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Houston holds his own on Piper's Pit. Kinda felt weird having so much of his promo be about his "daddy" having seen the Grizzly Smith episode of Dark Side of the Ring.

Virgil responses with a cheap win in the main event 

On to Montreal.

Jim really needs to find a way get Honky to hold still.

Blassie's men arrange a ambush on Houston.

Rude escapes Kevin by a second.

Bees seem to have the belts won when Sika arrives to wreck their night.

Kerry gets the crowd back into it with a win over Volkoff.

I love both Piper & Martel acting like they won after the draw. Lucky for Piper the fans don't get a vote.

Hart & Beefcake's shortcut leads to a dead-end in the main.

On to Ottawa.

2 on a row for Windham.

I'm told Schultz spent a good portion of his career in Canada. I wonder if Ottawa was happy to see him.

Martel goes 2-0 on the Canadian tour while Beefcake is 0-2.

HTM evens the score from the previous night.

I wonder if the Bulldogs got some cheers being in Canada?

Hart saves the I-C title but pays dearly for it.

Great back-to-back shows in the great white north.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 6/4 | Rochester, NY @ War Memorial (9,888)

Salvatore Bellomo defeated Barry Horowitz with a crucifix.

Sam Houston/Kendall Windham defeated Red Scare by DQ when Virgil interferes. 3-on-2 beatdown.

Sting defeated Brutus Beefcake (w/Jimmy Hart) with a victory roll.

Big John Studd/Roddy Piper defeated Killer Bees when Piper jackknifed Blair in the corner & used the ropes.

I-C Champion Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Hillbilly Jim with the Rude Awakening after Jim’s missed corner Big Boot.

Tag Team Champions Samu/Sika (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Fantastics by count-out. Hot match.

Paul Orndorff defeated Don Muraco (w/Jimmy Hart) by DQ when Muraco used Hart’s megaphone as a weapon. Muraco went for the death blow with it & Orndorff backdropped him over the top, sending Muraco & Hart packing.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan defeated The Iron Sheik with the slingshot lariat & legdrop. High drama with white-hot electricity, from the entrances all the way through to the post-match Hogan posedown to close out the night. 

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Welcome to June!

Houston is gonna need more than Windham as backup to handle all Blassie's men.

Hart may start running out of patience if Brutus doesn't get it together.

Studd & Piper show how effective they can be as a team.

Rude sees an opening & goes for it.

The Samoans take the cheap c.o win. I'm sure Fuji-san doesn't mind.

Muraco gets himself disqualified then embarrassed. Rough night for the "Magnificent One"

Hogan puts down the Shiek becoming even more of a hero than he already was.

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Piper says Virgil will teach that punk Houston a lesson but Houston vows to prove him wrong. 

IDK, after that performance by Virgil, Houston might be in trouble. 

Nice touch giving Martel a hot match with Piper in Montreal. 

HulkaMania is running wild on the road to Mania! 

Cool seeing Orndorff and Rude going at it again, only this time it's for the IC title.

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 6/5


(Youngstown, OH @ Beeghly Center: TAPING #3. Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura on commentary)

[OPEN] to footage of a huge, outdoor, festive ribbon-cutting ceremony in the heart of NYC on a sunny morning earlier this week. The sidewalk is mobbed with hundreds of lively fans in total glee, camera-snapping media types, and city officials. A plush, glass-laden building is being opened - the ‘NYC Community Youth Center’ sign above. Among the various officials at the front of the gathering, behind the large symbolic ribbon, stands a smiling Hulk Hogan in jeans & sleeveless “The Champ” t-shirt. 

A city official is mid-address to the crowd about the pride the city of NYC has today & thanks everyone involved in making such a special moment possible. In what will be New York City’s largest youth & athletics center; a place for kids all over the city to find a place to socialize, learn, find their creative, academic or athletic passions, and most importantly provide a safe haven to keep NYC youth off the streets & in a positive, nurturing peer environment. He thanks city officials, media types, and someone instrumental in getting this special place conceived, designed, funded, constructed & ready to become a pillar in this community. A very special champion athletics, entertainment, for the human spirit, and particularly for youth worldwide - none other than the champion of the people, the World Wrestling Federation HEAVYWEIGHT Champion Hulk Hogan! The place is going nuts as Hogan is moved by the ovation, shakes hands warmly with other officials & big-thumbs-up to the adoring crowd. 

Hogan steps to the podium, hyped, saying this is a proud day for him to see something that guides his soul, get a place to grow & pass more positive energy into the world. Says this moment is for all the kids around this city, in all 5 boroughs, New Jersey, the whole tri-state area. Says he was honored to try to push this along to getting this awesome place built, honored to advocate for all that it represents, and happy to share this joyous moment with the great people in New York City who are shining a beacon of light on the rest of the world this morning. Says the amazing kids in this crowd are many of the very kids, teeny & not-so-teeny, that’ll make this building more than 4 walls - but a place the whole WORLD will know is making it a better place. Says he’s proud & excited to see these doors open, and if we wait a moment longer, he’s gonna burst. Crowd laughs & Hogan gladly steps away from the podium, showered in applause, as he jaws & points lovingly out to various parts of the crowd. Another city official hands Hogan the massive scissors & announces the time to cut the ribbon to make it official. Hogan cuts the ribbon to make it official & the place is ecstatic for the moment. Hogan’s psyched. 

Suddenly, amidst all the fanfare, a limo pulls up on the busy street & out gets a smugly grinning Bobby Heenan, followed by a street-clothed King Kong Bundy. They wade thru the crowd, as many begin to take notice & become worried. Hogan doesn’t notice until Heenan & Bundy slow-clap their way to the front of the sea of people at the opposite end of the red carpet. Hogan’s smile vanishes. He’s annoyed to see them at a moment like this. Bundy is MASSIVE, as he & Heenan continue sarcastically slow-clapping amidst the fanfare. Heenan manages to finagle a spare mic & interrupts the ceremony. Crowd cheers have now turned to boos at the sight of Heenan & Bundy. 

Heenan says they (he & Bundy) come in peace, as the kind-hearted, peace-loving gentlemen that they are. Crowd booing bigger. Heenan says he & the next WWF World Champion to his right just couldn’t resist getting a good look at this shindig for themselves. Says 90% of the people here just wanted to get a good look @ that man standing right there (Hogan) up close & personal. Says this isn’t about the betterment of New York youth or nurturing future generations - “Spare us, pal”. It’s about the knee-bending, head-bowing worship of the man whose ego stands taller than the tallest skyscrapers in this city, he says. Hogan’s nostrils are flaring. Heenan says it’s fine, because he & Mr. Bundy wanna get a closer look at him too. They inch up the red carpet toward a calmly annoyed Hogan. The officials near Hogan are all confused, intimidated & unsure of what to do. 

Heenan tells everyone to calm down. Says they just wanna show support to this momentous occasion by presenting a $50,000 check for the cause as well & would be happily obliged to stand next to Mr. Hogan for the photo op. Says he & Bundy only care about the photo op, which is perfect because that’s all Hulk Hogan cares about either. Crowd turning indignant & Hogan’s beginning to seethe, as Heenan & Bundy arrive near the podium. Hogan motions for the officials to safely get behind him, steps forward & meets a smug, gargantuan Bundy face-to-face. Flashbulbs now popping everywhere. 

Heenan tells everyone not to worry, that this is simply the way big men greet each other. Says he & Bundy really just wanna stand with Mr. Hogan in support of this amazing cause & show the solidarity a moment like this deserves. Says the fact that Mr. Bundy will systematically tear Mr. Hogan apart on July 3rd in Philadelphia, on an occasion much greater than this one, is beside the point. Says everyone should probably snap all their photos for safekeeping & lock them away in time capsules, commemorating 1 of the final days of this golden idol of yours being the exalted one. Says his days of rising to every challenge are over & he knows it right this moment, despite his foolish brav-- Hogan snatches Heenan’s mic & it startles Heenan, igniting the crowd! 

