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Nice showcase for Saito. 

Sheik is playing with fire. 

Love the Islanders finish.

Speaking of finishes, very creative ending to the Backlund/Arcidi match. 

Awesome 8 man tag to send the fans home happy. 


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On ‎8‎/‎2‎/‎2020 at 7:28 PM, Den Scorpio said:

Hillbilly Jim defeated Nikolai Volkoff (w/Fred Blassie) by DQ when Blassie interfered. Cousin Luke ran down with a metal pail to chase them off. 


Who is playing Cousin Luke? You fired The Mongol (Gene Petit) who had been playing the character.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 8/7 | Hartford, CT @ Civic Center (15,232)

Masa Saito & Mr. Fuji defeated SD Jones & Salvatore Bellomo by submission, when Bellomo blacked out from Saito’s Bonsai Throat Claw.

Tito Santana defeated King Kong Bundy by count-out, when Bundy missed an Avalanche to the ring post outside & Santana beat the 10-count.

I-C Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (no Heenan) defeated Pedro Morales with a small package reversal.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino & Sgt. Slaughter defeated Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) by count-out. Ref got KO’d. Iron Sheik runs down for a 3-on-2 beatdown. Scufflin’ Hillbillies run down to help clean house. Red Scare retreats & gets counted out. Bruno & Slaughter stand tall at the end.


Bob Backlund defeated Ivan Putski with a bridging roll-up.

Ken Patera defeated The Iron Sheik (w/Fred Blassie) by DQ, when Sheik pulled off & used his pointed boot as a weapon. Patera managed to get the boot away from him & Sheik fled the scene.

The Islanders & The Fantastics fought to a 15-minute draw.

Andre the Giant won a 20-man $20,000 battle royal. Andre eliminated Dynamite Kid at the end.

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Great card with a lot of big names but you have done such a good job of putting everyone in order that those you want to remain strong did.  For example, Valentine vs Morales is huge but from how you set it up, the order stays and Morales can still be useful to you.  Great job!

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Thanks man! It's so much the way WWF booked then; by not merely doing the carousel parody booking. The stars who needed to stay over, did, and it came without hardly anyone being buried. Trying to fully capture that dynamic, as I was a kid who very much grew up on this product (and others).

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Saito is quickly becoming a serious threat. If Bruno makes it pass Dr. D I would love to see Saito get a shot. 

I always loved Tito. I can totally see that finish with Bundy happening.

Couple of great WWF mainstay matches as Valentine cradles Morales for the win and Backlund bridges his way to a win over Polish Power. Like Kev mentioned, keeps everybody looking good as Morales and Putski didn't get finishers used on them. 

Only a matter of time before Slaughter and Sheik go at it in a big money showdown. 

Islanders and Fantastics are tearing it up! 

If Andre is in a battle royal, I think everybody knows the outcome. Great way to end the show. 

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 8/8


(Gorilla Monsoon & Freddie Blassie on commentary.)


[OPEN] to the customary dramatic WWF logo-in-space opener, with colored galactic lasers galvanizing the logo to its dazzling golden hue, as the echoing voice bellows “The World Wrestling Federation. The revolutionary force in sports-entertainment”.

[OPEN] to the opening credit package set to audio of “Some Like It Hot” by Power Station.

[FILTER IN] to the packed mid-sized arena. Gorilla Monsoon & ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie are on the podium across the way from the ring. Lively crowd!

Gorilla: Hello once again, everyone! Gorilla Monsoon & The Classy One, Freddie Blassie, here with you again this week, as The Superstars of Wrestling is locked & loaded! It’s gonna be another unforgettable week, Blass.

Blassie: If you blink, you’ll miss something, Monsoon!

Gorilla: No doubt about THAT! The big main event, folks - and Yours Truly has been waiting all WEEK for this one - the former World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and TAG TEAM Champion, the great Pedro Morales squaring off against the POWERHOUSE, Davey Boy Smith; one-half of the former Tag Team Champs the British Bulldogs!

Blassie (huge grin): I’m sure my good, longtime friend Bobby will manage his way to another BANNER VICTORY!

Gorilla (rolls eyes): I think I know what you’re implying. Also in action this week, the REIGNING WWF Tag Team Champs, the incomparable, ever-popular Von Erich’s, Kerry & Kevin! Can’t wait. Also, in 1-on-1 action, the man I refer to as “Public Enemy #1”, ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz!

Blassie: The NEXT World Heavyweight Champion, Monsoon! (Cackles)

Gorilla: Yet to be seen! Also in action this week folks, the sensational Tito Santana! Not to mention, in this week’s Penthouse wi--

Blassie: Hold on Monsoon, allow me! This week in The Penthouse, hosted by Yours Truly, the UNCROWNED WWF Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Bob Backlund joins me as my guest!

Gorilla: I have a hunch new headlines are en route! Folks, let’s head to the ring to kick off the festivities!

[“Don’t Go Messin’ With a Country Boy” hits & the place goes wild! A grinning Cousin Luke emerges from the tunnel to the aisle, followed by a waving Hillbilly Jim! They hi-five the adoring fans on their way to ringside. They climb into the ring, greeting the raucous crowd on all sides! Tom Thering, Luke’s opponent, warms up as he’s intro’d. Jim hi-fives Luke & climbs out to the floor, continuing to greet adoring fans.]


Match #1: Cousin Luke vs. Tom Therin

Thering is no match for Luke’s brute strength! It’s almost as if Luke doesn’t know his own strength - tossing Thering around like a rag doll. Luke whips him to the corner & follows in with a running elbow to the chest. He then bodyslams him for a mile out of the corner, bounces to the ropes & plants a legdrop for the 1-2-3! Jim climbed to the apron before the 3-count was even done!

“Don’t Go Messin’ With a Country Boy” hits again & the festive crowd claps along in unison as the Hillbillies dosie-dough & manage to get the ref in on the action! Both Hillbillies point to the hard cam from a distance, mouthing “RED SCARE!” with an intense glare, before resuming their jolly demeanors as they exit the ring & head up the aisle, gladhanding the fans.

Winner: Cousin Luke via Pinfall 


[CUT TO] WWF Update with “Caribbean Queen” by Billy Ocean as the audio. Into the newsroom-like studio with Lord Alfred Hayes.

He leads off with the volatile war of the worlds between Sgt. Slaughter & The Iron Sheik, and their allies on either side - the Scufflin’ Hillbillies aligning with Slaughter & Red Scare the bandmates of Sheik in Blassie’s stable. 

Alfred takes us to footage of the past 2 weeks: the ambush & beatdown of Slaughter in the Flag Match 2 weeks ago on ‘All-Star Wrestling’ that led to Sheik’s victory & US flag desecration post-match, then to footage of Slaughter’s vengeance last week on ‘The Superstars of Wrestling’ as he stormed the ring to take on all 3 men & the Hillbillies rushed in moments later to level the playing field in the all-out brawl. 

Alfred then hypes the battle lines being drawn in the sand & getting more explosive by the minute.

He then switches gears to hype the signing of Big John Studd & gives us a look at the “Coming Soon” video from last week. He hypes that Studd could change the WWF forever when he arrives, etc.

The segment ends with a WWF logo graphic & instrumental of “Jump” by Van Halen as the audio.




Back from commercial, Mean Gene Okerlund is standing by in the locker room Pedro Morales. He asks Pedro how life has been since returning to the WWF & his thoughts on his main event match-up with Davey Boy.

Morales says he’s happy to be back & in his heart, he never left. Says his greatest memories happened right here & the WWF is his home. Says he can’t wait for this match with Davey Boy Smith. Says he’s big, strong, a great wrestler & a great fighter, but he has a bad man guiding him & his partner. 

So this week, he’s gonna teach Davey a lesson, he says. He ends with telling Gene, “You just watch, my friend” & departs. Gene is excited.


[CUT] back into the arena, where Tyson Jackson is warming up in the ring as he’s introduced. Suddenly, the crowd erupts in major heat & comes to its feet as… David Schultz smugly strolls out of the tunnel to the aisle & stops to look at the thunderously booing crowd! He then resumes his walk toward the ring, almost enjoying the volatile welcome he’s getting. He climbs into the ring & snatches the mic from Finkel.

Schultz (to Jackson): Get on over here son, don’t be shy. (Jackson hesitates) I said get OVER here boy, I ain’t got all day to waste now! (Jackson steps closer) Now look here. The last dullard I offered this to was too stupid to do himself a favor. So instead, he’s probably somewhere still pickin’ his teeth outta the back of his neck. But YOU look like a much smarter guy. So here’s what I’m gon’ do! I’m gon’ give YOU the same opportunity I gave him. To pick up your lil jacket over there, climb right thru those ropes, walk back up that aisle, ya won’t even need to take a shower cuz you’ll still be fresh as a daisy. You can get dressed, drive on outta here, if you’re old enough to drive, grab you a nice dinner & just relax. Save yourself the trouble & take yourself the night off. You deserve it. What do ya say?

Jackson ponders it & the crowd’s raucously urging him against it. Schultz even sits on the middle rope, holding the ropes open for Jackson to exit. Jackson finally shakes his head “no” & the crowd roars! Schultz is amused. He stands up & takes the mic again.

Schultz: Can’t say I didn’t try to do right by you, boy. 

Schultz DECAPITATES Jackson with a clothesline with the mic in his hand, as the opening bell rings & Finkel gets out of dodge!


Match #2: ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz vs. Tyson Jackson

Schultz annihilates Jackson with vicious aggression; follow-in clothesline to the corner, punishing knee-lift, swinging neckbreaker, towering backdrop, and repeated stomps into oblivion while yelling at Jackson for his stupidity. “Bruno” chants abound in the crowd. Schultz throws Jackson thru the middle turnbuckle to the ringpost shoulder-first at 50 mph! Jackson crumbles out of the corner to the canvas, writhing in pain. Schultz then steps on the shoulder & Jackson’s flailing in agony! Schultz smiles, looks at the hard cam & says “How ya like that, Bruno!” Schultz peels Jackson up between his legs, hoists him up & piledrives him to Kingdom Come for the 1-2-3.

Schultz rests with 1 knee on the chest of unconscious Jackson as the ref raises his hand. Schultz cracks a sadistic smile as he stands taunting the crowd with the belt-around-the-waist gesture. He points down at Jackson’s corpse & mouths “He’s on your head, Bruno!” at the hard cam. He leisurely exits the ring, keeping that cocky smile.

Winner: ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz by Pinfall


[CUT] to a special 30-second hype ad for WWF merchandise to order by phone.




[SEEN IN NYC MARKET ONLY] - Back from commercial, it’s the market-specific ‘WWF Event Center’ with Mean Gene standing with the WWF logo on the wall behind him.

Gene hypes the NYC Metro area that tonight’s the big night that WWF action returns to the Big Apple, New York City, at Madison Square Garden with an 8 PM bell time. Very few, if any, tix remain.

He quickly runs down most of what he says is a now 11-match card, including Bruno defending vs. Bob Backlund in the big return Title bout from July’s WrestleMania here in NYC, Andre the Giant vs. David Schultz, Iron Sheik vs. Ken Patera, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Nikolai Volkoff, Greg Valentine defending the I-C Title vs. Tito Santana, Von Erich’s defending vs. Islanders, British Bulldogs vs. Scufflin’ Hillbillies, etc.

