around the ring. Speaking of, in the squared circle, Jacques is just now realizing the result of the match as a wounded Tommy Young drapes a tag title belt over his carcass. He starts sobbing tears of joy. His brother knee-walks into the ring and they embrace to HUGE boos.



Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title
Gino Hernandez defends vs. Ric Flair (w/ J.J. Dillon)

Flair comes to the ring resplendent in one of his robes, escorted by his manager. Gino stalks to the ring in no jacket, just trunks and boots, the title strapped around his waist. The two men go nose-to-nose during the pre-match introductions, after which Gino headbutts Flair right in the nose! The challenger reels, and the match is on. Gino comes out throwing punches, and Flair quickly takes a powder to the floor, where the beatdown continues. The referee continuing his count, until Gino comes back in the ring and stops him. He asks for a microphone.

Gino: You might as well cut out that crap! I’m not here for a countout! I’m not here for a DQ! I’m here to kick Ric Flair’s ass! [Crowd roars] So you may as well hang back and wait to count the pin and raise my hand!

The crowd is loving it as Gino goes back out to the floor, only to get met by Flair, who rakes his eyes and delivers a devastating back suplex on the concrete. That leaves both men spent, but the referee doesn’t begin a 10 count. Flair is up first and fires Gino into the first row of fans! They’re starting to take their fight into the crowd! Gino is definitely favoring his back, but comes up with a chair and swings it back at Flair in desperation. Nature Boy sidesteps it and stomps Gino right in the spine, then rams his face into a chair vacated by one of the ringside fans. Gino comes up bleeding as Flair drags him back to the ring, and under the bottom rope. “NOW we go to school!” Flair proclaims as he starts rocking Gino with a series of suplexes and slams, all targeting the lower back of the champion. He mixes in several punches to the head, continuing to open up the cut until it’s a real gusher. The referee tries to check on the cut but Gino shoves him away. The champion is bleeding profusely, though! It’s like a faucet! Flair with a back breaker, then turns Gino over into a Boston crab. Gino arches his back and screams in pain, blood dripping down his face and forming a puddle on the mat. Screaming with effort, Gino drags himself forward until he’s able to grab the bottom rope and force a break. Flair moves in, but Gino catches him with a back elbow. Then a chop! Now Flair answers. Both men trading chops! They’re covered in the blood of the champion! Gino now has the upper hand! He’s firing back on Flair with rights and lefts! Flair backpedaling! Gino drives him HARD into the near corner, smashing his head against the top turnbuckle. He whips Flair off, Flair goes up and over and then back down into the ring, landing hard on his hip. He comes up to his knees, begging off from the champ! Gino advances, covered in blood… and suddenly pitches facefirst to the mat. The referee is checking Gino and… he’s waving the match off! It’s over! Just like that it’s over! The fans are astonished as the ring announcer proclaims that Gino Hernandez has passed out from blood loss and is therefore unable to continue. And so, Ric Flair is your winner and the NEW MACW Champion… A surprised but jubilant Flair celebrates as medical personnel sprint to ringside to care for the now FORMER champ.



Starrcade Cup Finals
Winner Challenges for the MACW Title in the Main Event of Starrcade 85
Dick Murdoch vs. Big Daddy Ritter (w/ Sonny King)

This is it—the one for all the marbles! Dick Murdoch had to defeat Arn Anderson to rally in his block and get here, while Big Daddy Ritter ran through everyone he’s faced in his block… and everyone he’s faced since this change of heart.

