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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 4/3 | Landover, MD @ Capital Centre (9,731)

Pedro Morales defeated Barry Horowitz with the spearing headbutt to the gut.

Rick Martel defeated Brutus Beefcake with a running Blockbuster in a fiery match.

Ivan Putski defeated Sika (w/Mr. Fuji) with the Polish Hammer.

The Iron Sheik (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Sting by DQ. Blassie repeatedly choked Sting with his cane whenever Sting’s head landed near the ropes. In the end, Sting hit the Stinger Splash on Sheik, Blassie hopped on the apron & Sting spanked Blassie with his own cane, then used it to wallop Sheik repeatedly in the ring. Battered Sheik & Blassie scurry away, leaving Sting standing tall with the cane.


British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated the Killer Bees in a high-octane match. In a 4-man breakdown, Blair snared Dynamite into a small package, Davey came over amidst the confusion & reversed it for the 1-2-3.

I-C Champion TIto Santana & Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) fought to a double count-out in a knockdown-dragout battle. Tito kamikaze-cross-bodied Saito & himself over the top to the floor. Both battered men kept the other from beating the 10-count.

Honky Tonk Man defeated George ‘The Animal’ Steele (no Albano) with a rollup & handful of trunks. Steele bites him on the ass afterwards & Honky runs for the hills.

Big John Studd defeated ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff by count-out. Toward the end, Orndorff tries his piledriver & has Studd up for it!... but Studd backdrops out of it! Studd then misses his finishing elbowdrop. Studd backdrops him over the top. Beefcake sneaks down the aisle & running high-knees Orndorff while Studd has the ref distracted. Ref counts to 10 & Studd wins. Martel runs down & jumps Beefcake, pinballing him back & forth with Orndorff as Studd leaves. Orndorff & Martel batter Beefcake in the ring, sending him packing after a stereo backdrop. Orndorff & Martel stand tall to end the night.

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 4/4 | Hershey, PA @ Hershey Park Arena (7,258)

Ivan Putski defeated Virgil (no Blassie) with the Polish Hammer.

The Missing Link defeated Lose Louis Rivera with a spear.

Cousin Luke defeated Honkey Tonk Man by DQ, when Honky used a Jeb Juice bottle on Luke.

Kerry Von Erich defeated Davey Boy Smith with the Discus Punch in an uptempo match. Huge pop for Kerry.


Rick Martel/Pedro Morales defeated Don Muraco/Brutus Beefcake by count-out. Muraco & Beefcake had enough of the fight & bailed to the back.

Nikolai Volkoff defeated Jim Powers with a military press backbreaker.

The Fantastics fought King Kong Bundy/Greg Valentine to a No Contest, when Rogers dropkicked Bundy backward into the ref in the corner. Fantastics cleared the ring & the ref was carried out.

Paul Orndorff defeated Rick Rude (no Hart) with a rollup reversal. Rude ambushed him afterward & hit the Rude Awakening.

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First Landover 

Big win for Putski over one of the Samoans.

Sting spanking Blassie with his own cane must have gotten a huge pop.

Even as IC champ it's big that Tito goes to a double c.o with Saito.

Love Studd taking Beefcake's help for the win then leaving him to his asswhipping.

To Hershey 

Htm officially pisses off both hillbillies by smacking Luke with the Jeb Juice.

KVE vs DVB,what a way to head into intermission.

Nice showing by the Fantastics.

Rude vs Orndorf may never end...and I'm ok with that.

A couple of money shows.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 4/9 | Cincinnati, OH @ Riverfront Coliseum (17,241; Sellout)

Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Paul Roma/Jim Powers with a press-backbreaker on Powers.

Pedro Morales defeated Steve Lombardi with the spearing headbutt to the gut.

The Iron Sheik (w/Fred Blassie) submitted Sam Houston with the Camel Clutch.

Capt Lou Albano defeated Mr. Fuji in a Tuxedo Match.

Kerry Von Erich defeated Brutus Beefcake with the Discus Punch. Huge pop for Kerry.


Tag Team Champions Samu/Fatu (Mr. Fuji) defeated Putski/Arcidi when Sika ran down during a melee & clocked Arcidi with a kendo stick behind the ref’s back.

Kevin Von Erich defeated Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) with a sunset flip from the top rope.