Bruno Sammartino, in t-shirt & sweats with the WWF Title belt over his shoulder, comes into frame & Gene happily welcomes him. Bruno is in fine form & wired, saying he’s chomping at the bit to roll into The Big Apple tonight, to not just put Backlund in his place, but keep him there. 

Says his personal issues with Schultz won’t take his mind off Backlund tonight 1 bit, and when he’s done taking care of Backlund tonight, Backlund can go save somebody else’s world - if Mars or Jupiter will take him. Says he knows the Garden better than anybody, and tonight is gonna be another 1 of those special Garden nights. 

Tells Gene that moving mountains won’t be enough to get this WWF Heavyweight Title off of him. Bruno ends with, “Big Apple, get ready. The Living Legend’s coming to take care of some business tonight!”

Gene is fired up & ends the segment with his hard sell, as Bruno sticks around with his arm around Gene & pumping a fist at the camera as Gene pumps up the viewing audience. 

WE see the in-space graphic with the event details with “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra as the audio backdrop.


[CUT] back into the arena. Barry Horowitz warms up in the ring. He’s intro’d & boastfully pats himself on the back, to a chorus of boos. Crowd EXPLODES as Tito Santana arrives from the tunnel into the aisle! He pumps his fist as he hi-fives adoring fans along the way. He gets to ringside & hops inside, pumping his fist to the roaring crowd all over the building! Tito goes to remove his t-shirt & Horowitz pounces right as the shirt’s over Tito’s head! Horowitz is unloading on Tito in the corner with roundhouses to the sternum as the opening bell rings! 


Match #3: Tito Santana vs. Barry Horowitz

Horowitz yanks the shirt off Tito’s head, whips him across the ring to the opposite corner & follows… the momentum pinballs Tito out of the corner & he LEVELS the oncoming Horowitz with the Flying Forearm! Tito taunts his corpse & covers him without even hooking the leg for the 1-2-3! Just like that, it’s over!

Tito confidently works the rocking crowd, celebrating the abrupt victory! Horowitz lay motionless on the mat as Tito celebrates with the crowd on all sides. Tito finally catapults himself over the top to the floor & heads up the aisle, hi-fiving the cheering fans.

Winner: Tito Santana by Pinfall (In 14 seconds)


[CUT] to a long dirt road in the Sahara Desert in midday, with ominous music as the underlay. An intense-faced Big John Studd is shirtless with jeans & cowboy boots, standing with arms folded in the middle of the road, with a massive nautical rope at full tension wrapped around his waist. The other end of the rope is attached to the towing hook of a car sitting 10 feet behind Studd. 

A nameless driver gets into the car, fires up the engine, puts it in Drive & slowly begins trying to pull away. But the statuesque Studd cannot be moved! The car wheels begin speeding & smoking violently against the asphalt… but Studd is not moved, even an inch. An automobile cannot move this mountain of a man!? His intense expression never changes & his arms stay folded. The driver finally lets off the gas & gets out of the car after repeated tries.

The voice of Studd narrates, “If a 2-ton machine cannot move me… show me the man who can.” The image of Studd remains unchanged, unmoved. He lets out an intense exhale.

Screen goes black. The graphic of Studd’s name carved into the side of a gigantic mountain appears. The words “Coming Soon” fade in at the bottom of the screen.




Back from commercial, Fred Blassie is standing on the plush Penthouse suite interview set with soft jazz playing in the background. A muscular black man, dressed in a shiny tuxedo-like getup with the arms cut out of it, showing off his well-defined biceps, stands stoically behind the sofa.

Blassie: Welcome once again to The Penthouse, the “Page 6 of Sports”, starring Yours Truly, ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie. (Crowd booing.) You know, unfortunately, this pristine, upscale, world-famous piece of property has been the site for vandalism & guests, both invited & uninvited, making themselves more at home than I see fit to. Unwanted vandals like that no-good WWF Heavyweight Champion, Bruno Sammartino! (Crowd EXPLODES!) Who saw fit to deface this amazing edifice like the disrespectful  hooligan he is! 

[Crowd boos. Blassie argues off-mic at them.]

Blassie (cont’d): Or that ingrate of an Olympian, Ken Patera. (Crowd roars) Who chose to act like this was his apartment in some two-bit town where they hold Olympic trials.

[Crowd boos, unimpressed. Blassie jaws at them off-mic, pointing the cane at the crowd this time.]   

Blassie (cont’d): So therefore, I’ve taken the necessary steps to acquire the most first-class security that money can buy. ONLY THE BEST! After searching all the high-end channels, I learned I didn’t need a fleet of men - just ONE. THIS ONE! Feast your eyes on the one-man security force… (gestures to the man behind him)... VIRRRR-GIL!!!

[Virgil remains stoic in his expression & nods only slightly at the acknowledgement. Crowd boos moderately, knowing nothing about this man. Virgil surely looks formidable.]

Blassie (cont’d): Now that we’ve fortified the property, my guest this week is a man, who really needs no introduction. A man who, in my estimation, stands above most mortal men. A man who walks the halls of this sport… as its UNCROWNED World Champion. (Crowd boos huge!) You all should be standing, hearts open & mouths SHUT, for the man I’m bringing into The Penthouse. (Crowd boos bigger) Welcome my guest… the one… THE ONLY… BOB… BACKLUUUUND! (Crowd coming unglued in heat!)

[Backlund slowly arrives onset, buttoned up in a 3-piece suit & bowtie. Place thundering in monster boos! Backlund stops mid-stride & calmly looks blankly out at the booing populous! Virgil steps forward, gesturing a clear path for Backlund to make his way to Blassie. Backlund nods at Virgil, who respectfully nods in kind. Backlund makes his way to Blassie & they shake hands. Virgil resumes his arms-folded stance behind the sofa.]

Blassie: Mr. Backlund, it truly is an honor to open this place to you. While I cannot offer you the array of books you probably seek, in order to stimulate yourself intellectually, any of life’s other pleasures, I surely can. So name it, and it’s yours! (motions to the sofa) Won’t you sit down!?

[Backlund, appreciative, happily accepts & they have a seat.]

Blassie (cont’d): Mr. Backlund, I must say it’s quite the get for Yours Truly to secure your very first interview in 2 weeks. Your very first televised appearance since we last you on The Superstars of Wrestling is right here on The Penthouse. I have to ask… is there anything specific you’d like to share with YOUR public?

[Crowd booing huge already in anticipation of anything that comes from Backlund’s mouth.]

Backlund: Mr. Blassie, you have taken every measure to ensure that the integrity of your media entity is properly adorned with the requisite health, safety & security for your guests. For that, I commend you.

Blassie: Thank you so much.

Backlund: I must apportion to you... that men such as yourself enable me to maintain some semblance of hope for the future of this ever-deteriorating society. A society, rife with ungrateful, intellectually abstinent & morally absent occupants... of a world they didn’t institute. 

[Blassie nodding like he’s hearing a good sermon. Crowd booing heavy!]

Backlund (sitting forward a bit, getting warmed up): A world they’ve managed to DEFILE & UNDERMINE. A world they’ve succeeded in making a worse place for our children & grandchildren. But you, Frederick, have stood among the few examples of stewards of justice & decency. (Blassie seems moved. Crowd booing heavy) Of moral capacity. Of cultured, diplomatic compass. A man of your character deserved my company for a moment such as this. That is the elucidation I impart to you.

Blassie (almost choked-up): Mr. Backlund, I am truly humbled by those words, yet inspired to continue drawing the best… out of others. (Backlund is politely satisfied. Crowd booing huge! Blassie's voice returns to normal) Now, I must discuss this matter with you, as it is your first appearance in a matter of weeks. Now that I have full clarity on why The Penthouse was the ideal venue for you at this time, the moral & immoral alike seek your insight… on what preceded that decision. Your insight on the events… of 2 weeks ago on this program.

[Crowd explodes! Backlund is undaunted, while Blassie cuts his eye at the crowd.]

Backlund: Frederick, it’s an excellent inquest you make. First, I just want to say no one is more proud… of my victory 2 weeks ago than I. 

[Crowd explodes, as if to say “WHAT DID HE JUST SAY!?” Blassie is even a bit taken off-guard.]

Backlund (oblivious): The dominance I exhibited in that battle of 6 warriors, 3 aligned to opposing causes, was a masterpiece that even I would be challenged to replicate. (Crowd is up in arms) Those 3 young men had to be taught a level of respect & deference to superiority that they’ve clearly lacked since their 3 births. A man of my competitive acumen was needed, to supply that measure of harsh reality to them. I am pleased that I was able to provide it.

[Crowd is downright indignant! Blassie is a bit unsure of how to react to Backlund’s words now.]

Backlund (cont’d): I take no pleasure in thwarting the aspirations of young athletes that seek to follow in my oversized exploits in this sport. But Frederick, it had to be done & I am certain they will handle their crushing defeat in 1 of 2 ways. They’ll either learn & grow to be better men - men like yourself. Or they will choose to live in a state of denial about it & continue down the path of all these plebians that populate this building.

[Crowd raining down monster heat on this in sheer disbelief! Blassie’s eyes tell the story that even he is at a loss for words.]

Backlund (cont’d, sits forward, more wound-up, removing his jacket): And Frederick, you know something… among the 3 young men from that losing side, the one I suspect that needs the most amelioration, the most psychological & character development, Kerrith Von Erich.

[Crowd EXPLODES!... in part for the reference to Kerry & because that’s not his name!]

Backlund (cont’d): This KID! This delusional, detached from all reality, vain, worldly… as the plebians like to say, “PUNK”! (Crowd booing up a storm!) I DO take pleasure in knowing I taught HIM the most brutal lesson of the 3! I see the way this society embraces those 2 brothers! That family! I see the way these young people SNECK ONTO them as false beacons of their warped popular culture! Frederick, may I? (re: the mic)

Blassie: By all means!

Backlund (taking the mic, standing, very animated): You people choose your role models about as well as you choose your dietary habits, your clothing, and your schools! You cherish the wrong things & the wrong PEOPLE! THAT’S why I took it upon myself to dispose of Kerrith Von Erich in the fashion I did, so that you could see your unworthy heroes thwarted & trivialized! (Crowd incredulous!) This is why I remain the ONE PERSON equipped to bring you unwashed masses into the light! (Crowd booing like crazy) Your denialist mindset will be your undoing! You find it all too eas-- 

[Crowd EXPLODES!!!... Here comes Kerry Von Erich calmly onto the set!! Place coming unglued! In his gear & crushed velvet sports jacket, he calmly steps toward the sofa! Blassie notices the arrival & stands, feeling violated! Backlund is oblivious, arguing off-mic at the crowd! Virgil steps in Kerry’s path & Kerry stands nose-to-nose! Place rumbling in anticipation! Kerry’s grinning & jawing in Virgil’s stoic face!! Backlund finally notices we’ve got company! Blassie’s trying to calm things down! Kerry’s full-on smiling nose-to-nose with Virgil.]

Backlund (cont’d): Clearly, this false teenage idol has heard my words, in light of the lesson passed along to him recently. I trust he has come to enfold his failures. Let him approach, Mr. Virgil. It could be a defining moment for him.