Murdoch keeps a murderous stare locked on Ritter during the introductions, his mind no doubt focused on Ritter’s destruction of Murdoch’s tag partner Brett Sawyer just a few days ago… The bell rings and Murdoch flings himself right at Ritter, delivering a leaping punch. Ritter staggers, but doesn’t go down. Murdoch runs off the back ropes and hits Ritter with a clothesline with everything he’s got! Ritter leans back against the ropes but still keeps his feet. Murdoch takes another run off the ropes, but before he can do anything, Ritter springs forward with a clothesline of his own that nearly beheads Captain Redneck! Ritter starts to use his size and power to manhandle Murdoch as few have shown the ability to do. He constantly breaks the rules, fish-hooking Murdoch, choking him, and gouging at his eyes but always breaking before the five count. After several of these bends of the rules, Murdoch tags the approaching Ritter with a kick to the gut, and a big uppercut! That rocks Ritter, who Murdoch then hits with a running neckbreaker to FINALLY put down. Murdoch covers and doesn’t even get a one count before Ritter hurls him off. Another clothesline by Ritter puts Murdoch down, and the punishment continues… now Ritter with slams and throws, working over the back of Murdoch… but unable to put him down for the three count. At Sonny King’s urging, Ritter keeps pouring on the punishment, but still can’t put Murdoch down as the match passes the 15… then 20 minute mark. Ritter is huffing and puffing at this point as he delivers yet another slam on Murdoch, then pulls him up into a bearhug. The squeeze doesn’t seem to have its normal intensity, though, as Murdoch is able to pry his arms free and clap Ritter’s ears, followed by a Bionic Elbow right to the head. That rocked Ritter. A second Bionic Elbow! Ritter fires back with a punch that Murdoch avoids with ease. Has Ritter punched himself out?!? Murdoch firing away with jabs on Ritter, Big Daddy’s head snapping back at each one. They’re closed fists but the referee is just letting them go! Murdoch winds up for a big haymaker… when Ritter grabs him by the throat. He flings Murdoch back into the near corner. Ritter charges in with a shoulder block, now grabs Murdoch by the ears and delivering a series of headbutts. Ritter seems furious! Beals Murdoch out of the corner. Ritter comes charging out, Murdoch sidesteps him and executes a drop toehold, then rolls Ritter over and executes a spinning toehold! Murdoch going to work on the leg of the big man… and trying to ensnare him in a figure four. No dice! Instead Murdoch just wrenches on that left leg! Ritter starts kicking at Murdoch! He responds by smashing his elbow down across Ritter’s leg. And again across the knee! And again! Murdoch wrenching on that lower leg until Ritter gets a hand in the ropes. Ritter slow to stand… and definitely showing signs of fatigue now. He takes a wild swing at Murdoch, who avoids it and hits a Russian legsweep! Now a leaping elbow on Ritter. Jumping knee to the head! Murdoch scales to the top rope… flying knee drop! Back to the top… a second flying knee drop! Climbs off and to the top once more… leaping elbow, right into the cold evil heart! 1! 2! 3! THAT’S IT! After 30 minutes of grueling action, Murdoch wins the Starrcade Cup!

Jim Crockett and the referees come to the ring as medical personnel tend to Ritter. They hand Murdoch a large trophy and the contract for the main event of Starrcade. He signs his name on the bottom line and stands, wobble-legged, soaking in the cheers of the crowd…

Until Flair’s music hits. Ric Flair walks out, wearing a suit, the MACW belt over one shoulder. He approaches the ring and locks eyes with Murdoch, then signs the contract himself before retreating, never taking his eyes off his new top challenger.


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Now we go to school!

All of the build pays off in spades!

The undercard is perfectly paced to warm up the crowd.

I was a bit surprised to see the Horsemen lose, but my guess is that payback will be forthcoming.

Luger still needs some seasoning, especially if he plans to fight Samoans.  Looking forward to seeing Kokina’s reign.

The tag team match was everything I hoped for...and more.  The Roadies get outsmarted by the returning Dutch!  Who is Czar?  AND we still get more Rougeau promos.  Everyone wins except the LOD.

Flair gives Gino a beating on the way to claiming the title, but I know we haven’t heard the last of Hernandez.

And finally, the Starcade Cup is decoded.  Murdoch EARNS the win in a hard fought battle. Dickie is the right guy at the right time.  Looking forward to the build between him and Flair.

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Great  Labor Day show 

Really enjoyed the opener... can't wait to hear from both of Kernodle and Prichard

Very interesting to see the Horseman go down in defeat here.  Wonder if thigs are going to work out with Super D and these group of egomaniacs.

Kokina over Lex is interesting as I am now looking forward to seeing what's next for Lex

Interesting match with the RW and the Rougeaus.  Really thought that the RW's were going to take this, mostly because I hate the Rougeaus.  They are like cats with 9 lives.  INteresting to see how long the Blade Runners can last.  Dutch better be careful!  

