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[2020-03-25-AEW-Dynamite] Kenny Omega vs Sammy Guevara

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One of the effects of the coronavirus outbreak is how various wrestling promotions have reacted to the policies set up in their respective locations and how that affects the cases that various wrestlers get to build. Because of everything happening right now, some talents are getting much more chances to shine without much in the way of competition. To put it simply, it’s a bunch of nerdy stuff that doesn’t truly matter in the world that we live in and these shows happening right now really shouldn’t be happening at all.

That’s the main takeaway.

But also, Kenny Omega’s shot to the front of the line in the wrestler of the year race. The guy’s already built an incredibly solid base for himself with the fantastic Tag Team Title run with Hangman Page but he’s since supplemented that with two top line MOTY candidates vs. PAC and against The Young Bucks at Revolution. And now, he comes out and has a really good title match against Sammy Guevara on empty arena Dynamite.

Sammy’s one of my favorites on the AEW roster for all the character that he brings to every match. He’s coming in working as the undersized arrogant prick but he creates a lot of openings for himself here. Outside of just some good counter wrestling, he also goes for Omega’s bad hand to create moments of opportunity for himself. Omega sells the hand well too throughout until it’s time to go into Cleaner mode and just obliterate Sammy into dust here. Really great tense finishing stretch here that felt really earned as the match built up to it incredibly well with the time that it was given.

Another great performance in a year filled with them for Kenny Omega while one of my favorite midcard acts in AEW gets a chance to show off with one of the top guys. All in all, a big win.



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