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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 7/10 | Pittsburgh, PA @ Civic Arena (17,788)

King Kong Bundy defeated Ted Arcidi @ 4:36 after 2 Avalanches & a Splash.

Tito Santana defeated ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz @ 13:52 with a small package reversal. 

NEW Intercontinental Champion Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated SD Jones @ 6:44 with the Figure-Four Leg Lock.

Sgt. Slaughter defeated Steve Lombardi @ 4:11 with the Cobra Clutch.

NEW WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino In-Ring Interview w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Bruno thanks Pittsburgh for their undying support spanning the decades. Promises to take Pittsburgh everywhere he goes, as he defends the Title with pride, dignity, and unquenchable fire! Bob Backlund interrupts to the ring, demanding Bruno return the belt to him if he has any integrity, adding that he’s (Backlund) Pittsburgh’s new Moses. Bruno pretends to offer the belt & knocks Backlund’s lights out instead! Backlund retreats to the back holding his face, leaving Bruno standing tall to a raucous ovation!


Ken Patera defeated Barry Horowitz @ 6:33 with the Spinning Full Nelson. Patera was hampered by a heavily taped leg, coming out of the Mania match last week.

The Red Scare defeated The Scufflin’ Hillbillies @ 5:43. Ref was distracted by Jim/Nikolai battling outside the ring, while Luke had Boris pinned. Blassie clocked Luke with his cane & Boris rolls over to get the 1-2-3.

NEW World Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s & the British Bulldogs fought to a Double DQ @ 15:19. Barnburner showdown with a bit of everything. Eventually broke down to a 4-man brawl. Ref tried to break things up & got tossed aside by Kerry & Davey Boy for his trouble. Both teams brawled all over ringside, then to the back.

Bob Backlund defeated Andre the Giant via count-out @ 12:14. Andre dominated the match, which spilled outside. A reeling Backlund rolls back in to escape the onslaught, right at the 10-count. Afterwards, Andre attacks Backlund in the ring & hits the Sitdown Splash. Bruno Sammartino returns & joins Andre in sarcastically bidding farewell to the retreating, battered Backlund. Bruno taunts Backlund with the belt from afar. He & the Giant then send the crowd home happy. 


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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 7/11


(Youngstown, OH @ Beeghly Center)


[OPEN] to the climactic closing moments of WrestleMania last weekend, and exclusive footage of Bruno Sammartino mid-celebration in the ring with the Title & his ecstatic, proud family…

[CUT] to the customary dramatic WWF logo-in-space opener, with colored galactic lasers galvanizing the logo to its dazzling golden hue, as the echoing voice bellows “The World Wrestling Federation. The revolutionary force in sports-entertainment”.

[OPEN] to the customary opening credit package set to audio of “Some Like It Hot” by Power Station, with explosive intercutting in-ring action shots of the British Bulldogs, Andre the Giant, Tito Santana, Von Erich’s, Iron Sheik and others, along with ecstatic crowd shots, etc. The final action shot is Bruno with both arms triumphantly raised at last weekend’s WrestleMania conclusion, with the Title in the air.

[FILTER IN] to the packed mid-sized arena. Vince McMahon & Lord Alfred Hayes stand on the podium off in the distance from the ring, which WE see from an angle. Crowd roaring.

Vince: Hello everyone! Welcome to a POST-WRESTLEMANIA edition of the Superstars of Wrestling! I’m Vince McMahon, alongside Lord Alfred Hayes. Gorilla Monsoon will rejoin us in a couple of weeks, as he’s currently touring the great Far East as an ambassador for the WWF. And Alfred, indeed, quite the doozy on hand for this week! 

Hayes: Most IMPRESSIVE week of action, if I may say! We’ll be seeing the Mexican sensation, Tito Santana in 1-on-1 competition, after that brutal showdown last weekend! (Vince nods, grinning). Not to mention, the BRAND-NEW Intercontinental Champion, none other than Bobby “The Brain” Heenan’s latest acquisition, the sensational Greg “The Hammer” Valentine!

Vince: Yes, and how about, ladies & gentlemen, the incomparable Sgt. Slaughter here with us this week in action, along with the FANTASTIC duo of… you guessed it, the Fantastics right here in tag team competition, Alfred! 

Hayes: An absolutely heart-pounding hour of in-ring action! I just can’t wait!

Vince (grinning): Indeed, and then from there, we’ll be reliving some of the unforgettable moments of last weekend’s first-ever WrestleMania in the Big Apple! We’ll be getting a glimpse & perhaps a word from the BRAND-NEW World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion, conspicuous by his absence, the Living Legend himself! And to our understanding, we’ll be hearing from the individual whom we now can deem the FORMER… World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion, none other than Bob Backlund. I can only imagine, Alfred! 

Hayes (smiling): Let’s hope we’ve got our battle gear, just in case!

Vince (slap-happy laugh): All that & lots more! Let’s get down to ringside to kick off all the action. I’m told an American patriot is on his way!

[In the ring, local wrestler Mike Tannis warms up & is announced to the buzzing crowd. “Born in the USA” by Springsteen kicks in & the place erupts! Slaughter comes through the tunnel to the aisle, getting a huge welcome from the capacity crowd! He confidently strides the aisle to ringside, ascends the steps to the apron, saluting the rocking crowd on all sides! He gets inside, saluting the crowd & finally removes his camo hardhat to prepare for action.]

MATCH #1: Sgt. Slaughter vs. Mike Tannis

Slaughter utterly dismantles Tannis from the opening bell; blasting him with roundhouse rights that floor Tannis every time, backdrops, high knee off an Irish whip, spinning neckbreaker, clotheslines, etc. Place going nuts for him & he’s fired up. The end comes with a whip to the ropes and… Cobra Clutch! Tannis goes limp & the ref calls for the bell after the 3 raises of Tannis’ arm. Pure dominance by Slaughter here, who gets his hand raised as “Born in the USA” resumes. He works the crowd all over the building, before exiting the ring to head toward the back.

Winner: Sgt. Slaughter by Submission

[CUT TO] “WWF Update” in the newsroom-like studio with Jack Reynolds, who greets us & informs us he’s stepping in for Lord Alfred Hayes this week, who’s handling commentary duties.

He leads in with last weekend’s WrestleMania being wrestling’s biggest spectacle ever as WE see video highlights as he speaks, from the big night of celebs, in-ring climactic moments, international wrestling & sports media on-hand, etc. MSG looked like the crown jewel of all arenas. He mentions the event being the talk of the sports world. 

[WE INTERCUT] back & forth to various soon-to-be-magazine stills as he speaks. He adds that, by the end of the epic night, Bruno Sammartino re-realized a dream & captivated millions, once again becoming the WWF Heavyweight Champion. More on that, later in the hour, he says. 

He adds that Greg Valentine, in controversial fashion, has become the new Intercontinental Champ & that Bobby Heenan’s British Bulldogs sit no longer atop the world as the WWF Tag Team Champs, as the Von Erich’s are the new kings of the tag team hill! He hypes us to stay tuned for more on the big night, but that “you’ve just gotten the headlines here first!”. 

Segment ends with a graphic of the WWF logo, the words “Up Next… Tito Santana in Action!” beneath it, and “Sussudio” by Phil Collins plays as the audio.



[Market-specific WWF ad bumper airs in the Cleveland market only, hyping tonight’s live show at the Convention Center. Visual shows the starry universe graphic & Mean Gene’s voice hyping the card, which includes Bob Backlund vs. ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham, Andre/Von Erich’s vs. Giant Machine/British Bulldogs, Greg Valentine now defending the I-C Title vs. Ken Patera, and lots more!... Etc.]

Back from commercial, Steve Lombardi smugly loosens up in the ring as he’s introduced to a round of boos. Tito Santana makes his way into the arena to a big ovation, as he happily hi-fives adoring fans on his way down the aisle. He gets to ringside, hops up the steps & into the ring, embracing the big ovation with pumping his fist to the roaring crowd on all sides of the building!

Match #2: Tito Santana vs. Steve Lombardi

Tito is at his best, making a crash-test dummy out of Lomardi with dropkicks right on the money, arm drags, hiptosses, and a monkey flip out of the corner. Tito immediately goes for the Figure-Four, but Lombardi pushes out of it & Tito hits the corner. Lombardi charges & Tito moves… Lombardi smacks the corner chest-first & staggers around as Tito immediately speeds to the ropes & levels him with the Flying Forearm for the 1-2-3! Tito celebrates the win with the cheering crowd, then finally hops thru the ropes, heading toward the back.

Winner: Tito Santana by Pinfall

[CUT TO] market-specific segment. “WWF Event Center” graphic shows as “Take On Me” by a-ha hits. Mean Gene Okerlund is standing by in an arena hallway, hyping Cleveland that tonight is finally the night World Wrestling Federation action comes to town at the Convention Center, 8 PM bell time, citing a few tix remain at Ticketmaster outlets all over town. 

He runs down the card, which includes no-longer-Champion Backlund taking on Superstar Billy Graham, Andre/Von Erichs vs. Giant Machine/British Bulldogs, new I-C Champion Valentine facing now-former Champ Ken Patera, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Boris Zhukov, Tito vs. Bundy, Fantastics vs. Islanders, Iron Sheik vs. Ivan Putski, $20K 20-Man battle royal, and so much more! 

Billy Graham comes into frame, posing & snarling as Gene happily welcomes him in. Graham is on fire, tearing Backlund apart in that Superstar way, ending with saying he’s coming to Cleveland to take his pound of flesh from Backlund for all he’s done, even if he can’t take the 15 pounds of gold. Says he’ll bring the belt home soon, when he gives “Brother Bruno a phone call, brother”! Says he’s coming to Cleveland to take what’s left of Backlund’s hide, then strikes a few more poses before departing.

Into frame comes the massive King Kong Bundy, who says he’s gonna squash “Taco Santana like the little grape he is” tonight in Cleveland & make an example out of him on the way to going after that World Title, etc. He finally moves out of frame & Gene re-hypes the big event in Cleveland tonight - “Man oh man alive, Cleveland, here we come! Oh my!” 

