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A lot of great stuff going on in the WWF! 

Patera is back to full strength and is looking sharp in the ring. 

Mr. Wonderful remains the hottest free agent in wrestling. I wonder who the lucky manager will be? 

The heat magnet Iron Sheik tunes up for his bootcamp matches with Slaughter. 

I was really looking forward to the Penthouse because I knew President Tunney would have a big announcement. The Fall Classic is coming and that's going to be huge! 

Von Erich's tear the house down! It looks like they're going to have a long run with the belts. 

Always loved a good vignette and this one with Haystacks made him look like an absolute beast. 

Total chaos! Valentine is attacked! This is one of my favorite storylines in the game. A bat is left behind. Oh man what is going on? The entire Heenan Family is a target. I cant wait to see this unfold. 

Good set of matches on the house show loop.

Rocky King is picking up some nice wins. 

Andre and Haystacks continue to battle with no decisive winner. 

I noticed that big win Shultz got over Patera. Shultz has some serious momentum going. 

Slaughter is winning the war against the Sheik. Awesome match that really gave the fans their money's worth. 

To the second show,

Haystacks stays strong as he defeats 3 men! 

LOL, Backlund going nuts is always a highlight.

George Steele in the Penthouse could only end with craziness. 

Tito and Dynamite put on a barn burner! Chaos ensues with Davey, Bundy and the Fantastics!  

All roads will lead to the Fall Classic! 

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 10/3


(White Plains, NY @ Westchester County Center. Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)

Paul Orndorff defeated Bucky Roberts with the piledriver. Lou Albano came down during the match, cheering Orndorff on. Orndorff was happy to see him. Albano left after Orndorff got the 3-count.

[Victory Circle w/Lord Afred Hayes: Special guest Rocky King. Says his recovery was a sign to cherish each day. Says Schultz may have beaten him on that given day recently, but he can’t break him or his spirit & he’ll see soon that no one makes an example out of him to prove a point to anybody, etc.]

Afa & Tama defeated Joe McKenzie & Pete Jennings with a double crescent kick to Jennings.

George Steele (w/Lou Albano) submitted Paul Schwartz with the Armbar to Heaven.

David Schultz defeated Marco Itaglia with an elbowdrop from the 2nd turnbuckle. Afterwards, he gets the mic, saying Sammartino didn’t have the guts to respond after he beat his “BOY” (Rocky King) within an inch of his life. Says it shows Bruno is a scared man who knows his reign & career are over, etc. Rocky King ran down, all on fire, and Schultz leisurely leaves while King dares him to come get some.

[Kerry Von Erich vs. Haku is announced as next week’s main event. No Victory Circle, as Lord Alfred will be on special assignment.]

Ken Patera defeated Nikolai Volkoff (w/Fred Blassie). Great, dramatic power match with a hyper crowd raining “USA” chants throughout. 

Nikolai seizes the advantage & works Patera over. After taking a drubbing, Patera manages to build a dramatic comeback with clotheslines, slams to the big Russian left & right, German suplex, etc. 

Patera signals for the Full Nelson finish, but Blassie gets on the apron with the Russian flag. Patera grabs him by the collar. Nikolai tries to ambush from behind, but Patera moves & Nikolai accidentally high-knees Blassie off the apron! A flustered Nikolai turns around, into a small package for the 1-2-3! Place blows the roof off! Blassie’s prone on the floor, not knowing what hit him!

Nikolai’s beside himself in the ring in a near-tantrum as Patera celebrates in the aisle with the raucous crowd, to end the show.

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 10/3 | Montreal, QB @ Forum (11,279)

Salvatore Bellomo defeated Steve Lombardi with a sunset flip.

Rocky King defeated Al Snow with a cross-body from the top rope.

Bob Backlund & Ivan Putski fought to a 20-minute time limit draw.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Nikolai Volkoff (w/Fred Blassie) with a belly-to-belly suplex after an interference miscue from Blassie.


Pedro Morales & Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) fought to a Double DQ.

Tito Santana defeated King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan) by count-out.

Hillbilly Jim defeated David Schultz by DQ when Schultz used a foreign object to KO Jim.

The British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated The Fantastics. 4-man breakdown, Bundy came down to try interfering, but Tito Santana ran down to intercept. While the ref is distracted, Heenan sneaks in & reverses a Rogers rollup so Dynamite can get the 1-2-3. 6-man brawl afterwards, ending in Tito & Fantastics finally cleaning house, standing tall to close the night.

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It was only a matter of time before Captain Lou got in the Orndorff running. This has been a great storyline. I still can't figure out who the lucky manager will be.

It's cool to see Rocky King getting a pretty good push here. He's been a fun subplot in the Shultz/Bruno feud. Rocky always had a lot of charisma IRL and you seem to be capitalizing on that.  

