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Awesome Superstars....

Great opening segment for Dr. D.  I would love to see him go over Bruno but the WWF seemed to go with stop gap heel champs and I think Schultz might be better then that so we will see if he gets a shot.

Studd is beginning his rise to the top... Could Andre be in his sights>

Blassie and the Penthouse was awesome.

Valentine/Patera is a great match out and looking forward to our next installment of this feud.  

Moonson/Blassie have great back and forths and makes it a fun read!

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 9/11 | East Rutherford, NJ @ Meadowlands Arena (17,259)

Rocky King defeated Steve Lombardi with a high cross-body.

George ‘The Animal’ Steele (w/Lou Albano) submitted Barry Horowitz with Armbar to the Heavens.

Al Snow defeated SD Jones with a rollup reversal.

I-C Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Ivan Putski with a pinning attempt using his feet on the ropes for leverage.

David Schultz defeats Sgt. Slaughter by count-out. Action spills to the outside. Schultz suplexes Slaughter on the floor & rolls inside. Iron Sheik sneaks down as Slaughter is pulling himself up & clotheslines him from behind into the post, knocking him cold. Sheik sneaks to the back. Ref never saw a thing & counts to 10.


Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Ted Arcidi with the Bonsai Throat Claw.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) by DQ, when Zhukov used a Title belt on Kevin. Von Erich’s eventually fought them off & sent them packing.

Pedro Morales defeated Haku with the spearing headbutt to the gut.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated The Iron Sheik by count-out. Huge main event heat with high drama. Action spills to the outside & Sheik gains the advantage. Bruno backdrops out of a piledriver attempt & beats the 10-count. Slaughter runs down & pounces on Sheik outside the ring. David Schultz runs down to pounce on Bruno, but Bruno’s ready & rocks him toe-to-toe. Slaughter houses Sheik to the back, while Bruno pinballs Schultz & sends him packing. Bruno stands tall to send the rabid crowd home happy.

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 9/12


(Binghamton, NY @ Broome County Arena. Gorilla Monsoon & Fred Blassie on commentary.)


[OPEN] to the customary dramatic WWF logo-in-space opener, with colored galactic lasers galvanizing the logo to its dazzling golden hue, as the echoing voice bellows “The World Wrestling Federation. The revolutionary force in sports-entertainment”.

[OPEN] to the opening credit package set to audio of “Some Like It Hot” by Power Station.

[FILTER IN] to the packed midsized arena. Gorilla Monsoon & ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie are on the podium across the way from the ring. Lively crowd going nuts!

Gorilla: “Fireworks in Autumn” is how one could describe the goings-on here in the World Wrestling Federation! Never more true than, perhaps, this week as The Superstars of Wrestling explodes to the airwaves! This is The Gorilla, alongside The Classy One, “Classy” Freddie Blassie! And Blass, what.. a WEEK… of explosives on tap!

Blassie: You better be ready, Monsoon! You can feel it in the air.

Gorilla: Indeed I can! Get ready, folks, for 1-on-1 action with the reigning World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion, ‘Wrestling’s Living Legend’ himself, Bruno Sammartino!

Blassie: Again I say… SHOWOFF! He better have eyes in the back of his head after that stunt he pulled that last week!

Gorilla: If there’s anyone who can handle themselves, I assure you it’s the Champ! Also in the huge main event, former WWF Champion Bob Backlund squares off with former Intercontinental Champion, the incomparable Ken Patera! Also in 1-on-1 action this week, the 1 & only George ‘The Animal’ Steele with the great Captain Lou in his corner! And then, batten down the hatches! The 468-pound monster, new Heenan Family member King Kong Bundy is gonna step into the squared circle as well!

[“Well Dressed Man” by ZZ Top hits & the place goes NUTS!]

Gorilla (cont’d): HUH! Speaking of fireworks! Let’s head to the ring!

[Place already going crazy, as Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton head out of the tunnel to the aisle in happy moods! Decked in their sequined bowties & tuxedo ring jackets, they wade through their adoring fans, headed to ringside! They continue hi-fiving & hugging the blissed women around ringside, before finally hopping up on the apron, gyrating a bit & working the crowd into even more of a frenzy!! Sonny Dougherty & Andy McFail are intro’d.]

Match #1: The Fantastics vs. Andy McFail & Sonny Dougherty

The Fantastics can do no wrong in the ring right now! Crisp tagging in & out, great teamwork with double dropkicks, stereo backdrop on both opponents, double flying head-scissors, and crisp individual offense by both men.

End comes with all 4 men in the ring. Fantastics toss McFail over the top & stereo suplex Doughterty to the mat. Rogers, the legal man, climbs to the top as Fulton gets in position… Rocket Launcher down onto Dougherty for the 1-2-3!! Place coming unglued as the “Well Dressed Man” hits again. Fantastics celebrate with the fans on all sides!