Hogan angrily, calmly, tells Heenan & Bundy they’re real pieces of work coming down here, making a day like this about themselves. Says it’s bush league, lower than low. Says he’s not gonna let them ruin this day, ruin this moment for thousands of people who worked like hell to better this city & this world. Says they can take care of business when the time is right, “but this is bull & you KNOW it”. Place exploding. Bundy’s sneering & Heenan’s jawing. Hogan says they should show they have spines & a shred of decency, turn around, walk back to their limo, drive away until they hit water, and then KEEP driving. Says the people of this city & people watching everywhere deserve better than the dog-and-pony show they just tried to turn this into. Bundy grabs the mic while Hogan’s still holding it, says “Oh you want us to go!? I bet you want us to go, so you’re not embarrassed in front of these snot-nosed juvenile delinquents, as the clearly inferior man. “NO ONE believes, even with all those muscles poppin’ outta your ears, that Hulkamania is ANY MATCH for BUNDA-Mania! And it kills you that people see it for what it is!” 

Hogan says the people know he (Hogan) is more of a man, more of a champion, more of a winner than Bundy will ever be in 3 lifetimes & he’s gonna prove it by letting Bundy & his pet weasel walk away from a gathering intended for people with a soul. Says they better get lost before the 24-inch pythons have both of them eating mashed banana sandwiches thru straws by high noon. Place going nuts! Heenan’s intimidated now & Bundy’s almost aghast as well. Heenan & Bundy jaw off-mic at Hogan, who’s angrily motioning for them to get lost. Bundy holds up 2 hands for the “OK, take it easy” gesture. Heenan & Bundy angrily begin backing away, as the place goes wilder! Bundy turns & begins walking away, back toward the curb! One of the nearby officials in the crowd, incensed by Heenan & Bundy’s invasion of this ceremony, is especially animated & giving Heenan a piece of his mind as Heenan’s backing away from Hogan. Heenan vindictively pie-faces the guy in the suit, down! Hogan angrily steps over & Heenan clears out there, fast! Hogan kneels to help the official back to his feet, as Heenan & Bundy continue their retreat. Hogan tries to usher him toward the podium when…

…… Crowd turns super-anxious as… HERE COMES A RETURNING BUNDY STEAM-ROLLING BACK ONTO THE SCENE & MOWS HOGAN DOWN FROM BEHIND! Bundy stomps a mudhole in Hogan, yanks him up like a rag doll & belly-to-bellies him to Hell on the carpeted ground! Bundy angrily gets up, jawing to the frantic crowd as tons of people clear away in horror! Bundy knocks the nearby wooden podium/lectern down, yanks dazed Hogan up &..... POWERSLAMS HULK HOGAN THROUGH THE WOODEN PODIUM! THAT PODIUM IMPLODED & HOGAN’S BROKEN!! 

There’s wood debris everywhere & Hogan’s a spasming heap on the red carpet! Heenan is angrily pointing Bundy out to the rabid, horrified crowd! Bundy yanks up the WWF Title belt nearby & hoists it in the air as the crowd boos. Bundy hands the belt to Heenan & proceeds to DROP A CRUSHING SPLASH DOWN ACROSS THE ALREADY-BROKEN BODY OF HULK HOGAN! HOGAN IMPLODES ON IMPACT! 

Bundy stands up, ravenously satisfied, and rests 1 foot on the caved-in chest of the fallen WWF Heavyweight Champion! The crowd is irate! Event security beefs up amidst all this! Heenan gives the Title belt to Bundy & he holds it high. Bundy then yells down at the semi-conscious Hogan, saying “You won’t make it to July 3rd, golden boy!!” 

Bundy & Heenan casually walk away from the chaotic scene they caused, back out to the street & into the double-parked limo they arrived in. The limo then pulls away. Officials check on the broken Hulk Hogan, lying sideways in wooden podium debris, clutching his ribs & struggling to breathe. A momentous occasion has now gone full-on horror show!

[CUT] to the customary dramatic WWF logo-in-space opener, with the colored galactic lasers galvanizing the logo to its dazzling golden hue, as the echoing voice bellows “The World Wrestling Federation. The revolutionary force in sports-entertainment”.

[CUT] to the opening credits package, set to “1999” by Prince as the audio underlay, featuring footage of Hulk Hogan walking the MSG hallway, then rapid-fire in-ring action flashes of the roster of stars, Hogan vs. Schultz @ MSG mixed in, and intercutting ecstatic sellout crowd shots, etc. Final dramatic shot of Hogan mid-double-bicep-pose during the emotional title-win celebration at MSG.

[FILTER] into the rocking mid-sized arena! Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura are standing at the commentary platform. Both hype the shocking events from earlier this week that WE just witnessed & the exciting hour on-tap, as the road to WrestleMania seems to be officially barreling out of control! 

Andre the Giant defeated Hoss Andrews.  Crowd on its feet the entire time, from the moment Andre stepped through the tunnel. Andre hit the Big Boot when Andrews hit the ropes & charged. Andrews was dead at that moment. Andre then toyed with Andrews’ corpse like a predator tossing around a prey that’s already slain. Andre keeps yelling “Studd!”, then finally squashed Andrews with the sitdown splash. Andre stands tall & makes the money gesture with his hands in the post-match.

[WWF Update: “Dress You Up” by Madonna is the audio intro this week. Paul Heyman is in the bustling newsroom. He recaps the shocking turn of events in NYC from earlier this week that we witnessed at the top of the show. Kicks us to additional exclusive footage from the scene, after Bundy & Heenan left the premises. A battered, semi-conscious Hulk Hogan being carried by large just-arrived medics to gurney & strapped in. Hogan’s in massive pain, struggling to breathe, and still not fully conscious. The gurney is wheeled down the red carpet walkway, as the horrified crowd applauds encouragingly. Hogan is loaded into the back of an ambulance waiting at curbside. Some kids & adults watch on like they lost their best friend. Paul then informs us Hogan’s medical prognosis is troubling, in that he was transported to a local hospital in NYC, was examined by some of the foremost professionals in the world, and it’s been determined that he’s sustained 2 cracked ribs & intercostal cartilage damage from the Bundy attack. Paul ponders what this could mean for the WrestleMania main event, as recovery from an injury like this is typically 6-8 weeks minimum for most mortal men. WrestleMania is now 4 weeks away. Just as up in the air, given these timelines, is Hulk Hogan’s WWF Heavyweight Title reign itself, given the 30-day rule for defending championships. Adds that Hogan gallantly defends that Title nationwide, night after night, so this turn of events truly puts a lot in limbo & the WWF Front Office is closely monitoring the situation. Reports are also that Hulk Hogan, aside from this scary & debilitating injury, was despondent later in the day after the incident this week, feeling like what was to be a joyous day for hundreds of kids & families across NYC was ruined by the likes of Bobby Heenan & King Kong Bundy. Paul adds that Hogan’s physical prognosis is still being evaluated closely by doctors & specialists, and we’ll have more on this fluid situation as it comes across the wire. Paul says he’ll be back with more WrestleMania news later in the hour. He then wraps the segment, as “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister is the audio outro.]

[During the commercial break, a market-specific bumper airs on the PROVIDENCE FEED, hyping Sunday 6/27 as the big return to the Civic Center @ 8 PM. Limited tickets remain. Visual shows the starry moving-through-space motion graphic & Mean Gene’s voice hyping the card, including Rick Martel vs. Nikolai Volkoff, Sting vs. Davey Boy Smith, Honky Tonk Man vs. Hillbilly Jim, Big John Studd vs. Ivan Putski, and a main event of Roddy Piper vs. Kerry Von Erich.]

Back from commercial…

[Gene Okerlund is in a locker room with the mountainous Andre the Giant, who’s in a great mood. Gene asks him what he thought of action this week. Andre says he’s always happy to step in the ring for the people & fight to win. Gene asks his thoughts on the $1 Million Challenge @ WrestleMania vs. Studd. Andre said it’s been personal with Studd & loudmouth Piper for a long time. Says Studd is a massive man, but there’s only 1 giant & he’d beat Studd at WrestleMania for free. Says he’ll gladly take the million, spend $5 on a new attitude for Piper, and $10 on a spine for Studd. Andre cackles as Gene wraps.] 
I-C Champion ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Colt Ruiz. Massive heat for Rude, who had quite the championship aura. Smugly enjoyed viciously taking Ruiz apart, before ending him with the Rude Awakening. Post-match, he grabs the mic & says he’s already the greatest I-C Champ of all time.

