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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 7/18 | Denver, CO @ McNichols Arena (10,841)

Cousin Luke defeated Barry Horowitz @ 3:19 with a legdrop.

The Fantastics defeated The Red Scare (w/Freddie Blassie) by DQ @ 10:26 when Nikolai used Blassie’s cane on Tommy Rogers. Fanatics eventually fought them off.

Intercontinental Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Ted Arcidi @ 6:07 with a rollup & handful of tights. Ken Patera runs down in plain clothes, and runs Valentine & Heenan off with a chair.

Hillbilly Jim defeated Steve Lombardi @ 4:18 with the Big Boot.

Sgt. Slaughter defeated Bob Backlund by DQ @ 13:13 when Slaughter crawled to get his foot on the ropes while in the Chicken Wing. Backlund celebrated, thinking Slaughter submitted. When the ref corrected him, Backlund snapped & put the ref in the Chicken Wing. Slaughter recovered & made the save.


Giant Haystacks defeated SD Jones @ 2:45 with a back-Avalanche to the corner.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated The Islanders @ 12:29 when Kevin small-packaged Tama.

Tito Santana & ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz fought to a 20:00 time limit draw.

‘Superstar’ Billy Graham defeated The Iron Sheik @ 11:37. Ref was down. After a miscue between Blassie & Sheik, Superstar runs Sheik head-first into the exposed turnbuckle & scores the big 1-2-3 to send the crowd home happy.

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Your house shows are so accurate for this era. 

Great job in furthering the Valentine/Patera feud.

I bet most of those fans paid to see that Backlund/Slaughter match. 

Haystacks is really getting over at the house shows. 

That Von Erich's/Islanders match would of given me my money's worth. You could easily have the Von Erich's as main event attractions. 

Tito and Schultz pick up right where they left off at WrestleMania. 

Sending the fans home happy was always the key and the Superstar does just that tonight. 

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 7/19 | Minneapolis, MN @ Met Center (9,642)

SD Jones defeated Steve Lombardi with a small package.

Tommy Rogers defeated Barry Horowitz with a high cross-body from the top.

Boris Zhukov defeated Ivan Putski by DQ when Putski used Zhukov’s foreign object.

Pedro Morales & King Kong Bundy fought to a double count-out.

Andre the Giant defeated Giant Machine with the Big Boot & Sitdown Splash.


Tito Santana defeated The Iron Sheik (w/Freddie Blassie) by count-out when Sheik swung the Iranian flag outside the ring at Santana & missed. Santana hit the flying forearm & beat the 10 count.

Scufflin’ Hillbillies defeated The Islanders when Hillbilly Jim pushed Tama over Uncle Luke’s back into a schoolboy for the pin.

Bob Backlund defeated Bobby Fulton with a backward-bridging rollup.

‘Superstar’ Billy Graham defeated Nikolai Volkoff (w/Freddie Blassie). Ref got KO’d. Graham intercepted the Soviet flag that Blassie was trying to toss to Nikolai, and clotheslined Nikolai with it for the 1-2-3 to end the night.

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Way to have the fans go home happy!  Nothing spells 1980's wrestling more then the evil foreigner and their flag going down in defeat!

Like how you have restored Pedro to where he was.  Many of us tried to use him but struggled to find a great role for him.


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Appreciating all the great feedback so far! Trying to balance a seamless transition from where Bleh left off and branching off in new directions gradually. Trying to fully capture that 80's Titan vibe, so will continue looking to tap in to those nuances that make it feel like you're in that time machine watching it all unfold.

Again, thanks for the insights.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 7/24 | Landover, MD @ Capital Center (12,668)

SD Jones defeated Steve Lombardi with the jumping headbutt.

The Islanders defeated The Fantastics.

Ken Patera defeated King Kong Bundy by count-out.

Nikolai Volkoff (w/Freddie Blassie) defeated Sgt. Slaughter by DQ when Blassie slid the Soviet flag in for Nikolai to use. Slaughter beat him to it & used it on Nikolai instead.


Giant Haystacks defeated Ted Arcidi with the back Avalanche.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated the British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan). Hot match. Near the end, Kerry & Davey fought outside, while Dynamite rolled up Kevin. Kerry got in & Discus-punched Dynamite, which reversed the rollup for Kevin to get the 1-2-3. After the match, the Bulldogs & Heenan ambushed the Von Erich’s with the Title belts.

Hillbilly Jim & The Iron Sheik fought to a time limit draw.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Intercontinental Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) by DQ. Bruno had Valentine pinned & Heenan attacked the ref to break up the 3-count. Bruno batters Heenan from pillar to post like a pinball & clears the ring of both men to close out the night.

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I always enjoyed it when undercard guys would go at it. Jones vs. Lombardi is a perfect example. 

Can't get enough of the Islanders and Fantastics. 

American hero vs. Foreign menace always drew in the 80s.

Haystacks gets a big win over powerhouse Arcidi. Great job in building Haystacks up for his showdown with Andre.

Von Erich's retain over the Bulldogs but the Bulldogs quickly get their heat back. 

WWF champ and IC champ headline the card. Ends in a DQ but Bruno sends the fans home happy by giving Heenan the beating of a lifetime LOL. 

Fun card as always. 


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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 7/25


(Gorilla Monsoon & 'Classy' Freddie Blassie on commentary)


[OPEN] to the customary dramatic WWF logo-in-space opener, with colored galactic lasers galvanizing the logo to its dazzling golden hue, as the echoing voice bellows “The World Wrestling Federation. The revolutionary force in sports-entertainment”.

[OPEN] to the opening credit package set to audio of “Some Like It Hot” by Power Station.

[FILTER IN] to the packed mid-sized arena. Gorilla Monsoon & ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie are on the podium across the way from the ring. Crowd roaring big.

Gorilla: Welcome to The Superstars of Wrestling, folks! It’s the Gorilla back in the saddle again, Gorilla Monsoon, joined by the infamous one HIMSELF… the incomparable one, ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie. Blass, what a week here!

Blassie: You ain’t gonna forget this week for a long time to come. Ha! And it’s all because, for the first time ever, YOU’RE gettin’ the pleasure of going to The Penthouse with Yours Truly!

Gorilla: How did I know there was a plug coming!? (Blassie laughs)

Blassie (laughs): #1 comes before anything else, Gorilla! 

Gorilla: Folks, it’s the 1 we’ve been waiting for! The big 6-Man Tag! Former WWF Heavyweight Champ Bob Backlund, the British Bulldogs! Tito Santana! The Tag Team Champs the Von Erich’s! Colliding right here, this week! The 450-pound PLUS King Kong Bundy seeing action! Haku & Tama, the Islanders, in tag team action! “Polish Power”’ Ivan Putski will lock ‘em up! The WALL of a monster who actually FLOORED the 8th Wonder of the World last week, Giant Haystacks is here to face TWO men in the ring at the same time! Wow! And then yes, first time ever, it’s The Penthouse starring the man to my right, ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie! Tell 'em who that first guest is, Blass.

Blassie: THE ONE! THE ONLY! ‘DR. D’ DAVID SCHULTZ! In my estimation, maybe the NEXT WWF Heavyweight Champion!

Gorilla: HUH! I’m sure somebody’s gonna have a thing or 2 to say about that one! Let’s get to ringside & kick off all the action & excitement!

[Matt Parnell warms up in the ring & gets announced. Some upbeat Polish folk music hits & the place explodes! Ivan Putski comes out of the tunnel to a huge ovation, as he makes his way down the aisle with a huge smile, hi-fiving the fans. He gets into the ring & greets the adoring crowd on all sides! He offers his hand to Parnell, who accepts the handshake. Putski then pulls off his t-shirt & begins warming up.]

Matc #1: ‘Polish Power’ Ivan Putski vs. Matt Parnell

Parnell attacks Putski from behind, despite shaking his hand 2 seconds ago. But Putski doesn’t feel a thing! He obliterates Parnell, throwing him around like a rag doll from pillar to post! In the end, he whips him to the ropes & LEVELS him with the Polish Hammer for the dominant 1-2-3! His theme resumes as he poses & waves to the adoring crowd.

Winner: “Polish Power” Ivan Putski by Pinfall

[CUT TO] “WWF Update” in the newsroom-like studio with Lord Alfred Hayes, who greets us with how happy he is to be back at the Update desk.

He leads in with the revelation from last week on All Star Wrestling of Paul Ornodorff signing with the WWF. He touts Orndorff’s college, sports background & the impact he’s had in the wrestling world so far. 