WOW... Gino vs Flair didn't disappoint!  Hope we get more of this!  Great finish.

Murdoch vs Ritter was awesome.  These are two of my favorites so it was a win/win for me.  Looking forward to the match with Flair.


Thanks for all the hard work.  Great show!



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Count me in as being shocked to see the Horsemen lose here, but with what's coming later it doesn't hurt them at all.

Kokina gets the win for the TV title over Luger. Both guys are super green here but you're doing a good job building them so far, I think the right guy won here.

I love the tag title match, Dutch gets revenge and introduces a new team, while the Rougeaus continue to get nuclear heat...and none of it hurts the Warriors one bit, it only makes the fans wanna see them get revenge even more! Well done!

Honestly I would have loved to see Gino as a Horseman but that wouldn't have worked with him holding the title when Flair came in ....but despite all the heat Gino had as a heel, I feel like with his charisma the fans would believably get behind him here against the freshly turned Flair, coming out of this, Flair is champ with the Horsemen in tow....and we're getting ready for a helluva ride here in MACW!

The much anticipated finals of the Starrcade Cup brings us Dick Murdoch as the challenger to new Champ Ric Flair at Starrcade! I like it...a lot!!

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6 hours ago, GeneJackson95 said:

I love the tag title match, Dutch gets revenge and introduces a new team, while the Rougeaus continue to get nuclear heat...and none of it hurts the Warriors one bit, it only makes the fans wanna see them get revenge even more! Well done!


This made me happy as this match and the booking of it -- the lead-in, the build, the payoff -- is the favorite thing I have done since taking over MACW 

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What a night! 

Prichard almost took Kernodle to the limit but Kernodle takes it. Kernodle didn't seem to impressed with Prichard. Looks like his search for a partner continues. 

Gorgeous Gary pulls off a pretty big upset over Santo. I love the unusual pairing of Royal and Irwin. 

This upset was bigger than the last. Brown runs over Super D and gets the pin. WOW! I wonder how the Horsemen will respond. Like the Horsemen, I didn't see it coming either LOL. 

Kokina has been on a roll and that momentum continues as he takes the TV strap from Luger. Looking forward to the reign of Kokina and some entertaining promos from Rogers.

LOL, Road Warriors came in and destroyed any Rougeau that got in their way! The fans felt a title change...until Dirty Dutch shows up with some muscle. Very well done. I really like the continuity. Dutch gets revenge but oh man I wouldn't want to be him when the Road Warriors get a hold of him. Then again, Dutch has some big dudes backing him up. This will be a lot of fun. 

Gino vs. Flair! What a match! Very creative ending. Gino loses the title but comes out looking like a fighter with a lot of guts. As hated as he was, I think he won the fans over tonight. Flair with the title just seems right. 

It all led to this. Murdoch and Ritter for the Cup. Both men took it to each other in one hard hitting match. That flurry by Murdoch in the end was awesome and puts him over as a serious threat to the title. 

I liked the visual of Murdoch and Flair signing the contract at the end. Starrcade 85 is going to be epic! 

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9/14/85 MACW TV

A highlight reel from the Labor Day Spectacular opens the show, including seeing Kerry Brown suddenly pin the Super Destroyer, the attack by Dutch Mantell and his associates to rob the Road Warriors of the tag titles, Kokina winning the TV Title, Ric Flair winning the Heavyweight Title, and Dick Murdoch capturing the Starrcade Cup.


Bob Caudle and David Crockett welcome us to the program and hype that half of the main event of Starrcade 85 is set! It’ll be Dick Murdoch challenging for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title… we have two new champs in Mid-Atlantic, and we’ll be hearing from both of them on the program as well.



Don Kernodle vs. Eric Embry

A solid back-and-forth match runs near the end of its 10-minute time limit before Kernodle sidesteps a charging Embry, who smashes into the turnbuckles and gets ensnared in a bridging pin. After the match, Brady Boone comes out and says HE wants to be the man to help challenge for the Tag Titles.


