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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 10/24 (Abbreviated for Accelerated Production)


(Gorilla Monsoon & Fred Blassie on commentary.)


Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Tony Majors with the Rude Awakening in his in-ring debut. Hart intro’d Rude, who came out solo to the tune of “Smooth Operator” by Sade, in a full-length, black velvet robe with “Simply Ravishing” in jewels across the back. Utterly dominant display of offensive aggression on Majors by Rude, who enjoyed every minute. “Wonderful” chants throughout from the crowd.

[WWF Fall Classic Update: Lord Alfred Hayes hypes the existing card; Bruno vs. Schultz in a Steel Cage for the Title, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik in a Last Man Standing Match, Andre vs. Haystacks, etc. He then plays an announcement video from Jack Tunney, filmed earlier in the week. Tunney announces he’s been approached by Kerry & Kevin Von Erich, actually ASKING to defend their Tag Team Titles vs. the Samoan Headhunters - not against a random 2, but against all 4! He’s hereby sanctioning the Von Erich’s vs. Samoan Headhunters in a Gauntlet Match. Also, based on the personal events of last week & many weeks prior, he is also hereby sanctioning The Fantastics vs. British Bulldogs/Bobby Heenan in a 2-on-3 Handicap Grudge Match both set for Fall Classic on 11/26. Also states he’s currently taking the issue of #1 contender for the I-C Title under advisement.]

Tito Santana defeated Tim Scott with the flying forearm. Tito was razor-sharp in this one-sided display.

David Schultz defeated Ken Burns in 44 seconds with a 2nd rope elbowdrop. During his pre-match tirade, Schultz asked Burns who he thought would win the Steel Cage match at Fall Classic for the Title. Burns said “BRUNO!”... Burns was a corpse 44 seconds later. Schultz taunted him in the post-match, delivering a piledriver out of spite.

[WWF Event Center for the PHILADELPHIA AREA -- Mean Gene hypes the house show @ the Spectrum tonight, Saturday 10/24. Bruno Sammartino comes in like a house of fire, cutting a scathing promo on David Schultz for the No DQ Title Match tonight, saying Schultz won’t even make it to Fall Classic because he’s putting him on the shelf tonight. Says the No DQ stip is a license for him to run wild on Dr. D & he’s gonna treat Philadelphia to all the brutality they can stand tonight, etc.]

[The Penthouse w/Fred Blassie. Giant Haystacks is the special guest. Says the last time he set foot in this place, he destroyed it using Andre as a children’s toy. Says at Fall Classic, he will descend on Chicago to destroy the fallacy the world has been cherishing as being real. Says to remember those images from the last time on Penthouse. It happened because that’s reality. Says Haystacks arrived to conquer his rightful place as the 1 TRUE giant, and Andre will go on his wall of hunted prey.]

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated Rusty Scuff & Angelo Blank with a Claw by Kevin & Discus Punch by Kerry on Scuff. Crowd brought down the house for the Champs, who were in rare form. Flashbulbs popping everywhere for every high spot during the match. Champs are loaded for bear.

[WWF Event Center for the PHILADELPHIA MARKET -- Mean Gene re-hypes the house show @ the Spectrum tonight, Saturday 10/24. Big John Studd comes into frame in street clothes. Says he’s eager to land in Philly tonight to utterly dominate 1 of their favorite fair-haired heroes from Mexico. Says Tito’s good, but he can’t move mountains - and he’s the unmovable mountain of professional wrestling. Says when he puts Tito down tonight, he’ll stay down.]

[Paul Orndorff speaks to Gorilla & Blassie via phone: Says he’s banged up, but he’s more ticked-off than anything & wants a piece of Rick Rude. Says Rude doesn’t get to use him to make a mark on the way in & Jimmy Hart doesn’t get to punish him for staying in charge of his own career. Says it’s personal right off the bat & that's bad news for them, etc.]

Ivan Putski defeated Afa by DQ. Total slugfest of brute power, with thundering shots flying both ways. Putski sets the tone early with slams of the hefty savage & clotheslines that level the islandic spiritual leader. Afa cuts off the momentum with a jumping headbutt, followed by a headbutt drop to the sternum of Putski.

The physical, high-velocity match stays on the seesaw the hold time. Afa whips Putski to the corner & missed a follow-in Avalanche… right into a big powerslam by Putski for the near-fall! Putski clotheslines him over the top to the floor with authority! 

Both men rumble outside the ring & Afa breaks it up with another jumping headbutt that staggers Putski backward against the ringpost. Afa charges, Putski dodges & Afa cracks the post face-first head-on! Back inside, Putski whips the dazed Afa to the ropes & LEVELS him with the Polish Hammer! 

Sika races to ringside & jumps on the apron, catching a Putski shot to the head for his trouble! Putski uses the top rope to catapult him into the ring & he continues unloading on the outsider as the ref calls for the bell!! 

Haku & Tama race to ringside, slide in & ambush Putski. Afa recovers & now we have a 4-on-1 beatdown! Ted Arcidi lumbers to ringside & slides in, eating a double crescent kick to the face from Haku & Tama that knocks Arcidi backward thru the ropes to the floor. The 4-on-1 resumes! 

Suddenly, here comes Masa Saito & Mr. Fuji calmly down the aisle! What are they doing here!?!? They get to ringside, Saito removes his gi & slides into the ring. What is this? The Headhunters are even more curious, completely ignoring their prey on the canvas. Saito calmly walks between them, peels up Putski’s corpse & dumps it to the outside. 

Saito then calmly stands in mid-ring, surrounded by Samoans on all sides. Saito then holds his arms outward, almost inviting them to strike him. He lets out a warmaker scream & the Headhunters unload on him, wolfpacking him the same way they did to Putski! Fuji watches with a smile, outside the ring. What!?!? They’re stomping the holy hell out of Saito!!

