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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 11/14 (Abbreviated for Accelerated Production)


(London, ON @ London Gardens. Gorilla Monsoon & Freddie Blassie on commentary.)

Iron Sheik defeated Waylon Jennings with the Camel Clutch. Pre-match, Blassie declares Sgt. Slaughter is 2 weeks from being broken in front of the world. Says Sheik will grind him up & the pile of pieces will lay there as America is let down forever, etc.

[WWF Fall Classic Update: Lord Alfred hypes the Fall Classic card so far; Bruno vs. Schultz in a Steel Cage for the World Title, Andre vs. Haystacks, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik in a Last Man Standing Match, Von Erich’s defending Tag Titles vs. Samoan Headhunters in a Gauntlet Match, Fantastics vs. British Bulldogs/Bobby Heenan in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match, Saito vs. Hillbilly Jim, and Virgil vs. George Steele. He takes us to footage of the Bruno/Schultz ordeal from last week, culminating in Schultz’s ambush in the arena storage area. He then kicks us to a pre-recorded promo from David Schultz, saying we’re on the verge of him ending what’s left of the Bruno fantasy & of a Schultz coronation on the very night that America gives thanks.]

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated George Crance & Anthony Lopez in 62 seconds, when Kevin pinned Crance with the Claw cinched in. Kerry KO’s Lopez with the Discus Punch before he could make the save. Afterwards, Fuji, Saito & the 4 Samoan Headhunters come to the broadcast podium. Fuji says the beasts will devour them in Chicago. Kerry & Kevin say “Let’s see”, and head up the aisle toward them! BRAWL IS ON! Von Erich’s are holding their own in this 5-on-2, but eventually get overwhelmed in the melee. George ‘The Animal’ w/Capt Lou, Hillbilly Jim & Cousin Luke storm out to make it 5-on-5! Place coming unglued for this raucous next to the podium! The Champs, George & Hillbillies rumble their way to an advantage, as officials arrive onto the scene to break up the insanity! Samoans & Saito are satiated, licking their lips in pleasure as they back their way backstage. George, Von Erich’s & Hillbillies are left standing tall for the rocking crowd! George barks playfully at the restraining officials.

[Pre-recorded in-studio promo with Rick Rude & Jimmy Hart. Rude happily boasts about having the night off for Thanksgiving in Chicago, having turned down Paul Orndorff for Fall Classic. Hart can’t stop laughing. Rude says he doesn’t deserve to face Rude anywhere, unless Rude picks the place & time. Says he & Jimmy can grab some front row seats again, some popcorn & hot dogs like they’ve one at WWF TV lately, and just enjoy all the action & bright lights, handpicking who they’re gonna take down next.]

Andre the Giant defeated Raphael Lenardi, Farmer Johnson, and Tempest McDowell. Floored each man with soup bones, headbutts, and chops. *[Mid-match, WE get an inset promo of Giant Haystacks, intensely saying “Fall Classic. Andre. Destroy. DESTROY. DESTROYYYY!”]* Andre pancakes all 3 guys in the corner, Big-Boots each man & stacks them on top of each other. Drops the sit-down splash on the stack of humanity for the 1-2-3.

[WWF Event Center for the NYC AREA -- Mean Gene hypes the big house show @ Madison Square Garden TONIGHT, Saturday 11/14. King Kong Bundy & the British Bulldogs come into frame to hype their main event 6-Man. Bundy boasts that they’re gonna make NYC quake tonight when they put the fake giant & the 2 male strippers through the street. Davey says they’re gonna take the black bat they know the Fantastics planted & hit some doubles & triples like they’re at Yankee Stadium. Dynamite says they’ll finish off the Fantastics, then have a fantastic time chopping down Andre.]

[The Penthouse w/Freddie Blassie. Virgil stands, arms folded, next to Blassie, who hypes Virgil’s match vs. George Steele @ Fall Classic. Says Virgil gave George a taste of reality recently, after that Pearl Harbor job that Steele staged on the Penthouse weeks ago, etc. Then switches gears - hypes the conspiracy theory that his next guest is hopped up on performance-enhancements to pull off what he did last week. Brings out a focused Superstar Graham to a standing ovation. Blassie badgers him repeatedly about still being injured & grandstanding last week, etc. Graham finally explodes, cutting his tirade off & ripping off his tie-dye shirt to reveal those taped ribs. Admits he’s not 100% but that he IS back & ready to smite a behemoth, even if it costs him everything - including his own body. Passionately thanks everyone for their prayers this whole time, as he was on the mend. Says he won’t stop until it gets this fight signed on the dotted line. Says he’ll even sign a waiver for Jack Tunney if needed, absolving the WWF of all liability - even if fighting the 450-pound Bundy puts him on the shelf forever. Says it would all still have been worth it, knowing he stood up & fought to his last breath for every young voice that might be snuffed out in life & for every man or woman in the world who ever were inspired by him to be their voice. Says that cocky tank Bundy WILL FALL, if it’s the last thing he ever does, “BROTHA!”. He pumps his fist emotionally to the rabid crowd & abruptly walks off set to his music.]