Back from the break and the Four Horsemen are in full effect at the broadcast position. Flair is looking well-groomed and holding the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title, proclaiming this is what a REAL champion looks like… and it’s just a matter of time before all four Horsemen have gold. Speaking of, though, Flair expresses some displeasure with the Super Destroyer dropping the ball on Labor Day. He let that fat slob Kerry Brown embarrass him! And next week, now Brown is calling his shot at that U.S. Title. Flair warns the Destroyer not to be embarrassed again… and if he loses his title, he’s OUT of the Horsemen!



TV Title Match

Kokina defends vs. Phil LaFleur

The massive Samoan is feeling his oats apparently after defeating Luger for the title. He runs through LaFleur in about five minutes, finishing him off with the jumping legdrop. A gleeful Rip Rogers poses in the ring with the champion… can anyone stop Kokina? And will Rip be that happy when he faces Road Warrior Hawk later tonight?!?


Back from the break, and the Rougeaus are in the studio, still celebrating their stunning victory. They’re toasting champagne in fancy suits. Mad Dog Vachon is there to serve the drinks, and keep them coming. Crockett calls them out for being beat down and finished before Dutch Mantell and his henchmen decided to make the save. Armand’s response? “I scoff in your general direction!” Armand then turns his attention on Vachon, for accidentally throwing the title belt to Animal on Labor Day… or maybe it was no accident? Armand starts SCREAMING at Mad Dog, telling him it better not happen again! The mouthpiece of the Rougeau clan smashes his glass against the concrete floor and orders Vachon to clean it up… he does so as the brothers continue to celebrate.


Dutch Mantell brings out the Blade Runners for their match. They eye the tag champs, and Mantell even points to his wrist, like it’s just a matter of time before they come after the gold!


The Blade Runners vs. Chris Benoit & Jim Powers

Total dominance by Mantell’s two bruisers. Justice is all muscle and content to throw around the two rookies with slams and throws, and a few clotheslines mixed in to boot. Korchenko, now known as Czar, is still as big and bad as he ever was. After a few minutes of straight punishment, the Blade Runners fire Benoit into the ropes, and Justice leaps with a punishing flying shoulder tackle. It’s like getting hit by a building! Czar charges in and boots Powers off the apron. They then double team Benoit, hoisting him over their heads and then dropping him across their outstretched knees with a gutbuster! Justice covers an agonized Benoit for the pin. On commentary, Caudle points out that move has put Animal on the shelf with cracked ribs!


Back from the break, and Dick Murdoch is in the house, carrying the Starrcade Cup trophy. He says he’s won a lot of titles in his career but this was one of the most special things he’s done in wrestling, because of the men he had to beat to earn it, and also the prize at the end. He never asked to be a hero or be cheered, he just tries to do what’s right for him, and now, it feels pretty right to go after that Mid-Atlantic Title and WIN it, and give this promotion the fighting champion it deserves. Whether it’s Flair or somebody else, Dick Murdoch says he’s coming home with the gold on Thanksgiving night!!



Road Warrior Hawk (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Rip Rogers

The match is getting ready to start when Jim Crockett comes into the studio with a live microphone and orders the referee not to start the match. He just got off the phone after hours of negotiations with the management of the USWA. They’re furious and ready to sue Mid-Atlantic for what the Road Warriors did in Memphis! After several days of discussion between the legal teams, an agreement has been reached. Mid-Atlantic hereby apologizes for what happened… and for their actions, the Road Warriors have been suspended from television for a month! Therefore, Rip Rogers wins this match by forfeit.

Paul Ellering tries to protest to Crockett, while Rogers celebrates in the ring like he just won an Olympic gold medal.

The studio audience is stunned as the show ends.


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9/15/85, Worldwide

Jack Brisco defeats Mick Foley.

Big Daddy Ritter destroys Steve Gatorwolf.

Gorgeous Gary Royal defeats Mike Jackson with an inside cradle after Wild Bill Irwin trips Jackson. Irwin and Royal then announce their new team, Wild and Gorgeous!

Lord Adrian Street defeats Pete Sanchez. Street has changed up his look, switching from his pinks to black and gray. He applies the Lordly Privilege for the submission and the referee has to physically pry him off.


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Good follow up from Labor Day. 

I like this Kernodle story of trying to find a partner. Very entertaining. Does Boone have what it takes? 

Well I knew the Horsemen wouldn't forget about Super D. He now has a lot of pressure to retain the US title against Brown next week. 