[Gorilla & Jesse @ the commentary podium: Jesse is gleeful seeing that gorgeous I-C Title on Rick Rude. Says it’s gonna be even more beautiful seeing the Heavyweight Title awarded to King Kong Bundy soon, when the doctors determine Hulk Hogan will be unfit to defend it at WrestleMania. Says Bundy deserves it. Gorilla, annoyed, says a good swift kick in the teeth is what Bundy & The Brain deserve. Says Hulk Hogan is the man for the job, for any job, but admits this situation appears a bit grim as to whether the world will get a chance to get that satisfaction of seeing it happen now. Jesse, devil’s advocate, asks how he knows it’s what the world wants. Gorilla rolls his eyes & kicks us to a special video…]

[Recap video package: The British Bulldogs winning the Tag Team Battle Royal last week to earn a shot at the Tag Team Titles. WE then see the official WrestleMania graphic for Champions the Samoan Headhunters vs. British Bulldogs. The video ends with dueling studio promos of the 2 teams. Fuji says they respect the Bulldogs but his golden savages will tame the house dogs. All the Samoans stick out their tongues out & make animal-like noises. Heenan says the Bulldogs are the prototype tag team; best in the world - power, speed, explosiveness, killer instinct. Those Titles belong to them & the hunt is on at WrestleMania. Bulldogs flex intensely.] 

[30-second ad for WWF merchandise, with glamour shots of top WWF stars in some of the gear.]


[WWF Event Center for the NEW YORK CITY MARKET: “The Home of Hip Hop” by Grandmixer D. S.T. is the audio intro. Mean Gene hypes being 2 weeks away from the WWF returning to the Big Apple, Saturday 6/19 @ 8pm. Limited tix available @ Ticketmaster outlets everywhere. He hypes the road to WrestleMania getting chaotic by the hour. He hypes the 9-match at MSG, including Hillbilly Jim vs. Honky Tonk Man, Iron Sheik vs. Kerry Von Erich, Red Scare vs. Houston/Windham, and a double-main event of I-C Champ Rick Rude vs. former Champ Tito Santana, and David Schultz vs. Sgt Slaughter in a steel cage. Kerry Von Erich struts into frame in street clothes & Gene’s thrilled to see him. Kerry says Kevin’s been takin’ the fight right to the Iron Sheik all over the country for the past month, but in 2 weeks in NYC, it’s his turn & he’s all too happy to put “Sheikie” on the tornado & watch him whisk away, headless. Says if Sheik hates the US so much, he’ll bring Sheik’s 1-way ticket outta here to the Garden, etc. Gene happily wraps the segment with a hard-sell for the event, as Kerry smiles with his arm around Gene. “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston is the audio outro.]

Sam Houston defeated Bob Patroni with the running bulldog. Warm reaction from the crowd. Great athleticism & a boisterous crowd popping big for Houston's fiery offense.

[WrestleMania 2 Report: “Fall in Philadelphia” by Hall & Oates is the audio intro. Gene Okerlund is in a control room. He boisterously hypes being just about a month away from professional wrestling’s grandest night ever. Hypes the main event, despite the entire ordeal being a bit in limbo after the public Pearl Harbor the WWF Heavyweight Champion suffered this week & the serious injuries he’s incurred. Reiterates that the WWF Front Office is monitoring the situation - Hogan’s medical prognosis vs. timelines for recovery in time for Mania vs. the prospects of the Title reign even before Mania. Hypes that this is a situation you have GOT to stay tuned in for. Runs down the card so far: Andre vs. Studd in the Million Dollar Challenge in Boston, Bruno vs. Dr. D in a Street Fight in Boston, Sam Houston vs. Virgil in Philadelphia, Samoan Headhunters defending the Tag Team Titles vs. new #1 contenders the British Bulldogs. And now, hot off the presses, just finalized this week by the Front Office, a MASSIVE grudge match hot on the heels of recent volatile events - ‘Magnificent’ Don Muraco vs. Tito Santana! WE see footage from DC at Saturday Night’s Main Event a few weeks back, with Muraco costing Santana the I-C Title in controversial fashion & leaving Santana concussed from the melee, and last week’s fiery return of Santana to assault Muraco & Beefcake right out of the tag team battle royal, costing them a Tag Title shot at WrestleMania, while Gene narrates over the footage. WE then cut to see promos from each man - Muraco angrily blaming Santana for cowardly attacking him last week, costing him & Beefcake a shot to bring more gold into the Coalition. Says he’s already the reason Tito’s brains are scrambled, and he’s now gonna be the reason his medical bills go thru the roof! Santana’s promo shows him angrily saying Muraco might be proud of himself for stealing the I-C Title from him & handing it to Rick Rude, but last week is only the beginning. Says he’s gonna spend his days & nights costing Muraco title shots, good nights sleep, life & limbs, and a future in professional wrestling. “You’re MINE! ARRIBA!” Gene then announces the match has been signed for the Boston side of WrestleMania.] 


[Back from commercial, WE see Jesse Ventura & Bruno Sammartino poolside in a very lush, warm climate. Both are sitting in director chairs & Jesse sets up the interview as a worldwide exclusive. Jesse says they’re in sunny Tampa, but in a month they’re gonna be in Bean Town. He asks Bruno what brought on this shocking return & why is he biting off a chunk as big as sparking a street fight with David Schultz at WrestleMania. Bruno sarcastically tells Jesse he’s welcome for the time, first of all - since Jesse didn't thank him. Second, several things brought him back. 1 - Schultz repeatedly laid his hands on his blood, his son, just to make a point to Bruno. 2 - because NO man beats Bruno within an inch of his life in such a disdainful, underhanded fashion. Says Schultz can't take him out in a fair fight - no way, no how. And to underhandedly try, the MAN Bruno is out to end David Schultz’s existence. And 3 - the COMPETITOR Bruno doesn’t take kindly to men like Schultz littering this business. Says there is scum everywhere, but Schultz is the worst of the worst. Says his love for his family, love of this business, and love for the great fans are what brought him back. And if all goes like it ought to, beating Schultz within an inch of his OWN life at WrestleMania will bring him just enough satisfaction to end BOTH their careers - Bruno’s because he chooses & Schultz’s because Bruno chose FOR him. Jesse asks if he’s going on record in saying this street fight is a retirement match for him. Bruno says no - but he reserves the right to choose. And depending on how much satisfaction he gets from snatching Schultz’s soul out of his chest, that’ll determine if he’s gotten all he needs out of this business. Says there are no rules in this match & nobody to save you from whatever fate awaits you. If he wants some more, he’ll come back to pick the bones. Jesse says smart money says that maybe there’s not enough of the old Living Legend left to take out Dr. D - asks what he thinks of that. Bruno says he runs in different circles than Jesse & hasn’t heard anything of the kind. Says, if anyone had any doubts, all they had to do was look at Saturday Night’s Main Event in DC when he almost ripped Schultz’s head off & fed it to him. Jesse interjects, saying Schultz was compromised by being in a battle with Slaughter. Bruno says none of that matters - Schultz doesn’t play by rules & neither does Bruno when it comes to Schultz. Says he’s standing up for his family, himself, and this business - not to impress smart money, but to end a virus hanging over his life & his career. Says he’s bringing the serum to Boston & Schultz is gonna be eradicated from the face of this company like the common cold. Jesse asks about this beautiful weather, Bruno still having relatively good health, legendary career, has all his faculties - he has an easy out already, Jesse says. Asks what happens if this drive to stop David Schultz isn’t enough? What happens if that street fight goes another way & ends Bruno up in intensive care or worse the rest of his days? What happens if Bruno falls short of avenging his son, David & is too broken physically to enjoy retirement with his family? Bruno seethes, slowly stands up, pulls off his body mic & tosses it. He leans into Jesse’s face & grunts “We’re done here”. Bruno walks away, leaving Jesse stunned. Shaken, Jesse tells the cameraman repeatedly to stop recording, until he finally does.] 

[Recap video: the shocking reappearance of Bob Backlund last week & his apparent overtures of support for Sting, who was competing in the ring. Sting reveled in his win, but also seemed puzzled by Backlund’s reappearance & his re-disappearance moments later.]

Masa Saito submitted Bob Swain with the Bonsai Throat Claw. Saito came down & disrobed halfway down the aisle. Ran the rest of the way down the aisle, stormed the ring & assaulted Swain with reckless abandon. He relentlessly dismantles Swain with clotheslines, jumping headbutts, biting, German throws, spinebuster, double-chops to the chest off of Irish whips, etc. Saito is seething, seemingly more deadly now than ever. He stalks Swain trying to stand, slaps the Bonsai Throat Claw on & won’t let him go down. Swain goes limp & the ref raises his arm 3 times. Ring the bell. Saito is a killer.