He gives us another look at the ‘Coming Soon’ video from All Star Wrestling last week, then hypes Orndorff’s arrival coming soon, etc.

The segment ends with a WWF logo graphic & instrumental of “Shout” by Tears for Fears as the audio.


Back from commercial, Mean Gene is standing by in a locker room with Bob Backlund, British Bulldogs & Bobby Heenan. He asks their thoughts on this week’s huge match-up.

Heenan says it’s just what they wanted & it’s their chance to rid pro wrestling of 3 useless humanoids who’ve bitten off more than they can chew, all for the love of millions of even more worthless humanoids. 

Davey Boy says the Von Erich’s are thieves & they’re about to be treated like the vandals they are. Dynamite says all 3 of those guys are headed for disability insurance. 

Gene asks Heenan what the nature of the alliance with Backlund is & if Backlund is a new acquisition. Heenan smugly says “Did I tell you that? You hear that from me?” Backlund smugly interjects that Gene is too inquisitive & states the alliance is of men of valor, integrity & purpose for the world. Ends saying they have no time for “nugatory inquests” by the likes of Okerlund. They depart, leaving Gene pondering those words.

[CUT] back into the arena, where Brian Price & Genard Reyes warm up in the ring. Out from the tunnel comes the building-size mountain, Giant Haystacks! His mass & presence creates a pall over the crowd as he slowly walks the aisle to ringside! Kids & adults alike in awe! He ascends the steps & rips off the dead animal over-garb, before climbing into the ring.

Match #2: Giant Haystacks vs. Brian Price & Genard Reyes

This is a methodical mauling of 2 grown men. Neither can move or affect Haystacks with any offense, as both men bounce off him like a pinball. He takes turns hoisting them over his head in chokeholds before throwing them down like crash dummies. He bashes them together repeatedly like music symbols, before finally whipping them both to the same corner & splattering them with a stereo back-Avalanche! He throws both human pancakes down & puts his foot on Reyes’ chest for the 1-2-3!

Crowd breath-taken by all this, especially having seen what happened to Andre last week. Haystacks can almost smell their fear as he laughs defiantly. Who can physically take this monster!?

Winner: Giant Haystacks by Pinfall

[CUT] to a special 30-second hype ad for the August issue of the WWF Magazine hitting newsstands this Tuesday.]


[SEEN IN NY/NJ MARKET ONLY - Back from commercial, it’s the market-specific ‘WWF Event Center’ with Mean Gene standing with the WWF logo on the wall behind him.] 

Gene hypes Northern NJ & NY Metro area that they’re down to just  1 week away from WWF action returning to the Meadowlands Arena next Saturday night, August 1st @ 8 PM. Very few tix remain.

He quickly runs down the 9 match card, including Bruno defending vs. Nikolai Volkoff, Bob Backlund vs. Ken Patera, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik, Valentine defending the I-C Title vs. Tito Santana, Von Erich’s defending vs. Bundy & Schultz, British Bulldogs vs. Putski & Arcidi, etc.

Patera comes in, fired up about taking out Backlund & says maybe he’ll also get the chance to get his hands on Valentine, etc. Says his knee is on the comeback trail & it won’t stop him from wreaking havoc in the Meadowlands, etc.

Gene happily ends the segment with his hard sell, as WE see the in-space graphic with the event details with “Freeway” by Aretha Franklin as the audio backdrop.

[CUT] back into the arena, where Terrell Biggs & Arnold Allen are intro’d in the ring as they warm up. Island tribal beats sound over the PA system & out come Haku & Tama to the aisle, stoically making their way to the ring. They climb inside & mount opposite 2nd turnbuckles, yelling chants out at the crowd. They then remove their wrap-around fabric from their waists & begin warming up.

Match #3: The Islanders vs. Terrell Biggs & Arnold Allen

Total domination as Biggs & Allen are dismantled with crushing offense from the polynesians; crescent kicks, double-chops, Irish-whip running headbutts to the ribs in the corner, etc. End comes when Tama climbs up top as Haku stands at prone Arnold’s feet. Haku drops a heabutt on Allen’s leg, as Tama hits the soaring headbutt from the top! Hi-Lo Headbutts! 1-2-3! 

During a post-match tribal dance, they do the belt-around-the-waist gesture as their unorthodox expressions continue. Some kids are holding up pics of the Von Erich’s in the crowd.

Winners: The Islanders by Pinfall

[CUT TO] graphic of David Schultz with the caption “Up Next… Dr. D Comes to the Penthouse!” & “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Yes as the audio backdrop.


[SEEN IN NJ/NY AREA ONLY -- During the commercial break, a 30-second ad bumper featuring a moving-through-space graphic with Mean Gene’s voice hyping the house show next Saturday night, August 1st at the Meadowlands Arena. Written graphics of the match-ups show as Gene hypes the card.]

Back from commercial, Freddie Blassie stands in an in-arena studio set, resembling a plush penthouse suite. 

Blassie: Welcome to the premiere of The Penthouse, starring Yours Truly, ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie! This is the home of the most exclusive interviews you’re gonna get anywhere, with the biggest superstars in the world of professional wrestling! And most importantly, it’s all hosted by ME! (Crowd boos) My premiere guest this week… is a young man with tons of my respect! A man who may very well be the NEXT World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion! (Crowd booing!) Welcome ‘Dr. D’ David Scultz!

[Chorus of thunderous boos as Schultz slowly saunters out to the interview set with the smuggest of grins on his face! Shakes hands with Blassie & they sit down on the plush furniture.]

Blassie: Just make yourself at home. Anything you want here in The Penthouse, food, drink, it’s yours. ESPECIALLY a man like yourself, who made an indelible mark on the wrestling world last week! (Schultz nods) You’re the most sought-after man in wrestling media. Everybody wants to know, what’s your next move?

Schultz: Freddie, you know my career. You know me in the ring. You know what I’m capable of. You know the waves I’ve made, ever’where I been since Day 1. ALL OVER THE WORLD. It shouldn’t be no surprise, what happened last week. I am the man who wants to be, who NEEDS to be, who just OUGHT TO BE the World Wrestlin’ Federation Heavyweight Champ right now!

[Crowd boos bigger. Blassie’s nodding in agreement.]

Schultz (cont’d): You know it, I know it, the whole dang world knows it. And that head-in-the-clouds Living Legend didn’t know it, so he needed to hear about it. He ran like a dog from reality, naming all these other guys to defend that Title against. And since he ran from reality, I dun got those 2 reacquainted by BEATING HIM within an inch of his life! 

[Blassie cackling. Crowd booing big-time! Schultz is at his smuggest.]

Schultz (cont’d): But Freddie, to answer your question, up next for me is ending this magic carpet ride ever’body’s on. This Fantasy Land is over. And ya saw it last week, with his little bleedin’ head restin’ in Putski’s lap. (laughs) You saw it was over, Freddie. (Blassie nods) Next logical step is to do that again, 10 times worse, put The Living Legend out to pasture, take that belt for my trouble, and then be the most unstoppable World Champion in the history of this sport! THAT’S what’s comin’ next!

[Crowd booing up a storm! Blassie is almost proud to hear this.]

Blassie: As I set here, I listen to every word you’re saying, and--

Crowd EXPLODES like never before!! Blassie keeps on talking & Schultz is undaunted by the noise! Bruno Sammartino, in slacks & button-down shirt with rolled up sleeves, and a big patch on his forehead, darts in from the side of the set & LUNGES OVER BLASSIE, ONTO A SHOCKED SCHULTZ ON THE SOFA!! Bruno’s unloading on Schultz like a man possessed, as Blassie heads for the hills!! Bruno’s on top of Schultz, whaling away on Schultz like a rabid animal!! Place coming unglued!

Schultz manages to flip Bruno off of him, they both pop up to their feet with clenched fists, and Bruno houses him toe-to-toe with a barrage of rapid roundhouses that rock Schultz with every shot! A forearm shot knocks Schultz backward over the sofa & the sofa flipped over onto him! Bruno lunges over it, right onto Schultz to get him some more!!… 

A ton of officials rush onto the scene & frantically try to pull this madness apart!! Schultz emerges from all the humanity, smiling defiantly as several officials hold him at bay! Bruno makes it to his feet, held back by other officials, and tries his damndest to get him some more of Schultz! But Schultz is too far away now, with too many men in between them! Schultz continues smiling in Bruno’s direction!