[Virgil slowly steps aside & Blassie hustles out of the way, as Kerry confidently steps toward Backlund!! Kerry can’t stop smiling.]

Kerry (snatches mic from Backlund): It sounds to me like you haven’t woken up yet from the dreamland I sent you off to, 2 weeks ago. (Crowd coming unglued! Backlund angrily defiant!) Frankly, it seems like denial isn’t even the worst of it. I mean, I knew you were a lil off your rocker, but THIS? Let me get an S.O.S. to Mr. ROBERT Backlund. We had a 6-Man tag match. I hit you... (holds up a fist from a safe distance away)... with a Discus Punch. (Crowd roars big!) You… well, you went down. WAY down. FAST. (Crowd rocks bigger!) And it would appear you were asleep before your body hit the canvas. 

[Crowd roaring in total bliss! Backlund’s shaking his head like he’s hearing a harrowing ghost story.]

Kerry (cont’d): Then I PINNED you. (Crowd keeps roaring, Bob denying harder.) By the time we left the ring, everybody in that crowd could have each taken a turn pinning you, since you wouldn’t have been awake for any of it, anyway. (Crowd exploding!) And NOW you’re out here, telling everybody what happened on Planet Backlund. Well guess what, Bob. You wrestled that match on Earth & got BEAT on Earth. And now you’re here, telling these fine people how unworthy they are & how you… won? 

[Crowd boos. Backlund miffed & jawing off-mic in defiant agreement.] 

Kerry (cont’d): Well here’s the deal. I keep a pretty busy schedule as one-half of the Tag Team Champions with my awesome brother, Kevin. (Crowd roars!) But if you should ever need a refresher course on what happened? Hell Daddio, I’ll MAKE time for YOU.   

[Crowd explodes huge!! Backlund’s licking his lips, almost manically. His eyes are like saucers now & he keeps mouthing “FALSE”. Kerry, still calm & cool.]

Kerry (cont’d): You get a hold of a contract. Any city you want, put your name on it, I’m sure it’ll get to me & I’m not the type to keep a former World Champion waiting. So, since the last time took you FURTHER out of reality, maybe a next time will knock you halfway back in. Cuz then, it won’t just be ONE time I beat you, maybe it’ll officially be… (Crowd finishes the sentence with him)... TWO. 

[Crowd explodes in celebration, as Kerry happily tosses the mic onto the couch, then backs away from Backlund. He steps forward again, re-grabbing the mic.]

Kerry (cont’d): Oh, and by the way? It’s KERRY. KE-RRY. I’ll be seein’ ya. 

[Crowd going wild! Kerry backs away again & takes his leave, eyeballing Virgil on his way by, headed offset to a hero’s sendoff! Backlund’s preaching off-mic angrily to anything that moves - hand on his hips & boisterously pointing as he lectures. Blassie picks up the mic.]

Blassie (annoyed): Join us next week for another edition of The Penthouse - the “Page 6 for Sports”. I’m Fred Blassie. The pleasure was all yours.

[Blassie leaves angrily with Virgil in toe, leaving Backlund still jawing at the defiantly blissful crowd!]


[CUT] to a dueling graphic of Davey Boy Smith & Pedro Morales with the caption reading “Former Champions Do Battle… Next!” with instrumental of “Baby Be Mine” by Michael Jackson as the audio.




[SEEN IN NYC AREA ONLY -- During the commercial break, a 30-second ad bumper featuring a moving-through-space graphic with Mean Gene’s voice hyping the big house show tonight, August 8th, at Madison Square Garden. Written graphics of the match-ups show as Gene hypes the card.]


Back from commercial, “Rule Britannia” hits in the arena the crowd erupts to its feet in a chorus of boos! Bobby Heenan smugly leads an equally smug Davey Boy Smith out of the tunnel & down the aisle to ringside. They get into the ring & Davey taunts to crowd, daring them to boo him more. They oblige. Heenan love it. Song fades & a moment later, the crowd roars big as Pedro Morales makes his way down the aisle to a warm welcome as he hi-fives a few fans with a smile. He gets to ringside, climbs in & jaws a few choice words Davey & Heenan’s way.


Match #4: Davey Boy Smith (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Pedro Morales 

A great back & forth battle, with power, speed & athleticism all on display from both competitors. Crowd loved every moment of the action. Near-falls abound, with great psychology shown by each man when in control. 

Toward the end, Davey is in firm control & has a reverse-chinlock locked in. Pedro manages to finally fight his way up to his feet & out of the hold! Pedro unleashes with all the fire he’s got from way down deep! Leveling Davey with monster roundhouses, clotheslines & backdrops! Morales hits the spearing headbutt to the gut, that flattens Davey to the canvas like a lightweight! Davey rolls to the outside in monster rib pain & Morales follows. The 2 powerhouses brawl like crazy & Morales out-roundhouses Davey! 

Morales tosses him back inside, climbs to the apron & slingshots himself in for a sunset flip… but Davey desperately fights the momentum & drops to his knees onto Morales, with both hands on the middle rope for leverage as Morales’ legs flail during the 1-2-3! Battered Davey immediately rolls to the outside, having just stolen a cheap one! Heenan rejoices with him & Dynamite rushes to ringside, partaking in the victory! 

Morales is in the ring, angrily pleading with the ref, who didn’t see the ropes used for leverage. The Bulldogs & Heenan taunt Morales from a distance & begin parading their way to the back. Morales walks around in the ring, dejected & frustrated. Crowd gives him a warm applause, despite the cheap loss.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith by Pinfall


[CUT] to a vignette highlighting all the charity work ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham is doing in Arizona.

WE see him giving an inspirational speech to schools, posing for pics with large classes of kids happily doing bicep poses, as the voices of various teachers narrate how excited the kids are to see one of their TV heroes up close & personal - especially knowing it’s someone from their own community.

WE see him arrive in a YMCA gym, getting swarmed by excited kids & he shoots baskets with them, etc.

WE see him walking a sidewalk on a busy boulevard in a less than wealthy neighborhood. A seedy character, who likely lives on the streets, or close to it, spots Graham & takes pleasure in meeting him. Graham gives him a pep talk about keeping his head high & not getting lost on the streets. “You gotta go that extra mile to not get consumed by your circumstances today, so you’re a better man tomorrow, brotha.” The man fully understands & agrees.

Shot of Graham speaking to someone off-camera in a narrative setup, where he says it’d have been easy for him to give up, if he didn’t have inspirational people in his life when he was a kid & people who keep him going now as an adult. “There’d BE no Superstar without people in your life, even if it’s someone ya just met, saying ‘I care. Keep going, keep pushin’, brotha.’ Inspiration comes in many forms & that’s why I have to give back. Always.”

The piece ends with a montage of these great works, immersed with shots of glorious moments in the ring, set to inspirational music as an underlay.




[SEEN IN THE NEW YORK CITY MARKET ONLY] - Back from commercial, it’s the market-specific “WWF Event Center” again as “Take On Me” by a-ha plays as the audio. Mean Gene stands near the wall with the big WWF logo.

He re-hypes the NYC Metro area that we’re just hours away from WWF action returning to the Big Apple, Madison Square Garden, the global mecca of sports & entertainment, TONIGHT, August 8th @ 8 PM. Very few tix remain.

He quickly runs down the 11-match card again, including Bruno defending vs. Bob Backlund in the big return Title bout from July’s WrestleMania, Andre the Giant vs. David Schultz, Iron Sheik vs. Ken Patera, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Nikolai Volkoff, Greg Valentine defending the I-C Title vs. Tito Santana, Von Erich’s defending vs. Islanders, British Bulldogs vs. Scufflin’ Hillbillies, etc.

Greg Valentine smoothly walks into frame, dressed in street clothes & fashionable shades, with the I-C Title over his shoulder. He says there’s no better place to shut ‘Chico Santana’ up once & for all than New York City. 

Says people have been saying he has a Figure-Four almost as impressive as Valentine’s, but adds that he (Valentine) is the superior technician, the superior athlete, the superior wrestler - the finest in this business. And tonight, ‘Chico’ is gonna get outclassed by a man he can’t beat, a man he’s no match for, says Valentine.

Ends saying, “Gene, call Chico’s family before tonight & tell them to have some warm milk ready, when he comes home crying, with 2 broken legs, a broken face & a broken heart. Cuz this Intercontinental Title stays right where you see it, until I decide otherwise”, then departs.

Gene wraps the segment with his hard sell. Scene closes with the in-space graphic with the event details & “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston as the audio background.


[CUT] back into the arena, as Geno Mirelli & Todd Nighting warm up in the ring as they’re intro’d. “Still of the Night” by Whitesnake hits & the place EXPLODES BIG-TIME!! Kerry & Kevin Von Erich stride out of the tunnel to the aisle, to a massive welcome!! They wade through tons of rabid, reaching arms! They get to ringside, hop on the apron, working the raucous crowd before getting into the ring & greeting the adoring populous on all sides of the rocking building! What a presence these 2 have! They pull off the jackets & hoist the Tag Title belts high for all to see. The Champs then warm up & prep for battle.


Match #5: Tag Team Champions the Von Erichs vs. Geno Mirelle & Todd Nighting

Utter domination by the young kings of the tag team mountain! Near-perfect timing, tagging in & out, crisp teamwork, great sportsmanship, incredible athleticism & enjoying their work along with the adoring crowd who roars big for every big move! Kevin’s hitting picture-perfect dropkicks & armdrags, while Kerry hits great suplexes, press slams, and headlock-takedowns. Such balance in this amazing team! 

Toward the quick end, Kevin tags in Kerry. Kevin whips Nighting to the ropes & gets him coming off with The Claw! Nighting’s legs go wobbly & Kevin shoves him across, right into the Discus Punch by the legal Kerry!! Nighting never knew what hit him! Kerry covers confidently for the 1-2-3! “Still of the Night” hits again & the Champs are awarded their Title belts to celebrate with the elated sellout crowd! The Champs enjoy themselves with their adoring fans, when...

Suddenly… is that… is that Afa lurching toward ringside!? Looking like more of a savage than ever! He hasn’t been seen, since forever! The Von Erichs’s notice him & stop celebrating, to lock eyes with him. Kerry & Kevin are mumbling to each other, unsure what to think.

Suddenly, another emerges into the aisle behind Afa & runs by him, hopping onto a side apron! That’s… that’s SIKA!! He’s not even in the World Wrestling Federation!... Is he!? The Von Erich’s are stunned! Sika’s licking his own mouth like he just ate a bear.

Suddenly… Haku & Tama, The Islanders, this time in darker attire, sprint down the aisle & run past Afa, jumping on separate aprons from Sika, now almost surrounding the Tag Champions! What the heck’s going on here!? Haku & Tama seem more sadistically savage-like than usual. 

Afa cracks a wild smile & hops onto the 1 unoccupied apron, which now means the Champs are fully surrounded! Crowd is super anxious now! Kerry & Kevin are tensed, and readying themselves for what could be about to happen! All 4 of these Samoans are looking at the Von Erich’s like prey!

