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[2004-09-12-WWE-Unforgiven] Kane vs Shawn Michaels (No Disqualification)

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HBK carries Kane to a satisfying brawl. This was happening right in the middle of that godawful Kane/Lita forced wedding storyline. Thankfully, Snitsky hasn't yet came into the picture. Despite the horrific material Kane has to work with, he's great at being an evil, despicable bastard. I wish that would translate better to his in-ring skills, as this is rather bland when Kane is working over Michaels. This picks up as soon Michaels hits his kip-up. He shoots up to his feet just a few seconds after Kane does his sit-up.  Michaels keeps trying to make a comeback, but Kane cuts him off every time. It's common knowledge at this point, but Michaels is fantastic when he's working as the underdog. HBK bleeds (always a sign of a good Michaels match!), and both guys keep attempting their finishes. After being distracted by Lita, Michaels gets the win after a Sweet Chin Music and a jackknife pin. 


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