The segment ends with the stars-in-space graphic, with all the event details as “Sussudio” resumes.


Back from commercial, the crowd is already on its feet, booing up a storm as… here comes Bob Backlund in sleeveless sweater, shirt & slacks, slowly heading down the aisle, sans WWF Title belt in his grasp, stopping a few times to look at the crowd, expressionlessly. He gets to ringside & snatches a mic from a seated, intimidated Howard Finkel. 

Backlund ascends the steps & into the ring, calmly peering out at the massively booing crowd. Each time it seems he’s about to speak, the crowd boos heavier & he cranes his neck in silent disdain toward them!

Backlund (calm): I thought it appropriate (crowd boos heavier!)... to secure a few moments to address this cratering society (crowd goes louder)... in the wake of an event that shall mark calendars, one and all… as the precipitous human event that unreservedly has augmented the direction toward avarice, vanity, and the composite immorality of this human society. The event known... as WrestleMania.

[Crowd explodes in a taunting roar! Backlund cuts his eye out at them.]

Backlund (cont’d): The moment in time, where YOUR LEADER IN LIFE moved Heaven & Earth to make it abundantly plausible for your lives, and your CHILDREN’S lives, to finally take on the meaning that you so profusely have resisted! The moment in time, where I was DISPOSSESSED of the symbol of purity, superiority, and excellence. DISPOSSESSED of it… by a generational relic. A false idol of immorality.

[The boos break out big-time & “Bruno” chants begin. Backlund snaps his head to the crowd on all sides, as the chanting heightens.]

Backlund (cont’d): A false idol… who shall yet be extinguished at the hands… of your CHAMPION! (Big boos) I am here this week, to officially turn the page to bigger & greater alternate conquests in the interim. So that all of your depraved children can still be PASTEURIZED en route to a better path! The path to MORALITY! You understand, ladies & gentlemen!!?? 

[Huge boos cresting!] 

Backlund (more incensed, pointing at everyone): You will no longer have a deleterious effect on their lives, because MISTER… BOB BACKLUND… IS FINALLY GOING TO COMPLETE THE JOB YOU ARE CURRENTLY FAILING! I WILL STILL BE YOUR MORAL STANDARD! I WILL STILL BE YOUR CONDUCTOR TOWARD A FUTURE YOU CAN BE PROUD OF! AND I DEMAND COMPLETE & TOTAL… (calmer)... deference. (Major boos.)

[Backlund looks at the crowd, lecturing them off-mic. Crowd boos turns to a big roar as Tito Santana walks the aisle back to ringside! Stone-faced, he ascends the steps & Backlund turns to notice. Backlund’s taken aback & imploring him to not come closer! Tito gets into the ring & Backlund drops the mic, getting out to the far apron, still jawing.]

Tito (picks up mic): What’s wrong, Backlund? You ran outta those big words, hombre? (Crowd roars) By the way, this is the lightest I’ve seen you in a while - looks like you lost about 20 pounds. Something’s missing!

[Place goes wild! Backlund looks at the crowd in disdain.]

Tito (cont’d): I think I speak for these people when I say, “I think we’ve heard just about all we wanna hear from Bob Backlund for 1 lifetime!”

[Place going crazy! Backlund is stunned obliviously by this reaction.]

Tito (cont’d): It’s about time for someone to shut up that mouth of yours. And if YOU’RE not gonna do it yourself, then let me volunteer for the job! (pumps fist high) ARRIBA!

[Place going nuts! Backlund has the look of teacher who’s just been defied by a classroom of students!]

Suddenly, crowd turns to worries… here come the former Tag Team Champs the British Bulldogs, led by Bobby Heenan down the aisle! What are they doing here!? They get to ringside & split up, hopping on opposite aprons from Tito! Tito drops the mic & readily preps himself for war, turning eagerly to either side to make sure he isn’t Pearl-Harbored! 

Heenan walks around & hops on the apron with Backlund, shaking his hand & giving him some assuring words in his ear. Backlund cracks an evil smile toward Tito now! Tito appears surrounded from the aprons! Davey Boy! Dynamite Kid! And now Backlund! Tito’s head & body are both on a swivel! Bulldogs & Backlund now each slowly set 1 foot thru the ropes to get in the ring……

Place explodes!... Here come new Champs Kerry & Kevin Von Erich racing the aisle in street clothes with their freshly-won Title belts!! They running-slide into the ring alongside Tito & the opposition U-turns immediately, hopping off the aprons to ringside!! Tito & the Von Erich’s are all fired up in the ring, as Backlund, Heenan & the Bulldogs have seen enough as they convene at the mouth of the aisle! 

Tito & the Von Erich’s dare them to come get some! Backlund’s still lecturing up at them, while Tito ascends the middle turnbuckle above him! Kerry sits on the adjacent middle rope, daring them to come on back! Kevin’s doing snow angels on the mat, double-dog daring them! Heenan calmly, smugly whispers something to Backlund, who resumes smiling. 

The former Heavyweight & former Tag Champs slowly back up the aisle, as Tito & the Von Erich’s bid them farewell, before riling up the rocking crowd all over the building!


Back from commercial, it’s Vince & Lord Afred seated at the broadcast position.

Vince: We’re back here, ladies & gentlemen, on The Superstars of Wrestling. And Lord Alfred, quite the combustible situation we just witnessed moments ago.

Hayes: My goodness. Twas on the verge of an utter explosion here. It seemed like a series of happenstance alliances forming right before our very eyes, fueled by passions from all directions & for different reasons. I can only imagine what fireworks we may see if these 6 extraordinary competitors were to ever truly collide in a World Wrestling Federation ring, somewhere in the world. Count me in - I’d love to be on hand for that one.

Vince: Indeed, we’ll be looking to get an update on this potential power keg the moment we know more, ladies & gentlemen! Now then, I believe one ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund had the chance to spend some time earlier this week with some very special individuals!

[CUT TO] Mean Gene in a large gym, sparsely occupied at the time. Two faces in particular, clearly mid-session on their “clangin’ and bangin’” - none other than Ted Arcidi & Ivan Putski. Gene is dressed in short-sleeved shirt & jeans.

Gene: Ladies & gentlemen, Gene Okerlund here. And you’re probably wondering what a man like Yours Truly would be doing in a place like this, given my extensive size & muscularity. And provided your eyes are open, you get the humor in that remark. HOWEVER! Just off in the distance here, you can see 2 men who certainly resemble the description of some of the most finely tuned athletes in ALL THE WORLD… of professional wrestling. None other than “Polish Power” Ivan Putski & good friend Ted Arcidi. Let’s have a word with them, if we can.

[Gene approaches Putski, who finishes a set of benchpresses & sits up. Arcidi is still doing the seated lat pulldowns.]

Putski (sees Gene approaching): Gene! Hello my friend. (shakes Gene’s hand)

Gene: Polish Power, so great to see you! Thanks for sharing some time with us during your workouts. Perhaps I’ll join you, momentarily. But I’m very curious to know your thoughts on just how much nutrition & exercise help a man like you in the ring, here in the World Wrestling Federation.

Putski: Well Gene, as you know, strength & conditioning is huge in professional wrestling. I put my strength up against anyone in the WWF, including my friend here (re: Arcidi), who just bench-pressed over 700 pounds.

Gene: Whoa.

Putski: That’s right. But Gene, I tell you, when you’re grappling 250, 300, 400 pound fighters, warriors in the squared circle, you gotta be the strongest, the meanest, the baddest. And we’re in every city, day after day, training, eating right - lots of protein--

Arcidi (from across the way): Lotta MEAT.

Putski: You heard him, Gene. Lotta meat, every single day. Lots of complex carbs. We go into our matches with rocket buster energy & take it out on those big behemoths we face in the ring.

Gene: My word, that is SOME physicality there. Ted, if I may… (Arcidi happily halts his weight pulls)... it would appear you 2 have great camaraderie, personally. What are the chances we see you guys in action as a team? Or are your aspirations separate?

Arcidi: Gene, take a look at these bodies. Listen to the passion oozing off the 2 of us. Yeah, we’re way open to teaming up to take out the top tag teams here in the WWF, starting right at the top on down. But also, each of us wanna be the best we can be in singles competition. I think, personally, we can do it all. All starts with strong belief, and as you can see, strong follow-through.

Putski: You know Gene, if we teamed, we would like nothing more than seeing those America-hating Russians, they call themselves “The Red Scare”, and that anti-American Iranian, that Iron Sheik, and that blasted Blassie. We would gladly relish the chance to teach all those big-mouth chumps a lesson before they spread any more hatred & propaganda.

Arcidi: I’m in. Let the Scufflin’ Hillbillies beat ‘em up some, let the Fantastics get ‘em some, let the new Champs Kerry & Kevin get ‘em some. But we definitely are happy to team up & do some teachin’ of our own.

Putski: And then, we’ll pummel all those other teams until we’re carrying that gold around our waists. 

Arcidi: Now, get over here Gene. You come into our world, let’s get some beef on those bones, get you ready for some action of your own!

Gene (tempted yet unsure): Me? Well I… I suppose I…

Putski (laughs, pats his shoulder & ushers him to Arcidi): Come on, tough guy. We’ll start you off small. You’ll feel great after!

Gene: Ladies & gentlemen, that’ll do it from here!

[Arcidi gets up & lowers the weight setting to minimal, as Putski gently sits Gene in Arcidi’s seat. They get Gene in the hand stirrups & coach him to pull. Gene pulls like his life depends on it. The tiny weight barely moves up & he gasps to let go, which the tension release thrusts him up out of the chair. Arcidi & Putski laugh, applauding Gene & coaching him to keep going!]

[CUT] back to ringside, as the non-descript team of Adrian Reynolds & Paul Turner are warming up & introduced. “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top kicks in, and the place erupts in cheers - this time with a louder female tinge. Here come Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton, jogging down the aisle in their shiny vests & bow ties, hi-fiving fans on the way! They catapult themselves into the ring, working the roaring crowd! They finally shed the entry attire to the delight of the shrieking ladies.