Hillbilly Jim (w/Lou Albano) defeated Jim Holmes with a Big Boot. Cousin Luke comes down during the match & gives away snazzy, well-packaged bottles of their new ‘Jeb Juice’ product to the fans around ringside.

[WWF Event Center for the NYC AREA -- Mean Gene re-hypes the big house show @ Madison Square Garden TONIGHT, Saturday 11/14. The Fantastics come in, hype about being in the Big Apple tonight, honored to fight alongside Andre the Giant & eager to take down 3 men they live & eat to take down. Say tonight will be a backyard fight they can’t wait for - don’t miss it!]

[President Jack Tunney calls into Gorilla & Blassie: Announces, based on the liability waiver publicly offered on The Penthouse, balanced with the fervent sentiment from fans worldwide, against his better judgement, he is hereby making King Kong Bundy vs. ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham official for Fall Classic in Chicago on 11/26.]

George ‘The Animal’ Steele (w/Lou Albano) defeated Haku (w/Mr. Fuji). Eager George happily slid into the ring & attacked Haku right off the bat, housing him all over the ring, knocking him from pillar to post. Leveling roundhouses, chops, bites various body parts, and 2-finger eye-pokes abound!

Haku cuts off his momentum, but hurdling George on a backdrop attempt & leveling him with a thrust kick. Haku drops knees, falling headbutts, reverse elbows off whips to the ropes, etc. Crowd is firmly behind George, urging him on! Fuji waits until the ref is distracted & uses his cane to choke George under the bottom rope! Albano hustles around to run Fuji off!

Moments later, Haku slams George & climbs to the top. He leaps for a splash & GEORGE MOVES! George cartoonishly fires up & houses Haku like no tomorrow! Fuji climbs on the apron, brandishing the cane at George, who cocks his head in curiosity. Albano climbs to the apron & snatches Fuji’s cane! Haku gets up & snatches the cane from Albano & threatens him! George schoolboys him out of nowhere for the leg-flailing 1-2-3!! Place goes nuts!!

Here come Sika, Tama & Afa barreling to the ring!! They slide in & start stomping a mudhole in George!! In a split second, HERE COME THE VON ERICH’S STORMING TO THE RING!! THEY RUNNING-SLIDE INTO THE RING & THE HEADHUNTERS CLEAR AWAY FROM GEORGE!

The Champs cautiously help the dazed George roll out of the ring, not taking their eyes off their savage adversaries! Kerry & Kevin roll out, raising George’s arms in victory outside the ring, as the place is going nuts!! The Samoan Headhunters are still crouched in unison & ready to pounce! Fuji’s livid!

The Champs jaw in their direction, then happily head up the aisle with Albano & a victorious George, who’s resting his head on Kevin’s chest as they parade toward the back! 

[Gorilla & Blassie announce action for next week: Virgil, Masa Saito, Sgt. Slaughter, and the Fantastics. Main event will be the long-advertised I-C #1 Contender match of Ken Patera vs. Tito Santana, with the winner challenging Greg Valentine for the I-C gold @ Fall Classic! Blassie’s guest on The Penthouse will be Rick Rude w/Jimmy Hart!]

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 11/14


(Struthers, OH @ Fieldhouse. Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


The Fantastics defeated Reuben Arnold & Scott Casey with the Rocket Launcher on Arnold.

[Victory Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Special guest Hillbilly Jim. Says he’s excited to hook ‘em up with Masa Saito at Fall Classic. Says he’s seen Saito lay waste to grown men like animals being led to slaughter. Says he’s just as tough & fancies a good fight even more. Says he’ll give Saito a taste of his own medicine at Fall Classic.]

Ken Patera submitted Steve Lombardi with an Airplane-spinning Full Nelson. Post-match, he gets on the mic & says he should have to earn something that’s rightfully his, but he’ll beat his friend Tito next week on Superstars of Wrestling, and go to Chi-Town to take Greg Valentine apart once & for all.

Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Curt Flood & Will Downes with a knee-lift by Boris on Downes.

[British Bulldogs vs. Putski/Arcidi announced as next week’s main event. Victory Circle guest will be Sgt. Slaughter.]

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Rocky King. This match was pure kinetic energy & so was the hot crowd! Paul Orndorff brings the house down when he shows up at the front row with popcorn, hotdog & huge soft drink, and relaxes like a fan taking in the match - much like Rude & Hart have done at times. Rude & Hart are big-time annoyed, and somewhat distracted.

