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[2020-02-24-BJW] Daichi Hashimoto vs Takuya Nomura

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Very close to the great match they had in 18' at the Strong Climb tournament. Young Gawd is fucking outstanding in this, dude knows how to wrestle with a sense of urgency and dishes punishment in a way that his opponent HAS to level up and dish back at him, which leads to awesome sequences and good strike exchanges. Loved the way he kept one upping Daichi every time, either with a vicious slap or a stiff kick aimed at Hashimoto's arm. Daichi selling was great once again, at least until the final few minutes were they both went into "your turn my turn" mode.

The only complaint I have about this match is that Daichi doesn't have the offense to lead a finishing sequence. The finish itself was good/definitive and he has stuff that can work when he's the underdog but as the main champ he comes up short in this front, specially because he tends to get dominated for a good portion of the match so he needs some sort of equalizer, and a weak DDT and a bunch of shining wizards are not it. Considering 2020 has been a big for him and he has been way more consistent than in other years, if he's able to find something that makes him feel more like a champ and less like a "young, promising star", he's gonna take the final leap as a performer, imo.

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