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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 11/14 (Abbreviated for Accelerated Production)


(London, ON @ London Gardens. Gorilla Monsoon & Freddie Blassie on commentary.)

Iron Sheik defeated Waylon Jennings with the Camel Clutch. Pre-match, Blassie declares Sgt. Slaughter is 2 weeks from being broken in front of the world. Says Sheik will grind him up & the pile of pieces will lay there as America is let down forever, etc.

[WWF Fall Classic Update: Lord Alfred hypes the Fall Classic card so far; Bruno vs. Schultz in a Steel Cage for the World Title, Andre vs. Haystacks, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik in a Last Man Standing Match, Von Erich’s defending Tag Titles vs. Samoan Headhunters in a Gauntlet Match, Fantastics vs. British Bulldogs/Bobby Heenan in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match, Saito vs. Hillbilly Jim, and Virgil vs. George Steele. He takes us to footage of the Bruno/Schultz ordeal from last week, culminating in Schultz’s ambush in the arena storage area. He then kicks us to a pre-recorded promo from David Schultz, saying we’re on the verge of him ending what’s left of the Bruno fantasy & of a Schultz coronation on the very night that America gives thanks.]

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated George Crance & Anthony Lopez in 62 seconds, when Kevin pinned Crance with the Claw cinched in. Kerry KO’s Lopez with the Discus Punch before he could make the save. Afterwards, Fuji, Saito & the 4 Samoan Headhunters come to the broadcast podium. Fuji says the beasts will devour them in Chicago. Kerry & Kevin say “Let’s see”, and head up the aisle toward them! BRAWL IS ON! Von Erich’s are holding their own in this 5-on-2, but eventually get overwhelmed in the melee. George ‘The Animal’ w/Capt Lou, Hillbilly Jim & Cousin Luke storm out to make it 5-on-5! Place coming unglued for this raucous next to the podium! The Champs, George & Hillbillies rumble their way to an advantage, as officials arrive onto the scene to break up the insanity! Samoans & Saito are satiated, licking their lips in pleasure as they back their way backstage. George, Von Erich’s & Hillbillies are left standing tall for the rocking crowd! George barks playfully at the restraining officials.

[Pre-recorded in-studio promo with Rick Rude & Jimmy Hart. Rude happily boasts about having the night off for Thanksgiving in Chicago, having turned down Paul Orndorff for Fall Classic. Hart can’t stop laughing. Rude says he doesn’t deserve to face Rude anywhere, unless Rude picks the place & time. Says he & Jimmy can grab some front row seats again, some popcorn & hot dogs like they’ve one at WWF TV lately, and just enjoy all the action & bright lights, handpicking who they’re gonna take down next.]

Andre the Giant defeated Raphael Lenardi, Farmer Johnson, and Tempest McDowell. Floored each man with soup bones, headbutts, and chops. *[Mid-match, WE get an inset promo of Giant Haystacks, intensely saying “Fall Classic. Andre. Destroy. DESTROY. DESTROYYYY!”]* Andre pancakes all 3 guys in the corner, Big-Boots each man & stacks them on top of each other. Drops the sit-down splash on the stack of humanity for the 1-2-3.

[WWF Event Center for the NYC AREA -- Mean Gene hypes the big house show @ Madison Square Garden TONIGHT, Saturday 11/14. King Kong Bundy & the British Bulldogs come into frame to hype their main event 6-Man. Bundy boasts that they’re gonna make NYC quake tonight when they put the fake giant & the 2 male strippers through the street. Davey says they’re gonna take the black bat they know the Fantastics planted & hit some doubles & triples like they’re at Yankee Stadium. Dynamite says they’ll finish off the Fantastics, then have a fantastic time chopping down Andre.]

[The Penthouse w/Freddie Blassie. Virgil stands, arms folded, next to Blassie, who hypes Virgil’s match vs. George Steele @ Fall Classic. Says Virgil gave George a taste of reality recently, after that Pearl Harbor job that Steele staged on the Penthouse weeks ago, etc. Then switches gears - hypes the conspiracy theory that his next guest is hopped up on performance-enhancements to pull off what he did last week. Brings out a focused Superstar Graham to a standing ovation. Blassie badgers him repeatedly about still being injured & grandstanding last week, etc. Graham finally explodes, cutting his tirade off & ripping off his tie-dye shirt to reveal those taped ribs. Admits he’s not 100% but that he IS back & ready to smite a behemoth, even if it costs him everything - including his own body. Passionately thanks everyone for their prayers this whole time, as he was on the mend. Says he won’t stop until it gets this fight signed on the dotted line. Says he’ll even sign a waiver for Jack Tunney if needed, absolving the WWF of all liability - even if fighting the 450-pound Bundy puts him on the shelf forever. Says it would all still have been worth it, knowing he stood up & fought to his last breath for every young voice that might be snuffed out in life & for every man or woman in the world who ever were inspired by him to be their voice. Says that cocky tank Bundy WILL FALL, if it’s the last thing he ever does, “BROTHA!”. He pumps his fist emotionally to the rabid crowd & abruptly walks off set to his music.]

Hillbilly Jim (w/Lou Albano) defeated Jim Holmes with a Big Boot. Cousin Luke comes down during the match & gives away snazzy, well-packaged bottles of their new ‘Jeb Juice’ product to the fans around ringside.

[WWF Event Center for the NYC AREA -- Mean Gene re-hypes the big house show @ Madison Square Garden TONIGHT, Saturday 11/14. The Fantastics come in, hype about being in the Big Apple tonight, honored to fight alongside Andre the Giant & eager to take down 3 men they live & eat to take down. Say tonight will be a backyard fight they can’t wait for - don’t miss it!]

[President Jack Tunney calls into Gorilla & Blassie: Announces, based on the liability waiver publicly offered on The Penthouse, balanced with the fervent sentiment from fans worldwide, against his better judgement, he is hereby making King Kong Bundy vs. ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham official for Fall Classic in Chicago on 11/26.]

George ‘The Animal’ Steele (w/Lou Albano) defeated Haku (w/Mr. Fuji). Eager George happily slid into the ring & attacked Haku right off the bat, housing him all over the ring, knocking him from pillar to post. Leveling roundhouses, chops, bites various body parts, and 2-finger eye-pokes abound!

Haku cuts off his momentum, but hurdling George on a backdrop attempt & leveling him with a thrust kick. Haku drops knees, falling headbutts, reverse elbows off whips to the ropes, etc. Crowd is firmly behind George, urging him on! Fuji waits until the ref is distracted & uses his cane to choke George under the bottom rope! Albano hustles around to run Fuji off!

Moments later, Haku slams George & climbs to the top. He leaps for a splash & GEORGE MOVES! George cartoonishly fires up & houses Haku like no tomorrow! Fuji climbs on the apron, brandishing the cane at George, who cocks his head in curiosity. Albano climbs to the apron & snatches Fuji’s cane! Haku gets up & snatches the cane from Albano & threatens him! George schoolboys him out of nowhere for the leg-flailing 1-2-3!! Place goes nuts!!

Here come Sika, Tama & Afa barreling to the ring!! They slide in & start stomping a mudhole in George!! In a split second, HERE COME THE VON ERICH’S STORMING TO THE RING!! THEY RUNNING-SLIDE INTO THE RING & THE HEADHUNTERS CLEAR AWAY FROM GEORGE!

The Champs cautiously help the dazed George roll out of the ring, not taking their eyes off their savage adversaries! Kerry & Kevin roll out, raising George’s arms in victory outside the ring, as the place is going nuts!! The Samoan Headhunters are still crouched in unison & ready to pounce! Fuji’s livid!

The Champs jaw in their direction, then happily head up the aisle with Albano & a victorious George, who’s resting his head on Kevin’s chest as they parade toward the back! 

[Gorilla & Blassie announce action for next week: Virgil, Masa Saito, Sgt. Slaughter, and the Fantastics. Main event will be the long-advertised I-C #1 Contender match of Ken Patera vs. Tito Santana, with the winner challenging Greg Valentine for the I-C gold @ Fall Classic! Blassie’s guest on The Penthouse will be Rick Rude w/Jimmy Hart!]

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 11/14


(Struthers, OH @ Fieldhouse. Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


The Fantastics defeated Reuben Arnold & Scott Casey with the Rocket Launcher on Arnold.

[Victory Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Special guest Hillbilly Jim. Says he’s excited to hook ‘em up with Masa Saito at Fall Classic. Says he’s seen Saito lay waste to grown men like animals being led to slaughter. Says he’s just as tough & fancies a good fight even more. Says he’ll give Saito a taste of his own medicine at Fall Classic.]

Ken Patera submitted Steve Lombardi with an Airplane-spinning Full Nelson. Post-match, he gets on the mic & says he should have to earn something that’s rightfully his, but he’ll beat his friend Tito next week on Superstars of Wrestling, and go to Chi-Town to take Greg Valentine apart once & for all.

Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Curt Flood & Will Downes with a knee-lift by Boris on Downes.

[British Bulldogs vs. Putski/Arcidi announced as next week’s main event. Victory Circle guest will be Sgt. Slaughter.]

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Rocky King. This match was pure kinetic energy & so was the hot crowd! Paul Orndorff brings the house down when he shows up at the front row with popcorn, hotdog & huge soft drink, and relaxes like a fan taking in the match - much like Rude & Hart have done at times. Rude & Hart are big-time annoyed, and somewhat distracted.

Rude’s in total control to start out, enjoying himself as he breaks King down ruthlessly. King makes an early comeback, surprising Rude with a series of dropkicks, hiptosses, arm drags, and finishes the flurry with another dropkick that knocks Rude backward over the top to the floor! Orndorff is standing like many others, cheering King on like his #1 fan! 

Dazed Rude gets to his feet outside & practically turns around, right into a taunting/applauding Orndorff -- Rude falls back down in surprise & crawls backward, like he’s just seen a ghost! King rolls out stomps Rude like there’s no tomorrow! Crowd going nuts -- they can smell the upset!

King continues the high-flying onslaught in the ring with backdrops, flying head-scissors, and a monkey-flip off an Irish whip! King hooks the leg for the 1-2-Rude kicks out with authority! King catapults himself to the apron & hops to the top rope… but Rude quickly recovers & press-slams King a mile off the top rope! 

Rude’s mean streak is awakened now & he unleashes holy Hell with vicious forearm drops, stomps, chokes, elbowdrops, knee drops, etc. He houses King from pillar to post, yelling at Orndorff at ringside, who’s still enjoying his refreshments. Rude’s too distracted now to show off for Orndorff, grinding his hips at him, etc. Rude tries a Rude Awakening on King… but King counters with a backslide for the 1-2-Rude kicks out!

King gets in a final, climactic flurry of leveling roundhouses & dropkicks, and counters a backdrop attempt with a swinging neckbreaker on Rude! King goes back to the top rope as Rude staggers up… King flies for the cross-body finisher… but Rude dives out of the way! King crash-lands & Rude immediately Rude-Awakenings him to Hell for the 1-2-3!

Rude & Hart taunt the crowd, as Rude stands tall over fallen King. Orndorff hops the railing & slides in behind Rude! Orndorff knocks Rude’s light out with a roundhouse, as Hart dives for cover! Rude rolls out quickly & angrily heads up the aisle with Hart, jawing at Orndorff in the ring. Orndorff stands tall, fired up, pointing at Rude & himself, inviting Rude to come get some as the show goes off the air!


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Good week for the WWF.  Really looking forward to Fall Brawl.  Love how you seem to be planning ahead by leaving Rude/Orndorff off the big card and I love Rude's reasoning that he will pick the time and place.  You always seem to give these little details that I would never even think of but really give us some true insights into the business side of wrestling.

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Superstars TV really hyped up the Von Erichs and their upcoming gauntlet match at Fall Classic. It will be a tough task for the champs but man they're pretty fired up these days. 

Slaughter and Sheik are going to tear the house down. 

YES! Tunney gives the fans what they want and books Graham vs. Bundy! The Superstar is one brave dude. 

Really looking forward to Andre and Haystacks. Haystacks has been built up so well as a credible threat. 

Rude says he turned down Orndorff but I have a feeling Tunney might give him a rude awakening.

Next week we get to find out the true number one contender to the IC title. Tito and Patera will bring it. 

I've liked Rocky King's role here. At any moment you can sense he'll pull off an upset as Rude found out. Only a matter of time before King pulls a big one off. 

So much happening at Fall Classic and then we'll get the long awaited cage match with Bruno and Shultz. This has been one of the top feuds in the game and I can't wait for the blow off! 



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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 11/14 | New York City, NY @ Madison Square Garden (18,269)

Pedro Morales submitted Al Snow with a Boston Crab @ 6:22.

George Steele/Lou Albano defeated Masa Saito/Mr. Fuji @ 8:14 when Albano schoolboyed Fuji.

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Salvatore Bellomo @ 3:49 with the Rude Awakening. Rude demanded his entrance theme “Smooth Operator” to play during the match. 

Big John Studd defeated Dan Severn @ 4:11 with a bodyslam & elbowdrop.

Andre the Giant/Fantastics defeated King Kong Bundy/British Bulldogs by DQ @ 13:28, when Bobby Heenan interfered in the Pier-6 toward the end. Andre & Fantastics clear the ring, leaving Heenan surrounded to get pinballed among all 3 men, ending in an Andre Big Boot that knocks Heenan for a loop. Giant Haystacks storms to the ring & ambushes Andre. Fantastics try to save but Haystacks levels both like insects. Haystacks sleeper-holds a kneeling Andre & leaves him face-down on the mat. Crowd stunned.


Paul Orndorff defeated Steve Lombardi @ 1:21 with a piledriver. Post-match, he tells the crowd he’ll chase Rude all over NYC if he has to.

Hillbilly Jim defeated Afa by DQ @ 7:44. Sika ran down to save the 3-count when Jim had Afa pinned from a legdrop. 2-on-1 beatdown. George Steele ran down with 2 musical cymbals & clocked the Samoans repeatedly until Hillbilly Jim could help him clear the ring of their foes.

[Ring announcer Howard Finkel announces Saturday 12/26 @ 8 PM as next month's return date. Matches just signed include: Fantastics vs. British Bulldogs in a Texas Tornado Tag Match, Tito Santana vs. Big John Studd, Sgt. Slaughter vs. David Schultz, and main event of Bruno Sammartino vs. Iron Sheik!]

I-C Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Ivan Putski @ 12:29 after a stun-gun into the top turnbuckle, leading to a jackknife with feet on the ropes for leverage.

Kerry Von Erich defeated Bob Backlund by count-out @ 11:12. High drama & big sizzle in the crowd. Backlund tried the Chicken Wing near the end, but Kerry reversed out & slapped the Claw on Backlund against the ropes. Discus Punch knocks Backlund over the top to the floor, completely out-cold for the 10-count. Party atmosphere as Kerry stands tall on all 4 second turnbuckles, sending the place home happy. 

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Haystacks leaving Andre face down in MSG is HUGE! 

I like the intense slow building of Orndorff and Rude. As Gorilla would say "You can cut the tension with a knife" 

Valentine gets in a good title defense as he waits to find out who the number 1 contender will be. 

If you want the fans to go home happy then putting Kerry on last is the way to go. 

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 11/15 | East Rutherford, NJ @ Meadowlands Arena (17,481)

Rocky King defeated Steve Blackman with a bulldog from the second rope.