Rude’s in total control to start out, enjoying himself as he breaks King down ruthlessly. King makes an early comeback, surprising Rude with a series of dropkicks, hiptosses, arm drags, and finishes the flurry with another dropkick that knocks Rude backward over the top to the floor! Orndorff is standing like many others, cheering King on like his #1 fan! 

Dazed Rude gets to his feet outside & practically turns around, right into a taunting/applauding Orndorff -- Rude falls back down in surprise & crawls backward, like he’s just seen a ghost! King rolls out stomps Rude like there’s no tomorrow! Crowd going nuts -- they can smell the upset!

King continues the high-flying onslaught in the ring with backdrops, flying head-scissors, and a monkey-flip off an Irish whip! King hooks the leg for the 1-2-Rude kicks out with authority! King catapults himself to the apron & hops to the top rope… but Rude quickly recovers & press-slams King a mile off the top rope! 

Rude’s mean streak is awakened now & he unleashes holy Hell with vicious forearm drops, stomps, chokes, elbowdrops, knee drops, etc. He houses King from pillar to post, yelling at Orndorff at ringside, who’s still enjoying his refreshments. Rude’s too distracted now to show off for Orndorff, grinding his hips at him, etc. Rude tries a Rude Awakening on King… but King counters with a backslide for the 1-2-Rude kicks out!

King gets in a final, climactic flurry of leveling roundhouses & dropkicks, and counters a backdrop attempt with a swinging neckbreaker on Rude! King goes back to the top rope as Rude staggers up… King flies for the cross-body finisher… but Rude dives out of the way! King crash-lands & Rude immediately Rude-Awakenings him to Hell for the 1-2-3!

Rude & Hart taunt the crowd, as Rude stands tall over fallen King. Orndorff hops the railing & slides in behind Rude! Orndorff knocks Rude’s light out with a roundhouse, as Hart dives for cover! Rude rolls out quickly & angrily heads up the aisle with Hart, jawing at Orndorff in the ring. Orndorff stands tall, fired up, pointing at Rude & himself, inviting Rude to come get some as the show goes off the air!


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Good week for the WWF.  Really looking forward to Fall Brawl.  Love how you seem to be planning ahead by leaving Rude/Orndorff off the big card and I love Rude's reasoning that he will pick the time and place.  You always seem to give these little details that I would never even think of but really give us some true insights into the business side of wrestling.

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Superstars TV really hyped up the Von Erichs and their upcoming gauntlet match at Fall Classic. It will be a tough task for the champs but man they're pretty fired up these days. 

Slaughter and Sheik are going to tear the house down. 

YES! Tunney gives the fans what they want and books Graham vs. Bundy! The Superstar is one brave dude. 

Really looking forward to Andre and Haystacks. Haystacks has been built up so well as a credible threat. 

Rude says he turned down Orndorff but I have a feeling Tunney might give him a rude awakening.

Next week we get to find out the true number one contender to the IC title. Tito and Patera will bring it. 

I've liked Rocky King's role here. At any moment you can sense he'll pull off an upset as Rude found out. Only a matter of time before King pulls a big one off. 

So much happening at Fall Classic and then we'll get the long awaited cage match with Bruno and Shultz. This has been one of the top feuds in the game and I can't wait for the blow off! 



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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 11/14 | New York City, NY @ Madison Square Garden (18,269)

Pedro Morales submitted Al Snow with a Boston Crab @ 6:22.

George Steele/Lou Albano defeated Masa Saito/Mr. Fuji @ 8:14 when Albano schoolboyed Fuji.

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Salvatore Bellomo @ 3:49 with the Rude Awakening. Rude demanded his entrance theme “Smooth Operator” to play during the match. 

Big John Studd defeated Dan Severn @ 4:11 with a bodyslam & elbowdrop.

Andre the Giant/Fantastics defeated King Kong Bundy/British Bulldogs by DQ @ 13:28, when Bobby Heenan interfered in the Pier-6 toward the end. Andre & Fantastics clear the ring, leaving Heenan surrounded to get pinballed among all 3 men, ending in an Andre Big Boot that knocks Heenan for a loop. Giant Haystacks storms to the ring & ambushes Andre. Fantastics try to save but Haystacks levels both like insects. Haystacks sleeper-holds a kneeling Andre & leaves him face-down on the mat. Crowd stunned.


Paul Orndorff defeated Steve Lombardi @ 1:21 with a piledriver. Post-match, he tells the crowd he’ll chase Rude all over NYC if he has to.

Hillbilly Jim defeated Afa by DQ @ 7:44. Sika ran down to save the 3-count when Jim had Afa pinned from a legdrop. 2-on-1 beatdown. George Steele ran down with 2 musical cymbals & clocked the Samoans repeatedly until Hillbilly Jim could help him clear the ring of their foes.