They finally exit & head up the aisle to a hero’s sendoff.

Winners: The Fantastics by Pinfall

[CUT] to WWF Update with “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds as the audio. Into the newsroom-like studio WE go, with Lord Alfred Hayes.

He leads in with the explosive ordeal last week with Bruno ambushing David Schultz, after Rocky King’s surprise return & challenge to Schultz. Alfred rolls the footage, then he hypes how personal things have gotten & ponders what the culmination will be like, etc.

He switches gears to the latest destructive run-in of the giants last week; Haystacks attacking Andre last week on The Penthouse. He hypes that a match has officially been signed between the 2, set to take place “somewhere in North America very, very soon”.

He then switches to the collision the Von Erich’s had last week with the Samoan Headhunter Collective. He runs the footage of Kerry cleaning house with the chairshots to the skulls & each of them rising from the ashes moments later like phoenixes, etc. 

WE get special pre-recorded comments from Kerry & Kevin: Kevin is wound-up & ready to face any or all 4 Samoans, he says. Kerry says they made it obvious what they wanted weeks ago & if last week is any indication, they’re happy to come TO the jungle to fight them - and they’ll bring these (re: Title belts).

Alfred ends the segment, as WE see the WWF logo graphic & instrumental of “We Don’t Need Another Hero” by Tina Turner as the audio.


Back from commercial, Mean Gene stands by in the locker room with Bob Backlund, who’s in his gear with a thick towel around his neck & both hands on his hips in an overly statuesque stance. Gene asks about his match later on against Patera.

The question clearly falls flat for Backlund, as it causes him to look over to Gene, eyeing him up & down.

Backlund (hint of disdain): Your inquisition is grossly inadequate for your chosen profession. Until further assessment, depart from my quarters, at once.

Gene: Wha--... But I’ve got important ques---

Backlund: At once!

[Gene, flabbergasted, shuffles off. Backlund remains in his chest-out, hands-on-hips pose as he stares off into the distance, as if posing for a portrait.]

[CUT] back into the arena. Luke Winchester warms up in the ring, as he’s intro’d. Crowd erupts in HUGE BOOS & rises to their feet, as a serious Bobby Heenan leads a brudish King Kong Bundy out to the aisle. They get to ringside, slowly up the steps & into the ring, as boos thunder now! Bundy argues with some of the fans around the building. Heenan snatches the mic from Finkel.

Heenan: And yes, you heard it right, through the grapevine! There IS an ongoing investigation I have officially opened, to track down the THUGGISH ASSAILANTS who cowardly attacked the British Bulldogs in their dressing room! We have our suspicions already. But the longer the investigation takes, the more pain & destruction this man, King Kong Bundy, will inflict on opponent after opponent, until the cowardly assailants are brought to justice. 

[Crowd booing huge! Bundy eagerly rubbing his hands together, scowling & nodding at Winchester.] 

Heenan (cont’d, looks at Winchester): Which means it’s about to be CURTAINS for YOU, PAL! In less than 3 minutes, you’re gonna be eating steak through a straw. In your SHOULDER! 

[Heenan gives the mic back to Fink, who exits the ring. Heenan gives last instructions to Bundy, whose eyes are locked on Winchester across the ring.]

Match #2: King Kong Bundy vs. Luke Winchester 

Bell rings & Bundy charges Winchester… but Winchester keeps dodging like a bullfighter. Winchester hits the ropes & comes off a few times with forearm shots that don’t even phase Bundy. Bundy dares him to keep trying… so he does! No effect. He tries 1 last time & Bundy catches him in a scoop & drills him straight down with a crushing powerslam! 

Bundy drags him like a rag doll to the corner & stands him up - Winchester’s already toast. Bundy backs up, jawing to the crowd, then charges… Avalanche! Winchester visibly looks flatter! Heenan urges Bundy to give him 1 more! Bundy happily charges again for a SECOND Avalanche! Winchester timbers face-first to the canvas. Bundy comes off the ropes & PLANTS the big splash across the back of Winchester. Flips him over for the 1-2-3… Bundy implores “FIVE!” from the ref, who academically counts the 4-5.

Heenan happily rejoins Bundy in the ring, happily showing him off to the booing crowd. Bundy’s arms are raised, praising himself, before they finally exit the ring to head toward the back to a monster villain sendoff.

Winner: King Kong Bundy by Pinfall

[CUT] to a special 30-second hype ad for WWF WrestleMania coming soon to VHS & Beta, courtesy of Coliseum Home Video.


