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Texas All Star Wrestling

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(Taped on Monday September 7th, 1985 and airing Friday Night September 11th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


Ninety minutes of ringside excitement featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing ringside with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports. I'm Marc Lowrance, your host for Texas All Star Wrestling! Ladies and Gentleman, I can't tell you how good it is to be back here on KTVT, and how good it is to have professional wrestling back here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We would like to give a big Thank You to our friends at the USWA for making this possible. After the unexpected closure of World Class Wrestling last year due to the behind the scenes happenings in the then AWA alliance, the USWA has brought professional wrestling action to this area as much as they possibly could. But they have seen that you, the rabid fans here in Texas can't get enough, so they have partnered with several investors here in the area, and now Texas All Star Wrestling has risen from the ashes! Right now, let's meet the man that has been chosen to handle the business side of things here is Texas All Star. Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Frank Dusek.

The crowd's reaction is mixed as they are very happy to have professional wrestling back, but at the same time, Frank Dusek has something of a reputation in the area!

Marc Lowrance: Frank, please tell us what we have to look forward to here in Texas All Star Wrestling.

Frank Dusek: Well Marc, let me first say it is a pleasure to be back here in Fort Worth, and I am honored to have been chosen by the USWA Board of Directors as well as the investors of Texas All Star Wrestling to act as the Commissioner here in TASW. I know that these people have an image in their minds of Frank Dusek the wrestler. That guy wasn't always on the up and up, and I understand that I am going to have to earn the trust of these fans. But let me start by assuring you that Commissioner Frank Dusek can't be bought, and will call it right down the middle. I am here to make sure that the rules are followed, and that the people paying hard earned money to come see this show live, and the people watching us at home get the best darn wrestling show they can.

That statement draws a good reaction from the crowd.

Frank Dusek: As for what you can look forward too here in Texas All Star? You can look forward to the hard hitting action that you only get in Texas! That's What!! Starting right here tonight Marc, we are going to see the beginnings of a twelve team tournament to crown the first All Star Tag Team Champions. That will play out over the next few weeks, then when that is all said and done, we'll have to look into crowning the first All Star Heavyweight Champion, now won't we!

Dusek waves to the crowd as he walks away, and gets a much better reaction on his exit than he did on his entrance.

Marc Lowrance: There you have it Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be right back with our first contest!


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling! Let's head down to the ring for the first match in the tournament to crown the All Star Tag Team Champions.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-S&S Express (Steve Simpson/Joe Savoldi) vs Billy Robinson/Mark Fleming-

A tale of two strategies as Savoldi and Simpson tried to use speed and a fast pace against the methodical approach of Robinson and Fleming. Savoldi and Simpson dominated the opening minutes confounding the technicians with an array of dropkicks, arm drags, and other high impact offense. Finally Robinson managed to catch Simpson on a crossbody block and turned it into a backbreaker. He then ground the proceedings to a halt and along with Fleming worked Simpson over with wear down holds and submission attempts. But Simpson would not give up, and eventually made the Hot Tag to Savoldi who came in like a Casa En Fuego (for our Spanish viewers) and cleaned house. A bit of miscommunication saw Fleming collide with Robinson sending Billy to the floor. This allowed S&S to mount opposite turnbuckles and hit a Missile Dropkick followed by a Flying Splash to pick up the victory in 15:42.

Winners: The S&S Express of Steve Simpson and Joe Savoldi


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back Ladies and Gentleman to Texas All Star Wrestling. Before I introduce my next guest, I need to take you back to when the groundwork for Texas All Star Wrestling was being laid. A lot of wrestlers with ties to Texas were contacted about being part of this organization. One man who was especially excited about coming back to the Dallas/Fort Worth area was Mike Von Erich. He was excited to be coming home, and he was excited to share a big surprise with all of you. A surprise which we will learn about later in the show.

However, as I am sure you have all seen in the news, Mike Von Erich can not be with us here tonight, and is in fact lucky to even be alive. For anyone who doesn't know, Mike was doing a wrestling tour of Israel and while he was there he sustained an injury to his shoulder. When he returned to the United States he was advised by his doctors that surgery was needed to correct that injury and that was performed on the twenty fifth of August. Several days later Mike was rushed back to the hospital with a fever of One Hundred and Seven degrees and diagnosed with Toxic Shock Syndrome. Things were very touch and go for several days, but with the prayers of all of you great fans and the will to fight of the Von Erich family, Mike is making improvements every day. That being said, we don't know when or if he will be able to return to the wrestling ring, but he will always have a place here in Texas All Star Wrestling. Until then, we will continue to pray for Mike Von Erich every day and we ask that you do as well. We'll be right back.


-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff vs Jack Spade-

A one sided affair that saw Smirnoff beat the enhancement talent unmercifully. The end of the match came when Smirnoff whipped Spade into a corner and followed him in with a big clothesline. As Spade staggered out, Smirnoff pulled him into position and ended him with a Heart Punch. The ref could have counted to a thousand, but three was all it took and we were done in 4:55.

Winner: "The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff


Marc Lowrance: I am standing by ringside with your winner, Alexis Smirnoff.

Alexis Smirnoff: Of course I am winner! Russian athletes are superior.

Marc Lowrance: Mr. Smirnoff, that maneuver you used to finish the contest looked like a Heart Punch, which is a dangerous hold that is banned in many places.

Alexis Smirnoff: Not Heart Punch, move is called Russian Hammer.

Marc Lowrance: Well it certainly looks like a Heart Punch.

Alexis Smirnoff: Would you like demonstration little man?

Marc Lowrance: No! That won't be necessary! Congratulations on your victory Alexis Smirnoff.

Smirnoff smirks at Lowrance and heads for the dressing room as Marc has a look of relief on his face when he leaves.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling! Let's head down to the ring for our second Tag Team Tournament match of the evening!


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) vs The American Rockers (Ricky Gibson/Ric McCord)-

Gibson and McCord came out slapping hands in matching red and white tights and bandana's with Wild Boys emblazoned on both and got a quite a reaction with their rock and roll entrance. Be that as it may, the reunited Highwaymen were taking no prisoners tonight and this was a pretty one sided affair. Not to say the Wild Boys didn't have their moments, as Gibson nearly put Duncum away with a surprise roll up in the early minutes of the match. But The Highwaymen were hard hitting and they cut the ring in half, especially after Hickerson nearly took the head off of McCord with a clothesline. After that the beating was unmerciful, and a big Spike Piledriver ended the night for McCord in 9:14.

Winners: The Highwaymen of Bobby Duncum and Phil Hickerson


The Highwaymen head over to Marc Lowrance and Hickerson snatches the microphone away from him.

Phil Hickerson: I want everyone out there in this audience and everyone at home watching this show to tell their fat wives and their brat kids to shut their mouths and I want them to listen to what I am about to say. What you are looking at right now are the men who are going to win those All Star Tag Team Titles. It doesn't matter who else is in the tournament. It doesn't matter how many teams we have to beat. The Highwaymen are back together, and that means big trouble for anyone who is stupid enough to stand in our way. Tell 'em about it Bobby.

Bobby Duncum: They tried to stop us! They tried to break The Highwaymen apart. But them roads met up again and here we are. Texas All Star, it don't matter who they are. Anyone gets in our way, we gonna put 'em down, and were taking home them belts. You unnastan?

Duncum shoves the microphone at Marc Lowrance as The Highwaymen exit to a chorus of boos.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Alright folks, we are back here at Texas All Star Wrestling! A little earlier when we were talking about Mike Von Erich, I mentioned that he had a surprise that he was excited to share with all of you. Well, the time has come for that cat to be let out of the bag, so without further adieu, please welcome my guest at this time....

A handsome blonde man walks out smiling and waving to the crowd. He will be recognizable to some of the more hardcore wrestling fans, as he has competed in other companies on their television programs. He shakes hands with Marc Lowrance and looks a bit nervous.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, Mike Von Erich was returning to Texas, but he wasn't coming alone. He was coming back to be part of the Texas All Star tag team division, and this man was going to be his partner. I am going to go ahead and let him introduce himself.

Lowrance hands the microphone over to the newcomer.

"Thank You Marc. Hello Ladies and Gentleman, umm...heh...please bare with me, this is hard without Mike here. Some of you might recognize me from my appearances on other wrestling programs where I competed under the name Ricky Vaughn. I was just a rookie then. I'd just finished being trained by my Father, and he sent me out to get some experience anywhere I could that wasn't Texas."

That comment draws a bit of a negative reaction from the crowd.

"No, No, No. Not because I didn't want to come to Texas, but because I wasn't ready to come to Texas. I wasn't good enough to come to Texas. I wasn't ready to be who I am. But then when Mike and I were working together up in St. Louis, and we were both getting better, he and I started talking about becoming a tag team. Then when we heard that the USWA was going to be bringing full time wrestling back to Texas, we knew it was time. We were going to come here together, and we were going to go after the Texas All Star Tag Team Titles. I was finally going to be who I am for the whole world to see.

Ladies and Gentleman, Ricky Vaughn was a name I made up because I wasn't good enough to use my real name. Because I wasn't good enough to carry the name of my father, or my uncle, or my cousins. But here in Texas All Star, alongside my cousin Mike, that was all supposed to change. But now since I can't do it with Mike, I will do it for Mike. I will show all of Texas the son of Waldo Von Erich, the nephew of Fritz Von Erich. I will show the world Lance Von Erich."

The crowd is somewhat taken aback by this revelation.

Marc Lowrance: Lance, you and your cousin Mike were scheduled to compete in the first round of the All Star Tag Team Title Tournament against the team of Black Bart and Killer Brooks. That was scheduled to be our main event here this evening. With the unfortunate situation surrounding Mike, are we to assume that you will be withdrawing from the tournament?

Lance Von Erich: Marc, I told Frank Dusek that I would fight them two on one, but he said he couldn't let it happen. So unfortunately since I don't have a partner, it appears that....

A roar goes up from the crowd as someone else makes their way to the interview area.

Marc Lowrance: Brian Adias! You don't work here!

Brian Adias: Marc Lowrance, you know and these people know that the Von Erich's are just like blood to me. Kevin and Kerry are kicking ass on the other side of the country, and right now Mike is fighting a bigger fight than any of us can dream of. So if Cousin Lance needs a partner, whether I work here or not, you best believe he's got a partner if he wants one!

Adias sticks out his hand to Lance, who shakes it enthusiastically to a big response from the crowd!

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we have to take a break, but I am going to get Frank Dusek out here for a decision on Brian Adias teaming with Lance Von Erich in tonight's main event! Don't go anywhere!!


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: We are back here at Texas All Star Wrestling, and I have Frank Dusek with me. Frank, I know you saw it just like everyone else did. Brian Adias has agreed to step in for Mike Von Erich and team with Lance Von Erich against Black Bart and Killer Brooks. Will you allow it?

Frank Dusek: Will I allow it? Heck Yes, I'll allow it! Tell Adias to get dressed!

Marc Lowrance: All Right! There you have it Ladies and Gentleman, our main event is on! Now let's head down to the ring!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory vs Shane Tylor-

A total squash for Victory who drew the ire of the Texas faithful almost immediately with his oversized sunglasses, fringed leather jacket, and tights that had "New Jersey" down both legs and "Heart Throb" on the butt. His offense was pretty simple for the most part, but it was enough to keep Tylor grounded so that Victory could strut and jaw with the crowd. He finally put Tylor away with a Piledriver at 5:32.

Winner: "The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory


Victory heads straight out of the ring to Marc Lowrance who doesn't look prepared to interview him.

Jack Victory: How about that Mike Lafrance!

Marc Lowrance: That was a nice win Mr. Victory. But my name is Marc Lowrance, and we are short on time.

Jack Victory: That's Right! I did beat him in a very short time! You see the New Jersey Heartthrob has come to Texas to show all of these dumb, inbred, lowlife, hillbillies that...

As Victory is talking, Marc Lowrance signals for a commercial break.


-Commercial Break-

Jack Victory: ....and that Mac Lachance is why Jack Victory is going to be your Texas All Star Champion! The pleasure was all yours!

Victory struts away with a confident smile as he is heavily booed by the crowd in the Will Rogers Coliseum.

Marc Lowrance: Indeed Mr. Victory, I can only assume the fans at home were hanging on your every word. Alright Ladies and Gentleman, it is time for our main event. Another match in the tournament to crown the All Star Tag Team Champions. Let's head to the ring!


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-Black Bart/"Killer" Tim Brooks vs Brian Adias/Lance Von Erich-

From the moment the bell rang this match was non-stop back and forth action. Bart and Brooks tried to sneak attack Adias and Von Erich, but Brian and Lance caught them coming and fired away with lefts and rights and sent them out of the ring with a pair of dropkicks. After a few minutes of Von Erich and Adias in control, Bart and Brooks used some good old fashioned cheating to take advantage of a distracted referee and gain control on Lance Von Erich. The two rough and tumble Texans beat Lance unmercifully in their corner, but Lance kept fighting back and trying to make it to Adias. Things looked to be all over when Bart planted Lance with a huge suplex then scaled to the second rope for the Texas Trash Compactor, but at the last second Lance rolled out of the way and Bart crashed hard to the mat.