I-C Champion Tito Santana defeated ‘Magnificent’ Muraco by DQ when Muraco used the Title belt as a weapon. Tito fought him off & backdropped him over the top rope. Muraco headed for the hills.

Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated WWF Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan by count-out. Madhouse in Cinci. Toward the end of this seesaw battle, Hogan’s going for the kill when Masa Saito runs down & hops on the apron to distract Hogan. Hogan rolls out & they brawl halfway up the aisle while the ref counts Hogan out. Valentine/Heenan celebrate in the ring with the Title belt, when a livid Hogan runs back to the ring & cleans house on Valentine. Hogan stands tall with a climactic, angry posedown to end the big night.

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Red Scare starting the night off with some serious heat!

Sheiky baby keeps it going by tapping out Houston.

I can't picture Albano in a tux.

The Von Erichs get crowd pleasing wins.

C.O or not, HUGE win for The Hammer!

What a night in Cincinnati!

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Fantastic Survivor Series and a great run of shows since. sorry for not giving in depth reviews I got way behind given things in my home life but gunna do what I can to keep up with all writers.

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 4/10


(Glens Falls, NY @ Civic Center: TAPING #2. Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura on commentary)


[OPEN] to the customary dramatic WWF logo-in-space opener, with the colored galactic lasers galvanizing the logo to its dazzling golden hue, as the echoing voice bellows “The World Wrestling Federation. The revolutionary force in sports-entertainment”.

[CUT] to the opening credits package, set to “1999” by Prince as the audio underlay, featuring footage of Hulk Hogan walking the MSG hallway, then rapid-fire in-ring action flashes of the roster of stars, Hogan vs. Schultz @ MSG mixed in, and intercutting ecstatic sellout crowd shots, etc. Final dramatic shot of Hogan mid-double-bicep-pose during the emotional title-win celebration at MSG.

[FILTER] into the rocking venue! Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura are standing at the commentary platform. They’re psyched to get it on this week!

British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Sammy Sleeves/Dick Sherman. The former Champs are razor-sharp & looking more explosive than ever. Sleeves & Sherman were overmatched from the outset.

[WWF Update: “Beat It” by Michael Jackson is audio intro this week. Paul Heyman is in the newsroom. Announces that the WWF Front Office is on the verge of unveiling details for WrestleMania II, slated for Saturday night, July 3rd. The event graphic shows in the upper corner of the screen. Paul mentions there was a teaser at Survivor Series, and the rumor is that the foundation is being laid for this second-ever WWF WrestleMania to be the single-biggest extravaganza in sports & entertainment history. What exactly that entails will be unveiled. Stay tuned! "We Built This City" by Starship is the audio outro.]


[During the commercial break, a market-specific bumper airs in the NYC area, hyping being 1 week away from returning to MSG on Saturday 4/17 @ 8 PM. Visual shows the starry moving-through-space motion graphic & Mean Gene’s voice hyping the card, including Samu/Fatu/Sika/Tama vs. Killer Bees/ Putski/ Arcidi, 10-man battle royal with the winner getting an I-C Title shot @ Tito Santana later that night, and a double-main event of ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude vs. Kerry Von Erich and Sgt. Slaughter vs. David Schultz in a No DQ Match.]

Rick Martel defeated Manuel Rhodes. Martel jogged down the aisle, laser-focused, slid into the ring & pounced on Rhodes right away, aggressively dismantling him. Rhodes reversed a whip to the corner & Martel springboarded off the middle turnbuckle with a Blockbuster that ends Rhodes for the 1-2-3. Martel’s jawing “MURACO!” at the hard cam, before exiting the ring.

[Pre-recorded: Iron Sheik, in street clothes & headdress, sits on the hood of a vintage Mercedes in the driveway of a plush desert estate. Fred Blassie stands nearby, also in a headdress. Sheik says you’re looking at Kevin Von Erich’s future. Says Kevin’s career is like that desert behind him & just like USA’s chances of saving him. Says Kevin is days away from being put in the Camel Clutch, getting his back broken & being humbled - just like the USA when they watch it happen.]

[30-second ad for WWF merchandise, with glamour shots of top WWF stars in some of the gear.]


[Mean Gene in locker room with a pissed Rick Martel: Martel says Don Muraco & Brutus Beefcake tried their best to put him out of wrestling a couple weeks ago, but we can clearly see they failed. Says, now that he’s standing again, don’t go to sleep anytime soon, cuz vengeance is coming when they least expect.] 