Patera beats Volkoff in an action packed main event. I've said this before but your All-Star featured bouts have added so much to the B show. I look forward to them every week. 

Solid card in Montreal, 

Props to Polish Power for taking Backlund to the limit.

Rough couple days for Volkoff.

I wonder if Tito sent Bundy through the ropes with his flying forearm to get that C.O. win LOL. 

Bulldogs and Fantastics have been tearing it up. This has been one of my favorite feuds. 




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You may recall Orndorff riding off in his convertible with Captain Lou a couple weeks back at the end of the show, after all the managers had powwowed on the Penthouse.

Appreciating the feedback, always!

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 10/4 | Quebec City, QB @ Colisee de Quebec (13,923)

Pedro Morales defeated Barry Horowitz with the spearing headbutt to the gut.

Boris Zhukov defeated Rocky King with a leaping headbutt drop.

King Kong Bundy (no Heenan) defeated Cousin Luke with the splash.

Bruno Sammartino/Von Erich’s defeated Sika/Haku/Tama. 6-Man brawl at the end & Bruno planted Tama with the belly-to-belly for the 1-2-3.


Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Tito Santana by count-out, when Fuji interfered outside the ring & Santana chased him to the back.

The British Bulldogs defeated Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi, when Arcidi tried suplexing Dynamite in from the apron & Davey held Arcidi’s foot down from the outside for the 1-2-3.

Hillbilly Jim & Bob Backlund fought to a double count-out.

Sgt. Slaughter defeated David Schultz by DQ, when Schultz used the microphone to clock Slaughter. Slaughter fought him off & returned the favor with a mic shot that knocked Schultz over the top to the floor. Schultz staggers away, leaving Slaughter standing tall to end the night.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 10/9 | New York City, NY @ Madison Square Garden (22,689 Sell-out; Including 3,500 at Felt Forum)

(Televised on the MSG Network. Gorilla Monsoon & Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary.)

Cousin Luke defeated Dan Severn @ 4:23 with a legdrop. 

Big John Studd defeated Pedro Morales by count-out @ 7:18. Outside the ring, Studd ducks a charge & Morales collides with the ringpost, allowing Studd to beat the 10 count.

Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi @ 8:12, when Nikolai jabbed Arcidi in the spine with the flag pole while the ref was distracted.

Ken Patera defeated I-C Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) 2 falls to 1 @ 22:40 in a 2/3 Falls Match. Valentine had taped ribs from the hallway attack on TV recently. Valentine dropped to his knees in a Patera sunset flip & used the ropes for leverage for the Fall 1 pinfall. Patera pinned Valentine with a Full Nelson German Suplex to win Fall 2. Patera hooked the Full Nelson in Fall 3 & King Kong Bundy came down to make the save for the DQ, as Valentine & Heenan escaped to the back. Bundy missed an Avalanche & Patera hits a flying shoulder tackle that sends Bundy tumbling thru the middle rope to the floor - landed on his feet, but wobbly. Valentine retained on the DQ in the decisive fall. 

Sgt. Slaughter defeated The Iron Sheik @ 15:52 in a Bootcamp Match. Big heat. Chaotic brawl from the get-go, all over the place. Both men busted open during the brutal battle. Toward the end, Sheik pillages Slaughter all over the ring with a chair. He gets the Camel Clutch on & Slaughter won’t quit. Slaughter gets to his feet with Sheik on his back & falls backward onto a chair lying in mid-ring, to break the hold. Slaughter KO’s Sheik with his own loaded boot for the 1-2-3.


Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated Afa & Haku @ 13:14. Pure action the whole way in this hard-hitting battle of explosive offense. 4-men breakdown at the end, with Kerry & Afa falling thru the ropes to continue brawling. In the ring, Haku dives off the top for a splash but Kevin moves & inside-cradles for the 1-2-3.

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated George ‘The Animal’ Steele (w/Lou Albano) by DQ @ 8:08. Hard-hitting, unorthodox match. Fuji slips a packet of some kind into the ring & Albano chases him to the back. Saito retrieves the packet, but Steele bites him on the ass & intercepts the packet. It’s powder & Steele throws it in Saito’s face for the DQ. Steele runs to the back, leaving a blinded Saito swinging at air. 

[Ring announcer Howard Finkel announces Saturday 11/14 @ 8 PM as next month's return date. Matches just signed include: NYC debut of Rick Rude, George Steele/Lou Albano vs. Masa Saito/Mr. Fuji, Paul Orndorff vs. Tito Santana, Bob Backlund vs. Kerry Von Erich, and main event of Ken Patera/Fantastics vs. King Kong Bundy/British Bulldogs in a 6-Man Tag! More matches to be announced in the coming weeks on The Superstars of Wrestling on WNYW-27 and All-Star Wrestling on WPIX-11]

Hillbilly Jim defeated Barry Horowitz @ 4:17 with a Big Boot.