Lance crawled toward Adias as Bart comically sold his ass for several seconds before tagging in Brooks. Brooks went after Von Erich but was moments to late as he made the hot tag to Adias! Brian came in fired up and began taking it to Brooks, and then to Bart who was back on his feet. Adias drilled Black Bart with a huge dropkick that sent him between the ropes and to the floor, and then went back to work on Killer Brooks with more fists of fury! Adias whipped Brooks into the ropes and caught him with a nice crossbody, but it only got two. Adias then scaled the turnbuckle clear to the top rope, but before he could leap, Black Bart was back on the apron and shook the ropes causing Adias to crotch himself! Seeing an opportunity, Killer Brooks ran over and blasted Lance Von Erich who had just gotten to his feet off the apron, and then ran across the ring and clotheslined Adias off the turnbuckle to the outside!

Bart dropped to the floor and threw Adias back into the ring, where Brooks covered him for the One, Two, Thr....KICK OUT!! Brooks argued with the ref who assured him it was two, and then Brooks pulled Adias back to his feet. Brooks hooked both of the arms of Adias, and yelled for Bart to enter the ring. Bart hoisted his elbow in the air and ran for the restrained Adias looking to deliver a knock out blow, but at the last second Adias wriggled free, and Bart elbowed Brooks in the face!! As Bart stood stunned looking at his fallen partner, Lance Von Erich rushed back into the ring and blasted Bart with a clothesline that sent him into the ropes, and followed it with a dropkick that sent him to the floor. Lance then jumped out of the ring to keep Bart out. Meanwhile Adias grabbed hold of the stunned Brooks, hooked him, and drilled him with the Russian Leg Sweep, then floated over and covered him for the One, Two, Three!

Winners: Brian Adias and Lance Von Erich


Marc Lowrance: Oh My! Pandemonium at the end of that one, and the team of Brian Adias and Lance Von Erich have advanced in the tournament to crown the first All Star Tag Team Champions!

As Adias and Von Erich are giving high fives and hugs to the crowd, Black Bart has rolled back into the ring to check on his partner. He helps Brooks to his feet, and gets shoved backwards for his efforts. Bart gets a "what the hell" look on his face, and Brooks starts putting the bad mouth on him. It doesn't take long and Bart is giving it right back to him, and the two men are nose to nose in the center of the ring.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we are nearly out of time, but it would appear that emotions are running hot between partners Black Bart and Killer Tim Brooks.

Two men in black vests and blue jeans come charging down the aisle way and slide into the ring. As soon as they are on their feet, they waylay Black Bart from behind and begin laying the boots to him. It only takes a few seconds before Killer Brooks gets a grin on his face and joins them in the stomping.

Marc Lowrance: Jeff Sword and Doug Vines, The Devil's Duo have hit the ring and along with Killer Brooks they have laid out Black Bart! Ladies and Gentleman, that is all for Texas All Star Wrestling! We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT!

As the show is going off the air, Sword hands Killer Brooks a length of chain, then he and Vines hold Bart up, and Brooks smashes Bart right in the face with a fistful of chain. The last shot as the show fades to black is Black Bart face down on the canvas with a pool of blood forming around his head.

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Welcome back.... Great first show,

I enjoyed the background stories about how TASW came about and Mike VonErich and cousin Lance.

Can't wait to see the response from Black Bart to The Devils Duo!

Nice job of setting up your tag division

Some pretty cool heels get some heat here with Smirnoff and Victory.  

This is going to be a fun read.  Thanks again for coming back.  

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So great to have you back! USWA scored on this deal! 

Things are off and rolling as commissioner Dusek wastes no time in setting the tone with the tag team tournament. 

Even though they came up short, I like the teaming of veteran technician Robinson and younger technician Fleming.  S&S are quite the team and will no doubt get over with the fans. 

I just watched the WCCW DVD again and this Mike Von Erich incident was talked about in great detail by Kevin. Very sad. Looking forward to Mike's return. 

I once met Alexis Smirnoff at an autograph signing and shook his hand. So I'm convinced he can easily put people away with the Russian Hammer. 

YES! The Highwaymen are back together! I love these guys. Hope they have a great Texas run. 

Big segment as the name Lance Von Erich debuts. I liked his explanation and background story. More big news as Texas favorite Brian Adias shows up and offers his services. Solid segment. 

HAHAHA! The funniest part of the show was Jack Victory being cut off with a commercial  only to be still talking when we return. He's going to be a heat magnet here. 

Exciting main event. The feel good team of Adias and Lance advance. Things don't go so well for Black Bart. The Devil's Duo appears, aligns with Brooks to do a number on Bart. The Devil's Duo were a great territory heel team. I know you will do a great job with these guys. 

Awesome debut show! Things were just not the same in Texas without WCCW so it's cool that you're bringing that WCCW feel back. 

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Welcome back my friend! 

A great introduction to Texas All Star here and a lot of familiar faces are along for the ride, good to see Marc Lowrance and Frank Dusek right out of the gate.

Good job giving the backstory to Mike Von Erich's recent misfortunes......and a perfect way to introduce Lance Von Erich who just might have a fighting chance of getting over without being in the shadow of Kevin and Kerry, I love Brian Adias showing up to have his back!

YES! The Highwaymen are one my favorite creations of your's and I'm super excited to them here and look forward to seeing them progress through the tag title tournament!

Super fun segment with Jack Victory/Marc Lowrance! The "New Jersey Heartthrob" is going to be fun to watch here.

Great main event that sees LVE/Adias get the win as well as the debut of the Devil's Duo who will be a force to reckon with joined up with Killer Brooks and it looks like ol' Black Bart might just end being a "dadgum" babyface.

Great first show, I"m invested already in finding out what happens next!

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(Taped on Monday September 14th, 1985 and airing Friday Night September 18th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


Ninety minutes of ringside excitement featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports. We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and we have quite a night of action in store for you this evening. Not only will we continue our tournament to crown the first All Star Tag Team Champions, but we will have singles competition featuring the fearsome masked man known as The Spoiler! Also in competition will be the former footballer turned professional wrestler, the six foot three, two hundred and eighty pound, Missouri Tiger, Jeff Gaylord! Like I said, quite a night of...

Lowrance is cut off as Black Bart comes storming to ringside and tears the microphone out of his hands. Bart is wearing his trademark long coat and cowboy hat, but we can see some bandages on his forehead from last weeks beating sticking out from underneath the hat.


Bart storms over to the time keepers table and flips the whole thing over, sending the time keeper running for cover.


Frank Dusek comes from the back with several Police Officers and they surround Bart. The microphone in Barts hand picks up Dusek speaking to him.

Frank Dusek: Brooks isn't here. Vines and Sword are wrestling later, but we can't have you messing up our tag team tournament. So go to the back...


Dusek jerks the microphone away from Bart and speaks forcefully.

Frank Dusek: You can either go to the back right now, or these officers are going to....

Bart jerks the microphone back.


Dusek shoots a look at the police officers who immediately swarm Bart. He puts up quite a struggle, but is overwhelmed by sheer numbers. After a few moments, Black Bart is in handcuffs and being taken out of the building, still yelling about whipping Brooks, Vines, and Sword the whole way. Dusek just shakes his head and hands Marc Lowrance back the microphone that was dropped to the floor during the skirmish. Dusek then follows the procession of police and Bart out of the building as Marc Lowrance turns back to the camera.

Marc Lowrance: Uhh... Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be right back.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling! I'd like to apologize for that wild start Ladies and Gentleman, but as I am certain you could tell, tensions are running a little high after last week, and Black Bart is looking for a little revenge. It doesn't seem he'll be getting it tonight though as Killer Brooks is apparently not in the building, and Black Bart has now been removed from the building by local law enforcement.

Anyhow, let's talk briefly about our tournament for the All Star Tag Team Titles. Last week we saw the first three matches in the tournament, and saw the teams of The Highwaymen, the S and S Express, and the team of Brian Adias and Lance Von Erich advance to the next round. This week we have three more matches that will give us the six teams that will compete in round number two, which will begin on the next edition of Texas All Star Wrestling. I also understand that Frank Dusek will be joining us to explain how the final round will work when we have three teams left.

So let's go ahead and get the action under way as the team of Cocoa Samoa and Chief Joe Lightfoot take on... you've got to be kidding me.... Ladies and Gentleman, I am only giving you the information that is given to me. Their opponents are from "South of the Border" and they are Los Fabulosas Blondes....


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-Los Fabulosas Blondes (Blonde Uno/Blonde Dos) vs Cocoa Samoa/Chief Joe Lightfoot-

The two masked men have obviously done very little to cover up their identities apart from putting masks on as they strut down to the ring, and draw heavy boo's from the crowd at the Will Rogers Coliseum. Lightfoot and Samoa don't look amused and are even less so when the Blondes attack them from behind before the bell rings. Samoa is run shoulder first into the ringpost and falls hard to the concrete floor, and Lightfoot is brought into the ring and immediately taken over with a double hip toss, before the referee forces Blonde Dos out of the ring. The Blondes would go on to dominate the rest of the early part of the contest, making frequent tags and working over Lightfoot. Finally after what seemed liked an eternity, Lightfoot did manage to get in some offense and made a tag to Samoa who finally got back to the apron after several minutes. Cocoa came in and blasted Blonde Dos with a huge headbutt, but Blonde Uno came in the ring and caught Cocoa with a big dropkick. Dos tagged Uno, and they nailed Samoa with a big double suplex, and then Uno slapped an armlock on the arm that hit the post earlier and Cocoa gave it up at 8:25.

Winners: Los Fabulosas Blondes


Marc Lowrance: Alright Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with the winners Los Fabulosas Blondes. Gentleman, would you care to explain yourselves?

Blonde Uno: No Habla English.

Marc Lowrance: Oh come on, it is quite obvious that you are Steve Regal and that your partner over here is Chick Donovan.

Blonde Dos: Uhhh.. Donde esta la biblioteca?

Marc Lowrance: Really?

Blonde Dos: Si?

Marc Lowrance: This is obviously going nowhere, let's take a break.

The two masked men throw their arms in the air like they've just won again as the crowd boo's the obvious charade. Marc Lowrance is shaking his head with a slight grin on his face as he walks out of frame as the show goes to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: We are back with more Texas All Star Wrestling here on KTVT Channel 11. Up next we have the former Missouri Tiger, big Jeff Gaylord! Let's head down to the ring.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Jeff Gaylord vs Snake Brown-

Though he is still very much a rookie, the six foot three, two hundred and eighty pound Gaylord looked like a beast in this one as he dismantled the man who hails "From Outta Town" with an array of impressive power moves. A big suplex in the opening moments showed just how strong Gaylord is, and a clothesline nearly tore the head off of Snake about a minute later. It didn't take a whole lot longer, and Gaylord scooped Brown up and planted him with a big Powerslam and that was all she wrote in 4:07.

Winner: Jeff Gaylord


Marc Lowrance: A very impressive showing from Jeff Gaylord this evening. Up next we have another match in the tournament to crown the first All Star Tag Team Champions as Brad and Bart, The Batten Twins will be taking on the Asian team of....

A very loud eruption of boo's from the crowd in the Will Rogers Coliseum is enough to stop Lowrance in mid sentence. He looks away from the camera toward the aisle and we can see his face take on a look of annoyance.

Marc Lowrance: Oh No....

"Oh Yes Marc Lowrance!!"

Into the camera shot walks a man dressed in Arabic robes, and sunglasses, with a Keffiyah covering his head.

Marc Lowrance: Skandor Akbar, what are...

Skandor Akbar: As always, that is "General" Skandor Akbar to you Lowrance!

Marc Lowrance: Pardon me, General Akbar, but what are you doing here in Texas All Star Wrestling?

Skandor Akbar: Well Marc, when I heard that they were bringing wrestling back to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I knew that all of these idiots would be here cheering for the Von Erich's and Brian Adias and Scott Casey, so I wanted to come back to Texas and crush their dreams! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Marc Lowrance: Come on now.

Skandor Akbar: I believe you were just about to introduce the second team in this upcoming tag team match, were you not Lowrance?

Marc Lowrance: Indeed I was, the opponents of the Batten Twins will be the Asian duo of Killer Khan and Kim Duk.

Skandor Akbar: Wrong as always Lowrance! The opponents of the Batten Twins will be the Devastation Incorporated duo of Killer Khan and Kim Duk! Now, take your commercial break so that my men can beat the Batten's to a pulp.

As the camera begins to fade out...

Marc Lowrance: How did you know we were going to break?

Skandor Akbar: Because I know everything Lowrance! I'm the General for a reason!

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-The Batten Twins (Brad Batten/Bart Batten) vs Killer Khan/Kim Duk w/"General" Skandor Akbar-

This was for all intents and purposes a squash, but the Battens were allowed to get a few offensive moves in (that were mostly no sold) in order to give it the appearance of something competitive. Duk started the beating, tossing Bart around the ring for a while, and then ate a kick to the chest on a backdrop attempt that allowed Brad to be tagged in. Duk ate a couple punches with a smile, leveled Brad with a chop and tagged in Khan. Khan was less giving than Duk battering Brad with Mongolian chops and knees to the midsection, then planting him with several slams. Finally Khan tagged Duk back in and he planted Brad with his Inverted Piledriver and that was all she wrote at 6:56.

Winners: Killer Khan/Kim Duk


Marc Lowrance: A very dominant performance from Kim Duk and Killer Khan as they put away The Batten Twins. Up next, we will see The Spoiler in action.

Skandor Akbar comes back over to the announce position with a big smile on his face.

Skandor Akbar: Hey Lowrance, what did you think of that?