Ken Patera defeated Boris Zhukov (w/Fred Blassie) with a bridging German suplex.

I-C Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Ted Arcidi with a foreign object KO.

Pedro Morales defeated Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) by DQ when Virgil used Blassie’s cane.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) 2-1 in a 2/3 Falls Match. Bulldogs won Fall 1 when Kerry was counted out. Von Erich’s won Fall 2 when Kevin pinned Dynamite with a backslide. Von Erich’s won Fall 3 by DQ when Davey used a Title belt on Kerry, to break up the Claw on Dynamite.


Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Paul Orndorff by count-out when Rick Rude ran down in street clothes, distracting Orndorff just long enough for the 10-count. Orndorff was livid & chased Rude to the back.

Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Salvatore Bellomo with a Russian Leg Sweep.

George Steele (w/Lou Albano) defeated Tama (w/Mr. Fuji) with an inside cradle after Tama missed a splash from the top.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino fought King Kong Bundy to a Double Count-out. Brawl continues after the bell until officials finally run down to break things up. Bruno gets back into the ring & dares Bundy to go some more, Bundy teases like he will, then heads to the back. Bruno stands tall for the raucous crowd to end the night.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 11/20 | Boston, MA @ Boston Garden (16,755)

SD Jones defeated Barry O with the jumping headbutt.

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Dan Severn with a Rude Awakening. Post-match, Rude, knowing he’s not there, boastfully offers to face Paul Orndorff right now in Boston. When Orndorff doesn’t show, Rude gloats that he knew Mr. Wonderful was all show & no go, etc. 

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) fought Pedro Morales to a 15-minute time limit draw.

The British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Tito Santana/Ken Patera. Pier-4 brawl at the end led to a miscue with Tito & Patera, that sent Tito reeling into a Dynamite small package for the flash 1-2-3. Tito & Patera with a big-time shouting match when the smoke cleared.

The Iron Sheik (w/Freddie Blassie) defeated Andre the Giant by DQ. Ref got KO’d by accident. Sheik tried to use Blassie’s cane, but ate an Andre Big Boot instead that sent him reeling backward - arms got entangled in the ropes! Andre took full advantage with chokes & roundhouses on the helpless, ensnared Sheik. Ref revives & Andre refuses to break the choke. Ref counts to 5 & calls for the DQ. Andre livid. Blassie freed Sheik & everyone ran for the hills.


I-C Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Rocky King, when Valentine countered a King monkey-flip attempt out of the corner & jackknifed with feet on the ropes for leverage.

The Fantastics defeated Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) when Rogers pinned Boris with a rollup.

[Ring Announcer Frank Chrzanowski announces Friday 12/19 @ 8 PM as next month’s return date. Matches just signed include: Masa Saito vs. Kevin Von Erich, King Kong Bundy vs. Sgt. Slaughter, a 20-Man Battle Royal for a WWF Heavyweight Title shot in Boston in January, and Bob Backlund vs. Kerry Von Erich!]

Big John Studd defeated Ivan Putski with an elbowdrop.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated David Schultz by count-out in a No DQ Match. Chaotic brawl that spilled into the crowd 3 times. Near-falls all over the place throughout. Near the end, Bruno’s prone on the mat & Schultz leaps off the 2nd rope with the ring bell. Bruno double-mule-kicks the bell into his face, knocking Schultz through the ropes to the floor. Brawl continues outside & Schultz surprises Bruno with a mic shot to the skull. Schultz peels back the floor mats to expose the concrete. He tries a flush piledriver, but Bruno backdrops out of it & plants a belly-to-belly on the concrete instead, beating the 10-count. Bruno stands tall in the ring for the rabid crowd to end the night, as Schultz writhes on the concrete. 

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Updated Card:

1. WWF Heavyweight Title | Steel Cage Match: 
Bruno Sammartino© vs. 'Dr. D' David Schultz 

2. Andre the Giant vs. Giant Haystacks

3. Last Man Standing Match: 
Sgt. Slaughter vs. The Iron Sheik

4. 'Superstar' Billy Graham vs. King Kong Bundy

5. WWF Tag Team Titles | Gauntlet Match: 
Von Erich’s© vs. The Samoan Headhunters

6. WWF Intercontinental Title:
Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine© vs. #1 Contender (Ken Patera or Tito Santana winner) 

7. Handicap Tag Team Grudge Match: 
The Fantastics vs. The British Bulldogs & Bobby Heenan

8. George ‘The Animal’ Steele vs. Virgil

9. Masa Saito vs. Hillbilly Jim


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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 11/21 (Abbreviated for Accelerated Production)


(Gorilla Monsoon & Freddie Blassie on commentary.)

The Fantastics defeated Border Thomas & Tony Hawkins with a Rocket Launcher on Thomas. Total dominance from the southern duo & a rabid crowd. Mid-match, British Bulldogs in street clothes came to the aisle & observed. Post-match, both teams jawed at each other from a distance as Fantastics held the ropes open for the Bulldogs.

[WWF Fall Classic Update: Lord Alfred hypes the Fall Classic card so far; Bruno vs. Schultz in a Steel Cage for the World Title, Andre vs. Haystacks, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik in a Last Man Standing Match, Von Erich’s defending Tag Titles vs. Samoan Headhunters in a Gauntlet Match, Fantastics vs. British Bulldogs/Bobby Heenan in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match, Saito vs. Hillbilly Jim, Virgil vs. George Steele, and King Kong Bundy vs. a returning Superstar Graham signed last week. He takes us to footage of the Giant Haystacks ambush of Andre at MSG last Saturday night 11/14, that left Andre face-down unconscious. Kicks us to a pre-recorded in-studio promo of a snarling Haystacks rubbing his hands eagerly, touting the dismantling of a legend. Says Fall Classic is upon us & Andre is now a memory.]

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Salvatore Bellomo with the Bonsai Throat Claw.

[In-studio promo: A fiery Bruno Sammartino says he’ll erect the steel cage himself in Chicago now & wait for Schultz to get there, then rip Schultz’s head from his shoulders & teach his decapitated body about respect. Says he’ll defend his honor, integrity, his legend & his family -- and THEN his Title.]

Sgt. Slaughter defeated Rock Sawyer with the Cobra Clutch. Post-match, Slaughter got a mic & said it’s time to go to war. Says it’s time to send our enemies home on a platter signed by the good ole USA. Vows to put the Sheik out for good. Leads the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.

[WWF Event Center for the PHILADELPHIA AREA -- Mean Gene hypes the house show TONIGHT 11/21 @ Spectrum. Rocky King parades into frame, “ON FI-YA” about getting to Philly tonight to win that I-C gold from Greg Valentine. Says he’s not just here to make headlines for being the World Champ’s buddy - he’s here to prove he deserves to be a champ himself. Says Valentine is fixin’ to watch that gold fly, fly away!] 

[Back-to-back pre-recorded in-studio promos of the Samoan Headhunters w/Mr. Fuji as their mouthpiece, then to Tag Team Champs the Von Erich’s. In the Headhunters promo, Fuji gleefully says the pretty brothers will be eaten alive & taken like prey in the jungles of Samoa, especially since all 4 Samoans get to tear them apart. The Von Erich’s are all fired-up, saying they’re the ones on the hunt in Chicago & they’re gonna make history by taking out TWO teams of these Samoans in the same night, same match. Say they’ve been beating savages all their lives. This time, they get to defend wrestling’s richest gold for it.]

[The Penthouse w/Freddie Blassie: Virgil stands, arms folded, next to Blassie, who re-hypes Virgil’s match vs. George Steel @ Fall Classic this coming Thursday on Thanksgiving. Special guests are Rick Rude & Jimmy Hart. Rude says he & Jimmy already have a Chicago Thanksgiving all booked for some much-needed R&R with Hollywood friends, tycoons, and media types taking vacations. Says he & Jimmy chose to tell Paul Orndorff to go pound sand, and he’ll take out Orndorff on HIS terms when he feels like wiping the floor with him - sometime after the ‘Rude & Hart Thanksgiving Extravaganza’. Jack Tunney comes out & reminds Rude that his WWF contract states that 30% of his annual match itinerary is deemed "Open Compete", which means that portion of annual matches are set solely by the WWF Competition & Championship Committees. Rude & Hart sense where this is going & so does the crowd. Tunney says the Competition Committee is exercising that clause to feature Rude competing this coming Thursday, Thanksgiving night at Fall Classic, since the eyes of the world will be on such a groundbreaking, historic event. Rude is pissed! Tunney says an opponent has been determined, as a reflection of the event’s magnitude & of public interest - Paul ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Orndorff. Place coming unglued! Rude & Hart are beside themselves! Tunney steps away to leave & Rude wants to continue giving him an earful! Suddenly, Orndorff steps onto the set from the other direction, behind Rude! Rude turns around & Orndorff knocks Rude’s lights out with 1 shot! Hart flees. Orndorff mocks Rude by doing his hip gyration to the rabid crowd!]

[Back-to-back pre-recorded in-studio promos: King Kong Bundy w/Bobby Heenan & ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham. Bundy is pissed Graham got off his deathbed to come grandstand for the fans. Says he’s gonna snap what’s left of his body & his spirit in Chicago. Says Graham will have no one to blame, when he uses his mass to not just crack Graham’s bones, but pulverize them to a cloud of dust once & for all. Graham says wild wildebeests couldn’t keep him from coming back & giving ‘Humpdey Dumpdey’ the beating of a lifetime. Says Humpdey's gonna have a great fall in Chicago & is gonna pay for every nightmare, every shortened breath & every moment of excruciating pain. Says he may still be on the mend, but is still too sweet to be sour to let Bundy’s reign of terror last another day.]

Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) defeated McKenzie Pierce with the Russian Leg Sweep.

[WWF Event Center for the PHILADELPHIA AREA -- Mean Gene re-hypes the house show TONIGHT 11/21 @ Spectrum. Bob Backlund barges in & says he shall be descending upon the birthplace of independence this evening to eradicate professional sports of its malevolence, in the form of Kerrith Von Erich. Backlund then snaps when Gene second-guesses the comment, and hooks the Crossface Chicken Wing. Segment ends as production people race in to pull Backlund off him.]


[Gorilla & Blassie at the broadcast podium: They run down the full updated Fall Classic card for this coming Thanksgiving night, which now includes Paul Orndorff vs. Rick Rude.]


Tito Santana defeated Ken Patera to become the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title. Barn-burner. Greg Valentine in street clothes & Bobby Heenan pull up seats on the broadcast podium to watch leisurely, just as the match begins.

The cautious handshake at the start laid the path to a seesaw battle that left the world on its ear. A clinic in crisp amateur wrestling, chain wrestling, catches-catch-can, and high-energy Lucha! Headlock-takedowns, inverted armdrags, high hiptosses, leg-snatches into pins, dropkicks from Tito. Body-throws, double-arm, fisherman, and German suplexes by Patera -- both arsenals going almost tit for tat in the ultimate game of physical chess! Valentine & Heenan are riveted from afar.

Tito begins to out-counter the olympian, frustrating Patera until he finally opens up & unleashes vicious fisticuffs on Santana, knocking him from pillar to post. Patera misses a Vader Bomb & Tito’s all fired-up now! That Latin blood unleashes his own flurry of vicious punches, housing Patera all over the place & flattening him with a running cross-body for the near-fall! Both men pop up & Tito running-cross-bodies himself & Patera over the top to the floor. What a nasty spill!

Outside, both men pull themselves up & resume duking it out! Patera ducks a clothesline & German’s Tito out of his boots on the floor! He tosses him back into the ring & levels Tito repeatedly with clotheslines, uppercuts & a Samoan drop for the 1-2-Tito kicks out at 2.5! Patera points at Valentine & Heenan suggestively! Tito looks finished!

Patera eagerly sizes Tito up from behind to end it, as Tito groggily struggles to pick himself up. Tito gets to his feet on wobbly legs & Patera moves in for the Full Nelson… but Tito instinctively drops down, snatching Patera into a victory-roll-like cradle for the leg-flailing 1-2-Patera kicks out at 2.9!! 

Both men pop up & Tito immediately lunges over him for a sunset flip… Patera counters by dropping to his knees & grapevining both Tito’s legs in a cradle for the 1-2-Tito kicks out at 2.9!! 

Both men pop up, Tito ducks a clothesline & bounces off the ropes with the flying forearm!! Hooks the leg for the 1-2-3!! Place coming unglued!!

Tito weakly pulls himself up, nearly spent, as the ref raises his arm in victory! He weakly raises both arms to the crowd on all sides, gasping & taking in the rabid adoration! Patera is still semi-conscious on the mat!! 

Valentine & Heenan are now standing, sarcastically applauding Santana! Tito notices & gets on the second turnbuckle, pointing & jawing in their direction! Valentine smugly raises the I-C Title belt in response. 

Meanwhile, Patera slowly pulls himself up against the ropes, still woozy, and steps in Tito’s direction. Tito gets off the turnbuckle & meets him in the center of the ring. Patera murmurs some words to him, still shaking the cobwebs free & struggling to stand. He finally offers his hand in respect... & Tito shakes it! The 2 embrace! Place going nuts! Heenan & Valentine are feigning emotion at all this. Patera raises Tito’s arm to the raucous crowd on all sides!!

Patera then finally rolls out of the ring, ceding the ring to him & leaving ringside groggily. The disappointment & frustration overtake his face as he walks the aisle. Tito continues celebrating with the crowd!

[Gorilla & Blassie announce action for next week: British Bulldogs, Ivan Putski, Bob Backlund, and Pedro Morales. Main event will be Rocky King vs. Boris Zhukov. No Penthouse next week, as it will be preempted by full coverage on the results & fallout of Fall Classic.]

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If Vince had ever put Tito and Patera in the ring and had a clean victory when I was a kid, I might still like the WWF today.  Awesome main event.

Thought some of your jobber names were hilarious.

Great job with the interviews!  I thought Bruno and Tunney really got the fans more hype for Fall Brawl then before.  That is going to be an historic event.

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 11/21


(Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


Hillbilly Jim defeated Jim Goddard with a Big Boot in 51 seconds. 

[Victory Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Sgt. Slaughter is guest. Says he & America have been through Hell the last few months, but come next Thursday night, America gives Hell like only it can. Says Sheik is done standing - Blassie better find himself a new turncoat & gravy-train.]

Samoan Headhunters (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Mut Bradford/Tony Terry/Johnny Wells/Will Hardy in an 8-Man tag. Afa & Sika leveled Hardy with a double thrust kick. Tama & Haku each hit splashes from the top for the dominant win. Synchronized tribal war dance & belt-around-the-waist gestures in the post-match.

[Pre-recorded studio promo: David Schultz says he’s about to redefine ‘holiday’. Says Thanksgiving is about to become his own personal holiday, where he thanks himself for using a giant cage to close the book on a fairy tale. Says get ready to hail the NEW World Champ.]

Bobby Heenan (w/Greg Valentine) defeated Adam Foley in a warm-up match for Heenan’s upcoming tag match at Fall Classic. Valentine coached a nervous Heenan through the whole ordeal. Foley knocked him several times, but Heenan also used his instincts to get over on him & won with a swinging neckbreaker. Heenan & Valentine celebrated like it’s 1999. 