David Schultz defeated WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino by DQ @ 13:44. Monster heat for this toe-to-toe throwdown. Ref gets KO’d toward the end & Schultz brings the Title belt into the ring. Bruno cuts him off & pinballs him all over the ring. Bruno grabs the belt & clocks him in the skull, as the ref awakens. Schultz fell like a tree & his foot got tangled in the ropes. Bruno repeatedly drops the hammer on Schultz to capitalize. Officials finally run in to restrain Bruno, but he keeps pouncing. Schultz is announced as the winner by DQ & Bruno’s beside himself. Officials finally get Schultz’s foot loose & he grabs the WWF Title belt, holding it high as he staggers to the back with it. Bruno gives chase.

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 10/10 (Abbreviated for Accelerated Production)


(Gorilla Monsoon & Fred Blassie on commentary.)

George ‘The Animal’ Steele (w/Lou Albano) submitted Jacob Mulvaney with the Armbar to Heaven. Afterwards, Virgil runs down & ambushes Steele, stomping a mudhole in him. Tosses him to the outside, running him ribs-first & shoulder-first to the railing & ring posts. Virgil then strolls to the back, satisfied, as Steele recovers quicker than expected on the ringside floor. Once Virgil’s gone, Steele makes it back up to his feet, angry & barking, and jukes his way awkwardly up the aisle in hot pursuit!

[WWF Update: Alfred Hayes runs an announcement video from Jack Tunney in his office, pre-recorded earlier this week. Tunney unveils 2 major signed matches for the Fall Classic card on 11/26: WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino vs. David Schultz in a Steel Cage, and Andre the Giant vs. Giant Haystacks! Announces contracts for 4 more matches are currently being finalized & may be announced next week.]
Afa/Sika/Haku/Tama defeated Darren Kim/Leo Ralph/Tim Scanlin/Pete Romero with a splash from the top by Tama on Romero. Synchronized war dance in the post-match.

[A slew of nameless men in shades & decked in black, resembling the Secret Service, are handing out envelope-sized signs reading “RUDE” to fans all over the floor sections of the arena.]

Rocky King defeated Barry Horowitz with the flying cross-body from the top rope.

[WWF Event Center for the NEW JERSEY/NEW YORK AREA -- Hyping of the house show @ Meadowlands Arena tonight, Saturday 10/10. Bruno Sammartino/Tito Sammartino come in & cut a fiery promo about tonight’s big tag main event vs. David Schultz & King Kong Bundy.]

[The Penthouse w/Freddie Blassie: Special Guest ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff. Says he’s happy to report he’s advanced to full-on negotiations with all of the WWF’s managers - Blassie, Heenan, Hart, Albano & Fuji. Says he’s actively taking in the visions each man has shared with him about the future, etc. Says he’s close to a final decision & he’s excited. Jimmy Hart comes out & says he feels just as positive & excited. Says he’s pleased to have a Plan A & B - both involve Orndorff. Tells Orndorff to relax & make his best decision, etc. Orndorff is all smiles with Hart & a reluctantly hopeful Blassie.]

‘Dr. D’ David Schultz defeated Eric Muncey with the piledriver. Pre-match, he hypes the big announcement from Tunney about the Steel Cage Title match & he gives Muncey a chance to walk away. Muncey refuses the offer & Schultz pulverizes him worse than the average opponent.

[WWF Event Center for the NEW JERSEY/NEW YORK AREA -- Hyping of the house show @ Meadowlands Arena tonight, Saturday 10/10. British Bulldogs come in & vow revenge on The Fantastics, who they blame for the locker room attack. Say tonight, they end the US southern pretty boys once & for all, etc.]

Big John Studd defeated Ted Arcidi. Crowd really up for this battle of the powerhouses. Arcidi is a major gamer, throttling Studd with shots that legit violently rock the human mountain! 

Studd’s height & brute force take full control, eventually rag-dolling his muscle-bound opponent with back elbows off Irish whips, standing suplex, double-arm suplex, forearm shivers across the back & sternum, boot to the neck standing in the corner, etc.

Studd hits a sidewalk slam, calls for his elbowdrop finisher… but Arcidi moves! Arcidi unloads with roundhouses, staggering forearms to the chest, and FLOORS Studd with a lunging shoulder block off a crisscross! 1… 2… Studd kicks out with authority! Arcidi is shocked!