[WWF Event Center for the NEW YORK CITY MARKET: “Across 110th Street” by Bobby Womack is the audio intro. Mean Gene re-hypes being 2 weeks away returning to The Garden, Saturday night 6/19 @ 8pm. Limited tix available @ Ticketmaster outlets everywhere. He re-hypes the big 9-match card, including Hillbilly Jim vs. Honky Tonk Man, Iron Sheik vs. Kerry Von Erich, Red Scare vs. Houston/Windham, and a double-main event of I-C Champ Rick Rude vs. former Champ Tito Santana, and David Schultz vs. Sgt Slaughter in a steel cage. Honky Tonk Man sashays into frame, boasting that NYC is gonna be a party for the Honky Tonk Man & all his millions of fans packin’ the Garden. Says he’s gonna headline bigger than Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis combined. Says he’s gonna end that ole hillbilly’s night nice & early, so he can give the people what he wants. Says he’s gonna play a tune on Hillbilly Jim & send him packin’ into the stands with his inbred cousin to sell more of that moonshine. Says ole Honky is gonna rock the Big Apple & they’ll rename the place “The Home of the Shake, Rattle & Roll”! Gene wraps the segment, as Honky begins gyrating joyously for the camera. “New York, New York” by Sinatra is the audio outro.]  


MAIN EVENT: Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik (w/Freddie Blassie)

Blassie leads Sheik down the aisle to thundering boos. Sheik carries the Iran flag on the trek to the ring. Crowd on its feet in major heat. Blassie & Sheik get inside, running down the USA on the mic & being drowned in rabid heat. “Born in the USA” hits & the house comes down! Slaughter comes down with the US flag & the flashbulbs are popping all over the building. Slaughter sits the flag aside, pulls his shades & helmet off, and eagerly gets into the ring & begins throwing down with Sheik in the center of the ring!

These 2 men are no strangers to each other as they unload haymakers! Slaughter out-dukes him & houses Sheik from pillar to post, as the place is coming unglued. Slaughter’s pinballing him every which from shot after shot. Blassie pops up on the apron & Slaughter lunges for him, but Blassie jumps down to the floor in retreat! Sheik takes the opening & ambushes Slaughter from behind!

Sheik pummels Slaughter with stomps after raring the points of his boots, back-breakers, shoulder-breakers, and a whip shoulder-first past the middle turnbuckle the ring post at 50 mph! Slaughter rolling on the mat in violent pain! Sheik works over the hurt shoulder & Slaughter’s in dramatic trouble! He rolls aimlessly out of the ring to the floor, still writhing in pain.

Sheik rolls out, continuing the stops & spitting on him. He yanks Slaughter up & tries to whip him into the steps… but Slaughter reverses & Sheik is sent barreling shoulder-first into the aluminum instead! Slaughter grabs a chair, as Sheik writhes in pain on the floor, seated against the steps. Slaughter charges & swings… but Sheik rolls under the ring to escape & the chair cracks the steps! Slaughter dives under the aron skirt & disappears under the ring to find Sheik.

Sheik crawls out on the opposite side & quickly grabs a chair, waiting to flatten Slaughter with it the moment he emerges… no Slaughter! Suddenly Slaughter emerges from another side! He sneaks around as Sheik senses someone coming up behind… Sheik turns & Slaughter dropkicks the chair back into Sheik’s face! The chair cracked him in the face & went flying, while Sheik wipeouts on the floor! Blassie’s beside himself!

The ref counts 8… 9… 10! And calls for the bell! Slaughter peels Sheik up & tosses him back into the ring. Slaughter rolls in after him. He makes the cut-throat gesture to the rabid crowd! He hops on the middle turnbuckle, as Sheik staggers to his feet, punchdrunk! Slaughter is waiting for the right moment to mow him down with the flying tackle!...... 

…… Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov race down the aisle! They hop on the apron & knock Slaughter off the perch from behind! They get into the ring & stomp a mudhole in Slaughter, as Sheik recovers! Sheik makes it back up & joins in, making it 3-on-1! They’re pulverizing Slaughter!

…… “I Love America” by Alice Cooper hits & the place explodes in mostly boos! Here comes Ken Patera, in his America-themed singlet, angrily staunching down the aisle, jawing at the Russians & Iranian in the ring! He gets to ringside, picks up Sarge’s US flag & waves it high! The crowd turns positive & goes nuts!! Patera’s jawing at Sheik/Red Scare in the ring above him & pointing to the US flag! Patera’s beside himself, motioning at prone Slaughter, his assailants, and the flag he’s holding! Blassie’s men are worried!

Patera hops angrily on the apron with the US flag, pointing at Sheik/Red Scare like he’s about to rip these guys to shreds! Love Patera personally or not, he’s still a proud American olympic athlete dammit & he loves his country!! The crowd is fully behind him taking it to Blassie’s clan!! Sheik & the 2 Russians are anxiously spreading out & readying themselves!!

Patera climbs thru the ropes with the US flag, just as Slaughter drunkenly staggers up to his feet on wobbly legs. Patera motions to a woozy Slaughter that it’s the 2 of them vs. the other 3 & Slaughter stars coming back to his senses. Slaughter ponders & then turns to stand alongside Patera to face Blassie’s men!!! Place goes nuts!! Slaughter & Patera are fired up to get it on!! Blassie’s men are ready to go at it!! 


Blassie gets into the ring with the Russian flag & cautiously approaches a grinning Patera. He offers Patera the Russian flag! Patera takes it… AND WAVES THE RUSSIAN FLAG HIGH! THE HEAT IN TE BUILDING IS DAMN-NEAR MASSIVE! 

Crowd EXPLODES as the Fantastics race down the aisle in street clothes with chairs!!! They running-slide into the ring, just as Blassie, Patera, Sheik & Red Scare all flee the scene with smiles on their faces!! Fantastics are livid as they storm around in the ring with their chairs!! Patera & his new comrades convene at the aisle, still smiling, and leave up the aisle TOGETHER! Fantastics kneel next to Slaughter, who’s just beginning to regain consciousness. He has no idea what just happened! What the hell has gotten into Ken Patera!!!???

Winner: Double Count-Out @ 7:02


[Gorilla & Jesse standing at their broadcast position. Both are in shock at what just happened & Jesse tries to rationalize that Patera has a perfectly good reason for doing what he did. Gorilla will hear none of it. They reiterate the madness we’ve witnessed this past hour & consider it par for the course on a crazy road to WrestleMania. Action for next week’s show: Sting, Don Muraco/Brutus Beefcake in tag team action, Paul Orndorff, David Schultz! Very special Piper’s Pit: Guest Unknown. MAIN EVENT: King Kong Bundy vs. George ‘The Animal’ Steele! Gorilla & Jesse are hyped for next week, and bid us farewell.]

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That might have been the best opening segment the games ever seen! Nothing like a little drama to hype a title defense.

Big shows coming to NYC & Providence.

It's Muraco vs Santana in Boston!

Ooh that was a tense interview with Bruno.

Patera swerves everybody & aligns with Blassie & crew! This is gonna lead to a violent clash with Sarge.

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Damn! What an opening! I knew these two would eventually have to have a confrontation but this went way above and beyond expectations. It was such a perfect scenario. Hogan standing tall and proud in front of a youth center only for Heenan and Bundy to crash it. The build was filled with tension. Then things escalate into Bundy totally destroying Hogan. Awesome visual. And that's how you get massive heat for a massive main event. 

Andre is ready for Studd and already has plans for the million dollars. 

Rude was born to wear the IC title. 

One of the matches I'm really looking forward to is the interesting heels vs. heels match between the Samoans and Bulldogs. Very curious on how Heenan and Fuji will interact. 

Muraco vs. Santana signed! YES! 

WrestleMania will be an important date for Houston and Virgil. 

Bruno gives an intense interview and vows to take Schultz down. It's saying something when you can rattle Jesse. 

Saito was a wrecking machine tonight. I hope he gets a spot at Mania. 

Slaughter vs. Sheik is the ultimate go to match. These guys will always bring the heat. Shocking ending as Patera levels Slaughter! I thought for sure we were going to get a new patriotic alliance but I got swerved! Slaughter vs. a turncoat Patera is money. Good job with this.