Match #3: The Fantastics vs. Adrian Reynolds & Paul Turner

What poetry in motion is this team! Exciting fluidity, frequent tags in & out, great fundamentals & high spots, riling up the fans in the building! Reynolds & Turner are completely overwhelmed here! 

End comes when Turner comes in & tries to attack Fulton, who’s pummeling Reynolds. Rogers jumps in & disposes of Turner with a clothesline over the top before getting back out to the apron! Fulton makes the official tag & Rogers climbs the ropes to the top… Fulton hurls Rogers off the top for the Rocket Launcher splash down across Reynolds for the 1-2-3! Place going nuts! 

“Sharp Dressed Man” hits again & they celebrate with the roaring crowd, before finally hopping outside to hi-five fans around ringside!

Winners: The Fantastics via Pinfall


Back from commercial, it’s back to the market-specific Events Center (SEEN ONLY IN CLEVELAND MARKET) with “Sussudio” playing, as WE fade in to Mean Gene in the arena hallway again, hyping Cleveland for tonight’s big card at the Convention Center, 8 PM bell time. He re-runs down the big card, citing title changes from WrestleMania impacting implications in tonight’s lineup, but a huge night nonetheless.

Classy Freddie Blassie & Iron Sheik join Gene. Blassie’s bellowing in his sharp-talking style about the Sheik, the rightful WWF World Champion, planning to make an example out of “Polish Power” tonight & shutting his mouth. 

Sheik says that “every few intelligent American people” know that “Pooski” is a phony gym guy. Says to look at these (re: his own) abs, these pecs & arms, and you see the REAL grand “champ-oo-win” of the gym & the ring. Says he will get Pooski in the Camel Clutch tonight, until his head pops off & then Americans can bow to the REAL WWF Heavyweight Champ-u-win, etc. 

Blassie ends with “Here that, Sammartino!?”, then guarantees Sheik will win the $20,000 battle royal tonight too & they’ll paint Beverly Hills redder than usual! He laughs as they depart.

Gene then brings in the Scufflin’ Hillbillies, Hillbilly Jim & Cousin Luke, who are their usually jolly selves. Jim says they can’t wait to hop in the pickup truck & roll on into “O-HIO” tonight to have some fun against 18 other boys, and win $20,000. Luke adds Aunt Myrtle’ll love it & Papa Jeb might even buy that moonshine store he always wanted! Jim closes with “Cleveland, we’ll see y’all tonight!”. Luke says “Bye Gene!”, as they happily depart. 

Okerlund closes the segment, re-hyping the big night & WE see the starry graphic with event details.

[CUT] back into the arena, where Andrew Armstrong warms up in the ring. Crowd erupts in boos as Bobby Heenan returns, leading a green-robed Greg Valentine down the aisle to ringside. They slowly make their way into the ring & Heenan smilingly shows Valentine off to the booing crowd, as Valentine opens his robe to show off his shiny, newly-won Intercontinental Title belt. 

Heenan then helps him remove the robe & Valentine happily walks around in the ring with a smug grin on his face. He removes the belt & holds it high, taunting the booing crowd with it.

Match #4: NEW Intercontinental Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine vs. Andrew Armstrong

Valentine is at his sharp, confident best, dismantling Armstrong with a wrestling clinic of snap mares, knee-drops, forearm uppercuts, elbow-drops, etc. 

But Armstrong manages to mount an offense, when he moves out of the way of a Valentine elbow-drop! Armstrong unloads roundhouses toe-to-toe in the ring, levels him with dropkicks & armdrag-takedowns! But Valentine holds onto the ropes when Armstrong attempts a dropkick off an Irish whip! 

Valentine mauls him with punches for trying! He then drops an elbow from the 2nd turnbuckle, then drops a few down across his leg from a reverse toe-hold, to soften it up. Valentine then slaps on the Figure-Four for the submission win! 

Mid-celebration, Valentine picks Armstrong up & tosses him to the outside like a piece of garbage. He continues with Heenan, taunting the booing crowd with the Title raised.

Winner: Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine by Submission

Heenan & Valentine exit the ring, and head smugly up the aisle as Lord Afred Hayes & Vince McMahon rise from their seated broadcast position with mics to interview with. Heenan & Valentine happily turn toward the platform & ascend the stairs.

Vince: And we’re now officially being joined by the NEW WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Greg Valentine along with manager Bobby Heenan. Mr. Valentine, indeed, your first in-ring action since winning that championship last weekend in the Big Apple.

Valentine: You know, Vince, this is exactly the vision that Bobby laid out to me, when I opted to sign with the World Wrestling Federation & take on the managerial services of this great man to my right. He’s not only the manager of champions… but a true friend. It’s merely Step 1 in the vision. I stand before you as the man who will prove to be the greatest Intercontinental Champion we’ve ever seen & there’s not a man who can prove me wrong about that!

Hayes (to Heenan): Mr. Heenan, quite the auspicious night for you at Madison Square Garden on that fateful night last weekend, losing the Tag Titles, but gaining the Intercontinental Championship to your stable of sorts.

Heenan (all smiles): Lord Alfred, it’s clear the Brit in you causes your brain to work slower than most. I, on the other hand, AM ‘The Brain’. And we lost NOTHING at WrestleMania - we only gained! Those World Tag Team Titles will be coming back home soon enough - that I can promise you. However, you’re looking at a man who utterly took apart an olympian with his bare hands! A man who snatched that Title away like candy from a baby. And now he sits as the #1 contender for the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship, now held by a living legend, soon to be retired permanently, 1 way or another! This man, Greg Valentine, sits, by default, as wrestling’s FUTURE! And you’re lucky to be a part of it!

Vince (to Valentine): What of all the top contenders who, most assuredly, will be seeking shots at this coveted Intercontinental gold, Mr. Valentine?

Valentine (chuckles): There isn’t a man who’s man ENOUGH to beat me in the center of that ring for the--

[Crowd erupts as… here comes a livid former I-C Champ Ken Patera, in full gear & leg heavily taped, battling thru a bunch of officials to try to get at the podium to get his hands on Valentine & co! Vince & Lord Alfred look worried!]

Heenan (offended, somewhat alarmed): Hey, you dullards! Hold that one-legged gimp back! Champions are up here trying to speak!

[Patera does his best to push through the plain-clothed officials to try to make there, but can’t! Valentine smugly tells Bobby to hold tight, then aggressively goes down the platform steps with the belt. Patera breaks free & limp-runs to Valentine! The battle’s on! Haymakers flying! Patera’s getting the better of it, roundhousing Valentine like no tomorrow, rocking him! Place going nuts! Patera’s housing him, bashing his head into the side of the podium & steps! Patera’s unloading for all he’s worth! He tries to slap on the Full Nelson, but Valentine back-kicks & low-blows Patera! He then levels him with a stiff kick to Patera’s bandaged knee! Valentine viciously works it over with shots with the belt! Valentine then slaps on the Figure-Four right there on the floor! Patera’s in violent pain! Officials are hysterical over this!]


[The officials finally wrestle Valentine free of Patera as Heenan descends the steps & rejoins him on the floor. Smug Valentine is pleased with his handiwork, as Patera’s down in agony at Valentine’s feet! Patera tries to desperately lunge for Valentine & Heenan, but the officials are holding him down for his own good. Valentine & Heenan happily walk away with smiles! Valentine raises the belt to the booing crowd!]


Back from commercial, WE see exclusive footage taken last weekend from a Madison Square Garden locker room, where Bruno Sammartino stands with son David, fan favorites Hillbilly Jim, SD Jones, & Ivan Putski happily behind him, as Gene Okerlund interviews. All are jovial.

Bruno tells Gene he’s ecstatic to be Champion again, is even semi-emotional that his son got to witness it as a competitor. Says he’s proud to be at the top of the mountain again & says he’ll be the best possible Champion he can be - just like he vowed to do in past reigns.

Okerlund asks how ready he is, given that he’s a bit older than before & the competition is as stiff as ever. Bruno says we’re all older than we were yesterday, but he’ll give all he’s got like always. And what he’s got is a LOT. He says “Bring one, bring them all!”

David says he’s thrilled for his dad & says he’ll have a Sammartino at his side, if he ever needs, etc.

Bruno ends, saying he’s glad this could happen at such a momentous event, never to be outdone!

[CUT] back to the broadcast position area, where Vince & Lord Alfred stand.

Vince: You just heard from the now THREE-TIME reigning World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion, yes indeed, the “Living Legend” Bruno Sammartino!... who will be joining us, RIGHT HERE, next week, Lord Alfred!

Hayes: Talk about bombshell announcements! The new Champion, here with us next week! It should be a massive moment for all of us, no doubt! And how about the utter MELEE that happened just below us, here. (Vince nods, eyebrows raised) The bad blood has clearly exploded here with Ken Patera & new Intercontinental Champion, Greg Valentine. I think this rivalry has reached a new level of personal.

Vince: Yes, and we hope to have a medical update on Mr. Patera next week, as he seems to be on a quest to not only end Mr. Valentine’s new reign, but Mr. Valentine himself! But at what cost to his own physical well-being!?

[WE intercut back & forth to action images of the competitors & personalities we’ll see next week, as Vince & Alfred speak.]

Vince (cont’d): Then from there, also next week ladies & gentlemen, we’ll see the 1 & only ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz in 1-on-1 action. Not to mention the NEWWW... WWF Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s, Kerry & Kevin, will also see action! And in a special 1-on-1 match-up, one-half of “Classy” Freddie Blassie’s new international tag team tour de force, The Red Scare, Boris Zhukov will step into the ring with NONE OTHER... THAN THE ‘8TH WONDER OF THE WORLD’ ANDRE THE GIANT, RIGHT HERE NEXT WEEK, ALFRED! 