Arcidi signals he’s gonna end it! Arcidi scoops him up for the powerslam finisher, but Studd squirms off his shoulders & shoves him chest-first to the corner at 40 mph! The collision pinballs Arcidi out of the corner… right into a scoop-slam & elbowdrop by Studd for the 1-2-3! Studd smugly celebrates the win, as prone Arcidi writhes on the mat. Studd finally steps over him & exits the ring, arrogantly heading to the back.

[Announced in action for next week: Bob Backlund, The Fantastics, Ken Patera, and the in-ring debut of Virgil. Main event will be King Kong Bundy vs. Sgt. Slaughter. Also, the big arrival of Rick Rude. Blassie’s guest on The Penthouse will be Hillbilly Jim & Cousin Luke, with a new serum from Papa Jeb to unveil “for the world to enjoy”. Paul Orndorff will end free agency & make his managerial decision. Also, Jack Tunney will reportedly make additional major announcements for the 11/26 Fall Classic card.]

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 10/10


(Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)

Pedro Morales defeated Steve Blackman with the spearing heabutt to the gut.

Barry Horowitz defeated SD Jones with a rollup & handful of trunks.

King Kong Bundy defeated Jerry Putnum with the Avalanche & splash. Demanded the 5-count.

[I-C Champion Greg Valentine vs. Pedro Morales rescheduled Title match will be next week’s main event. Andre the Giant announced as Lord Alfred’s guest next week on Victory Circle, to discuss the Tunney announcement of Andre vs. Haystacks at Fall Classic.]

Haku defeated Kerry Von Erich by count-out. Crowd on fire for this. Great, athletic, hard-hitting showdown. Kerry with military press slams, backdrops, armdrags, varying suplexes & Haku with leveling double-chops to the sternum, nerve holds, headbutts, and kicks all over the body. 

Haku takes control of things with a nerve hold to the trapezius of Kerry, down to a sitting position. Kerry suffers thru it & refuses to submit. He eventually fights his way up to his feet & makes a dramatic comeback, housing Haku from pillar to post! Haku ends up clotheslined over the top to the floor!

Kerry houses Haku all over the ringside; railing, timekeeper’s table, ring post, and ring steps! Kerry tosses him back into the ring. Kerry goes to peel up a prone Haku from the mat, but gets surprised with a kick to the head out of nowhere that sends Kerry tumbling into the ref & out to the floor. Ref down near Haku.

Outside, Bob Backlund sneaks to ringside as Kerry pulls himself up. Backlund ambushes with the Crossface Chicken Wing on Kerry & snares him down to the floor in the hold! Backlund’s in an almost orgasmic bliss, yelling “KERRITH! KERRITH!” Groggy ref wakes up on the mat, not seeing Kerry anywhere, and weakly counts to 10. Backlund’s still got the hold cinched in & Kerry’s in peril. 

Crowd EXPLODES as… Kevin Von Erich races to ringside with a chair & chases Backlund around ringside!! Backlund hightails it back up the aisle with a crazed look of satisfaction. Kevin kneels next to a pained Kerry, to end the show.

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 10/10 | East Rutherford, NJ @ Meadowlands Arena (17,222)

SD Jones defeated Steve Blackman with the jumping headbutt.

George ‘The Animal’ Steele defeated Mr. Fuji with a schoolboy.

Bob Backlund defeated Pedro Morales with the bridging rollup.

The Fantastics defeated the British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) by DQ in a white-hot tag war. Greg Valentine ran down in street clothes & ambushed the Fantastics with the black bat from his recent attack. Ref calls for the bell. 3-on-2 beatdown. 


Ken Patera defeated Afa with a Full Nelson German suplex.

Paul Orndorff defeated Rocky King with a momentum carryover reversal from King’s cross-body from the top.

Hillbilly Jim (w/Cousin Luke) defeated Boris Zhukov (w/Nikolai Voloff) with the Big Boot.

Bruno Sammartino/Tito Santana & David Schultz/King Kong Bundy fought to a Double DQ. Hot main event. 4-man breakdown in the end. Bruno & Schultz simultaneously punched the ref’s lights out for trying to break them up. The 4 men continue brawling, until officials come down to pull apart. Bruno & Tito stand tall in the ring to close the night.

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Oh man all sorts of great action going down in the WWF! 

Let's start with MSG,

Patera comes very close to winning the IC title in a pretty damn good 2 out of 3 falls match.. I think Bundy regrets interfering in the match. 

Slaughter gets a huge win for the USA as he puts down the Sheik in an epic boot camp match. 

Von Erich's are looking strong as they get the best of the Islanders tonight. 

LOL, Steele gives the fans some good comedy. I laughed at Saito swinging in the air. 

WOW! Bruno comes unglued as he gives Shultz quite a beating. Shultz was lucky to walk out of there. 