WWF is going into Mania HOT! 

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 6/5


(Poughkeepsie, NY @ Mid-Hudson Civic Center: Taping #3. Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


[Opening Credits package plays. WE then filter into the building with a lively crowd. Vince & Jack are at the commentary platform.]

‘Magnificent’ Muraco (w/Jimmy Hart & Brutus Beefcake) defeated Matt Carney with the Asiatic Spike. Giant heat for the Hart Coalition from start to finish. Muraco is ruthless in his dismantling of Carney.

[Piper’s Pit: Piper comes onto the set, rubbing his neck, grinning like a Cheshire cat. He reminds us that his guest was supposed to be WWF Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan - which ignites the crowd. Piper then gushes that Hogan isn’t here, due to King Kong Bundy enjoying BBQ rack of Hulk for lunch. Says he’ll have Bundy on again soon to bask in the glow of what undoubtedly will be his freshly-awarded World Title. Crowd booing thunderously for all this. Piper says “The Ribless Wonder” is welcome to come on at a later date, maybe once he can stand & breathe again, to eulogize the death of Hulkamania. Piper then changes the subject, saying he’s going to Superstars next week for a very special Piper’s Pit with a very special guest who has more than earned his attention - unlike the people in this building. He tosses the mic & walks off-set with his hook-em horns hand gestures in the air.]

Kerry Von Erich defeated Barry Horowitz with the Discus Punch @ 42 secs. Venue-rocking ovation for Kerry, as the flashbulbs pop the entire time. Utter dominance, as Kerry even covers with 1 hand on unconscious Horowitz’s chest after the Punch. Big party in the post-match.

The Moondogs defeated Massie Grace/Antonino Bell with the holding backbreaker/diving elbow combo.

[Rick Rude/Don Muraco/Brutus Beefcake vs. Rick Martel/Sam Houston/Kendall Windham 6-Man Tag is announced as next week’s main event.]

MAIN EVENT: Sting vs. Haku (w/Mr. Fuji) 

Big heat as Fuji leads 1 of his senior championship savages down the aisle. Massive pop as Sting (green long tights, black boots) steps out of the tunnel & parades his way to ringside. Up-tempo, physical affair with the crowd solidly behind Sting & his explosive athleticism. Haku’s at his vicious best.

Back & forth battle with Haku’s aggressive martial arts/clock-cleaner offense & Sting’s versatile young warrior arsenal. Haku batters Sting with chops, headbutts, chokes, crescent kicks & nerve holds. Sting battles with punches, dropkicks, clotheslines, backdrops, hiptossses, etc. 

Bobby Backlund appears again in the aisle, studying & rooting for Sting from afar. Crowd standing for all this, to see what comes of this!

Toward the end of this showdown, Sting comes off a whip with a running cross-body, but Haku catches & plants him with a powerslam. Haku climbs the ropes to the top, facing the crowd. He tries a back-first splash off the top… but Sting moves! Both men slowly stagger up woozily & Sting hops on his shoulders from behind, victory-rolling him forward for the leg-flailing 1-2-3! Place comes unglued! 

Haku rolls out, and Fuji follows him up the aisle, past Backlund, toward the tunnel as Sting mounts the middle turnbuckle, beating his chest & cupped-yelling to the rocking crowd. Backlund comes down to the ring happily during the celebration, as Sting continues partying with the crowd. He turns around & a congratulatory Backlund meets him in mid-ring. 

Backlund eagerly tries coaching Sting, who seems politely unreceptive & perplexed. Backlund’s hand-gesturing, advising on the particulars of the moves & reversals, etc. Sting kinda half-nods & leaves the ring with an  “Alrighty then” expression. Backlund is oblivious to the polite blowoff & continues his encouraging coaching as he watches a weirded-out Sting hi-fiving his way up the aisle to end the show.

Winner: Sting via Pinfall @ 6:29

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Some solid squashes this week. Always happy to see The Moondogs doing well.

Piper gets nuclear heat during the guestless Piper's Pit.

Massive 6 man tag next week.

Sting gets another huge win but the real story is Backlund appointing himself as Sting's coach. Gonna be watching how long Sting is prepared to humor this.

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 6/5 | Buffalo, NY @ War Memorial Auditorium (10,476)

Kendall Windham defeated Moondog Rex with the slingshot lariat.

Brutus Beefcake (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Bobby Fulton with a schoolboy.

King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Pedro Morales with a splash.

I-C Champion ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Kevin Von Erich by DQ, when Tito Santana ran down in street clothes & ambushed Rude before Rude had the chance to blindside Kevin with the Title belt.

Sam Houston defeated Moondog Spot with a sunset flip from the top rope. 

British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Putski/Arcidi with a powerslam/swandive headbutt combo on Putski. Mixed reactions for the Bulldogs tonight.

Tag Team Champions Samu/Fatu (w/Mr. Fuji) fought the Killer Bees to a 20-minute time limit draw. Bulldogs came out to the aisle toward the end & watched.

Kerry Von Erich defeated Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) with a small package. Electric atmosphere. Valentine ambushes after the match. Kerry KO’s him with a Discus Punch to bring the house down & send everyone home happy.


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Nice work using tag guys to take the L. It's a trick i use myself and I find it works for when I need someone with credentials then a straight up jobber.

2 for 2 for The Hart Coalition.

2 out of 3. Not a bad night for the Heenan Family.

Kerry standing tall must have been a welcome sight after a Bulldogs win and the Beez fail to win the titles.

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 6/6 | Toronto, ON @ Maple Leaf Gardens (11,996)

[Bruno Sammartino comes out to do commentary with Gorilla Monsoon @ the top of the show. Howard Finkel reiterates to the crowd that, due to injuries to Hulk Hogan, David Schultz’s opponent tonight will be Kerry Von Erich.]

Dino Bravo defeated Salvatore Bellomo @ 4:08 with the sidewalk slam.

Sam Houston defeated Boris Zhukov @ 6:25 with a small package. Virgil ran out & ambushed Houston.

Sgt. Slaughter defeated King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan) by DQ @ 9:21 when Heenan tripped Slaughter from the outside. Bundy charges for the Avalanche in the corner & eats a big boot. Slaughter hops to the middle turnbuckle for a tackle, but Bundy clears out & heads away with Heenan.

Masa Saito (w/Masa Fuji) fought Paul Orndorff to a double count-out @ 11:08. Major heat. Fiery battle. Saito catches Orndorff with the Bonsai Claw & Orndorff manages to get a foot on the ropes to break the hold. Minutes later, Orndorff got the piledriver on Saito but was too weak to make the cover as Saito rolls groggily to the floor. Both dazed men end up trading haymakers, staggering the other with every shot until the ref counts to 10. Fuji sneaks up on Orndorff with his cane, but Orndorff turns around in time & chases him to the back with a chair, as Saito staggers after them.


Sting & Brutus Beefcake fought to a double DQ @ 10:34 when they sword-fought with chairs. Beefcake won the exchange & pummeled Sting with the chair. He charges to finish him off & Sting backdrops him over the top.

[David Schultz comes out & gets on the mic, trash-talking Bruno on commentary. Bruno storms the ring & Pearl-Harbors Schultz. Roll-around brawl has the place shaking. Refs run out & pull Sammartino away. A livid Sammartino finally leaves, satisfied that his day is coming. Schultz keeps jawing. After Bruno vanishes into the tunnel, Kerry’s theme hits & the place comes unglued.]

Kerry Von Erich (substitute for Hulk Hogan) defeated David Schultz by count-out @ 12:44. Knockdown-dragout right from the start, as the place went nuts for everything. Ref gets KO'd & Kerry cross-bodies Schultz & himself over the top to the floor. Brawl ensues, Kerry ends up ring bell shot by Schultz & KO's him with a Discus Punch. Kerry rolls back in, spent on the mat. Bruno runs back out, peels up the KO'd Schultz & plants him with the belly-to-belly on the floor. Bruno walks to the back like nothing happened, as officials arrive to ensure he leaves. Place coming unglued. Ref wakes up on the mat & groggily counts to 10. Kerry stands tall in a big post-match celebration. 

Kendall Windham defeated Barry Horowitz @ 5:22 with a slingshot lariat.