George Steele (w/Lou Albano) submitted Connor Meyers with the Armbar to Heaven. Post-match, George planted a beaten Meyers with double-arm gut-wrench suplex, before running around ringside, taking head-rubbings from fans & leaving up the aisle with Albano.

[Pre-recorded studio promo: Iron Sheik speaks mostly in Farsi dialect, out of spite. Says, in English, that he’ll be last man standing over Slaughter & these god-awful United States.]

The British Bulldogs (w/defeated Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi in a physical tag team affair. Putski & Arcidi are game powerhouses, fighting the dominance of the former Tag Champs. Putski and/or Arcidi are the dominant ones at first. Bulldogs & Heenan use their underhanded savvy to swing the pendulum.

Bulldogs have control as Dynamite works Arcidi over, even nailing a hefty semi-snap suplex on the big man! Dynamite climbs up top, but Putski runs across the apron & topples Dynamite off! Arcidi desperately crawls over for the hot tag!

Putski hops in like a mad man, leveling Dynamite & Davey, who’s in to try to save. Moments later, the Pier-4 is on! Davey backdrops Arcidi over the top, Putski LEVELS Dynamite with a Polish Hammer, Putski turns around & Davey PLANTS him with a powerslam! Davey rolls out & battered Dynamite groggily rolls over onto Putski for the 1-2-3!

Bulldogs & Heenan celebrate in the ring, taunting the crowd on all sides. Arcidi snatches up & chair & slides back into the ring! Bulldogs & Heenan scatter & back their way up the aisle, laughing up a storm in the aisle as the show goes off the air.

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Now that the Orndorff/Rude match has been signed and Tito wins the number one contender match,  everything is set for Fall Classic! 

Good job hyping up the matches with promos. 

The Tito/Patera match was exciting and we got a clean pin. Tito vs. Valentine will be a gem. 

All-Star once again delivers a fun main event with the Bulldogs defeating Arcidi and Putski in a solid powerhouse match. 

LOL, Heenan's tune up bout was a nice touch. 

Can't wait for Bruno and Shultz in the cage! 

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 11/21 | Philadelphia, PA @ Spectrum (17,390)

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Cousin Luke with the Bonsai Throat Claw.

Sika/Tama defeated Ivan Putski/Ted Arcidi @ 9:43 when Sika hit a second top-rope splash on Arcidi.

I-C Champ Greg Valentine defeated Rocky King by DQ @ 10:09, when King took flight for the cross-body from the top & Valentine moved, causing King to flatten the ref by accident.

[Ring Announcer Mel Phillips hypes the Fall Classic event next Thursday, Thanksgiving night, as the Spectrum is the main closed-circuit TV location in the Philly area. Tix still available. Phillips runs down the card, which elicits huge crowd responses as the names are spoken.]

Kevin Von Erich defeated Haku @ 12:11 with a rollup.

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Hillbilly Jim by DQ @ 7:48, when Jimmy Hart hopped on the apron & tried to clock Jim with the megaphone. Jim blocked it, snatched the megaphone & cracked a charging Rude in the gut with it for the DQ.


George Steele (w/Lou Albano) defeated Nikolai Volkoff (w/Fred Blassie) @ 7:54 when Steele ducked & Blassie accidentally cracked Nikolai with the cane instead while the ref was distracted with Albano. Schoolboy of Nikolai for the flash 1-2-3.

Tito Santana fought Big John Studd to a Double Count-out @ 12:21.

[Mel Phillips announces Friday 12/18 @ 8 PM as next month’s return date. Matches just signed include: Dynamite Kid vs. Tito Santana, Davey Boy Smith vs. Ken Patera, semi-main events of King Kong Bundy vs. Andre the Giant and Rick Rude vs. Paul Orndorff! More matches to be announced in the coming weeks on local feeds of The Superstars of Wrestling on FOX 29 & All Star Wrestling on WPHL-17.]

King Kong Bundy defeated Steve Blackman @ 7:36 with a splash.

Bob Backlund defeated Kerry Von Erich by DQ @ 14:41 when Backlund’s cheating antics kept going unnoticed by the ref, Kerry snapped, beat Backlund from pillar to post & wouldn’t break the Claw when he had Backlund bent backward across the bottom rope. Ref couldn’t pull Kerry off. Reinforcements had to run down & pull him off Backlund. Place coming unglued as Kerry stands tall to close out the night.

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 11/22 | Landover, MD @ Capital Center (14,871)

Big John Studd defeated a re-debuting Rene Goulet with a belly-to-back suplex.

Greg Valentine/British Bulldogs defeated Pedro Morales/Scufflin’ Hillbillies when Dave Boy powerslammed Luke.

Ivan Putski defeated Virgil by DQ, when the ref caught Virgil using a foreign object. Putski fired up & Polish Hammered Virgil. 

Tito Santana defeated the Iron Sheik by DQ, when Sheik used his fabric headdress to choke out Santana.

George Steele/Lou Albano defeated Masa Saito/Mr. Fuji when Steele double-arm gut-wrenched Fuji & let Albano take the pinfall.

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated SD Jones with a Rude Awakening. Demanded his theme song “Smooth Operator” by Sade to play during the match. 

The Fantastics defeated Red Scare when Fulton pinned Nikolai with a sunset flip.

Sgt. Slaughter defeated King Kong Bundy by DQ, when the Iron Sheik ran down & interfered. Superstar Graham in street clothes ran in for the save & helped Slaughter clean house to end the night.

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WWF Heavyweight Title | Steel Cage Match: 
Bruno Sammartino© vs. 'Dr. D' David Schultz 

Andre the Giant vs. Giant Haystacks

Last Man Standing Match: 
Sgt. Slaughter vs. The Iron Sheik

'Superstar' Billy Graham vs. King Kong Bundy

WWF Tag Team Title | Gauntlet Match: 
Von Erich’s© vs. The Samoan Headhunters

Paul 'Mr. Wonderful' Orndorff vs. Rick Rude

WWF Intercontinental Title:
Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine© vs. Tito Santana 

Handicap Tag Team Grudge Match: 
The Fantastics vs. The British Bulldogs & Bobby Heenan

George ‘The Animal’ Steele vs. Virgil

Masa Saito vs. Hillbilly Jim

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WWF Fall Classic: Thursday 11/26 | Chicago, IL @ Rosemont Horizon (18,242; Sellout)



[FADE] in to a fly-over of the majestic Chicago skyline at sunset, set to serene music.

Voice (ominous): The Windy City.

[JUMP CUT] to shots of downtown; towering skyscrapers, the subway trains snaking through town overhead on their elevated platforms, Grant Park & breathtaking fountains, the Chicago Theater, the infamous Chicago Loop, etc.

Voice (cont’d): Known for its powerful architecture. International trade. Culture. Media. 

[INTERCUT] flash, dramatic clips of Bruno Sammartino & David Schultz in separate moments of in-ring dominance & celebration over time, with dramatic flashes of the sections of a steel cage mixed in. Flash clips of Andre & Haystacks getting the better of one another along the way & Andre laying face-down recently at MSG with Haystacks dominantly standing over him & roaring to the heavens, and Slaughter brawling with Sheik through various crowds at recent house shows - all of this set to pulsating, ominous, hard-hitting music. 

Music shifts to “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears, as the rapid-fire imagery of Chicago scenery & the litany of WWF stars in moments of glory & agony continues.

Voice (cont’d): Tonight, Chicago is the very epicenter of the sports & entertainment world. A night where rivalries climax & traditions are forged. A defining chapter to be written in the annals of professional wrestling history. On this Thanksgiving night, the World Wrestling Federation proudly presents the inaugural... FALL... CLASSIC.

WE settle on 1 last shot of the sky-high Sears Tower piercing the clouds under this pink & orange sunset. 

[FADE] into the sold-out, brightly-lit Rosemont Horizon! The capacity crowd is on its feet, practically hanging from the rafters, blowing the roof off the place as WE pan this rocking venue & “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” continues blaring! An endless sea of rabid humanity, merchandise & homemade signs jam-pack this place from floor to ceiling! The entrance archway has the WWF Fall Classic logo perched at the apex. The long aisle, decked with a blue carpet. The ring aprons are adorned with custom-made blue & gold ring skirts with Fall Classic logo. Crowd is being bathed by huge concert-like strobe lights from the heavens as WE continue panning this breathtaking spectacle!

Gorilla Monsoon (unseen): Welcome to a new Thanksgiving night tradition!!! Welcome to the sold-out Rosemont Horizon in world-famous Chicago, Illinois!!! Welcome to the FIRST-EVER... WWF Fall Classic!!

[FADE] to one of the broadcast booth skyboxes overlooking the arena. Gorilla is standing by, decked out in a swanky, orange tuxedo.

Gorilla: Happy Thanksgiving, folks! The night we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us! It’s the Gorilla and, BOY, have I got a special, new broadcast partner to take this roller coaster ride with on this momentous occasion! Hot off the presses here, please welcome the INCOMPARABLE… ‘THE BODY’! JESSE VENTURA!

(WE pan over to reveal a grinning Jesse standing beside him, decked in leather jacket & feathered boa, hand on his hip.)

Jesse (fired-up): Well, thanks for introducing me with nothin’ but the TRUTH, GUH-RILLA! You know, it might be Thanksgiving night, but this building & this TOWN are on fire like it’s the heart of summer! The Body & the Guh-rilla side-by-side, Fall Classic is fixin’ to be a night to remember! Let’s get it on, here!

Gorilla (into the camera): You heard the man - let’s get it on!

(WE pan to the arena below…)

“Breaking Out” by Santana hits & the already-standing crowd goes even wilder!! Here comes Tito Santana, in brand-new bedazzled ring jacket, happily jogging out of the tunnel, pumping his fists to the roaring crowd & hi-fiving adoring fans as he runs the aisle! He gets to the ringside, hops up into the ring, pumping his fists to the rocking crowd on all sides! He pulls off the jacket & begins warming up, very focused. Song fades…

Crowd erupts in MONSTER boos as a confident Bobby Heenan leads a dazzling white-robed Greg Valentine out of the tunnel. They walk the aisle, noses high as can be, arriving to ringside. Up the steps & into the ring, Valentine opens the robe to remove the I-C Title belt, holding it high to the booing crowd & to Tito. 

WWF Intercontinental Title: Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine© (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Tito Santana

Valentine lowers the belt & shoves Tito in the chest. Tito UNLOADS with roundhouses that rock Valentine violently & the place is going nuts! One final shot drops him like a lightweight as the opening bell rings! Tito mounts him & continues unleashing those vicious shots! Place going nuts right out of the chute here! Valentine flips Tito off him.

Both pop up to their feet & Tito running-dropkicks him over the top to the floor! Tito’s all riled up & standing tall in the ring! Heenan’s got a migraine already! Valentine’s shaking the cobwebs free against the railing! He gets up & slams the apron in frustration, hopping onto the apron & aggressively jawing at Tito. Tito dropkicks him off the apron! Valentine hops back onto the apron & Tito uses the top rope to catapult Valentine back into the ring!

Tito continues taking the fight to him with hiptosses, dropkicks, and backdrops. He goes to the well again for another backdrop off of an Irish whip, but Valentine hits the brakes & curb-stomps him into oblivion!

Valentine’s in firm control now with additional face-plants, knee-drops to front & back of the neck, elbowdrops, reverse elbows to the sternum off an Irish whip, gut-wrench suplex, etc. He uses the middle rope to guillotine-choke him until he breaks for the 5-count. Heenan capitalizes by doing the same while the ref’s distracted with Valentine! Crowd irate!

Valentine keeps control, unloading standing forearms in the corner. Tito battles his way out of the corner, going toe-to-toe in mid-ring! Valentine drops to his knees & headbutts him in the gut to cut off his momentum. Valentine with a series of suplexes. Tito with counters into small packages, sunset-flips & backslides out of nowhere, for near-falls all over the place! Valentine pulls up near the ropes, Tito charges for a running cross-body & Valentine ducks… Tito flies a mile over the top to the floor! Nasty spill! Valentine distracts the ref, while Heenan puts the boots to Santana on the floor! Crowd more irate!

Moments later in the ring, Valentine hits a sidewalk slam & immediately PLANTS a knee-drop from the 2nd turnbuckle for the 1-2-Tito kicks out! Valentine slaps on the reverse chinlock & the place is rumbling, urging Tito on. A laboring Tito is weakly pumping his fist to feed off the energy! He finally battles his way up to his feet & elbows his way out of the hold! Tito levels him with shoulder-blocks off the ropes, goes for another & Heenan pulls his ankle without the ref seeing! Heenan walks away, grinning… Tito rolls out behind him, turns him around & KNOCKS Heenan’s lights out! Place going nuts! Valentine rolls out & levels Tito from behind.

Back in the ring, Valentine tries another sidewalk slam & Tito reverses out, backsliding Valentine for the 1-2-Valentine kicks out at 2.5! Tito immediately hops to the 2nd turnbuckle & hits a sunset flip from above for the 1-2-Valentine kicks out at 2.8! 

They pop up & Tito bounces off the ropes for the flying fore--... Valentine yanks the ref in the way & Tito accidentally KO’s the ref with the flying forearm! Tito’s dismayed! Heenan slides the I-C belt to Valentine, who CRACKS Tito in the knee from behind with the belt! Valentine immediately slaps on the Figure-Four Leglock! Tito’s in violent agony, flailing in pain! Heenan slides into the ring & stomps a mudhole in a helpless Santana while he’s in the hold! Crowd on its feet, ticked-off!

…… PLACE GOES NUTS AS… HERE COMES KEN PATERA SPRINTING DOWN THE AISLE! Valentine releases the hold on Sanatana & readies himself for Patera!! Patera slides into the ring, and Valentine & Heenan stomp a mudhole in him! Patera fights his way up & Heenan dives out of the ring to safety! Patera’s rocking Valentine with roundhouses!! Valentine with a desperate swipe, but Patera ducks & PLANTS him with a Full-Nelson German suplex! Patera snatches up the Title belt as Valentine groggily gets up… Patera CLOCKS Valentine with the belt!!...... Valentine’s out on his feet like a tree about to timber!!... Tito staggers up, bounces off the ropes… LEVELS VALENTINE WITH THE FLYING FOREARM!!! 

Patera immediately rolls out & chases Heenan to the back!! Patera turns & watches the ring from mid-aisle!! Tito desperately hooks Valentine’s dead leg as the groggy ref crawls over… 1… 2… 3!!! PLACE COMES ABSOLUTELY UNGLUED!! “Breaking Out” hits & the building is shaking!!!! History has been made!!!

Patera jogs back to the ring & slides in, helping Tito to his feet & awarding the I-C Title belt to him!!! The Valentine corpse rolls out of the ring ever so slowly! Patera raises Tito's arm to the rabid crowd & Tito’s got the belt raised high with the other arm!! What a party in Chicago!! A hobbled, groggy Tito begins to realize what’s happened, and starts celebrating with the crowd!!! He turns around…… and Patera CLOTHESLINES HIS HEAD OFF!!! Crowd in shock!!! Music stops. Patera’s expression turns smugly sadistic. 

He yanks the belt up as Tito woozily staggers up, turns around……  Patera CLOCKS Tito in the face with his newly-won gold!! Tito is out-cold!! What the--!!! Crowd is blown away! Patera smugly stands over the Tito corpse & looks out at the shocked, booing crowd! Patera drops the belt across the unconscious Santana’s waist & rolls out of the ring, slowly heading up the aisle to a chorus of boos with zero remorse on his face!! What has gotten into Ken Patera!?!? The new I-C Champ lay motionless in the ring, still!