Looks like Kokina could be TV champ for a very long time.

LOL, we all knew the Rougeaus would be celebrating. Poor Vachon. How much is he going to take? I had to laugh at Armand. He's playing his part so well. 

Dirty Dutch's Blade Runners are impressive! 

After what happened in Knoxville, Crockett had to make things right with Jarrett. Will this be the end of it??? We'll see what the Grapplers have to say. I'm sure the Road Warriors aren't happy about the suspension. The plot thickens. 

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9/14/85, Charleston SC

Pete Sanchez and Gene Ligon battle to a 10-minute draw in a very intense match between former tag partners.

Tom Prichard defeated Gorgeous Gary Royal by DQ when Wild Bill Irwin interfered. Phil LaFleur evened the odds, leading to

Wild & Gorgeous defeated Tom Prichard & Phil LaFleur when Irwin caught LaFleur with his pump kick.

Back from intermission, Kerry Brown defeated Eric Embry.

The Rougeaus defeat Mr. Wrestling II & Johnny Weaver to retain the MACW Tag Titles. Raymond pinned Weaver with a hand full of tights.


9/15/85, Pensacola FL

The Blade Runners defeat Steve Gatorwolf & Jim Powers with Czar pinning Gatorwolf after their double press slam into a gutbuster. Hawk runs in after the match with a steel chair and the rulebreakers scatter.

Jack Brisco & Dick Murdoch defeat the Moondogs. Brisco pinned Spot with an inside cradle.

Don Kernodle defeats Adrian Street by DQ.

The Paisans defeat Terry Brunk & El Caballero with Stallion pinning Caballero after their tandem wheelbarrow slam.

Hawk beats Dutch Mantell by DQ after the Blade Runners attack. Brisco and Kernodle make the save.


9/16/85, Tallahassee FL

Jim Powers defeated El Caballero.

Hawk destroyed Terry Brunk then got jumped and busted open by the Blade Runners.

Lord Adrian Street defeated Steve Gatorwolf by submission with the Lordly Privilege.

Dutch Mantell & The Blade Runners defeated Don Kernodle & The Paisans by DQ when Hawk hit the ring with a steel chair.

Jack Brisco & Dick Murdoch defeated The Moondogs when Murdoch hit Spot with the brainbuster.


9/17/85, Gainesville FL

The Blade Runners defeated Steve Gatorwolf & Jim Powers, hitting their gutbuster finisher on Powers with Justice scoring the pin.

Dick Murdoch defeated Terry Brunk.

In an Elimination Tag, Lord Adrian Street & The Moondogs defeated Jack Brisco & The Paisans.

-Jack Brisco got DQ’d for throwing Moondog Rex over the top rope.

-Italian Stallion got pinned by Spot’s second-rope legdrop.

-Lord Adrian Street submitted Tony Parisi with the Lordly Privilege.

After the match, Brisco challenged Street to a singles match but he walked out.

Don Kernodle defeated El Caballero.

Dutch Mantell defeated Hawk after the referee got knocked out, allowing the Blade Runners to attack.


9/18/85, Orlando

Hawk destroyed El Caballero then got attacked after the match by the Blade Runners.

Adrian Street submitted Steve Gatorwolf with the Lordly Privilege, then asked for another challenge.

Adrian Street submitted Jim Powers with the Lordly Privilege, then asked for another challenge.

Jack Brisco defeated Adrian Street by countout when Street walked out on the match.

Don Kernodle defeated Terry Brunk.

The Blade Runners defeated The Paisans after a distraction by Mantell helped Justice ambush and pin the Stallion.

Dick Murdoch defeated Dutch Mantell.

Hawk won a 12-man battle royal (involving everyone but Murdoch, Mantell, and Brisco) to determine a MACW Title shot at the next time in Orlando.


9/19/85, Tampa

Steve Gatorwolf defeated El Caballero.

Jim Powers defeated Terry Brunk.

The Moondogs defeated The Paisans when Spot hit Parisi with his second-rope legdrop.

Hawk and Dutch Mantell never happened as the Blade Runners jumped Hawk in the aisle. Don Kernodle and Dick Murdoch made the save, leading to

Hawk, Don Kernodle & Dick Murdoch battled Dutch Mantell, Justice & Czar to a double countout after brawling all around the building.