Dino Bravo defeated Charles Head. Brute strength & aggression, with taunting posing to the booing crowd. Snaps Head in half with the sidewalk slam for the 1-2-3.

[WWF Event Center for the greater Pittsburgh area: “Take On Me” by a-ha is the audio intro. Mean Gene hypes tonight, 4/10, as the big return to the Igloo. SOLD OUT! He runs down the big card, including Red Scare vs. Killer Bees, Sam Houston vs. Don Muraco, Sting/Fantastics vs. Greg Valentine/British Bulldogs, Kerry Von Erich vs. Brutus Beefcake, and a main event of Hulk Hogan defending the Heavyweight Title vs. ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude. Honkey Tonk Man comes sashaying into frame, boasting about his match vs. Cousin Luke. Says he’s gonna send a message to Hillbilly Jim by playing a very special tune on his cousin & then he’ll finish the concert Jim so rudely interrupted @ Meadowlands. Says Jeb Juice is fixin’ to be on the clearance rack after tonight, etc. Gene happily wraps up, as Honky continues jawing & gyrating. “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Yes is the audio outro.]


[During the commercial break, a market-specific bumper airs again in the NYC area, hyping being 1 week away from returning to MSG on Saturday 4/17 @ 8 PM. Visual shows the starry moving-through-space motion graphic & Mean Gene’s voice hyping the card, including Samu/Fatu/Sika/Tama vs. Killer Bees/ Putski/ Arcidi, 10-man battle royal with the winner getting an I-C Title shot @ Tito Santana later that night, and a double-main event of ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude vs. Kerry Von Erich and Sgt. Slaughter vs. David Schultz in a No DQ Match.]

[Pre-recorded: Andre the Giant stands tall on a cliff overlooking crashing waves below in a part of the world that looks like a true-to-life postcard. As the wind blows his shirt & hair, he intently tells Roddy Piper he’s sending him this message from this place for a reason. Says he’s not sending this to soothe Piper’s nerves, but to let him know that Piper’s gonna feel like he fell off a cliff this high when Andre’s done wringing his toothpick neck. Says Studd will leave Piper high & dry, and go hide in a cave, long before Andre snaps Piper’s face off. Andre cackles & rubs his hands eagerly, as the camera pans out to the crashing waves below.]

Kerry Von Erich defeated Nate Sellers. The crowd is ON FIRE the moment Kerry entered the arena! Massive pop for every hiptoss, dropkick, backdrop, suplex, military press slam, etc. He mercifully finishes the job with a Discus Punch that knocks Sellers for a mile! 1-2-3! Party atmosphere in the post-match, as Kerry mounted all 4 corners with his “hang loose” hand gestures in the air. Flashbulbs popping everywhere.

[Emotional tribute package, highlighting ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham’s extensive career, growth as a human being, and his philanthropy intended to make the world a better place, 1 day at a time.]


[WWF Event Center for the greater Pittsburgh area: “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis & The News is the audio intro. Mean Gene re-hypes tonight, 4/10, as the big return to the Civic Arena. SOLD OUT! He runs down the big card again. In parade Sting & The Fantastics, whom Gene is thrilled to see. Sting (green long tights, green/white paint) asks what better meal is there than a fight meal before a fight night in the Steel City. Says he hears The Hammer ain’t so happy about makin’ a guarantee to beat him in 2 mins or less, only to GET BEAT in 2 mins or less. Says he knows The Fantastics hearts are just bleeding. Fulton boisterously says it’s almost more fun to bruise Valentine’s ego than his body - ALMOST. Rogers says the Heenan Family is riding high, but they know how to bring the Heenan Family down to its knees & they’re fixin’ to do it again tonight in Pittsburgh. All 3 men hoop it up & Sting ‘mouth-cup hollers’ as Gene laughingly closes things out, as “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood is the audio outro.]

MAIN EVENT: Killer Bees/Putski/Arcidi vs. Samu/Fatu/Tama/Sika (w/Mr. Fuji)

Fuji & his Samoan savage army hit the ring first to huge heat & intimidation from the crowd. Putski. Arcidi, and the Bees get a hero’s welcome as they staunch out for battle! And battle they do, right off the bat, as the haymakers fly like crazy in mid-ring! Toe-to-toe 8-man rumble! Crowd coming unglued! Fan favorites clean house finally & rule the ring, as the Headhunters regroup outside with Fuji as the place is coming unglued!