The 4 Samoans pounce into the ring & the 2 Von Erich’s jump into action! It’s a 4-on-2 brawl! The Champs are fending them off for a moment! Crowd going nuts!! But these 4 seemingly crazed assailants overwhelm the popular brothers! The Samoans are swallowing them whole, stomping them into oblivion & dropping tree-like headbutt-drops, splashes, back-splashes, etc. The Samoan bodies are flying rapid-fire & the Von Erich’s are being decimated by this pack of wild dogs! 

Afa seems to be the ring leader here, directing Haku to the top rope to drop a splash down across prone Kevin! Kevin’s body implodes on impact! Tama heads to the top on the other side & drops the rainbow-like headbutt down across Kerry, whose body jolts violently on impact! Afa & Sika land a few more headbutt-drops & elbows onto the corpses, but the damage is done! 

The 4 Samoans stand in unison, 1 facing the crowd on each side, and begin doing some sort of synchronized tribal war dance! They then pick up the Tag Title belts, examine them in fascination as they pass them to each other. The Von Erich’s lay broken & motionless through all this!

The Samoans leave the ring & the belts behind. They slowly head up the aisle, looking dominant & intimidating as can be! Chorus of boos follows them out! What does this all mean!? The Von Erich’s have been dismantled!

Winners: The Von Erich’s by Pinfall




Back from commercial, Gorilla & Blassie are standing at the broadcast podium. Crowd seems stunned still.

Gorilla: At a time, where it seems a HUSH has fallen over the capacity crowd here, we’re at the end of another heart-pounding WEEK of The Superstars of Wrestling, Blass. And by the way, you never made mention that you added security detail to The Penthouse.

Blassie (smiles): You think I need to inform you on every move I make, Monsoon!? All I DO is make moves - get used to it!

Gorilla: HUH! Folks, join us next week, when I’m SURE we’ll have an update on the respective conditions of the reigning Tag Team Champions, Kerry & Kevin Von Erich, who just got MUGGED by, count ‘em, FOUR Samoan monsters, all working in tandem. The Islanders, alone, are imposing enough as it is. But now Afa & Sika show up!? What does this all mean!?

Blassie (grinning): It means the Von Erich’s’ Tag Titles have never been in more peril than they are, right this moment!

Gorilla: It sure as heck would appear that way. Also next week, here in action, folks, newly-arriving sensation from the Orient, Masa Saito, and his equally newly-arriving manager, Mr. Fuji! The scintillating team of Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers, The Fantastics, will see tag team action! Olympian Ken Patera will join us in 1-on-1 competition! We’ll also have a very special humanitarian award presentation to the 1 & only ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham! (Blassie rolls his eyes) Blass, un-roll your eyes & tell us who next will be gracing The Penthouse.

Blassie: My special guest next week in The Penthouse, SGT. SLAUGHTER!

Gorilla: WOW! What a bombshell! Sure hope you know what you’re getting yourself into!

Blassie: Slaughter knows he’s crossing enemy lines, Monsoon! Either he knows his place, or he’ll bite the dust for GOOD! 

Gorilla: All this & tons more next week, folks. We’ll see ya next week on The Superstars of Wrestling for more action & excitement. Till then, SO LONG EVERYBODY!

[FADE TO] still clips of this week’s highlights as “Some Like It Hot” plays at full volume.


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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 8/8


(Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


Intercontinental Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated TJ Pierce with the Figure-Four Leglock. After the match, Valentine stood with the mic in mid-ring & said he’d shatter Patera’s dreams & knee soon, once & for all, etc. Patera himself came down to the ring calmly, with no limp, and they roll-around brawl! Patera houses Valentine with roundhouses, once they’re vertical again, and knocks him over the top to the floor. Officials rush onto the scene to try to get control of things. Valentine & Heenan retreat. Patera stands tall.

‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff debuted & defeated Mark Swanson with the piledriver. Crowd gave a big, mixed reaction the whole time - not knowing which way to take Orndorff as yet.

Impromptu: King Kong Bundy defeated Clyde Jennings with an Avalanche & Splash in 11 seconds.

[Victory Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Guest WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino. Says he’s ready & waiting to show David Schultz he’s in over his head. Says Schultz is like so many others who stepped on the wrong turf. Says Schultz made it personal & now he’s on his way to early retirement. Guarantees he's gonna make Schultz into a new man, but NOT a new Champion, etc.]

Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi defeated Tony Armstrong & Ernesto Rivera with Putski’s Polish Hammer on Rivera.

[Paul Orndorff is advertised as Lord Alfred Hayes’ guest next week on Victory Circle. Giant Haystacks vs. Ken Patera is announced as next week’s main event.] 

Hillbilly Jim & King Kong Bundy fought to a double count-out. Great physical battle of heavyweight vs. superheavyweight. Each man managed to unload their high-power offense on the other, and each man found themselves knocked to the canvas various times - the most notable being whenever Bundy was knocked off his feet. Crowd ate up every moment! Toward the end, Bundy went for the Avalanche & Hillbilly Jim moved! Jim immediately charged in for a Big Boot in the corner, but Bundy moved! Both men duke it out & tumble thru the ropes to the floor. 

Outside, they continue to battle it out. Each man tries to roll back into the ring, before being yanked back by the other to continue the trading of haymakers until the ref reaches 10. Bundy rakes the eyes, grabs a chair & charges at Jim… and Jim Big-Boots the chair into Bundy’s face! Bundy staggers up the aisle & Jim gets back into the ring to Dosie-Dough it up with the fans & referee to end the show. 

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 8/8 | New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden (19,460; Sell-out)

(Televised on the MSG Network. Gorilla Monsoon & Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary.)

King Kong Bundy defeated Salvatore Bellomo @ 3:14 with an Avalanche & Splash.

Boris Zhukov (w/Fred Blassie) defeated ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham by DQ @ 8:18, when Boris tried to drill a prone Graham with Blassie’s cane from the second rope, but Graham got the boot up & broke the cane moments later across Boris’ back to send him packing.

The British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated the Scufflin’ Hillbillies @ 10:07 when Davey Boy Smith rolled up Cousin Luke with fistfuls of overalls during a 4-man brawl at the end. Crazy match.

Tito Santana defeated I-C Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) by count-out @ 19:40 when the Flying Forearm knocked Valentine backward over the top to the floor just before the time limit.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated The Islanders by DQ @ 12:47, when Afa & Sika stormed the ring for a 4-on-2 beatdown of the Champs. After the Islanders leave, the Von Erich’s recover & storm to the back with chairs.


Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated SD Jones @ 5:33 with the Bonsai Throat Claw.

David Schultz defeated Andre the Giant by count-out @ 7:19, when Giant Haystacks came to the aisle. Andre meets him in the aisle for a standoff & Haystacks happily backs away once the ref hits 10. Duped Andre storms the ring & chases a celebratory Schultz away.

The Iron Sheik (w/Fred Blassie) and Ken Patera fought to a Double DQ @ 6:21 when both men shoved down the ref as they brawled in the corner.

Ivan Putski defeated Barry Horowitz @ 6:24 with the Polish Hammer.

Sgt. Slaughter defeated Nikolai Volkoff (w/Fred Blassie) @ 9:49 with a flying tackle off the second rope. Fiery back & forth slug fest right from the start.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Bob Backlund by DQ @ 14:38. Massive main event heat for this seesaw showdown. Ref gets KO’d. Backlund gets the Title belt to use, but Bruno nails the belly-to-belly & hooks the leg as the ref awakens. David Schultz runs in to break up the count & stomp a mudhole in Bruno. Backlund recovers & makes it 2-on-1. A miscue with Schultz results in Backlund eating a belt shot to the skull. Bruno pounces on Schultz like a madman & levels him several times like a basketball with vicious roundhouses, before Schultz escapes & heads for the hills with Backlund. Bruno stands tall, to send the spirited crowd home happy.

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Fun Superstars this week.

Enjoyed the banter between Blassie and Monsoon and Lord Alfred did a nice job of hyping up all the exciting action in the WWF.  Studd will be a monster here!

Enjoyed the Schultz segment.  It really continues his build as a monster heel

Big John Studd vs the car.... great segment

WOW... The Penthouse segment had me on hooked on every word.  Backlund has lost all sense of reality.

As if Backlund is not enough for Kerry to deal with, now he has 4 giants after him.  If he comes out of this on tip, he might be looking for Double Gold

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As for All-Star...

Great job keeping those you want to build up active.  KKB with a two match show is ready to take on anyone at any time.

As for the Hose show

Loved how Haystacks is really coming after Andre and Schultz is after Bruno.  Wonder if Backlund will remember this smack with the belt as he forgot about the Discuss Punch,

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Reading this makes me really miss Gorilla on commentary. 

Great job with the write up of the Schultz match. Like Gorilla said, you have defiantly made him public enemy number 1.

Horowitz makes a huge mistake and Tito makes him pay. 

Oh man Big John Studd is coming in with some serious hype! 

Wrestling's number one bodyguard has arrived and I'm talking about Virgil! This got over big time with me. Blassie is a smart man. 

Good grief what a promo by Backlund! He's more unhinged than ever! I was busting up the entire time. That was priceless. What a great world this is because we're going to get a Kerry/Backlund program. I like the WCCW booking feel with Kerry. He's involved with Kevin as the tag champs but still has big things going on the side. 

Very exciting TV main event. Davey gets the tainted win but Morales looked strong. Morales was always great with his fired up comebacks. 

Nobody motivates like the Superstar. 

WHOA! A Samoans/Islanders alliance! This was one of those big shocking TV moments. I mentioned it was cool seeing Kerry involved in other things but this changes everything. I'm not sure he wants to tangle with Backlund with 4 beasts coming after the titles. The tribal war dance was a nice touch. 


To All-Star,

Patera gets the upper hand on Valentine this week.

I think next week we'll find out what Orndorff's intentions are.

Good seeing the powerhouse team of Putski and Arcidi get some TV time. 

Bundy and Hillbilly end the show with a slugging double c.o. All-Star has been giving the viewers some strong main events. Just look at next week's, Patera vs. Haystacks...WOW! 


And on to MSG,

Bulldogs are climbing back into contention with that win over the Hillbillies. 

Love that Tito/Valentine finish! 

Islanders and Samoans give the champs another beating. The Von Erich's were still ready to fight but they might want to find some allies.

I was wondering how Schultz would get by Andre. Haystacks answers that. Andre vs. Haystacks is another big money match coming.

Big clean win for Slaughter over Volkoff. Sheiky baby better be ready. 

Very heated main event with some serious chaos. I could literally hear the fans go nuts as Bruno was hammering away on Schultz. 

Things are at a boiling point. So many big matches are being built up so well. Great stuff! 







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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 8/9 | Troy, NY @ RPI Fieldhouse (5,662; Sell-out)

Barry Horowitz defeated Salvatore Bellomo with a small package.

Pedro Morales defeated Steve Lombardi with the spearing headbutt to the gut.

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated SD Jones with a gutwrench powerslam.

Red Scare defeated (w/Fred Blassie) Scufflin' Hillbillies by DQ, when Hillbilly Jim was caught using Nikolai’s foreign object on Boris.

Tommy Rogers defeated Tama with a cradle after Tama missed a splash from the top. 

Ivan Putski defeated The Iron Sheik (w/Fred Blassie) by DQ when Blassie tripped Putski from the outside.