Tito Santana/Rick Martel defeated Tag Team Champions Afa/Sika (w/Mr. Fuji) by DQ @ 14:29 in a barn-burner, when Samu, Fatu, Tama & Haku ran out to pummel Santana & Martel for the 6-on-2 beatdown. Paul Orndorff, Sam Houston & Kendall Windham run out with chairs & clean house on anything that moves. Fuji’s clan heads for the hills as Santana, Martel, Orndorff, Houston & Windham all stand tall to end the night. 

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Heel he may be but I have a sneaking suspicion that the crowd popped for Bravo's win in the opener.

Some big names collide with finishes that leave the door open for much more. 

Chaotic scene to close the show but the faces stand tall to send the crowd home happy. Particularly Martel.

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Only Piper can get that much heat without even having a guest LOL. Looking forward to his special Superstars Pit. 

Sting gets a huge win over Haku in another action packed All-Star bout.

I can feel the competitive tension between the Bulldogs and Samoans.

Big night in Toronto. 

Slaughter more than holds his own against Bundy.

Saito and Orndorff are having some heat filled house show matches.

Sting and Brutus have a clash of chairs.

Kerry is a very good crowd-pleasing sub for Hogan. The heat between Bruno and Schultz is at an all time high! 

Wild ending as the faces stand tall after chasing the heels off. 


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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 6/11 | Indianapolis, IN @ Market Square Arena (12,447)

Moondogs defeated Jose Louis Rivera/Salvatore Bellomo with the backbreaker hold/diving elbowdrop combo.

Sting defeated Don Muraco (w/Jimmy Hart) by DQ, when Beefcake ran down & ambushed Sting for a 2-on-1 beatdown. Bob Backlund races down with a chair & Team Hart clears out. Post-match, Backlund tries to buddy up to a battered Sting, but Sting politely keeps his distance, hollers to the crowd & staggers to the back hi-fiving the fans.

Kevin Von Erich defeated Iron Sheik (w/Fred Blassie) with a small package. Sheik tries to ambush post-match, but Kevin slaps on the Claw. Sheik manages to escape before it’s fully locked in.

British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated George Steele/Cousin Luke (w/Lou Albano) with a Davey schoolboy on Steele. Chaotic match.

Paul Orndorff defeated Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) by DQ in a physical showdown, after Saito threw salt in the eyes of Orndorff in plain view of the ref. Saito batters the blinded Orndorff until more refs arrive. Orndorff gets helped to the back after Saito/Fuji vacate the premises.


Tag Team Champions Tama/Sika (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Putski/Arcidi with a double-superkick to Arcidi.

I-C Champion Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Pedro Morales with a sunset flip counter & hands on the middle rope for leverage. An angry Morales ambushes Rude with the spearing headbutt to the gut afterwards & Rude/Hart escape with their lives.

Ken Patera (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Tommy Rogers (w/Bobby Fulton) with a backslide after a shot to the jaw from Blassie’s cane.

Sgt. Slaughter & David Schultz fought to a double DQ. All-out brawl from the gate & the place was red-hot for all of it. Action inside the ring, at ringside, in the crowd, etc. Toward the end, both men are brawling in a corner & the ref tries to get them out of the corner. Both men angrily toss him aside to continue brawling as the ref calls for the bell. Brawl ends with Slaughter leveling Schultz with a helmet shot to the skull. Schultz finally rolls out & staggers to the back on wobbly legs, leaving Slaughter standing tall for the hot crowd to close the show.

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Updated Card:


WWF Heavyweight Title (Philadelphia):
Hulk Hogan©  vs.  King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan)


Street Fight (Boston):
‘The Living Legend’ Bruno Sammartino  vs. ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz


$1 Million Challenge (Boston):
Andre the Giant  vs.  Big John Studd


WWF Tag Team Titles (Boston):
Samoan Headhunters© (w/Mr. Fuji)  vs.  British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan)


Grudge Match (Boston):
Tito Santana  vs.  ‘Magnificent’ Don Muraco (w/Jimmy Hart)


Sam Houston vs. Virgil (w/Fred Blassie)

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 6/12


(Asbury Park, NJ @ Convention Hall: TAPING #1. Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura on commentary)


[OPEN] to the customary dramatic WWF logo-in-space opener, with the colored galactic lasers galvanizing the logo to its dazzling golden hue, as the echoing voice bellows “The World Wrestling Federation. The revolutionary force in sports-entertainment”.

[CUT] to the opening credits package, set to “1999” by Prince as the audio underlay, featuring footage of Hulk Hogan walking the MSG hallway, then rapid-fire in-ring action flashes of the roster of stars, Hogan vs. Schultz @ MSG mixed in, and intercutting ecstatic sellout crowd shots, etc. Final dramatic shot of Hogan mid-double-bicep-pose during the emotional title-win celebration at MSG.

[FILTER] into the rocking mid-sized arena! Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura are standing at the commentary platform. Both hype the next hour of action & excitement as the road to WrestleMania continues!

Paul Orndorff defeated Adrian Thomas with the piledriver @ 41 seconds in a charismatic laugher. Place was on-fire for Orndorff. 

[In the post-match, as a smiling Orndorff hammed it up with the festive crowd, the place erupted in MONSTER heat as Roddy Piper slowly appears from the tunnel, into in the aisle. He stands with a scowl, holding a mic already. Orndorff notices him standing there & jaws in his direction. Piper says he’s asked himself & others repeatedly what’s so wonderful about Paul Orndorff. Orndorff is amused, pacing in the ring. Piper slowly walks the aisle, rubbing his own neck, saying all he’s seen of Orndorff is a bunch of posing & a bunch of sticking his nose in other peoples’ business - “which everybody knows I personally HATE!” Place coming unglued in boos, scoffing at that remark. Even Orndorff laughs it off. Piper says every time he looks up, he sees Orndorff playing hero to the masses & hero to other wrestlers. Says he came running to Sting’s rescue weeks ago on Piper’s Pit, in a situation that had nothing to do with him. Says Orndorff runs around, filming himself working out, going out on dates with skanks, buying cars, and then filling young wrestlers’ heads with visions of sugar plums. Says he’s just a regular caped crusader. Says Orndorff is welcome to go do that elsewhere, but not on his domain, not on Piper’s Pit. That’s why he (Piper) is bringing Piper’s Pit to Superstars of Wrestling. “When’s it happening? Oh, as we speak. And you people are looking at this week’s guest” re: Orndorff. Orndorff is still pacing, shrugging this whole thing off. Piper gets on the apron & tells Orndorff that nobody gets to come on his show, playing a hero, without hearing from Hot Rod when Hot Rod decides it’s time. Orndorff is eagerly daring Piper to get into the ring. Piper continues, saying Orndorff is now meeting his kryptonite & Piper has just the place to stick Orndorff’s cape. Orndorff is mocking Piper, gesturing him to bring it on. Piper says he’s doing Orndorff a favor not getting into the ring, since this is really Piper’s Pit. Says he knows how to handle these child superheroes. As he continues jawing, crowd erupts in monster heat as Big John Studd lumbers thru the crowd to ringside with a chair, over the railing & hops onto the apron behind Orndorff. But Orndorff turns around! Orndorff’s daring Studd to bring it on, thinking he thwarted the ambush! Piper hops into the ring behind Orndorff & low-blows him down from behind! Studd’s chuckling on the opposite apron. Orndorff in a broken heap on the mat, coughing. Studd tosses Piper the chair, as Orndorff slowly makes it back to his feet, delirious from the groin pain! Orndorff turns around & Piper DECAPITATES him with the chair! Orndorff falls backward to the mat like a tree in the woods!! Studd’s laughing & shrugging, as if to say “Man, that was easy.” Piper smugly picks the mic back up & kneels next to prone Orndorff, saying to the Orndorff corpse, “What’s that? You prefer to sit down instead of lay down? Sure, I’m accommodating!” Piper opens the chair, peels the unconscious Orndorff up & sits him upright in the chair like an action figure! Orndorff has no idea what’s happening, as his body is upright but head is drooping! Piper squats next to him & says he can clearly see the lump of kryptonite - it’s in Orndorff’s throat right now. Looks closer & says “Oh wait, that’s not kryptonite in your throat, those are your family jewels! SORRY!” Studd laughs from afar & Piper cackles also. The heat is nuclear in this building! Piper gets serious & methodical, saying there’s a ticket to WrestleMania waiting for Paul when he wakes up. Says, if Orndorff is itching to be a superhero 1 last time, he’ll take Orndorff up on showing him where that cape really does go. Says it’ll teach Paul to never again make the mistake of superhero'ing on Piper’s dime again. Piper stands & holds out his arms emphatically, jawing at the shocked crowd, as Studd applauds from the apron. The Bagpipe Symphony hits as Piper glares at the crowd on all sides. He gives the unconscious, seated Orndorff 1 last look & slowly slinks thru the ropes to the floor. Studd joins him at the aisle & Piper heads up the aisle with his hook-em-horn gestures in the air. Studd follows, still laughing. Orndorff, still propped in the chair, begins to slowly begin to stir.]

