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[2001-05-07-WWF-Raw] Jerry Lynn vs Grandmaster Sexay vs Crash Holly vs Taka Michinoku

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I think the only people missing are Dean Malenko and Essa Rios, which goes to show how little depth there is to the WWF’s Light Heavyweight division that when you have a Fatal Four-Way match it features two-thirds of said division.  At least everyone was afforded an introduction here, unlike on Smackdown.  What they weren’t afforded though was much time.  All action for the couple of minutes it lasts, although that action primarily consisted of one man going for a pin and then another man breaking it up at two.  After Lynn backdrops the Grandmaster over the top rope to the outside onto Taka he’s left all alone with Crash and immediately hits a high impact DDT for the win.  He puts the boots to him post-match, continuing these slight heelish traits he’s been showing since he debuted in the WWF.

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