Ken Patera & Tito Santana defeated I-C Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (no Heenan) & David Schultz when Patera pinned Valentine with a crucifix.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 8/14 | Worcester, MA @ Centrum (13,581)

Pedro Morales defeated Steve Lombardi with the spearing headbutt to the gut.

Cousin Luke defeated Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) by DQ, when Saito had the Bonsai Claw on Luke & refused to break the 5-count against the bottom rope.

Giant Haystacks defeated Salvatore Bellomo with the back Avalanche.

Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi, when Arcidi suplexed Boris into the ring from the apron & Blassie used the cane to hook Arcidi’s leg from the outside.

Hillbilly Jim defeated David Schultz by reversed DQ, when Schultz tossed Jim a chair & pretended to be struck by it. After the DQ, a second ref arrived to explain & the original ref reversed the decision.

Paul Orndorff defeated SD Jones with the piledriver.

Tito Santana defeated The Iron Sheik (w/Fred Blassie) by count-out. Both men fought at ringside & Santana got in the last shot, before beating the 10 count.

Ken Patera & Fantastics defeated Greg Valentine & British Bulldogs (no Heenan), when Patera pinned Valentine with a backslide during a chaotic finish to the night.

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 8/15


(Gorilla Monsoon & Freddie Blassie on commentary.)

[OPEN] to the customary dramatic WWF logo-in-space opener, with colored galactic lasers galvanizing the logo to its dazzling golden hue, as the echoing voice bellows “The World Wrestling Federation. The revolutionary force in sports-entertainment”.

[OPEN] to the opening credit package set to audio of “Some Like It Hot” by Power Station.

[FILTER IN] to the packed mid-sized arena. Gorilla Monsoon & ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie are on the podium across the way from the ring. Lively crowd!

Gorilla: We are shot right out of a cannon, as The Superstars of Wrestling kicks off this week! Hello again everyone, Gorilla Monsoon alongside The Classy One, Freddie Blassie. And Blass, the lineup this week is second to NONE!

Blassie (grinning): I have a feeling I’m gonna have a smile on my face that you couldn’t JACKHAMMER OFF!

Gorilla: The one & only Sgt. Slaughter joins THIS guy to my right in this week’s PENTHOUSE! (Blassie nods with an evil grin.) Talk about eyes glued to the TV’s for that one! Also, the sensational duo of Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton, The Fantastics, are with us this week in tag team action! Not to mention the 2 powerhouses, “Polish Power” Ivan Putski & the big guy Ted Arcidi joining us in tag team action a little later on! Olympian Ken Patera, the former & quite possibly FUTURE Intercontinental Champion, is here in singles competition. Not to mention the debut of the ever-dangerous Masa Saito from the Orient, managed by the internationally infamous newly arriving Mr. Fuji. But folks, what a special way to kick off the festivities this week! Let’s head to ringside for a most special occasion!

[FADE] to the ring, where ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund stands with a suited man & several kids, around 8-10 years old. The man is holding a massive plaque.

Gene: Folks, WELCOME to The Superstars of Wrestling! Gene Okerlund here, with some extraordinary people. I am proud to introduce to you Mr. Archie Palmero, Youth Director for Public Citizens for Children & Youth, along with some very special young people, here to present a very SPECIAL recognition. Archie, I turn the reigns over to you.

Archie: Gene, thank you so much. We are so excited to be here, to present PCCY’s 3rd annual Great Humanitarian Award. Based in the Philadelphia area, our organization dedicates itself to making the lives of young people, both in our area AND the world, better. We’re proud to partner with the World Wrestling Federation for the past 3 years, for various initiatives. It’s our honor to present this award to a WWF Superstar, who personifies the word ‘Superstar’ better than anybody. Who’s second to none - not just in the squared circle, but in working with youth all over the country. His mentoring, his motivational speaking, his time spent relating to kids nationwide, and yes, his financial contributions to causes designed to help make the world better. So, it’s a thrill for us to share this small token of appreciation to our 1985 Great Humanitarian, none other than ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham!

[Crowd EXPLODES! Kids in the ring are cheering! “Jesus Christ Superstar” hits & Billy Graham slowly emerges from the tunnel to the aisle in tie-dye top & jeans, all smiles, hi-fiving adoring fans as he makes his way down the aisle to the ring. Up the steps & into the ring, and all the kids swarm him in a loving, happy embrace. Song fades. Graham approaches Archie & Gene, with his arms around 2 of the kids.]

Gene: Superstar, this is quite a moment for all of us.

Archie: It’s an honor & pleasure to present this to you. Your heart, your effort, your personal story, your example. You make our planet better & help affirm every child, both in this ring & around the world, that they can be whatever their heart can dream up. There’s no better person we can think of to present this to. Thank you. Congratulations. (hands the huge glass plaque to Graham. Crowd cheering huge.)

[Superstar holds the plaque up for all to see, then pumps a fist at the roaring crowd.]

Superstar: Ya know, I gotta say this literally tugs at the Superstar’s heart strings, daddy. Nothing fills up my heart, my spirit, my SOUL, like the love & support of young Superstars, like these leaders of tomorrow. It makes me wanna try a little harder, give a little more, spend more time, reach a little higher, brotha! 

[Crowd roaring deeply, genuinely.]

Superstar (cont’d): Thank you so much to the PCCY for your tireless dedication to the cause. Thanks to the WWF, Mr. Jack Tunney, for giving us the resources to reach the WORLD, jack. And thanks to you, the fans, for keeping me reminded of what my true purpose is - to use my heart, my passion, my FIGHT to help make the world a better place come tomorrow… than it was today. (Crowd roars huge!) Thank you so much, I love you from the bottom of my heart! (Crowd continues roaring big!)

[“Jesus Christ Superstar” hits again as he raises the plaque high & the everyone in the ring applauds in pride & smiles. Graham celebrates with the kids & the crowd.] 

Suddenly… Bobby Heenan emerges in the aisle & heads for the ring! Up the steps & into the ring, he steps past all the kids, to get to Gene, who’s annoyed to see him. Heenan’s arguing off-mic with him. Graham notices & approaches.]

Superstar: Hey… (song fades)... Hey, what’s this? Bobby Heenan, I know you ain’t out here to impart wisdom to these young people. So what are you out here for? 

Heenan: To answer your question, SIR, I AM out here to share some wisdom. Just not to these tiny ham-and-eggers, running around. (digs in his pockets) Here kids, I’ll give each of ya 20 bucks to get lost.

[Kids stay excited & line up for the money. He gives each of them a $20 bill & they each celebrate, climbing out of the ring & celebrating with each other at ringside. Heenan double-takes at Archie.]

Heenan (cont’d): What are YOU lookin’ at!? You’ve ripped off enough money from people already. Get lost, pal!

Gene (appalled): WHAT THE--

Heenan: Go ahead, BEAT IT! Why don’t ya go look after those little rugrats. I’m gonna get a shot in the arm, once I get to the dressing room - pretty sure one of the BIT ME when I handed them the cash.

[Archie exits the ring & rounds up the kids near the aisle. Graham’s snarling, pissed, and inches closer to Gene & Heenan.]

Gene: Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, this is utterly outrageous. Of all the moments to soil with insults. Have you no shame!?

Heenan: Shame, Baldy? No, I have no shame - nor SHOULD I! And just to make sure you were looking, ‘Superstar’, no sooner than you got done talking about inspiration & reaching high, all it took was dangling some cold, hard CASH, and those kids were no longer reaching up - they were reaching OUT. (Cackles. Crowd booing. Graham annoyed.) Tells you all you need to know about what’s REALLY king around here. 

[Crowd boos huge! Graham shakes his head.] 

Heenan (cont’d): But here’s why I’m here. I’m HERE to make you an offer you can’t refuse. And don’t be embarrassed to take it in front of all these humanoids. They’d do the same if it were them, but it never WILL be, so they live vicariously through guys like YOU. But in my estimation, the thing you’re missing is a mind to take you to the top. I don’t just mean the top of the ranks - you’ve BEEN the World’s Champion. I’m talkin’ about the top of the ranks in SOCIETY! HIGH SOCIETY! A man with your resume, your championship acumen, your influence, together with my business mind, my deal-making, my vision. Together, you’d be World Champion again in 90 days or less, I bet! And you’d be making money at a level that makes your last World Title run look like… (looks around, finds Archie)... well, HIM right there!

[Crowd boos. Archie’s insulted, kids are booing. Gene is appalled & Graham is more annoyed.]

Heenan (cont’d): You’re not fooling anybody with this good samaritan routine, Superstar. I know the mind of a former World Champion. It works differently from a man who’s never tasted it. You sign a contract with me & I’ll put you back on top of the world, looking down again on windbags like these. (Crowd booing) What do ya say!?

Superstar: Brotha, I think you done slipped & bumped your head. (Crowd explodes!) First of all, the Superstar has been blessed. I’ve kicked a lotta booty, won some top gold, and yes, been on the top of every VIP list you’re out here talkin’ about! I say that to say, I’m not livin’ in no igloo, brotha. (Crowd roars!) Superstar ain’t hurtin’ for no funds, so you ain’t about to lure me in with that! (Heenan grinning) If I were you, I’d be more concerned about how I’m gonna walk outta here, after insulting a good man, a great organization, and some great young people who actually STAND for something!

[Crowd going nuts! Heenan seems concerned! Gene seems eager.]

Superstar (cont’d): You come out here uninvited, you insult them, insult what they stand for, insult anything that moves & then have the audacity to come asking for my partnership? Offering your managerial SERVICES, BROTHA?! I got a mind to knock your feathery BLOCK off, insulting a special moment like this.

Crowd coming unglued! Heenan now unsure of what to do! Graham snarls & inches toward him! Heenan inches backward, subtly beggin off! Crowd going more nuts! Heenan, not knowing what else to do, throws caution to the wind & SLAPS GRAHAM! Crowd rabid in shock! Heenan looks like he sees his life flashing before him! Graham’s gritting his teeth & eyes going wild! 

Heenan tries to slip away & jumps out to the apron to escape, but Graham lunges & catches him! Heenan squirms his way over to the corner near a ring post, but Graham’s got him with 2 fists full of Heenan’s collar! Graham is shaking the life out of Bobby Heenan!! Place coming unglued!! Heenan tries dropping off the apron, but Graham’s got him firmly & Heenan’s feet are dangling!

.... HERE COMES KING KONG BUNDY HUSTLING TO THE RING, AS ARCHIE & THE KIDS SCATTER! Bundy quickly gets into the ring, as Gene dives out of the way!! Graham’s back is facing Bundy, as he’s still gripping the hanging Heenan!! Bundy charges & Avalanches Graham from behind in the corner! Graham’s body goes into shock, as his hold on Heenan breaks! Heenan lands outside & tries to recover.

Bundy angrily charges again & Avalanches the shell-shocked Graham a second time in the corner! Graham’s body goes limp, quaking against the corner! Heenan’s cheering outside the ring. Bundy angrily charges a 3rd time & SMASHES Graham again with another Avalanche! Bundy yanks Graham out of the corner, down to the mat! 

Bundy comes out of the corner & SPLASHES Graham to Hell! Graham’s convulsing! Heenan rolls in, stares at Bundy…... they laugh & hi-five! It was a setup all along! Crowd booing huge! Looks like Bundy is actually the acquisition here! 