The Headhunters finally step away from him & Saito… slowly… pulls himself up!! The Headhunters are stunned! A seething Saito, battered from the beatdown & full of a boiling-over intensity, does several martial arts striking gestures toward each man, powering through his own pain, as the Headhunters are intrigued by this display - several of their heads cocked to the side as they watch. 

Saito straightens up to a basic stance & the Headhunters… slowly step toward him peaceably! Each of them bows their heads to their wrist as some unspoken gesture of respect, it would seem. He steps toward the ropes & exits the ring, and the Headhunters follow! Fuji’s in near-orgasmic bliss!  

Fuji starts up the aisle, with Saito slowly striding behind him… and the Samoan Headhunters slowly striding behind Saito! What unholy allegiance have we just seen forged!! Or is that even what we just saw at all!!?? 

[Announced in action for next week: Rocky King, King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd, and Ken Patera. Main event will be Andre the Giant vs. Nikolai Volkoff. Blassie’s guest on The Penthouse will be WWF Heavyweight Champ Bruno Sammartino! There will also an update on what seems to be a deadly new alliance formed. Also, Jack Tunney will reportedly make additional major announcements for the 11/26 Fall Classic card.]

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Rick Rude makes an impressive debut. Ravishing vs. Wonderful just sells itself. 

Fall Classic is going to be a tremendous night of action. Von Erich's are some brave dudes taking on all 4 Samoans. For Heenan's sake I hope the Bulldogs do all the fighting in that handicap match. I wonder who will get the IC title shot? I'm pulling for Tito just so we can see a classic vs. Valentine. 

Shultz continues his terror. Will Bruno be able to stop the madness in the cage? 

Haystacks has words for Andre as the epic blow off approaches. 

Putski and Afa go all out in the main event. The real story is afterwards. What a crazy scene but it looks like Saito passed the test. Fuji and Saito aligning with the Samoans means a lot of trouble for the WWF! 

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 10/24


(Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


Barry Horowitz defeated SD Jones in a rematch from 2 weeks ago. As Jones tried the jumping headbutt finisher, Horowitz squirmed loose & schoolboyed him with a handful of trunks for the 1-2-3.  Jones was noticeably frustrated after the match, following his second loss to Horowitz in 3 weeks.

[Victory Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Iron Sheik is the special guest. Says Slaughter will not be standing after Fall Classic - he will. He will break him, humble him, humiliate him & leave him laying a broken man, etc. Slaughter ambushes him with a chair! Slaughter houses him everywhere & they brawl all over the arena, before fighting back to the Victory Circle set & backstage.]

Ken Patera defeated Terry Buhler with a Full Nelson German Suplex. After the match, he gets on the mic & says he’s not happy about Jack Tunney not just announcing him as #1 contender for the I-C Title vs. Valentine @ Fall Classic on 11/26. Says Tunney has some explaining to do, etc.

Nikolai Volkoff defeated Mut Loren with the benchpress backbreaker.

Ted Arcidi defeated Steve Lombardi with the powerslam.

[Rocky King vs. Dynamite Kid is announced as next week’s main event. Rick Rude & Jimmy Hart will be guests on Victory Circle.]

Kevin Von Erich defeated Bob Backlund by DQ. High-energy athletic match, with the crowd on pins & needles the whole way. Backlund with a variety of suplexes, Kevin with high-flying offense including flying head-scissors, etc.

Toward the end, Backlund had Kevin grounded with a reverse chinlock, but Kevin used the crowd’s energy to fire himself up & fight his way out of the hold. He knocks Backlund around like a pinball in an emotional comeback! Kevin slaps on the Claw!

Backlund desperately manages to fall back, slingshotting Kevin into the ref! Ref falls thru the ropes to the floor & Backlund slaps the Crossface Chicken Wing on a dazed Kevin… but no ref! Kevin’s flailing, trying to break the hold, but Backlund snares him down & gets the Chicken Wing locked in tighter with a full body scissors! Kevin’s flailing in desperation.

Kerry slowly walks the aisle & the place comes unglued! He gets into the ring, as Backlund notices! Backlund breaks the hold on Kevin & seems entranced by Kerry’s presence. He looks at his hands & back at Kerry, who’s daring Backlund to try his luck. Backlund begins laughing uncontrollably &... rolls out of the ring… ???

Backlund slowly leaves in a silent daze, never looking back at the ring. Kerry’s slightly puzzled, but still ready. He then kneels next to Kevin, making sure he’s OK. He helps Kevin up & they stand tall, celebrating with the raucous crowd to end the show.

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 10/24 | Philadelphia, PA @ Spectrum (19,297; Sell-out)

(Televised on the PRISM Network. Gorilla Monsoon & Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary.)

Ted Arcidi defeated Barry O @ 3:44 with a powerslam.

Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) defeated SD Jones @ 5:20 with a Russian Legsweep.

George Steele (w/Lou Albano) defeated I-C Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) by DQ @ 9:19, when Steele retrieved a sitting Valentine off the apron & Valentine clocked him with the I-C belt. Albano tried to retaliate on Steele's behalf, but Valentine floored him & left with Heenan. Steele recovered & chased him to the back.

Ken Patera & Pedro Morales defeated Red Scare @ 10:39 when Morales schoolboyed Nikolai during the 4-man breakdown.

Big John Studd & Tito Santana fought to a double count-out @ 11:08. Match spilled outside the ring, where each man prevented the other from beating the 10-count.


Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Cousin Luke @ 5:16 with the Bonsai Throat Claw.

British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated the Fantastics by DQ @ 13:27. High-octane seesaw tag match. During the 4-man breakdown at the end, Heenan tossed knucks into the ring for Dynamite to use on Rogers, but it miscued. Rogers got the knucks & KO’d Dynamite for the DQ. 