Winner: Tito Santana via Pinfall; NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion

[CUT] to Mean Gene backstage in an arena hallway with the WWF logo on the concrete wall behind him. He’s part-excited about having a new I-C Champ & part-incensed at the shocking actions of Ken Patera. Switches gears to one of tonight’s big grudge matches, as Rick Rude & Jimmy Hart happily come into frame, flanking Gene. They’re amused about Santana becoming I-C Champ, then getting roundly dismantled. Rude says he’ll be sure to pay Tito a visit once he decides he’s ready to become I-C Champ. Says tonight, Paul Orndorff gets to pay for Jack Tunney’s cowardice & favoritism. Says Orndorff will rue the day he demanded this match & will be heading out of Chicago tonight feeling anything but wonderful. Says he (Rude), on the other hand, will leave it feeling absolutely… ravishing. Puckers a kiss at the camera as Jimmy laughs. They depart.

[CUT] to a special 30-second hype ad for WWF merchandise to order by phone.

[CUT] back into the arena & pan the capacity crowd.

Crowd erupts in boos, as Bob Backlund marches down the aisle in a tweed 3-piece suit, with purpose. He gets to ringside, up the steps & into the ring, taking the mic from Finkel. The boos are shaking the building! Backlund silently glares out at the booing sellout on all sides!

Backlund: I make no apols to the countless plebians who object to my presence. (Crowd boos bigger!) My social experiment has proven my thesis true - if I didn’t OBTRUDE myself into this event, this would become a night of pure hedonism. (Crowd explodes! Backlund annoyed) Well, the absence of morality in this company & its shameless global acolytes will not deter me from demanding better for the youth of this generation. (Crowd booing huge!) I will stand steadfast, here in the ring - an environment I have mastered to degrees beyond anyone’s comprehension! And I will remain where I stand, until I am provided suitable explanations for not being invited to BATHE this occasion with honor! With integrity! With moral sensibility! (Booing gets even louder! Backlund begins yelling, preaching to the whole building) You need pasteurization! You need HOMOGENIZATION! You have worshipped your false idols for too long! They’re all in this heathenous building! And I’m here to prevent you from another round of… of idol worship!

(“Don’t Go Messin’ With a Country Boy” hits & the place goes nuts!!! Backlund is incensed!! Hillbilly Jim parades to the entrance to a massive ovation!! Jim’s waving at the rabid crowd, and hi-fives adoring fans as he walks the aisle. Backlund is seething. Jim gets to the ring, gets on the apron & climbs in over the top rope. Jim comes over & snatches the mic! Song fades…)

Hillbilly Jim: You’re either gonna move, Mr. Bob, or I’m gonna move ya. Which one you want!? (Place going nuts! Backlund stunned!)

(Backlund lunges for a punch, but Jim LEVELS him with a single punch! Backlund pops up &... Big Boot out of nowhere flattens Backlund!!! Place goes nuts!! Backlund rolls out of the ring, woozy. Officials arrive. Backlund can barely stand & wanders aimlessly to the aisle, flanked by the officials making sure he leaves. Backlund drunkenly staggers up the aisle on wobbly legs, eyes almost rolled back, seemingly not even knowing where he is!! Hillbilly Jim is waving goodbye from the ring, still in a great mood! Backlund wanders his way into the tunnel, out of sight! Crowd giving Jim a standing ovation & he happily bows with a smile to all 4 sides, as if to say “You’re welcome!”)

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) vs. Hillbilly Jim

Suddenly, Masa Saito & Mr. Fuji come calmly out to the aisle, to a chorus of boos! Jim begins warming up. Saito & Fuji get to ringside, get into the ring & Saito loosens his shoulders in preparation - his eyes never leaving Jim.

A very physical match right off the bat, with both men landing haymakers. Hillbilly Jim with roundhouses & clotheslines that stagger Saito without dropping him. Saito with reverse double-chops off Irish whips & headbutts that stagger Jim without dropping him. Jim bounces off the ropes with a Big Boot attempt, but Saito ducks & DROPS him with an uppercut to the throat!

Hard-hitting back & forth between the 2 men, before Jim finally plants him with a Samoan drop to gain momentum. Jim houses him all over the place - most men can’t reel Saito this way! Match stays on the seesaw of physicality, as both men throw everything at each other but the kitchen sink. 

Toward the end, Saito levels Jim with a headbutt to the chest. Heads outside & begins climbing to the top. Jim recovers & tosses him a mile off the top! Jim fires up big-time & levels Saito with a flurry of clotheslines, backdrop, and follow-in clothesline to the corner! Saito staggers out of the corner on spaghetti legs & Jim signals to the crowd he’s going for the Big Boot! Jim bounces off the ropes & Big-Boots Saito!!... Saito is bent-over nearly backward from the impact… but he doesn’t go down!! He straightens up with a carnal rage on his face! Crowd roaring in shock! Jim is the most shocked! Saito’s daring him to do it again! Jim obliges, hits the ropes & Big-Boots his head off! Saito falls a mile then time & instinctively rolls out to the floor! 

Jim follows him out & the brawl continues at ringside! Fuji creeps up behind Jim with his cane, but Jim turns around just in time!! Fuji begs off big-time, discreetly tosses a small white packet around Jim, as Jim pursues him! Fuji rolls into the ring, still begging off from Jim. Ref reprimands Fuji, as Jim climbs to the apron. Saito yanks him off the apron & throws salt from the white packet into Jim’s eyes!! Ref never saw a thing! Jim’s blinded & collapses to the floor, rolling around in pain! 

Saito calmly rolls into the ring & Fuji gladly gets back out to the floor. Ref sees Jim writhing on the floor & slowly counts to 10! Crowd booing up a storm! Ref raises Saito’s arm in victory as Fuji celebrates outside the ring, cackling happily. Saito raises his fists in victory, taunting the booing crowd on all sides. He finally gets out to the floor & slowly leaves up the aisle with Fuji. Jim tries to flush his eyes, using the Fall Classic ring skirt.

Winner: Masa Saito via Count-out

[CUT] to a locker room with Vince McMahon standing by with a fiery Bruno Sammartino. Bruno with the Title belt over his shoulder. Says tonight is the moment of truth - something David Schultz knows nothing about meeting. Says he’s built an all-time legacy on rising to moments like this - Schultz never will. Says a steel cage is brutal enough on the human body, but Schultz will soon find out that a cage + Bruno is a level of brutality Schultz can’t imagine. Says Schultz got personal with the wrong man & his family. Says tonight is about tearing David Schultz apart, before he (Bruno) even gets around to defending the Title. Says he’s gonna end Dr. D tonight once & for all, even if he has to sacrifice his own body & soul to do it. “In 50 years, I’m gonna look back on this night & know that every mortal sin I’m about to commit will have ALL been worth it - even if the fire swallows me whole. Can you go that far out to say the same, punk!? I don’t think so!”. Walks away.

[CUT] up to the broadcast skybox with Gorilla & Jesse. Gorilla says Bruno seems more fired-up than he can ever remember. Jesse agrees, but says Bruno better hope he’s not so over-emotional that he’s off his game, because that plays right into Schultz’s hands. So much so, it could make him World Champion by the end of tonight.

[CUT] to a 60-second video package, highlighting the beauty & culture of Chicago.

[CUT] back into the arena.

“Rule, Britannia” hits & the place explodes in monster heat!! A nervous Bobby Heenan, now in his wrestling singlet & gear, comes out of the tunnel, flanked by the very ready British Bulldogs. They walk the aisle & Heenan looks like his heart’s in his throat - not to mention his stable just lost the I-C Title tonight. They get to ringside & climb inside. The Bulldogs confidently mount opposite 2nd turnbuckles, posing & taunting the booing crowd. Crowd’s ready for this one! Song fades & the Bulldogs are trying to psych the growingly worried Heenan up...

“Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top hits & the already-rocking crowd rocks even bigger!! Rogers & Fulton parade out of the tunnel in new blue, long-tailed shiny vests & bow ties, all wound-up! They hi-five the sea of flailing arms as they jog the aisle toward the ring, very ready to get it on! They get on the apron, gyrating wildly for the rabid female contingent & calling out their foes, before catapulting themselves into the ring to continue working the crowd on all sides! Heenan almost wants to cry!

Handicap Grudge Match: The Fantastics vs. The British Bulldogs & Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan

A total barn-burner from the get-go! Action hot & heavy with both teams. Seesaw advantages from each side, with amazingly fluid teamwork on both sides: stereo dropkicks from the Fantastics on Dynamite that knocks him for a mile, stereo backdrop to the heavens by the Bulldogs on Fulton, Rogers monkey-flipping Fulton out of the corner onto Davey’s shoulders & flying head-scissoring Davey for a mile, stereo tilt-a-whirl powerslam by the Bulldogs on Rogers, etc! All the while, Heenan’s done everything possible to avoid being tagged in amidst all these fireworks!  

Bulldogs gain the advantage, when Rogers leapfrogs a Dynamite backdrop attempt, runs Dynamite forward to the ropes from behind for a rollup attempt, but Dynamite ducks thru the ropes as they get there & Rogers eats a clothesline from Davey from the apron! Davey tags in & dominates; clotheslines, military press slam, standing delay suplex, etc. 

Heenan suddenly seems brave enough to try his luck - Davey tags him in! Heenan stomps Rogers & even drops an elbow! Hooks the leg, but Rogers kicks out before! Heenan flees & tags in Dynamite immediately! Dynamite continues with German suplexes, snap-suplex, etc. 

Moments later, both Bulldogs whip Rogers to the ropes… Rogers ducks a double-clothesline & bounces off the opposite ropes… FLATTENS both Bulldogs with a running cross-body & tags in Fulton! Fulton hops to the rope as the Bulldogs get up… Fulton FLATTENS the Bulldogs with a cross-body from the top! Fulton immediately dropkicks Heenan a mile off the apron for good measure! Place going nuts! 

Fulton’s in control on Davey; leveling uppercuts, knee-lifts, running dropkick in the corner, bulldog on Davey for the 1-2-Davey kicks out! Fulton tries a springboard elbowdrop, but Davey moves! Davey houses him with high-impact offense, then tags in Dynamite, who continues the onslaught of explosiveness. Dynamite tags in Heenan again, who hits a few knee-drops & rabbit punches. Heenan’s proud of himself. Heenan snap-mares Fulton & hits another knee-drop for a 2-count.

Davey tagged back in to continue the beat-down of Fulton, then cheapshots Rogers to goad him into the ref & distract the ref, while the Bulldogs & Heenan do a number on Fulton! Davey then tries his running powerslam finisher & Fulton squirms loose, face-planting Davey on the way down! Crowd rocking, urging him to make the tag! Davey crawls over & tags in Dynamite. Dynamite tries to pounce, but Fulton forward rolls under a clothesline, dives & tags in Rogers!!

Rogers catapults in with a dropkick on Dynamite! Davey runs in & eats another! Rogers levels both Bulldogs with hot roundhouses & knee-lifts! Heenan goes up top & Rogers topples him with a dropkick, groining him on the top turnbuckle!! Fulton hops back in & Rogers whips him into a flying head-scissor on Dynamite, who flies a mile & crashes upside against groined Heenan! The ref calls it a tag!! Fantastics stereo-dropkick Davey over the top to the floor! Dynamite charges & the Fantastics stereo backdrop him over the top, down onto Davey below!!! 

The Fantastics immediately double-superplex the groined Heenan off the top, down to the mat!! The impact implodes Heenan, whose body flops like a fish on land!! Rogers immediately climbs to the top… ROCKET LAUNCHER ONTO HEENAN!!! HEENAN’S BODY JOLTED VIOLENTLY ON IMPACT!!! HOOKS THE LEG FOR THE 1-2-3!!! PLACE GOES UTTERLY INSANE!!! 

“Sharp Dressed Man” hits & the celebration’s on in Chicago!! Fantastics are ecstatic!! The Bulldogs quickly slide in desperately after them & Fantastics quickly slide out, parading their way to the aisle!! Battered Bulldogs are on their knees against the middle rope facing the aisle, seething at the sight of Rogers & Fulton celebrating!! Davey & Dynamite frantically crawl over to check on their unconscious manager!! Bulldogs are dismayed!! Fantastics continue enjoying the moment as they celebrate with the partying crowd on their way to the back.

Winners: The Fantastics via Pinfall 

[CUT] to Mean Gene in the locker room with NEW Intercontinental Champ, Tito Santana. Tito’s sitting in a chair with his newly-won gold over 1 knee, feeling somber, ice pack to his temple. Says he normally would be celebrating a landmark career night like this, but the lump on his head has other plans. Says he’ll celebrate later, and 2 seconds after that, he’s coming after Ken Patera with the fire of 1,000 suns. Says if this is how Patera handles failure, he’s gonna hate his future cuz he’s about to find out how Tito handles revenge. Storms off.  

[CUT] to a 90-second dramatic, explosive vignette for the Slaughter-Sheik rivalry.

[CUT] back into the arena…

‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie leads out The Iron Sheik, to a thundering chorus of boos!! Sheik is holding up the Iran flag proudly as he walks the aisle & flashbulbs are popping everywhere, making the boos even bigger. They get to ringside & get into the ring. Sheik snatches the mic & yells “EEE-DAHN, NOOMBA VUN! USA, UGH… (spits)”. Boos are deafening. 

“Born In the USA” by Springsteen hits & the place goes nuts!! Slaughter angrily parades out to the aisle with the US flag!! He’s staunching down the aisle, loaded for bear!! He gets to the ring, climbs inside & immediately mows Sheik down with a US flag pole clothesline!! Slaughter LEVELS Blassie with a roundhouse!! Place coming unglued!!

 Last Man Standing Match: Sgt. Slaughter vs. The Iron Sheik (w/Freddie Blassie)

Slaughter’s leveling Sheik like a pinball with vicious roundhouses!! He houses him from pillar to post like a mad man, knocking him all over the place!! He mounts Sheik, unloading vicious punches!! Crowd loves every moment! Slaughter runs him chest-first into all 4 corners at 50 mph, then clotheslines him the top!

Slaughter rolls out to continue the onslaught; head-slams to the ring steps, to the railing, Irish whips back-first against the railing, and drops him throat-first on the railing, etc! He runs him face-first along the apron & Sheik’s burned/blinding, swinging at ghosts! Slaughter runs him head-first into 2 ring posts… Sheik staggers backward, right into a belly-to-back on the floor by Slaughter! Blassie ambushes Slaughter with Iran flagpole to the back! Slaughter shrugs it off, turns & snatches it from Blassie, and SNAPS the pole over his knee - igniting this crowd!! Blassie’s pissed as he begs off!

Slaughter tries to retrieve Sheik, and Sheik yanks him by the waist into the railing chest-first! Slaughter writhing on the floor next to Sheik! Sheik staggers up, retrieves the broken Iran flagpole fragments, as Slaughter pulls himself. Sheik WAFFLES him on the skull with it & Slaughter crumbles face-first to the floor mat. Sheik labors against the apron, trying to recover. Ref begins counting Slaughter down: 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… Slaughter pulls himself up! And he’s busted open!