To Superstars,

The Fall Classic is shaping up to be an historic night. Bruno vs. Shultz in the cage! Andre vs. Haystacks! This is going to be awesome! 

The waiting is almost over! Who will Mr. Wonderful choose???? 

Hot main event between Studd and Arcidi! Arcidi gives Studd more than he can handle but Studd gets him in the end. Loved that finish. 

To All-Star,

I like how your using Morales at this stage in his career. He stays strong with TV wins, so it's still a big deal when somebody beats him. 

Another great All-Star main event as Kerry and Haku tear the house down until Backlund goes crazy and costs Kerry the match. Kerry sure has a lot on his plate being tag team champ and having to deal with an insane Backlund. Kerry is going to have to take care of Backlund before he costs him the tag titles. 

And to the Meadowlands, 

Fantastics and Bulldogs remain one of the hottest feuds.

I know the fans were fired up for that main event. Wild double DQ to keep these guys red hot! 

Great stuff! The Fall Classic will be a must see event.  

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 10/11 | Syracuse, NY @ War Memorial (7,920)

Mr. Fuji defeated SD Jones with a thrust kick.

Pedro Morales defeated Barry Horowitz with the spearing headbutt to the gut.

The Iron Sheik (no Blassie) & Ivan Putski fought to a 15-minute time limit.

Nikolai Volkoff (no Blassie) defeated Cousin Luke (no Albano) with a schoolboy after a missed Avalanche.

Paul Orndorff defeated Rocky King with an inside cradle & feet on the ropes for leverage.

Hillbilly Jim (no Albano) defeated Boris Zhukov (no Blassie) with the legdrop.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated Sika & Tama by DQ, when Afa & Haku ran down for the 4-on-2 beatdown. Hillbilly Jim & Cousin Luke ran down to even the odds, helping the Champs clean house to end the night.

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Great MSG show!  I liked how many of the angles from this show were continued and announced to the fans before they even left the arena that night.  I bet many stopped off at the box office on their way home to get next month's tickets.  

Great main event between Studd and Arcidi on Superstars.  Also enjoyed the stuff with Orndorff and Hart. I wonder what plan B is.  

Awesome ending to Allstars. Heel Backlund is great. Looking forward to seeing him against Backlund

Fall Classic looks to be huge. 

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 10/16 | Hartford, CT @ Civic Center (14,654)

Rocky King defeated Mr. Fuji with a cross-body from the top.

Nikolai Volkoff defeated George Steele (w/Lou Albano) by DQ when Steele wouldn’t break his retaliatory biting attack at the count of 5.

Big John Studd defeated Ted Arcidi by count-out after hitting the bodyslam & elbowdrop on the outside.

The Fantastics defeated Greg Valentine & King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan) by DQ, when Heenan interfered to save a pinfall on Valentine. Fantastics ended up fighting them off. 

Haku defeated Cousin Luke with a crescent kick.

Tito Santana defeated Tama with a flying forearm.

The Iron Sheik defeated Ivan Putski with a knees-down cradle counter of Putski’s sunset flip.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s fought the British Bulldogs to a 30-minute draw. Chaotic, climactic showdown to end the night.

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 10/17 (Abbreviated for Accelerated Production)


(Hamilton, ON @ Convention Center. Gorilla Monsoon & Fred Blassie on commentary.)


[Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Fred Blassie, Mr. Fuji & Lou Albano in the ring w/Vince McMahon: Vince brings out Paul Orndorff. Orndorff thanks all the managers he spent time with. Says, after weeks of meetings, deliberation & soul searching, he knows the man into whom’s hands he’s gonna put his career - PAUL ORNDORFF! Says he’s gonna blaze a trail to the top of the wrestling world, etc. Jimmy Hart congratulates & says he promised he had a Plan A & B - both of which involve Orndorff. Since Orndorff has chosen against A that involves him, allow him to introduce B that also involves him. An assailant hops the railing & ambushes Orndorff - it’s Rick Rude in street clothes! Vince & the other managers clear out. Rude decimates Orndorff from pillar to post. Hart yells down at Orndorff, "It was 'With us or against us!'. We were gonna be the baddest, most deadly stable EVER, baby! Now you get the treatment everybody else was gonna get, daddy!" Hart slides Rude a chair & he uses it to flatten Orndorff repeatedly, yelling down at him as he does it. Rude delivers the Rude Awakening neckbreaker, and finishes with a piledriver of Orndorff onto the chair to add insult to injury. Rude poses intensely, as Hart jumps around with a gleeful cackle, as the crowd's incensed. Rude & Hart leave like long lost brothers. Orndorff is a motionless corpse, face-down on the mat with the chair lying next to him.] 

