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[2001-05-06-Monterrey] El Dandy & Zumbido & Satanico & Damian 666 vs La Parka & Mr Niebla & Brazo de Plata & Antifaz del Norte

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This was a typical Monterrey bout. A lot of comedy, ref spots and dick jokes. Fun for the whole family. The fans got into it with the wrestlers a bit and were treated to the usual shit finish. There were a few good exchanges and some killer dives at the end, but probably too much Porky and La Parka for my liking. Zumbido was awesome. I wonder why he hasn't been appearing on the main shows. They were about to make him a Guapo at one point. Was he injured? (Looks like he got hurt in August.) I imagine if you were a Monterrey fan it was fun seeing the CMLL guys in person, but when they were leaving at the end, I kept wondering if they were really happy with that shit finish. The kids climbing into the ring is awesome. Reminds me of when kids used to invade the pitch after rugby games. 

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