Jack Brisco defeated Lord Adrian Street.


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Nice way to move forward from the Labor Day spectacular to Starrcade as you already began hyping up 2 big matches.  Really can't wait to see Murdoch in another big match!

Enjoying Kernodle's search for a partner.

Pressuring is building on the Super Destroyer as either he perfores better or he is out of the Horseman.  

When is Mad Dog Vachon going to snap?  Can't wait!  I HATE THE ROUGEOUS!  You have done such a great job with them that I can just feel the heat they are getting


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MACW TV, 10/12/85

Mid-Atlantic Television is back on the air after being pre-empted for the last few weeks due to sports programming…

Bob Caudle and David Crockett barely have time to introduce the show when they’re joined by Gino Hernandez. The match has been signed. Gino has his rematch against Ric Flair and it happens in two weeks, October 27, in Charlotte. Gino says he’s ready to reclaim the belt he never lost. He wasn’t pinned, and he didn’t give up. He just passed out due to blood loss. This time, who wins will be totally out of his control—OR Flair’s, because he petitioned Jim Crockett for a special match. Anything goes, no pinfalls, no submissions, the only way to win is to have someone throw in the towel for your opponent! Crockett asks Gino who’ll be in his corner, and Gorgeous Gino looks at him and says, “Frankly, I have no idea…”



Don Kernodle vs. Brady Boone

Another “proving ground” match, with someone trying to prove his worth to Kernodle and form a tag team. It doesn’t go well for Boone. Kernodle takes control of the match in the first couple of minutes and cuts off Boone at every turn, finishing him off with a high angle back suplex.

After the match, Kernodle heads to the podium, asking out loud if there’s anybody in this territory worthy of teaming with him. As if in answer, El Santo Negro enters the studio, silently staring down Kernodle and pointing at him.



Dutch Mantell, Justice & Korchenko vs. Steve Gatorwolf, Jack Foley & Pete Sanchez

Mantell certainly seems full of himself, backed by his Blade Runners, who do almost all of the heavy lifting in this one. Justice and Korchenko beat down whomever is in the match, then allow him to tag in a fresh man, only to pour on the punishment. Foley, making his televised debut, ends up drawing the short straw, as the Blade Runners pick him up for a double press slam, and then just drop him facefirst to the mat. Mantell asks for the tag, strolls in, and pins the rookie with a single foot pressed against his chest.

Mantell poses like a proud papa next to his pair of behemoths.

After the match, we’re joined by the Rougeau Brothers for an interview. Armand talks about “ze critics” saying they are not fighting champions. That’s why, to shut them up, the Rougeaus will be defending the titles throughout the month at live events, starting tomorrow night in Asheville. Armand then gets in the face of Mad Dog Vachon and tells him he’ll be staying behind to clean the Rougeaus’ luxury penthouse apartment in Charlotte “and if you don’t do a good job, you’ll be out on the street, old man!”



TV Title Match

Kokina defends vs. Mike Jackson

The Samoan juggernaut has little trouble with the pride of Birmingham, Alabama, polishing him off in less than five minutes and finishing him with that leaping legdrop.


After the commercial, we go to a previously taped video, from the estate of Lord Adrian Street. His resplendent pink and pastels are gone, replaced by all black. Street’s face is painted in shades of black and grey. He talks about “nothing but darkness” since losing his chance to win the Starrcade Cup. Where there was beauty and light, and refinement, now, he sees only doom and gloom. He’ll be back soon, to share his darkness with each and every one of you…

Bob Caudle advertises a sitdown interview with the number one contender, Dick Murdoch, next week on the program. Plus, David Crockett says that Mid-Atlantic President Jim Crockett will have a HUGE announcement about the future of the promotion, all next week!

The Horsemen swagger into the studio, with Ole reminding Super Destroyer the stakes of the main event. If he loses, he’s also out of the Horsemen! Arn reminds everyone that being a Horseman means being a winner, and being a champion, and nothing else will be tolerated. Flair talks about the rematch with Gino Hernandez, and how he doesn’t have to look far to find someone he can trust to be in his corner… but as for Gino, he’s a man on an island. How is he going to find someone he can trust, when the entire locker room hates his guts? Flair laughs and says it’ll be an easy night’s work …



U.S. Title Match

Super Destroyer defends vs. Kerry Brown

The other Horsemen exit the ringside area, leaving Super Destroyer to sink or swim on his own.