[Ring Announcer Mel Phillips announces Saturday 11/21 @ 8 PM as next month’s return date. Matches just signed include: Philly area debut of Rick Rude vs. Hillbilly Jim, Greg Valentine defends the I-C Title vs. Rocky King, Big John Studd vs. Tito Santana in a return bout, and main event of Bob Backlund vs. Kerry Von Erich! More matches to be announced in the coming weeks on local feeds of The Superstars of Wrestling on FOX 29 & All Star Wrestling on WPHL-17.]

Barry Horowitz defeated Salvatore Bellomo @ 6:48 with a drop-to-knees counter of Bellomo’s sunset flip.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated David Schultz by count-out @ 12:18 in a No DQ Match. Barn-burner of a fight, with the roof blowing off right off the bat. Schultz used the mic & a chair as weapons at times, while Bruno used the Title belt & a TV monitor from the commentary table as weapons at other times. Both men busted open. Near-falls all over the place. End came when Bruno backdropped Schultz over the railing at ringside & hit a belly-to-belly moments later in the crowd, beating the 10-count. Brawl continues post-match with officials running in to separate. Bruno stands tall in the end with the rabid crowd.

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I know I have said it before, but crazy, heel Backlund is awesome!

Barry H with a win. Has SD fallen so far?  or is there something new coming?  Will watch this closely.

Would not want to have an angry Ken Patera after me.  Tunney and Valentine better be careful.

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Horowitz should give himself a pat on the back. 

If Patera isn't announced as the number 1 IC contender he may have a Backlund type snap.

Slaughter and Sheik has escalated even more. At the Fall Classic somebody might end up dying. 

Kevin and Backlund give us another outstanding All-Star main event. I never know what's going through Backlund's mind and I think that's a good thing.

After reading that Bruno/Shultz main event in Philly, their steel cage match at Fall Classic is the only way this will be resolved. That could be the WWF's match of the year. 

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 10/25 | Long Island, NY @ Nassau Coliseum (13,889)

Al Snow defeated Dusty Wolfe with a double-arm DDT.

King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Bobby Fulton with a splash.

Hillbilly Jim defeated Tama with a schoolboy.

Pedro Morales defeated I-C Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) by DQ, when Heenan tripped Morales bouncing to the ropes. Post-match, a 2-on-1 beatdown led to Morales fighting back & accidentally nailing Heenan with the spearing headbutt to the gut instead of Valentine. 

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Cousin Luke with the Bonsai Throat Claw.

Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Salvatore Bellomo with the Russian Leg Sweep.

Tito Santana defeated Bob Backlund by count-out.

Sgt. Slaughter & Ken Patera defeated Red Scare when Slaughter hit a second rope shoulder tackle on Boris to send the crowd home happy.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 10/30 | Toronto, ON @ Maple Leaf Gardens (15,463)

SD Jones defeated Barry O with the jumping headbutt.

George Steele (w/Lou Albano) defeated King Kong Bundy by DQ, when Bundy buried a boot to Steele throat down in the corner & didn’t break the 5-count. Bundy argues with the ref & Steele recovers, biting Bundy’s neck relentlessly until he retreats. Steele follows in hot pursuit.

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Salvatore Bellomo with a Rude Awakening. Post-match, Paul Orndorff ran down like a house of fire, prompting Rude & Hart to clear out just in time. 

Ken Patera fought Bob Backlund to a 15-minute time limit draw.

Tito Santana & Pedro Morales defeated Red Scare (no Blassie) when Morales small-packaged Nikolai during a 4-man brawl late in the match.

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Cousin Luke with the Bonsai Throat Claw.

Paul Orndorff defeated Barry Horowitz with the piledriver in 29 seconds.

Hillbilly Jim defeated Big John Studd by count-out, when Jim squirmed out of a bodyslam & shoved Studd to the post. Studd pulled Jim's leg to keep him from beating the 10-count, but Jim kicked him in the face multiple times to break away & make it back in.

British Bulldogs (no Heenan) fought Fantastics to a double DQ in a wild match that spilled everywhere. Bundy came down in the post-match for the 3-on-2 beatdown. Tito Santana ran down to even the score & the fan favorites sent the Heenan Family packing to close out the night. 

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 10/31 (Abbreviated for Accelerated Production)


(Gorilla Monsoon & Fred Blassie on commentary.)

Rocky King defeated Barry Horowitz with a cross-body from the top rope.

[WWF Update: Lord Alfred hypes the Fall Classic card so far; Bruno vs. Schultz in a Steel Cage for the World Title, Andre vs. Haystacks, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik in Last Man Standing Match, Von Erich’s defending Tag Titles vs. Samoan Headhunters in a Gauntlet Match, and Fantastics vs. British Bulldogs/Bobby Heenan in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match. He sends us to a pre-recorded video from President Jack Tunney in his office: Announces Masa Saito  vs. Hillbilly Jim at Fall Classic. Also announces Tito Santana vs. Ken Patera in a #1 Contender Match in 2 weeks on Superstars of Wrestling - the weekend before Thanksgiving. The winner gets the I-C Title shot at Greg Valentine at Fall Classic in Chicago.]

Big John Studd defeated Sean Vanucci with a towering bodyslam & elbowdrop.