Bruno sees it’s pointless to try to keep fighting through the humanity to get to Schultz from here, so he angrily goes in the opposite direction, pushing aside several officials as he veers over toward the main aisle. He walks to ringside & rolls into the ring. Place is on its feet through all this! He grabs a mic.


Place going nuts! The defiant Schultz is tempted to take him up on it! He starts trying to push through the horde of officials alongside the Penthouse set! Place coming unglued & Bruno’s goading him on! Schultz smiles harder… then backs away, slow-clapping at Bruno from a distance. Chorus of boos! Bruno’s pacing like an anxious bear & Schultz slowly heads backstage through a side exit!

Crowd goes even wilder for Bruno as he tosses the mic & continues pacing in the ring, looking out at the raucous crowd! Some officials make it to the ring to try calming him down. His eyes are locked in the direction Schultz just exited, as the crowd’s giving him a monster ovation as he continues pacing. The emotion in the building is palpable!


Back from commercial, Mean Gene is standing by in a locker room with Tito Santana & the Von Erich’s. He touches on what we just saw, and then asks the 3 popular men their thoughts on the big 6-Man main event.

Tito says he meant every word he told Backlund a couple weeks back, and if the Bulldogs wanted to stick their noses in it, it’s good to know he’s got friends in high, golden places to even the odds.

Kerry says Heenan & the Bulldogs love lighting fires around here. “Well not on friends of ours & not when we’re in the building. Backlund AND the Bulldogs get burned today.” Kevin adds that Heenan is welcome to come get a taste too, cuz the 3 of them have a nice, big ole plate waiting on him. 

Tito yells “ARRIBA!” & pumps his fist, as Gene sends us back out to ringside.

[CUT] back into the arena, where Armando Estrella warms up in the ring. Crowd erupts in boos, as King Kong Bundy struts out from the tunnel with a scowl, heading toward ringside. He climbs the steps & gets into the ring, arguing out at the booing fans on all sides of the building.

Match #4: King Kong Bundy vs. Armando Estrella

Estrella tries a few quick shoulder-blocks off the ropes to try rocking the big man, to no avail. Bundy clobbers him like a store mannequin, all over the ring. End comes with a running Avalanche to the corner, and a flattening Splash for the 1-2-3. Bundy demands the ref count to 5 & the ref slaps the mat 2 more times to Bundy’s satisfaction! Bundy celebrates the win, still arguing out at the booing crowd.

Winner: King Kong Bundy by Pinfall

[CUT TO] a vignette starting in an expensive, plush jewelry store with sellers behind the glass counters wearing Shemag headdresses, similar to what Iron Sheik wears to the ring. Sheik & Blassie are dressed lavishly, purchasing expensive Rolexes for themselves. Clearly, they’re somewhere in the Persian Gulf. Blassie loves every moment of this, as everyone gladhands during these major purchases.

Then WE see a vast warehouse full of exotic cars. Sheik is happily speaking in Persian with a salesman wearing a fine suit. They shake hands, having closed a deal on a foreign convertible.

WE see a huge plot of land in a wealthy housing community in the desert. Sheik shakes hands with a well-dressed real estate agent, closing a deal on an empty plot of land. Blassie & Sheik laugh victoriously with the agent. Blassie’s holding a bottle of champagne & pours them a glass.

Blassie states into the camera that this is why America is at least 2 steps behind “OUR world”. They laugh & toast glasses.


[SEEN IN NY/NJ MARKET ONLY - Back from commercial, it’s back to the market-specific ‘WWF Event Center’ with Mean Gene standing with the WWF logo on the wall behind him.] 

Gene re-hypes the Northern NJ & NY Metro area for the return of WWF action to the Meadowlands Arena next Saturday night, August 1st @ 8 PM. Very few tix remain & tells them to snatch them up at the box office or Ticketmaster outlets all over the area.

He quickly runs down the 9 match card again, including Bruno defending vs. Nikolai Volkoff, Bob Backlund vs. Ken Patera, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik, Valentine defending the IC Title vs. Tito Santana, Von Erich’s defending vs. Bundy & Schultz, British Bulldogs vs. Putski & Arcidi, etc.

Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi come into frame, excited about their match vs. the British Bulldogs at the Meadowlands. Putski sings a song in another language, then says the Bulldogs better focus on something besides chasing around the Von Erich’s, because these 2 (re: him & Arcidi) are coming to squeeze their heads off. Arcidi adds the Bulldogs are the ones fixin’ to get bitten next Saturday at the Meadowlands, etc.

Gene happily wraps the segment with his hard sell. Scene closes with the in-space graphic with the event details & “Caribbean Queen” by Billy Ocean as the audio background.

[CUT] Back into the arena, as “Rule, Britannia” hits! Bobby Heenan leads Bob Backland, Dynamite & Davey slowly down the aisle, as the crowd comes to its feet in big heat! A robed Backlund with an icy expression, Bulldogs & Heenan with their noses in the air make their way down! They get into the ring, but Backlund lingers a bit, glaring out to the booing crowd… “Still of the Night” by Whitesnake hits & the place EXPLODES BIG-TIME for the Von Erich’s & Santana as they head to the ring to a monster welcome! They hop on the aprons, working the rocking crowd before getting inside to face off with their foes!

Match #5: Tito & Von Erich’s vs. Bob Backlund & British Bulldogs

What a hot & heavy 6-Man match, full of seesaw action as the crowd eats up every bit of it! Scintillating action with Kevin & Dynamite, high-impact offense with Kerry & Davey Boy, great traditional mano-a-mano with Tito & Backlund, and more! Quick tags by each team when 1 has the advantage - great psychology & athleticism all over the ring.

Toward the end, Kevin is in peril, having been battered as the legal man for several minutes. He rallies his way to a double-clothesline with Davey Boy. Both men down! The fresher Davey rolls over & tags in Backlund… just as Kevin dives to tag in Santana!

Tito jumps in like a house of fire! Levels Backlund with a roundhouse! In jumps Dynamite & Santana floors him with a perfect dropkick! In jumps Davey & Santana dropkicks him down too! Heenan jumps on the apron & Santana knocks his lights out! Place is shaking! Santana with another dropkick barrage on all 3 foes! Goes for the pin on Backlund, but Dynamite makes the save! 

In jump the Von Erich’s & the 6-Man rumble is on! Ref is lost on who’s even legal anymore as the bodies fly everywhere & spill to the outside! Tito rumbling Backlund! Kerry rumbling Dynamite! Kevin rumbling Davey! Chaos!

Backlund gets a last blow on Santana & rolls into the ring a bit dazed. At the same time, Kerry gets the last shot in on Dynamite & slides into the ring, and immediately FLATTENS Backlund with a Discus Punch out of nowhere!!! Backlund’s dead!!! Kerry dominantly covers with his hands pressed on Backlund’s chest for the 1-2-3!!!! Roof blows off the place!!! Kerry Von Erich just put the former Heavyweight Champion out!!! Tito & Kevin roll back into the ring, and the celebration’s on!!!

Von Erich’s & Santana rule the ring with their arms raised in unison by the ref, celebrating with the rabid crowd as “Still of the Night” resumes. Santana & Kevin are congratulating Kerry, showing him off to the joyous crowd. Kerry takes it all in, keeping that confident smile.

Bulldogs are shocked outside, completely taken off-guard by it all! Battered Heenan rejoins them & they stagger toward the back, leaving prone Backlund behind!

In the ring, the heroes continue celebrating & finally exit the ring, parading their way back up the aisle to a continued monster sendoff!! Meanwhile, Backlund is beginning to stir on the mat.

Winners: Tito Santana & the Von Erich’s by Pinfall


Back from commercial, Gorilla & Blassie are standing on the broadcast platform. Crowd still cheering.

Gorilla (excited): What a way to end an absolutely sensational week of the Superstars of Wrestling!! Yours Truly couldn't have made it BACK… on a better week, oh Classy One!

Blassie (smiling): I think “explosive” is the only word needed, Monsoon! 

Gorilla: I think it’s one of MANY, Blass! The big 6-Man Tag delivered & THEN SOME, and… WOW… Likely to be talked about for weeks & months to come. The same to be said for the utter turmoil between the Champ & Dr. D! You barely escaped that in 1 piece, it looked like!