[SEEN IN NEW YORK CITY MARKET ONLY] -- Back from commercial, it’s the market-specific ‘WWF Event Center’ with Mean Gene standing by with the WWF logo on the wall behind him.

Gene hypes NYC about the fact that the wait is over, as WWF action returns to the Big Apple at the mecca of sports & entertainment, Madison Square Garden, TONIGHT September 12th, 8 PM bell time. Says the Garden is all sold-out, but some tix still remain to watch via close-circuit next door at the MSG Theater. 

He quickly runs down most of tonight’s 9-match card, including Andre the Giant vs. Giant Haystacks in the big main event, Sgt. Slaughter & Scufflin’ Hillbillies vs. Iron Sheik & Red Scare in a 6-Man Grudge Match, Bob Backlund vs. Ivan Putski, I-C Champ Greg Valentine defending vs. heated rival Ken Patera, newly-signed match of the British Bulldogs vs. the Fantastics, and a $50K 20-Man Battle Royal, etc.

Sgt. Slaughter comes into frame, baton tucked under his arm, to Gene’s delight. He says tonight, he & the Hillbillies are gonna be doing some serious butt-kicking on 3 men who have insulted this country long enough. 

Says Hillbillies will take out Red Scare & leave Sheik to him. Says if they need to tear NYC apart, up 1 side & down the other, then so be it, etc. 

Says NYC is the entertainment, fashion, and commerce capitol of the world & tonight it’ll become the world’s biggest battlefield. Says “Get ready, soldiers. Let the games begin. ATTEN HUT!”

Gene excitedly ends the segment with his hard sell of the event details.

WE see the in-space graphic with the event details with “New York, New York’" by Sinatra as the audio backdrop.

[CUT] to a hallway in the arena. WE see a dressing room door with the name “Paul Orndorff” on the nameplate. Suddenly, Jimmy Hart comes out of the room, tucking some folded papers into his jacket & quietly chuckling to himself as he walks the hallway with a giddy bop to his step.

[FADE] back into the arena. Richard Magdalene warms up in the ring as he’s intro’d. Suddenly, the place ERUPTS at the sight of Lou Albano marching out of the tunnel & ‘The Animal’ calmly following, head cocked to the side. They make their way through all the fanfare as they arrive at ringside & climb into the ring. What an ovation! George rests on the ropes, waving at the roaring crowd on that side. All the fans & kids are enthralled. Lou is clapping proudly to the crowd.

Match #3: George ‘The Animal’ Steele (w/Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Richard Magdalene

George barks “Hoo! Hoo!” at Magdalene, as the crowd chants along. George stalks him in an unorthodox way, still barking, until an unnerved Magdalene dives thru the ropes to the floor. 

Magdalene ends up taking a powder several more times in comical fashion, until George finally dives out with him! Magdalene congratulates himself, thinking he outsmarted George, turns around & George flattens him with a roundhouse! George then houses him all over ringside, slamming his head into anything not nailed down & everything that is!

Back inside, he knocks the stuffing out of Magdalene with backdrops, clothesline, gnawing on various parts of his upper body coming off Irish whips to the ropes! George then savages the top turnbuckle, exposing all the foam padding, and smothering Magdalene with it! Immediately double-arm suplexes him for the 1-2-3! 

George fetches a fistful more of turnbuckle cushion debris & chases the ref out of the ring with it. Capt. Lou rejoins him in the ring & pets him with pride. George enjoys the petting, then yells “YEAH!” to the crowd! He grabs a fistful more of cushioning, rolls out & happily rubs it gently in an adoring 5-year-old’s hair! Crowd loves it! George then happily briskly walks up the aisle, head cocked again & nodding, as Capt. Lou proudly follows.

Winner: George ‘The Animal’ Steele by Pinfall 

[CUT] back to Paul Orndorff’s dressing room door. WE see Bobby Heenan discreetly arrive at the door, look in all directions to make sure the coast is clear, then knocks & goes in.

[CUT] to a black screen with a deep guitar licking baseline as the audio. 

In white letters, “Impolite” fades in, then out. A brief glimpse of a well-defined abdominal fades in, then out.

In white letters, “Ill-mannered” fades in, then out. A brief glimpse of a lean yet bulging, flexing bicep fades in, then out.

In white letters, “Discourteous” fades in, then out. A brief glimpse of a chiseled shoulder fades in, then out.

In white letters, “Disagreeable” fades in, then out. A brief glimpse of a broad back fades in, then out.

In white letters, “Unpleasant” fades in, then out. A brief glimpse of a heaving chest fades in, then out.

In white letters, “Nasty” fades in, then out. A brief glimpse of a well-defined side ab fades in, then out.

A lit, white light bulb on a chain, swings into frame from the unseen ceiling of this blackened room. It continues swinging until an unidentified male hand catches the light in mid-swing. 