Heenan happily faces the aisle & waves for something/someone to come on down… it’s the British Bulldogs sprinting down the aisle! They slide into the ring & happily each grab Graham from either end; 1 holding his legs, the other holding his arms, exposing his torso! Oh nooo! Bundy comes out of the corner again & drops a SECOND SPLASH! Graham’s convulsing in breathless agony! 

Heenan sees the glass plaque laying to the side & picks it up. He wedges it under Graham’s body & tells Bundy 1 more time! Bundy happily splashes Graham a 3rd time, no doubt smashing the plaque underneath Graham! Graham convulsing violently now! Bundy hi-fives Heenan again, and hugs both Bulldogs! Crowd in rabid outrage!

Crowd explodes as… a bunch of wrestlers sprint to the ring, Ken Patera & The Fantastics being the recognizable folks among them!! Heenan, Bulldogs & Bundy exit the ring, just as the cavalry arrives!! The caravan running-slides in & quickly crawls to cover Graham! Patera angrily reminds them to pull the plaque from underneath Graham. They do & the plaque is broken-up, as expected. Graham’s back is bleeding as well, but that’s the least of his problems!

In the aisle, Heenan, Bulldogs & his new tank of a signee watch in total glee! They leave up the aisle, arms around each other, as if it’s New Year’s Eve! Crowd is livid! Several officials run down with a portable stretcher & converge on the scene. Graham is in total agony & has trouble breathing. Medics are gingerly turning him sideways to lay the stretcher in place, to roll him back down on it. Patera looks pissed this all happened. Crowd is almost dead-silent. 

Medics get Graham onto the stretcher & slowly slide him out of the ring, carrying him up the aisle as the slew as Patera, Fanatics & others follow. Crowd giving a stunned applause of hope.   

WE close on the broken plaque still strewn in the ring.

[CUT] to WWF Update with “Caribbean Queen” by Billy Ocean as the audio. Into the newsroom-like studio with Lord Alfred Hayes.

He leads in with the shocking return of Afa & appearance of Sika last week, in a seeming merger of sorts with Haku & Tama, the Islanders, as they levied a vicious wolfpack-style attack on Tag Team Champions, the Von Erich’s. He takes us to the footage of the post-match revelation & ambush from last week. 

Once back from that footage, he takes us to exclusive footage from last Saturday night’s live event in NYC @ Madison Square Garden, where a Von Erich’s title defense against the Islanders led to another 4-on-2 attack, where the Champs recovered once the Samoans left ringside. Von Erich’s grabbed chairs & stormed to the back looking for revenge.

He says rumors have been flying as to what this merger of sorts is to be called. From people in the know, he’s hearing this new savage conglomerate is calling itself The Samoan Headhunters. Says they’ll know more soon.

He hypes us about what this could mean for the title reign of the 2 popular brothers from Texas, as these developments were absolutely shocking. He ponders what revenge will look like, when the Von Erich’s get their hands on this most imposing group, etc.

He switches gears to announcing, hot off the presses, that Big John Studd will make his long-awaited debut next week, right here on The Superstars of Wrestling. 

He hypes us to stay tuned for the on-location expedition report he is filing from earlier this week with Captain Lou Albano. Says the report will air in this hour!

The segment ends with a WWF logo graphic & instrumental of “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel as the audio.


Back from commercial, Darren Thomas & Tracey Johns are warming up in the ring as they’re introduced. Polish folk music kicks in & the place roars big! Putski & Arcidi emerge from the tunnel to the aisle & hi-five fans on the way down the aisle toward the ring. They climb into the ring, bicep-posing & saluting the welcoming crowd!

Match #1: Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi vs. Darren Thomas & Tacey Johns

Total domination with high-impact offense & frequent tagging by the 2 brothers in arms. At one point, Putski & Arcidi whip their opponents to the ropes & do a stereo military slams! The end comes when Arcidi gives a big running powerslam to Thomas. Johns hops in to try to save, but Putski intercepts & levels him with the Polish Hammer, as Arcidi gets the easy 1-2-3 on Thomas! The 2 powerhouses celebrate with the roaring fans. They give them a bit of posing on all sides of the ring, then exit to head up the aisle, hi-fiving the fans. 

Winners: Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi by Pinfall

[CUT] to Mean Gene is standing by in the Heenan dressing room. Heenan, Bulldogs, and Bundy are still cracking jokes & hi-fiving in the background as Gene tells us where he is. 

He approaches Heenan to confirm if this is what it appears to be. Heenan tells him it’s sad Gene has to ask if he’s really seeing success - obvious that Gene doesn’t know what success looks like. 

Heenan says yes, this is what it appears - King Kong Bundy is the newest member of the Heenan family; the family of champions. Says he suckered that hippie Graham into thinking Heenan wanted to do business with him, and then “BAM!” came reality! Says Valentine is celebrating in spirit, as he’s in another big city prepping for a big title defense.

Bundy says he’s never been more happy to join a group. Says he’s going straight to the top with these guys & today was proof of just how hungry he is. Says his trip to the top will create an avalanche for everybody down below, etc. Bulldogs happily start chanting “Bundy, Bundy!” & Heenan joins in. 

Gene ends the segment as the Heenan clan continues yucking it up.


[SEEN IN BOSTON MARKET ONLY] - Back from commercial, it’s the market-specific ‘WWF Event Center’ with Mean Gene standing by with the WWF logo on the wall behind him.

Gene hypes the Boston Metro & New England area that TONIGHT’S the big night that WWF action returns to Bean Town at the Boston Garden with an 8 PM bell time. Very few tix remain.

He quickly runs down most of this 9-match card, including Bruno defending the WWF Heavyweight Title vs. I-C Champ Greg Valentine in the big main event, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik in a much-awaited showdown to not be missed, Tito Santana vs. David Schultz, Kerry Von Erich vs. Davey Boy Smith, Kevin Von Erich vs. Dynamite Kid, Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi vs. Red Scare, etc.

Iron Sheik boasts his way into frame, dressed in shirt, slacks & his headdress. Says tonight, he comes to Boston, a big place of “Ame-di-kan history”, to make Sgt. Slaughter the “Ame-di-kan chump!” 

Says people of Boston know the Iron Sheik is superior & will throw Slaughter into Boston Harbor like all that tea when he’s done. Says Slaughter will be humbled in front of all his people & they’ll know that “EE-DAN, NUMVA WUN! U.S.A., UGHHH” & spits off to the side. 

Gene is fired up & Sheik hangs around, talking in Farsi dialect & posing, as Gene closes out the segment. 

WE see the in-space graphic with the event details with “The Heat Is On” by Glen Frey as the audio backdrop.

[CUT] back into the arena. Joey Matthews warms up in the ring as he’s announced. Suddenly, a chorus of boos & mixed curiosity brews up in the place, as Mr. Fuji, in top hat & long-tail tux, leads Masa Saito out of the tunnel to the aisle & to the ring. Both get into the ring & Saito solemnly removes his samurai top. He & Fuji do a bow to each other, before Saito calmly sizes up his opponent.  

Match #2: Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) vs. Joey Matthews

Saoti dismantles Matthews in vicious fashion; double-chops that send Matthews flying for a loop off an Irish whip, decapitating uppercuts, knee & foot strikes, etc. Fuji loves every minute, outside. The end comes with Saito slaps on a Bonsai Throat Claw, squirming Matthews backward up the turnbuckles… Saito chokeslams him off the 2nd turnbuckle to the mat with the authority, keeping the Claw cinched in as Matthews’ body goes limp for the 1-2-3.

Fuji happily rejoins Saito in the ring. Saito does a wide-stance samurai pose over the Matthews corpse, before finally leaving with Fuji.

Winner: Masa Saito by Pinfall

[CUT] to a special 30-second hype ad for WWF merchandise to order by phone.


[SEEN IN BOSTON AREA ONLY -- During the commercial break, a 30-second ad bumper featuring a moving-through-space graphic with Mean Gene’s voice hyping the big house show tonight, August 15th, at Boston Garden. Written graphics of the match-ups show as Gene hypes the card.]

Back from commercial, WE see a team of medics prepping to load a groggy, pained ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham into the back of an ambulance in the arena employee back parking lot. Surrounding them are Ken Patera, Putski & Arcidi, Fantastics, and SD Jones, all wishing him well. He weekly daps Patera & Putski, before the medics gingerly lift the gurney into the ambulance. The fellow wrestlers applaud him as a show of solidarity & encouragement, and he weakly raises a fist in a show of thanks. The medics close the doors & eventually drive the ambulance away. 

[CUT] back into the arena...

Fred Blassie is standing on the plush Penthouse suite interview set with soft jazz playing in the background. Virgil, this time whose arms-cut-out shiny tuxedo-like getup is tinted blue, stands stoically behind the sofa again with arms folded.

Blassie: Welcome to another edition of The Penthouse, ‘The Page 6 of Sports’, starring Yours Truly, ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie. (Crowd booing) This is a very special week because my guest... is about to cross enemy lines. He’s about to potentially show the world just how brave & stupid he is, by coming into enemy territory. I am moving forward with this because it’s all about the headlines, here in The Penthouse. However, based on measures I’ve already taken, it’s up to my guest to decide what KIND of headlines he’ll make. Will it be for civility, or will it be at his own expense? (Crowd booing) Welcome my guest.... SERGEANT… SLAUGHTER!!

[Crowd EXPLODES!! “Born In the USA” by Springsteen hits & Slaughter, in campaign hat & shades with his baton under his arm, slowly makes his way onto the Penthouse set to a rousing ovation! Virgil steps into his path & Slaughter nods, chuckling & jawing at him. Major tension as they remain chest-to-chest! Song fades.]

Blassie (over Virgil’s shoulder, at Slaughter): You call this America, eh Slaughter? The land of the free? A place you can step wherever ya want? So how come it seems you CAN’T step wherever ya want! (Cackles)

[Crowd booing. Slaughter never breaks mutual glares with Virgil.]

Blassie (cont’d): Lemme guess, you’re wearing shades to cover up black eyes? (Slaughter chuckles) Wearing that campaign hat to cover up the scars from the blood that the Sheik & Red Scare made run down your face like a river a couple weeks ago!? Ya bled like a PIG! 

[Crowd booing huge! Slaughter tilts his head as if “Oh really?”. Virgil’s smugly grinning at Slaughter.]

Blassie (cont’d): Well at least you showed up. It’s the least you could do, to keep all these pencil neck geeks around this country from losing blind faith in you! So here’s what I wanna ask you. What exa---

[Slaughter reaches past Virgil & snatches the mic from Blassie! Crowd going nuts! Virgil is tempted to pounce & Slaughter seems all too willing!]

Slaughter: You’ve run your mouth long enough, Liberace! (Crowd EXPLODES! Blassie’s beside himself!] You might be the owner of this swanky joint, but I’LL ASK THE QUESTIONS AROUND HERE, THIS WEEK! And I got no problem talking past this new goon of yours in a shiny suit!

[Virgil snarls, still almost chest-to-chest with Slaughter. Crowd rocking!]