Marc Lowrance: As I just said to the viewers at home, a very dominant performance for your Devastation Incorporated team.

Skandor Akbar: Yes it was!

Marc Lowrance: Now, if you'll excuse us General. We have to take a break, and then The Spoiler is going to be in action.

Skandor Akbar: The Spoiler! Care to take a guess on who his manager is Lowrance?

Marc Lowrance: .......

Skandor Akbar: That's Right!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be right back.

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Spoiler w/"General" Skandor Akbar vs Mike Reed-

The Spoiler was in a bad mood tonight and Mike Reed paid the price for it. He was all over Reed from the opening Bell hitting him with big shots to the head that had Reed rocked, and then Spoiler showed off that agility, walking across the ropes and crashing down with a thunderous shot to the back of the head. Spoiler then held his hand up and as the boo's rained down, he locked The Claw on to Reed who submitted very quickly at 3:01.

Winner: The Spoiler


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with your winner The Spoiler and his manager "General" Skandor Akbar.

Skandor Akbar: Oh Marc Lowrance, can you feel it? Devastation Incorporated is two for two here tonight! Soon we will be running the show here in Texas All Star Wrestling, and there is nothing anybody can do about it!

The Spoiler: What all of you people just witnessed was destruction, and the single greatest Claw hold ever seen in the state of Texas!

That comment draws a massive round of booing as Akbar and The Spoiler head out of the arena.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be right back with our Main Event.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back folks, it's time for the final first round match in the tournament to crown the first All Star Tag Team Champions. Earlier this evening we told you that The Devil's Duo of Vines and Sword were competing in the main event tonight, but we never mentioned who the opponents were going to be. Well, I think it's time to let that cat out of the bag. Ladies and Gentleman, first let me introduce, the lovely Sunshine!

Sunshine comes from the back and she receives quite an ovation. She is all smiles, and waves to the crowd before joining Marc Lowrance at ringside.

Marc Lowrance: Sunshine, may I be the first to say, Welcome Back to Texas!

Sunshine: Thank You Marc, and Thank You Everyone for that reception! You all honestly have no idea how happy I am to be back here in Texas. After spending part of the year in New York, it's nice to be around some normal people again!

That comment draws a big reaction from the fans and a laugh from both Marc Lowrance and Sunshine.

Sunshine: I also didn't come back to Texas alone. There were a couple of guys up there in New York with me, who were kicking butt and taking names, but apparently the people in charge decided that they didn't want too many Texas guys making those North East boys look bad, so first they split them up and then they got rid of them. Well, the three of us decided that right here in Texas All Star was the place to put it all back together, so please let me introduce the two men I will be managing.... Scott Casey and Johnny Mantell...The Gunslingers!!


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-The Gunslingers (Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell) w/Sunshine vs The Devil's Duo (Doug Vines/Jeff Sword)-

The story on this one wasn't so much the match as it was the finish and the aftermath. But the body of the match saw The Gunslingers take the early advantage using the momentum from the crowd after their big introduction. The Duo took over with some good old fashioned double teaming on Mantell who appeared to be nursing a bit of a neck injury (like he was recently tombstoned on concrete or something) and then worked him over in their corner for quite a while. Mantell finally caught Sword sleeping on a backdrop attempt and kicked him hard in the face. Both men were down and the crawl to make a tag began. Sword got to Vines first, but Mantell summoned a big burst of energy and leapt forward to tag in Casey. Casey came in hot, nailing Vines with lefts and rights. Sword came back in and ate a dropkick that sent him clear to the floor for his troubles. Then Vines got one, and collided with Referee James Beard. That is when all hell broke loose...

"Killer" Tim Brooks came charging down the aisle with a chain wrapped around his fist, slid into the ring and blasted Scott Casey in the face. Casey went down like a virgin on prom night, and soon a puddle of blood was forming around his head. Brooks grabbed Doug Vines and pointed him to the fallen Casey, then went over and started shaking James Beard awake.

Sunshine was on the floor checking on Johnny Mantell when Brooks hit the ring and laid out Scott Casey. By the time she realized what was happening, Casey was already down and out, Vines was covering him, and Brooks was shaking the fallen referee. Without hesitation, she slid into the ring and jumped onto the back of Killer Brooks and began clawing at his face. The crowd in the Will Rogers Coliseum was going nuts for this as Brooks spun in circles trying to get Sunshine off of his back.

On the other side of the ring on the floor, Jeff Sword was recovering from getting dropkicked out of the ring. He looked up just in time to see Killer Brooks spinning in cirles with Sunshine on his back. He reached up and grabbed the ropes, looking to get back into the ring to help out his buddy. That's when something crashed into him from behind....

Johnny Mantell got to his feet just as Sunshine jumped onto the back of Killer Brooks. Ignoring the pain in his neck, he rolled back into the ring and saw two things. Doug Vines covering his bloody partner, and the chain that Brooks had dropped when Sunshine jumped him. Mantell shrugged his shoulders, grabbed the chain, and drove a chain covered fist into the back of the head of Vines. He then rolled Casey, who was still out, on top of Vines, who was now out. Mantell then went to help Sunshine.

Referee James Beard felt someone shaking him, and after taking a moment to clear the cobwebs, lifted his head to see a plethora of things. First he saw what looked like two men and a woman fighting off to the side of him. He saw a length of chain laying a little further away, and just in front of him, he saw a very bloody Scott Casey covering an unconscious Doug Vines. Not exactly sure what else to do, he counted the One, Two, Three.

Winners: The Gunslingers of Scott Casey and Johnny Mantell


Jeff Sword crashed hard sternum first into the apron as the man who had just charged down the aisle at top speed crashed into him. When the fans realized that it was Black Bart and that he was still in fact in handcuffs, they went wild!! When Sword crashed to the ground, the wind driven out of him, Bart began to stomp him repeatedly as best he could with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Meanwhile in the ring, Johnny Mantell pulled Sunshine off of Killer Brooks and blasted him with several huge right hands that sent Brooks tumbling out of the ring to the floor. Mantell and Sunshine were turning to check on Scott Casey when The Spoiler, Killer Khan, Kim Duk, and Skandor Akbar all hit the ring! Khan and Duk immediately went after Mantell, and the crowd came unglued when The Spoiler hit Sunshine with a big right hand that sent her to the mat!!

As Bart was joyfully stomping away on Jeff Sword, he never saw Killer Brooks get knocked out of the ring. Brooks took a moment to compose himself, then grabbed a chair from the timekeepers table, came around the post and blasted the handcuffed Bart over the head with the chair. Bart went down like a ton of bricks, and Brooks looked to be lining up a second shot with the chair, when yet another person came rushing to the ring! "Mean" Mike Miller came running down with a chair of his own and took a wild swing at Brooks, but somehow the "Killer" managed to avoid it and started backing quickly away from the newcomer.

Just a few seconds behind Miller, the foursome of Brian Adias, Lance Von Erich, and the S&S Express hit the ring and they began brawling with Devastation Incorporated who quickly bailed out the other side of the ring and headed for the dressing room.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, it is absolute insanity in here! Killer Brooks busted Scott Casey open, and was then attacked by Sunshine. Johnny Mantell hit Doug Vines with the same chain that Brooks used and rolled Casey on top of Vines. When James Beard woke up, he counted the fall, so The Gunslingers advance in the tournament. Then Black Bart showed up, still in handcuffs and attacked Jeff Sword. Devastation Incorporated arrived and laid out Johnny Mantell and Sunshine. Brooks then took out Bart with a chair, but then "Mean" Mike Miller showed up to save Bart? Then Brian Adias, Lance Von Erich, Joe Savoldi, and Steve Simpson ran off Akbar and his men. Now Brook and Sword have pulled Vines out of the ring and are retreating to the back. I think we need medical attention for Scott Casey, and maybe for Sunshine and Black Bart. I'm not sure what else to say Ladies and Gentleman, that is all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT.

We get a couple quick shots as the show fades to black. First is Miller helping a furious looking Bart to his feet. The second is Lance Von Erich and Brian Adias kneeling next to an obviously shaken Sunshine. The last is EMT's checking on Scott Casey as Johnny Mantell is holding his neck and looking down at him.


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Oh man wrestling is defiantly back in Texas! 

Love the Black Bart opening. This really sets him up as a big deal. Plus I like the different spin of him being a good guy. Well, more like an anti hero LOL. 

HAHAHAHA! I had a lot of fun with Regal and Donovan but man you took their comedy to another level. The masked gimmick was hilarious and their post match promo was comedic gold. Even Marc Lowrance almost broke character. This is so good! Oh btw, that picture had me rolling! HAHAHA! 

Good job playing on Gaylord's football background. Great way to get him over. 

If you're going to bring wrestling back to Texas then you have to include Skandor Akbar. Akbar sets the tone quick with his team of Khan and Duk. Devastation Inc. is off to a great start with that annihilation of the Battens. Akbar gives us another surprise with...The Spoiler! 

Another pleasant surprise as Sunshine arrives and brings in the Gunslingers! I liked what you did with them in the WWF so I'm happy they're working in their home state of Texas. 

Good grief! The main event ends in CHAOS! Pure craziness with Bart, Brooks, Sunshine, Duo, Gunslingers and then Devastation Inc, SS, Adias, Lance and Mean Mike Miller! Nobody is safe in Texas! I like that all these guys have their hands in something and we'll get a variety of matches going forward. 

I'm hooked and can't wait for the next show! 


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Loving Texas All-Star Wrestling.

Wild seen with Bart and the police to kick off the show.

The Fabuloses Blondes was hilarious.  Donde esta la biblioteca?

Akbar brings the heat from the first second he is on camera and what a stable he has built already.

WHAT A MAIN EVENT.  I love Black Bart here!

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As always you've hit the ground running there in Texas!

Black Bart is already one of my favorites as you've got his promo style down and is completely believable in this scenario as a "babyface", I look forward to seeing him kick their "dadgum" asses

The Blondes have been build up well in the USWA and this is a really fun way to bring them in and spark interest with the fans....who clearly know who they are but will be invested in seeing them unmasked just for spite...lol.

For some reason I've never been able to write for Akbar worth a damn....I've had him several times in the game and have never done him any justice, in the first promo you've already shown you have him down pat, what better place for Akbar to be featured than Dallas!

Khan/Duk are a dangerous duo and with Akbar in their corner they will be a force to be reckoned with and the Spoiler is certainly a perfect fit for Devastation Inc.

Sunshine and the Gunslingers have to be a welcome sight to the fans of Texas, speaking of folks who fit like a glove.....and holy shit what a main event! A good match then all breaks loose at the end and there's NO WAY I'm not tuning in next week to see what's next!

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(Taped on Monday September 21st, 1985 and airing Friday Night September 25th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


Ninety minutes of ringside excitement featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance and Frank Dusek are standing by.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports. We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and joining me here at ringside is the liaison for the powers that be here in Texas All Star, Mr. Frank Dusek.

Frank Dusek: Marc Lowrance, as you saw, all the people here at the Will Rogers Coliseum saw, and everyone watching at home saw, it was absolute chaos here last week. Men and women were fighting all over the place. Referee's were hit, blood was spilled, and it was utterly out of control. I am out here to tell you right now, that crap isn't happening again tonight!

Dusek's stern declaration draws a cheer from the Texas crowd.

Frank Dusek: If all of these people want to beat one another half to death, I don't have a problem with it, and we'll schedule those matches just as soon as we can. But I will not have our tournament for the All Star Tag Team Titles ruined because of it. So as of this moment if any of Black Bart, Killer Brooks, Jeff Sword, Doug Vines, or The Spoiler so much as step foot in the Will Rogers Coliseum tonight, I am going to fine you Ten Thousand Dollars and suspend you for six months!

Everyone else that was involved in that mess is scheduled to compete here tonight. I am telling all of you, you go to the ring, you wrestle your match, and you go to the back. If anyone interferes in anyone else's matches, I will fine you Fifteen Thousand Dollars and suspend you for a year!

Oh, and since contractually Skandor Akbar and Sunshine are allowed to be ringside during the match between The Gunslingers and Devastation Incorporated, and I can't do anything to stop it. I will personally be coming down to ringside with three chairs and two pair of handcuffs, and the three of us will be sitting together and watching the match! Thank You Everyone.

Marc Lowrance: Mr. Dusek, I believe you were going to give an explanation on how the last round of the tag team tournament would work, when three teams remain.

Frank Dusek: Indeed I was. At the beginning of the show next week, one member of the three remaining teams will meet me in the center of the ring. Then since this is Texas, and every good Texan likes a good hand of poker, we are going to play what I am calling one card draw. Each man will draw a card from the deck, whoever draws the highest card secures a bye for his team. The other two teams will meet in the first match of the night. Whoever wins the match goes on to face the team that gets the bye in the main event. The winners will be the first All Star Tag Team Champions.