The hand pulls the light inward toward his head, revealing a familiar, handsome, scruffy face, now with a short boxed beard & wet hair slicked back. He smugly grins & snarls “Rrrruuuuuuuuuuude”. 

He abruptly swings the light bulb right at the camera, as the screen cuts to black on impact.

In white letters, “Rick Rude. Coming Soon” fades in.


[SEEN IN SPRINGFIELD, MA AREA ONLY -- During the commercial break, a 30-second ad bumper featuring a moving-through-space graphic with Mean Gene’s voice hyping the big house show next Friday night, September 18th, at the Civic Center. Written graphics of the match-ups show as Gene hypes the card.]

Back from commercial, David Armstrong warms up in the ring as he’s intro’d. “How Soon Is Now” by The Smiths hits & the place erupts in a mixed reaction. Big John Studd strides out of the tunnel in his red robe with “Studd” etched across the back of it in rhinestones. A towering object, he almost glides to ringside, up the steps & into the ring. His disrobes, staring an amused hole through Armstrong.

Match #4: Big John Studd vs. David Armstrong

They lock up & Studd immediately scoop-slams him for a mile, then follows with the big elbowdrop & leans against Armstrong for the 1-2-3! “How Soon Is Now” hits again & Studd gets back on his feet like nothing happened. Ref raises his hand in victory & he peels Armstrong up again, scoop-slams him another mile & drops another big elbow! He stands, laughing, raising his arms to the heavens in confident, dominant victory to the crowd on all sides. He climbs over the top & down to the floor, slowly heading up the aisle like he owns the place.

Winner: Big John Studd by Pinfall in 9 Seconds 

[CUT] to a special 30-second hype ad for WWF WrestleMania coming to VHS & Beta on Tuesday October 6th, courtesy of Coliseum Home Video.

[FADE] back inside, where Fred Blassie is standing on the plush Penthouse suite interview set with soft jazz playing in the background. Security detail Virgil, whose shiny, arms cut-out tuxedo-like getup is tinted red this week, stands stoically behind the sofa as per usual.

Blassie: Welcome once again to The Penthouse, the “Page 6 of Sports”, starring Yours Truly, ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie. (Crowd booing!) Ya know, I’ve had the who’s-who of pro sports as guests on this show, but this week is a get of a different breed. He’s been making waves since BEFORE he walked in the front door of the WWF, and he’s been making waves ever since. In addition to being possibly the hottest commodity in the sport, he’s also the hottest FREE AGENT! Please welcome my guest at this time, and quite possibly the NEXT member of the Blassie Stable! MR. WONDERFUL! PAUL! ORNDORFF! (cackles)

Crowd exploding huge!! “Hell’s Bells” by AC/DC kicks in & Orndorff saunders onto the set in sweats & Tony’s Gym Tampa tank top. He happily shakes Virgil’s hand & Virgil happily ushers him Blassie’s way. Blassie & Orndorff hug it out like 2 old friends. Song fades…

Blassie: It’s GREAT to have you in The Penthouse - especially you! Won’t you join me in taking a load off?

[The 2 men happily take a seat on the sofa. Orndorff’s very relaxed.]

Blassie (cont’d): Anything you desire, snap your fingers & I’ll make it happen. That’s what we do here in The Penthouse. (Orndorff shrugs that he’s fine) Paul, I have to say it’s exciting, not just to have ya here in The Penthouse, but here in the WWF. Why, I can’t see a sky limiting you. You have all the makings of a World Champion. The look, the talent, the undeniable charisma, the drive. My Iron Sheik resembles all those remarks, but it’s not all the time a talent like you comes along. What’s your outlook?

Orndorff: Ya know something, “Class”, there’s a reason a man like you is running a show like this. There’s a reason this is considered the Page 6 of Sports. But you’re right, there is a lot I bring to the table. Everybody else seems to have some of this, or some of that. Rarely is there ever a man who possesses the talent, the body, the mind for business, the will to be the #1 man anywhere in the sport, worldwide. I’ve traveled the world, made a lotta pretty girls smile & made just as many grown men cry. And since the moment I walked into the World Wrestling Federation, I’ve done more of the same. And I’m gonna continue to do just that. There are some faces around here that need slappin’, some butts that need kickin’, and people who need to get beat. You’re lookin’ at the man to slap those faces, kick those butts, beat those men & take all their little shiny belts. Who, but the study in human genetics known as “Mr. Wonderful”!?

[Crowd roars mixed. Blassie’s laughing in enjoyment, Orndorff continues his smug grin.]

Blassie: That’s just tremendous. Now, let’s also not ignore the elephant in the room here. Should I tell them, or do you wanna?