Slaughter (cont’d): Question #1, true or false - The Iron Sheik didn’t have the GUTS to be here this week & felt more comfortable leaving his rich bootlicker to hide behind his butler & flap his gums to me! (Crowd roaring! Blassie emphatically yelling “FALSE” at the crowd.] The answer is TRUE! (Crowd roars!) Question #2, true or false - Your Iranian MAGGOT & your Russian PUKES are somewhere packing up & ready to hightail it back to where they came from, now that they know the ole playbook of sneak-attacks won’t work! (Crowd roaring, yelling “TRUE!” while Blassie yells “FALSE!” at the crowd.] The answer is TRUE! 

[Crowd roaring. Blassie hates the noise as he tries to close off his ears.]

Slaughter (cont’d): Next question! Yes or no - (removes his shades & pulls up his hat for a second) Does THAT look like I’m all bruised up!? Look like I got anything to hide? You BUMS couldn’t put me out if I GAVE YOU A HEADSTART & STEPPED OUT, HALFWAY! 

[Crowd exploding! Blassie miffed! Slaughter puts the shades back on & fixes the hat.] 

Slaughter (cont’d): Know this, Blassie, I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you think I might need to look over my shoulder right about now, because of who YOU might have waiting in the wings, if I were you, I’d be MORE worried about just who I might have waiting in the wings... FIRST! 

[Blassie’s eyes rush to either side of him, then above & below. Crowd roaring huge! Virgil looking around.]

Slaughter (cont’d): So here’s how it’s gonna be. That MAGGOT with the pointy boots has run roughshod around here & gotten away with it, 100 too many times. That’s 1 thing. The moment he desecrated the stars & stripes, he just wrote his retirement letter. Cuz I’m not just gonna make him pay for it TENFOLD, I’m gonna FORCE-FEED HIM HIS OWN DAMN FLAG & send him on the first thing smokin’, back to Persia! 

[Crowd loving it! Blasie shaking his head in denial.] 

Slaughter (cont’d): How am I gonna do it, you ask? I just signed my name on a contract for what I call a BOOT… CAMP… MATCH! (Crowd roars) Anything goes! Rulebook’s out the window! Weapons!? BRING ‘EM! IT’S ALL... LEGAL! (Crowd going wild! Blassie stunned) You go & find that coward, sign on the dotted line & we’ll do this Bootcamp Match ANYWHERE in the country! Heck, I’ll even go TO Iran & have it in the middle of the desert! One way or another, I’m putting him down & I’m putting him OUT!

[Crowd roaring bigger & bigger! Blassie big-gulps in concern.]

Slaughter (cont’d): And then, once I’m done with Sheik, my good ole boys, them Scufflin’ Hillbillies, are gonna show your 2 Soviet PUNKS what a RED, WHITE & BLUE SCARE looks like! (Crowd roaring huge!!! Blassie seething!) You’re not so tough when there’s no one to ambush. And you (to Virgil, who’s still right in front of him)... I sure hope he gave you a pension, sonny boy. Cuz pretty soon, you ain’t gonna have anybody TO PROTECT! 

[Crowd going wild, Virgil fuming!] 

Slaughter (cont’d): Blassie, this is what war looks like. This is what a war YOU CAN’T WIN looks like. You & your bunch are no longer gonna have the option of “America, love it or leave it”. When I’m done, maybe I’LL buy the lease to this joint & get some renovations done to it. Maybe I’ll add some camo all over, some spring water from the Rockies, some good ole hot dogs & American beer, and Old Glory flying high right in the middle!

[Crowd going nuts! Blassie hates the sound of it!] 

Slaughter (cont’d): It’s time for your meal ticket to go to BOOT CAMP for his war crimes! And I’M gonna be the judge & executioner. You’ve arrived at the land of consequences. ATTEN... HUTTTT! (Crowd going nuts!) At ease, maggots! 

[“Born In the USA” hits again & the place goes crazy!! Slaughter backs away, soldierly, salutes the fuming Blassie & Virgil, about-faces & walks offset as casually as he walked on! Blassie paces, too mad to contain himself. He can’t stand the sound of that music & snatches up the mic.]


[Song keeps playing as the crowd chants “USA” with tons of mini flags flying all over the building! Blassie tosses the mic & storms offset with Virgil in toe.] 

[CUT] to a still shot of the Fantastics parading to a ring, with the caption reading “In-Ring Action Gets Fantastic… NEXT!” & the audio of “Let’s Hear It For the Boy” by Deniece Williams.


Back from commercial, Terry Johnson & Howel Ray warm up in the ring as they’re introduced. “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top kicks in, and the place erupts in cheers - this time with a louder female tinge. Rogers & Fulton, a bit more serious than usual, make their way out of the tunnel to a huge welcome as they hi-five the flailing arms in the aisle on the way to the ring. The hop on the apron & catapult themselves into the ring, removing their shiny ring attire, still much more all-business this week. Likely thinking about the health & welfare of friend Billy Graham.

Match #3: The Fantastics vs. Terry Johnson & Howel Ray

This team is pure focus here, taking no time to ham it up with the fans in between high-flying moves. Johnson & Ray are completely outclassed, being overwhelmed with dropkicks, armdrags, hiptosses, quick tags, legal double teams, etc.

The end comes when Fulton tags in Rogers & they hit a stereo backdrop on Ray. Rogers quickly climbs up to the top rope & Fulton hurls him off for the Rocket Launcher down across Ray for the 1-2-3! “Sharp Dressed Man” hits again as the place celebrates. Fulton & Rogers hi-five, acknowledge the adoring fans this time but with less guile than usual. They finally exit the ring & head up the aisle.

Winners: The Fantastics by Pinfall

[CUT] to a thick, Amazon-like forest. WE see a pack of bears feeding down below in an open field. 

WE see Lou Albano, in full camouflage & face covered in war paint, discretely rise from a nearby brush of bushes like a wack-a-mole, binoculars glued to his face like he’s on the hunt. He then slowly goes back down, out of sight.

Lord Alfred Hayes, in khaki safari gear & facial war paint, discretely rises from an adjacent bush, also like a wack-a-mole, binoculars glued to his face. He then slowly lowers back into the bush.

Alfred whispers into his own tiny camcorder, used to file this exercise, saying “We’re here in the thick brushes of the Northern Hardwoods of Michigan. Captain Lou Albano has it on good authority that a very SPECIAL specimen, not seen in quite some time, is here in these very woods.” 

Albano shushes him & says he’ll startle the natives. He notices human footsteps & gets quietly excited, leading Alfred to follow the trail with him. They follow it all over the forest. It proves fruitless, as the footsteps just stop, deep into the woods. 

Albano gets a whiff of a familiar scent & gets excited again. He hustles off & Alfred follows. Albano hatches a plan, telling Alfred to search 1 way & he’ll take the other. They studiously go their own ways, focused on clues in the soil. 

Moments later, they end up accidentally knocking heads & they collide - they had gone in a fruitless circle around the forest. Nearby feeding deer watch these two fail miserably. The deer are unimpressed. Albano is dejected. 

Just before they call it a day, Albano hears a familiar barbaric “YEAHHH!” bellow from off in the distance. Albano is elated & implores Alfred follow the sound with him. Alfred is exhausted, but follows.

They arrive at a cave. Albano tells Alfred to hang tight here, while he goes into the cave. Alfred is worried for Lou's safety, but Lou assures him he’s got it under control & he has a hunch this is the spot that the “great specimen” is just inside this cave. “My animal instincts, Alfred!” Lou waddles into the cave, and suddenly there’s roaring & heavy rustling. Alfred is petrified for Albano’s welfare. 

Albano re-emerges from the cave, saying “Alfred, feast your eyes. BEHOLD! THE ANIMAL RETURNS!”. Alfred’s eyes turn to saucers as…… George ‘The Animal’ Steele, shirtless, barefoot, in three-quarter length ragged leggings, and holding 2 pine cones bushes, emerges from the cave with green tongue hyperactive. Alfred’s shocked & eager, grabbing a recorder to speak “Specimen located” into it.

Steele yells a Tarzan-like call of the wild, as Albano rubs his head like a pet. Steele rests his head on Albano’s shoulders, then over-aggressively offers the pine cones to Alfred, who’s too intimidated to accept. Albano tries to corral The Animal. 

Screen fades to black.


[SEEN IN BOSTON MARKET ONLY] - Back from commercial, it’s back to the market-specific ‘WWF Event Center’ with Mean Gene standing by with the WWF logo on the wall behind him.

Gene re-hypes the Greater Boston area that TONIGHT’S the big night for WWF action returning to the Boston Garden with an 8 PM bell time. 

He quickly re-runs down most of this 9-match card, including Bruno defending the WWF Heavyweight Title vs. I-C Champ Greg Valentine in the big main event, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik in a much-awaited showdown to not be missed, Tito Santana vs. David Schultz, Kerry Von Erich vs. Davey Boy Smith, Kevin Von Erich vs. Dynamite Kid, Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi vs. Red Scare, etc.

Tito Santana, in street clothes & stylish tan-tinted sunglasses, comes into frame to join Gene. He’s excited to be back in Boston, 1 of the great sports towns in all the US & 1 of the best wrestling towns in the entire world. 

Says he can’t wait to get to the Garden to stuff a sock in that lowlife ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz’s mouth, and then knock him around all over Boston until he’s had enough. Said he’s not gonna give Schultz the same chance he gives his opponents lately, to walk away. Schultz has done enough in a month’s time to not get to walk away from anything. 

Says Bruno is his good friend & Schultz has shown what a coward he is to the Champ, but Bruno will happily enjoy him kicking Schultz’s tail all over Bean Town tonight. Says Bruno might even get a little piece himself tonight, once he’s done with Valentine! “Ya never know in Boston, baby! ARRIBA!”

Gene is pumped up & ends the segment with his hard sell.

WE see the in-space graphic with the event details. “More Than a Feeling” by Boston is the audio backdrop.

[CUT] back into the arena, as Greg Hough warms up in the ring. “I Love America” by Alice Cooper hits & the place erupts! Ken Patera enters from the tunnel to the aisle, nodding to the crowd as they give him a huge ovation! He gets to ringside & climbs into the ring, showing little to no limp anymore, despite still wearing the knee brace. He nods to the crowd on all sides.

Match #4: Ken Patera vs. Greg Hough

Patera makes a crash test dummy out of Hough with tilt-a-whirl slam, German & gut-wrench suplexes, running spinebuster, etc. He gives the arm-cranking gesture to the fans, signifying the Full Nelson finisher coming up! Crowd is ready!

Patera yanks Hough up, slaps on the Full Nelson & tornados around as Hough’s legs fly! Patera lets go & Hough crashes to the canvas like frisby! Patera covers leisurely for the 1-2-3! “I Love America” hits again & Patera is worked up, celebrating the dominant win with the roaring crowd!

He finally exits the ring, hi-fiving fans on his way up the aisle.

Winner: Ken Patera by Pinfall


Back from commercial, Gorilla & Blassie stand at the broadcast podium.

Gorilla: To call this a noteworthy hour would be the understatement of the year, folks, as we wrap up another hot & heavy WEEK! And Blass, the look on YOUR face says you’re not too sad to see it end!

Blassie: Don’t you go readin’ my face, Monsoon. My poker face is second to none!