Marc Lowrance: There you have it Ladies and Gentleman, Frank Dusek is laying down the law tonight! We'll be right back with our first contest.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT Channel 11! Let's head to the ring for our opening bout, a second round match in the All Star Tag Team Tournament.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-The S&S Express (Steve Simpson/Joe Savoldi) vs The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson)-

A real banger to start the show as there is some history here as The Highwaymen had quite the feud with Simpson when he was part of The Glamour Boys, and Simpson apparently hadn't forgotten it either as he came out of the gate with a huge flurry of kicks and punches on Hickerson. Simpson kept the momentum going and took it to Duncum as well, and The Highwaymen bailed to the floor to regroup early in this one. After that it was more back and forth contest with both teams making frequent tags and the match stretched past the ten minute mark before either team took an extended advantage again. Finally it was The Highwaymen who used some double teaming to work over Savoldi and they held him in their corner and the beating continued as the match passed fifteen. Finally Savoldi made the hot tag and Simpson was back in like a man possessed and taking it to both Duncum and Hickerson. The fatal mistake came when Simpson tagged Savoldi back in so they could go for their Missile Dropkick/Flying Splash combo finish on Hickerson. Duncum who had been sent out to the floor got back on the apron and yanked the foot of Simpson causing him to crotch himself and fall to the outside. Meanwhile Hickerson was able to sidestep the dropkick of Savoldi who crashed hard to the mat. Hickerson quickly scooped him up, planted him with a DDT and covered him for the victory at 19:21

Winners: The Highwaymen of Bobby Duncum and Phil Hickerson


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star on KTVT. What a contest we just witnessed as The Highwaymen and The S&S Express tore the roof off the Will Rogers Coliseum for nearly twenty minutes. In the end it was The Highwaymen who advanced to next weeks Final Three with some double teaming and a big DDT from Phil Hickerson. My goodness, what a match. Up next folks we have singles competition as Mike Bond will take on a newcomer to the area. All the way from Puerto Rico, his name is Jose Estrada, but he prefers to be called "El Jefe."


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"El Jefe" Jose Estrada vs Mike Bond-

Estrada came sauntering down to the ring looking quite the character. Head shaved, full beard, dark sunglasses, cigar hanging out of his mouth. A pair of gold trunks with the words El Jefe emblazoned across the back in black lettering with a matching vest. Black boots, elbow and knee pads to round out the attire, and a look of pure arrogance etched across his face.

His performance in the ring seemed to back it all up, as he offered little room for Mike Bond to get in any offense. A combination of speed, technique, and just plain being mean seemed to keep Estrada one step ahead the whole match. Finally after taking Bond over with a big back body drop, Estrada ascended to the top rope, and when Bond regained his footing Estrada nearly decapitated him with a Flying Clothesline for the three count in 4:47.

Winner: "El Jefe" Jose Estrada


Marc Lowrance: An impressive win tonight for Mr. Estrada, and we will be right back with the second of our three Tag Team Tournament matches. Don't go anywhere!


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling! It is now time for our second, second round match in the All Star Tag Team Tournament, which will see Brian Adias and Lance Von Erich take on....why are we still doing this....Blonde Machine and Fabulous Machine.. Los Fabulosas Machines.



1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-Los Fabulosas Machines (Fabulous Machine/Blonde Machine) vs Brian Adias/Lance Von Erich-

From the moment the bell rang this was one was high paced, back and forth action. Despite the silly masks The Machines were all business in the ring, and the team of Adias and Lance were able to keep up with them at least in the beginning. Von Erich and Adias controlled the opening minutes with high impact moves from Lance and some solid arm work from Adias. Eventually the tag team experience of the Machines paid off as they suckered Adias into their corner and used some good, old fashioned, Greco-Roman cheating to take the advantage. After what seemed like ages, Adias made the tag and Lance came in and cleaned house. Both of the Machines took several big punches and a dropkick from Von Erich and bailed out of the ring. After taking a moment to regroup they both slid into the ring at the same time, which brought Adias back in off the apron. As referee David Manning was pushing Adias out of the ring, while Lance grappled with Fabulous Machine, he never saw Blonde Machine slide something into his mask and headbutt Von Erich in the back of the head. Lance crashed to the mat like a cut redwood, and Fabulous Machine covered him for the three count in 16:52.

Winners: Los Fabulosas Machines of Fabulous Machine and Blonde Machine


Marc Lowrance: An absolute travesty as Chick Donovan clearly put something in his mask and butted Lance Von Erich in the head with it. But unfortunately, David Manning didn't see it, and the decision of the referee is final.

The Machines come strutting over to where Marc Lowrance is standing.

Marc Lowrance: I bet you two are real proud of yourselves.

Fabulous Machine: Si!

Marc Lowrance: What about the object that you had in your mask Mr. Donovan?

Blonde Machine: No Comprendo.

Marc Lowrance: Just how long do you both intend to keep up this charade?

Fabulous Machine: Gracias Mi Amigo!

Marc Lowrance: I feel like if I keep talking you will both eventually run out of the phrases you learned on the first day of High School Spanish Class.

Blonde Machine: Ennnhh.... Dos.

Lowrance stares at both men for a moment then just walks away with a disgusted look on his face. The Machines raise each others hands in victory as the show goes to commercial.


-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Mean" Mike Miller vs Dave Kent-

Miller was all over Kent the moment the bell rang, hammering him with big shots across the back and elbows to the head. A big bodyslam, followed by an elbow drop probably could have ended things. But Miller picked Kent up, shot him into the ropes and kicked him hard in the face. He then drove down onto him with the Louisiana Legdrop and covered him for the 1,2,3 in 3:29.

Winner: "Mean" Mike Miller


Marc Lowrance catches up with "Mean" Mike as he is exiting the ring.

Marc Lowrance: Mike Miller, if I could have a word. Last week you arrived on the scene here in Texas All Star and appeared to have aligned yourself with Black Bart in his feud against Killer Brooks and the Devil's Duo of Vines and Sword. Many people, myself included found that somewhat curious as they fashion themselves as something of a biker gang, and you are known as something of a motorcycle guy as well.

Mike Miller: Marc Lowrance, I know you and all these fans that have seen me before have seen me in my bandanas and vests and leather jackets. Yeah, I do enjoy hitting the open road on a big ole hog, but if you know anything about me you know you are just as likely to see me wearing a ten gallon cowboy hat and working my hands to the bone like these people here in Texas do baby!

That draws a good pop for Miller.

Mike Miller: But let me tell you what I'm not. I ain't nothing like Brooks or them two boys he is running with. Mike Miller might be Mean, but he isn't the kind of guy who attacks a dude when he's locked in handcuffs. He ain't a coward that needs two buddies to beat up a guy three on one, and while he might be mean as the devil, he darn sure ain't the kind of guy who worships him!

Marc Lowrance: So Black Bart....

Mike Miller: You wanna know the facts, Jack! Me and Bart ain't friends, heck I hardly know Bart. But any dude that can take that kind of beating and still wants to fight, and wants to fight dudes I want to fight. That's the kind of guy I want watching my back.

Miller walks away from Lowrance and raises his hands to the sky, drawing a big reaction from the crowd.

Marc Lowrance: There you have it Ladies and Gentleman. We'll be right back with our Main Event, the final second round match in the tournament to crown the first All Star Tag Team Champions! Don't go anywhere!!


-Commercial Break-

As the show returns from commercial we see Frank Dusek and Sunshine sitting next to one another with their wrists cuffed together. Several security guards are surrounding a standing Skandor Akbar and Dusek is pointing at the other chair next to him. Akbar is saying something and obviously trying to get out of the situation, and we see Dusek motion for the ring announcer. Dusek whispers something to him, and then an announcement is made that if Akbar doesn't sit down and get handcuffed to Dusek, the Devastation Incorporated team will be forced to forfeit the match. Akbar makes a big show of it, but eventually sits down and is cuffed to Dusek. Security takes up spots next to both Sunshine and Akbar. We then hear Dusek say "Bring them to the ring."


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-The Gunslingers (Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell) vs Killer Khan/Kim Duk-

Even with the managers out of the equation, Mantell and Casey were still at a disadvantage from the start. Casey had a bandage on his forehead from last weeks brawl, and Mantell still seemed to be favoring his neck. However The Gunslingers hits the ring fighting and this one was a brawl from the opening bell. After a pretty even opening five minutes that saw all four men in the ring, Khan and Duk managed to isolate Mantell and began to work him over. There were several close falls as they wrenched and pounded on the already injured neck, but each time Mantell was able to kick out. Finally at close to the twelve minute mark, Mantell rolled under a Khan clothesline and made the tag. Casey came in fists a flying and laid both of the big Asians out. A round of hip tosses, and a round of armdrags followed and finally The Gunslingers had some momentum.  Casey whipped Khan into the ropes and caught him with a big back body drop, then dropkicked Duk who had just gotten back to his feet on the apron. Casey quickly tagged in Mantell and the two of them dropped Killer Khan with a Double Bulldog, and at 13:58 Mantell covered for the One, Two, Three!

Winners: The Gunslingers of Scott Casey and Johnny Mantell


Marc Lowrance: Scott Casey and John Mantell, The Gunslingers join The Highwaymen and the two men we know to be The Fabulous Blondes as the final three team in the tournament to crown the first Texas All Star Tag Team Champions!

Frank Dusek releases both sets of handcuffs and we see Sunshine rush into the ring to raise the hands of Casey and Mantell. Skandor Akbar meanwhile head over to check on Kim Duk while giving a bit of the evil eye to Killer Khan in the ring.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, that is all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. Be sure to join us next week for the conclusion of the Tag Team Title Tournament and a whole lote more, right here on KTVT. Good Night Everyone!

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Enjoying Texas All-Star Wrestling.

Dusek seems to be very hands on... with the handcuffs and the one card poker idea.

Great opening match with the Highway Men against the S&S Express.  I think that both of these teams could be huge for you and it was great to see this match on TV

And when in Texas, you need some Mexican stars... El Jefe and my favorite one yet.... Los Fabulosas Machines.  I had to copy and paste as my Spanish is not as good as theirs and I didn't want to look bad.

Mean Mike Miller and Black Bart as Babyfaces!  LOVE IT

Big Win for the Gunslingers!  For a minute there, I thought we had a chance at 3 heel teams in the finals.  Can't wait till the next show




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I'm so glad you're back in the game! All-Star Wrestling is a must see show every week. 

Dusek laying down the law! 

What a match to open the show. Action packed. I like S&S but the Highwaymen are one of my favorites so I'm glad they advanced.

I was happy you picked up Estrada. I love this guy LOL. He's working a great gimmick here and he should do well in Texas. 

HAHAHAHAHA! Los Fabulosas Machines! This is getting better and better. The comedy is gold but man they get the job done in the ring. Big win over Adias and Lance. The promo had me rolling! Ennnhh...Dos LOL that last line sealed the deal.

Black Bart sure has some tough back up in Mike Miller. 

Another great tournament match as the Gunslingers defeat Devastation Inc! Certainly ends the show on a high note. Akbar didn't look to happy with Khan. 

It's down to the final 3. Next week is going to be awesome!  


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Dusek is showing he's not going to let this be the "Wild West"....well, not from lack of trying anyway.

I like the way the final three will be handled with the "poker" element. Fun stuff!

S&S make a great babyface team but like Spaldoni, I have a soft spot for the Highwaymen...glad to see them prevail here.

Estrada was a talented guy and this is a great gimmick for him....I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes him here in Texas!

WOW! I enjoyed last week's antics from the Blondes but LOS FABULOSAS MACHINES are even better! Such great stuff, love the promo....they have quickly become the highlight of the show each week!

If you had told me that Black Bart and Mike Miller were going to be believable babyfaces I would have had my doubts but here we are and it works! 

Big win in the Main Event for the Gunslingers! Uh oh....looks like Killer Khan might already be on the General's shit list!

Another solid show that has me even more invested in Texas All Star!

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(Taped on Monday September 28th, 1985 and airing Friday Night October 2nd)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


Ninety minutes of ringside excitement featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...


We cut directly to the ring where Marc Lowrance is standing by with Frank Dusek, Scott Casey, Phil Hickerson, and Jack Victory?

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling right here on KTVT Channel Eleven. I' am your host Marc Lowrance, and as you can see we are set to get things started immediately here tonight, but first I must ask, Jack Victory, what are you doing here?

Victory who is wearing huge white sunglasses and a blue jean jacket with the words Heart Throb across the back, struts over to Lowrance with a goofy grin on his face.

Jack Victory: Well Mac, I'm out here to represent my good friends the Blondes. They don't speak English good like me and you, so they asked me to come out here and make sure they weren't getting ripped off by you and Dootcheck in this card game or whatever it is.

Frank Dusek steps forward and takes the microphone.

Frank Dusek: No one is getting ripped off Victory. It's real simple. You pick a card from the deck. The two teams with the lowest cards meet in the first match. The winners of that match meets the team with the highest card in the main event, and the winner of that match wins the All Star Tag Team Titles. So since you wanna run your mouth Jack, you can pick first for Regal and Donovan.

Jack Victory: Regal and Donovan? Never heard of 'em! Anyhow....

Victory reaches in and grabs a card. Dusek moves the deck to Casey who takes a card, then to Hickerson who takes one.

Frank Dusek: Alright Victory, what do you have?

Victory turns his card over revealing the 6 of Diamonds. He immediately throws an exaggerated fit, ripping the card in half, kicking the bottom rope, and stomping off to the corner.

Frank Dusek: The Blondes have the Six of Diamonds. Casey?

Casey flips his card.

Frank Dusek: The Gunslingers have the Queen of Hearts.

From over in the corner the microphone picks up Victory saying "The Gunslingers are a couple of queens." Scott Casey doesn't take very kindly to that and makes a move for Victory, which causes Dusek to get between the two of them.

While this scuffle is happening in the foreground, eagle eyed viewers will have noticed Phil Hickerson looking at his card in the background. Whatever that card was quickly disappeared into the pocket of his long Highwayman coat, and a new card appeared from his sleeve. Hickerson then stood back and made no move to get involved in the skirmish.