Orndorff (taken off-guard): Wel-- Well, Class, I mean I’m not sure if that’s needed right this sec---

[Suddenly, Jimmy Hart blows onto the set unexpectedly, and Blassie & Orndorff stand to greet him. Crowd booing! Hart is almost howling in high-pitch laughter.]

Blassie: Jimmy, fancy seeing you here at a time like this!

Hart: Well, Freddie, thanks for welcoming me into the Penthouse, daddy. Maybe 1 day soon, you’ll have your good friend, ‘The Mouth of the South’, back on. It’ll be a special occasion, to celebrate this man, ‘Mr. Wonderful’ making his very first public appearance after he’s become the World Wrasslin’ Federation Heavyweight Champ & I’M at his side, baby! (Cackles wildly)

[Crowd booing! Blassie raises 1 eyebrow, looking from Hart to Orndorff. Orndorff has an “alrighty then” look.]

Blassie: That’s… that’s interesting, Jimmy. See, cuz the thing that strikes me as odd---

[Suddenly, Bobby Heenan struts confidently onto the set with a grin!! Huge boos!! Blassie & Hart are both surprised to see him. Orndorff has an “Oh boy” expression.]

Blassie (curious about all this): B-- Bobby. Fancy seeing YOU. What brings you back to The Penthouse?

Heenan (giddy): Well I figured I’d take a few moments away from the ongoing investigation into the cowardly ambushing of the best tag team in the world, the British Bulldogs. (Crowd booing!) But I couldn’t resist the opportunity to break big news right here on The Penthouse, about this man right here! (re: Orndorff) Jimmy, I’m not sure what you’re talkin’ about exactly, but (pulls out folded paperwork & holds it high) the materials I hold in my very hands signify that Mr. Orndorff & I are embarking upon an intent to negotiate for a potential athlete-to-manager relationship! And in case you humanoids don’t know what that means, it means you’re LOOKIN’ (re: Orndorff) at the next blue chip acquisition for the Heenan Family!! (Laughs boastfully)  

[Crowd booing huge! Blassie & Hart look at each other, incredulously. Orndorff not sure what to say.]

Hart: Bobby, lemme see if I heard you right. Those “materials”, I think you called them… did they happen to look anything like this? (pulls similar paperwork out of his jacket pocket!)

[Crowd roars! Heenan’s permanent smile dampens a bit. Orndorff is gesturing to calm down.]

Blassie: I’ll go ya one better, because I’ve got the very same paperwork!

[Crowd explodes! Heenan & Hart look at Blassie in shock, then to each other. They then look at Orndorff.]

Orndorff (takes Blassie’s mic): Guys, let’s reel this one in before it gets any more outta wack than it is. OK, FINE, if we have to do this here, then let’s do it. Yes, all 3 of you guys are some of the finest managers this sport has ever seen. And I totally understand you engaging me since the moment I walked into this company. But let’s call it what it is. The paperwork we all signed, just like Bobby said, are statements of INTENT to negotiate! Each ONE of you guys knows full well those are NOT contracts. Not yet anyway. You guys know how it works, you’ve all had papers like this drawn up for years with guys. Just seems like ALL of ya are so confident that negotiations will automatically lead to closin’ a deal. And hell, you may be right! That’s what makes you great at what you do - your confidence! But that’s just it - ONE of ya… may be right!

[Crowd roars, intrigued! Blassie, Heenan & Hart are all thinking “Uh-oh”, looking at each other.]

Orndorff (cont’d): So gentlemen, let’s stay on the path we’re on. Let’s NEGOTIATE! You 3 know me well enough to know I’ll make the best deal. I do everything first-rate. And when a deal gets done, you’re not gonna say “That’s great”. You’re not just gonna say “That’s tremendous!”. You’re gonna say “Now THAT’S… wonderful.” (Laughs proudly) I’m certain I’ll be in touch, gentlemen! Class, thanks again for having me. The Penthouse is everything it’s cracked up to be!

Crowd roaring mixed! “Hell’s Bells” hits again & he shakes hands with all 3 mystified men. He backs away, shakes Virgil’s hand 1 last time & happily gives the crowd a smiling double-bicep pose, which gets 1 last huge reaction! He then struts off the set, leaving the 3 managers sternly talking amongst each other!


Back from commercial, crowd EXPLODES to its feet in monster heat as Bob Backlund marches down the aisle with his lecturing scowl. He gets into the ring, continuing to march until he stops to look at the rabidly booing crowd! “I Love America” by Alice Cooper hits & the place erupts! Ken Patera comes out of the tunnel to a huge ovation! He hi-fives cheering fans as he comes to ringside & climbs into the ring. He works the crowd on all sides of the building & Backlund is annoyed by the crowd’s reactions!