Sheik bearhugs him & runs him back-first to the ring post! Slaughter crumbles down again in huge back pain! Sheik peels him up & tosses him over the railing into the crowd! He houses Slaughter all over the floor area with roundhouses & head-slams to nearby barrier walls, etc. Sheik houses him back to ringside, grabs the broken Iran flag & chokes Slaughter out with it. Uses the flag to fling Slaughter face-first to the post at 40 mph! Slaughter falls violently, writhing & holding his face! Sheik taunts the booing crowd with mock-salutes. 

Ref counts Slaughter: 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… Slaughter desperately makes it to his feet on wobbly legs! Sheik charges & Slaughter kicks him right in the groin! Sheik’s down & quivering in a heap!!! Slaughter rests against the ring, slumping in pain. Ref counts Sheik: 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… Sheik makes it up & Slaughter Cobra Clutches him!!! Sheik is flailing in desperation!! Place going nuts!! Sheik back-kicks him in the groin to break the hold!! Both men down, in groin pain!! Ref counts both! 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… both made it to their feet! 

Blassie snatches a chair from the timekeeper’s table & slides into the ring. Sheik rolls in, crawling toward it, as Slaughter rolls in after him! Sheik gets the chair as both men stagger up… Sheik charges with it & Slaughter clotheslines the chair back into Sheik’s cranium!!! Sheik’s down & convulsing!! Slaughter angrily yanks him up & face-plants him onto the chair! Bloody Slaughter holds the chair up to the rabid crowd!! Sheik’s staggering up & Slaughter chairshots him to Kingdom Come!! Sheik’s busted open now too!!! Place coming unglued!! Slaughter’s pumping his fist as he rules the ring now!! Blassie’s worried! 

Ref counts Sheik: 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… Sheik’s barely up!! Slaughter swings the chair, Sheik ducks & leg-trips Slaughter face-forward onto the chair, onto the mat! The impact bounces Slaughter’s face high off the chair, onto his back! The chair’s stained in blood now! Sheik wastes no time, flips Slaughter onto his sternum & pulls him into the Camel Clutch!! Sheik’s pulling for all he’s worth!! Both these men with globs of blood streaming down their faces!! Slaughter is too weak to even try powering out of the Camel Clutch! Sheik finally lets go & pulls himself up against the ropes.

Blassie snatches the ring bell outside & slides that in now! Bloody Sheik desperately staggers over to get it, as the ref counts the face-down Slaughter: 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… Slaughter desperately, somehow, some way, made it up on wobbly legs just in the nick of time! Sheik charges with the bell… but Slaughter sidesteps & Sheik hits the corner at 50 mph chest-first! Bell went flying! Sheik aimlessly staggers backward, right into another Cobra Clutch!! Place coming unglued!! Sheik’s flailing… but he’s weakening!! Slaughter’s fighting on fumes!! Blassie’s in horror!! Sheik’s knees buckle & he’s slowly blacking out!! Slaughter finally lets go & Sheik’s prone on the mat, motionless, as Slaughter weakly slumps against the ropes!! 

Ref counts Sheik: 1… 2… (crowd counting along)... 3… 4… 5… 6… (Sheik’s fighting unconsciousness as he’s desperately fighting to get up!)... 7… 8… 9… Te-- NOOO SHEIK MADE IT UP JUST IN TIME!! Slaughter immediately snatches up the ring bell & WAFFLES HIM BACK DOWN WITH IT!! SHEIK’S A DEAD MAN, AS SLAUGHTER STAGGERS UP, DRAPED AGAINST THE ROPES AS THE REF COUNTS SHEIK: 1… 2… 3… (crowd counting along)... 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10!!! Place goes insane!!! Blassie’s on his knees in dismay, outside!! Ref raises bloody Slaughter’s arm in victory as “Born In the USA” hits!!! Slaughter, on spaghetti legs, keeps his arm raised to the rabid crowd on all sides as the flashbulbs are popping all over the building!! 

Slaughter rolls out, gets the US flag & rolls back in, holding it high for the shaking building on all sides!! He finally mocks the motionless Sheik by hocking loogies on him!! He then drapes the US flag across him!!! Crowd losing its mind!! Slaughter then stands up straight over the flag-covered corpse & salutes the crowd!! He finally woozily steps out of the ring & staggers his way up the aisle to a hero’s sendoff!!

Winner: Sgt. Slaughter

[CUT] to Gorilla & Jessie in the broadcast skybox. Both are floored by what they just witnessed. Jesse says it was 1 of the damndest fights he ever saw & says Slaughter had better enjoy this moment while he can, etc. Gorilla tosses us backstage…

[CUT] to a hallway leading to a building exit. Mean Gene is following a street-clothed Ken Patera, who’s leaving & ignoring him. WE follow him out of the building into the parking garage. He continues walking, speechless… until he’s blindsided by a possessed Tito Santana! Tito is stomping a vengeful mudhole in him like no tomorrow! Tito yanks him up & bashes his face into several nearby cars. Patera fights back & the brawl is on! 5-10 officials flood the scene & Patera escapes the melee, wanting no more of this! He quickly gets to his rental car & speeds away, as Tito breaks free of the officials restraining him, trying to run after him on foot as the car speeds up the garage ramp. Tito’s yelling in Spanish at the fleeing car as it reaches street level. Tito angrily heads back inside.

[CUT] back inside to the hallway with the WWF logo. Vince McMahon is standing by with David Schultz. Schultz asks Vince if he’s ever fought in a cage. Vince says no. Schultz says it changes a man - the unforgiving steel, the animal-like aggression of the people inside it & the way the human body never quite heals right, afterwards. Says it’s a good thing he ain’t seeking forgiveness from Bruno, the steel or anybody else. Says nobody’s a bigger animal than him in these things, and Bruno’s legend is about to crumble in the steel alongside his body & his title reign. Says to get ready to call Dr. D ‘Mr. World Champion’. Shoves Vince as he walks off.

[CUT] back into the arena…

Ominous Tribal island music hits as Mr. Fuji leads Afa & Tama to the aisle. Crowd on its feet, booing! Fuji leads his 2 savages down the aisle to the ring. They get into the ring & the 2 Samoans wander around in the ring like they’re looking for food. Song fades…

“Still of the Night” by Whitesnake hits & the place comes unglued!! Kerry & Kevin come out in new jackets, belts around their waists, to a MASSIVE ovation!!! They work the crowd on all sides as they walk the aisle with purpose & focus!! They hop onto the ring & mount opposite 2nd turnbuckles from the apron side, working the rabid crowd all over the building!! Flashbulbs going off like crazy as they raise their Title belts high!! They finally dismount & get inside, pointing & jawing at their islandic foes.

WWF Tag Team Title - Gauntlet Match: The Von Erich’s© vs. The Samoan Headhunters (w/Mr. Fuji)

Kevin starts out with Afa. Afa’s stunning Kevin with his power; leveling him as Kevin bounces off the ropes for a shoulderblock, blocking a bodyslam & bodyslamming Kevin with ease instead, catching Kevin bouncing off the ropes with a cross-body attempt & fall-away slamming him for a mile, etc! Afa capitalizes with headbutts, double-shots to the throat, rakes of the back, clotheslines, falling headbutts, etc.

Tags in Tama to continue the offense, but he eats a foot to the face when he charges Kevin in the corner! Kevin hops on the middle turnbuckle & tornado-DDT’s Tama to Hell! But Tama pops up to his feet, unphased!! Kevin immediately flattens him with a front-guillotine splash! Tags in Kerry!! Kerry houses Tama all over the ring like a house of fire! Place going nuts! Tama levels him with a thrust kick out of nowhere! Now Tama’s laying the wood to Kerry & continues with a tilt-a-whirl-body-RKO! Afa’s back in to continue the onslaught & levels Kerry with a double-chop to the chest. Whips Kerry to the corner & corner cannons out of the corner with a clothesline that flattens Afa like a lightweight!

Kerry’s in firm control now with bodyslams, launching clotheslines, etc. He & Kevin keep it going with fluid teamwork, tagging in & out frequently like the Champs they are. Samoans battle back & exploit their size & power advantages in what becomes a thunderously physical affair.

Later on, Tama has a nerve hold on the traps of a kneeling Kevin, who’s been battered for a while. Crowd urging Kevin on & he finally fights his way up! He wheel-barrel-cradles Tama forward into a leg-flailing 1-2-Tama kicks out! They pop up & Kevin baseball-slides between his legs, hot-tagging in Kerry! Place goes wild as Kerry comes in like a freight train, leveling Tama all over the place! Afa gets in for the save, but Kevin comes back in to get him some - the Pier-4 is on in Chicago! Ref is overwhelmed & distracted by all the moving parts!

Fuji gets on the apron as Afa holds Kevin for him! Fuji swings the cane, Kevin moves & Afa’s cracked right in the skull! Afa turns around, dazed, right into a DISCUS PUNCH FROM KERRY!!!! Kerry then immediately tackles Tama by the legs while Kevin hooks the leg on Afa for the 1-2-3!!!! Place blows the roof off!!!

The second wave of the gauntlet arrives as Haku & Sika sprint down the aisle right away!!! They running-slide in & the brawl is on!! The fresh Samoans get the better of the war-weathered Champs!! The first wave rolls out of the ring & vacates the premises. Haku & Sika are cleaning house on the Von Erich’s. They whip the Champs to the ropes & level them with leaping headbutts!

This second fall is dominated by the Samoans, as Haku works over Kerry. Haku tags in Sika, they whip Kerry to the ropes & level him with stereo thrust kicks. Sika does a tribal celebratory dance, sensing they’re about to win gold! Sika climbs to the top & leaps for the splash… KERRY MOVES! Kerry immediately lunges & tags in Kevin!!! 

Kevin gets in like his hair’s on fire, pinballing Sika with falling clotheslines! Haku hops in & eats a leaping roundhouse kick to the face! Kevin continues brawling Sika & Haku gets back up to ambush Kevin… but Kerry jumps back in & intercepts him!! Another 4-man brawl!! Both pairs of fighters spill through the ropes on opposite sides to the floor!! 

…… Afa & Tama race back down the aisle, but the ref gets out to the apron, reprimanding them to not come any closer!!! Afa & Tama slowly stalk toward him as the ref continues telling them to go back to the back!!


In the ring, Kerry groggily tries to get up on wobbly legs, holding his arm… Haku deep-schoolboys him over as the ref turns around just in time to lunge back into the ring to count the 1… (Kevin tries to slide in for the save, but Sika holds his legs)... 2… 3!!!! Haku lunges out, just as Kevin managed to lunge back in!!! All 4 Samoans converge at the aisle & are handed the 2 Title belts!!! Crowd in rabid shock!!! Sika & Haku hoist the belts high!!! The 4 Samoans are partying like they just scored the biggest jungle kill of all time!!!! Saito returns, ecstatic, aggressively slapping the chests & hugging his cohorts. A euphoric Fuji & his clan parade their way up the aisle with their shiny new belts held high for all to see. Meanwhile, Kevin, watching the aisle in shock, helps Kerry up to a sitting position on the mat in the ring.

Backlund just cost the Von Erich’s the Tag Team Titles!! The crowd remains standing, in shock of what they’ve just seen! The Von Erich’s finally roll out & slowly begin walking up the aisle, getting a hero’s sendoff! A snarling Kerry’s still holding his hurt arm & Kevin’s heartbroken in general as he’s got 1 arm around Kerry.

Winners: Samoan Headhunters via Pinfall; NEW WWF Tag Team Champions

[CUT] to a 90-second dramatic, dueling-vignettes package of Paul Orndorff & Rick Rude.

[CUT] to Bruno Sammartino loosening up in his locker room, calmly pacing & in deep thought.

[FADE] back into the arena…

Jimmy Hart skips down the aisle to “Johnny Be Good” with his megaphone. He gets into the ring, takes the mic, formally announcing ‘Ravishing’ as the name of his client, and gives Rick Rude the intro of a lifetime. “Smooth Operator” by Sade hits & Rude smugly walks the aisle in a custom black bedazzled robe, to a chorus of resounding boos! He gets to ringside, up the steps & into the ring. He gets the mic & says the world’s about to see what happens when someone tries to embarrass him by taking his vacation away from him, etc.

“Hell’s Bells” by AC/DC kicks in & the place EXPLODES HUGE!! Orndorff comes out in his custom red bedazzled robe, riled up by the jarring ovation!!! He’s dramatically yelling & pointing at the crowd to return that energy!!! He walks the aisle, as a robe-less Rude rolls out of the ring & heads up the aisle… Orndorff snatches off his own robe & runs toward him…… FISTS OF FIRE TOE-TO-TOE IN THE AISLE BETWEEN THESE 2 MEN LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW!! ORNDORFF’S OUT-DUKING HIM!!! BEATING THE FIRE OUT OF RICK RUDE!!!

Paul ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Orndorff vs. ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude

Orndorff running-rolls Rude into the ring & follows… FLOORING Rude with 1 vicious punch after another! An inverted atomic drop leaves Rude contorted like a standing wishbone!! Orndorff then capitalizes with a violent clothesline over the top to the floor!! Orndorff is beside himself, fired-up & so is the crowd!!!

Orndorff rolls out & a pained Rude thumbs him in the eye to stunt his momentum! Rude then charges… Orndorff backdrops Rude to the heavens on the floor!! The impact bounces Rude groggily back to his feet & Orndorff MOWS HIM DOWN with a vicious falling clothesline! The impact bounced Rude high off his back & down onto his sternum!!

Orndorff yanks him up & tosses him into the ring to lay the wood even more; a second high-arcing backdrop, clotheslines, reverse elbows, etc. Rude rolls back out of the ring. When Orndorff steps 1 leg thru the ropes, Rude jumps back on the apron & kicks the middle rope, groining Orndorff!! Rude immediately snaps the groined Orndorff’s neck on the top rope! Orndorff falls violently to the mat! 

Rude immediately hops to the top rope, leaps &...... rainbow knee-drop from the heavens right on the money! Orndorff’s flopping on the mat, in throat pain! He grinds his elbow into his throat & Orndorff’s writhing violently, the more Rude digs in! Orndorff’s crawling around, trying to catch his breath & the crowd’s on its feet the whole time, buzzing & urging him on! Rude stands confidently, watching Orndorff reeling on the mat!

Rude yanks him up, whips him to the ropes &... PLANTS him spinning-spinebuster! Hooks the leg for the 1-Orndorff kicks out at 1!! Dazed Orndorff’s slapping the mat angrily, trying to psyche himself up!! Rude shuts it down with a knife-edge to the back of the neck. He puts the boots to Orndoff, stomping him into oblivion. Rude then gives the crowd the swiveling hips - which ignites the place in monster boos! 

Rude peels him up & goes for the Rude Awakening somewhat early… Orndorff reaches back & rakes the eyes to break the hold! Rude recovers & clotheslines him down hard. Rude goes up to the top rope again, but Orndorff recovers & grabs him from down below!!! Orndorff launches Rude off the top!!... Rude lands sternum-first to the mat with violent velocity!!!

Rude rolls to the outside on wobbly legs & groggily decides he’s seen enough, waves off, and staggers up the aisle! Jimmy Hart happily joins him in fleeing the scene! Orndorff rolls out & runs after Rude! Orndorff’s lighting him up in the aisle with vicious roundhouses & Hart keeps clear of the violence!! Orndorff bashes his head into the railing on both sides of the aisle & violently houses him all the way back toward the entrance area! Rude fires back & the brawl is on again! 