Dusek finally calmed Scott Casey down, and turned around to Victory.

Frank Dusek: One more crack from you and I'll have you thrown out of the building. You got it?

Victory rolls his eyes and nods in the corner. Dusek turns back to Hickerson.

Frank Dusek: Alright Hickerson, what do you got?

Hickerson flips over the card in his hand revealing the Ace of Spades. A big smiles crosses his face, like he is seeing it for the first time.

Frank Dusek: Highwaymen have the Ace of Spades. Highwaymen get a bye of the finals. Blondes and Gunslingers, you are up after the first break. Be ready.

Dusek hands the microphone back to Lowrance. Hickerson leaves the ring grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Casey stays in the ring, and Victory is jawing with the ringside fans as the show goes to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling! The draw has been made and the bracket is set. The Highwaymen are going straight to the finals. They are one victory away from being the first All Star Tag Team Champions. Which means right now we are going to see two teams compete for the chance to meet them and vie for those titles. It is going to be The Gunslingers and....(sigh).....The Laser Blondes....


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-The Laser Blondes (Laser Blonde I/Laser Blonde II) vs The Gunslingers (Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell) w/Sunshine-

The Blondes jumped The Gunslingers before the bell rang and made sure to knock Casey to the floor, leaving Mantell and his bad neck in the ring. After that they expertly cut off the ring and worked Mantell over for quite some time, focusing primarily on the head, neck, and shoulder region. It was nearly ten minutes that the Blondes remained in control, although Mantell did get close several times. Finally he got free after hitting Blonde II with a reverse atomic drop and tagged Scott Casey in. Casey took control and bumped both of the masked men all over the place, but eventually a poke to the eyes put the Blondes back in control. That didn't last nearly as long this time, as after about three minutes, Blonde I shot Casey into the ropes and leaned over for a back body drop, but Casey put on the breaks, then simply reached down and plucked the mask off his head!

To the surprise of virtually no one, "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal stood up clutching at his unmasked face with a look of total shock on his face and then ran to his corner and tagged in Laser Blonde II. While Regal tried to hide his face in the corner, Blonde II charged into the ring, but Casey took him down with a drop toe hold. Casey yanked the man to his feet and planted him with a bodyslam, then tagged in Mantell who quickly dropped a leg onto Blonde II. Casey charged across the ring and knocked Regal off the apron. He and Mantell then each hit the ropes and drilled Blonde II with a Double Bulldog! Mantell covered for the One, Two, Three! Mantell then reached down and yanked the mask off of Laser Blonde II revealing...Chick Donovan!

Winners: The Gunslingers of Scott Casey and Johnny Mantell in 15:49


Marc Lowrance: All Right! The Gunslingers of Scott Casey and Johnny Mantell have advanced to the finals of the All Star Tag Team Title Tournament. They will meet The Highwaymen of Bobby Duncum and Phil Hickerson here tonight in the main event with the belts on the line. Also, to the surprise of absolutely no one, these masked men have been revealed as Steve Regal and Chick Donovan. At least now they can stop trying to speak Spanish. Folks, we'll be right back with the debut of "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones! Don't go anywhere!

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones vs The Bounty Hunter-

Although he may not be the competitor he once was, for a man in his mid-40's, Tom Jones is still put together! He came out tonight and used his power advantage to make pretty short work of the masked Bounty Hunter. A couple of big forearms and clotheslines. A bodyslam where he walked around with the big masked man. A bearhug that wore him down, and finally he slapped on the Full Nelson and put him out.

Winner: "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones in 4:11


Marc Lowrance: I am standing by with your winner, "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones. Tom, a nice win here tonight, and may I say, Welcome to Texas All Star Wrestling.

Tom Jones: Thank Ya Marc. Ya know, I've been wrestling all over the place for a lot of years, and if I am being real honest with myself and with all of you, I don't know how much fight this old dog has left in him. So when I heard that wrestling was coming back to North Texas, just up the road from where I call home, I figured what better place to come and find out just what I had left in the tank! So I'm here in Texas All Star looking for some gold and looking to mix it up with anyone that wants to fight. I may not know how many fights I have left in me, but I know I have a few, and what better place to have them, than right here in Texas!

The fans in the Will Rogers Coliseum like that one and give a big cheer to Jones who holds up his fist and pumps it as he exits the arena.

Marc Lowrance: Tom Jones is here and he is looking for a fight. We are looking at a quick break, then we will see Jack Victory, the New Jersey Heartthrob in action. We'll be right back.  

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory vs Mike Reed-

After strutting to ringside in his ridiculous glasses and jacket, and strutting during his ring introduction, Victory turned surprisingly violent when the bell rang. He was all over Reed peppering him with punches, then dropping repeated elbows on him when he got him to the canvas. Victory jerked him up by the hair, whipped him into the ropes, then hit him with a nasty clothesline. Victory jerked him up again, plowed him with a Piledriver and covered him for the victory.

Winner: "The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory in 2:35


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with...

Jack Victory: You Shut Up Florence! I got a complaint! It isn't fair that them Gunslingers ripped the masks off my friends Steve Regal and Chick Donovan. In Lucha Libre rules, if you take the mask off your opponent, that is an automatic disqualification, and that means that The Gunslingers should be eliminated from the tournament, and the Laser Blondes should be fighting for the titles. It's not fair that they are going to get fired again just because Steve Macey and Jimmy Chantell are dirty, no good, low down cheaters!

Marc Lowrance: What are you talking about?

Victory looks like he is about to blow a gasket at Marc Lowrance, when Steve Regal and Chick Donovan come marching down to ringside and attempt to calm Victory down. As Chick Donovan walks the animated Victory away from the interview area, Regal approaches Lowrance.

Steve Regal: What my good friend Jack is trying to say Marc Lowrance, is that it is an absolute travesty that The Gunslingers had to resort to such low down tactics to defeat us. We got cheated in a Loser Leaves Town match in the USWA. So we put on those masks and came here so that we could continue our run of tag team dominance. But now thanks to those Gunslingers, not only will we not be bringing home the All Star Tag Team Titles, we are once again unemployed.

Now it is Frank Dusek who comes marching to ringside with a look of absolute annoyance on his face.

Frank Dusek: Look, I have an announcement to make and a show to produce, so I am going to keep this nice and short. Number one, this isn't Lucha Libre, this is Texas Wrestling! So you two getting your masks ripped off means jack and squat to me! You lost, you are out of the tournament, get over it. As for you two being out of a job. We may be an associate of the USWA, but we ain't the USWA. You two idiots never had to wear masks and pretend to be Mexican to wrestle here in the first place.

Steve Regal: So...we...aren't fired.....

Frank Dusek: Not unless you keep holding up my show.

Steve Regal: Oh Yeah! Got It! Thanks Boss!

Regal pats Dusek on the chest, then turns around and yells "I Saved Our Jobs!" to Donovan and Victory. Donovan and Victory both look super excited, and all three jump up and down celebrating. They then head backstage laughing and high fiving.

Marc Lowrance: That was something.

Frank Dusek: Tell me about it.

Marc Lowrance: You mentioned an announcement?

Frank Dusek: What? Oh... Yeah, sorry. I got distracted by idiots. Anyway, since we will be all finished with the tag team tournament and will have All Star Tag Team Champions after tonight, I figured it was time to tell all these fine people about our other championship. The Texas All Star Heavyweight Title. Now, how are we going to decide that champion? I'm glad you asked. It was just over a year ago that our friends at World Class Wrestling presented a match called The Great Texas Round Up. That night they put two men in the ring, and every two minutes sent another man to the ring until twenty men had entered. Those men fought tooth and nail to eliminate one another and ultimately the winner went home with the gold. That sounds like just the kind of fight we need to determine who the first Texas All Star Heavyweight Champion should be! But instead of twenty guys, let's make it twenty five.

Marc Lowrance: That sounds fantastic. When can we expect this to take place Mr. Dusek?

Frank Dusek: Well, next week our show is only going to run sixty minutes instead of the usual ninety. If my math is right, that should give us just enough time to have a Twenty Five Man, Great Texas Round Up for the Texas All Star Heavyweight Title, so let's do it right here, next week!

Marc Lowrance: Oh Yeah! Next week we crown the first Texas All Star Heavyweight Champion!

Dusek heads out to a big pop, as the show heads to commercial.

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Texas Ranger vs Dave Kent-

The Texas Ranger is 6'2" and 265 pounds, pretty well built, and wearing a mask that is done up in the colors of the Texas flag. Needless to say, he draws a pretty positive reaction from the crowd. He is put over very heavily in this one, taking Kent down with armdrags, dropkicks, bodyslams, a huge suplex, and a big atomic drop. Finally he throws the Longhorn hand sign into the air and then clamps his opponent into a modified cobra clutch that Lowrance calls the Longhorn Lock on commentary for the submission victory.

Winner: The Texas Ranger in 3:09


Marc Lowrance: An impressive debut win for The Texas Ranger here tonight as he puts his opponent away with the Longhorn Lock. Ladies and Gentleman, right after this break, we will be back with our main event, the final match in the tournament to crown the Texas All Star Tag Team Champions. Don't go anywhere!

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

-The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) vs The Gunslingers (Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell) w/Sunshine- All Star Tag Team Titles

The Gunslingers were definitely a little worse for wear, especially Johnny Mantell, but they weren't about to go down without a fight. This one started off hot and heavy with Casey and Duncum trading shots in the center of the ring, and Casey took the advantage. The Gunslingers used quick tags in and out and worked over Duncum pretty heavily in the opening minutes of the contest. After a near two count, Duncum rolled to the floor and took most of a ten count to return to the ring. He tagged in Hickerson, and it looked like Casey was going to get the advantage again, but Phil stuck a thumb in his eye and then The Highwaymen went to work. For the next seven or eight minutes, Scott Casey was relentlessly beaten down by both Duncum and Hickerson, until the two week old wound on his head was bleeding again, and it looked like the Gunslingers were all but finished.

Just before the fifteen mark of the match, Casey was able to duck under a Duncum clothesline, and catch him with a cross body block on the rebound. Instead of trying for a cover, Casey scrambled on hands and knees and tagged in Mantell just before Hickerson who had entered the ring illegally could stop him! Mantell came in like a wild man, blasting Hickerson with right hand after right hand. Then he started firing them at Duncum who'd gotten back to his feet. Then it was one for Hickerson, one for Duncum, back and forth, back and forth. Then a dropkick sent Hickerson out of the ring. Mantell fired Duncum into the ropes and caught him in an abdominal stretch! Duncum struggled for several long moments, but finally got his hand on the top rope.

Mantell continued working on Duncum for the next part of the match, grinding him down with several holds. Then he picked the pace back up taking him over with several hip tosses, and a big body slam! Mantell shot Duncum into the ropes, and got in position for a back body drop, but Duncum was able to put on the brakes, and quickly stuffed Mantell's head between his legs and drilled him with a piledriver right onto his bad neck! Both men were down in the center of the ring as the referee started the ten count. Duncum was moving first around 5, crawling toward Hickerson, and he managed to make the tag around 8. Hickerson wasted no time breaking the count, by dropping an elbow right onto the head of the prone Mantell.

Hickerson was ruthless, dragging Mantell to the head by his injured neck and clamping on a headlock. He worked it for probably a full minute, jerking the head of Mantell left and right, but finally Mantell either built up some strength, or got pissed off and scooped Hickerson up and drove him down with a back suplex! As the chants of "Johnny! Johnny!" filled the Will Rogers Coliseum, Mantell summoned the strength and began to crawl toward his bloody partner who stood with his arm outstretched. Hickerson got back to his feet a little off balance, and dove for Mantell to stop the tag, but Johnny slapped the hand of Casey at the last second before Hickerson connected!

Casey hit the ring, and drove a knee into the half prone Hickerson. He then met Duncum who was rushing into the ring with a dropkick that sent him sprawling. Turning his attention back to Hickerson, he blasted him with a series of lefts and rights that left Hickeron staggered, then scooped him up and slammed him! Duncum came back for Casey, but this time Referee Rick Hazzard stepped between them and started ushering Duncum out of the ring. This unfortunately stopped him from seeing Hickerson stiff arm Casey in the groin. Once that damage was done, Duncum quickly exited to his corner. Hickerson then staggered to his corner and tagged out.

Duncum came in legally and blasted Casey with a clothesline just as he was getting to his feet. Duncum whipped Casey into the ropes, and took him over with a back body drop on the rebound. Unfortunately for Duncum, he never saw Mantell slap Casey on the back for the tag, so when Mantell charged in from behind and planted Duncum with a huge Bulldog, he never saw it coming! Mantell quickly hooked a half nelson to roll Duncum over and covered him for the One, Two, Thr.... Hickerson stomped Mantell in the head!

Mantell jumped up and started trying to get at Hickerson, meanwhile a somewhat recovered Scott Casey had gotten to his feet and was also trying to get at Hickerson. So with two Gunslingers pushing at one Highwayman, while the other laid on the ground, Hazzard turned his attention to pushing Casey out of the ring. Hickerson and Mantell started throwing punches at one another, then Bobby Duncum took hold of Mantell's leg from the canvas which took Johnny's attention away from Hickerson. This allowed Phil to knee Mantell in the gut, and drop him with a DDT.