Blassie: Look here, don’t worry about me, I’m as tough as they come! The Penthouse will need some quick repairs, but it’s nothing money can’t fix in a week’s time. I blame that NEANDERTHAL that YOU call a Living Legend! I oughtta bill HIM for the repairs. Matter of fact, what’s Sammartino’s num--

Gorilla: Join us next week, folks! We’ll have The Red Scare, Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov, and the Iron Sheik, managed by this gentleman (re: Blassie), in 6-Man tag team action! ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham will join us in 1-on-1 competition, strong man Ted Arcidi, and the Intercontinental Champ Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine laces ‘em up! Plus, we’ll hear from the 8th Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant, who I’m sure will have plenty to say about his STUNNING confrontations of late with that monster we saw earlier, Giant Haystacks. And if THAT isn’t enough, next week on The Penthouse, hosted by this guy to my right… (gestures to Blassie).

Blassie: Olympian Ken Patera is gonna join ME in the Penthouse! And if he doesn’t watch HIS mouth, I just may charge the repairs to HIM, INSTEAD! Come to think of it, what’s HIS num--

Gorilla: All that & so much more, next week on The Superstars of Wrestling! Until then, this is the Gorilla & The Classy One. So long everybody!

[FADE TO] still clips of this week’s highlights as “Some Like It Hot” plays at full volume.


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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 7/25


(Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary)


SD Jones defeated Barry Horowitz with the jumping headbutt.

[Victory Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Guests Red Scare w/Blassie. They trash America, saying it’s second-rate compared to Russia & Iran. Blassie says Red Scare is the next Tag Team Champions & that Sheik will beat Slaughter right in that ring this week, the flag of Iran will fly high, and Sheik will go on to become the WWF Heavyweight Champ that America deserves, etc.]

Hillbilly Jim defeated Pez Jameson with the legdrop.

[Lord Alfred interviews Sgt. Slaughter backstage: Slaughter says “that maggot” Sheik is about to get the lesson in respect & patriotism he’s had coming to him for a long time, etc.]

Ken Patera defeated Milk Jones-Jackson with the Spinning Full Nelson.

[New Paul Orndorff hype ad: Life of a star athlete/playboy. A glam montage of Orndorff in full tilt hitting the weights at the gym, him enjoying the fast lane as he drives a convertible along the coast with 2 hotties draped all over him, him destroying sparring partners in a ring in an empty gym, and enjoying lavished pool parties at sunset, etc. Screen goes black. In white, the words “Paul Orndorff… Coming Soon” fade in with dramatic mid-tempo music kicks in as the audio.]

The Red Scare defeated Jewel Hardy & Scott Casey with the Benchpress Backbreaker by Nikolai.

[Tommy Rogers of the Fantastics vs. Haku of the Islanders is announced as next week’s main event.]

The Iron Sheik defeated Sgt. Slaughter in a Flag Match. Knockdown-dragout affair! Toward the end, Red Scare runs down & gangs up on Slaughter 3-on-1. Slaughter gallantly fights back, but they overwhelm him & finally beat him senseless. Sheik slaps on the Camel Clutch, as Nikolai & Boris clear a path for Sheik to the US flag attached to the ringpost. Once Slaughter blacks out, Sheik happily goes & retrieves the US flag for the win. 

Sheik celebrates with the flag, Blassie, Boris & Nikolai. He then spits on the flag, drapes it over the face-down, broken Slaughter like a sheet on a corpse at a crime scene. He stomps the draped corpse of Slaughter & proceeds to wave the Iranian flag victoriously to a chorus of monster boos, as his cohorts continue to celebrate in the ring to end the show.


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It's great seeing WWF mainstays like Morales and Putski being treated well. 

Great job hyping up the big 6 man tag main event. 

I like the house show promos. Gives us an idea of what's going on around the loop.

Haystacks is being built up so well as a monster heel that I'm even thinking he can take Andre.

Looks like the Islanders want a shot at the Von Erich's. Those will be some hard hitting match ups. 

Oh man what a debut for the Penthouse! I was cracking up at Schultz but then popped big time when Bruno came out and tore the place up. Awesome segment! I can't wait for their inevitable match. Guaranteed sell out.  

Bundy and the five count. Gotta love it. 

Blassie and Sheik are living the life. I like the push they're getting. 

Damn what a main event! That match was off the charts! LOL, "Backlund is dead"! Great line. Kerry gets the pin to end the show on a very high note. Backlund is left behind. I wonder what's next for the former champ? 


On to All-Star,

I always loved it when they hyped up a wrestler's arrival. Mr. Wonderful is coming! 

WOW! Very different ending from Superstars as the Iron Sheik and Red Scare take Slaughter down and drape the flag over him. Talk about major heat! 

Great job Den! 


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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 7/25 | Philadelphia, PA @ Spectrum (16,909)

(Televised on the PRISM Network in Philadelphia. Gorilla Monsoon & Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary.)

SD Jones defeated King Kong Bundy by DQ @ 4:09 when Bundy shoved the ref. Jones sent Bundy tumbling through the ropes with the jumping headbutt, sending Bundy packing. Big hometown underdog reception for Jones.

Dynamite Kid defeated Ivan Putski @ 8:19 with a swandive heabutt from the second rope.

David Schultz defeated Ken Patera @ 11:23 when Patera hit a bridging belly-to-back suplex & Schultz got his shoulder up just before 3. Patera’s shoulders were down.

Davey Boy Smith defeated Ted Arcidi @ 5:01 after a second Powerslam.

Bruno Sammartino & Sgt. Slaughter defeated Bob Backlund & The Iron Sheik @ 13:08. Big main event heat for this knockdown/dragout match. Toward the end, a 4-man brawl broke out. Backlund decided he’d had enough & retreated to the back, leaving Sheik to get dismantled by Bruno & Slaughter. Bruno finally hit a belly-to-belly for the big 1-2-3. During the post-match celebration, Bruno agrily called for David Schultz.


The Islanders defeated Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s @ 9:36 by count-out. The British Bulldogs came to the aisle to distract the Von Erich’s. Haku capitalized by knocking Kerry shoulder-first to the post for the 10 count, as Kevin chased off the Bulldogs.

Tito Santana defeated Intercontinental Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine @ 12:12 by DQ, when Valentine hit Santana in the face with the Title belt to stop Santana’s momentum.

The Red Scare (w/Freddie Blassie) defeated the Scufflin’ Hillbillies @ 8:43 when Blassie held Cousin Luke’s leg under the bottom rope, when Luke suplexed Nikolai back into the ring.

[Ring Announcer Mel Philips announces Saturday 8/24 @ 8 PM as next month’s return date. Matches just signed include: Paul Orndorff’s Philly debut vs. Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund vs. Hillbilly Jim, Von Erich’s defend the Tag Titles vs. British Bulldogs in a 2/3 Falls Match, Iron Sheik vs. Sgt. Slaughter, and Bruno Sammartino defends the World Title vs. David Schultz. More matches to be announced in coming weeks on local feeds of Superstars of Wrestling on FOX 29 & All Star Wrestling on WPHL 17.]

Kerry Von Erich won a $20,000 Battle Royal @ 15:31. Final 4 were: Kerry Von Erich, David Scultz, Boris Zhukov, and ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham. Schultz eliminated Graham from behind. Moments later, Kerry eliminated Schultz & Boris with a double-clothesline over the top to send the big crowd home happy. 

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As for the Superstars show...

Again, what I enjoy most is the realism here!  Everything has that WWF feel to it.

Like the build up of Haystacks and if he ever meets Andre in a real match, it is going to bring the house down!

Great back and forth between Gorilla and Blassie.  The Penthouse was a perfect segment to hype up Dr. D and Bruno.  If anyone thought Bruno winning the title in 85 was a fluke, this really helped to put him over big time with the fans again.

KKB win the 5 count just adds to his character.  These little extras make the show that much better.

Those localized promos are such a nice touch and so realistic!  Can't wait for the Meadowlands!

The main event you gave us is exactly what the WWF was missing on its TV shows in 85 and I reason I was never big a fan.  If you were the booker, I would have been a fan!

Will get to the other shows a little later!

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Wow... The main event on All-Ster might have been better than Superstars!  Seeing the Sheik over Slaughter with the help of his foreign comrades would have had me so mad but I would have been ready to see what happened next week.  I repeat what I said earlier, your WWF is much more entertaining then the real thing while still being being very realistic.

On to Philly...

WOW!  SD over KKB... this result will never leak out to the rest on the WWF.

Patera vs Shultz is a great match between two big horses and another nice finish as even this type of loss doesn't hurt Patera too much

Wow,,, Backlund out heels the Sheik by just walking out of the match!

The build up of the Islanders continues!  

Between Santana and Patera, there is a lot of star power after Valentine.  It will be fun to see if anyone can take the title away!