The fight spills off to the side of the entrance, near some TV/production equipment & base of a crane camera! These 2 are laying into each other! The bell rings, as both men have been counted out! They’re rolling around on the floor now, getting it on! Orndorff gets the better of it, now on top of Rude & punching away on him! 

Jimmy Hart charges with the megaphone, but Orndorff snatches it from him & Hart cartoonishly falls to the floor! Hart crawls away to safety & Rude knocks Orndorff down from behind! Rude picks up the megaphone as Orndorff gets up! Rude CLOCKS him in the side of the head from behind! Orndorff’s down & holding his head! Rude holds the megaphone high to the booing crowd! He & Jimmy leave to the back. Orndorff ever so slowly makes it back to his feet, dazed & pained, and runs staggeredly into the tunnel in hot pursuit!!  

Winner: Double Count-Out

[CUT] to Gorilla & Jesse in the broadcast skybox. Gorilla thinks this ordeal is only just beginning. Jesse thinks he’s right - so long as Orndorff doesn’t get finished off in the back. Says Rude dominated him. Gorilla scoffs at that notion & tells Jesse he should get his eyes checked.

[CUT] to a locker room as Mean Gene stands by Capt Lou Albano, as George makes childlike bellows as he circles them both & explores the room. Albano says he’s chompin’ at the bit to put Fred Blassie’s henchman on a bus to the poor house. Says he goes around mean-mugging the world, trying to intimidate everyone, but The Animal won’t be intimidated & he’s ready to put these rich, uppity thugs in their place - Blassie, Virgil, those no-good Russians & Sheik, who Slaughter just took care of. Gene tries to ask George a question & George grabs Gene by the face, licking him all over. Albano loves it. Gene’s helpless.

[CUT] to a 90-second vignette covering the ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham vs. King Kong Bundy rivalry.

[CUT] back into the arena…

“Jesus Christ Superstar” hits & the crowd EXPLODES TO ITS FEET!! Billy Graham slowly comes out, smoothly pumping his fist to the rocking arena!! He makes prayer hands as a gesture of thanks to everyone, then heads for the aisle. Gets to the ring & climbs in. Pulls off the tie-dye shirt, revealing the heavily taped ribs. But he looks in phenomenal shape otherwise, as he loosens up with laser-like focus. Song fades…

Crowd erupts in monster boos as Bobby Heenan, who’s still alive at least & in his fancy manager duds again, walks alongside the human condo, King Kong Bundy! Bundy’s got that smug look of confidence as he walks the aisle. Bundy & Heenan get to ringside, and Bundy makes sure Bobby’s OK. Heenan is moving quite gingerly & opting to stay outside the ring, as Bundy climbs up into the ring, pointing & jawing at the eagerly pacing Graham!

‘Superstar’ Billy Graham vs. King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan)

Graham doesn’t waste a moment & steps into a roundhouse on Bundy out of nowhere, as the opening bell rings! Graham’s rumbling the behemoth in the center of the ring with punches from way down deep, staggering the big man with every shot! 

Graham bounces off the ropes with a clothesline that staggers him more… And again!... And again!... Bundy looks like he’s gonna go down!... Graham bounces off the ropes 1 last time & Bundy catches him for a crippling backbreaker over his knee! Graham’s rolling on the mat violently with those damaged ribs!

Bundy stomps a muhole in him a Heenan’s banging the apron in approval. Bundy chokes him out with a knee on the neck. Bundy tries to whip him to the corner, but Graham reverses & follows in with a reverse elbow in the corner! Bundy staggers out of the corner, wobbly. Graham grabs a shoulder strap on Bundy’s singlet & chokes him with it! And again! And again! Graham hits the ropes, ducks a Bundy clothesline, bounces off the opposite ropes & LEVELS the 468-pound Bundy with a running Big-Boot!! Graham splashes him for the 1-2-Bundy pushes out! Crowd thought that was it!

Graham mounts Bundy & unloads with punches like a wild man, yelling at him as he wollops away! Heenan gingerly gets on the apron & Graham immediately pie-faces him off like a rag doll! Place goes nuts! Heenan’s down & everything hurt rights about now! Graham’s ribs ache! But he then tries an elbowdrop on Bundy… but Bundy moves! Graham’s writhing in rib pain! Bundy pops up & drags him over, sitting him against the bottom turnbuckle down in the corner. Bundy faces away, staddles & SITS RIGHT ON DOWN ON GRAHAM’S CHEST & STERNUM! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! 

Graham rolls out to the floor in excruciating pain, struggling to breathe. Bundy’s amused! He rolls out after Graham & charges… Graham BUSTS him in the face with the microphone! Crowd exploding! Bundy’s wobbly! Graham runs & LEVELS the big man with a high knee to the chin! Bundy pops right back up, but groggy. Graham bashes his face on the ring steps nearby. Graham whips him against the railing & follows in with a reverse-elbow. Bundy’s on spaghetti legs now. Graham tries to pull his eyes out of his face! Bundy staggers away & rolls himself back inside.

Back inside, Bundy snares him into a bearhug out of nowhere. Graham’s in violent pain. Those still-injured ribs may break all over again! Crowd rumbles to urge him on. Heenan’s in bliss, outside. Graham’s frantically trying to pry & fight loose, but to no avail. He’s in total agony. Bundy cinches in deeper & Graham jolts in bigger pain. Graham’s breath is shortening & he’s fighting to keep from losing consciousness. He slowly fades out!... Ref raises his arm once… Graham comes to life & clubs Bundy’s ears with a clap behind his head to break the hold.

Dazed Bundy snatches him up for a scoop-slam, but Graham squirms out & sleepers him from behind! Bundy’s flailing & in trouble! Place on its feet! Bundy’s weakening… and drops to a knee! Bundy’s right back up & elbows in the ribs… Graham lets go to clutch his ribs right away. Graham bounces off the ropes with a clothesline that staggers him… And another!... The 3rd knocks down the big man! Graham bounces off the ropes with a splash! 1… 2… Heenan pops up to the apron & Graham snatches him by the throat! Bundy pops up & charges from behind, but Graham moves & Bundy barrels into Heenan, knocking him for a mile off the apron!!!! This hasn’t been Heenan’s night!!!! 

Graham immediately tries to whip Bundy to the corner, but Bundy reverses & follows in with an Avalanche on Graham!!! Graham face-plants out of the corner & Bundy immediately FLATTENS him with a splash! 1… 2.. (Graham squirming underneath)... 3!!! Graham’s convulsing in rib pain!!! Bundy stands tall, fist in the air in conquest!! Graham’s spirit was willing, but those ribs perhaps were not ready yet!!

Bundy motions for someone in the back… HERE COME GREG VALENTINE & BRITISH BULLDOGS RUNNING DOWN THE AISLE IN STREET CLOTHES! They running-slide into the ring as Bundy invites them to help themselves! They happily begin stomping a mudhole in the broken Graham!! Crowd irate!! Bulldogs hold Graham’s arms & legs, as Bundy drops another splash!!! Graham’s convulsing in bigger pain!! Valentine rolls out & grabs 3 chairs, sliding each one in!

CROWD EXPLODES… HERE COME THE FANTASTICS SPRINTING DOWN THE AISLE IN STREET CLOTHES!!  VALENTINE & THE BULLDOGS ARE READY, SWINGING THE CHAIRS TO KEEP THE FANTASTICS FROM GETTING INTO THE RING! The Fantastics try to get in from separate sides & the Heenan crew holds them off with those chairs!! Fulton & Rogers frantically are out of answers, continuing to try & fail to get in the ring!! Stalemate!! Graham’s helpless on the mat & Bundy’s loving every minute!!

…… Crowd commotion as… wait… what is this!!???... Who… Wait!!!! Out to the aisle comes… blond spiked hair… chiseled young features covered in colorful, elaborate facepaint!!!… Long black tights with black boots & large yellow scorpion along the side of 1 leg!!!!!! Carrying 3 black aluminum bats at his side!!!! THAT’S… THAT'S STING!!! STING IS HERE IN CHICAGO!!! CROWD COMING UNGLUED!!! THEY KNOW WHO THIS YOUNG MAN IS FROM ELSEWHERE IN THE WRESTLING WORLD & HE’S HERE IN THE WWF!!!! HE’S WALKING THE AISLE WITH PURPOSE ETCHED ACROSS HIS FACE!!! VALENTINE, BULLDOGS, BUNDY & HEENAN ARE ALL SPEECHLESS!!



“Rattlesnake Whip” by Music De Wolfe hits & this place is on fire!!!! Dismayed Heenan convinces his battered bunch to head up the aisle to fight another day as a pacing Sting watches them leave!!! 

Fantastics manage to help Graham up to a standing position in the corner & Sting comes over, clutches him lovingly by the head & exchanges a few words with him forehead-to-forehead. They help a crippled Graham to mid-ring & Sting symbolically, gladly gives him his bat. Fantastics hold onto Graham to keep him upright & they raise their bats, while Sting gives that youthful mouth-cuffed holler to the rocking capacity crowd!!!! Flashbulbs popping like no tomorrow!!!! What a happening & a half in Chicago!!!! Sting & the Fantastics help Graham gingerly out of the ring.

Winner: King Kong Bundy via Pinfall

[CUT] to a 30-second hype ad for WrestleMania available on VHS/Beta.

[CUT] to Jack Reynolds in an arena hallway near a WWF logo on the concrete wall. A ticked-off Paul Orndorff comes into frame, saying he’s looking all over this building for Rick Rude - just like he had to chase him into Chicago, he’s gonna chase him out if he has to. Says when he gets his hands on Rude again, Rude’s gonna be wearing his swivelin’ hips on his face & he’s gonna be hanging by his own spleen. Says it’ll be the most ravishing he’ll ever truly be. Walks off.

[CUT] to a 90-second elaborate hype vignette of the Andre the Giant vs. Giant Haystacks rivalry.

[FADE] to the broadcast skybox with Gorilla & Jesse. Both are raving about this night, where the hits just keep coming.

[FADE] back to the arena below…

Giant Haystacks makes his way out to the aisle, wearing what looks like a dead animal across his upper half. He snarls at the booing, awed crowd as he walks the aisle slowly toward ringside. He gets onto the apron & climbs in over the top rope. What an eye-popping mass of a human being. Big game feel throughout the arena here!

Crowd erupts HUGE!!!... Here comes Andre out to the aisle in red trunks & boots, to a humbling ovation!!! Focused, Andre waves once at the adoring crowd as he continues down the aisle! Haystacks watches in disdain from the ring. Andre arrives, climbs to the apron & inside over the top as well! Big storm of flashbulbs popping for this visual spectacle of humanity in the ring. Opening bell rings...

Andre the Giant vs. Giant Haystacks

Andre & Haystacks, eyes locked, slowly inch toward each other & they stand calmly in mid-ring, chest-to-chest!!! What tension! Crowd roaring for all this drama! Haystacks seethes defiantly as Andre calmly jaws at him. Haystacks SLAPS ANDRE IN THE FACE! Crowd ooooh’s big-time! Andre grabs by the throat with both mits & drives him back to the corner with aggression!! Andre unloads with chops to the chest, punches, etc! Haystacks interjects a headbutt & Andre reels backward, stunned! 

Haystacks yanks him into the corner this time & unloads with punches, chops, elbows to the cranium, etc. Haystacks… SNAP-MARES ANDRE THE GIANT! THE SHEER VISUAL OF THIS SETS THE PLACE OFF! Haystacks backs to the ropes & comes off with a stomp attempt… but Andre paws his downard foot in mid-flight! Andre gets up with Haystacks’ foot in his hand & punches his lights out! Haystacks is staggered!

Andre houses him around the ring with punches, headbutts, and rakes his eyes along the top rope. Haystacks shakes it off like nothing happened & smashes Andre’s face into Haystack’s chest! That rocks Andre backward & Haystacks raises the fists high in the for the trapezius double-shot… but Andre blocks it! Crowd goes nuts in relief! Andre uppercuts him with authority. Haystacks licks his lips as if he wants more.

Haystacks winds up & answers with a BLAST to Andre with the trapezius double-shot!! Andre’s body jolted & he collapses to his knees! Haystacks stands tall, fists in the air & roaring like a king lion out to the crowd! He winds up for another trapezius double-shot, but Andre headbutts him in the gut! 

Andre gets up & headbutts him with all he’s got! Haystacks stumbles backward to a corner & Andre works him over with squishing him by sitting against him, followed by an ass shot to Haystack’s lower abdomen! Andre walks around, taking in a huge ovation & he pumps his fist!! 

Andre stands in mid-ring & gestures for Haystacks to bring it - come get some! Haystacks angrily staunches to him & THEY TRADE HAYMAKERS TOE TO TOE! GIANT VS. GIANT! EVERY SHOT WOULD CRIPPLE MORTAL MEN! THE SHOTS ARE BEGINNING TO STAGGER EACH MAN! WHO’S GONNA GO DOWN FIRST!? ANDRE DOUBLE-SHOTS HIM IN THE FACE & HAYSTACKS TUMBLES BACKWARD TO THE ROPES! The momentum springs Haystacks forward & he clotheslines Andre, staggering him. Haystacks slaps on the sleeper! Andre’s trying to fight out but can’t! He weakens juste enough for Haystacks to tumble him backward to the ropes… Andre’s arms are caught in the ropes!! He’s crucified in the top & middle ropes!

Haystacks capitalizes with haymakers to a defenseless giant! The ref helps Andre finally get unhooked & Andre crawls to the corner! A defiant, seething, wide-eyed Haystacks gives the cut-throat gesture tha the end is near!! He rushes toward Andre for the back-Avalanche finisher… BUT ANDRE BIG-BOOTS HIM TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD AS HE SWIVELED COMING IN! HAYSTACKS IS ON WOBBLY LEGS & LOOKS LIKE HE’S GOING DOWN!!... BUT NOT QUITE!!


Andre rolls out to the floor & lays haymaker after haymaker in the gut & sternum of the noosed Haystacks!! Ref can’t get Haystacks’ head & throat untangled from the ropes! Andre is pounding away on Haystacks’ hanging body! Haystacks’ body is going limp! He’s blacking out!!! Andre looks at the crowd & applauds with a grin!! Crowd going nuts!

Andre rolls in, uses his brute strength to untangle Haystacks’ head from the ropes & drags this oversized behemoth to the center of the ring. Haystacks is out-cold!!! What a stunning sight to see - this evil, indestructible machine, prone & lifeless!!! Andre HITS THE SITDOWN SPLASH & HAYSTACKS’ BODY JOLTS ON IMPACT!! Andre gets up, glares at his fallen counterpart, and drops a SECOND SITDOWN SPLASH & Haystacks body jolts again!! Andre gets up again without a pinning attempt!! Andre’s looking at the roaring crowd!!! Crowd wants another!!! Andre drops a THIRD SITDOWN SPLASH!!! 1… 2… 3!!! PLACE COMING UNGLUED!!! ANDRE DID IT!!! 