Match settles into a hot seesaw 8-man with frequent tags by both teams & shifting momentum. The Champs look scarily dominant at points & the resistance, now allies of The Hulkster, look like they have the Samoans’ number at other points! Crowd eats up every moment of this slufest!

Toward the end, Brunzell is desperately fighting up thru a trapezius nerve hold by Tama & both men end up bouncing off the ropes with a double-clothesline that flattens each other. Tama manages to tag in Fatu, just as Brunzell lunges & tags in Putski! Putski’s in like a house of fire, knocking Fatu from pillar to post! Big powerslam gets the 1… 2… Samu makes the save! Arcidi answers & slugs it out with Samu! Next thing you know, all 8 men are in the ring again & it’s pandemonium again! 

Some of the brawls spill to the outside & the ref’s attention is all over the place! In the ring, Sika slithers back into the ring & lunges for a superkick on Putski… but Putski ducks & Fatu gets throttled instead!! Bee Brian Blair yanks Sika back out to the floor by his legs! Putski immediately schoolboys the dazed Fatu over, as the ref turns around in time for the leg-flailing flash 1-2-3!!! PLACE BLOWS THE ROOF OFF!! 


Winners: Ivan Putski, Ted Arcidi, Brian Blair, Jim Brunzell by Pinfall @ 9:32

[Gorilla & Jesse are standing at the broadcast platform, fired-up about what we just witnessed & what this means now! Action for next week’s show: Sting, King Kong Bundy, Don Muraco/Brutus Beefcake in tag team action, Hillbilly Jim. Main Event: Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff vs. Kevin Von Erich/George ‘The Animal’ Steele! Gorilla & Jesse are hyped for next week & bid us farewell.]

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I love your on sight promos. The details you give about camera angles is really immersion building.

A couple of stacked cards coming up. Looking forward to it.

What a main event as the Samoans go down in a flash finish on free TV!

I'd definitely be tuning into next weeks episode.

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 4/10


(Poughkeepsie, NY @ Mid-Hudson Civic Center: TAPING #2. Vine McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


[Opening Credits package plays. WE then filter into the building with a lively crowd. Vince & Jack are at the commentary platform.]

Iron Sheik/Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Barry Nip/Sumner Singh/Pete Brass when Sheik submitted Singh with the Camel Clutch. Pre-match, thunderous heat for the salute of the Soviet flag & Nikolai’s singing of the Russian anthem.

[Piper’s Pit: Studd’s on-set this time, relaxing on the sofa as Piper insults the crowd for being excited that Hulk Hogan’s on the show this week. He then introduces his guest, the “rightful Champion”, David Schultz. MASSIVE BOOS. Schultz thanks Piper for acknowledging the obvious & says Hogan would hand over the belt to him later in the show, if he had any character. Says Slaughter is cut from the same cloth. Piper asks what he thinks about Slaughter being on his trail. Schultz says he’s not - it’s all bluster from Slaughter to save face for getting BEAT at Survivor Series. Says he heard Slaughter might even be getting a restraining order to keep Schultz from him. Suddenly, place explodes as Slaughter comes out behind Schultz with a trash can! Piper’s trying to alert Schultz & Slaughter CLOCKS Schultz from behind with the can! Slaughter wields the can to keep an outraged Piper & Studd at bay! Schultz staggers up & Slaughter houses him to the back with repeated, staggering can-shots to the skull until they disappear in the tunnel.] 

Hillbilly Jim defeated Sean Keys with the running vertical Big Boot in the corner.

Sam Houston defeated Trapper Gary with a bulldog.

[I-C Champion Tito Santana vs. Virgil is next week’s main event. Piper’s Pit: guest Paul Orndorff.]

A sullen Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) submitted Art Long in 2 mins with the Figure Four. Taunting ‘Sting’ chants rained down from the crowd, irritating Valentine & Heenan.

MAIN EVENT: Non-Title - WWF Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs. Al Snow

“Eye of the Tiger” blew the roof off the joint as Hogan (yellow tights/yellow knee pads/white boots, ripped white fabric headband with excess cloth dangling into his mouth) happily paraded through the rabid humanity on his way to the ring. Flashbulbs popping like an indoor lightning storm as Hogan storms to the apron & fires up! He gets into the ring, ripping off the shirt & calmly shows off the belt to his adoring populous!