The Von Erich's stock may have fallen a little but as a single, Kerry is looking good after the huge Battle Royal Win


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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 7/26 | Providence, RI @ Civic Center (11,889)

Salvatore Bellomo defeated Barry Horowitz with a sunset flip.

King Kong Bundy defeated Dusty Wolfe with the Avalanche & Splash.

Hillbilly Jim defeated Nikolai Volkoff (w/Freddie Blassie) by DQ when Nikolai used Blassie’s cane.

Andre the Giant defeated Haku (w/Tama) with the big boot.

Sgt. Slaughter & Bob Backlund fought to a double count-out. Backlund ambushed him after the match & Slaughter fought him off, sending Backlund packing. Slaughter ran to the back after him, wanting some more.


Tito Santana defeated Tama (w/Haku) with the flying forearm.

Intercontinental Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine defeated Ivan Putski with a schoolboy & handful of trunks.

David Schultz defeated SD Jones with an elbow-drop from the second rope.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated The Iron Sheik & Boris Zhukov when Kevin small-packaged Boris for the win to send the place home happy.

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Schultz and Bruno might be the hottest feud in the entire game right now... and it's only been going for two weeks!

That six man would have been huge in the era as a televised match--and a major elevation of Kerry with the solid victory over Backlund.

Slaughter and Foreigners angle had some sizzle to it, I was a little surprised to see it play out on the B-show, frankly 

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 7/31 | Long Island, NY @ Nassau Coliseum (14,745)

Ivan Putski defeated Barry Horowitz with the Polish Hammer.

Giant Haystacks defeated SD Jones with the back-Avalanche.

‘Superstar’ Billy Graham defeated ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz by DQ when Schultz knocked down the ref & beat down Graham with a chair. 

Ken Patera defeated Tama (w/Haku) with a bridging German suplex.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated Iron Sheik & Boris Zhukov (w/Freddie Blassie). Kevin with a schoolboy on Zhukov. 


King Kong Bundy defeated Ted Arcidi after a second splash.

Sgt. Slaughter defeated Intercontinental Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) by count-out, when Slaughter dodged a charging Valentine outside the ring & Valentine went shoulder-first to the post.

Nikolai Volkoff (w/Freddie Blassie) defeated Tito Santana by DQ. Blassie slid the cane to Volkoff & distracted the ref. Santana got the cane away from Nikolai & used it on him. Ref caught Santana & called for the bell.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino & Andre the Giant defeated the British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan). During the 4-man brawl at the end, Heenan tried to interfere on Bruno for Dynamite, but it backfired. Bruno belly-to-bellies Dynamite as the distracted ref turns around to count the 1-2-3, sending the raucous crowd home happy.

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The WWF draws a big crowd in Long Island. 

The Polish Hammer is a great way to kick things off. 

Giant Haystacks continues to dominate. 

Shultz gets crazy and gives the Superstar a beating he wont forget.

Von Erich's continue to be one of the most over tag teams in the game! 

Bundy gets a big win over the powerhouse Arcidi. I  think Bundy and Haystacks are competing for the top monster heel spot. 

Close call for Valentine as Slaughter took the fight to him tonight. 

Tito gets DQed but it looks like it was worth it.

Big time main event as champ Bruno teams with the 8th wonder of the world to take down Heenan's Bulldogs! 

Bruno vs. Shultz and Andre vs. Haystacks are going to bring in huge house numbers! All of these guys are being very well booked. 


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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 8/1


(Poughkeepsie, NY @ Mid-Hudson Civic Center. Gorilla Monsoon & Freddie Blassie on commentary)


[OPEN] to the customary dramatic WWF logo-in-space opener, with colored galactic lasers galvanizing the logo to its dazzling golden hue, as the echoing voice bellows “The World Wrestling Federation. The revolutionary force in sports-entertainment”.

[OPEN] to the opening credit package set to audio of “Some Like It Hot” by Power Station.

[FILTER IN] to the packed mid-sized arena. Gorilla Monsoon & ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie are on the podium across the way from the ring. Crowd roaring.

Gorilla: Welcome everyone! Gorilla Monsoon along with the Classy One, the incomparable Freddie Blassie. And you’re on-board for another wild ride on The Superstars of Wrestling! Blass, what a week of action & excitement we have on tap!

Blassie (smiling): The Penthouse is once again in tip-top form. And that meat-head Ken Patera better be on his P’s & Q’s in the house of Blassie!

Gorilla: Just a bit later on, the Olympian strongman, as promised, WILL be gracing The Penthouse this week, after a CHAOTIC debut for The Penthouse LAST week! Also folks, this week in action, the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champ “The Hammer” Greg Valentine, Patera’s NEMESIS, will do battle in the squared circle & his manager “The Brain” can’t be too far behind. Another strongman, the powerhouse Ted Arcidi will see action! Blass, your clan The Red Scare, Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov, teaming with The Iron Sheik - those men SHROUDED in controversy after last week on All Star Wrestling. Your 3 comrades are here this week in 6-Man tag team action! PLUS, we’ll hear from the 8th Wonder of the World himself, Andre the Giant - ALL during this hour! That & a whole lot more, folks!

[“Jesus Christ Superstar” hits & the arena goes wild!]

Gorilla (cont’d): Speaking of “a whole lot more”, here it comes now. Let’s get to ringside to kick off the festivities!    

[‘Superstar’ Billy Graham makes his way out of the tunnel to the aisle, igniting the crowd! He happily hi-fives the adoring fans on his methodical trek to the ring, as Antonio Stockman is intro’d in the ring. Graham gets to ringside, ascends the steps as the huge ovation peaks! He pumps a fist to them, then gets inside the ring, continuing to take in the big welcome.]

Match #1: ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham vs. Antonio Stockman

Stockman is fiery, wanting to make a mark, as Graham eggs him on to take his best shots. Stockman tries everything but gets flattened for his trouble! Graham cleans Stockman’s clock with roundhouses, clotheslines, backdrop, standing elbow to the chest off the Irish whip, airplane spin, etc. Graham’s dominant! He gives a twirling-finger-to-the-sky gesture to the adoring crowd, then whips Stockman to the ropes & catches him coming off in mid-stride with the big Bearhug! Stockman frantically submits in agony!

Graham happily celebrates the win with the celebratory crowd on all sides of the building! He does a bit of posing, then bids everyone farewell as he finally exits the ring.

Winner: ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham by Pinfall

[CUT TO] “WWF Update” in the newsroom-like studio with Lord Alfred Hayes.

He leads off with recapping the utter turmoil from last week’s The Penthouse, with David Schultz as Blassie’s guest. He kicks us to that footage, where Bruno Sammartino arrived on the scene, total chaos ensued with the brawl, officials rushed in to get things separated, and livid Sammartino calling for more from the ring, etc. Alfred hypes us for the next time these 2 could end up in the same arena.

Alfred then switches gears to the colossal 6-Man battle from last week that left the wrestling world on its ear, ending with the “shot heard round the world”. He shows highlights of Kerry Von Erich knocking Bob Backlund out-cold with the Discus Punch & scoring the 1-2-3, etc. Alfred tells us Backlund is yet to be reached for comment since the match.

He touts how hot a summer this is so far with the WWF & it can only get hotter, etc.

The segment ends with a WWF logo graphic & instrumental of “TNT” by AC/DC as the audio.


[Back from commercial, a dramatic vignette in black & white, with ominous music as the underlay: WE see 2 giant wrestling boots in a wrestling ring, with flashbulbs popping in the background. WE slowly pan up this mountain of a body, revealing long white tights on tree-like legs, burly torso & meaty arms folded. The rising camera stops at the scruffy, intense face & WE quickly fade out to black. White lettering of the words “BIG JOHN STUDD” fade in & the words “Coming Soon” fade in underneath.]

[FADE] back into the arena. Tony Boone, Aaron Reynolds, and Mustafa Kahn are loosening up as a team in the ring. Crowd erupts in huge boos as Freddie Blassie leads Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov out of the tunnel to the aisle. Sheik is waving the Iranian flag as they walk & Boris waves the Russian flag. 

They get to ringside & climb into the ring, waving both flags to a thunderous round of boos. Finkel yields the mic to Nikolai after announcing Nikolai seeks to sing the Russian anthem. Volkoff sings the anthem to a ground-trembling chorus of boos, as Sheik, Blassie & Zhukov stand in salute. Afterwards, Sheik takes the mic, to say “RUSS-EE-A, NOOMBER VUN! EEE-RAN, NOOMBER VUN! U.S.A., UGHH!” & spits.