The bell rings and Brown goes at Destroyer like he has every opponent the last several months, with fists flying. The masked man looks to collapse under the initial onslaught but rakes Brown’s eyes, then hits a running clothesline. What ensues is more of a fight than a match, with plenty of stout blows between the two heavyweights. Each time Destroyer looks to build some momentum, Brown cuts him off. Destroyer on rubber legs now after the prolonged assault, and Brown charges back into the ropes and goes for a running clothesline… Destroyer ducks it and Brown wipes out the referee! Now the Destroyer rolls to the outside, he’s got the U.S. title belt. Back into the ring and he nails Brown with it! Destroyer pockets the belt, and covers. Another referee runs into the studio. One! Two! Thr—NOOO Brown with a shoulder up. Destroyer now trying to get Brown in position for the superplex… and he does. Now climbing… but Brown firing away with vicious punches. Destroyer falls back to the mat. Brown leaps! BIG splash on the masked man! Cover! One! Two! Three!

The studio audience ERUPTS as the second referee goes to hand Brown the title…

BUT WAIT! The original referee is up. After a quick conference, he heads over and raises the hand of Super Destroyer?!?! David Crockett is beside himself, as it’s explained Brown was disqualified for that clothesline. The studio audience is LIVID, and so is Brown, who starts to throw hands with the Destroyer once more! It doesn’t last long, as the rest of the Horsemen storm the studio, with Ole and Arn jumping Brown and Flair directing traffic. HERE COMES GINO! Gino Hernandez is in with a chair! Flair quickly bails out, and Arn takes one solid blast to the back before the other Horsemen scatter. The show ends with the Horsemen trying to regroup at ringside, while Gino and Kerry Brown stand tall in the ring.


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Gino's reply that he has no idea who will be in his corner against Flair has me hooked on that match even more then I was and I was all in then!  

Kernidle and El Santo Negro is interesting.  We shall see where this goes.

When are we going to see the true Mad Dog Vachon.... I can't wait till Armand gets it!

WHAT AN ENDING!  INSANE.  I guess Super D is still in the Horseman?  Get me to Flair vs Gino!

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7 hours ago, Darknyt said:

Wait...did Street just go goth?  Will he start coming out to “Boys Don’t Cry?”

That's a fucking fantastic visual. The music hits,  but instead of skipping to the ring, Street comes out slowly sulking to the ring. Exact same costume and make up, just done in shades of black and gray, maybe a hint of blue. Then instead of his usual shenanigans, he just uses the British style to beat the hell out of his opponents, before going back to sulking that nothing matters anymore. Almost an early version of Raven without the massive amounts of verbiage. 

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Good to have MACW back. 

Will Kernodle ever find a worthy partner? We'll see if El Santo is worthy. 

Old Dirty Dutch has found himself an impressive team. Looking forward to watching the Blade Runner's build. 

Love this dark version of Street. You can do so much with this and Street is a guy that can pull it off. 

Hot match between Brown and Super D! Oh man I thought Brown had the title. I think the Ref's decision saved Super D's horsemen spot and a horsemen beating. One positive thing that came out of this is Gino might have found a corner man in Kerry Brown. 

Flair vs. Gino! Yea Charlotte just sold out.  

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Worldwide, 10/13/85

El Santo Negro defeats El Caballero in a high-flying match that the crowd loves. El Santo scores the win after a high cross body off the top rope.

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew defeat Chris Benoit & Jim Powers, with Arn scoring the pin following a spinebuster.

Adrian Street defeats Phil LeFleur by submission with the Lordly Privilege. Street’s usual swagger is absent, with his pinks and pastels replaced by blacks and greys. He stalks past the broadcast position, telling Schiavone and Stevens about “the futility of darkness.”

Wild & Gorgeous defeat Johnny Weaver & Mr. Wrestling II, with Irwin scoring the pin on Weaver after a leaping knee drop during a four-man brawl.


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