Ken Patera submitted Gary Tripp with a Full Nelson in 36 seconds. After the match, he gets on the mic & says he respects Tito Santana, but he’s the rightful #1 contender for the I-C Title. Says he’s the last Champ & deserves to end Valentine once & for all. Tito Santana comes down to a big ovation & gets into the ring with him. Says he considers Ken a friend, but he’s been after Valentine just as hard & deserves an I-C Title shot at Fall Classic as much, or more, than anyone. Says if Ken is that sure of himself, be the Olympian, embrace the competition & beat him in the #1 Contender match. Patera says he doesn’t need Tito to tell him his own resume & knows it has “former I-C Champ” on it. Says he has every intent on giving Tito a gold medal-worthy defeat. Tito sarcastically congratulates him & says HIS (Tito’s) resume has “FUTURE I-C Champ” on it - hence the difference between them. Crowd rumbling for the back & forth! Tons of tension. Tito, finally, leaves slowly. Patera’s fuming.

[WWF Event Center for the BOSTON AREA -- Mean Gene hypes the house show @ the Boston Garden in 3 weeks, Friday 11/20. Greg Valentine comes into frame in street clothes, gloating about seeing Patera & Santana chasing each other’s tails, which means he can just pick the bones. Then cuts a promo on “that annoying flea, Rocky Johnson” about their I-C Title match @ Boston Garden.]

[The Penthouse w/Freddie Blassie: Special guest, the WWF Heavyweight Champ, Bruno Sammartino. He’s in rare form, all worked up. Says putting him & Schultz in a cage is a favor to him, so he can break him into a million pieces & leave parts of him all over Chicago. Says, after all the blood he’s lost, all the tears Schultz brought to his family 1 way or another, Schultz deserves the beating of his life! Passionately says, if he can’t beat this punk, this lowlife, this creep, this bozo, this MUT, down to a pile of mulch for somebody’s front lawn, then maybe he doesn’t deserve to be WWF Heavyweight Champion anymore, doesn’t deserve to walk the halls of the WWF as a man who calls himself a competitor any longer. Says he knows he’s a better man, better competitor, better champion than Schultz will ever be & he’ll bring Schultz all the hell that Schultz has brought everybody else - but Schultz will get it all in 1 night. Says blind ambition brought Schultz to the dance, but Bruno will be the one who sends him home… in a steel box!] 

King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan) defeats Tony Torrenti with an Avalanche & splash. Demanded & got the 5-count during the pinfall. During the match, an event staffer delivered a gift-wrapped box to Heenan. In the post-match, Bundy had Heenan open the box. Heenan pulls out a sheet of paper reading “Rendez-vous” in big, bold letters.

[Pre-recorded footage of Rick Rude & Jimmy Hart at a private airport, getting out of a limo on the tarmac, about to board a learjet. Hart happily says he agreed for this cameraman to meet them here. Rude says he couldn’t feel more welcome in the WWF, showing Orndorff he ain’t so wonderful after all. Says finally someone (Rude) is worth all the hype on arrival. Says Orndorff blew a shot to birth a stable with Jimmy as the mastermind, and Rude & Orndorff as the pioneers. Since Orndorff has no vision, he couldn’t make one simple good decision to find that out. Says Orndorff has all this bluster now & is hopping mad about being so embarrassed by Rude, and now wants to fight. Says his answer is “Nope - Orndorff has already called his 1 shot. Let him stew in it!” Rude & Hart laughingly ascend the steps, onto the learjet.]

[WWF Event Center for the BOSTON AREA -- Mean Gene re-hypes the house show @ the Boston Garden in t-minus 3 weeks, Friday 11/20. The Fantastics come in like a house of fire. They’re chomping at the bit about facing the Bulldogs & Heenan @ Fall Classic, and about putting those no-good Russians in their place 1 weekend before they head to Chicago, etc.]

Andre the Giant defeated Nikolai Volkoff. Nikolai & Blassie came to the ring first & Nikolai did his customary singing of the Russian national anthem, to a thundering chorus of boos. However, this time, Andre made his way to the ring midway thru it, to a wild ovation & to the outrage of Nikolai & Blassie.

Nikolai angrily readies himself & charges Andre head-on… only to be met with giant soup bones, chops & headbutts that pinball the big Russian like a lightweight! Andre has fun tossing Nikolai hither & tither with shot after shot - hiptosses, bodyslams, chops, punches & a standing boot to the chin in the corner, etc. Blassie is 50% in awe & 50% dismayed by this display of dominance on his Russian bruiser.

Suddenly, the raucous crowd goes anxious as… HERE COMES GIANT HAYSTACKS! Andre sees him coming! Haystacks slowly, leisurely, circles the ringside area, keeping eye contact with Andre as Nikolai continues to get battered in the corner. Andre stays on a swivel to keep an eye on his circling, giant counterpart, while continuing to work Nikolai over.

Haystacks, eyes filled with defiant rage, climbs onto the apron & Andre steps toward him! Both giants are jawing & pointing at each other from a few feet away, as Nikolai recovers. Nikolai charges & high-knees Andre from behind, knocking him into Haystacks! Haystacks topples off the apron, feet-first to the floor, dazed!! Andre, dazed from the high knee, turns around as Nikolai bounces off the ropes with another charge…… Andre LEVELS him with a Big Boot!! Andre then FLATTENS him with the sitdown splash for the 1-2-3!!

Haystacks quickly climbs back to the apron, over the top & makes a b-line for unaware Andre… but Andre makes it to his feet in time to meet him face-to-face!!! Crowd is rabid for the standoff!! 

Haystacks quickly throws his arms high for the trapezius hammers to Andre (like the Penthouse incident weeks ago), but Andre preempts it with a double-fisted choke to the throat of Haystacks!!! Haystacks is shocked & struggling to breathe, as Andre’s plowing forward with the choke cinched in!! Andre gets him against the ropes & Haystacks angrily rakes the eyes to break the choke! Andre quickly recovers & snatches Haystacks’ head into a headbutt that KNOCKS HAYSTACKS OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR, LANDING FEET-FIRST!! PLACE COMING UNGLUED!! Haystacks, dazed & livid, pounds the apron with both fists, as Andre angrily invites him back to get some more!!