[WWF Update: Lord Alfred runs an announcement video of Jack Tunney from his office, filmed earlier this week. He announces Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik in a No DQ/Last Man Standing Match is now official for Fall Classic on 11/26.]

Ken Patera defeated Byron Jones with a Full Nelson German Suplex.

[Rick Rude & Jimmy Hart come out to sit in the front row, relaxing with popcorn & cold beverages from the concession stands. They’re kicking back, festively taking in the action for the rest of the show.]

Bob Backlund defeated Dusty Wolfe with the bridging rollup. Afterwards, Backlund slaps the Crossface Chicken Wing on Wolfe, yelling “KERRITH! KERRITH!”, before finally leaving in dazed satisfaction.

[WWF Event Center for the BOSTON AREA -- Hyping of the house show @ Boston Garden tonight, Saturday 10/17. George ‘The Animal’ Steele & Lou Albano come in. Steele is friendly, but all over the place like an explorative child., while Albano cuts a promo on facing King Kong Bundy tonight & warning Heenan to keep his nose out of it, etc.]

[The Penthouse w/Fred Blassie. Scufflin’ Hillbillies are the guests. Jim & Luke come out with a cauldron on wheels & huge ladle. They introduce this new drinking recipe called ‘Jeb Juice’ that Papa Jeb & Cousin Myrtle are anxious to share with the whole world, etc. The smoke bellowing from the cauldron is actually from cold - not heat. They allow a reluctant Blassie a ladled sample in a cup. Blassie is pleasantly surprised! They offer some to Virgil & he tries - pleasantly surprised as well. Hillbillies exclaim everyone will get to try Jeb Juice really soon, etc.]
The Fantastics defeated Gerald Gordon & Regis James with the Rocket Launcher finisher on James. Afterwards, the British Bulldogs/Heenan come to the broadcast podium, accusing the Fantastics for the attacks on the Bulldogs & Valentine in past weeks. Fantastics get a mic in the ring & say they’d happily admit it if they did, and offer to lay them out the same way, in front of the whole world now. Bulldogs & Heenan start toward the ring to accept the invite... then think better of it & finally retreat to the back.

Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Sammy Struthers with a Russian Legsweep in his in-ring debut.

[WWF Event Center for the BOSTON AREA -- Hyping of the house show @ Boston Garden tonight, Saturday 10/17. Bruno Sammartino comes into frame & cuts a fiery promo on defending the Title vs. David Schultz tonight in Bean Town, etc.]

Sgt. Slaughter defeated King King Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan) by DQ. Crowd was super hot for this one! Slaughter started out testing the size & strength of Bundy, and gets floored with each shoulder-block attempt or collar-and-elbow! Bundy tosses him around like a rag doll, to the shock of the crowd & delight of Heenan!

Bundy whips him to the corner & charges for a shoulder, but Slaughter moves! Slaughter finally opens up a barrage of roundhouses, staggering the big man in mid-ring, as the place is erupting! He staggers Bundy more with each clothesline attempt… and finally levels the big man with a running high knee! Bundy rolls outside!

Outside, Bundy reverses Slaughter into the post & follows with an Avalanche sandwich against the steel! Slaughter melts to the floor & Bundy’s in full control. Bundy houses him all over ringside, as Rude & Hart continue eating festively and enjoying the show in the front row.

Back inside, Bundy continues manhandling him & plants him with a belly-to-belly for the 1-2-Slaughter shoulder up at 2.5! Bundy slaps on a reverse chinlock to wear him out, but Slaughter eventually uses the rumbling urges of the crowd for a second shot of adrenaline! Fights his way up & battles out of the hold, unleashing all the fire in his belly! 

Slaughter’s using his agility advantage, staggering Bundy with more clotheslines & FINALLY levels him again with a cross-body for the 1-2-Bundy powers out! Heenan hops on the apron & Slaughter knocks him for a loop to the floor with 1 punch!! Bundy’s on his knees & Slaughter’s rope-a-doping him!


Bundy recorvers, picks up Sheik’s pipe & clobbers Slaughter in the back! Slaughter staggers chest-forward to the corner & Bundy follows with an Avalanche! Slaughter timbers down to mid-ring & Bundy splashes him to Hell! Sheik’s recovered & unloads with stomps to his longtime foe, as Heenan gets in the ring & raises his arms in immoral victory with Bundy, as Sheik continues to pick the Slaughter bones! Bundy & Heenan happily exit, as Sheik’s choking the life out of Slaughter with the pipe now! 

Sheik hooks the Camel Clutch, loving every moment! Slaughter’s barely conscious for any of this! Sheik is pulling back for all he’s worth! 