Vince: You certainly will not wanna miss the action & excitement coming your way next week, ladies & gentlemen! Also, we understand we’ll be getting word from President Jack Tunney’s office regarding the gathering storm clouds earlier on with Bob Backlund, the British Bulldogs, the Von Erich’s, and Tito Santana!

Hayes: It’s that time of year where the fireworks continue to fly, I’m afraid! 

[The “Some Like It Hot” by Power Station theme starts up in the background.]

Vince (bellowing laugh): No question about it! Won’t you join us next week, everyone! You won’t wanna miss another jam-packed edition of The Superstars of Wrestling! Until then, I’m Vince McMahon along with Lord Alfred Hayes. So long, everybody!  

[FADE TO] still clips of the highlights of this week’s show as “Some Like It Hot” plays at full volume.


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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 7/11


(Brantford, ON @ Civic Centre. Jack Reynolds & Freddie Blassie on commentary)


King Kong Bundy defeated Marlon Gibbs with the Avalanche and Splash.

[Highlight rundown package of WrestleMania last weekend. Exclusive reaction remarks backstage at MSG from Ivan Putski & Hillbilly Jim about Bruno Sammartino regaining the WWF Heavyweight Title.] 

Ivan Putski defeated Stephen Ross with the Polish Hammer.

Rocky King defeated ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz by DQ, when a dominant, defiant Schultz refused to break for the 5-count when burying the boot to the throat of King, who’s down in the corner. Ref had given Schultz multiple chances to break various 5-counts & Schultz had pushed the ref away each time. A livid Schultz ran the ref off after the bell & brutalized King even worse, leaving him laying after a Piledriver.

The Scufflin’ Hillbillies defeated Tony Gomez & Andre Morena with a Double Big Boot.

[Rocky King is on a stretcher in the locker room, being examined by medical staff. David Schultz barges into the locker room & beats the remaining life out of him, as the medical staff scatters. Schultz is stomping King into oblivion while taunting him, before finally leaving when he’s had his fill.]

Main Event: The Iron Sheik defeated SD Jones by submission. During the match, Sgt. Slaughter walked down, parading the American flag while circling the ring, completely distracting & enraging Sheik to the delight of the crowd! Slaughter’s presence at ringside sent Blassie packing halfway up the aisle. All this leads to several near-falls by SD on the unfocused Sheik. Sheik overcomes & gets the Camel Clutch cinched in for the win.

After the match, Sheik retrieves his Iranian flag & waves it proudly, which prompts Sarge into the ring to sword-fight flags with Sheik. Sarge wins the sword fight & ends up cracking Sheik’s own wooden flag staff over his back, sending Sheik packing! Slaughter standing tall in the ring & saluting the US flag. Sheik & Blassie are seething, watching from the aisle to close the show.  

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Wow... Wahoo where have you been hiding this guy!  You should have brought him to us a lot sooner.  I think you should open up a writing school.  That was fantastic.

As for WWF Superstars....

The introduction was wonderful.  Really created a vivid picture for the reader.

Great job with the show hyping up the Cleveland card in the local area.  Nice touch that made this show just feel historically accurate.  

Great job with all of the commentators.  I could just feel them talking as I read it.

Love the carry over from Wrestlemania along with the new angles you have created.  You seem to know exactly where you want.

Sgt as the big fan favorite seems perfect to me.

Backlund's interview was great and I love how this built in to Backlund and the Bulldogs vs Tito and the VonErichs.  I also really enjoyed Tito calling out Backlund here!

Putski and Arcidi seem like such a perfect combo and with them going after the evil "foreigners," they will soon be getting some love from the fans.

Valentine vs Patera is GOLD!  Hope Patera gets healthy to make this an even fight.

Interested to see where you go with Bruno.

Again... AWESOME JOB.  That was a lot of work and a really fun read.  I will get to the All-Star show soon.

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Awesome job Den! Props to you and all the hard work you put into this. 

It's great that you continued a lot of storylines that Bleh had going. Bleh did an incredible job building to Mania and you picked up right where he left off.

Jack Reynolds, there's a blast from the past! 

All the commentators were spot on here. 

Your match descriptions are so well done.

I liked the hyping of upcoming house shows. True old school feel. 

Backlund has been a huge highlight in the game and he continues to deliver. Now that he's lost the title I think he's even more unhinged. Great spot with Backlund, Tito, Bulldogs, Von Erich's and of course Heenan. If Heenan has aligned with Backlund, this is trouble for the entire WWF! 

Looks like we're going to get a Slaughter/Sheik feud. That will pack in the crowds.

Smart move putting two powerhouses like Putski and Arcidi together.

WOW! Valentine does a number on Patera as this feud continues.

So many great tag teams. The Von Erich's are going to have their hands full.

Nice post Mania interview with Bruno. Looking forward to his first live appearance next week. 

Nice touch throwing in an episode of All-Star wrestling.

Good grief! Shultz really gave King a beating! I don't know who's more off their rocker, Shultz or Backlund. 

The WWF is obviously in good hands. 




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Amazing first showing, Blehschmidt set the bar high and you've risen to meet that standard!  Great job with the painting a picture for all the visual aspects of the show as well as with the announcers.

The angles are moving along nicely coming out of Wrestlemania, the Bob Backlund promo was awesome!

The Bulldogs vs. Von Erichs has a lot of potential miles in it.

Looking forward to seeing how things unfold for Bruno as champ.

Great shows

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 7/11 | Cleveland, OH @ Convention Center (15,489)

The Fantastics defeated The Islanders @ 12:22 with a double roll-up. Very good back & forth opener.

Iron Sheik defeated Ivan Putzki @ 7:18. Sheik used his feet on the 2nd turnbuckle for a cheap jacknife 1-2-3. Putski battered Sheik & sent him packing after the match.

NEW Intercontinental Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) & Ken Patera fought to a 20:00 time limit.

Tito Santana defeated King Kong Bundy @ 9:16 by count-out. Bundy attacked afterwards & went for an Avalanche, but Santana moved & knocked Bundy backward thru the ropes with the flying forearm.

Andre the Giant/Von Erich’s defeated Giant Machine/British Bulldogs @ 13:44. Barnburner match that eventually broke down to 6-way action. End came with Kerry hitting Giant Machine with the Discus Punch & Andre dropping the Sitdown Splash for the 1-2-3!


Sgt. Slaughter defeated Boris Zhukov @ 8:09 by DQ, when Nikolai Volkoff ran down to interfere. Triple-team with Blassie on Slaughter & the Scufflin’ Hillbillies run in for the save as Red Scare bails. Dosie-do in the ring afterwards, with Sarge being talked into playing along!

Bob Backlund defeated ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham @ 12:27. Ref gets KO’d, Graham gets Backlund in the Bearhug, but no ref! Battered Backlund grabs the ring bell from the announce table. When Graham comes to fetch him on the apron, Backlund surprises him with the bell to the skull! Down goes Graham! Backlund crawls back in for the slow 1-2-3.

‘Dr. D’ David Schultz defeated SD Jones @ 6:49 with a piledriver.

Ted Arcidi defeated Barry Horowitz @ 5:22 with a powerslam.

Kerry Von Erich won a 20-Man $20,000 Battle Royal @ 14:39. Final 4 were Kerry, King Kong Bundy, Iron Sheik, and Sgt Slaughter. Slaughter missed a charge to Sheik in the corner & tumbled over the top to the floor. Bundy holds Kerry for Sheik & Kerry ducks the charge. Bundy off balance & Kerry dumps him over. End comes a few moments later when Kerry overcomes the Sheik onslaught & Discus-Punches him backward over top to the floor for the win. 

Kevin returns to celebrate as Kerry is given the briefcase of money & the brothers send the crowd home happy.

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As for the All-Star Wrestling show...

Poor Rocky King but man does this get the heat on Dr.D.

I remember watching the WWF when I was growing because of how lopsided the TV show matches were.  I used to be so excited when SD Jones was on TV because I thought he was the one gut who could pull the upset.  You really had me rooting for him.  

In the end, your WWF is much better then the real thing in 1985 even though it is very realistic.  When you add the locker room beating by Dr. D on King and Sarge coming out to have a little flag battle with the Sheik, I got the feeling that this was a hybrid of the WWF showcasing their stars with the excitement of a Southern Wrestling promotion where all hell could break loose at any moment.  I LOVE IT!

You hyped up the Cleveland show on Superstars and it really delivered.

 While I liked the entire card, Tito over KKB stood out to me as an awesome match where each star is still strong as a result of your finish.

It looks like Kerry is moving up the ladder!  He might not just be a tag team champion!

The Fantastics get over on the Islanders.... wonder if this great feud is going to continue?  Both have the abilities to be the next champions!

WHAT A WEEK FOR WWF!  Thanks for all the hard work and great material you gave us.

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 7/12 | Toronto, ON @ Maple Leaf Gardens (16,722)

Bobby Fulton defeated Tama @ 10:27 with a flying cross-body.

‘Dr. D’ David Schultz defeated Ivan Putzki @ 8:41 when Schultz used both feet on the ropes for leverage.

Scufflin’ Hillbillies defeated Red Scare by DQ @ 9:27.

Davey Boy Smith (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Kevin Von Erich @ 10:49 when Heenan held Kevin’s leg from the outside, after Kevin suplexed Davey back into the ring.

Sgt. Slaughter/Andre the Giant defeated Iron Sheik/Haku @ 11:34 when Andre hit the Big Boot & Sitdown Splash on Haku.


NEW Intercontinental Champion Greg Valentine defeated Ken Patera by count-out @ 12:11 when Patera was unable to beat the 10-count due to his battered leg. After the match, Patera chased Valentine off with a chair.

King Kong Bundy defeated SD Jones @ 4:16 with an Avalanche & Splash.

Kerry Von Erich defeated Dynamite Kid (w/Bobby Heenan) @ 14:33. Hot match. A miscue between Heenan & Dynamite leads to Kerry German-Suplexing Dynamite for the leg-flailing 1-2-3.