Snow ambushes from behind with forearms & punches that land wherever they land! 10 seconds of this & Hogan straightens up, feeling no pain! Snow knows he’s dead! Hogan turns around & goads him to hit him some more! Hogan’s wading through the barrage, walking forward! Hogan UNLEASHES HELL with rabbit rights & lefts, knocking him from pillar to post with roundhouses, follow-in clothesline to the corner, backdrop to the heavens, slams, elbowdrops, and 2 fingers to the eyes that send Snow tumbling through the ropes to the floor. Hogan’s not even breaking a sweat, enjoying himself with the crowd!

Hogan rolls out & tosses Snow back in. Hogan whips him to the ropes & dips his head for a backdrop… Snow comes off & kicks him in the head! But Hogan’s unphased! Hogan lunging-lariats Snow out of his boots, immediately pops up, hits the ropes & comes off with a towering legdrop, leisurely leaning against him like a loveseat for the easy 1-2-3!! Hogan hops up & happily accepts his Title belt, as “Eye of the Tiger” hits! Party’s on now.

The bone-dry Heavyweight Champ calmly holds the belt up to all sides of the building & starts striking a few random bodybuilder poses, different for each side. Utter pandemonium! His last pose is a drop to 1 knee with the belt over his shoulder & striking a bicep curl with his free arm. Epitome of cool! He then points to the heavens in thanks & hops out of the ring, heading up the aisle with 1 hand raising the belt high, as he wades through the reaching arms like the rock star he is & the show goes off the air.

Winner: Hulk Hogan by Pinfall @ 2:52

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Here we go.... bring on Wrestlemania II

Liked the segment with The Sheik and Blassie at the dessert estate.

Piper's Pit with Schultz would have brought some major heat. 

Nice to see Al Snow get a match with Hogan and also nice to see Hogan wrestle on TV


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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 4/10 | Pittsburgh, PA @ Civic Arena (18,293; Sellout)

Jim Powers/Paul Roma defeated Ken Pearson/Bobby Strom with the suplex/splash combo.

Pedro Morales defeated Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) with the spearing headbutt to the gut.

Dino Bravo defeated Jose Luis Rivera with a sidewalk slam.

Killer Bees defeated Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) with a double-dropkick on Boris Zhukov.

Kerry Von Erich defeated Brutus Beefcake with a flash crucifix. Post-match, Beefcake attacked & Kerry ended up KO’ing him with a Discus Punch that drove the place nuts. Huge reaction for Kerry.  


Honky Tonk Man defeated Cousin Luke with the Shake, Rattle, Roll.

Greg Valentine/British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Sting/Fantastics in a hot barn-burner. Match broke down into an all-over 6-way at the end. Fulton rolled-up Dynamite & Davey clotheslined Fulton over, reversing the rollup for the flash 1-2-3.

‘Magnificent’ Don Muraco defeated Sam Houston with an Asiatic Spike, after slipping out of Houston's bulldog.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan defeated ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) by DQ. Massive heat for Rude. Roof flew off the moment “Eye of the Tiger” kicked in & Hogan hit the ring to a jarring ovation. Nonstop, seesaw heart-pounder the whole way. Toward the end, Hogan mounted a dramatic comeback, knocking Rude pillar to post. Rude desperately yanked the ref in the path of Hogan’s follow-in clothesline to the corner. Rude held Hogan for Hart, who missed a megaphone shot & leveled Rude instead, sending the place into a frenzy! As Hogan stalked Hart, Masa Saito ran down & ambushed Hogan. BONSAI CLAW! Hart gets some kicks in too. Killer Bees storm to the ring right away, as Saito clears out & never looks back. Hogan recovers, since the Bonsai Claw wasn’t locked in for long this time, but still feels the effects. Battered Rude & Hart also retreat, leaving Hogan standing tall with the Title & his buds. Pandemonium in Pittsburgh, as a now-pissed-off, battered Hogan rocks the house with the Bees to close out the night.

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 4/11 | Columbus, OH @ Ohio Center (5,691)

Virgil (no Blassie) defeated Paul Roma with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Killer Bees defeated Al Snow/Barry Horowitz with a double-dropkick.