Match #5: Bob Backlund vs. Ken Patera

An all-action showdown of great amateur mat wrestling, catches-catch-can, and some knockdown-dragout mixed in! A seesaw affair the entire way, with Backlund executing hiptosses & gut-wrench suplexes & uppercuts when in control, while Patera executes invested armdrags, flattening elbows off Irish whips & a military press slam. Both seem to love the art of war!

Midway through, Backlund is in firm control & has Patera down in a reverse chin-lock. Patera eventually fights his way up & drops to his knees, smashing Backlund’s chin with the top of his cranium! Patera mounts a comeback from way down deep! Flooring dazed Backlund with roundhouse after roundhouse, launching him skyward with a massive backdrop, and back-elbows him over the top to the floor!

Patera rolls out & houses Backlund around ringside, before tossing him back inside. Backlund manages to get back to his feet as Patera rolls into the ring behind him, sizing him up for the Full Nelson!! Crowd on its feet in anticipation!...... 


Valentine stomps a mudhole in battle-torn Patera!!! Backlund recovers & joins in!!! 2-on-1 beatdown!!! Bell rings repeatedly!! 



Backlund is jawing from the aisle at both men in the ring!! Several arena staffers rush to the ring to try to restore order, as Patera keeps the I-C belt, dangling it to taunt Valentine!! Valentine’s beside himself!! “I Love America” hits again & the place celebrates!! Backlund’s yelling “FALSE!” repeatedly in the aisle.

Tito & Patera share a friend one-arm hug in the ring, as Valentine joins Backlund in the aisle & both continue jawing at the crowd favorites in the ring. Valentine’s angrily yelling “You better get me my belt back!” to a nearby arena staffer! Tito’s pumping his fists to the celebrating crowd, while Patera’s still waving to Valentine to come get some more!!

Winner: Ken Patera by DQ

[SEEN IN NEW YORK CITY MARKET ONLY] -- It’s the market-specific ‘WWF Event Center’ again with Mean Gene standing by with the WWF logo on the wall behind him.

Gene re-hypes NYC about tonight being the big night for WWF action returning to the Big Apple at Madison Square Garden, 8 PM bell time. Says some tickets remain for the closed-circuit broadcast at the Theater, as the arena is full-on sold-out.

He quickly runs down most of this 9-match card again, including Andre the Giant vs. Giant Haystacks in the monster main event, Sgt. Slaughter & Scufflin’ Hillbillies vs. Iron Sheik & Red Scare in a 6-Man Grudge Match, Bob Backlund vs. Ivan Putski, I-C Champ Greg Valentine defending vs. heated rival Ken Patera, newly-signed match of the British Bulldogs vs. the Fantastics, and a $50K 20-Man Battle Royal, etc.

King Kong Bundy comes in, wearing his gear. Says he’s heading up the turnpike tonight from Atlantic City & winning $50,000. Says it’s the easiest 50 grand he ever won, getting to throw normal-sized guys around.

Says he may just spend the whole night throwing guys around, by interfering in every match, flattening man after man with the Avalanche. Says the Heenan Family will rule the Big Apple tonight - “Just you watch, pinhead!”, he says. He then cackles & rubs his hands together as Gene wraps the segment with his hard sell for tonight’s show.

WE see the in-space graphic with the event details. “Come Fly With Me” by Frank Sinatra is the audio backdrop.


[SEEN IN SPRINGFIELD, MA AREA ONLY -- During the commercial break, another 30-second ad bumper featuring a moving-through-space graphic with Mean Gene’s voice hyping the big house show next Friday night, September 18th, at the Civic Center. Written graphics of the match-ups show as Gene hypes the card.]

Back from commercial, Al Snow is warming up in the ring as he’s intro’d. Crowd already standing in anticipation… “Imagine” by John Lennon hits & THE PLACE COMES UNGLUED!!! Here comes the Living Legend coming out of the tunnel to the aisle with the WWF Heavyweight Title around his waist!!! He nods genuinely at the adoring fans as he walks the aisle to ringside!!! He climbs into the ring & holds the Title high to the rabid crowd on all sides of the building!!! He’s pointing & putting a fist to his heart, nodding in appreciation!!!

Match #6: WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino vs. Al Snow  

Al Snow jumps Bruno from behind, unloading a barrage of kicks & forearms to the back! He’s relentless! Bruno actually drops to a knee as Snow is kicking & forearming for all he’s got! Bruno’s beginning to fire up!! Snow keeps right on whaling away! Bruno’s shaking & feeling no pain, through the barrage now!! Crowd going NUTS!! He gets to his feet & Snow gets right on swinging for the fences! Snow realizes his time’s up!! 