Tito Santana defeated Bob Backlund @ 13:18 by DQ. Ref got KO’d, Backlund gets the corded ringside mic to weaponize, but Tito nails the flying forearm instead. Tito revives the ref as Backlund recovers. Backlund clocks him with mic in plain view of the revived ref, for the DQ. Backlund mauls the prone Tito & the Fantastics hit the ring, sending Backlund packing to end the night. 

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Fun show at the Maple Leaf Gardens. I remember watching Primetime Wrestling and they would show at lot of matches from there.

Nice throwback in having tag team guys wrestle solo matches against each other.

That Kerry vs. Dynamite match would have been off the charts in 85! 

Tito and Bob give the fans a great match. Bob once again loses it. Luckily the Fantastics run in and stop it. I would love to see Backlund and Shultz team up for a night. As crazy as they both are they might end up fighting each other LOL. 


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24 minutes ago, spaldoni said:

Fun show at the Maple Leaf Gardens. I remember watching Primetime Wrestling and they would show at lot of matches from there.

Nice throwback in having tag team guys wrestle solo matches against each other.

That Kerry vs. Dynamite match would have been off the charts in 85! 

Tito and Bob give the fans a great match. Bob once again loses it. Luckily the Fantastics run in and stop it. I would love to see Backlund and Shultz team up for a night. As crazy as they both are they might end up fighting each other LOL. 


I would have been more hyped for Kevin and Dynamite, I feel both would have fit right in during the super workrate 2000s 

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HOUSE SHOW: Monday 7/13 | Rochester, NY @ War Memorial (8,428)

SD Jones defeated Barry Horowitz @ 5:14.

Ted Arcidi defeated Steve Lombardi @ 7:39.

David Schultz defeated Tommy Rogers @ 11:42 with the piledriver.

Scufflin’ Hillbillies defeated The Red Scare @ 9:09 by count-out.


Tito Santana defeated Haku @ 12:33 with the flying forearm.

NEW Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated the British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) @ 14:49 by DQ when Heenan interfered, using a Title belt on Kevin. Von Erich’s ended up clearing the ring.

King Kong Bundy & Ivan Putski fought to No Contest @ 6:08 when the ref got accidentally Avalanche’d.

Sgt. Slaughter defeated The Iron Sheik (w/Freddie Blassie) by DQ @ 12:58 when Red Scare ran down to gang up on Slaughter. Scufflin’ Hillbillies and Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi all ran down to outnumber the opposition, sending them running for the hills. Slaughter & co. stand tall to close the show.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 7/17 | Phoenix, AZ @ Veterans Memorial Coliseum (11,646)

Pedro Morales defeated Barry Horowitz.

The Islanders defeated The Fantastics.

Tito Santana defeated Intercontinental Champion Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) by count-out.

Ivan Putski defeated Steve Lombardi.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated The Red Scare (w/Freddie Blassie) by DQ.


David Schultz defeated Ted Arcidi.

Sgt. Slaughter & King Kong Bundy fought to a double count-out.

Giant Haystacks defeated SD Jones.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino & ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham defeated Bob Backlund & Iron Sheik by DQ. Blassie interfered with the cane on Bruno. Sheik & Backlund gang up on Sammartino & Graham, before the fan favorites end up rallying in a big way. Sammartino & Graham end up clearing the ring & stand tall in the end, sending the crowd home happy. 

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Nothing like a Santana/Valentine match. 

Von Erich's are on a roll.

Slaughter and Bundy is one hard hitting match up.

Giant Haystacks is starting to make his presence known. 

Backlund and Sheik teaming up is why I love fantasy booking. Bruno and Graham send the fans home happy by cleaning house at the end. 

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 7/18




[OPEN] to the customary dramatic WWF logo-in-space opener, with colored galactic lasers galvanizing the logo to its dazzling golden hue, as the echoing voice bellows “The World Wrestling Federation. The revolutionary force in sports-entertainment”.

[OPEN] to the opening credit package set to audio of “Some Like It Hot” by Power Station.

[FILTER IN] to a packed mid-sized arena. Vince McMahon & Lord Alfred Hayes stand on the podium off in the distance from the ring, which WE see from an angle. Huge crowd roaring.

Vince: Hello everyone, and WELCOME to another edition of The Superstars of Wrestling! I’m Vince McMahon, alongside Lord Alfred Hayes! And WHAT A BLOCKBUSTER ON OUR HANDS THIS WEEK, ALFRED!

Hayes: You’re not kidding! Here, in this hour, we’ll be having our first televised appearance from the BRAND-NEW World’s Heavyweight Champion, the “Living Legend” himself!

Vince: Indeed, just a bit later on! And also, we’re told there will be a big announcement coming forward from the office of WWF President, Mr. Jack Tunney, regarding the explosive standoff we all witnessed last week, with Bob Backlund, the British Bulldogs, the Von Erich’s & Santana! We’re told that announcement could come at any MOMENT, Alfred.

Hayes: I’m waiting with baited breath to find out just what Mr. Tunney has in mind for us all, there. Also, a HUGE match-up this week! “Classy” Freddie Blassie’s newest acquisition, one-half of the IMPOSING Red Scare tag team going 1-on-1 with none other than the ‘8th Wonder of the World’ Andre the Giant! Just a spectacular showdown that’s likely to be! 

Vince: Without question, a sight not to be missed! Also in action this week, those brand-new WWF Tag Team Champions, the ever-popular Von Erich’s - Kerry & Kevin! 

Hayes: Fantastic. And lest we forget, also the very dangerous ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz seeing 1-on-1 competition as well!

Vince: All that, plus a medical update on the status of Olympian Ken Patera! But first, let’s get to ringside to kick off all the festivities!

[In the ring, local worker Mike Jones is introduced as he warms up. Crowd roars big as the returning Pedro Morales makes his way down the aisle with a warm grin! Welcome back Pedro! He gets to ringside & climbs into the ring, removing his jacket & waving to the roaring crowd that’s happy to see him back.]

Match #1: Pedro Morales vs. Mike Jones

Morales makes short, dominant work of his opponent. He beats Jones from pillar to post in all offense, to the pleasure of the crowd! End comes when Morales hits a towering backdrop, signals to the crowd that he’ll end it, and then slaps on the Boston Crab for the submission! What an impressive comeback performance! Morales enjoys the win with the cheering crowd.

Winner: Pedro Morales by Submission

[CUT TO] “WWF Update” in the newsroom-like studio with Jack Reynolds, who greets us & informs us Lord Alfred Hayes is still on assignment this week, handling commentary duties.

He leads in with the new reign of Bruno Sammartino, now that the spectacle of WrestleMania has passed. He lists tons of top contenders, including former Champ Backlund, former Champ the Iron Sheik, I-C Champ Valentine, Billy Graham, Sgt. Slaughter, David Schultz, Tito Santana, Andre the Giant himself, and many others that could be in line. Says many of these contenders are outspoken & chomping at the bit to face the Living Legend.

He sends us to pre-recorded comments from David Schultz taken in an arena hallway. He says Bruno had better pray he doesn’t have to stare across the ring at him, because he won’t just lose the Title - he won’t even be in shape to resume his second overrated career as a commentator. 

Back to Reynolds, he sends us to pre-recorded comments from Billy Graham in a locker room. Graham says he’s thrilled for Bruno being top dog in the yard again & that he deserves it. Says he can’t wait to see him out there, restoring prestige to that belt. And he can’t wait to, as friends, throw down 1-on-1 for the crown jewel of this sport  - like they did a few years back. Says ‘Superstar’ is gonna bring it home again, but for now, “Congratulations, brotha Champion!”

Back to Reynolds, he reminds us that we get our first glimpse of the new Champ later in the hour, and he’s sure he’ll have plenty to say about the formidable gang of challengers jostling for position to become Champion. 

The segment ends with a WWF logo graphic & instrumental of “Two Hearts” by Phil Collins as the audio.


[SEEN IN PHILADELPHIA MARKET ONLY: During the commercial break, a 30-second market-specific ad bumper. Mean Gene’s voice hyping “1 Week Away” for the WWF returning to the Spectrum, Saturday July 25th @ 8 PM. Top hyped matches include Bruno/Slaughter vs. Backlund/Sheik, Valentine defends the I-C Title vs. Tito Santana, Von Erich’s defending the Tag Titles vs. The Islanders, and Ken Patera vs. David Schultz.]

Back from commercial, Marco Sanchez warms up in the ring as he’s announced. Crowd erupts in boos as Dr. D slowly, smugly, walks the aisle toward the ring like the badass he’s convinced he is. He gets into the ring, snatches the mic from Howard Finkel & approaches Sanchez.

Schultz (to Sanhez): Boy, step on in here for a second. Listen to me. The beating you’re fixin’ to get right now is gonna be downright embarrassin’ to you & to your family. I’m givin’ you a chance right now, to walk on outta here & save yourself the agony & early retirement. And nobody here’ll think any less of you. What do ya say? (Holds mic toward Sanchez’s mouth)

Sanchez: Not a chance.

[Crowd roars! Schultz laughs.]

Schultz: You sure know how to make a man’s day, boy. (CLOBBERS Sanchez with a clothesline & opening bell rings.)

Match #2: ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz vs. Marco Sanchez  

Schultz unleashes on Sanchez worse than he might already have done in the 1st place; vicious clotheslines, mudhole stomp-down in the corner, Irish whip to the opposite corner & follows in with a running headbutt to the ribs at 50 mph, lifting him for a standing suplex & dropping him ribs-first across the top rope, etc. Schultz taunts the battered Sanchez the entire time. 

During this dismantling, WE see footage in the corner of the screen, of Schultz’s destruction of Rocky King after the DQ & then again in the locker room last week on All Star Wrestling.

Fully back to live action, Schultz continues the onslaught & finally ends it with a merciless piledriver for the inevitable 1-2-3. Maybe Sanchez should have pondered that offer, in hindsight. Schultz then refuses to let the ref raise his hand in victory. 

Schultz looks dominant. He finally exits the ring, just as leisurely as he entered it.