[Ring announcer Howard Finkel announces Saturday 12/26 @ 8 PM as next month's return date. Matches just signed include: Fantastics vs. British Bulldogs in a Texas Tornado Tag Match, Tito Santana vs. Big John Studd, Sgt. Slaughter vs. David Schultz, and main event of Bruno Sammartino vs. Iron Sheik!]

I-C Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Ivan Putski @ 12:29 after a stun-gun into the top turnbuckle, leading to a jackknife with feet on the ropes for leverage.

Kerry Von Erich defeated Bob Backlund by count-out @ 11:12. High drama & big sizzle in the crowd. Backlund tried the Chicken Wing near the end, but Kerry reversed out & slapped the Claw on Backlund against the ropes. Discus Punch knocks Backlund over the top to the floor, completely out-cold for the 10-count. Party atmosphere as Kerry stands tall on all 4 second turnbuckles, sending the place home happy. 

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Haystacks leaving Andre face down in MSG is HUGE! 

I like the intense slow building of Orndorff and Rude. As Gorilla would say "You can cut the tension with a knife" 

Valentine gets in a good title defense as he waits to find out who the number 1 contender will be. 

If you want the fans to go home happy then putting Kerry on last is the way to go. 

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 11/15 | East Rutherford, NJ @ Meadowlands Arena (17,481)

Rocky King defeated Steve Blackman with a bulldog from the second rope.

Ken Patera defeated Boris Zhukov (w/Fred Blassie) with a bridging German suplex.

I-C Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Ted Arcidi with a foreign object KO.

Pedro Morales defeated Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) by DQ when Virgil used Blassie’s cane.

Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s defeated British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) 2-1 in a 2/3 Falls Match. Bulldogs won Fall 1 when Kerry was counted out. Von Erich’s won Fall 2 when Kevin pinned Dynamite with a backslide. Von Erich’s won Fall 3 by DQ when Davey used a Title belt on Kerry, to break up the Claw on Dynamite.


Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Paul Orndorff by count-out when Rick Rude ran down in street clothes, distracting Orndorff just long enough for the 10-count. Orndorff was livid & chased Rude to the back.

Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) defeated Salvatore Bellomo with a Russian Leg Sweep.

George Steele (w/Lou Albano) defeated Tama (w/Mr. Fuji) with an inside cradle after Tama missed a splash from the top.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino fought King Kong Bundy to a Double Count-out. Brawl continues after the bell until officials finally run down to break things up. Bruno gets back into the ring & dares Bundy to go some more, Bundy teases like he will, then heads to the back. Bruno stands tall for the raucous crowd to end the night.

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HOUSE SHOW: Friday 11/20 | Boston, MA @ Boston Garden (16,755)

SD Jones defeated Barry O with the jumping headbutt.

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Dan Severn with a Rude Awakening. Post-match, Rude, knowing he’s not there, boastfully offers to face Paul Orndorff right now in Boston. When Orndorff doesn’t show, Rude gloats that he knew Mr. Wonderful was all show & no go, etc. 

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) fought Pedro Morales to a 15-minute time limit draw.

The British Bulldogs (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Tito Santana/Ken Patera. Pier-4 brawl at the end led to a miscue with Tito & Patera, that sent Tito reeling into a Dynamite small package for the flash 1-2-3. Tito & Patera with a big-time shouting match when the smoke cleared.

The Iron Sheik (w/Freddie Blassie) defeated Andre the Giant by DQ. Ref got KO’d by accident. Sheik tried to use Blassie’s cane, but ate an Andre Big Boot instead that sent him reeling backward - arms got entangled in the ropes! Andre took full advantage with chokes & roundhouses on the helpless, ensnared Sheik. Ref revives & Andre refuses to break the choke. Ref counts to 5 & calls for the DQ. Andre livid. Blassie freed Sheik & everyone ran for the hills.


I-C Champion Greg Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated Rocky King, when Valentine countered a King monkey-flip attempt out of the corner & jackknifed with feet on the ropes for leverage.

The Fantastics defeated Red Scare (w/Fred Blassie) when Rogers pinned Boris with a rollup.

[Ring Announcer Frank Chrzanowski announces Friday 12/19 @ 8 PM as next month’s return date. Matches just signed include: Masa Saito vs. Kevin Von Erich, King Kong Bundy vs. Sgt. Slaughter, a 20-Man Battle Royal for a WWF Heavyweight Title shot in Boston in January, and Bob Backlund vs. Kerry Von Erich!]

Big John Studd defeated Ivan Putski with an elbowdrop.

WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated David Schultz by count-out in a No DQ Match. Chaotic brawl that spilled into the crowd 3 times. Near-falls all over the place throughout. Near the end, Bruno’s prone on the mat & Schultz leaps off the 2nd rope with the ring bell. Bruno double-mule-kicks the bell into his face, knocking Schultz through the ropes to the floor. Brawl continues outside & Schultz surprises Bruno with a mic shot to the skull. Schultz peels back the floor mats to expose the concrete. He tries a flush piledriver, but Bruno backdrops out of it & plants a belly-to-belly on the concrete instead, beating the 10-count. Bruno stands tall in the ring for the rabid crowd to end the night, as Schultz writhes on the concrete. 

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Updated Card:

1. WWF Heavyweight Title | Steel Cage Match: 
Bruno Sammartino© vs. 'Dr. D' David Schultz 

2. Andre the Giant vs. Giant Haystacks

3. Last Man Standing Match: 
Sgt. Slaughter vs. The Iron Sheik

4. 'Superstar' Billy Graham vs. King Kong Bundy

5. WWF Tag Team Titles | Gauntlet Match: 
Von Erich’s© vs. The Samoan Headhunters

6. WWF Intercontinental Title:
Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine© vs. #1 Contender (Ken Patera or Tito Santana winner) 

7. Handicap Tag Team Grudge Match: 
The Fantastics vs. The British Bulldogs & Bobby Heenan

8. George ‘The Animal’ Steele vs. Virgil

9. Masa Saito vs. Hillbilly Jim


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TV: Superstars of Wrestling - Saturday 11/21 (Abbreviated for Accelerated Production)


(Gorilla Monsoon & Freddie Blassie on commentary.)

The Fantastics defeated Border Thomas & Tony Hawkins with a Rocket Launcher on Thomas. Total dominance from the southern duo & a rabid crowd. Mid-match, British Bulldogs in street clothes came to the aisle & observed. Post-match, both teams jawed at each other from a distance as Fantastics held the ropes open for the Bulldogs.

[WWF Fall Classic Update: Lord Alfred hypes the Fall Classic card so far; Bruno vs. Schultz in a Steel Cage for the World Title, Andre vs. Haystacks, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik in a Last Man Standing Match, Von Erich’s defending Tag Titles vs. Samoan Headhunters in a Gauntlet Match, Fantastics vs. British Bulldogs/Bobby Heenan in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match, Saito vs. Hillbilly Jim, Virgil vs. George Steele, and King Kong Bundy vs. a returning Superstar Graham signed last week. He takes us to footage of the Giant Haystacks ambush of Andre at MSG last Saturday night 11/14, that left Andre face-down unconscious. Kicks us to a pre-recorded in-studio promo of a snarling Haystacks rubbing his hands eagerly, touting the dismantling of a legend. Says Fall Classic is upon us & Andre is now a memory.]

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Salvatore Bellomo with the Bonsai Throat Claw.

[In-studio promo: A fiery Bruno Sammartino says he’ll erect the steel cage himself in Chicago now & wait for Schultz to get there, then rip Schultz’s head from his shoulders & teach his decapitated body about respect. Says he’ll defend his honor, integrity, his legend & his family -- and THEN his Title.]

Sgt. Slaughter defeated Rock Sawyer with the Cobra Clutch. Post-match, Slaughter got a mic & said it’s time to go to war. Says it’s time to send our enemies home on a platter signed by the good ole USA. Vows to put the Sheik out for good. Leads the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.

[WWF Event Center for the PHILADELPHIA AREA -- Mean Gene hypes the house show TONIGHT 11/21 @ Spectrum. Rocky King parades into frame, “ON FI-YA” about getting to Philly tonight to win that I-C gold from Greg Valentine. Says he’s not just here to make headlines for being the World Champ’s buddy - he’s here to prove he deserves to be a champ himself. Says Valentine is fixin’ to watch that gold fly, fly away!] 

[Back-to-back pre-recorded in-studio promos of the Samoan Headhunters w/Mr. Fuji as their mouthpiece, then to Tag Team Champs the Von Erich’s. In the Headhunters promo, Fuji gleefully says the pretty brothers will be eaten alive & taken like prey in the jungles of Samoa, especially since all 4 Samoans get to tear them apart. The Von Erich’s are all fired-up, saying they’re the ones on the hunt in Chicago & they’re gonna make history by taking out TWO teams of these Samoans in the same night, same match. Say they’ve been beating savages all their lives. This time, they get to defend wrestling’s richest gold for it.]