Bruno LEVELS him with roundhouse after roundhouse, knocking him from pillar to post like a rag doll!! Fall-away slam, Samoan drop, German suplexes that fold Snow up like an accordion!! Bruno jumps up & fires up to the rabid crowd!! The Champ is looking dominant!! He yanks Snow up, whips him to the ropes &...... BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX FOR THE 1-2-3!!

“Imagine” hits again & the place is coming apart at the seams!! Ref gives Bruno his belt & hoists it high for all to see on all sides!! He works the crowd as only he can, jawing & gesturing that the belt belongs to the fans! He finally gets out of the ring & heads slowly up the aisle with the belt raised high, wading through the rabid arms reaching for him!!

Winner: Bruno Sammartino by Pinfall

[CUT] to the broadcast podium, as Bruno is still heading up the aisle adjacent to them -- the big fanfare continues. 

Gorilla (mid-sentence): --to quite the climactic ending! The Champ is leaving ringside here & it’s still pandemonium!

Blassie: These people are brainwashed, pencil-neck geeks!

Gorilla: I can always have the Champ stop on by, if you wanna share that opinion with him, personally! (Blassie cuts him a look) I didn’t think so. Folks, another jam-packed week is in the books! Join us next week, why don’t you, as we’ll see action from the tag team sensation of ‘Polish Power’ Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi! Also in action, the great Pedro Morales will join us! Mr. Fuji’s destruction machine, Masa Saito will do battle in the squared circle! 2 of the 4 members of the Samoan Headhunters Collective will be on the hunt in tag team competition! And just signed, hot off the presses, what a main event on tap! The returning Rocky King will get his official moment of reckoning with ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz, right here on The Superstars of Wrestling!

Blassie: Guess you can say your PERMANENT goodbyes to Rocky King this time, since you’ll see it coming!

Gorilla: We’ll just have to see what happens, Blass!

Blassie: And my guest in The Penthouse, that Mexican ambush artist himself, that Tito Santana! He better watch himself!

Gorilla: HUH! I think someone else might be more ripe for that advice. Proceed with caution, if ya ask me!

Blassie (scoffs): Who asked you, anyway…

Gorilla (re: Blassie): He’s not a happy guy in general right now, folks. Join us for another chocked-full edition of The Superstars of Wrestling next week! Until then, this is The Gorilla, along with The Classy One, saying SO LONG EVERYBODY!

[CUT] to a shot of Captain Lou Albano in the passenger seat of a red Ferrari convertible pulling out of the arena parking garage, onto the main road. The driver of the car… Paul Orndorff…  


[FADE TO] still clips of this week’s highlights as “Some Like It Hot” plays at full volume.


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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 9/12


(Brantford, ON @ Civic Centre. Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated Garrett Johnson & Derrick Newton with a Discus Punch by Kerry on Newton.

Sgt. Slaughter defeated Hunter Gerry with the Cobra Clutch. Afterwards, he dares Iron Sheik or Red Scare to come jump him like they did to Pedro Morales last week. They don’t show. He’s not surprised. He then leads the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.

[Victory Corner w/Lord Afred Hayes: Special guest David Schultz. Says he can sense he’s fixing to be World Champ any day now, that Sammartino’s days are numbered & Sammartino knows it. Says he can pull all the coups he wants with his BOY, Rocky King, but time’s up on the Italian movie dream. Says Bruno’s not even safe at home anymore. “Just watch”, etc.]

Haku (w/Tama) defeated Salvatore Bellomo with a splash from the top rope.

Tito Santana defeated Vincent McMulligan with a flying forearm.

[George ‘The Animal’ Steele vs. Tama is announced as next week’s main event. Big John Studd is announced as Lord Alfred’s guest on Victory Circle.]

Scufflin’ Hillbillies fought I-C Champion Greg Valentine & King Kong Bundy to a No Contest. High-energy tag team battle, with a raucous crowd reacting to every single thing the 2 teams did. The Hillbillies hit the ring like a house of fire, gaining the early stand-tall in the ring.

Team Heenan gains the advantage on Cousin Luke with Valentine’s methodical, technical battle style & Bundy’s immense size. Bundy finally tries an elbowdrop & Luke moves out of the way! Tags in Hillbilly Jim, who gets in & cleans house on Bundy & Valentine. Jim whips Valentine into the brick wall of Bundy! Valentine timbers backward thru the ropes to the floor.

Jim charges Bundy in the corner, but Bundy yanks the ref in front of him & the ref gets sandwiched on impact in the corner. Ref collapses to the mat. Heenan hops on the apron & Jim knocks him for a flip with a punch to the face! Place comes unglued!