Match #2: Iron Sheik & Red Scare vs. Tony Boone, Aaron Reynolds, Mustafa Kahn

A total collective dismantling of 3 men by Blassie’s trio. The end comes with Sheik as the legal man, Nikolai & Boris come in & flip their opponents into the ring from the apron. Boris hits a running falling headbutt on Kahn, Nikolai hits the benchpress-backbreaker on Reynolds, while Sheik slaps the Camel Clutch on the legal Boone! Boone passes out before he can submit & the ref just calls for the bell. Total carnage in the ring as Sheik & Red Scare stand tall, waving their flags again to Blassie’s delight! 

Suddenly, the crowd EXPLODES!!…… Here comes Sgt. Slaughter racing down the aisle & slides into the ring!! Sheik & Red Scare pounce on him, stomping a mudhole in Slaughter, just like last week on All-Star Wrestling! Slaughter, in a rage, fights his way thru the onslaught & makes it up to his feet!! Slaughter is fighting with all he’s got!! But the 3-on-1 gets the best of him!!

Crowd explodes again as… those Scufflin’ Hillbillies, Jim & Cousin Luke, all business this time, come barreling down the aisle & slide into the ring!!! The rumble is on, 3-on-3 now!!! Place going nuts!!! Blassie hightailed it out of there just in time! Slaughter & the Hillbillies are unloading on their foes! 

Slaughter clotheslines Sheik of the top rope! Jim Big-Boots Boris, who tumbles backward thru the ropes to the floor! Luke throws big Nikolai over the top on the other side! They’ve cleared the ring! Place coming unglued! Slaughter & the Hillbillies are stomping around in the ring, daring those anti-Americans to come get some more!! Slaughter & Hillbilly Jim each toss the Iranian & Russian flags out of the ring! 

Sheik & Red Scare are livid, but they don’t want anymore of this, as they reconvene with Blassie at the aisle! They back up the aisle, pissed & jawing toward the ring. Slaughter hi-fives the Hillbillies & they rile up the crowd as a show of solidarity! “Born in the USA” by Springsteen hits & the party’s on!

Winners: Iron Sheik & Red Scare by Submission

[CUT] to a special 30-second hype ad for the August issue of the WWF Magazine, with Bruno on the cover, on newsstands now.]


[SEEN IN NYC MARKET ONLY] - Back from commercial, it’s the market-specific ‘WWF Event Center’ with Mean Gene standing with the WWF logo on the wall behind him.] 

Gene hypes the NYC Metro area that they’re down to just  1 week away from WWF action returning to New York City, Madison Square Garden next Saturday night, August 8th @ 8 PM. Very few tix remain.

He quickly runs down the 9 match card, including Bruno defending vs. Bob Backlund in a return Title bout from July’s WrestleMania here in NYC, Andre the Giant vs. David Schultz, Iron Sheik vs. Ken Patera, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Nikolai Volkoff, Greg Valentine defending the I-C Title vs. Tito Santana, Von Erich’s defending vs. Islanders, British Bulldogs vs. Scufflin’ Hillbillies, etc.

Tito Santana comes in confidently, in street clothes & sporting stylish tan-tinted shades. Smoothly, he says Valentine was lucky to become I-C Champion & shouldn’t be planning on leaving the Big Apple next time, the way he left last time. Says his own Figure 4 is right on par with Valentine’s, there’s no way Valentine can out-fight him, and Bobby Heenan isn’t gonna be a good enough safety blanket. Says that I-C belt is coming home next Saturday night, “ARRIBA!”

Gene happily ends the segment with his hard sell, as WE see the in-space graphic with the event details with “Beat It” by Michael Jackson as the audio backdrop.

[CUT] back into the arena, as Johnson Paul warms up in the ring as he’s intro’d. Suddenly, the powerhouse Ted Arcidi emerges out to the aisle to a big round of cheers. He hi-fives some fans as he walks the aisle. He climbs into the ring & greets the welcoming crowd on all sides.

Match #3: Ted Arcidi vs. Johnson Paul

Paul, slight in build, foolishly keeps challenging Arcidi to various tests of strength & Arcidi wins with total ease, embarrassing Paul. Arcidi whips him to the corner & hits a crippling follow-in clothesline. Paul face-plants like a falling tree. Arcidi, amused by the ease of this brief battle, peels Paul up & PLANTS him with a powerslam for the 1-2-3. Arcidi enjoys the win, waving to the cheering crowd.

Winner: Ted Arcidi by Pinfall

[CUT TO] graphic of Ken Patera with the caption “Up Next… The Penthouse with an Olympian!” & “When Doves Cry” by Prince as the audio backdrop.


Back from commercial, Fred Blassie is standing on the plush Penthouse suite interview set with soft jazz playing in the background.

Blassie: Welcome once again to The Penthouse, starring Yours Truly, ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie. Home of pro wrestling’s biggest headlines! The Page 6 of sports! My guest this week is an Olympian. One of the strongest men in the world. A now-former Intercontinental Champion. And with the right guidance, could once again be a champion! Without it, you may never see him in gold again! (Crowd boos.) Please welcome my guest, Olympic strongman Ken! Pateraaaaa! (Crowd roaring!)

[Patera makes his way onto the set from backstage in street clothes, to a chorus of cheers from the crowd! Limping only slightly now, he’s waving at them & touching his heart of appreciation.]

Blassie (cont’d): Ken, welcome to The Penthouse. Make yourself at home. (Both sit on the plush sofa) Ken, a month ago, you were near the top of the wrestling world. You were the WWF Intercontinental Champion. Technically the #1 contender for the WWF World Title, by virtue of that Intercontinental position. You went into WrestleMania, pro wrestling’s grandest show ever… and ya got beat.

[Crowd boos big. Patera grins & looks down.]

Blassie (cont’d, to the crowd): What? What I say? (back to Patera) No, I mean, you went into WrestleMania with the gold, and ya left with a mangled knee & a bruised ego. Greg Valentine put that air around your waist, that damage on your knee, and that bruise in your heart. And now HE’S the Intercontinental Champion, with all the prestige, world-renowned manager. And a couple weeks ago, we saw you lying prone on an arena floor, after getting an already-hurt knee AGAIN put into not just ANY Figure Four - but VALENTINE’S Figure Four. How are you gonna get out of the spot you’re in?

Patera (smiles at crowd): Freddie, this may come as a surprise to you. But I LOVE… the spot I’m in. (Blassie confused) Oh YEAH! That’s right. See, as an Olympian, we live life with the mantra of “Failure isn’t an option”. It’s how we get to the top. It’s how you make it to a podium, with a gold medal placed around our neck. So, swamped in controversy, maybe WrestleMania wasn’t my night. Maybe I’ve been healthier in the past, but I’ve NEVER… EVER… been hungrier or more focused. With Valentine, this issue goes beyond profession. It goes beyond Titles. It’s one man determined to beat the FIRE out of another man. And if it means I have to hop on 1 leg for the rest of my life to put Valentine out of commission, then I will. And just for the cherry on top, I’ll take BACK my Intercontinental Title, once there isn’t anything left... of Valentine.

[Crowd roars big! Blassie is a bit annoyed.]

Blassie: You sound to me like a man who believes those words. Personally, I can’t trust words. I can only trust what I see. And what I saw not long ago, was you on the floor, counting the building lights on the ceiling after you instigated a fight. Looks to me, without that wheel, those words are more passion than reality. What say you?

Patera (laughs again): Fred, did you get a look at my knee when I just came out here? Was I hobbling much anymore? No. My knee has been getting better, every single day. Rehab, physical therapy, lot of training to get back to full health - that’s what I been doing. I been wrestling all over the country during all that, still winning matches, still on Valentine’s tail. He knows his days are numbered. And there ain’t a gosh-durned THING that your buddy, Bobby “The STAIN”, is gonna be able to do about it! 

[Crowd roaring huge! Blassie’s stunned. Patera gets up, easily does a couple squats to show off his ease of motion. Crowd roaring huge! Blassie’s paying close attention to the knee & stunned by Patera’s progress.]

Patera (bends down to a still-seated Blassie): If ya run into ‘The Hammer’ before I do, deliver a message to him for me, since he doesn’t have the guts to stand face-to-face with me when I tell him. Maybe he’ll let YOU tell him. Let him know he’s gotten a silver medal so far, for running away from me. But I’m about to win a GOLD medal for knocking his BLOCK off. 

[Crowd explodes! Blassie’s slightly intimidated.]