Andre gets up & the ref raises his arm in victory!!! Andre’s still woozy, but feeling accomplished!!! Andre salutes the rocking crowd on all sides, as they’re on their feet celebrating!! Andre stands over his lifeless, gargantuan foe 1 last time, and finally steps over him as he leaves the ring!! He steps over the top to the floor & hi-fives adoring fans as he walks the aisle to the back, getting a monster sendoff!! Haystacks is yet to stir in the ring!!!

Winner: Andre the Giant via Pinfall

[CUT] to a 2-minute tribute vignette to the city of Chicago, set to “Chicago” by Frank Sinatra.

[CUT] to Mean Gene, Vince McMahon, and Jack Reynolds backstage as they discuss all the major events of the night so far, sports commentator style

[FADE] back into the arena…

Virgil & Freddie Blassie are already walking the aisle to a chorus of boos. Virgil is adorned in his shiny sleeveless vest & slacks, hued blue. They get to the ring & Virgil agilely hops inside, face as serious as ever.

Crowd erupts huge!!... Albano leads George out to the rocking crowd!! George is nodding & yelling “Yes!” to the crowd as he briskly walks the aisle behind jolly Albano.

George ‘The Animal’ Steele (w/Lou Albano) vs. Virgil (w/Freddie Blassie)

George rolls into the ring, exchanging playful barks with the crowd. Virgil snatches off his outer vest & slacks, revealing long red tights & white boots. George watches in childlike curiosity, then yells “HOO!” at Virgil. Virgil charges at him & wales away on George in the corner Virgil whips him to the ropes & tries a clothesline… but George bites the arm instead! Virgil’s in huge pain & George is chowing down. 

George unloads with chops, punches & body rakes. Charges charges at him near the ropes, Virgil yanks down the top rope & George flies over to the floor below! Virgil rolls out & puts the boots to George, as “George” chants rain down. Blassie loves what he sees. Virgil scoops him onto his shoulders & tries to run George head-or-shoulder-first into the post, but George squirms loose & shoves Virgil into the post instead! Virgil’s staggering in major shoulder pain & George pursues. 

Virgil snatches George & runs him body-first into the ring steps! What a thundering thud. George is down & in major pain as Virgil rolls back inside the ring. George gets up quickly & rolls in too, as Virgil stomps a mudhole in him again. He peels George up & George bites him in the neck out of nowhere! Blassie gets on the apron, outraged! Albano joins him on the apron, telling him he better knock it off!

Virgil rakes George’s eyes to break the biting & immediately runs over, clobbering Albano off the apron to the floor! Blassie laughs from the apron. Virgil turns around & George surprises him with a double-arm DDT! George goes to Blassie & Blassie swings his cane… George catches it & snatches it from Blassie! Blassie eases off the apron, begging off! George rolls out after him & stalks him around ringside, then up the aisle. 

Blassie gets far enough away & George opts to run back to the ring, rolling in with the cane as a recovered Virgil pounces, guts George & Russian Leg-Sweeps him with the cane across George’s throat! Ref calls for the bell! Virgil hops on the 2nd turnbuckle with the cane & leaps with the cane as a weapon… but George gets the boot up & CRACKS Virgil in the jaw on the way down! Virgil tumbles backward thru the ropes to the floor. He staggers aimlessly up the aisle as he shakes the cobwebs free. He cracks a smug grin.

In the ring, George is coughing from the Russian Leg Sweep with the cane. He slowly gets up & raises the cane to the adoring crowd. Albano’s applauding. George circle in the, barking to the crowd, before finally rolling out & circling ringside in a childlike jog, enjoying head-rubs from the crowd! He & Albano head happily up the aisle to a loving sendoff from the crowd.

Winner: George ‘The Animal’ Steele via DQ

[FADE] to the broadcast skybox with Gorilla & Jesse. They’re blown away by the events of tonight, but are equally excited for what’s yet to come. The main event. The WWF Heavyweight Championship. The 15-foot-high steel cage. Jesse calls it “The straw that stirs the drinks”. 

[CUT] to a backstage hallway as Vince, Gene & Doane handicap the cage match. Gene picks Schultz reluctantly because he has a twisted feeling in his gut, Vince picks Bruno because the legend precedes him. Doane is torn, but says he’s asked tons of people in Chicagoland. He kicks us to a vid package.

[CUT] to a 3-minute vid package of Jack Doane asking people around town, who they think is going to win the steel cage match for the Title - some say Bruno, others say Schultz. Doane asked some more riled-up fans entering the building earlier in the afternoon/evening the same question, and it was the same 50/50 result.

[CUT] back to Gene, Vince, and Doane. Doane is playfully pressured to make a pick. He hems & haws, before going with Bruno.

[CUT] back to the broadcast skybox with Gorilla & Jesse. They are joined by Big John Studd, in slacks & button-down shirt, who is going to join them in calling the main event. Studd says he does & always did have a vested interest in seeing what comes of this 15-foot-high steel cage war for the Title. As they chat, WE see that the ring crew is putting the finishing touches on erecting the gorgeous silver, imposing, 15-foot-high fenced cage.

[CUT] to dueling shots of David Schultz walking a hallway toward the arena with a smug grin on his face & Bruno staring at himself in his locker room before intensely walking out the door with the Title in hand.

[CUT] to a 2-minute elaborate video highlighting the ever-personal Sammartino-Schultz rivalry & infusing the intimidating steel cage into an already volatile situation.

[CUT] back into the arena…

David Schultz walks out to the aisle & the place is already on its feet, booing vociferously!! He stops & calmly raises his fists to the heavens, before continuing his walk down the aisle toward cageside. He arrives at the steel structure, gives 1 of the sections a good push to test its resistance. He goes up the steps, into the cage door! He stands in mid-ring, swiveling in place, smugly taking in the deafening heat palpitating this arena!!

…… “Imagine” by John Lennon hits & THE PLACE COMES ABSOLUTELY UNGLUED!! HERE COMES THE LIVING LEGEND!! He raises his fists in acknowledgment of this bone-chilling ovation!!! He riles up the crowd on all sides, then heads for the aisle. His steely glare is focused as he walks the aisle with unspeakable purpose!!! He gets to cageside, pumps his fists angrily to the rabid crowd as he readies himself!! He then slides in the cage door & Schultz pounces with stomping a mudhole in him as the ref closes the door!!

WWF Heavyweight Title - Steel Cage Match: Bruno Sammartino© vs. ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz 

Schultz is stomping with all he’s got!! Schultz back to the ropes & charges… Bruno explodes up & OBLITERATES SCHULTZ WITH A LEVELING CLOTHESLINE! The impact bounces Schultz up to his feet & Bruno opens up an angry can of whup-ass with hellacious roundhouses & stomps!! Bruno’s dismantling David Schultz!! He runs him face-first into the cage at 50 mph!!... And again to another side of the cage!!... Schultz’s body implodes when his head hits the steel every time! Bruno quickly bounces off the ropes & KICKS SCHULTZ’S FACE RIGHT OFF! PURE, SIMPLE VIOLENCE! SCHULTZ IS DOWN IN A HEAP!

Bruno won’t let up: stomps a vicious mudhole in him like no tomorrow, violently smashing his head backward against the mat like he wants to crack his skull open, then face-planting him repeatedly! Bruno yanks him up & violently throws him body-first over the top rope into the side of the cage at 60 mph!! Schultz’s body falls along the side of the cage to the mat, between the steel wall & the ropes. 

Bruno yanks him up & smushes his face into the cage! Steel on facial skin & bones! Schultz in agony! Schultz dazed, teetering against the ropes on his back & cage on his front. Bruno finally lets go, bounces to the opposite ropes & charges full-speed… CROSS-BODIES THE WEDGED SCHULTZ FROM BEHIND AGAINST THE STEEL!!! PLACE COMING UNGLUED!!!

Bruno walks around in the ring, pumping his fist to the super-rabid crowd!!!! Bruno hits the ropes & charges again… leaps for another cross-body… Schultz instinctively dives aside & AIRBORN BRUNO SMACKS FULL-BODY INTO THE CAGE!!! BRUNO’S BODY SLIDES DOWN THE SIDE OF THE UNFORGIVING STEEL THIS TIME, BETWEEN THE ROPES & THE CAGE WALL! 

Both men slowly use the ropes to pull themselves up in that space wedge & they trade haymakers!! Bruno’s out-punching!!! One final punch knocks Schultz thru the ropes, back into the ring. Schultz immediately bounces up & dropkicks wedged Bruno from behind into the steel!! Bruno’s body smacks off the steel & he slumps against the ropes. Schultz rips & tears at his face, yelling “BYE-BYE, FANTASY LAND!” He then walks around in the ring, battered, but smug to the very end! 

Schultz charges for a spear from behind… slumping Bruno instinctively slides out of the way & Schultz flies thru the ropes, CRACKING HIS OWN HEAD INTO THE STEEL AT 60 MPH!!! THE IMPACT BOUNCES SCHULTZ OFF THE STEEL, DOWN TO THE MAT IN THE RING LIKE A CAR CRASH!! Battered Bruno, still between the ropes & steel, staggers to the corner & climbs the turnbuckles to the top!! He leaps…… KNEE-DROP FROM THE HEAVENS DOWN ACROSS THE THROAT OF SCHULTZ!! THE IMPACT IMPLODED SCHULTZ BODY & HE’S CONVULSING IN THROAT PAIN!!

Bruno bends down, holding his arms out to the side as if to say “Well here I am!”! Schultz is also busted-open by now!!! He peels Schultz up & runs him face-first into the cage on the far side! Schultz is on spaghetti legs & Bruno WALLOPS him with a thunderous roundhouse that flattens him where he stands! Crowd LOVES the vicious aggression!! Bruno yanks him up between his legs & hoists Schultz up piledriver-style!!... But Schultz backdrops him out of it!!

Both men stagger up slowly, Bruno charges… RIGHT INTO A BELLY-TO-BELLY BY SCHULTZ! Schultz was the successful one in doing the other’s finisher!! Bloody Schultz waves him off like he’s had enough & begins crawling for the door!!... Crowd super-anxious!... Bruno rolls over a few times & grabs him by the leg before he gets to the door! Schultz kicks him off & lunges closer to the door… Bruno desperately lunges & grabs his leg again! Schultz’s top half is out the door! Crowd is shrieking in fear! Bruno desperately yanks him all the way back in by the leg!! He snatches up both legs & drops a falling headbutt to the groin!!! Schultz is in monster pain!! Bruno is still in back pain from that belly-to-belly.

Bruno peels him up & Schultz surprises by lifting him up in a fireman’s carry… runs Bruno head-first to the cage on the near side!! Bruno falls face-down to the mat like a tree in the forest! Schultz yanks him up, hoists him up by the legs spinebuster-style & lunges backward, cracking Bruno’s head & sternum into the cage! Bruno crashes down to the mat from that nasty collision! 

Schultz staggers over him & starts climbing the cage! Bruno, dazed on the mat & busted-open now also, fights to pull himself up! Schultz is getting higher & higher! Bruno staggers on wobbly legs over, just as Schultz gets 1 leg over the top of the cage!! Bruno manages to grab the inside leg!! Crowd going nuts!! Bruno scales the ropes and pulls his outer half back in also. They’re on a tightrope along the cage… Bruno… BELLY-TO-BACKS HIM OFF THAT TOP ROPE, DOWN TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!! THE IMPACT BOUNCED SCHULTZ HIGH OFF HIS BACK, DOWN ONTO HIS STERNUM FACE-DOWN! BRUNO’S DOWN TOO! PLACE GOING NUTS!!

Bruno slowly rolls over & uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet! He slowly wobbles over to another side & begins slowly scaling the ropes & side of the cage!! Place going nuts, urging him on!! Schultz is spasming on the canvas, trying to instinctively get the juices flowing. Bruno gets 1 leg over the top of the cage!!! Schultz pops up to his feet, hardly able to stand!! Instinctively his stumbles back against the cage & grabs a hold of Bruno’s inside leg! Schultz desperately bites the leg! Bruno’s in huge pain as the outer leg comes back inside! Schultz then yanks the top rope, propelling Bruno backward off the ropes, back-first to the canvas with a thunderous thud!! Schultz then collapses face-down also! Both men are bleeding profusely by now! Crowd rumbling to urge both men on!!

Both men begin to stir! Bruno instinctively rolls toward the door, but Schultz drags him back & stomps a mudhole in him. He peels Bruno up & runs him face-first to all 4 sides of the cage at 50 mph each way! Bruno goes down like a lightweight! He peels him up, scoops him up on his shoulders & running-javelins Bruno into the cage!!! Bruno falls in a heap. Schultz raises his fists to the heavens, as the place is roaring in boos!

Schultz hops on the 2nd turnbuckle, then the top!... Walks along the ropes while holding the cage… leaps & hits the big elbowdrop from the top!!! Bruno’s convulsing from the impact!! Schultz stands over him, leaning down, yelling “You’re DONE, hero!” Schultz raises his own hand in victory, as if he won! 


Schultz desperately crawls aimlessly around as Bruno stalks. Battered, bloody Schultz gets to his feet & Bruno hoists him on his shoulders, electric-chair style!!! Bruno spins around & races backward, car-crashing Schultz back-first against the cage up high!!! Schultz plummets to sitting onto the top rope, limp against the cage!!! Schultz’s body slowly slinks down the front of the ropes as Bruno bounces off the opposite ropes, charging at top speed…… SCHULTZ INSTINCTIVELY CATCHES HIM MID-STRIDE & POWERSLAMS HIM AGAINST THE CAGE!! THE IMPACT BOUNCES BOTH MEN VIOLENTLY OFF THE CAGE, TO THE MAT!! BOTH ARE DOWN & MOTIONLESS!!

Schultz slowly stirs first!! His head lifts with that crimson mask! He slowly rolls over & crawls to the corner, pulls himself up & instinctively begins to climb! Bruno slowly stirs now too!! Crowd on its feet, urging him on!!! Bruno rolls to the ropes & pulls himself up, almost as if his lower half is limp!! Schultz gets to the top turnbuckle, just as Bruno gets to the bottom rope. Schultz reaches the top of the cage with 1 leg over the top!!! Bruno reaches the top rope & grabs his leg, using it to pull himself up!! Bruno now has 1 leg over the top as well!!! Flashbulbs popping like crazy all over the building!!! 

They’re facing each other, straddled on top of the cage!!! They exchange roundhouses, each man reeling from each shot!! Both men are so battered & bloody, they’re barely keeping themselves balanced up there!!! They continue throttling each other with haymakers!!! Bruno starts to get the better of the exchange!!!! Bruno follows with a headbutt!!! It rocks both men!!! Both men are teetering!!!!.... BRUNO TOPPLES OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE & CRASH-LANDS ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE MAT!!! OH GOD!!!! SCHULTZ, BARELY CONSCIOUS, IS STILL TEETERING!!! HE… TOPPLES…. DOWN THE... OUTSIDE!!!... WALL OF THE CAGE & CRASH-LANDS TO THE FLOOR!!!!! IT’S OVER!!! IT’S OVER!!! SCHULTZ JUST WON THE TITLE!!!! BY GOD, HE JUST WON THE TITLE!!! 


Schultz slowly pulls up to a kneeling position, as he accepts the Title belt from the ref!!! He cracks a bloody smile & uses the cage to pull up to his feet!!! He staggers along the cage, weakly raising the belt in the air!!! This place is in complete shock!!!! He reaches the aisle, crawling some & walking some. 