Hillbilly Jim charges again & running big-boots Bundy in the corner! Bundy timbers forward… down right onto the ref! Collateral damage. Bundy rolls to the outside. Valentine rolls back in to ambush Jim, but Cousin Luke cuts him off & powerslams Valentine in mid-ring, then drops a big legdrop. Valentine slowly rolls out to the floor & the Heenan group all stagger for the hills, battered & bruised.

Paramedics arrive & frantically load the ref onto a foldable stretcher, carrying him away. The Hillbillies theme hits & they eventually break out in a dosido with the celebratory crowd to end the show.  

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 9/12 | New York City, NY @ Madison Square Garden (22,689 Sellout; Including 3,500 at Felt Forum Theater)

(Televised on the MSG Network. Gorilla Monsoon & Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary.)

Rocky King defeated Barry Horowitz @ 7:42 with a cross-body from the top rope.

Paul Orndorff defeated Ted Arcidi @ 5:31 with a schoolboy.

George Steele (w/Lou Albano) defeated Steve Lombardi @ 6:22 with a double-arm gut-wrench suplex. 

Big John Studd defeated Salvatore Bellomo @ 4:19 with the elbowdrop. 

Sgt. Slaughter & Scufflin’ Hillbillies defeated The Iron Sheik & Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) @ 7:21. Wild brawl, inside & outside from the start. 6-Man breakdown spills outside at the end. Inside, Slaughter clotheslines Boris from the 2nd rope for the 1-2-3. Afterward, Sheik clobbers Slaughter in the skull with his own helmet, busting him wide open & leaving him laying as the Hillbillies check on Slaughter.


The Fantastics defeated the British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) by DQ @ 13:56. Heart-pumping tag affair, full of high spots, storytelling & big heat. Bulldogs still showing ill effects from the locker room ambush from weeks ago. End comes when King Kong Bundy comes down & attacks both Fantastics during the breakdown. Ken Patera runs down & helps the Fantastics clean house.

Bob Backlund defeated Ivan Putski with a bridging rollup @ 14:43.

I-C Champ Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Ken Patera by DQ @ 12:33. Heenan slid the I-C belt to Valentine to use as a weapon, but Patera blocks it & knocks Valentine out-cold with the belt instead. Ref sees it & calls for the DQ. Patera ran Heenan along the apron into the ring post afterwards & left with the belt. 

[Ring announcer Howard Finkel announces Friday 10/9 @ 8 PM as next month's return date. Show will have a double main event. Matches just signed include: Big John Studd vs. Pedro Morales, Masa Saito vs. George Steele, Greg Valentine defending the I-C Title vs. Ken Patera in a 2/3 Falls Match, the Von Erich's defending the Tag Titles vs. Afa/Haku, Iron Sheik vs. Sgt. Slaughter in a Bootcamp Match as 1 main event, and Bruno Sammartino defending the WWF Heavyweight Title vs. David Schultz!]

Andre the Giant fought Giant Haystacks to a No Contest @ 11:22. Crowd in shock & awe for this toe-to-toe battle of the titans. Near the end, Haystacks blasts Andre with the double-forearms to the traps, sending Andre tumbling back into the ref. KO! Back-Avalanche finally puts Andre down, but no ref to count. Haystacks checks on the ref, as Andre makes it to his feet & hits 2 Big Boots to Haystacks - the 2nd is from behind & it knocks him over the top, like a lightweight, to the floor against the ring, sending the place into a frenzy. Dazed Haystacks lands on his feet, vows revenge & angrily backs up the aisle on wobbly legs as the 2 monsters jaw from a distance. 

Tito Santana won a 20-Man $50,000 Battle Royal @ 15:14. Santana eliminated Sika at the end with a flying forearm that knocked Sika backward over the top, to send the crowd home happy. 

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 9/13 | Hartford, CT @ Civic Center (13,753)

Rocky King defeated Barry Horowitz with a flying cross-body from the top rope.

Paul Orndorff defeated Ted Arcidi with a schoolboy.

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Dan Severn with a gut-wrench powerslam.

King Kong Bundy defeated Ken Patera by count-out. Afterward, Bundy tried to steal the I-C belt most likely for Valentine, but Patera fought him off & kept possession of it.

David Schultz defeated SD Jones with an elbowdrop from the middle rope.

Tito Santana & Pedro Morales defeated Sika & Tama by DQ, when Afa & Haku interfered. Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi storm to the ring to help their friends clean house.

Bob Backlund & Ivan Putski fought to a 15-minute time limit draw. Backlund attacks Putski afterward, but Putski levels him with a Polish Hammer. Backlund eventually staggers away.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erichs defeated Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie). Big main event heat. 4-man breakdown toward the end. Boris swings Blassie’s cane at Kerry, but he ducks & Nikolai gets KO’d instead. Kerry covers for the 1-2-3, to send the crowd home happy.

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