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[2017-11-03-Dragon Gate-Gate of Destiny] Masaaki Mochizuki vs Susumu Yokosuka

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Masaaki Mochizuki defends the Open the Dream Gate Title

There is a nice escalation early on leading to a Yokosuka slap after a rope break.  Both end up ramming their primary weapon (Mochi's leg, Yokosuka's arm) into the post early.  The selling is not what I like, but it works into the story of the early match.  Mochi using kicks to the arm is a really good way to use his strength against a targeted bodypart.  Yokosuka really works over Mochi's leg and I am digging this match as an arm vs. leg match.  Yokosuka countering Mochi's knee counter to a leg grab is a nice nod to their history as partners.  I liked seeing a figure four not get turned over.  The second figure four has a great Mochi counter.  I do like how Mochi tends to fight back against things, unlike a lot of DG/Toryumon guys who just jump on into the hold/move if it isn't being reversed.  After the first part of the match they forget about the limb damage (Yokosuka does remember once) unless it is being worked on.  I guess it's kind of a difficult proposition working the leg on a guy who is 50% kicks.  Immediately after 5-7 minutes of legwork they are doing the high speed corner running spot. They do briefly go back to leg vs. arm and I still really like this match.  Finishing sequence forgets all that and we see a Hansen to Kobashi lariat out of the corner from Yokosuka!  That had me marking out.  Way too many lariat no-selling and kick/lariat exchanges as we reach the end.  Especially considering Yokosuka throws a nice lariat and if he did it a couple times a match it would be HUGE.

Overall I appreciate a lot of aspects of the style so far.  I just think that there are a few really glaring issues for me, such as the blowing off of the leg (don't work the leg so heavy) and the need to do the macho, let's-hit-each-other-to-prove-who-is-tougher nonsense.  I realize these come with the territory and I can still enjoy the positive aspects of the match.  I will say Mochi is really a giving wrestler and he always seems to make his teammates/opponents look really good.

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