Haystacks backs toward the aisle, jawing vengeance Andre’s way. Andre’s fired-up & ready for another go!! Haystacks pounds his chest, conveying he’s no worse for the wear from Andre’s physicality!! Andre looks a tad concerned to see Haystacks recovered so quickly & completely!! “Andre” chants rain down, as both behemoths continue pointing & jawing at one another from a distance.

[Announced in action for next week: Masa Saito, Sgt. Slaughter, Paul Orndorff, and Rick Rude. Main event will be Fantastics vs. Greg Valentine/King Kong Bundy in a return bout from the match that never started a few weeks back. Blassie’s guest on The Penthouse will be ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz! Also, Jack Tunney will reportedly make additional announcements for the 11/26 Fall Classic card.]

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 10/31


(Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Ari Miller with the Bonsai Throat Claw. The 4 Samoan Headhunters accompanied him to ringside & did a tribal dance ending with kneeling to Saito on all sides of him in the pre-match. In the post-match, the 4 Samoans decimated Miller further.

[Victory Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Special guest ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz. Says Bruno is on a road to irrelevance. Says this steel cage will be the mercy killing of a legacy. Says this dream boat he’s been riding is gonna run land in Chicago, and all his Italy tough-guy persona in the world ain’t gonna save him from being mauled like an animal in that cage by the king of this jungle.]

The Fantastics defeated Paul Morgan & Pete Jennings with the Rocket Launcher on Jennings.

I-C Champion Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine submitted John Mann with the Figure Four Leglock. 

Sgt. Slaughter submitted Tyrone Silver with the Cobra Clutch in 33 seconds. Afterward, Slaughter cuts a fiery promo, saying he will be the Last Man Standing at Fall Classic & Iron Sheik will be covered in the very American flag he once spat on. Slaughter leads the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.

[Bob Backlund vs. George ‘The Animal’ Steele announced as next week’s main event. The Von Erich’s are the special guests for Victory Circle.]

Dynamite Kid (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Rocky King in a hot seesaw match. Great, explosive hard-nosed offense from Dynamite & gutsy high-flying fight from King.

Dynamite snatches control of the match & works King over with snap-suplexes, back-breakers, discus clothesline, etc. Dynamite locks in a surfboard, then lowers it into a surfboard stretch. King won’t submit! Dynamite finally lets go & stomps him into oblivion. Dynamite tries a headbutt drop & King moves!

King fires up & houses Dynamite with dropkicks, clotheslines, high backdrop, and roundhouses that level Dynamite repeatedly like a basketball! Both men end up on a crisscross & King LEVELS Dynamite with a running cross-body on collision for the 1… 2… Dynamite kicks out at 2.5!

King hops out & heads to the top! King dives for his cross-body finisher… but Dynamite moves & King crash-lands sternum-first! Dynamite quickly hops out & climbs to a different top rope, dives & PLANTS his Swandive Headbutt from the heavens! Hooks the leg for the 1-2-3!

Dynamite celebrates with Heenan in the ring, taunting the crowd, before finally exiting the ring & heading up the aisle in smug satisfaction. In the ring, King slowly makes it up to a knee, trying to shake off the ill effects. Crowd giving him a roar of respect, as the show fades to black.

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The Fall Classic is really shaping up into something huge. 

I'm very intrigued with the upcoming Tito/Patera match for an IC title shot. Both men want the shot bad and I'm wondering how far they'll go to get it. 

Bruno gives a very passionate promo on Shultz. This has been a red hot feud and I can't wait for the payoff.

Rude and Hart don't think to much of Orndorff but they better be ready because Orndorff will be coming after them full force.

Man, Andre and Haystacks is going to be the true battle of the behemoths! I just hope the ring at Fall Classic doesn't collapse. 


Saito has been even more ruthless since aligning with the Samoans. These guys could rule the WWF.

Shultz gets his promo in on the Victory Circle and has some very threatening words for Bruno.

Another fast paced barn burner of a main event as King goes toe to toe with Dynamite. Dynamite gets the win but King just gained a ton of respect.  

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 10/31 | Buffalo, NY @ Memorial Auditorium (12,228)

SD Jones defeated Barry Horowitz with a backslide.

George Steele (w/Lou Albano) submitted Al Snow with the Armbar to Heaven. Virgil ran down & ambushed him afterward. Steele fought him off, sending him packing.

Big John Studd defeated Ivan Putski with a jackknife out of the corner with a handful of trunks.

Nikolai Volkoff (no Blassie) defeated Sgt. Slaughter by count-out, when Iron Sheik ran down & brawled with Slaughter to the back. Slaughter returned during Nikolai’s post-match celebration & cleaned house on him.

Ted Arcidi defeated Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) by DQ when Saito wouldn’t break the Bonsai Throat Claw after Arcidi got his feet on the ropes.

[In-ring Interview w/Jack Reynolds: Special guest Bob Backlund. Blames Buffalo for allowing NYC’s corruption to spread upstate & rub off on its youth and family values. Says the reason he beat ‘Kerrith’ tonight (there was no match w/him & Kerry tonight) was to teach all these Buffalo miscreants the meaning of integrity & diligence, etc. Huge ‘Kerry’ chants raining down as he boils over in his lecturing, before storming to the back.]

Rocky King & Virgil (no Blassie) fought to a double count-out.

Davey Boy Smith (w/Dynamite Kid) defeated Tommy Rogers (w/Bobby Fulton) with a small package reversal. Hot match from the start.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Boris Zhukov (no Blassie) with the belly-to-belly suplex, sending the crowd home happy.

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So many great feuds here that I can't wait for Fall Brawl.