Casey pushed Rick Hazzard aside and charged when he saw the DDT, but he was then met with both Duncum and Hickerson, an onslaught he couldn't stand up too for very long. Although he got off a few good shots, he ended up eating a lot more, and then being tossed to the floor. Hickerson then scooped up Mantell while Duncum scaled the ropes, and they planted him on his bad neck with the Spike Piledriver. Duncum covered for the One, Two, Three.

Winners, and NEW ALL STAR TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!: The Highwaymen of Bobby Duncum and Phil Hickerson in 29:17


Marc Lowrance: My goodness what a final match! Both of those teams gave everything they had, and although they had to resort to dirty tactics to do it, The Highwaymen have won the tournament and become the first Texas All Star Tag Team Champions! Be sure to join us next time for the Great Texas Round Up which will see the crowning of the first Texas All Star Heavyweight Champion, right here on KTVT. Good Night Ladies and Gentleman!

The show goes off the air with Phil Hickerson and Bobby Duncum celebrating with the All Star Tag Team Titles. Meanwhile medical personnel are in the ring checking on Johnny Mantell, while Sunshine and Scott Casey stand at ringside looking concerned.

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WOW!  Texas All-Star Wrestling is so entertaining.

Really enjoyed the card game in the beginning.

Regal and Donavan are so stupid it is much see TV!  

Nice debuts for Tom Jones and The Texas Ranger.  They add some depth and entertainment value to your roster!

Great main event!  Nice seeing Bobby Duncum get some love in this game.

Looking forward to the Texas Roundup!


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Jack Victory as an associate of the Blondes is a perfect fit! The Lazer Blondes might be the best one yet! Love the pics!!

Ever the heels the Highwaymen manage to pull a fast one with the cards and get a bye to the finals...well played by Hickerson!

The Gunslingers get past the Blondes and will challenge for the titles!

Great stuff with the Blondes thinking they are fired due to the loser leave town stip, this angle has reminded me of some of the Stevie/Meanie antics in ECW which was some of my favorite stuff! Victory added to the mix makes it even better!

I'm intrigued by the Texas Ranger, gonna keep an eye on him for sure!

Highwaymen are the first Tag Champs! I like it and look forward to more matches with the Gunslingers!

I think the Texas Round Up is a great way to crown your first champ!  I really enjoyed last years and looking forward to next week!

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LOL, the opening segment already had me cracking up. From the antics of Jack Victory to the old card in the sleeve by Hickerson. Funny stuff! 

The laughing continues with...The Laser Blondes! HAHAHA! Fun match but the SHOCKING moment happens when the Blondes are unmasked! It's Regal and Donovan!!!!

Mr. Ebony arrives and is ready for one last big run in Texas! 

More comedy gold! Victory making up names for everyone was classic. My biggest laugh came when the Blondes thought they were fired. Then their reaction when Dusek had to give them an explanation. These guys have become a huge highlight every week.

Wearing a mask with the Texas colors will defiantly get you over here. Impressive debut for the Texas Ranger.

Damn that was one epic match for the tag titles! Very well written. Both teams showed why they were in the finals. I like both teams but I have to admit I popped when the Highwaymen won it. Awesome tournament with a grand finale. 

Now we get a 25 man gauntlet match next week for the Texas Title!  It gets better and better! 


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(Taped on Monday October 5th, 1985 and airing Friday Night October 9th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


Sixty minutes of ringside excitement featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...


We cut to Marc Lowrance who is standing next to a small podium where the Texas All Star Heavyweight Title is sitting.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, beside me is the reason we are here this evening. The Texas All Star Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Tonight twenty five men are going to war in the second annual Great Texas Round Up to determine who will go home with that championship. In this match, two men will start in the ring, and every two minutes after another competitor will enter the fray. Elimination occurs by being thrown over the top rope and to the floor, and the last man standing will be the Texas All Star Heavyweight Champion. We don't know who all is entered in the match, and we don't know what order they will enter. I can tell you that Johnny Mantell will not be participating. He was set to compete, but due to the injuries to his neck, he has been deemed unfit for competition by the doctor for the Texas State Athletic Commission. Ladies and Gentleman we only have an hour tonight, so let's get to it.


The 2nd Annual Great Texas Round Up

-Texas All Star Heavyweight Title-

Entrant #1: "Mean" Mike Miller

Entrant #2: "The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory

Marc Lowrance: As far as the luck of the draw goes, these two men came out on the short end of the stick. But Mike Miller is a man who has been in more than his share of fights, and Jack Victory has proven to be, shall we say resourceful. So although it is certainly a long shot, I certainly wouldn't count either man out of this thing.

Entrant #3: Jeff Sword of "The Devil's Duo"

Marc Lowrance: This is certainly bad news for Miller, as Sword hits the ring and goes straight for him. Victory and Sword have no association, but Sword's alliance with Killer Brooks is at odds with Miller and Bart, and a man like Victory will stand with anyone who will get him a little closer to the championship gold.

Entrant #4: Mark Fleming

Marc Lowrance: Sword and Victory have been doing quite a number on Mike Miller, and Mark Fleming is an interesting addition to the match. Fleming has no alliances with anyone, and you have to wonder if he will be out of place in a match like this one. He is at the top of the food chain when it comes to technical wrestling, but Round Up is as much of a brawl as anything.

Entrant #5: Black Bart

Marc Lowrance: Oh My! Mike Miller is finally going to get a little bit of help in there, and Jeff Sword may now be the man in trouble.

Elimination #1: Black Bart hit the ring like a wild man. He ran into Fleming first and hit him with three big elbows to the top of the head that dropped him. Then Jack Victory charged Bart, and was met with a big clothesline for his trouble. That finally allowed Bart to go after the man he wanted, Jeff Sword. Sword was busy pounding away on Mike Miller in the corner and hadn't paid attention to who entered the ring. Bart stomped over, grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around. The "Oh Shit" look on the face of Sword quickly told the story, and he immediately took a big swing at Bart. But Bart saw it coming, ducked it, and when the momentum took Sword all the way around, Bart hoisted him up and gave him a big atomic drop! The impact sent Sword up and out of the ring!

Jeff Sword has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we have out first elimination as Black Bart sends Jeff Sword out of the ring. Bart is helping Mike Miller to his feet, and we have to take a quick break. Don't got anywhere, we'll be right back on KTVT.


-Commercial Break-

Entrant #6: "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back folks, just before we returned big Jeff Gaylord entered the ring. Miller and Bart have been all over Fleming and Victory, and Victory was nearly eliminated but managed to hang on to the bottom rope.

Entrant #7: Killer Khan

Marc Lowrance: A member of Devastation Incorporated, the huge Killer Khan is headed for the ring!

Elimination #2: Killer Khan charged down the aisle, slid into the ring, and as soon as he got to his feet, Jeff Gaylord charged across the ring and clotheslined him to the floor!!

Killer Khan has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: WHOA! Just like that Jeff Gaylord has taken Killer Khan out of the Texas Round Up!! Khan is irate at ringside, and you have to believe that Skandor Akbar is beside himself in the dressing room. That is a huge elimination for the rookie Jeff Gaylord.

Entrant #8: The Texas Ranger

Marc Lowrance: The spectacular masked man who debuted last week here on Texas All Star Wrestling, The Texas Ranger is headed to the ring. With Miller, Bart, Gaylord, and now The Ranger, a lot of the bigger guys are hitting the ring early in this one. You have to wonder if that will be an advantage to them as they can get the jump on their opponents as they enter, or if it will be an advantage to the opponents as men of that size will have a harder time as the match goes longer.

Entrant #9: "Jumpin" Joe Savoldi

Marc Lowrance: Jack Victory and Mark Fleming are working together to try and get Black Bart out of the ring, while Mike Miller and and The Texas Ranger are locked up in the corner. Here comes Joe Savoldi, a much smaller and quicker athlete. It will be interesting to see what kind of strategy he chooses to employ against these much larger men.

Elimination #3: Jack Victory and Mark Fleming each have a leg of Black Bart and are doing their best to hoist him out of the ring. Across from them, Savoldi hits the ring and jumps on to the back of The Texas Ranger, which gives Mike Miller a moments break. Miller notices his partner nearing elimination and heads across the ring. Miller fires punches at both Victory and Fleming, which gets Bart free of his predicament. Miller then nails Mark Fleming with a clothesline that sends him over the top rope and to the arena floor.

Mark Fleming has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: Mike Miller saves Black Bart from elimination, and in the process takes Mark Fleming out of the match. Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back!


-Commercial Break-

Entrant #10: Kim Duk

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back Ladies and Gentleman to the Great Texas Round Up! Another big man is entering the ring as Kim Duk is entrant number ten. Another member of Devastation Incorporated, you know Skandor Akbar is hoping he fair better than the last one. Duk goes straight after The Texas Ranger. Mike Miller is fighting both Joe Savoldi and Jeff Gaylord, while Black Bart is slugging it out with The Texas Ranger.

Entrant #11: Doug Vines of The Devil's Duo

Marc Lowrance: The other half of The Devil's Duo, Doug Vines is headed to the ring and you know that both Bart and Miller will be after him. Gaylord almost has Savoldi out of the ring, but Savoldi has his legs wrapped around the head of the big rookie....

Elimination #4: Doug Vines has barely made it into the ring when Black Bart and Mike Miller come at him from opposite sides of the ring. Being the fresh man, Vines puts up a decent fight, but eventually the two on one odds are too much to overcome. Bart and Miller pound him down and finally when they feel they've had enough fun beating him up, they deposit Vines over the top and to the floor.

Doug Vines has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: Vines put up one heck of a fight, but the combined forces of Bart and Miller were just too much for any one man too...wait a second....

Elimination #5: Bart and Miller finish dumping Vines over the ropes, and both men turn back to the action. Bart finds Jack Victory and The Texas Ranger fighting near the turnbuckle not too far away from him and heads off to interject himself. Meanwhile, Mike Miller turns around and finds only the foot of Kim Duk as it catches him just under the chin and sends him sailing backwards over the top rope and to the floor.

"Mean" Mike Miller has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: Kim Duk uses a martial arts kick and Mike Miller has been sent backwards out of the ring and crashes hard to the floor. He had been in the ring for over twenty minutes and was certainly starting to look fatigued, but he never saw that one coming.

Entrant #12: "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones

Marc Lowrance: Tom Jones enters the Round Up, and with strength like his, picking guys up and throwing them out shouldn't be too difficult. Jones was our twelfth entrant, so after he has been in the ring for one minute, we will have reached our half way point. Jack Victory who drew number two is still in the ring which means he is nearing the twenty five minute mark. Black Bart entered at number four and I think he'd fight everyone in the state of Texas until he gets his hands on Killer Tim Brooks.

Entrant #13: "Chief" Joe Lightfoot

Marc Lowrance: Chief Lightfoot enters the ring and we now have eight men in there. Jack Victory looks like he has been hit by a truck, and he is just clutching at the bottom rope over in the corner hoping no one notices him. Tom Jones has big Jeff Gaylord up on his shoulder and is trying to put him out, while Bart, the Ranger, and Kim Duk all are battling it out mid ring.

Entrant #14: "Killer" Tim Brooks

Marc Lowrance: Oh Boy....

Elimination #6 & #7: Killer Brooks came to the ring with a length of chain wrapped around his fist. A referee tried to stop him, but he got punched in the face for his trouble. Brooks slid in to the ring, and immediately blasted Joe Lightfoot in the face with a chain covered fist, because he happened to be near where Brooks was. Then Black Bart was there and he began unloading on Brooks with lefts and rights and Brooks didn't even have time to react. Bart grabbed two handfuls of hair, and threw Killer Brooks over the top rope, where he landed on the apron. Bart reached over the ropes to grab him again, and this time Brooks reacted, punching Bart in the face with a chain covered fist, then grabbing two handfuls of hair and pulling Bart over the top rope to the floor. Brooks stood up to get back in the ring, but Bart wasn't done, reaching up and yanking the feet of Brooks out from under him, causing Brooks to smash face first into the apron and his feet to hit the floor. The two men then began to brawl as Frank Dusek, several referees, and a ton of security came running from the back to pull them apart.

Black Bart has been eliminated

"Killer" Tim Brooks has been eliminated


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: We are back, and they have finally managed to separate Bart and Brooks and get them away from ringside. We are moments away from number fifteen entering the fray.

Entrant #15: "The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff

Elimination #8: Joe Lightfoot has barely gotten to his feet, his face covered in blood as Smirnoff enters the ring. The big Russian grabs the arm of Lightfoot, secures it behind his head, and then drills him with the Russian Hammer Heart Punch. Lightfoot collapses to the mat, but Smirnoff pulls him back up and deposits him to the floor.

"Chief" Joe Lightfoot has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: Poor Joe Lightfoot was sucker punched with a chain by Tim Brooks, now he has unnecessarily been given that Russian Hammer Punch by Alexis Smirnoff and his night is over. You have to think....wait....Jeff Gaylord!!...

Elimination #9: The big, impressive rookie Jeff Gaylord has been in the ring for nearly twenty minutes and was starting to show signs of running out of gas. That didn't however stop him from going toe to toe with Kim Duk exchanging big haymakers. An exchange that Gaylord got the better of, putting the big Asian down with a huge roundhouse right. Gaylord exhausted from the exchange, sagged onto the ropes, and Jack Victory, thirty minutes deep into the match, grabbed one of Gaylord's legs and shoved for all he was worth, sending the big Missouri Tiger out of the ring and to the floor to a chorus of boo's.