Officials race to the ring & flood the ring, as Sheik finally lets go! Sheik spits on the broken Slaughter repeatedly, resting 1 foot on his back & posing to the rabidly booing crowd! Sheik argues & shoves a few of the officials before finally leaving… but not before spitting on a motionless Slaughter 1 last time! Sheik exits slowly, totally proud of himself, as the officials check Slaughter. Rude & Jimmy Hart are festively standing & applauding Sheik amidst the seeing of standing, booing fans.

[Announced in action for next week: Tito Santana, David Schultz, Rick Rude’s in-ring debut, and Tag Champs the Von Erich’s. Main event will be Ivan Putski vs. Afa. Blassie’s guest on The Penthouse will be Giant Haystacks! There will also be a medical update on Paul Orndorff. Also, Jack Tunney will reportedly make additional major announcements for the 11/26 Fall Classic card.]

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 10/17


(Erie, PA @ Civic Center. Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated David Montgomery with a double-arm gut-wrench powerslam.

[Victory Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Special guest Andre the Giant. Says he’s happy it’s officially him vs. Haystacks @ Fall Classic. Says Haystacks has been making nightmares for everyone for too long, planting doubts in everyone’s minds about who the true giant of professional wrestling is. Says after Fall Classic, there won’t be anymore doubts cuz there won’t be anymore Haystacks, etc.]

George ‘The Animal’ submitted Barry O with the Armbar to Heaven.

‘Dr. D’ David Schultz defeated Angelo Spinelli with the 2nd rope elbowdrop. Mid-match, Rocky King ran down & repeatedly tried to distract Schultz to a loss. Several near falls before Schultz overcame. King still left happy.

Scufflin’ Hillbillies (w/Lou Albano) defeated Terry Chase & Billy Robbins with a Luke legdrop on Chase.

[Bob Backlund vs. Kevin Von Erich is announced as next week’s main event. The Iron Sheik is announced as Lord Alfred’s guest in Victory Circle to discuss the Last Man Standing Match vs. Sgt. Slaughter @ Fall Classic.]

I-C Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Pedro Morales. Morales started as a house of fire on a physically limited Valentine, who’s still sporting a patch on the forehead & shoulder tape from the recent backstage attack. Morales is schooling him with hiptosses, armdrags & headlock-takedowns. 

Morales tries a flying headscissors, but Valentine counters with a flapjack to blunt his momentum. Valentine works him over with that methodical precision; forearm drops across the sternum, elbowdrops, standing suplexes, knee drops across the throat, etc. Morales tries to cut him off, but Valentine’s got the killer instinct of a reigning champion to keep that offense.

Valentine slaps on an abdominal stretch & Morales perseveres immense pain to finally hiptoss out of it. Morales fires up & starts pinballing Valentine from pillar to post. Morales ends the flurry with a sunset flip from the 2nd rope for the 1-2-Valentine kicks out at 2.5! 

Morales keeps momentum & goes to end it with the spearing headbutt to the gut!...... but Valentine dodges & Morales cracks the 2nd turnbuckle face-first at 50 mph! Valentine jackknifes & Morales’ legs flail for the 1-2-3! Valentine celebrates the win with his Title, as Heenan gets in & joins. 

Morales, frustrated by what happened all too fast, charges as Valentine & Heenan roll out of the ring, heading up the aisle victoriously. Morales is still shaking the cobwebs free as the show fades to black.

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A chapter of the Orndorff story ends while another one begins! Orndorff choosing himself was something he would do LOL. Hart's plan B is Rick Rude! WOW! It was always in the back of my head if Orndorff and Rude could coexist and that got answered tonight. This will be a great feud between two muscled men with huge egos. Piledriver vs. Rude Awakening! 

Backlund and Kerrith are heading for an explosive showdown! 

I wonder what's in that Jeb Juice? 

I'm still wondering who's behind the Heenan Family attacks. Whoever it is, this angle has already gotten him over.

Virgil gets a solid win, proving he's more than a bodyguard.

Oh man, Slaughter and Sheik are signed for the Fall Classic and tonight a lot more heat was added as Sheik takes advantage of Bundy's help to put Slaughter down. Nobody spit better than the Sheik LOL. 

Good grief! Look at those matches already signed for Fall Classic! 

To All-Star,

Andre makes an ominous threat to Haystacks.

Rocky King is playing with fire as he continues to antagonize Shultz. 

Morales gives Valentine quite a scare but the crafty Valentine retains in the end. Another action packed All-Star main event. 


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Great Superstars this week with the Orndorff-Rude thing being the obvious high point.  Can't wait to see where this ends up.  Liked seeing them with the popcorn watching the show after the attack!

Like the Penthouse with the Jeb Juice.  Interesting marketing.

Enjoying seeing the push for the Fantastics.  Between them, the Von Erichs and the Bulldogs, we could have a great tag match every night of the week.