I an unsure which interests me the most but I can't wait to see where you go with Bruno, Patera and the whole Rude/Orndorff situation.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 11/6 | Indianapolis, IN @ Convention Expo Center (5,663)

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Salvatore Bellomo with the Rude Awakening.

Rocky King defeated Barry Horowitz with the high cross-body from the top.

King Kong Bundy defeated Cousin Luke with an Avalanche & splash.

Hillbilly Jim defeated Al Snow with a legdrop.

I-C Champion Greg Valentine (no Heenan) defeated Pedro Morales with a small package reversal.

Tito Santana defeated Masa Saito by DQ, when Fuji used his cane to trip Santana as he hit the ropes.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated Red Scare with a Discus Punch by Kerry on Boris.

Ken Patera defeated Bob Backlund by DQ, when Backlund refused to break the Chicken Wing after Patera made it to the ropes. Backlund stalks the ref & Patera Full-Nelson-Germans Backlund from behind, sending Backlund packing to end the night.

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 11/7 (Abbreviated for Accelerated Production)


(Gorilla Monsoon & Fred Blassie on commentary.)

Paul Orndorff defeated Rip Jenkins in 44 seconds with a piledriver. Utter angry domination. Afterwards, Orndorff got on the mic & demanded Rick Rude to come face him, to see what the future REALLY looks like. Says, if he’s too chicken to come to him, he (Orndorff) will go find Rude instead. Makes a b-line to the back.

[WWF Fall Classic Update: Lord Alfred hypes the Fall Classic card so far; Bruno vs. Schultz in a Steel Cage for the World Title, Andre vs. Haystacks, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik in Last Man Standing Match, Von Erich’s defending Tag Titles vs. Samoan Headhunters in a Gauntlet Match, and Fantastics vs. British Bulldogs/Bobby Heenan in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match, Saito vs. Hillbilly Jim. He sends us to a pre-recorded video from President Jack Tunney in his office: Announces Virgil vs. George Steele is added to the card.]

Sgt. Slaughter defeated Greg Lloyd with the Cobra Clutch. Prior to the match, Slaughter sidetracked to the commentary podium & badmouthed Blassie off-mic about Sheik, before finally heading to the ring to take care of business.

[Pre-recorded in-studio promo with Tag Team Champs the Von Erich’s. They hype their Gauntlet Match against the Samoan Headhunters @ Fall Classic. Kerry acknowledges it seems crazy of them to wanna face all 4 of those savages, but since all 4 jumped them & left them for dead recently, and have done the same to many others since, they need to be hunted themselves. Kevin says they’ll take out 2, then ride the gauntlet to take out the other 2. Kerry ends, saying Saito can always catch a Tornado too, if he wants some.]

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Tye Carol with the Rude Awakening. Prior to the match, Rude trashed Orndorff & demanded they keep his theme song, “Smooth Operator” by Sade, playing during his match.

[WWF Event Center for the NYC AREA -- Mean Gene hypes the house show @ Madison Square Garden being just ONE week away, Saturday 11/14. Quickly runs down most of the card, including NYC debut of Rick Rude, George Steele/Lou Albano vs. Masa Saito/Mr. Fuji, Paul Orndorff vs. Boris Zhukov, Bob Backlund vs. Kerry Von Erich, and main event of Andre the Giant/Fantastics vs. King Kong Bundy/British Bulldogs in a 6-Man Tag. Steele & Albano come in, and Albano cuts a promo on Saito & Fuji while Albano childishly explores the set & finally licks Gene’s face as Albano wraps the promo.]

[The Penthouse w/Freddie Blassie: Special guest ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz. Says he knows he’s in Bruno’s mind & under his skin. Says Bruno’s off his game now, knowing the alpha lion is here & driving him out of the pride. Says he’s gonna use that cage in Chicago to take the Bruno body, title reign, and legacy apart like watching wildlife on TV, etc. Bruno comes out to the ring in street clothes & interrupts with a mic. Says Schultz will never be alpha-anything to him & dares him to come pick him apart right now, since his mouth is running full-speed - says to let his body do the same. Bruno goads him badly, questioning Schultz’s manhood whenever Bruno is around vs. when he’s not, etc. Schultz gnashes his teeth & finally decides to head over to the ring area! Place coming unglued. Bruno is pacing like an impatient predator, happily licking his chops for this! Schultz makes it to ringside… then backs away up the aisle with a smug grin. Bruno’s beside himself, even laying flat on the mat for Schultz to come get some. Schultz is tempted, but finally heads to the back, proudly thinking he’s outsmarting the Champ. Bruno says there’s 2 things he never wastes - a good meal & a good fight. Bruno rolls out & runs up the aisle!] 

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji & 4 Samoan Headhunters) defeated Terence Hopson with the Bonsai Throat Claw. During the match, the Headhunters knelt to 1 knee in some sign of tribal deference, until Saito laid waste to Hopson. *[An inset promo of Hillbilly Jim airs, saying he’s ready to ‘hook ‘em up’ with Saito @ Fall Classic.]* After the lopsided match, the Headhunters slid into the ring & picked the bones on the Hopson carcas with headbutt drops & splashes from the top rope, as Saito & Fuji leisurely watched in pleasure. 

[WWF Event Center for the NYC AREA -- Mean Gene hypes the house show @ Madison Square Garden being just ONE week away, Saturday 11/14. Bob Backlund comes into frame in a 3-piece suit, calmly saying he & ‘Kerrith’ are finally coming to the summit of battle & accountability. Says he’ll use this vanquishing of Kerrith to teach New Yorkers the long overdue lesson that NYC is a toxic society for our world.]