Winner: ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz via Pinfall

[CUT TO] an arena hallway backstage, as Mean Gene stands near the concrete arena wall with 1 blue painted stripe. He hypes up this week’s Superstars of Wrestling main event, and brings in Freddie Blassie & Boris Zhukov to discuss.

Blassie says there’s a reason the old adage is “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”. Says Andre is more myth, while Boris, Nikolai - The Red Scare - and Sheik are reality, even if some pencil-neck geeks out there refuse to accept it. Says they’re about to get the reality check they’ve been running from for too long.

Gene puts the mic to Boris’s mouth. Boris remains silent, arms folded, with a scowl. Blassie laughs & says Gene must be one of those pencil-neck geeks he was referring to. Says to tell Andre that storybook time is over & that the word for today is “TIMBERRRRR!”. He bellows in laughter & walks away with Boris. Gene ends the segment, hyping this big match yet to come this week. 

WE see opposing images of Andre & Boris with the caption reading “Still to Come… Andre vs. Zhukov!”, as “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister plays as the audio background.


Back from commercial, it’s the market-specific “WWF Event Center” (SEEN IN THE PHILADELPHIA MARKET ONLY) as “Take On Me” by a-ha plays as the audio. 

Mean Gene Okerlund is standing by with a giant WWF logo on the wall behind him, and hypes Philadelphia about being down to 1 week away from World Wrestling Federation action coming back to town at the Spectrum, Saturday July 25th, 8 PM bell time, citing a few tix remain at Ticketmaster outlets all over town. 

He quickly runs down the full 9-match card, which includes: Bruno/Slaughter vs. Backlund/Sheik, Greg Valentine defends the I-C Title vs. Tito Santana, Von Erich’s defend vs. Islanders, Ken Patera vs. David Schultz, and a $20,000 Battle Royal. 

Tito Santana comes in & says he’s readier than ever to shut Valentine's mouth & he’s no stranger to facing him in the ring. Says Philly seems like a perfect place to land some Intercontinental gold & plans on testing that theory - “ARRIBA!”, then departs.

“Polish Power” Ivan Putski strolls in confidently & gladhands with Gene. Says he’s coming to the “City of Brotherly Love” to beat some people up, win some big money, and he & Gene are gonna party in Philly, 1 of the best sports, food, and party towns in America. Says “Spectrum get ready. Polish Power is comin’ back to town!”, poses & happily departs.

Gene wraps the segment with his hard sell, as WE see the galactic graphic with all the event details & instrumental of “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston as the audio.

[CUT] back inside to the arena, where Tommy Dee & Chuck Lamb warm up in the ring. “Still of the Night” by Whitesnake hits & the place goes nuts! Here come Kerry & Kevin, the Von Erich’s down the aisle, wearing their Tag Team gold! Rabid arms of adoring fans reaching over the barricade, to get a touch of these 2! 

They get to ringside, hop onto adjacent aprons & work the rocking crowd into a frenzy before getting into the ring. They pull their belts off, holding them high to the crowd on all sides of the building, then pull off their jackets to begin warming up!

Match #3: The Von Erich’s vs. Tommy Dee/Chuck Lamb

The new Tag Team Champs are in fine form, dazzling the crowd with fluid tag work, crisp & exciting offense, and the complete outclassing of their opponents. 

Toward the end, Kerry is the legal man when it breaks down to 4-man action. Kerry tosses Lamb out of the ring like yesterday’s news, while Kevin slaps the Claw on Dee! Place going nuts! Kevin then shoves him toward Kerry, who LEVELS Dee with the Discus Punch & gets the dominant 1-2-3! Place going nuts big-time! 

The brothers celebrate as “Still of the Night” resumes. The Champs celebrate with the blissful crowd, mounting opposite 2nd turnbuckles with the belt held high to the raucous populous!

Suddenly, Bobby Heenan & the British Bulldogs slowly walk out to the middle of the aisle, looking on in disdain! They can’t stand the sight of the Von Erich’s in all their glory with “their gold”! The new Champs notice from a distance in the ring & begin daring their foes to come get some! Place on its feet in anticipation! Bulldogs & Heenan jaw some more, and seem tempted to give it a go! Von Erich’s are taunting them with the belts, egging them on! 

Bulldogs & Heenan finally back their way to the tunnel, leaving the Champs to continue celebrating with the rocking crowd!

Winners: Von Erich’s by Pinfall

[WE see a special graphic of Bruno Sammartino mid-celebration at WrestleMania, with the caption “Up Next… The Living Legend Arrives!”]


Back from commercial, Vince McMahon is in the ring. Crowd is already on its feet!

Vince: Ladies & gentlemen, it is my esteemed pleasure to introduce to you… for the now THIRD time (crowd roaring)... the NEW… WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! THE LIVING LEGEND! (Vince dramatically gestures toward the aisle) BBBBBRUNO! SAMMARTINO!

Place coming unglued!! “Imagine” by John Lennon hits & Bruno comes out to the aisle, to a huge ovation! Dressed in a dark suit with no tie, WWF Title belt tucked in his arm, and a wide smile, he raises his free arm high in triumph as he makes his way down the aisle to ringside.

He stands at the steps & points to the raucous crowd on all sides, then ascends the steps & into the ring, waving & bowing to the adoring crowd! He holds the belt high for all to see, before re-tucking it comfortably under his arm & joining a smiling Vince in mid-ring. Music fades.

Vince: One word is in order, I would say. And that word? “WOW”! (Crowd roars, Bruno smiles.)

Bruno: Trust me, I’m still pinching myself. It’s a dream I can’t seem to wake up from & frankly I don’t want to. Thanks to everybody here, everybody watching at home, everybody who ever sent their well wishes & prayers my way throughout my career. I promise you, you went into the ring with me every single night. And you went with me into the ring at WrestleMania in New York City. And I stand here today, with this (re: Title belt), in some of the best shape of my life, ready, willing & able to be your WWF Heavyweight Champion once again.

[Crowd goes nuts! Bruno makes a fist & pumps it smoothly in acknowledgement.]

Vince: Certainly no loss of emotional sentiment on the part, not only of this capacity crowd, but indeed millions around the world, I would suspect. Now then, now that you ARE, in fact, the WWF Champion again, just what are you anticipating? What are you expecting as you step into this latest chapter of your career?

Bruno: Vince, I honestly expect the fight of my life every single night. I expect to see 1 top contender after another step up to the plate with his name on contracts for Title matches all over the country, all over the world. And to that, I say “Bring it on”! If you’re within the sound of my voice, hear me loud & clear! “Bring… It… On!” 

[Place roaring big. Bruno’s got that steely look in his eyes. Vince has a cheshire grin.]

Bruno (cont’d): Whether it’s Backlund, whether it’s Iron Sheik, whether it’s Valentine, whether it’s Superstar, no matter how rough & tough the opponent. You want a shot? Step right on up & take the best shot you got! I’ll do the same & I’ll beat you, CLEAN, right in the middle of this ring! Bring the fight to me, I’ll bring the fight to you, and let’s see who the best man is!

[Crowd roaring huge! Vince nods, impressed.]

Bruno (cont’d): This championship represents being the best in this sport. And I know who I am. I’ve known it every time I wore it in the past, and I know who I am, as I hold it now. Yes, I am thrilled & happy to capture it again. But make no mistake - I am as determined as ever to defend this against the best crop of talent in all the world. It’s a promise I make to--

[Crowd erupts in major boos as… here comes ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz slowly walking the aisle, as smug as ever!! Vince notices Schultz & rolls his eyes, as if to say “Oh man, not now”.]

Bruno (cont’d, mid-sentence): --all of you people, that you’ll get the best from me every single night. (Vince nudges him to notice Schultz approaching ringside.) Looks like somebody thinks he has an appointment with you or something, Vince?

Vince: I’d be surprised.

Bruno: Yeah, how about that…

[Schultz smirks, then slowly ascends the steps & into the ring. Place booing huge, but eager!]

Vince (leery): Perhaps I should g--

Bruno (comforts Vince with shoulder pat): Nah, you stay right here, it’s fine. It’s just fine.

[Schultz slowly approaching, sarcastically slow-clapping at Bruno. Vince cautiously angles the mic his way.]

Schultz: I must say, I am as impressed as a man could ever be, right now. The great Bruno Sammartino, IN THE FLESH! Right here, live on nationwide TV. The Living Legend! The man who changed this whole sport. More importantly, the man who changed this whole business. The man who KNOWS it. The man with an ego the size of New York City - how appropriate you win that Title back in the Big Apple.

Vince: What exactly is it that you w--

Schultz: You shut your mouth, game show host! I’m talkin’ to The Champ! You just stand there nice & quiet, and keep that mic where it needs to be. (Vince pissed, but recoils. Schultz refocuses on Bruno) I noticed you reeled off some names that you’re just PEACHY KEEN to defend that gold against. Why don’t it surprise me NONE… that you just so happen to omit the name of the ONE MAN that you know could take you out in a fair fight, RIGHT HERE IN THIS RING! OR BACK IN NEW YORK CITY! OR EVEN ON YOUR FRONT PORCH BACK IN PIZZOFERRATO, ITALY! 

[Crowd boos huge! Bruno snarls.]

Schultz (cont’d): If you’re done gettin’ WORSHIPPED, showered with roses & champagne, look your future right in the eye--

Bruno (tilts the mic his way, animated): Alright, you’re done talkin’! (Place explodes! Schultz is stunned!) Sounds to me like you got a talking problem AND a hearing problem! If you weren’t so quick to run your mouth, you woulda heard me say that I WELCOME EVERY CHALLENGE, no matter WHO it is, anywhere, anytime, Title on the line! Put it up on a marquee & I’m there! Schultz, if you want a piece of me, want THIS (re: Title belt), you know what you gotta do to get a shot. Make it happen & I’ll gladly BEAT YOU getting to the building that night, to put this on the line!

[Crowd rocking! Schultz’s top lip is quivering as he seethes.]