Patera (cont’d, leisurely deep breath): Thanks, Fred! It’s been good catching up! Hey, by the way, I heard you say before, that food & drink is all at your fingertips here in the Penthouse. How about a drink? Actually, don’t worry, sit there & relax before ya go back to work. I’ll grab it myself.

[Patera stands up straight & heads over to the plush bar area. Crowd going nuts! Blassie stands up, but doesn’t have the nerve to tell Patera to stop. Patera pours orange juice into a wine glass, lifts the glass toward Blassie, and downs the orange juice - complete with the “Ahhhh, that was refreshing” exhale! He then waves at Blassie & the roaring crowd, and heads offset! Big sendoff from the crowd!]

Blassie (miffed, to the camera, still a bit distracted): Join… Join us next week for another edition of The Penthouse - the Page 6 for sports. I’m Fred Blassie. The pleasure was all yours.

[Freddie tosses the mic, annoyed by what happened, as the jazz music comes in louder. Crowd roaring more!]


[SEEN IN NYC AREA ONLY -- During the commercial break, a 30-second ad bumper featuring a moving-through-space graphic with Mean Gene’s voice hyping the house show next Saturday night, August 8th at Madison Square Garden. Written graphics of the match-ups show as Gene hypes the card.]

Back from commercial, Mean Gene stands in a locker room with a more serious Scufflin’ Hillbillies than we’re used to seeing & a still-wound-up Sgt. Slaughter, who’s pacing & punches a locker, startling Gene. Gene asks about the turmoil earlier with Blassie’s gang of anti-Americans.

Hillbilly Jim says they’re pretty fed-up with what Blassie’s boys have been doing & the lack of respect they’ve been showin’ the good ole USA. And after what they did last week on All Star, that was the last straw for him & Cousin Luke. They called Slaughter up & told him they’re here for him.

Luke adds they’re gonna make Sheik & Red Scare drink Papa Jeb’s bad batches of moonshine - the batches back before he got it right. That’ll give them a new attitude about life.

Slaughter weighs in, steam practically shooting out of his ears. Says the ganging up, the taunting of America to its face - he’s had enough. Says that crap they pulled last week shows how cowardice must pass for patriotism where they come from, but that doesn’t fly in the USA. 

Says Sheik lit a fire inside of him a mile high. “I can deal man-to-man, you spittin’ on ME. That’d be consequence enough for any man who does that to me. But on those stars & stripes? You’re spittin’ on thousands of men & women who bled & died for this great country for 200 years. And I promise you, maggot, there’s no limit to the hell you’re gonna pay for that! Consider this WAR!!”, etc.

The 3 men leave together, fired up.

[CUT] to a breathtaking coastal beach; crystal blue waves crashing, white sand beach, but hardly anyone around. Except for Lord Alfred Hayes sitting next to a plain-clothed Andre the Giant on a low stone wall beside the beach itself.

Alfred thanks Andre for inviting him to meet at one of his favorite getaways at this exclusive location. Andre warmly says he loves the calm & the warmth & the beauty. Says it makes him miss home not as much.

Alfred asks him about goings-on in the WWF with him lately, with the arrival of the imposing machine, Giant Haystacks, virtually a mirror in stature & seemingly on a warpath to be the WWF’s lone giant.

Andre says he’d heard of him, that he was a terror everywhere. That he scared many people away from facing him on sight alone. 

Alfred asks if the few encounters with Haystacks so far have put even a little doubt in Andre’s mind. Andre chuckles & says “No way, Boss”. Says Haystacks came to the wrong place if he’s looking for fear here. Says he can come & pick war with him (re: Andre). 

Says Haystacks can even come & get a few lucky shots to knock Andre down. “But Boss, the only thing more dangerous than me standing tall, is me getting back up”.  Says he will end the terror, and when he does, Haystacks won’t be getting back up like he did. 

He finishes, saying that Haystacks will find out soon that Andre is professional wrestling’s 1 TRUE giant. Alfred thanks him again, Andre smiles & they shake hands.


[SEEN IN THE NEW YORK CITY MARKET ONLY] - Back from commercial, it’s the market-specific “WWF Event Center” again as “Take On Me” by a-ha plays as the audio. Mean Gene stands near the wall with the big WWF logo.

He re-hypes the NYC Metro area that they’re down to just  1 week away from WWF action returning to the Big Apple, Madison Square Garden, the global mecca of sports & entertainment, next Saturday night, August 8th @ 8 PM. Very few tix remain.

He quickly runs down the 9 match card again, including Bruno defending vs. Bob Backlund in the big return Title bout from July’s WrestleMania, Andre the Giant vs. David Schultz, Iron Sheik vs. Ken Patera, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Nikolai Volkoff, Greg Valentine defending the I-C Title vs. Tito Santana, Von Erich’s defending vs. Islanders, British Bulldogs vs. Scufflin’ Hillbillies, etc.

David Schultz barges in, asking Gene if he’s ready to see 2 legends toppled. Says he already broke Bruno in front of the world & he’s gonna do it again, this time to become the new World Champ. But now, in 1 week, he’s gonna come to NYC & topple the other legend when he punches Andre in the mouth & sends him home to his mama in France, cryin’ in shame. 

Says to get used to seeing Schultz make all of Gene’s heroes cry. “That’s what next World Champions do.” Schultz then walks off.

Gene, slightly annoyed now, regains his excitement as he happily wraps the segment with his hard sell. Scene closes with the in-space graphic with the event details & “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins as the audio background.

[CUT] back into the arena, as Luke Jamison warms up in the ring as he’s intro’d. Crowd erupts in huge boos as Bobby Heenan smugly leads a yellow-robed Greg Valentine out of the tunnel to the aisle. They smugly head to ringside, noses in the air. Valentine ascends the steps to the apron, as Heenan holds the ropes open for him. Valentin gets inside, removes his robe & his Title belt, hoisting it high for the booing crowd to see.

Match #4: Intercontinental Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine vs. Luke Jamison

Valentine puts on a wrestling clinic of snap-mares, uppercuts, suplexes, wishbone elbow-drops down across the leg to loosen it up, etc. Jamison is completely outmatched. Valentine boasts about his dominance, then slaps on the Figure-Four! Jamison is a rag doll of agony that seems to rip through his body as he gives up & the ref calls for the bell.

Heenan gets back into the ring, all smiles, as Valentine is slow to break the hold on poor Jamison. He finally gets up & celebrates with his Title belt, without having broken a sweat in all this. The boos are major! Heenan laughs at fallen crash-test dummy for the week, Jamison. Valentine & Heenan finally exit the ring & head up the aisle.

Winner: Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine by Submission


[SEEN IN NJ/NY AREA ONLY -- During the commercial break, a 30-second ad bumper featuring a moving-through-space graphic with Mean Gene’s voice hyping the house show TONIGHT, August 1st at the Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, NJ. Written graphics of the match-ups show as Gene hypes the card.]

Back from commercial, Gorilla & Blassie are standing on the broadcast podium.

Gorilla: Another action-packed, emotionally charged week on The Superstars of Wrestling, folks! The adrenaline is running at an all-time high in so many of these rivalries, it’s tough sometimes to keep track, Blass.

Blassie: You talk about adrenaline!? Well those pencil-neck geeks; those bumblin’ hillbilly chumps & that American SHEEP Sgt. Slaughter are gonna wish they were born on the MOON after that Pearl Harbor job they tried to pull on my international patriots! 

Gorilla: Pearl Harbor job!!?? PUH-LEASE!! I do sense a reckoning coming, Blass. But I’m not so sure it’s of the variety that YOU’RE perpetuating here & now. You better HOPE you find a way to buy some time, or else the near future may not be so BRIGHT!

Blassie: Say all ya want, Monsoon. But the world saw what I saw. And they’re gonna see the extinguishing of 3 cretins for the price of 1! You mark my words!

Gorilla: Folks, you’re gonna wanna make sure you’re with us next week! In action, the Tag Team Champions, the ever popular Von Erich’s, Kerry & Kevin, will be in tag team competition! Not to mention, also in action, we’ll see the man who Yours Truly pegs as “Public Enemy #1”, none other than ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz!

Blassie: That’s “NEXT World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champ” to you, Monsoon!

Gorilla: HUH! Also in action, folks, Cousin Luke of the Scufflin’ Hillbillies! The incomparable Tito Santana will join us in singles competition! And joining this gentleman to my right in The Penthouse as his guest… well, YOU lay it on them, good sir.