[WWF Update: “Easy Lover” by Phil Collins is the audio intro this week. Paul Heyman is in the bustling newsroom. Recaps & replays the chaotic incident from last week in NYC at the community center ribbon-cutting ceremony, with Hulk Hogan, King Kong Bundy & Bobby Heenan. Paul reports that, under doctors’ orders, Hulk Hogan is currently out of commission with rest & treatment for healing the broken ribs & intercostal cartilage that was damaged at the hands of Bundy. WWF Front Office officials are aware that the date of the injury lines up as almost exactly 1 month apart from the July 3rd date of WrestleMania - which makes for a very critical window of time with so much to be assessed surrounding it. Paul says the Front Office is monitoring this situation closely & a decision has not yet been made officially, as to whether the WrestleMania main event is still on, or if Hogan’s prognosis is grave enough that the WWF Heavyweight Title needs to be stripped from Hogan due to Hogan potentially not being able to defend it at, or even before, WrestleMania. The situation remains fluid & highly volatile at this point. Then turns his attention to recapping/replaying the incident at the close of last week’s broadcast, when Ken Patera showed up, most thought, to the aid of Sgt Slaughter in the name of patriotism, despite any philosophical differences they may have, and apparently instead turn-coated an entire country, siding with Blassie’s Russians & the Iranian, America-hating, Iron Sheik. Patera even waved the Russian flag high alongside what appear to be his new comrades. Paul hypes that there is MAJOR movement on this explosive matter, to be discussed later this hour in the WrestleMania Report. Announces that the recently-signed WWF Tag Team Title match at WrestleMania, pitting Champions the Samoan Headhunters vs. #1 contenders the British Bulldogs, will officially be held at the Boston site of Mania night. Paul wraps the segment, with “Don’t You” by Simple Minds as the audio outro.]


[During the commercial break, a market-specific bumper airs on the HARTFORD FEED, hyping next Friday 6/18 as the big return to the Civic Center @ 8 PM. Limited tickets remain. Visual shows the starry moving-through-space motion graphic & Mean Gene’s voice hyping the card, including Sting/Fantastics vs. Greg Valentine/British Bulldogs in a 6-Man Elimination Match, Kevin Von Erich vs. Iron Sheik, Honky Tonk Man vs. Paul Orndorff, Dino Bravo vs. Ivan Putski, and a main event of Roddy Piper vs. Kerry Von Erich.]

Back from commercial…

[WE see a livid Paul Orndorff stalking through hallways backstage, yelling “PIPER!”, barging in & out of room in search of the Hot Rod. He angrily shoves aside anyone remotely in his way, as he’s a bull in a china shop right now. He yells at some passersby, asking where Piper’s hiding. No one knows & no one wants any parts of Wonderful right now. The irate search continues.]

Don Muraco/Brutus Beefcake (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Marty Shiner/Eric Cassidy with a Beefcake High Knee on Shiner.

[Gene Okerlund is standing by in a plush dressing room with Bobby Heenan & King Kong Bundy. Heenan says Jack Tunney is dragging his feet on this World Title issue out of loyalty to Hulk Hogan. Says the world saw this 460-pound monster of a man break Hulk Hogan in-half like a wooden fig. That’s grounds for stripping Hogan of the belt & naming Bundy the new Champ, since no way Hogan makes it to WrestleMania. Says Tunney should be doing it now, now, now, but he’s too beholden to Hulkamania. Bundy says Hogan was smashed like last week’s garbage in the compactor. Says Hogan needs to either give up the belt to the bigger, better, realer man, or Tunney needs to be a real president & do the right thing. Gene asks about facing ‘The Animal’ this week. Bundy says it’s second verse, same as the first. Says he’ll snap him in-half easier than Hogan & sell Steele’s green tongue to science for research.]

[WWF Event Center for the NEW YORK CITY MARKET: “Party All the Time” by Eddie Murphy is the audio intro. Mean Gene hypes being 1 week away from the WWF returning to the Big Apple, next Saturday 6/19 @ 8pm. Limited tix available @ Ticketmaster outlets everywhere. He hypes the 9-match at MSG, including Hillbilly Jim vs. Honky Tonk Man, Iron Sheik vs. Kerry Von Erich, Red Scare vs. Houston/Windham, and a double-main event of I-C Champ Rick Rude vs. former Champ Tito Santana, and David Schultz vs. Sgt Slaughter in a steel cage. Tito Santana comes into frame & Gene welcomes him. Tito’s all business, saying he’s been walking around as a naked man ever since he was robbed in plain sight. Says he was burglarized on TV & his most precious worldly goods were just handed to Rick Rude, who’s been running around the country, rolling his hips like he won something & wasn’t just handed stolen goods by 1 of his goons that he’ll (Tito) take care of at WrestleMania. Says he’s coming to NYC to reclaim what’s been his this whole time, beat Rude into sawdust & then go bring a world of hurt to Muraco at Mania. First things first, it’s Rude @ The Garden for the gold & Rude should expect to get his block knocked off & walk out of MSG just as naked as Tito is right now. “ARRIBA!” Gene wraps the segment with a hard sell & “Hot Time in the City” as the audio outro.]

[30-second ad for WWF merchandise, with glamour shots of top WWF stars in some of the gear.]


[Back from commercial, Gorilla @ Jesse are seated at their broadcast position. They recap the shocker at the end of last week’s show - Ken Patera apparently double-crossing his country & aligning with Blassie anti-Americans. They ponder what Patera could possibly have to say for himself. Gorilla was disgusted & Jesse was moreso confused. Gorilla ponders what brought Patera out there in the 1st place, as he thought Patera was there to level the playing field next to Slaughter, as someone who’s at least a proud American, even if there’s not much else redeeming value about Patera lately. But even THAT was too much to expect of Patera, Gorilla adds. Jesse said that doesn’t make sense, since Patera & Slaughter are not exactly on the same philosophical page even, before last week. Jesse says some folks have a word to share with us about all this - kicks us to a pre-recorded studio promo of Blassie, Sheik, Patera & Red Scare all happily standing together. Patera’s proudly in a red singlet now with the Russian hammer & sickle design. Blassie is ecstatic & says sometimes fate brings new comrades when you least expect. Sheik says he always respected this man (Patera) & always knew he was a level above American athletes & American people. Patera says enough is enough. Says his country turned its back on the world & on him, so now he’s taken matters into his own hands. Says he looks forward to making the Kremlin proud - they make real men & show pride in those who stand & win for it. Says he’s happy to report that Red Scare just got a hell of a lot scarier. The 5 men laugh festively.]

Sting defeated Tyler Boyd with the Stinger Splash. Place came unglued for Sting, who lit up the arena with his presence, vibrance & explosive athleticism. During the post-match celebration, Paul Heyman catches up to Sting in the ring & asks what he makes of this Bob Backlund thing now. Sting says it feels like a replay of every traveling salesman who knocks on the door & wakes your parents way too early on a Saturday morning, selling shoe polish. Says he’s not sure what Backlund’s end game is, but whatever it is, he (Sting) didn’t buy tickets to that game & is happy to let Bob go without him. Sting hollers to the rabid crowd & resumes interacting with them as “Rattlesnake Whip” resumes. He finally exits the ring & heads up the aisle to a hero’s sendoff.

