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[2003-04-30-NWA-TNA] Jeff Jarrett vs Raven

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NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarett vs Raven - NWA-TNA 4/30/2003

Man, Jeff Jarrett has no friends. So for those keep tracking at home, Jeff Jarrett is NWA 4 Life (Straight Outta Hendersonville) and a surprisingly good babyface. Raven & The Gathering (Julio Dinero & a young Mickie James) are SEX 4 LIFE (and so am I). In addition to the Gathering & SEX, there is also the ECW Nostalgia Stable of Sandman, Justin Credible, Saturn and New Jack. ECW nostalgia has probably earned more money than the actual ECW promotion. All Double J has is asskicking Dusty Rhodes, who wiped the floor with SEX back in January when Raven debuted in TNA. 

I enjoyed this way more than I expected. I like overbooking for the most part but that part fell flat for me. It didnt add to the drama. It just felt tedious. SEX/New Church brawl. ECW Nostalgia beats up a bloody, handcuffed Jarrett until the lights go out and Sabu saves. Sabu wipes out a fan when he makes his great escape. The worst moment was when the ref couldnt get the handcuffs off Jarrett so fucking Raven had to do it. Ugh. Then Jarrett hits the Stroke for the finish. 

The actual body of the match was really good. Jarrett is a great fired up babyface. He gave Raven a good ass-whupping and Raven fed and stooged for him well. Dinero/Alexis were a good distraction. I think they did the whole heel miscommunication chair shot too early and that busts Raven open. Jarrett dives on the Gathering and he pays for taking his eye off the ball when Raven does his out of control plancha. Really damn good Raven heat segment, busts Jarrett open on the steel steps. Million Dollar Kneelfit. Drop toehold on the chair. Lots of great Raven staples. Sleeper was a good climax as he was losing control and then Jarrett kicks ass. Great fired up comeback from Jarrett. Taking out the Gathering and hitting the Stroke, what a shitty move, for two. Raven comes back with the DDT for two. They tumble over the top on a Cactus Clothesline. Jarrett hits a Middle Rope Elbow Drop Through a Table! Nice highspot! Jarrett rolls him back in and DDT! Very 2003 to steal the finisher! 1-2-Gathering pulls the ref out! Ref throws them out. Jarrett runs into the ref to bump the ref. Raven whacks him in the balls and then is the lame finish run. 

Honestly, the body of the match was a really strong old school babyface vs heel match. Raven used his Gathering really well and worked a strong heat segment. Jarrett was a strong, fiery babyface. It is too bad the finish let them down, but this was still a very fun match to watch. ***1/2

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