Jeff Gaylord has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: I can't believe it! Jack Victory looks like he can barely stand up, but he mustered the strength to send big Jeff Gaylord out of the ring, just moments after Gaylord flattened Kim Duk with a massive right hand.

Entrant #16: Brian Adias

Marc Lowrance: Judging by the reaction of the crowd, the people's choice has just arrived! Brian Adias is headed into the Great Texas Round Up!

Elimiation #10 & #11: Kim Duk and The Texas Ranger were tied up with each other in a kind of double hip toss. Each trying to muscle the other out of the ring. Brian Adias saw the two men perched on the ropes and grabbed a leg of each and leveraged both of them up and out of the ring!

The Texas Ranger has been eliminated

Kim Duk has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: and it only takes a few moments for Brian Adias to make a huge impact as he sends both Kim Duk and The Texas Ranger out of this one! I know that Adias and The Ranger are friends, but this match is every man for himself and is for the All Star Heavyweight Title, so you can't blame him for that one!

Entrant #17: "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal

Marc Lowrance: One half of The Fabulous Blondes, Steve Regal is headed to the ring and you can actually hear Jack Victory thanking the lord over in the corner! Mr. Victory needs to remember that this is every man for himself!

Elimination #12: Alexis Smirnoff and Tom Jones are waging a one on one war in the far corner of the ring, both men firing haymakers at one another. Jones is getting the upper hand, as Smirnoff is doubled over in pain, and Jones is now clubbing forearms down onto the back of the big Russian. But then Smirnoff stiff arms Jones in the balls, hooks his legs and back drops him out of the ring and to the floor.

"Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: Smirnoff just blatantly hit Tom Jones in the groin, but there are no rules in the Round Up. Jones is gone, and Smirnoff is grinning from ear to ear. We'll be right back!


-Commercial Break-

Entrant #18: Lance Von Erich

Marc Lowrance: Cousin Lance hits the ring, and he is fired up! Lance and Adias are going after Smirnoff!! Over in the corner....

Elimination #13: Steve Regal and to some extent the exhausted Jack Victory have been working over Joe Savoldi in the corner. Each man grabs a handful of hair and a handful of tights, and they send Savoldi out of the ring.

"Jumpin" Joe Savoldi has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: Savoldi had been in the ring for quite some time, but the combined assault of Regal and Victory was too much for him. Victory has now been in the ring for over thirty five minutes, and to be honest, I can't believe that he is still there.

Entrant #19: "Cowboy" Scott Casey

Marc Lowrance: Things weren't looking good for Adias and Lance as Regal, Victory, and Smirnoff were taking advantage of a three on two situation, but here comes Scott Casey, who you have to believe will even the odds!!

Elimination #14: Casey came in guns blazing firing off a barrage of punches at Smirnoff who then staggered into a big Lance dropkick. Casey then turned his attention to Regal who ate a clothesline, then got sent into the ropes and got tossed up high with a big back body drop! Then Casey turned and saw Brian Adias blast Jack Victory with a dropkick of his own that sent Victory sagging into the ropes. Before Victory could hit the mat, Casey charged across the ring and nailed him with a clothesline that sent him out of the ring to a massive pop from the Fort Worth crowd!!

Jack Victory has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: After nearly forty minutes in the Great Texas Round Up, Jack Victory is eliminated! Like him or not, you have to give the man credit, that is one heck of a performance! Five men remain in the ring, with six men left to enter.

Entrant #20: "Iron" Mike Sharpe

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, this man refers to himself as Canada's Greatest Athlete. "Iron" Mike Sharpe is a veteran of professional wrestling, and a very dangerous competitor. I do believe he is the man who replaced Johnny Mantell in the Round Up, and with an entry this late in the game, he certainly has a very good chance to make quite the name for himself in his first appearance here in Texas All Star Wrestling.

Elimination #15: Sharpe was in the ring for less than ten seconds when he was charged by Lance Von Erich. Being the veteran that he is, Sharpe simply dropped down, hooked the rope, and allowed the younger, less experienced Lance to sail over the ropes and crash to the floor, much to the shock of everyone in the building.

Lance Von Erich has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: Just Like That! Sharpe just capitalized on the inexperience of Lance Von Erich and allowed him to get the better of himself, and he did it without exerting hardly any energy. That is the kind of strategy that will win you a match like this. Wow. A shocking elimination.

Entrant #21: Steve Simpson

Marc Lowrance: Popular, young Steve Simpson hits the ring, and he is right after Steve Regal! Peppering him with rights and lefts. Meanwhile Brian Adias and Scott Casey....

Elimination #16: Scott Casey and Alexis Smirnoff were paired off fighting, while Brian Adias and Mike Sharpe were paired off not far away. Adias managed to catch Sharpe with a dropkick that sent him to the canvas, just as Smirnoff blasted Casey with a big shot to the face. Casey and Adias got to their feet at the same time and turned their attention to Smirnoff. The two men began firing at Smirnoff together, and it was too much for the big Russian to handle. Finally a double dropkick, sent him over the top, and to the floor.

Alexis Smirnoff has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: A big double dropkick ends the night of the big Russian, and we are going to take our last commercial break! After this we will stay with you until we crown a champion!! You don't want to miss it!!


-Commercial Break-

Entrant #22: Chick Donovan

Marc Lowrance: The other half of The Fabulous Blondes, Chick Donovan is headed in, and you have to think he and Regal will attempt to work together until the end. Mike Sharpe is taking it to Steve Simpson, while Adias and Casey have been working over Regal.

Entrant #23: Cocoa Samoa

Marc Lowrance: From Pago Pago, it's Cocoa Samoa! This hard hitting islander is going to be right at home in a match like this one!

Elimination #17: As soon as The Fabulous Blondes hooked up, they started working together on whoever got in front of them. Adias went down to a pair of savate kicks. Casey was taken over with a double suplex. They even hit Sharpe with a double bodyslam. Steve Simpson caught the worst of it as The Blondes worked him over in the corner with fists, knees, and boots for quite a while. Just before the entrance of number twenty four, they bundled him out and to the floor.

Steve Simpson has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: The Blondes have taken Steve Simpson out of the Round Up, and together they are looking unstoppable. Here comes number twenty four, and uh oh...

Entrant #24: The Spoiler

Marc Lowrance: That is a big, tough, mean man and he is entering this thing with a great number.

Elimination #18: The Spoiler wasted no time in proving that absolutely no one was going to be safe from his wrath. Samoa ate a big punch as soon as he entered the ring. Scott Casey was hit with an elbow strike that sent him to the canvas. But it was Mike Sharpe who was standing too close to the ropes, and a big boot from The Spoiler sent him sailing out of the ring and hard to the arena floor. It was time for "Iron" Mike to hit the showers (again)

"Iron" Mike Sharpe has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: The Spoiler has no friends in that ring, and Canada's Greatest Athlete is the first to fall at his hands!

Elimination #19: Cocoa Samoa is still holding his jaw from the big punch he ate, when the clothesline from The Spoiler connects with the side of his head and sends him cartwheeling over the top rope to the floor.

Cocoa Samoa has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: Make it two for The Spoiler as Cocoa Samoa just got shot out of the ring like a rocket!

Elimination #20 & #21: The Spoiler had just finished dumping Samoa when he turned around to find Steve Regal and Chick Donovan standing in front of him, while across the ring Brian Adias was helping Scott Casey to his feet. A big grin spread across the face of Regal as patted Spoiler on the chest and the audio picked him up saying "Alright big guy, how about the three of us, take out those two!" Donovan then slapped Spoiler on the back and said "Let's do it!!" Spoiler nodded his head in agreement, and The Fabulous Blondes turned to go after Adias and Casey. The Spoiler then shook his head NO, grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair, and gave the Fabulous Blondes a double noggin knocker, before spinning both men around and hurling them over the top rope!

Chick Donovan has been eliminated

Steve Regal has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: The Spoiler just took out both Blondes!! He is a one man wrecking crew in that ring! Double clothesline on Casey and Adias!! Can anyone stop The Spoiler!!

Entrant #25: "El Jefe" Jose Estrada

Marc Lowrance: Our final entrant is the the man who calls himself the Boss! Jose Estrada, The Spoiler, Scott Casey, and Brian Adias. One of these four men will be the first Texas All Star Heavyweight Champion.

Elimination #22: The Spoiler was still working over both Casey and Adias when Estrada hit the ring. The Spoiler had the Iron Claw locked on Scott Casey whose head wound had re-opened yet again and blood was streaming down his face. Adias was struggling to his feet using the ropes, so Estrada went after him, smashing him in the back with a double ax handle. Estrada then grabbed Adias by the trunks and sent him over the top rope to the floor.

Brian Adias has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: Estrada bundles Adias out of the ring....

Elimination #23: As Adias was sent over the top rope, the heel of his foot caught The Spoiler in the back of the head. Spoiler let go of the claw on the half concious Casey and turned to see Estrada staring down at the eliminated Adias. Estrada turned to find Spoiler staring at him and smirked, Spoiler met that grin with a huge right hand to the face. Estrada stumbled backwards, but Spoiler was on him like a wild dog. Punch after punch rocked Estrada all the way across the ring, then a huge clothesline sent "El Jefe" out of the ring to the floor.

"El Jefe" Jose Estrada has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: The Spoiler racks up his fifth elimination!

Elimination #24: Spoiler heads back across the ring to where Scott Casey is still slumped down on his knees in the corner, bleeding profusely. Spoiler holds his Iron Claw hand, already covered in the blood of Casey, into the air for the crowd in the Will Rogers Coliseum to see, then he reaches back down and clamps the Claw back onto Casey. But the boo's quickly turn into a massive cheer, as Casey seemingly comes back to life, hooking his arms around the legs of The Spoiler, and lunging back to his feet in one swift motion. The Spoiler still has the Claw locked in as Casey heaves with every thing left in his body, throwing The Spoiler back over his head, and over the top rope to the floor!

The Spoiler has been eliminated

Marc Lowrance: He's Done It!!



Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, covered in blood and nearly unconcious from the effects of the Iron Claw, after coming up just short in the tournament for the Tag Team Titles, Scott Casey has won the Texas All Star Heavyweight Championship!! Here come Sunshine and his partner Johnny Mantell! The celebration is on here in Texas!!  Ladies and Gentleman, that is all for Texas All Star Wrestling! We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT!

As the show goes off the air, we see Sunshine buckling the Texas All Star Heavyweight Title around the waist of Scott Casey who is being helped to stand by Johnny Mantell. They both raise his arms as we fade to black.

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Awesome job with the Texas Round-up.  These are so hard to do but I love your format for writing this.  In fact, I copied it the last time I tried one from your first Texas Round-up.

Prior to the start of this, I thought Black Bart and Killer Khan were two favorites but when they came out so early, I figured they were done.  Nice way to keep them strong and also build on some angles.

"Cowboy" Scott Casey makes for a perfect Texas champ!  

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It's hard to write battle royals let alone a Texas Round-up but you seem to have this mastered. Incredible job! I was hooked from the start. 

Got to give it up to Jack Victory, he had a very impressive performance. 

Spoiler was taking everybody out! He defiantly took the Blondes by surprise LOL. 

Loved the Iron Mike Sharpe shower reference LOL. 

Gaylord might of gotten the biggest elimination pop by putting Khan out in seconds. 

It was fun watching Black Bart brawling in there. 

Brooks didn't last long but he sure made an impact. The Brooks/Bart feud is taking the game by storm!

Poor Joe Lightfoot.

I liked the Smirnoff/Jones interaction. These guys could have a fun program. 

Kim Duk's elimination of Miller was quite impressive.

"El Jefe" is one of my favorite gimmicks here. He gets some good heat eliminating Adias.

What a feel good ending. Spoiler has the claw on a bloody Casey but Casey manages to get Spoiler over the top rope! That last scene with Sunshine and Mantell was a great visual to end an outstanding show. Good call with Casey. The man defiantly represents Texas. 

Awesome job Bleh. 




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I was excited when I heard there was another "Texas Roundup" coming up, as mentioned you do an awesome job with these and this was no exception!

I like the color coding of entrants/eliminations....makes it very easy to follow the action.

Victory/Miller starting it out is fun....I can see Victory whining about this bad luck for weeks in promos, although he did very well for himself I must say! 

You're going a great job getting Black Bart over as a no-nonsense tough Texan, it might not work everywhere but I could see this really clicking in Texas especially in this era.

This type of match works great for a new promotion as it allows you to start planting seeds and telling stories up and down the roster and a lot of that was done here.

For instance, Jeff Gaylord gets instant credibility taking out Killer Khan the way he did way faster than he could have in weeks of squash matches or even an actual match with Khan

GREAT SPOT with Brooks/Bart! it got them both out of the match while putting more heat on their feud without either one looking better or worse than the other, great execution! 

Iron Mike Sharpe taking out Lance Von Erich was impressive! Excited to see where this leads for Sharpe here in Texas.

"El Jefe" shows he means business eliminating Brian Adias....I'd be lying if I said my money was one either Adias or Lance to win this....I'm on the edge of my seat!

The Spoiler is the MVP of this one with some impressive eliminations including everybody's favorite tag team the Blondes!

Scott Casey gets the win and is an excellent choice as Texas All Star Champion!

Once again, great job and you have a lot of things to work with coming out of this one!