Gorilla: HUH! Ya coulda fooled me! So, how soon are we gonna get that Jon Hancock on the dotted line from your guy, the Sheik, to make that Bootcamp Match official, somewhere across the country!?

Blassie: You let ME handle business dealings! Slaughter doesn’t dictate to us, we dictate to him! He’ll be hearing from us soon, one way or the other, I can promise ya that!

Gorilla: I don’t think this guy to my right, or his clients, have too many places left to hide at this point, folks. (Blassie annoyed) Won’t you join us next week for another action-packed hour of The Superstars of Wrestling!? We’ll be witnessing the long-anticipated debut of the MOUNTAIN of a human being, Big John Studd right here! Also in action, the duo of Afa & Sika, the 2 Samoan beasts who showed up on the scene last week & helped take out the Tag Team Champs, the Von Erich’s, by savage committee. Afa & Sika will be seeing tag team competition, here next week! Also joining us, 3 of Blassie’s favorites, Sgt. Slaughter & his good friends/allies the Scufflin’ Hillbillies will BE HERE in 6-Man tag team action! (Blassie’s annoyed) Former multiple champ, the great Pedro Morales joins us in 1-on-1 action. Not to mention - are ya ready for this? - former WWF Heavyweight Champ BOB BACKLUND, HERE NEXT WEEK IN ACTION!

Blassie (grins): Now THAT’S some action ya don’t wanna miss, Monsoon! Take notes! Your savior & mine will take to the squared circle next week.

Gorilla (scoffs): Savior…… Anyway folks, we’ll be sure to have an update on the medical condition of the Superstar, after that DESPICABLE Pearl Harbor job orchestrated by The Brain & his new acquisition Bundy, and at a moment like that, no less!? There’s gonna be some comeuppance, some kinda way!

Blassie (grinning): And who’s gonna dish it out, Monsoon? YOU!? (Cackles)

Gorilla: Also next week, in The Penthou---

Blassie: The Penthouse, ladies & gentlemen, will be visited by the honorable Mr. Fuji & his machine of destruction making waves everywhere, Masa Saito! Two guests I cannot wait to open the doors of the Penthouse to! The Page 6 of Sports will have an international flavor next week!  

Gorilla: Admittedly, can hardly WAIT! All that & LOTS MORE next week on The Superstars of Wrestling - of that, we can be sure. In the meantime, thanks for joining us. And until next week, for The Classy One, this is the Gorilla saying SO LONG EVERYBODY!

[FADE TO] still clips of this week’s highlights as “Some Like It Hot” plays at full volume.


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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 8/15


(Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


Red Scare defeated Jim Harley & Paul Garvin with Zhukov’s clothesline from the middle rope.

Pedro Morales defeated Barry Horowitz with the spearing headbutt.

[Victory Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Guest Paul Orndorff. Says he’s here to make an impact like no other -  30 years from now, they’ll still be talking about Mr. Wonderful turning the wrestling world on its ear in the WWF, etc. Jimmy Hart comes out & tries to woo him into signing with him. Orndorff lures him into thinking he's about to say yes, but then says he’ll take it under advisement & departs. Hart is left thinking this is about to be a done deal.]

David Schultz defeated Ricardo Valdez with the piledriver. 

Cousin Luke (w/Hillbilly Jim) defeated Sergio Macron with a legdrop.

[The full Heenan Family, including new free-agent signing King Kong Bundy, are advertised as Lord Alfred Hayes’ guests on next week’s Victory Circle. Tito Santana vs. Nikolai Volkoff announced as next week’s main event.]

Ken Patera defeated Giant Haystacks by count-out. Haystacks is the ultimate immovable object, rag-dolling Patera, using his immense size & unspeakable power. Patera was a gallant David to Haystacks’ Goliath, using his speed & agility advantage to attack with flying clotheslines & axe-handles from the middle ropes, etc., before having his momentum squashed by Haystacks time & again! 

Haystacks misses his back-Avalanche. Patera bites the bullet & tries a slam!... but Haystacks thwarts it! Place was ready to come unglued. Patera improvises, hopping on the 2nd turnbuckle & hooks the Full Nelson! Haystacks eventually flips him off, down to the canvas!

Andre the Giant comes down to the ring with a smile! He gets on the apron, distracting Haystacks & lures him to come face him in the aisle! They’re now chest-to-chest & Andre’s still all smiles, as the ref eventually counts to 10! Haystacks realizes he’s been had, but makes it back to ringside too late! Patera lunges beneath the middle rope & double mule-kicks Haystacks, staggering the big man down to a knee!

Patera celebrates his win & hi-fives Andre in the aisle on his way to the back. Haystacks begins throwing a fit at ringside, knocking ringside attendants out of chairs, etc. Andre comes up behind & ROCKS him with roundhouses & chops, then runs him face-first to the post! Haystacks drops to both knees against the ring, sending the place into a frenzy! Haystacks is trying to shake the cobwebs free, as Andre walks away satisfied, closing the show. 

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Very compelling start to Superstars this week.  Heenan coming to sign Superstar... the smack heard round the world and the KKB and the Bulldogs doing on number on Graham,  Great way to get a feud started!

Enjoyed the market-only hyping of the big show in Beantown!  That looks like a monster event.

Very exciting Penthouse this week.  I love it when the guest takes control of the show!  Sarge means business!

WWF comedy at is best... Cpt. Lou on the hunt for "the Animal."  I hated it when the WWF did this back in the day as it made me realize just how fake wrestling was.  I think that is why Southern Wrestling was my favorite as they tried to convince adults that a war was on while the WWF realized if you hook the kids, the money will follow and it didn't matter how phony you made it.  Anyway... I love the comedy sign now and you did a nice job with it.  

On to All-Stars

WOW... Haystacks tossing around Patera here.... he quickly moved up the ladder here even if Patera survived with a DQ win.

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Very unique way to kick off Superstars. What a great segment. Graham is the man of the hour until Heenan shows up. Heenan cracked me up. Ultimate way to introduce the Family's newest member King Kong Bundy! This gets Bundy over big time. Man, Graham took a brutal beating and even does the stretcher job! 

The powerhouse team of Putski and Arcidi get a nice squash. Good job putting these two together. Perfect fit. 

Fuji's man Saito continues to look devastating. If Bruno gets past Schultz, I'm hoping for a Bruno/Saito title loop down the road. 

Slaughter takes control of the Penthouse. A series of Slaughter/Sheik boot camp matches will bring in big money.  

The tag team division is so stacked! Fantastics continue to shine. 

LOL! I totally remember segments like this back in the day. Albano finds George the Animal Steele! Things are going to get crazy. 

Patera looks good as he sets out to regain the IC title.

Oh btw, the commentators add so much to the shows. Gorilla, Gene, Blassie and Alfred are real pros. 


On to All-Star,

Because my roster is so big, I've thought about adding a B show. It's a great way to keep all the guys in the spotlight.

I like the special things All-Star brings, like the Victory Circle and a top notch weekly main event. 

I hope this is the beginning of an angle where all the managers are going to try and obtain the services of Mr. Wonderful. 

Andre pays Haystacks back as Patera gets the co win. Andre follows by giving Haystacks a beating. Haystacks might be thinking twice about going after Andre. 





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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 8/15 | Boston, MA @ Boston Garden (16,253)

(Televised on the NESN Network. Gorilla Monsoon & Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary.)

The Fantastics defeated Barry Horowitz & Steve Lombardi @ 6:26 with the Rocket Launcher.

Ken Patera & King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan) fought to a No Contest @ 8:44, when the ref got Avalanched accidentally.

David Schultz defeated Tito Santana @ 11:11, when Schultz reversed a victory roll for the 1-2-3.

Kerry Von Erich defeated Davey Boy Smith (w/Bobby Heenan) by DQ @ 10:49. Kerry hit Davey with the Discus Punch & covered, Heenan lept from the top to save the count, but Kerry moved in time & Heenan crash-landed onto Davey. Kerry pummeled Heenan & tossed him over the top, sending them packing.  

Sgt. Slaughter & The Iron Sheik fought to a double count-out @ 4:22. All-out brawl inside & outside of the ring. They brawled to the back.


Giant Haystacks defeated Salvatore Bellomo @ 4:31 with the back-Avalanche.

Dynamite Kid (w/Bobby Heenan) & Kevin Von Erich fought to a time-limit draw @ 15:00 in a hot match.

Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi defeated Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) by DQ @ 7:54, when Nikolai clotheslined Putski with the Russian flag to break the opposition's momentum. Putski & Arcidi eventually fought them off.

[Ring Announcer Frank Chrzanowski announces Saturday 9/19 @ 8 PM as next month’s return date. Matches just signed include: Paul Orndorff’s Boston debut vs. Pedro Morales, Greg Valentine defends the I-C Title vs. Ken Patera, Von Erich’s defend the Tag Titles vs. 2 Samoan Headhunters, and main event of Iron Sheik vs. Sgt. Slaughter in a Bootcamp Match! More matches to be announced in the coming weeks on local feeds of The Superstars of Wrestling & All Star Wrestling.]

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) @ 12:44, when Bruno reversed a Valentine Figure-Four attempt into a small package for the 3-count. David Schultz comes down afterwards & Bruno goads him to fight. Quick, fiery, seesaw brawl! Bruno levels him a few times & Schultz escapes. Several wrestlers & officials arrive to hold Bruno back, sending the rabid crowd home happy.

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The fans in Boston got their money's worth here.  

Schultz continues his pursuit of Bruno as, in my opinion,  he steals the show with a relatively quick win over Tito and then goes toe to toe with the champ!

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You can always count on the Fantastics to get the fans going. 

Oh man that poor Ref! I hope he got a bonus to take the Avalanche.

Big win for Schultz! Defeating Tito solidifies that he's ready for Bruno. 

Nice job splitting up the Von Erich's and Bulldogs for single matches. I remember the WWF doing this quite a bit in the 80s. I know that Kevin/Dynamite match tore the house down. 

I've said it before but I really like the Putski/Arcidi team. A true 80's Vince type of muscle team. 

The Slaughter/Sheik feud rages on! They've only just begun. 

Bruno gets a big win over IC champ Valentine. Love that furious exchange between Bruno and Schultz! Man I cant wait for their match!!!



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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 8/16 | Springfield, MA @ Civic Center (8,318; Sell-out)

Mr. Fuji defeated Dusty Wolfe with a Kamikaze Lariat.

The Fantastics defeated Red Scare (no Blassie) by DQ, when the Fantastics hit Nikolai with the Rocket Launcher & Boris stomped the ref to break up the 3-count.

Ken Patera submitted a debuting Al Snow with the airplane full nelson.

I-C Champ Greg Valentine (no Heenan) & Tito Santana fought to a double count-out, when neither could get up from a double-clothesline at ringside to beat the 10-count.

Afa & Sika defeated SD Jones & Salvatore Bellomo with a splash from the top by Sika on Jones.

The Iron Sheik (No Blassie) defeated Pedro Morales with a small package reversal.

Bob Backlund defeated Ivan Putski with a bridging rollup.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erichs defeated the British Bulldogs (no Heenan) in a Tornado Match, when Afa came down & accidentally crescent-kicked Dynamite after Kevin dove out of the way. Kerry got the 1-2-3.

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