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[2007-06-03-WWE-One Night Stand: Extreme Rules] John Cena vs The Great Khali (Falls Count Anywhere)

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Let's face it, Khali is awful. His offence is so shit that even Jim Ross craps all over it. There's two instances where he attempts a kick and completely misses Cena. Cena, with help from the gimmick match stipulation, does everything is his power to get a good match out of what he's been given. He sells Khali's strikes like death and he really puts over Khali as someone not to mess with. Khali doesn't take any big bumps until the end of the match, where he eats a FU from a crane to the floor. 

When people try to defend Cena as a top tier wrestler, don't use his matches with other great workers like Punk, Bryan and Cesaro as proof, use this instead. Anyone can have a great match with Daniel Bryan, but it takes a special kind of worker to craft something entertaining with someone as useless as Khali. This is his 'Flair vs broomstick' moment. 


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