In the ring, the face-down Bruno slowly lifts his head with an incredulous look!! He’s as stunned as anyone!! Schultz gets to his feet again in the aisle, holding the belt up by both ends, high for all to see!!! This place is in rabid shock!!! Bruno’s face crumbles in shock & heartbreak, and his head lowers back down!!! 

Bloody Schultz puts the belt over his shoulder & his smile gets more & more smug, despite the hell he’s just gone through!!! He starts staggering his way up the aisle, ever so slowly, belt shining on his shoulder!!! We have a new WWF Heavyweight Champion!! The world has been turned inside-out!!! Goodnight from Chi-Town!!!

Winner: ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz; NEW WWF Heavyweight Champion


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Hot Damn, this was a show!

We start off with an intro video that reminds me of the Den of old from prior mediums. 

Hell of an opener here, with some red-hot false finishes. Patera gives Tito the assist, then turns on him, to show he's a lone wolf out for the title and the title alone.

A rough night for Heenan's crew continues in the handicap match. Poor Brain...

Slaughter and Shiek was the blood-soaked struggle it needed to be. Felt like an exit for the Sheik, and curious to see what's next for Slaughter. e a really r

Kind of expected the tag title change, lest it totally bury your stable of Samoans. Instead everyone comes out looking fairly strong and we get a Backlund-Kerry feud I have been wanting for a while.

The whole finish of Superstar Graham vs Bundy was arguably the biggest highlight for me. I think it's funny how there's this big debate currently in wrestling about Sting showing up in AEW and the merits of a basically retired part-timer and here we have a young Sting still yet to reach his prime making his debut on one of the biggest shows, and laying waste to Heenan's crew to continue a really rough night for The Family. Did it work because we have the context of knowing who Sting is? Would it have worked for someone else? Conjecture aside this was the "moment" of the show for me.

Andre and Haystacks was what it needed to be, with the right person getting the duke.

Steele and Virgil gave the crowd a chance to catch its breath before the main.

This was an insane main event. Had it actually occured in the time period, it would have created a seismic change in wrestling with the level of physicality and violence. I was frankly stunned by the outcome. Schultz wins, but definitely not a decisive victory, so curious to see what is next. a rematch? Schultz vs Slaughter? I'll be eager to follow along for sure 

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I think we all knocked it out the park with our Thanksgiving shows and this one just adds to success and fun of our game.  THe first match really got us going.  I love wrestlers like Patera who are good and both the heel and babyface side of things.  This heel turn was awesome.  Sometimes the are slow and you see it coming for weeks which is good but I like the sudden ones as it just is more memorable.

The fans love seeing the manager get what's coming to him and I'm sure it was no deference when Heenan was done for the count against the Fantastics.  

Awesome right up of the Sgt./Sheik match but I would have bet the house on this one.  There was no way Vince would have allowed the Sheik to win this one.

Heel Backlund is great.... Kerrith vs Bob is going to be WILD

I thought the Bundy match did a great job of building up KKB to one of the top heels in the WWF.  I would say that I think you rushed the Sting character a bit as in 1985 he was still Flash and then in 86 he started as the Blade Runner.  Just a small point and we have all done it.

Andre on top was great but if not Haystacks then who?  And I mean that is a positive way.  Andre can't be beaten .... or can he?  Can't wait to see what's next for Andre.  

The main event is the one I have been waiting for for months and WOW... it did not disappoint.  That was one of the best write-ups if a match I have seen.  Can't wait to see what's next for both Bruno and Schults!

Amazing job.  So much work went into this.  I need a writing lesson and a typing lesson from you.  It would take me weeks to do what you just did!

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First off, props to all the hard work and detail you put into this show. Damn, this is the definition of a supercard! 

I totally remember these classic openings. 

Things kick off in a big way as Gorilla welcomes JESSIE VENTURA to commentary. All is right in the WWF. 

Tito and Valentine sure did get the fans going with one action packed opener. The Patera swerve got me! I thought he was going to attack Tito when he ran in, but no, he takes out Valentine and Heenan and helps Tito win the title. And then the turn. Very creative. I always thought Patera made a better heel and looks like we're going to see that again. 

LOL, of course Backlund had to come out and say something. Hillbilly Jim has enough and quickly disposes of him. Great selling by Bob. 

When Fuji is around, you know there's salt. Poor Jim gets it in the eyes and Saito gets the c.o. victory. Saito is one of my favorite heels on your roster.

Nice touch with all the locker room interviews. The entire night had that big time feel.

Fantastics/Bulldogs and Heenan was high octane all the way through. These two teams have such great chemistry and Heenan took some crowd popping bumps. Fantastics get the satisfying pin on Heenan. Fantastics should earn a title shot after this sweet victory. 

Slaughter and Sheik went to WAR! What a battle! This is how to blow off a feud. Nothing says 1985 like Slaughter waving the American Flag after a hard fought victory. I wonder if Sheik will come back from this? 

Tito and Patera go at it in the parking lot! If this just set the tone for their feud, then we're in for a wild ride. 

I was wondering if the Von Erich's would be able to overcome the odds against the Samoans. They were doing a pretty damn good job until Mr. Backlund showed up and screwed them out of the titles! No doubt, Kerry will be looking for some serious payback! I am looking forward to the Samoans Freebird Rule reign. 

Rude and Orndorff put on a fun match and battle to a wild double c.o. Good call here as it keeps both guys and their feud hot. I think they've only just begun. 

The Superstar fought a valiant fight but the hurt ribs were to much of a factor and Bundy splashes him for the win. The big story was what happened next. The man behind the bat is revealed and it's...it's...it's...STING!!!!! I like how you combined the young Stinger and his later crow gimmick. 80s Sting is going to have a wild ride in the WWF. 

I've been looking forward to the Battle of the Behemoths blow off since WrestleMania. These monsters took it to each other! Haystacks gave Andre probably one of the toughest matches he's ever had. In the end, Andre gets the decisive win with 3 Sit Down Splashes! Nobody is getting up from that. 

The Animal and Virgil get the comedic pre main event match. They put on a good show and the end result leaves the door open for more.

We get some last minute main event hype as the cage goes up. Nice touch with the fan's opinion poll. 

After a tremendous build, it's now time for the match the world has been waiting for!  These guys just straight up almost killed each other. This was one epic fight to literally the finish. I know the fans were in awe watching this. In the end Schultz shocks the world and defeats Bruno for the title!! Definitely a MOTY candidate. It was nice to see Bruno get one last great run here in this game. He deserved it. And now the reign of Schultz has begun. He will defiantly draw in some big money. 

You've got to love world title cage matches on supercards LOL. 

Awesome job!  



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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 11/27 | Detroit, MI @ Joe Louis Arena (15,666)

Rocky King defeated Virgil by DQ when Virgil KO'd King with a taped foreign object.

Big John Studd defeated Cousin Luke.

The Fantastics defeated Red Scare.

George Steele submitted Barry O with the Armbar to Heaven. Huge hometown pop for George.

Pedro Morales defeated Davey Boy Smith by count-out.

Ivan Putski defeated Bob Backlund by DQ after Backlund attacked the ref, then the ring announcer.

Rick Rude defeated SD Jones.

Hillbilly Jim & King Kong Bundy fought to a No Contest after the ref was KO’d twice.

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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 11/28 (Abbreviated for Accelerated Production)


(Poughkeepsie, NY @ Mid-Hudson Civic Center. Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura on commentary.)


[Before Opening Credits: A dramatic still-photo montage of the finish of the Steel Cage main event at Fall Classic 2 nights ago, with running audio of those closing moments - including the moment Schultz hit the floor to win the Title. Final shot of a bloody Schultz in the aisle with the belt on his shoulder. Post Opening Credits: Gorilla & Jesse are wired, excited to be working together. Raucous crowd.]

British Bulldogs defeated Rosco Arnold & Mo Williamson with a Davey Boy powerslam & Dynamite swan-dive headbutt from the top on Williamson. Bobby Heenan conspicuous by his absence.

[WWF Update: Lord Alfred covers all the breaking news coming out of Fall Classic & shows us still-photos of each; Schultz winning the Title & all the international press ever since, Andre victorious over Haystacks, Slaughter outlasting Sheik, Samoan Headhunters winning the Tag Titles in controversial fashion after Backlund’s attack on Kerry, Santana winning I-C gold & being pearl-harbored afterward by Patera - a man Santana thought was his ally - rolling footage of the fight in the parking garage, Superstar unable to overcome Bundy & the post-match melee with the apparent Heenan Family assailant unveiling - young wrestling star, Sting! No word yet on the how’s & why’s surrounding Sting’s arrival to the WWF.] 

[Rick Rude & Jimmy Hart arrive to the front row with refreshments & festively take in the show. Big heat.]

Ivan Putski defeated Terry Bib with the Polish Hammer in 34 seconds. Total dominance.

[WWF Event Center for the Minneapolis area: Tonight, 11/28, is the big night WWF action returns to the Twin Cities @ the Met Center. Very few tickets are still available. Huge night, as it’s merely 48 hours after the night that shook the wrestling world to its foundation in Chicago. Hillbilly Jim comes into frame to hype his match tonight vs. David Schultz, in what now is a WWF Heavyweight Title match! Jim says Schultz might have shocked the world in Chicago, but tonight Jim is gonna do it in Minneapolis, by shuttin’ up that ole David Schultz for good & taking the belt home to Papa Jeb & Cousin Myrtle. Says maybe they’ll sell Jeb Juice & replica belts for all the fans!]

Bob Backlund defeated Jason Rodriguez with a bridging rollup. Thunderous heat the whole time. Post-match, he snaps & slaps on the Crossface Chicken Wing on Rodriguez until officials arrive. Backlund then marches up the aisle, satisfied, as the officials help Rodriguez to the back moments later.

[Meanwhile, Rude & Hart are laughing up a storm at ringside, finding poor Rodriguez’s plight hilarious as he’s escorted by them. Crowd explodes as a hoodie’d Paul Orndorff in big, dark shades arrives to the front row & buys the ticket of the guy next to Rude. Guy departs, Rude & Hart are distracted by all the hoopla, not realizing who’s next to them. Orndorff pulls down the hoodie, tosses off the shades, taps Rude’s shoulder & unloads wild punches. Houses Rude over the barricade & into the ring. Hits a towering backdrop! Then clotheslines Rude over the top with reckless abandon! Rude & Hart shuffle up the aisle like their lives depend on it. Orndorff stands tall in the riled, just as riled up as the crowd is.] 

[Exclusive Post-Fall Classic Interview in David Schultz’s locker room in Chicago: A 1-man party, pouring champagne all over himself, boasting that he’s been telling the world he’s destined to be World Champ & end the Sammartino legacy. Says he left Sammartino & his legacy broken, face-down in the ring - the man is barely still living, but the legend isn’t. Holds the belt up to the camera & says the Dr. D Era is underway & there ain’t a soul alive in this sport today, fixin’ to end it.] 

Pedro Morales submitted Pete Baglivo with a Boston Crab.

[WWF Event Center for the Minneapolis area: Tonight, 11/28, the big night WWF action returns to the Met Center. Very few tickets are still available. Gene re-hypes tonight’s card. Putski & Arcidi come in, psyched up to face those Samoans tonight. Putski says it doesn’t matter which 2; they’re tough hombres. Arcidi says, “If those guys think they’re tough, wait til they get a load of us”. Putski says they’re walking out with gold tonight, no matter what Fuji & his bunch have up their sleeves.]

Rocky King defeated Boris Zhukov by DQ. Great back & forth match the entire way, with the crowd really up for everything. King dominated at the start with his high-octane offense. 

Boris snatches control & used his power to ground King’s aerial attack. Boris knocks him around & cuts him off every time King attempts to fight back. Toward the end, Boris misses a 2nd rope splash & King has his second wind; dropkicks, flying head-scissors, round-houses, etc. Snatches the Russian flag from Blassie & snaps his over his knee for good measure, which brings the house down! 

Boris ambushes & Nikolai runs down. The 2-on-1 beatdown is on! They whip King to the ropes & launch him high in the air, letting him drop sternum-first to the canvas. More vicious beating ensues & Nikolai finally snaps him in-half with the military press-backbreaker. They stand tall in Russian salute, as the home comes down in boos. They leave King laying.

A bagpipe symphony hits in the arena. In an ever-familiar quilt & a t-shirt with “RULE” across it, out of the tunnel comes Rowdy Roddy Piper! The arena’s in a total frenzy! He looks out at the rabid response from the capacity crowd, then slowly, expressionlessly, walks the aisle to ringside, takes a mic & heads up into the ring. He stands in the center of the ring, swiveling, taking in the monster, shocked ovation from the capacity crowd as the music finally fades! “Piper” chants ring out! He’s got a total poker face.

Piper (calm): Simple to-do list. Take a phone call. Get on a red-eye from Minneapolis to New York City. Get in some fancy chauffeured car to an even fancier corporate headquarters. Meet with some stuffed suits & an Irish stiff swingin’ a big stick. Get a REAL big offer. Make the Irish stiff keep adding zeroes to that offer, until his little pen runs off the page - knowin’, if he DOESN’T, he can shove his little page where the sun don’t shine. (Crowd roars!) Sign your Jon Hancock. Show up to take the keys to the kingdom & set the wrestling world on its ear, never to be the same again. WWWWWHAT THE HELL!!!... (goes extra-calm)... Don’t mind if I do. 

He tosses the mic & exits the ring like nothing happened. He saunters back up the aisle to a MONSTER ovation! Piper is here!

[Gorilla & Jesse announce action for next week: NEW I-C Champ Tito Santana, NEW Tag Champs the Samoan Headhunters in 8-Man tag action, Virgil, and Putski & Arcidi. Main event will be Big John Studd vs. Hillbilly Jim! Jesse Venture also will have an exclusive sit-down interview with Ken Patera - the very first since Fall Classic. Plus an update on the shocking, explosive arrival of the young phenomenon, Sting! The Penthouse also returns with guest star, the NEW WWF Heavyweight Champ David Schultz!]

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 11/28


(Erie, PA @ Civic Center. Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


[Full tribal ceremony in the ring under dimmed house lights, with island natives beating drums at ringside & tribal dancers performing in the ring with torches burning at both ends. Mr. Fuji leads the 4 Samoan Headhunters to the ring amidst the festivity. They get into the ring, each man facing 1 side of the crowd. They ceremonially pass the Tag Title belts among each other, raising them to the crowd.] 

Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Dan Severn with the Russian Leg Sweep.

Cousin Luke defeated Al Snow with a legdrop. Pre-match, he festively gave out Jeb Juice to fans at ringside.

Mr. Fuji (w/Saito) submitted Ron Dougherty with a trapezius nerve hold. 

The Fantastics defeated Horatio Marvez & Tracy Gibbs with the Rocket Launcher on Marvez. Post-match, Fulton grabs the mic & says “Hey Heenan Family, batter up!” as they leave the ring. HUGE ovation for that.

George Steele (w/Lou Albano) defeated Barry Horowitz with a double-arm DDT.

[Sgt. Slaughter comes to the ring to a raucous ovation! States that no one, but no one, can bet against the USA. When the smoke clears, Fall Classic was proof that, when all the chips are down, America is ALWAYS the one left standing. Leads the rabid crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance & waving of the US flag as the show fades to black.]

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