[WrestleMania 2 report: “Dirty Water” by The Standells is the audio intro. Gene Okerlund is in a control room. He hypes the big night approaching in 3 weeks time, from both Philadelphia & Boston as part of 1 giant, historic simulcast on 1 giant, historic night. Truly the “Dual City Spectacular”. He runs down the matches we know so far, with visual vs. graphics for each match: the mega main event of Hulk Hogan defending the Heavyweight Title vs. King Kong Bundy in a tentative & fluid scenario at this time, Bruno vs. Schultz in a Street Fight, Andre vs. Studd in the Million Dollar Challenge, Samoan Headhunters defending the Tag Titles vs. #1 contenders the British Bulldogs, Tito Santana vs. Magnificent Muraco in a grudge match signed last week, and Sam Houston vs. Virgil. Gene then unveils THREE big bombshells straight from the WWF Front Office, almost in real time as they roll off the presses. The first being, in light of recent controversial events last week on Superstars, just signed for the Philadelphia site @ the Spectrum is the mother of all 8-Man Tags: Ken Patera/Iron Sheik/Red Scare vs. Sgt Slaughter/Kevin Von Erich/Fantastics! The second, for Boston @ Boston Garden, for the I-C Title, as the recently-crowned ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude will defend against none other than Rick Martel in what could very well be a gem for years to come! The third being, based on the volatile events from earlier in this very show, leading to verbal indicators during & after from the parties involved, a contract is being initiated by the Front Office & could be made official at any time now for a 1-on-1 match… between ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper & ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff! Gene then recaps the celebrities already signed on to appear, including the live musical performances & Ray Charles kicking things off with America the Beautiful in Philadelphia, etc. Says he’ll be back with more up-to-the-minute news as soon as it comes across the wire! Wraps the segment, with “Off the Wall” by Michael Jackson as the audio outro.]


[During the commercial break, WE see the 30-second elaborate WrestleMania hype ad, also hard-selling to check local listings for closed circuit venue locations.]

Back from commercial…

‘Dr. D’ David Schultz defeated Armando Estrella with the elbowdrop off the middle turnbuckle. Almost nuclear heat for Schultz, who held serve before the match with the mic, saying this was another edition of Natural Selection, to once again thin out the herd. ‘Bruno’ chants rained down everywhere. 

[WWF Event Center for the NEW YORK CITY MARKET: “In My House” by Mary Jane Girls is the audio intro. Mean Gene re-hypes being down to 1 week away from the WWF returning to MSG next weekend, Saturday 6/19 @ 8pm. Limited tix available @ Ticketmaster outlets everywhere. He hypes the 9-match at MSG, including Hillbilly Jim vs. Honky Tonk Man, Iron Sheik vs. Kerry Von Erich, Red Scare vs. Houston/Windham, and a double-main event of I-C Champ Rick Rude vs. former Champ Tito Santana, and David Schultz vs. Sgt Slaughter in a steel cage. I-C Champ Rick Rude in street clothes & Jimmy Hart barge in laughing. Rude confidently says NYC was a town made for something like ‘The Ravishing One’. Says Tito acts like he still owns this I-C Title, when in fact Rude is the only man alive who rightfully owns it. Says Tito can pout & tantrum all he wants, can even go Pearl-Harboring fellow Coalition members to vent his feelings, but the reality is the 1 thing he can’t live with - that Rude is the better wrestler, the better champion, the better man. Says Tito’s concussion is what gave him the want to ask for more, but Rude’s great is what’s gonna send Tito back to Tocula a 2-time loser. And then Muraco can feast on what’s left a couple weeks later at WrestleMania. Hart chimes in & says “Sorry Tito, but those are just the breaks baby! Hahahaha!” Gene wraps the segment, as Rude & Hart stay in frame laughing. “Part-time Lover” by Stevie Wonder is the audio outro.]


[During the commercial break, a market-specific bumper re-airs on the HARTFORD FEED, hyping next Friday 6/18 as the big return to the Civic Center @ 8 PM. Limited tickets remain. Visual shows the starry moving-through-space motion graphic & Mean Gene’s voice hyping the card, including Sting/Fantastics vs. Greg Valentine/British Bulldogs in a 6-Man Elimination Match, Kevin Von Erich vs. Iron Sheik, Honky Tonk Man vs. Paul Orndorff, Dino Bravo vs. Ivan Putski, and a main event of Roddy Piper vs. Kerry Von Erich.]

Back from commercial…

MAIN EVENT: King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan)  vs.  George ‘The Animal’ Steele (w/Lou Albano)

Heenan leads Bundy down the aisle to MASSIVE heat, complete with flashbulbs popping everywhere. Bundy owns the room, as he walks around in the ring like he owns the place & Heenan proudly points him out to the crowd. The heat is trembling the building! Bundy’s smugly making the belt gesture to the bellowing crowd…

Place erupts as Lou Albano marches down the aisle, followed by a head-cocked George! George slides into the ring & wastes no time fearlessly taking the fight to Bundy! They’re going at it toe-to-toe! Bundy floors him out the flurry with a headbutt outta nowhere. Bundy goes to work, dropping knees across the sternum that implodes George on impact. 

Bundy flings George all over the ring with effortless body slams across the ring, headbutts, hiptosses, standing gut-wrench suplex, etc.  Bundy tries another knee-drop, but George moves! George unloads with unorthodox punch, elbow strikes & biting attacks. Both back up, Steele lights him up with knee-lifts, punches, fingers to the eyes, stomps on Bundy’s feet, and several attempts to level Bundy with clotheslines off the ropes… Bundy’s wobbly & toppling back, but doesn’t go down! George hits the ropes 1 last time & tries another clothesline, but Bundy ducks & George KO’s the ref instead! Bundy then PLANTS George with a belly-to-belly.

Heenan immediately hops on the apron & Albano rushes over, yanks Heenan off the apron & PUNCHES Heenan right in the mush!! Heenan face-pants to floor from the shot!!! Heenan crawls away as Albano stalks him!! Bundy rolls out of the ring & CLOCKS Albano down from behind!

Meanwhile, here comes Greg Valentine in his gear down & he slides in, stomping a mudhole in George! Valentine wastes no time slapping on the Figure Four & George is in big-time agony! Bundy happily rolls in, all-smiles! Valentine’s enjoying himself also, as he’s pulling back on the Figure Four as hard as he can! Bundy casually hits the ropes & comes off…… SPLATTERS GEORGE WITH THE SPLASH WHILE HE’S STILL IN THE FIGURE-FOUR!!

Valentine lets go of the hold & Bundy remains on top of a motionless George. Valentine wakes up the ref & rolls out of the ring to help up Heenan. Albano’s still down. The ref groggily crawls over & counts the 1… 2… 3! Bundy gets up, smugly wiping his hands clean of the situation, as Valentine & Heenan get back into the ring to join their compadre in mid-ring. Each man raises each of Bundy’s arms in victory, as George lay motionless at their feet. 

Bundy looks like he never broke a sweat! He resumes the belt gestures, as the ‘HOGAN!’ chants rain down from all sides. They taunt the crowd & finally leave the ring, heading leisurely up the aisle to thundering heat. 

Albano rolls back into the ring & crawls over to check on fallen George. George painfully makes it up to a sitting position, seeing Albano’s hurting. George gets emotional like a child, hurt to see a parent in pain. Albano tries to comfort George, who’s in a painfully, child-like rage now. George licks Capt. Lou’s face with his green tongue & rolls out painfully, grabs a chair & stalks awkwardly up the aisle with evil intentions! Team Heenan sees the oncoming George & they head faster into the tunnel! 

Winner: King Kong Bundy via Pinfall @ 4:49


[Gorilla & Jesse standing at their broadcast position. They announce that it’s just been made official by the Front Office: Paul Orndorff vs. Roddy Piper at WrestleMania, at the Philadelphia Spectrum! On tap for next week’s show: Fantastics in tag team action, Tag Team Summit: Samoan Headhunters/Mr Fuji & British Bulldogs/Bobby Heenan, I-C Champ Rick Rude, Iron Sheik/Ken Patera in tag team action, and Tito Santana. MAIN EVENT: Masa Saito vs. Jim Powers. Gorilla & Jesse are hyped for next week, and bid us farewell.]


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After the stunt Piper & Studd pulled there pretty much HAS to be a match with Orndorf at Mania.

Speaking of, what a 8 man set for Philadelphia! Plus Martel challenges for the I-C title in Boston!

You've done such a great job heating Bundy up for the title match with Hogan. It actually feels like he might have a chance.

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Awesome Awesome first segment.  Piper with the chair on Orndorff reminded me of Piper hitting Snuka with the pineapple on Piper's pit.

While I don't give Bundy a great shot at beating Hogan, you have build it up so well, I could really see it happening.

Really looking forward to Wrestlemania

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