[The Penthouse w/Freddie Blassie: Virgil stands, arms folded, next to Blassie, who re-hypes Virgil’s match vs. George Steel @ Fall Classic this coming Thursday on Thanksgiving. Special guests are Rick Rude & Jimmy Hart. Rude says he & Jimmy already have a Chicago Thanksgiving all booked for some much-needed R&R with Hollywood friends, tycoons, and media types taking vacations. Says he & Jimmy chose to tell Paul Orndorff to go pound sand, and he’ll take out Orndorff on HIS terms when he feels like wiping the floor with him - sometime after the ‘Rude & Hart Thanksgiving Extravaganza’. Jack Tunney comes out & reminds Rude that his WWF contract states that 30% of his annual match itinerary is deemed "Open Compete", which means that portion of annual matches are set solely by the WWF Competition & Championship Committees. Rude & Hart sense where this is going & so does the crowd. Tunney says the Competition Committee is exercising that clause to feature Rude competing this coming Thursday, Thanksgiving night at Fall Classic, since the eyes of the world will be on such a groundbreaking, historic event. Rude is pissed! Tunney says an opponent has been determined, as a reflection of the event’s magnitude & of public interest - Paul ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Orndorff. Place coming unglued! Rude & Hart are beside themselves! Tunney steps away to leave & Rude wants to continue giving him an earful! Suddenly, Orndorff steps onto the set from the other direction, behind Rude! Rude turns around & Orndorff knocks Rude’s lights out with 1 shot! Hart flees. Orndorff mocks Rude by doing his hip gyration to the rabid crowd!]

[Back-to-back pre-recorded in-studio promos: King Kong Bundy w/Bobby Heenan & ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham. Bundy is pissed Graham got off his deathbed to come grandstand for the fans. Says he’s gonna snap what’s left of his body & his spirit in Chicago. Says Graham will have no one to blame, when he uses his mass to not just crack Graham’s bones, but pulverize them to a cloud of dust once & for all. Graham says wild wildebeests couldn’t keep him from coming back & giving ‘Humpdey Dumpdey’ the beating of a lifetime. Says Humpdey's gonna have a great fall in Chicago & is gonna pay for every nightmare, every shortened breath & every moment of excruciating pain. Says he may still be on the mend, but is still too sweet to be sour to let Bundy’s reign of terror last another day.]

Virgil (w/Fred Blassie) defeated McKenzie Pierce with the Russian Leg Sweep.

[WWF Event Center for the PHILADELPHIA AREA -- Mean Gene re-hypes the house show TONIGHT 11/21 @ Spectrum. Bob Backlund barges in & says he shall be descending upon the birthplace of independence this evening to eradicate professional sports of its malevolence, in the form of Kerrith Von Erich. Backlund then snaps when Gene second-guesses the comment, and hooks the Crossface Chicken Wing. Segment ends as production people race in to pull Backlund off him.]


[Gorilla & Blassie at the broadcast podium: They run down the full updated Fall Classic card for this coming Thanksgiving night, which now includes Paul Orndorff vs. Rick Rude.]


Tito Santana defeated Ken Patera to become the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title. Barn-burner. Greg Valentine in street clothes & Bobby Heenan pull up seats on the broadcast podium to watch leisurely, just as the match begins.

The cautious handshake at the start laid the path to a seesaw battle that left the world on its ear. A clinic in crisp amateur wrestling, chain wrestling, catches-catch-can, and high-energy Lucha! Headlock-takedowns, inverted armdrags, high hiptosses, leg-snatches into pins, dropkicks from Tito. Body-throws, double-arm, fisherman, and German suplexes by Patera -- both arsenals going almost tit for tat in the ultimate game of physical chess! Valentine & Heenan are riveted from afar.

Tito begins to out-counter the olympian, frustrating Patera until he finally opens up & unleashes vicious fisticuffs on Santana, knocking him from pillar to post. Patera misses a Vader Bomb & Tito’s all fired-up now! That Latin blood unleashes his own flurry of vicious punches, housing Patera all over the place & flattening him with a running cross-body for the near-fall! Both men pop up & Tito running-cross-bodies himself & Patera over the top to the floor. What a nasty spill!

Outside, both men pull themselves up & resume duking it out! Patera ducks a clothesline & German’s Tito out of his boots on the floor! He tosses him back into the ring & levels Tito repeatedly with clotheslines, uppercuts & a Samoan drop for the 1-2-Tito kicks out at 2.5! Patera points at Valentine & Heenan suggestively! Tito looks finished!

Patera eagerly sizes Tito up from behind to end it, as Tito groggily struggles to pick himself up. Tito gets to his feet on wobbly legs & Patera moves in for the Full Nelson… but Tito instinctively drops down, snatching Patera into a victory-roll-like cradle for the leg-flailing 1-2-Patera kicks out at 2.9!! 

Both men pop up & Tito immediately lunges over him for a sunset flip… Patera counters by dropping to his knees & grapevining both Tito’s legs in a cradle for the 1-2-Tito kicks out at 2.9!! 

Both men pop up, Tito ducks a clothesline & bounces off the ropes with the flying forearm!! Hooks the leg for the 1-2-3!! Place coming unglued!!