Iron Sheik submitted Jim Powers with the Camel Clutch. ‘Kevin’ & ‘USA’ chants from the crowd.

David Schultz defeated Hillbilly Jim by count-out when Schultz wrapped a groggy Jim’s arm to the barricade with wrist tape. Jim got loose afterward & ran Schultz off.

Big John Studd defeated Pedro Morales with a powerslam.

Sting defeated Boris Zhukov with the Stinger Splash & small package. Huge pop for Sting.

‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper defeated Tommy Rogers with a rollup & fistful of trunks.

Tito Santana/Rick Martel defeated Don Muraco/Brutus Beefcake in a high-octane battle, when Martel pinned Beefcake with a victory roll. 

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First Pittsburgh.

The Young Stallions are coming along nicely.

Rough night for Blassie as all his men go down.

Energetic finish to the six man tag.

The main event gets nuts as Saito decides to remind Hogan they're not finished.

To Columbus.

Blassie's boys go 2-0 over the Young Stallions.

But Boris blows it against Sting!

Dr D got some serious heat with that win.

Piper & Studd why they're such a formidable duo with dual wins.

Cap it all off with a workrate main event and you've got 2 First class WWF shows.

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WrestleMania 2 is going to be off the charts! 

Muraco and Beefcake better watch out because Rick Martel is coming after them! 

Always loved promos filmed outside the arena. Sheik and Andre are perfect examples. 

In terms of popularity, Kerry Von Erich is giving Hogan some competition. 

Barnburner of a main event! Loved the craziness of the 8 man tag. Faces score the pin and give the fans a feel good moment. 

To All-Star,

Pipers Pit is a good one. Slaughter has guts attacking Schultz with Piper and Studd there. 

Valentine is all business as he rebounds from that Sting upset.

It was always special when Hogan wrestled on TV. He blows the roof off the place as he disposes of a young Al Snow. 

Good couple of house shows. 

Heenan's Family get a much needed win over Sting and the Fantastics. 

Hogan and Rude give the fans a great match until Saito spoils things. Can't wait for the Hogan/Saito blow off. 

LOL at Schultz wrapping Jim up and then bailing when Jim got loose.

Martel/Santana vs. Muraco and Beefcake sure gave the fans their money's worth. 

WWF is rock'n! 


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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 4/16 | Hartford, CT @ Civic Center (11,082)

Pedro Morales defeated The Missing Link with a schoolboy.

Ken Patera defeated Sam Houston with the Full Nelson Slam.

George ‘The Animal’ Steele defeated Virgil (no Blassie) by count-out.

Tag Team Champions Samu/Sika (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Putski/Arcidi when Sika broke Fuji’s cane over Arcidi’s head behind the ref’s back & got the 1-2-3. Crazy affair.

Honky Tonk Man defeated Jose Louis Rivera with the Shake, Rattle, Roll.

I-C Champion Tito Santana defeated Nikolai Volkoff (no Blassie) with the flying forearm.

Kevin Von Erich & Greg Valentine (no Heenan) fought to a 15-minute time limit draw.

Paul Orndorff/Rick Martel defeated Rick Rude/Don Muraco by DQ. During the breakdown, Orndorff hit the piledriver on Muraco & Brutus Beefcake ran down in time to save the 3-count. 3-on-2 beatdown, until Tito Santana ran down with a chair & the rulebreakers headed for higher ground to end the night.

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I wouldn't mind seeing 15 minutes of Valentine & Kevin.

Fuji pays dividends for his Samoan warriors.

Good to see Orndorf on the winning side after his passing the other day.

Good night in Hartford.

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Nice set of house shows.  While we would never expect the WWF title to switch hands at a house show, that Hulf Hogan-Rick Rude match makes you think twice.  He could really be a heel champ in the WWF and it would be believeable.  

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great run of shows love the old school Piper's Pit that really gets the crowd riled up.

House shows all look solid and i agree with Kevinmcfl Rick Rude would be a white hot heel with the crowd and it would great to see how the WWF would be with a heel champion at this time.

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Thanks for the feedback, gents!

I expect to have the next week of shows posted in the next 12 hours or so. I am determined I'm going to fully catch up and keep a steady pace that once again reflects our current dates.

I will get there, dammit! :D

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