Bruno (cont’d, grins): But you knew that BEFORE you came out here, didn’t you? You just wanted to make a spectacle of yourself on someone else’s dime - which doesn’t surprise me ANY about you. So, since you got SOME of what you wanted… (backs away, pulls off his suit jacket & the place explodes!! Vince’s eyes get big! Bruno steps back towards him, unbuttoning his sleeves)... let The Living Legend give you & these people THE REST of your money’s worth. (Place still rocking!)

Schultz (suddenly less confrontational): Wait a minute, wait a minute there, Champ. I can see you’re wantin’ to put on a show for these fans. I can see your dander is up a little, and I can promise you that wasn’t my goal here. I’ll tell ya what - IT’S FINE. I’ll happily step away, here. I’ll go do what needs to be done to get that official shot, just like ya said. I just… I just wanted to wish the new Champ well, up close & personal, that’s all. (Crowd doesn’t buy it, Bruno nodding) Just wanted to give you some food for thought - no more, no less.

[Schultz backs away, gesturing to take it easy. He rolls out of the ring & backs slowly up the aisle, nodding & gesturing “it’s cool”. Bruno picks up the belt & leans forward leisurely on the ropes nearest the aisle, watching Schultz leave. Schultz makes it into the tunnel leading backstage. Vince steps closer to Bruno.]

Vince: Seems to me like cooler heads ended up prevailing.

Bruno: It’s the business. There’s a time & place for everything. This moment is for sharing this belt with all these great fans. No sense in waiting another minute longer. 


“Imagine” hits again & Bruno happily shakes Vince’s hand, and Vince departs. Bruno remains in the ring, waving to the adoring crowd on all sides of the building, holding up the Title belt & pointing to them, gesturing that the Title is theirs. 

Just as Bruno’s back is facing the aisle as he’s interacting with the crowd… HERE COMES DAVID SCHULTZ SPRINTING BACK DOWN THE AISLE!!... Shoves down Vince in mid-stride!!... And running-slides back into the ring & LEVELS Bruno down from behind!! Schultz stomps a mudhole in Bruno like there’s no tomorrow! “Imagine” fades…

Schultz yanks Bruno up to his knees repeatedly & plants him face-first to the mat over & over! Schultz is a man possessed! He snatches up Bruno’s suit jacket & pulls him up to his knees again. Schultz strangles the Champ with it! Bruno is trying to fight out of it, but he’s too dazed & getting overwhelmed! Schultz is choking the life outta the Champ! He then continues stomping, then mounts him for haymakers to the head! Crowd is dismayed through all this!

Schultz gets up & locks eyes on the belt laying on the mat. He slowly cocks his head, almost sadistically, as he eyeballs it. He slowly picks it up, then yanks Bruno up. Whips him to the ropes & LEVELS him coming off with a belt shot right to the face! Bruno’s motionless on the mat.

Two refs run down the aisle & running-slide in, to reason with Schultz. He smiles & tosses each ref over the top to the outside! Prone Bruno’s bleeding from the forehead now! Had to be from that vicious belt shot! Schultz notices it, smiles wider, then inhales a prideful deep breath. He yanks the now-bleeding Champ up &... plants him with the Piledriver! Bruno’s an unconscious, bleeding corpse on the mat! Scultz picks the belt up & squats near unconscious Bruno’s face.

Schultz (off-mic with the belt in Bruno’s face): I think I just made another spectacle of myself, Mr. Bruno!

CROWD EXPLODING AS… HERE COME THE VON ERICH’S & A PLAIN-CLOTHED IVAN PUTSKI STORMING TO THE RING! They running-slide in at 50 mph & Schultz slithers thru the ropes just in time! The Tag Champs & Putski wanted a piece of him in the worst way! They then frantically rush over to kneel over fallen Bruno, as Schultz slowly retreats with a proud smile. 

Schultz steps over Vince, who’s now sitting against the ringside railing, neck hurting & pissed. Schultz backs slowly up the aisle again, now chuckling. Crowd booing up a storm!

In the ring, kneeling Putski has Bruno’s bloody head propped lovingly on his lap, as the Von Erich’s flank him on either side, each on 1 knee as they watch in disdain as Schultz leaves the premises. Crowd continues booing like crazy. 


Back from commercial, Mean Gene is standing by in the hallway outside Bruno’s dressing room. 

Gene (somber): Ladies & gentlemen, Gene Okerlund here. As you can see, I am just outside the dressing room door of the new World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Living Legend’ Bruno Sammartino, hot on the heels of that... dastardly... crippling sneak-attack at the hands of ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz. You just witnessed that very perpetration, moments ago. We understand medical professionals are just inside, attending to the Champion. We also understand that ‘Polish Power’ Ivan Putski & the Von Erich’s, Kerry & Kevin, the Tag Team Champs, are also present in the room as well. So I don’t suspect there’s likely to be another of those locker room Pearl-Harbor jobs we saw last week to Rocky King, at the hands of the very same David Schultz. Though I’d be lying if I were to say I didn’t at least want to see Mr. Schultz try, right about now - but that’s another story. I’ll be sure to send an update on the condition of The Living Legend as soon as I have it. Team, back to you in the arena.

[CUT] back inside the arena to the broadcast position. Lord Alfred Hayes is sitting alone on the broadcast platform, facing the camera.

Hayes (somber): Alright, thank you Gene for that update & we are MOST eager to know how he is doing, after that vicious attack levied by one David Schultz. As you can see, ladies & gentlemen, I am currently flying solo here at the broadcast position, but my understanding is that Vince will be returning to us momentarily, as he also has been evaluated by medical professionals on-hand here. HOWEVA! A promise is a promise, dear friends. We promised an update from the office of WWF President Jack Tunney, regarding the explosive situation last week featuring FORMER World’s Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund, former Tag Champions the British Bulldogs, the NEW REIGNING Champions the Von Erich’s, and Tito Santana. Well an update we promised, and an update we indeed have! But first, let’s just have a look at what transpired last week with these formidable powers!

[CUT TO] the highlights of last week’s ordeal, with the promo, confrontation, near-ambush & cavalry arriving to even the score, resulting in a monster Mexican standoff.

[CUT] back to Alfred at the broadcast booth.

Hayes (cont’d): Last week, I said that I’d love to be on-hand to witness a 6-Man explosion of this caliber, if ever it were to be sanctioned somewhere in the world. Well, it would appear that I shall have that chance! I am pleased to report that the match has, in fact, been signed this past week & will take place NEXT WEEK, right here on The Superstars of Wrestling! The team of Bob Backlund, Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith the British Bulldogs vs. Tito Santana, Kerry & Kevin Von Erich in our special main event next week! Just a bombshell announcement, ladies & gentlemen, and all of us shall have front-row seats!

[CUT TO] A farm, with upbeat ho-down fiddle music playing as audio. WE see Cousin Luke herding cattle & Hillbilly Jim rounding up pigs in the pen. One pig seems like the rogue of the bunch. Jim playfully threatens to tattle on the pig to Aunt Myrtle. 

Aunt Myrtle, in her 60’s & heavy-set, barges happily out to the pig pen & playfully bellows to the pig that he’ll get the “bad pig slop” instead of the “good stuff”. The rogue pig gets right back in line, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Myrtle cackles & Jim’s tickled pink.

Papa Jeb is stirring a cauldron-like barrel of some bubbling substance. Cousin Luke comes along & asks how that special blend of his pappy’s moonshine is comin’. Jeb, a slight-yet-colorfully-bold elderly farmer, tells him it’s his best batch yet. He pulls out the giant ladle & tells Luke to get himself a whiff. Luke takes a big sniff… and passes out. Jeb cackles even louder than Myrtle did a moment ago. 

Jim & Myrtle arrive, seeing Luke lying unconscious. Jeb resumes his stirring as Myrtle comes to have a look, while Jim kneels over Luke & fans him with his hat.


[SEEN IN THE PHILADELPHIA MARKET ONLY] - Back from commercial, it’s the market-specific “WWF Event Center” as “Take On Me” by a-ha plays as the audio. 

Mean Gene is standing by with the giant WWF logo on the wall behind him, and re-hypes Philadelphia about World Wrestling Federation action returning to the Spectrum next Saturday July 25th, 8 PM bell time, reminding us that some tix remain at Ticketmaster outlets all over town. 

He quickly runs down the full 9-match card again, which includes: Bruno/Slaughter vs. Backlund/Sheik, Greg Valentine defends the I-C Title vs. Tito Santana, Von Erich’s defend vs. Islanders, Ken Patera vs. David Schultz, and a $20,000 Battle Royal, etc.

“Superstar” Billy Graham comes into frame, to Gene’s delight, posing & bellowing. Says he can’t wait to get back to “his town”, Philadelphia - a place where he packed out the Spectrum as the WWF World Champ tons of times. Says the people are too sweet to be sour & they’re gonna get into the ring with him when he wins “twenty K” for doing what he does best. 

Tells Philly to roll out the red carpet, cuz “The Supastahhh is comin’ back to town, brotha!” & resumes posing as Gene wraps the segment with his hard sell. WE see the galactic graphic with all the event details & instrumental of “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” by Michael Jackson as the audio.

[CUT TO] the arena, where ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie leads Boris Zhukov down the aisle to a chorus of boos & ‘USA’ chants. Zhukov is carrying the Soviet flag. Place is on its feet in major heat. Up the steps & into the ring they go, and Boris looks out at the crowd with disdain. Finkel intro’s him & the boos go bigger.

Finkel intro’s Andre & the place goes nuts! The 8th Wonder of the World comes out to the aisle from the tunnel, receiving an adoring ovation! He’s larger than life! He’s grinning as he gently hi-fives fans on the way to ringside. Up the steps & over the top, into the ring. What an awesome visual is this massive Giant! What an ovation!

Match #4: Andre the Giant vs. Boris Zhukov (w/Freddie Blassie)

Match is a decadent celebration of Andre’s physical dominance, as the crowd eats up seeing him put the boots to Blassie’s shiny new anti-American acquisition! Stifling punches, chest-caving chops, standing boot to the chin in the corner, back-to-chest cornering splash, etc. Blassie is openly worried outside. Zhukov is a defiant, loud-mouthing foil however, that often gets swatted down like a bug, to the crowd’s delight! 