[WE follow Bruno through the hallways, eagerly seeking out Schultz. 1 stage hand points him in the right direction. Bruno ends up out of the dressing room arena, into a huge, industrial storage warehouse of the arena. He’s tiptoeing, thinking he heard something as he cautiously searches. Schultz attacks out of nowhere with a fire extinguisher to the back of Bruno! Stomps a mudhole in the Champ, then runs him into stacked-high shelves of aluminum poles, and stacked rows of barrels that collapse onto Bruno like a mountain falling on a human being! Schultz grabs a chain-link section of fencing, as Bruno tries crawling up from the pile of barrels like a zombie. Schultz mows him down with the fencing. He then face-plants Bruno onto the fencing repeatedly, busting him open badly. He yells “Imagine 15 feet of this all around you, Champ! I’m gon’ take what’s left!” into Bruno’s battered face, before leaving him laying, bleeding, broken & barely conscious.]  

Greg Valentine/King Kong Bundy (Bobby Heenan) defeated The Fantastics by DQ. Barn-burner of a main event with a crowd on its feet throughout. Great seesaw action from the start.

Fantastics open up like a house of fire & clear the ring early, igniting the crowd big-time. Great fluidity of offense, beating Team Heenan to every punch, using Valentine as a human pinball to knock around. Valentine finally manages to stunt the momentum with a reverse elbow across the back of Fulton’s neck on a backdrop counter off the ropes. Valentine’s in firm control now with methodical, deliberate offense aimed to dismantle a human body, 1 part at a time. 

Bundy tags in & works Fulton over big-time: body throw, powerslam, body blocks in the corner, etc. Fulton then comes off an Irish whip a few mins later & baseball-slides thru Bundy’s legs, desperately tags in Rogers finally! 

Rogers is a high-flying missile, hitting Bundy from all sides, high & low! Bundy keeps swinging in retaliation, but keeps hitting air as Rogers is a blur for Bundy! Rogers staggers him with a dropkick… And another!... And another! Bundy’s teetering! Rogers bounces to the ropes & Valentine yanks down the top rope from the apron, causing Rogers to tumble over to the floor! Crowd irate! Fulton angrily gets in, b-lining for Valentine, but Bundy intercepts him with a clothesline!


Graham gingerly rolls into the ring & stunned Bundy tries to pounce… but Graham UNLOADS with roundhouses on the 400-pound monster like a man possessed!! Rights & lefts with all he’s got!!! Rocking this wall of a man!! Place coming unglued!! Whips Bundy to the corner & follows in with a clothesline that puts Bundy on wobbly legs, staggering out of the corner!! Graham backs to the ropes & comes off… Big Boot LEVELS BUNDY!! The ring shook!! Bundy rolls out to the floor instinctively!! Heenan is shocked & dismayed!! 

Graham angrily rips off his shirt, exposing the heavily taped ribs!! Graham’s beside himself, waving for Bundy to get back in for some more!! Bundy’s livid on the floor & dying to get back in!!!


The locker room of local talent empties to come break up this Pier 6!! Team Heenan ends up in the aisle, pointing & jawing past the local workers at their foes from afar, as Fantastics hop back into the ring & Graham gingerly rolls back in to join them!! Fantastics are on fire, wanting more!! Graham steps on the bottom turnbuckle, angrily taunting Bundy & co.!!! “Jesus Christ Superstar” hits & the place is blowing the roof off!! 

Bundy’s livid & still stunned to see this sight from the aisle!! Bulldogs are beside themselves!! Heenan’s walking to the back, almost pulling his own hair out. Valentine has long since vacated!! Bundy & Bulldogs stay in the aisle, jawing up at their rivals in the ring. Superstar is back & is chomping at the bit to get it on here - despite seeming like he’s not quite 100%, given those ribs!!

[Gorilla & Blassie announce action for next week: Iron Sheik, Hillbilly Jim, Von Erich’s, and Andre the Giant vs. 3 local wrestlers in a 3-on-1 handicap match. Main event will be George ‘The Animal’ Steele vs. Haku! Just finalized during the commercial break, Blassie’s guest on The Penthouse will be ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham, who reportedly will have a lot to say! Also, Jack Tunney will make additional major announcements about the 11/26 Fall Classic card.]

[Heenan, Valentine, Bundy & the British Bulldogs angrily arrive back to their locker room, murmuring about what just happened. They then notice a single black aluminum bat mysteriously laying flat in the middle of the locker room floor - which stops them in their tracks. They’re stunned silent, as fear creeps over them. Bundy slowly picks up the bat & looks at his cohorts. They’re all wigged out. Bundy gulps big as he looks closer at the bat.]

Fade to black.

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Really fun show this week.

You are doing a materful job of hyping up Dr. D and Bruno.

Can't wait to get Orndorff and Rude!

I really wish WWF had used more of those giant brawl endings in real life.  I think they are part of the reason I am a southern territory guy even though I live in NY.  Awesome finish!

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 11/7


(Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


Tito Santana defeated Pete Moreno with the flying forearm. Post-match, says he’ll beat his friend Ken Patera to become #1 contender, then finally beat Greg Valentine to win the I-C Title @ Fall Classic.

[Victory Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Tag Champs the Von Erich’s special guests. Kerry explains the Gauntlet Match stip @ Fall Classic: they face 2 Samoans to start, they get another 2 if they beat the first pair. If not, there is no 2nd Fall. Kevin welcomes the high stakes. Says he loves anyone from the islands, but these guys are thugs & they barked up the wrong tree.]
The British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Paul Arnold & Steve Sugar with the powerslam by Davey & Swandive Headbutt from the top by Dynamite on Sugar.

Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Drew Lesch with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Pedro Morales submitted Stevie Jay with a Boston Crab.

[Rick Rude vs. Rocky King announced as next week’s main event. Hillbilly Jim will be Lord Alfred's guest in Victory Circle.]

George ‘The Animal’ Steele (w/Lou Albano) & Bob Backlund fought to a Double DQ. Great clash of eccentric personalities & combat styles. 

