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[1985-08-02-AJPW] Genichiro Tenryu & Jumbo Tsuruta vs Killer Khan & Riki Choshu

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This has a slow start, with Choshu trading holds with Jumbo and Tenryu. After seeing a number of Choshu tags, I was starting to worry that he might not as good as I thought he initially was after loving his short and explosive singles matches for many years. He's just much better when he's throwing bombs and not working holds. I did love Choshu struggling to attempt his Scorpion Deathlock on Tenryu, a spot that was used in their classic singles match in JWP earlier in the year. Thankfully, it's not long until they up the intensity as Jumbo bleeds a gusher after taking a ring bell shot for Killer Khan. The arm that Choshu worked on during the opening is brought back into play as Khan stretches it in the turnbuckle and drops a top rope leg onto it. Khan, despite being the guy I liked least in this match, really impressed me with his selling. There's a non-finish here, but are you surprised? 


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NWA International Tag Team Champions Jumbo Tsuruta & Genichiro Tenryu vs Riki Choshu & Killer Khan - AJPW 8/2/85

I can see why people prefer Tenryu to Jumbo during the work in this match as Tenryu is fired up from the start blitzing Choshu and Khan with chops. Whereas Jumbo takes the more scientific approach in the early going. It is only after Tenryu is being blatantly choked by Khan that Jumbo gets worked up into a lather. I think Jumbo did work hot from then with lots of slaps and emotion down the stretch. He bled for his promotion! Jumbo had an elbow pad on his arm and apparently it was injured as he is really selling after two lariats. Choshu hits a monster back suplex! BIG TIME LARIAT! Jumbo is sprawled out to the floor. Khan really adds the heel touches to this match. Bashing his bad arm to post and then attacking with ring bell. Jumbo is really cut open. Khan & Choshu beat the shit out of Jumbo. Khan is great here gnawing the cut and then attacking the bad arm. It is just an all out assault. Baba did not teach his boys lariats as Jumbo & Tenryu are nowhere as good as Choshu at the lariat. Choshu finally gets the Scoprion Deathlock but Tenryu hits a lariat. Khan makes the mistake to Irish Whip Jumbo near his corner. Tenryu SLAPS the taste out of Khan's mouth. AWESOME! Khan over hand chops. They both tag out. JUMBO HOUSE AFIRE! Pretty amazing comeback given how bloody he is. High knee, lariat and super back suplex. Didn't like transition of Choshu shooting him off into the Hotshot. Would have liked him to catch him into the move. They double team Jumbo with kneedrops from the top. Jumbo ends up outside. CHOSHU DECKS TENRYU WITH A LARIAT. Countout victory for the invading force!

Putting over Choshu & Co. strong. Drawing blood on Jumbo and kicking his ass so bad he couldn't respond to a ten count. Great booking and good execution. Tenryu was fired up, Jumbo was great at selling and the blood was awesome, Khan is such a great dick and Choshu is the badass rockstar. Good installment in the series. ***3/4

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