Tito weakly pulls himself up, nearly spent, as the ref raises his arm in victory! He weakly raises both arms to the crowd on all sides, gasping & taking in the rabid adoration! Patera is still semi-conscious on the mat!! 

Valentine & Heenan are now standing, sarcastically applauding Santana! Tito notices & gets on the second turnbuckle, pointing & jawing in their direction! Valentine smugly raises the I-C Title belt in response. 

Meanwhile, Patera slowly pulls himself up against the ropes, still woozy, and steps in Tito’s direction. Tito gets off the turnbuckle & meets him in the center of the ring. Patera murmurs some words to him, still shaking the cobwebs free & struggling to stand. He finally offers his hand in respect... & Tito shakes it! The 2 embrace! Place going nuts! Heenan & Valentine are feigning emotion at all this. Patera raises Tito’s arm to the raucous crowd on all sides!!

Patera then finally rolls out of the ring, ceding the ring to him & leaving ringside groggily. The disappointment & frustration overtake his face as he walks the aisle. Tito continues celebrating with the crowd!

[Gorilla & Blassie announce action for next week: British Bulldogs, Ivan Putski, Bob Backlund, and Pedro Morales. Main event will be Rocky King vs. Boris Zhukov. No Penthouse next week, as it will be preempted by full coverage on the results & fallout of Fall Classic.]

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If Vince had ever put Tito and Patera in the ring and had a clean victory when I was a kid, I might still like the WWF today.  Awesome main event.

Thought some of your jobber names were hilarious.

Great job with the interviews!  I thought Bruno and Tunney really got the fans more hype for Fall Brawl then before.  That is going to be an historic event.

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TV: All-Star Wrestling - Saturday 11/21


(Vince McMahon & Jack Reynolds on commentary.)


Hillbilly Jim defeated Jim Goddard with a Big Boot in 51 seconds. 

[Victory Circle w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Sgt. Slaughter is guest. Says he & America have been through Hell the last few months, but come next Thursday night, America gives Hell like only it can. Says Sheik is done standing - Blassie better find himself a new turncoat & gravy-train.]

Samoan Headhunters (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Mut Bradford/Tony Terry/Johnny Wells/Will Hardy in an 8-Man tag. Afa & Sika leveled Hardy with a double thrust kick. Tama & Haku each hit splashes from the top for the dominant win. Synchronized tribal war dance & belt-around-the-waist gestures in the post-match.

[Pre-recorded studio promo: David Schultz says he’s about to redefine ‘holiday’. Says Thanksgiving is about to become his own personal holiday, where he thanks himself for using a giant cage to close the book on a fairy tale. Says get ready to hail the NEW World Champ.]

Bobby Heenan (w/Greg Valentine) defeated Adam Foley in a warm-up match for Heenan’s upcoming tag match at Fall Classic. Valentine coached a nervous Heenan through the whole ordeal. Foley knocked him several times, but Heenan also used his instincts to get over on him & won with a swinging neckbreaker. Heenan & Valentine celebrated like it’s 1999. 

George Steele (w/Lou Albano) submitted Connor Meyers with the Armbar to Heaven. Post-match, George planted a beaten Meyers with double-arm gut-wrench suplex, before running around ringside, taking head-rubbings from fans & leaving up the aisle with Albano.

[Pre-recorded studio promo: Iron Sheik speaks mostly in Farsi dialect, out of spite. Says, in English, that he’ll be last man standing over Slaughter & these god-awful United States.]

The British Bulldogs (w/defeated Ivan Putski & Ted Arcidi in a physical tag team affair. Putski & Arcidi are game powerhouses, fighting the dominance of the former Tag Champs. Putski and/or Arcidi are the dominant ones at first. Bulldogs & Heenan use their underhanded savvy to swing the pendulum.

Bulldogs have control as Dynamite works Arcidi over, even nailing a hefty semi-snap suplex on the big man! Dynamite climbs up top, but Putski runs across the apron & topples Dynamite off! Arcidi desperately crawls over for the hot tag!

Putski hops in like a mad man, leveling Dynamite & Davey, who’s in to try to save. Moments later, the Pier-4 is on! Davey backdrops Arcidi over the top, Putski LEVELS Dynamite with a Polish Hammer, Putski turns around & Davey PLANTS him with a powerslam! Davey rolls out & battered Dynamite groggily rolls over onto Putski for the 1-2-3!

Bulldogs & Heenan celebrate in the ring, taunting the crowd on all sides. Arcidi snatches up & chair & slides back into the ring! Bulldogs & Heenan scatter & back their way up the aisle, laughing up a storm in the aisle as the show goes off the air.

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Now that the Orndorff/Rude match has been signed and Tito wins the number one contender match,  everything is set for Fall Classic! 