Midway through, Backlund has a reverse chinlock cinched in & George is fading! He manages to fight his way up! Backlund hops on his back, fighting to keep the chinlock cinched… but George runs him backward to the corner for a sandwich at 50 mph to break the hold!

George LEVELS him with roundhouses & unorthodox chops. George then bites & rips open the top turnbuckle, grabbing a fistful of the foam. He stuffs it in Backlund’s face, then hooks the elevated Armbar to Heaven!!! Backlund manages to flip out of it!!!... lands behind George & hooks the Crossface Chicken Wing from behind!!! George bites the arm cross-facing him & breaks the hold!!!

George grabs Backlund & tries to run him head-first to the exposed turnbuckle!!... but Backlund blocks it & tries to smash George’s face into the exposed turnbuckle instead!!... but George blocks it!! They end up face-planting each other into the turnbuckle at the same time!!! Both fall to the canvas like a ton of bricks!!! Ref calls for the bell!! Backlund slowly rolls out & staggers up the aisle on wobbly legs. Albano gets in & kneels over George, trying to help him up.

Suddenly… Backlund runs back to the ring, hooking Albano in the Chicken Wing from behind, fully cinched in with the body scissors on the mat!! George revives & bites Backlund in the face to break the hold!! Backlund rolls out & marches up the aisle, yelling “KERRITH!”, as the show ends.

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 11/7 | Cleveland, OH @ Convention Center (11,301)

Rocky King defeated Al Snow with a rollup.

Sika defeated Dan Severn with a thrust kick.

I-C Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Cousin Luke with a jackknife pin with feet on the ropes for leverage.

Tito Santana defeated Haku with the flying forearm.

Andre the Giant defeated Bob Backlund by count-out, after a Big Boot over the top to the floor. Backlund waved off & staggered for the hills.


Dynamite Kid (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Kevin Von Erich with a crucifix after Heenan rocked Kevin with a foreign object.

Pedro Morales defeated Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) by DQ, when Fuji interfered. Morales made a comeback, smashing their heads together & sending them packing.

Kerry Von Erich defeated Davey Boy Smith (w/Bobby Heenan) with the Discus Punch.

Bruno Sammartino & Sgt. Slaughter defeated David Schultz & Iron Sheik by DQ. Action-packed brawl. Toward the end, 4-man brawl. Sheik threw powder in Slaughter’s eyes, then helped Schultz stomp down Bruno. Slaughter uses a fan’s beer to wash out his eyes & helps Bruno clear the ring with chairs. Bruno & Slaughter stand tall to end the night.

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 11/8 | Cincinnati, OH @ Riverfront Coliseum (14,668)

SD Jones defeated Barry Horowitz with the jumping headbutt.

Giant Haystacks defeated two 350-pound local workers with back Avalanches on each.

Pedro Morales defeated Sika with a jumping sunset flip counter to Sika’s charge in the corner.

Rocky King defeated Mr. Fuji with a crescent kick.

David Schultz defeated Hillbilly Jim by count-out.

The Fantastics fought the British Bulldogs (no Heenan) to a Double DQ.

Al Snow defeated Salvatore Bellomo.

Paul Orndorff wins a 20-Man $20K battle royal. Orndorff eliminated Dynamite Kid at the end for the big goodnight pop.

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Updated Card:

1. WWF Heavyweight Title | Steel Cage Match: 
Bruno Sammartino© vs. 'Dr. D' David Schultz 

2. Andre the Giant vs. Giant Haystacks

3. Last Man Standing Match: 
Sgt. Slaughter vs. The Iron Sheik

4. WWF Tag Team Titles | Gauntlet Match: 
Von Erich’s© vs. The Samoan Headhunters

5. WWF Intercontinental Title:
Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine© vs. #1 Contender (Ken Patera or Tito Santana winner) 

6. Handicap Tag Team Grudge Match: 
The Fantastics vs. The British Bulldogs & Bobby Heenan

7. George ‘The Animal’ Steele vs. Virgil

8. Masa Saito vs. Hillbilly Jim



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All roads lead to the Fall Classic! 

Just when I thought Bruno and Shultz reached peak heat a lot more craziness happens. Oh man, Shultz really did a number on Bruno in the back. Their cage match is going to be off the charts! 

After the Bruno beating, the fans needed something to cheer about and look who's back...SUPERSTAR BILLY GRAHAM! Graham puts Bundy down and electrifies the crowd! I can only hope Tunney makes this match for Fall Classic. 

The baseball bat is back and by the reactions of the Heenan Family this is going to be a great pay off. 

The Tito/Patera number one IC contender match has a lot of intrigue. I wonder if they'll still be friends afterwards LOL. 

Thanksgiving can't come soon enough. 


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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 11/13 | Hartford, CT @ Civic Center (11,269)

Bobby Heenan defeated Salvatore Bellomo with a foreign object KO.

Rocky King defeated Barry O with a cross-body from the top rope.

George Steele (w/Lou Albano) defeated Sika (w/Mr. Fuji)  by DQ when Afa, Haku, and Tama stormed the ring for a 4-on-1 beatdown. Scufflin’ Hillbillies then stormed the ring with chairs & helped clean house.

The Fantastics & Greg Valentine/King Kong Bundy fought to a Double DQ.


Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Dan Severn with the Rude Awakening. “Won-der-ful” chants throughout.

Ken Patera defeated Nikolai Volkoff with a bridging German suplex.

David Schultz defeated Ivan Putski with a reversal out of a sunset flip into a jackknife cradle.

Andre the Giant defeated Bob Backlund by count-out, after a Big Boot sent Backlund flying backward over the top to the floor. A woozy Backlund bailed, leaving the Giant standing tall to end the night.

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