Zhukov is cagey enough to stage some offense with underhanded tactics to break Andre’s momentum; rake of the eyes, using Blassie’s cane to Andre’s gut when Blassie leaves it on the apron to distract the ref, etc. Zhukov uses his brawling prowess whenever he has the advantage, often dropping Andre to a knee amidst the barrage.

Andre weathers the storm & resumes his physical dominance over the much smaller Zhukov. Andre hits the Big Boot that levels Boris like a bird shot out of the sky! Sitdown Splash coming up!???

Nikolai Volkoff runs down the aisle & running-slides in… attacks Andre from behind, causing the DQ! A barrage of forearms to the back of Andre as Boris slowly recovers & helps his partner finally pummel the giant to the mat! Blassie gets in & adds to the mudhole-stomping!

Place erupts as… in run those Scufflin’ Hillbillies! Hillbilly Jim & Cousin Luke running-slide into the ring & the rumble’s on with The Red Scare! Blassie bails! Jim & Luke are rocking those 2 Russians big-time, as Andre recovers! Andre makes it to his feet & partakes in the slugfest! Big Boot on Nikolai by Andre! Double-Big-Boot on Boris by Jim & Luke! Red Scare bails to the outside as Andre & the Hillbillies own the ring! 

Jim & Luke are jogging in a circle as Andre smiles at Blassie & Red Scare angrily heading for the hills,! Andre rounds up the Hillbillies & encourages them to go get them some more! Jim & Luke roll out, making a b-line for Blassie & Red Scare. Blassie & co. hightail it to the back, with the Hillbillies in hot pursuit! Andre’s arm is raised in DQ victory as he gestures, waving to the rocking crowd. 

Suddenly… crowd turns worried as… slowly down the aisle comes this imposing giant of a man… Giant Haystacks!! Dressed in what looks like a full dead animal as an over-garb, he arrives at ringside with a scowl & Andre notices. Haystacks defiantly ascends the steps, sheds the over-garb & climbs in over the top. He steps forward nose-to-nose with Andre! Just like WrestleMania! These behemoths! Crowd on its feet!

Andre opens up, unloading with monster soup bones on the other giant! Haystacks is rocked! Andre nails a big headbutt but Haystacks shakes it off, smiling defiantly! Andre, stunned, tries another… nothing! Haystacks hits several headbutts of his own & Andre is rocked back on his heels! Haystacks unloads with a haymaker right that knocks Andre back to the corner! Haystacks charges forward & back-Avalanches him. Andre goes down in the corner & clearly not getting up! 

Haystacks cackles in satisfaction & steps to mid-ring, raising his arms in symbolic victory! Andre’s down in major agony! No one’s ever put him down this easily in a straight-up showdown! Haystacks climbs over the top to the floor & slowly departs up the aisle as nonchalantly as he entered. Crowd’s in awe! Andre’s almost in disbelief, himself, and still can’t get up.

Winner: Andre the Giant by DQ


Back from commercial, Vince & Lord Alfred are standing on the broadcast platform.

Vince (feeling better): What a jaw-dropping week we’ve had on The Superstars of Wrestling, ladies & gentlemen! I have a feeling certain images are likely to be burned into our memories for quite some time, Lord Alfred! 

Hayes: I have to say that I am just astonished by what we’ve just witnessed moments ago, and earlier in the hour. It’s all a blur - just 1 shock after another! As stunned as I am, I’m equally thirsting to witness the potential follow-ups in what happens next with the parties involved!

Vince: I would concur. However, I may have learned the very valuable lesson of keeping a bit more distance next time!

Hayes (chuckles): Certainly! Though I’m glad you’re alright, lad!

Vince: Thanks very much, my good man. And ladies & gentlemen, as we now know, next week is surely to be a barnburner as well! We’ve learned this week that the big 6-Man Tag is now official! Former WWF Champion Bob Backlund, former Tag Team Champions the British Bulldogs, taking on the one & the only Tito Santana & the REIGNING Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s, RIGHT HERE NEXT WEEK ON THE SUPERSTARS OF WRESTLING, ALFRED!

Hayes: Twas so exciting, breaking that news a bit ago! And I have to say, next week cannot arrive fast enough!

[WE INTERCUT] to graphics of the various stars & graphics that apply, as they continue speaking. 

Vince: Indeed, and then from there, we’ll be seeing a brand-new interview feature next week, known as “The Penthouse”, hosted by none other than ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie! More on him in a moment. And we’re told that Blassie's first guest next week will be none other… than ‘DR. D’ DAVID SCHULTZ!

Hayes: MY… WORD! That’s truly a revelation, given the bone-chilling actions perpetrated by Schultz on The Living Legend this week! I can’t wait to see what he has to say for himself next week.

Vince: Also, seeing IN-RING action, we’ll see the mountainous MONSTER of a man we just encountered, the ever-imposing Giant Haystacks taking on not one, BUT TWO individuals at once, right here next week! In tag team competition, we’ll see the team of Haku & Tama, the Islanders! In addition, the over 400-pound KING… KONG… BUNDY will see action. And if that isn’t enough, we’ll be joined by none other than “Polish Power” Ivan Putski in 1-on-1 action as well!   

Hayes: I suspect we’ll need a reinforced ring & surrounding walls in the arena, as they all may come crashing down, for 1 reason or another!

Vince: And as promised, the great GORILLA MONSOON returns to the broadcast booth as well next week, with his new broadcast partner, that aforementioned ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie!

Hayes: They’ll make quite the broadcast tandem, I suspect! I’ll be resuming my “Update” & journalism duties, among others. But I won’t be missing a SECOND of all the fireworks! Vince, enjoy yourself on All-Star Wrestling as we move forward!

Vince: Thanks very much, my friend. We’ll have updates on the condition of the WWF Heavyweight Champion, Bruno Sammartino as well. All that & so much more, next week on The Superstars of Wrestling! Until then, this is Vince McMahon along with Lord Alfred Hayes saying SO LONG, everybody! (Alfred salutes the camera)

[FADE TO] still clips of the highlights of this week’s show as “Some Like It Hot” plays at full volume.


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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 7/18


(Jack Reynolds & Freddie Blassie on commentary)


The Fantastics defeated Mario Vasquez & Shane Atwell with the Rocket Launcher.

[Highlight recap of David Schultz brutalizing Rocky King last week. Update on King’s condition: Suffering terrible dizziness, vomiting, aversion to light, etc. Under a doctor’s care & diagnosed with a concussion. Due to internal bruising, he’s on bed rest for now, to be re-evaluated in a few weeks. Back in action soon.]

Intercontinental Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Jim Reynolds by DQ when Ken Patera came down & attacked Valentine. Patera beats him from pillar to post! Valentine managed to fight back, just enough to clip Patera in the hurt knee to break his momentum & escape the scene with Heenan.

 The Islanders defeated Terence Terry & Paul Romano with the Hi-Low flying headbutts. They make the belt-around-the-waist gestures after the match, amidst their tongues-out savage facial expressions.

Ted Arcidi (w/Ivan Putski) defeated Carl Thomas with a powerslam.

[A dramatic ‘Coming Soon’ hype ad: slow-motion in-ring action clips revealing only parts of the perpetrator’s body, up-close shots in a gym of him flexing arms or his broad & defined back, shots of opponents lying unconscious in the ring, etc. A muffled voice says “They had better be ready” as the screen goes black. In white, the words “Paul Orndorff” fade in as dramatic mid-tempo music kicks in as the audio.]

King Kong Bundy defeated Penny Mooch with an Avalanche & the Splash. Demanded the 5-count.

Iron Sheik & Freddie Blassie in-ring interview w/Gene Okerlund: Sheik & Blassie trash America. Say Sgt. Slaughter is just another hotheaded American attacking enlightened peacemakers. Slaughter comes down to a huge ovation with the US flag, gets in the ring & tells them to love America or leave it, etc. Place goes crazy, as Sheik tries to quell the cheers. Blassie challenges Slaughter to a Flag match vs. Sheik next week. Slaughter accepts & goes to leave, but Blassie distracts & Sheik ambushes Slaughter from behind. They stomp a mudhole in him, Slaughter lunges for his flag, and Sheik & Blassie flee the scene as Slaughter swings the flag like a propeller as he makes it to his feet. Sheik & Blassie jaw from the aisle as Slaughter stands tall in the ring to end the show.

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Man you really have this era of the WWF down! All your descriptions are so well detailed that I can visualize everything so easily. 

Morales is always a crowd pleaser. Good to see him kick off the show. 

Love the update center and Philly promos.

Blassie and Boris do a good job hyping up the TV main event with Andre.

Von Erich's are so over! Love their theme song, cant go wrong with White Snake. Heenan and the Bulldogs want another shot. I'm all for another dream match.

Bruno gives a passionate promo and the fans are loving it. Shultz is just awesome here. I loved this entire segment as both men and Vince all played their parts so well. Then things get NUTS! Shultz just destroys the champ. Shultz is for real and this just guaranteed a sell out crowd when they meet. I really liked how the commentators sold all of this afterwards. Awesome job here! This makes Shultz one of the top heels in the entire game. 

Hillbillies give the viewers some much needed comic relief.

During this era, that 6 man tag match announced for next week's TV would of been off the charts! 

Andre gets the DQ win and some help from the Hillbillies but the aftermath is the big story as Giant Haystacks puts Andre down! Haystacks is a UK legend but this segment immediately gets him nuclear heat in the WWF. 

On to All-Star,

Fantastics and Islanders get some good TV time. Lot's of great teams in contention. 

Valentine and Patera continue their feud.

OH MAN get ready because Mr. Wonderful is coming!!! 

It's really cool that All-Star has a main event feud like Slaughter and Sheik. Defiantly will keep the fans tuning in. 

Outstanding job! Your details and writing are amazing! 






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