Good job hyping up the matches with promos. 

The Tito/Patera match was exciting and we got a clean pin. Tito vs. Valentine will be a gem. 

All-Star once again delivers a fun main event with the Bulldogs defeating Arcidi and Putski in a solid powerhouse match. 

LOL, Heenan's tune up bout was a nice touch. 

Can't wait for Bruno and Shultz in the cage! 

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HOUSE SHOW: Saturday 11/21 | Philadelphia, PA @ Spectrum (17,390)

Masa Saito (w/Mr. Fuji) defeated Cousin Luke with the Bonsai Throat Claw.

Sika/Tama defeated Ivan Putski/Ted Arcidi @ 9:43 when Sika hit a second top-rope splash on Arcidi.

I-C Champ Greg Valentine defeated Rocky King by DQ @ 10:09, when King took flight for the cross-body from the top & Valentine moved, causing King to flatten the ref by accident.

[Ring Announcer Mel Phillips hypes the Fall Classic event next Thursday, Thanksgiving night, as the Spectrum is the main closed-circuit TV location in the Philly area. Tix still available. Phillips runs down the card, which elicits huge crowd responses as the names are spoken.]

Kevin Von Erich defeated Haku @ 12:11 with a rollup.

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated Hillbilly Jim by DQ @ 7:48, when Jimmy Hart hopped on the apron & tried to clock Jim with the megaphone. Jim blocked it, snatched the megaphone & cracked a charging Rude in the gut with it for the DQ.


George Steele (w/Lou Albano) defeated Nikolai Volkoff (w/Fred Blassie) @ 7:54 when Steele ducked & Blassie accidentally cracked Nikolai with the cane instead while the ref was distracted with Albano. Schoolboy of Nikolai for the flash 1-2-3.

Tito Santana fought Big John Studd to a Double Count-out @ 12:21.

[Mel Phillips announces Friday 12/18 @ 8 PM as next month’s return date. Matches just signed include: Dynamite Kid vs. Tito Santana, Davey Boy Smith vs. Ken Patera, semi-main events of King Kong Bundy vs. Andre the Giant and Rick Rude vs. Paul Orndorff! More matches to be announced in the coming weeks on local feeds of The Superstars of Wrestling on FOX 29 & All Star Wrestling on WPHL-17.]

King Kong Bundy defeated Steve Blackman @ 7:36 with a splash.

Bob Backlund defeated Kerry Von Erich by DQ @ 14:41 when Backlund’s cheating antics kept going unnoticed by the ref, Kerry snapped, beat Backlund from pillar to post & wouldn’t break the Claw when he had Backlund bent backward across the bottom rope. Ref couldn’t pull Kerry off. Reinforcements had to run down & pull him off Backlund. Place coming unglued as Kerry stands tall to close out the night.

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HOUSE SHOW: Sunday 11/22 | Landover, MD @ Capital Center (14,871)

Big John Studd defeated a re-debuting Rene Goulet with a belly-to-back suplex.

Greg Valentine/British Bulldogs defeated Pedro Morales/Scufflin’ Hillbillies when Dave Boy powerslammed Luke.

Ivan Putski defeated Virgil by DQ, when the ref caught Virgil using a foreign object. Putski fired up & Polish Hammered Virgil. 

Tito Santana defeated the Iron Sheik by DQ, when Sheik used his fabric headdress to choke out Santana.

George Steele/Lou Albano defeated Masa Saito/Mr. Fuji when Steele double-arm gut-wrenched Fuji & let Albano take the pinfall.

Rick Rude (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated SD Jones with a Rude Awakening. Demanded his theme song “Smooth Operator” by Sade to play during the match. 

The Fantastics defeated Red Scare when Fulton pinned Nikolai with a sunset flip.

Sgt. Slaughter defeated King Kong Bundy by DQ, when the Iron Sheik ran down & interfered. Superstar Graham in street clothes ran in for the save & helped Slaughter clean house to end the night.

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WWF Heavyweight Title | Steel Cage Match: 
Bruno Sammartino© vs. 'Dr. D' David Schultz 

Andre the Giant vs. Giant Haystacks

Last Man Standing Match: 
Sgt. Slaughter vs. The Iron Sheik

'Superstar' Billy Graham vs. King Kong Bundy

WWF Tag Team Title | Gauntlet Match: 
Von Erich’s© vs. The Samoan Headhunters

Paul 'Mr. Wonderful' Orndorff vs. Rick Rude

WWF Intercontinental Title:
Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine© vs. Tito Santana 

Handicap Tag Team Grudge Match: 
The Fantastics vs. The British Bulldogs & Bobby Heenan

George ‘The Animal’ Steele vs. Virgil

Masa Saito vs. Hillbilly Jim

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