Blassie: Former World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion, the one, the only... BOB BACKLUND! (cackles)

Gorilla: I can think of about 64 reasons to not miss THAT! And hot off the presses, folks, right here next week will be a special 1-on-1 match you won’t wanna miss! One-half of the former Tag Team Champs the British Bulldogs, Davey Boy Smith!... will do battle against former multiple Champion here in the WWF, the recently-returned Pedro Morales! (Blassie’s excited) Right here on The Superstars of Wrestling! Folks, don’t miss a single moment coming to you like a freight train, right here next week! Until then, this is the Gorilla alongside The Classy One, saying SO LONG UNTIL NEXT TIME EVERYBODY!

[FADE TO] still clips of this week’s highlights as “Some Like It Hot” plays at full volume.


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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 8/1


(Hamilton, ON @ Convention Center. Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


Masa Saito defeated David Chase with a Bonsai Claw to the throat. Masa Saito’s debut. During the match, Mr. Fuji debuted by coming to ringside in a shirt, slacks & top hat to observe. Saito & Fuji happily leave together after the match. 

[New Paul Orndorff hype ad: Heavy drums beating feverishly as WE see a rapid-fire montage of Orndorff pummeling opponents in matches, working out in the gym, swimming, and hitting the town with a girl on each arm. Orndorff’s voice echoes “I… am MISTER... Wonderful!” as the final shot is of Orndorff doing a double-bicep flex. Screen fades to black, with the letters “Next Week” fading in as the drums stop.]

Tito Santana defeated Raphael Cordiva with the flying forearm.

British Bulldogs defeated Cary Thomas & Phil Brookings with the powerslam & flying headbutt finisher.

[Winner’s Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Guest Tito Santana. Says 1985 will go down as the year of Santana when it’s all said & done. Says he’s not only going to capture the Intercontinental Championship, but also “the big gold”, the WWF Heavyweight Championship too. Says all champions, friend or foe, should consider themselves on notice. “ARRIBA!”]

Salvatore Bellomo re-debuted & defeated Jack Tracey with a small package.

[WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino is advertised as Lord Alfred Hayes’ guest in next week's Victory Circle. King Kong Bundy vs. Hillbilly Jim is announced as next week’s main event.]

Bobby Fulton (w/Tommy Rogers) defeated Haku (w/Tama) by DQ. High-adrenaline, seesaw match with nonstop action between members of 2 teams who know each other full well. Even their teammates get in on the action at some points, outside the ring. Crowd on the edge of their seats the entire time! Toward the end, Fulton makes an emotional comeback on Haku & unleashes more of his high-flying arsenal, leading to near-falls. Fulton climbs up top & hits a top-rope sunset flip, but Tama rushes in to break up the count for the DQ. 

Rogers storms the ring & the 4-man battle is on! The Islanders get the better of it this time & level the Fantastics with stereo crescent kicks. As the Islanders leave & celebrate their momentary advantage on the apron, the Fantastics recover in the ring behind them & stereo-dropkick both Islanders off the apron to the floor. The Islanders head to the back, leaving the Fantastics celebrating with the crowd to end the show! 

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Enjoyed Superstars this week.

Gorilla and Blassie are fun together.

Enjoyed the recap of the major events from last week with Lord Alfred.  Sometimes we read so many shows that we forget some of the events.  This really helped.

The Hillbillies and Sarge stomping a mudhole in the evil empire would get the fans going.  Nice job making the squash match fun to watch.

Great touches with the WWF Magazine and the localized promos

Playboy Club was fun.  Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for Patera if he is healthy.

Can't wait for Andre vs Giant Haystacks!

Dr. D vs Bruno really interests me.  Could we see an upset?

PUH LEASE give me more.  Great show.  I am a little short on time so I will get to All Stars a little later

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Once again great job on the detail. I can literally see the wrestler's entrances. 

The charismatic Superstar is still way over with the fans and kicks off the show with a bang. The man's still got it.

The update gets over with me because ACDC's TNT closed it LOL. 

WOW! Big John Studd is coming!!!!

Big time payback for Slaughter! The Hillbillies have his back! Sheik and the Red Scare better be on high alert. 

The upcoming MSG card is stacked! Bruno vs. Backlund and Schultz vs. Andre! I'm thinking this will sell out the building.

Very strong showing for the Strongest man in the world Ted Arcidi. 

LOL, Patera really got under the skin of Blassie. Patera is healthy and ready for the hammer. The Penthouse has been a nice addition. 

Andre seems cool calm and collective as he gest ready for his inevitable showdown with Haystacks. I always liked it when interviews took place outside the arena. 

IC champ Valentine looks great this week. I'm thinking he's going to have a long reign. Then again he's got Patera and Santana on his heels so who knows. 

Bob Backlund in the Penthouse next week! That's must see TV.

On to All-Star,

Saito and Fuji have arrived! I love this combination. 

Cant wait for the debut of Mr. Wonderful! 

Fulton and Haku put on an exciting bout that ends in chaos when all 4 men get involved. This has been an exciting feud and it looks like there's more to come. 

Another great week for WWF TV. Looking forward to the house shows. 




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On to All-Star

Fugi and Saito is just so natural.

Like how the roster is shaping up with Orndorff coming in.

Fantastics vs Islanders is a fun feud.  Imagine the damage that would be done by the Islanders on Rogers and Fulton if this was a real fight

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 8/1 | East Rutherford, NJ @ Meadowlands Arena (15,601)

SD Jones defeated Steve Lombardi @ 5:43 with the jumping headbutt.

The Islanders defeated the Scufflin’ Hillbillies @ 8:41 after Haku threw powder in Cousin Luke’s eyes.

Intercontinental Champion Greg Valentine & Tito Santana fought to a 20:00 time limit draw.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s fought King Kong Bundy & David Schultz to a No Contest @ 10:44, when the ref accidentally got sandwiched in a Bundy Avalanche to Kerry. Bundy tries a second, but Kerry moves, Bundy falls & heads for the hills. Kevin tries to get Schultz in the Claw, but Schultz gets away. 


The British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi @ 6:36 when Davey Boy reversed Putski’s small package on Dynamite.

Sgt. Slaughter & Iron Sheik (no Blassie) fought to a double count-out @ 4:22. Slugfest right from the beginning that spilled all over ringside multiple times, with both men eventually fighting to the back.

Ken Patera defeated Bob Backlund by DQ @ 12:49. Patera made it to the ropes in Backlund’s Chicken Wing. Backlund snapped & put the Chicken Wing on the ref. Patera saved the ref by hooking the Full Nelson on Backlund. Backlund slipped out & retreated.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Nikolai Volkoff (w/Freddie Blassie) by DQ @ 11:16, when David Schultz runs down & ambushes Bruno. Bruno fires up & unloads on Schultz, who finally escapes before Bruno can get him some more! Champ stands tall to close the night.

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SD Jones and Lombardi are putting on some good openers.

One of my favorite teams in the game, the Islanders get s nice win over the Hillbillies.

I hope Tito vs. Valentine develops into an all out feud over the IC title.

I know that Von Erich's/Bundy-Schultz match had the fans rock'n! 

Bulldogs show they're still contenders.

The Slaughter/Sheik feud has been awesome and I think this is only the beginning. 

LOL, Backlund snaps and puts the Ref in the chicken wing! Good thing Patera was around. 

Things are really heating up between Bruno and Schultz! Man I can't wait for their match! 



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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 8/2 | Buffalo, NY @ Memorial Auditorium (13,878)

Barry Horowitz defeated Shane Rodriguez (local worker) with a running fist-drop.

Hillbilly Jim defeated Nikolai Volkoff (w/Fred Blassie) by DQ when Blassie interfered. Cousin Luke ran down with a metal pail to chase them off. 

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Dusty Wolfe with a gut-wrench powerslam. Saito slapped the Bonsai Throat Claw on Wolfe after the match.

King Kong Bundy defeated Sgt. Slaughter by count-out when Iron Sheik came down & a distracted Slaughter chased him around ringside, then to the back.


The Islanders defeated SD Jones & Salvatore Bellomo with a double crescent kick to Jones.

Bob Backlund defeated Ted Arcidi by count-out when Backlund hooked a ringpost Chicken Wing & beat the 10-count. A battered Arcidi ran Backlund off in the post-match.

Ivan Putski defeated a debuting Afa with the Polish Hammer. Hard-hitting bout.

Tito Santana/Superstar Graham/Von Erich’s defeated Greg Valentine/David Schultz/British Bulldogs when Santana flying-forearmed Valentine right into a small package by Kevin for the pin, sending the place home happy.

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