Can't wait for Andre vs Haystacks.

Schultz might kill Rocky King.

Pedro always gives us a great match but has trouble coming out on top of a lot of matches.  At this point in his career, he might just be the best JTTS in the game.

Great stuff as always

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 10/17 | Boston, MA @ Boston Garden (17,654)

(Televised on the SESN Network. Gorilla Monsoon & Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary.)

Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Dan Severn @ 3:55 with a Russian Legsweep.

Pedro Morales defeated Barry O @ 4:39 with the spearing headbutt to the gut.

Ken Patera defeated Boris Zhukov (w/Fred Blassie) @ 8:33 with a schoolboy.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino & David Schultz fought to a Double DQ @ 12:47. Climactic seesaw war right from the start. The bad blood was palpable. Near-falls everywhere. Toward the end, both men have their own chairs & swordfight with them as the ref calls for the bell. Schultz gets the better of it, beating him down with his chair. Bruno backdrops out of an attempted piledriver on the chair & pinballs Schultz with his chair like a madman until battered Schultz heads for the hills.


Ted Arcidi defeated Al Snow @ 4:15 with a powerslam.

Ivan Putski defeated Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) by DQ @ 8:38, after Fuji cracked Putski in the back from the outside with his cane as Putski hit the ropes during his comeback, in plain view of the ref. Saito ambushed Putski with the Bonsai Throat Claw when Putski tried to retaliate against Fuji. 

[Ring Announcer Frank Chrzanowski announces Friday 11/20 @ 8 PM as next month’s return date. Matches just signed include: Boston area debut of Rick Rude, I-C Champ Greg Valentine defends vs. Rocky King, Tito Santana/Ken Patera vs. British Bulldogs, Andre the Giant vs. Iron Sheik, and Bruno Sammartino defends the WWF Heavyweight Title vs. David Schultz in a No DQ Match!]

King Kong Bundy defeated George Steele (w/Lou Albano) by count-out @ 5:22, when Steele almost bodyslammed him outside the ring!... but Bundy blocked it & sandwiched him back-first to the ring post, beating the 10 count. Steele recovers, pissed & runs to the back after Bundy leaves.

Samoan Headhunters defeated the Von Erich’s & Scufflin’ Hillbillies @ 13:12 in an 8-Man Tag Team Match. High-octane brawl that rocked the house. 8-man breakdown outside the ring, with Sika thrust-kicking Luke from behind, rolling him into the ring & hitting a big splash from the top for the 1-2-3. Brawl continues until the crowd favorites finally fight the Samoans off & stand tall in the ring. Big post-match celebration sent the crowd home happy.

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 10/18 | Providence, RI @ Civic Center (7,945)

SD Jones defeated Barry Horowitz with the jumping headbutt.

Davey Boy Smith (no Heenan) Cousin Luke with a clothesline from behind after a missed Luke Avalanche.

Rocky King fought Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) to a double count-out.

King Kong Bundy defeated Ted Arcidi with a splash after a missed Arcidi elbowdrop.

The Fantastics defeated Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) when Rogers hit a leapfrogging sunset flip out of the corner on a charging Boris.

Pedro Morales defeated Dynamite Kid (no Heenan) with a backslide for the flash pinfall.

Tito Santana defeated Sika with a rollup reversal.

Kerry Von Erich won a 20-Man $20,000 battle royal. He eliminated Bob Backlund at the end, to send the place into a frenzy to end the night.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 10/23 | Landover, MD @ Capitol Center (13,322)

Al Snow defeated George Steele (w/Lou Albano) by DQ, when Steele tore open the top turnbuckle & stuffed Snow’s face with foam, then did the same to the ref. He then petted the ref’s head against his chest like a doll baby, before chasing him to the back when he learned Snow was given the win.

Hillbilly Jim defeated Boris Zhukov (w/Fred Blassie) with a legdrop.

Rocky King defeated Barry O with the flying cross-body from the top rope.

Nikolai Volkoff (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Ken Patera by DQ, when Patera intercepted Blassie’s cane pass to Nikolai & used it to clock the big Russian. Nikolai & Blassie headed for the hills.

Tito Santana & Bob Backlund fought to a 20-minute time limit draw.

The Fantastics defeated Greg Valentine & King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan) by DQ, when Heenan interfered in plain view of the ref. Fantastics finally cleared the ring & heaved Heenan over the top onto Bundy & Valentine below.

Big John Studd defeated Ted Arcidi, after squirming out of a bodyslam attempt by Arcidi, planted his own slam & elbowdrop for the 1-2-3.

Andre the Giant won a 20-man $20,000 battle royal. He eliminated Davey Boy Smith in the end, to send the place home happy.

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