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(Taped on Monday October 12th, 1985 and airing Friday Night October 16th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


Ninety minutes of ringside excitement featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports. We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and last week we saw Scott Casey win the Great Texas Round Up to become the first Texas All Star Heavyweight Champion! From start to finish it was one of the most exciting matches I have ever seen, and I would like to once again congratulate Scott Casey on his win.

This week on Texas All Star Wrestling we have several big matches lined up for you. We will see "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord lock up with the technical wrestling specialist, Mark Fleming. The man who claims to be Canada's Greatest Athlete, "Iron" Mike Sharpe will go one on one with Ric McCord. We will see "Killer" Tim Brooks in action, as well as the man who dominated the Round Up last week, The Spoiler.

Then in our main event, Steve Simpson of the S&S Express will face one half of the All Star Tag Team Champions, Phil Hickerson of The Highwaymen in singles competition. There is a stipulation on that one, but Frank Dusek will be out a little later to tell you about it. So without further adieu, let's head down to the ring and see The Spoiler in action!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Spoiler w/Skandor Akbar vs Mike Bond-

An all out vicious assault from the masked man as soon as the bell rang. Just punches and elbows and slams, followed by elbow drops and knees to the head. Spoiler didn't even bother locked in the Claw tonight, just hitting Bond with a huge boot to the face and covering him for the three count.

Winner: The Spoiler in 2:14


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with....

The Spoiler tears the microphone out of the hands of Marc Lowrance and gives it to Akbar. When Lowrance opens his mouth to protest, Spoiler takes a swipe at him, but Akbar manages to push Spoiler back enough so that he doesn't connect.

Skandor Akbar: Marc Lowarance, if I were you right now, I wouldn't be! So you had best go sit down at your little table before you get hurt!

Marc Lowrance moves away leaving Akbar with the microphone, and Spoiler repeatedly slamming his fist into the palm of his other hand.

Skandor Akbar: Now then, everyone that was watching last week saw this man dominate the Great Texas Round Up like no other. From the moment he stepped into that ring, no one stood a chance, and five men were eliminated by his hand. Then as he stood poised to claim the All Star Heavyweight Title for Devastation Incorporated, as he locked the Claw onto the head of Scott Casey and the blood began to flow, Scott Casey had the single luckiest moment of his life as he caught The Spoiler off guard and managed to eliminate him and claim the gold for himself.

You can almost feel the anger and hostility of The Spoiler coming through the screen from the body language of The Spoiler. Skandor Akbar glances back at him and nods his head.

Skandor Akbar: So congratulations to you Scott Casey. We have no excuses, on that night you were the winner, and you became the champion. But as the final man in the ring, and the man who dominated the competition like no other, The Spoiler and I are out here to call you out Scott Casey. If any man in Texas All Star Wrestling deserves the first shot at that title, it must surely be The Spoiler.

Frank Dusek, the commissioner of Texas All Star, heads out to the ring where Akbar and Spoiler are standing and holds out his hand for the microphone. The Spoiler starts to step around Akbar, but Akbar holds up an arm to block him. After a tense stare down, Akbar gives the microphone to Dusek.

Frank Dusek: Akbar, you and I don't see eye to eye on much, but you aren't wrong when you say that The Spoiler dominated the Texas Round Up. Add in the fact that he was the runner up, and both myself and the Texas All Star Board of Directors agree with you, that he should be the first man to get a shot at Scott Casey and the title. So two weeks from tonight, on the Thirtieth of October, that will be our main event. Scott Casey versus The Spoiler for the Texas All Star Heavyweight Title.

Dusek sticks out his hand to Akbar, who eyes him warily for a moment, then quickly shakes it. Akbar and Spoiler make their exit as the show fades to commercial and the last thing we hear is Akbar saying "that belt is ours."

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling. Still joining me here at ringside, is Frank Dusek with a special announcement. Frank?

Frank Dusek: Thanks Marc. I just wanted to come out here and tell the people about what we have coming up on October Thirtieth. As you know last week, we were short a half hour of our usual running time. Well, to make up for it, KTVT is giving us an extra half hour on the Thirtieth, so we will be running a two hour special that night. The Halloween Spooktacular as they are calling it will be headlined by "Cowboy" Scott Casey defending the All Star Heavyweight Title against The Spoiler as we heard before the commercial break. More matches will be announced soon, but we plan on having several main event quality matches that night.

Marc Lowrance: I understand that our main event tonight could have an impact on that show as well?

Frank Dusek: Yes indeed. Tonight's main event is going to see Steve Simpson of the S&S Express take on Phil Hickerson of The Highwaymen. If Steve Simpson can pick up the win here tonight, then we are going to grant the S&S Express a shot at The Highwaymen and the All Star Tag Team Titles at The Halloween Spooktacular.

Marc Lowrance: All right! Big news about our main event tonight, and in two weeks we can all look forward to the Halloween Spooktacular! Let's head to the ring for singles action!


1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit

-"The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord vs Mark Fleming-

The opening moments of this one saw Gaylord use his strength advantage to throw Fleming around the ring, and Fleming isn't a little guy. Gaylord continued to dominate with power moves in the opening minutes until Fleming raked the eyes and then slowed things way down trying to break the big guy down with his technical expertise. For several minutes it looked like Gaylord had no answer for Fleming's holds, until finally The Missouri Tiger exploded off of the canvas with Fleming on his back and whipped him over his head, hard onto the mat. After that Gaylord battered him with several big strikes, took him down with a massive clothesline, and put him away with a Powerslam.

Winner: Jeff Gaylord in 7:54


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. Just before the break we saw a big win from "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord. I'm told he will be back out here a bit later to speak with us, but right now we have a man who has been the source of a lot of controversy here in Texas All Star set for action.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Killer" Tim Brooks w/Doug Vines & Jeff Sword vs Shane Tylor-

Brooks was busy giving the referee hell about something after the bell rang so the young Tylor took it upon himself to jump up and slap a headlock on Brooks. A hard elbow to the stomach ended the kids offensive dreams, and a hard right hand that reverberated off the walls had the crowd groaning. Brooks peeled the kid off the mat and gave him a headbutt for the fun of it, and then stuffed him with a piledriver near the corner. The referee attempted to call the match, but Brooks threatened to throw a punch his way. Brooks then scaled the ropes and came off with his patented Diving Knee Drop. The referee called for the bell before he could even make the cover.

Winner: "Killer" Tim Brooks in 2:11


Marc Lowrance: I am here with your winner "Killer" Tim Brooks and The Devil's Duo of Doug Vines and Jeff Sword. The three of you have caused...

Tim Brooks: Did you know that in Detroit, Michigan the night before Halloween is called Devil's Night?

Marc Lowrance: I'm sorry, What?

Tim Brooks: Devil's Night. The night before Halloween is called Devil's Night. All the crazies and all the criminals crawl out of whatever hole they live in and they set the whole town ablaze and they just sit back and watch it burn Marc Lowrance.

Marc Lowrance: I don't understand what that...

Tim Brooks: and I hear that Texas All Star is going to have them a show on Devil's Night. So I figure what better time to set fire to the people who have been causing my boys and I problems, and burn them to the ground.

Marc Lowrance: You are speaking of Black Bart?

Tim Brooks: Course I'm speaking of Black Bart! Ain't you been listening! So what I am proposing is that on Devil's Night, we put a cage around that ring. On one side will be Killer Brooks and The Devil's Duo. On the other side will be Black Bart, Mike Miller, and any damn fool stupid enough to stand beside them. Then we start fighting, and we keep fighting. To win you gotta throw the other team clear out of the cage. Not just one guy, all of them. Not out the door either, over the top, so they fall way down to the concrete.

Marc Lowrance: This sounds extremely dangerous.

Killer Brooks turns to Marc Lowrance and flashes him a huge, evil grin. Sword and Vines begin to laugh behind him.

Tim Brooks: Bart, Miller, we'll see you boys on Devil's Night....if you got the guts.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: High strangeness from Killer Brooks and his crew just before the break, but I don't expect Black Bart and Mike Miller to shy away from a challenge. Up next we have the man from Pago Pago, Cocoa Samoa in singles action.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Cocoa Samoa vs Snake Brown-

Snake Brown actually manages the Pearl Harbor job on Samoa just as the bell rings and controls the opening moments of this one. But it all goes south for him pretty quickly when he attempts an Irish whip and it gets reversed, and he takes a big dropkick hard in the face. After that Cocoa is in control and seems to be taking his time putting the man who hails "From Outta Town" away. Finally a big Samoan Splash gets the job done.

Winner: Cocoa Samoa in 5:53


Marc Lowrance: A very impressive win after something of an auspicious start for Cocoa Samoa. Up next we have the singles debut of the man who claims to be Canada's Greatest Athlete, "Iron" Mike Sharpe as he takes on Ric McCord. Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back.

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit

-"Iron" Mike Sharpe vs Ric McCord-

Sharpe came into this one cocky, thinking he would easily overpower and defeat the much smaller McCord. He got a lot more than he bargained for, as McCord proved himself to be quite the scrappy competitor stinging Sharpe with dropkicks and catching him unprepared with several hip tosses. Sharpe rolled out to the floor and raised quite the fuss about it much to the delight of the fans in the Will Rogers Coliseum. It was then back and forth for quite a while as "Iron" Mike just couldn't seem to get the control he was looking on McCord. Finally as the match passed the twelve minute mark, McCord's luck ran out when he attempted a cross body block and Sharpe caught him. Sharpe held the struggling McCord in his arms for a moment, then dropped him back first across his knee. After that, Sharpe went to work with huge clubbing shots to the back, bodyslams, a suplex, and even a bearhug. As the ring announcer called out five minutes remain, Sharpe hoisted McCord over his head into the Canadian Backbreaker and that was all she wrote.

Winner: "Iron" Mike Sharpe in 15:04


We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing with Jeff Gaylord

Marc Lowrance: "Iron" Mike Sharpe picks up a hard fought victory against Ric McCord, and I am standing by with a man who we saw pick up a hard fought victory of his own earlier this evening, "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord! Jeff, so far here in Texas All Star Wrestling you've made quite the impression on the fans, and your opponents. We know this is your rookie year in professional wrestling, so tell us how you got into the business, and what brought you to Texas All Star.

Jeff Gaylord: Well Marc, first of all, Thanks for having me out here. I'd also like to say Thank You to all of the people of Texas who have made me feel so welcome here. To answer your question....

Having left the ring, Mike Sharpe comes over to where the interview is taking place and loudly interrupts.

Mike Sharpe: HEY! HEY! HEY! What Is This Now!

Marc Lowrance: I am conducting an interview with Mr. Gaylord

Mike Sharpe: Forget About Gaylord! I'm The Guy Who Just Won!

Jeff Gaylord: Why don't you back off Sharpe.


Marc Lowrance is pushed aside as Gaylord and Sharpe come nose to nose, the smack talk continuing from both men.

Marc Lowrance: We're gonna need some help out here.

Frank Dusek, security, and several referee's are seen heading toward ringside as the show fades to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back Ladies and Gentleman to Texas All Star Wrestling here on KTVT. Just before the break tempers flared as I was interviewing Jeff Gaylord and Mike Sharpe felt slighted that he wasn't interviewed. The two men came nose to nose and there was some shoving and yelling, but security was able to separate them before a full on brawl occurred. Okay. That is going to bring us to our main event of the evening which is going to see one half of the S&S Express, Steve Simpson do battle with one half of the All Star Tag Team Champions, Phil Hickerson of The Highwaymen. If Simpson wins this match, the Express will be granted a championship match at the upcoming Halloween Spooktacular in two weeks. I have also been informed that the tag team partners have been barred from ringside.


1 Fall, 45 Minute Time Limit

-Steve Simpson vs Phil Hickerson-

Hickerson started this off by pie facing Simpson instead of locking up. Simpson responded by dropping Phil on his ass with a big right hand, that sent Hickerson scurrying to the floor. Simpson wasted no time following him out and the brawl was on! Both men nearly got counted out, until Simpson tossed him back into the ring and went after him again. While some may look at Simpson as a long haired, skinny guy, the opening minutes of this match showed that he can throw hands with the best of them as he battered Hickerson from one side of the ring to the other with haymaker after haymaker. Finally the referee had enough of the closed fists and warned Simpson, which gave Hickerson enough of an opening to thumb him in the eye!

Hickerson then ground the pace of the match to a halt, snapping Simpson over and slapping on a headlock, leaning all of his weight into it. Hickerson was methodical, working over Simpson with hold after hold, not allowing him to breathe, and not allowing him to get to his feet. When he was grinding on a hold, it was elbows, punches, and kicks to the body that had Simpson gasping for air. As the match rolled past the ten minute mark, Hickerson took Simpson up for a big vertical suplex looking to ramp up the punishment...

But Simpson managed to shift the momentum and landed on his feet. A stunned Hickerson turned around and was met with a big dropkick to the face. Both men were on the mat as the referee started his count, and even though he'd just gotten dropkicked, it was Hickerson who got up first. He reached down and grabbed a handful of hair, and was caught by surprise when Simpson rolled him into a cradle for the One, Two, Thr...KICKOUT!! Simpson got back to his feet and dragged Hickerson up the ears and blasted him with a few big punches, then doubled him over with a knee to the guts. Simpson hit the ropes and caught Hickerson with a sunset flip, but was again only able to get a two count. Simpson pulled Hickerson off the mat and sent him right back down with another dropkick, then he headed to the top rope. With Hickerson prone on the mat, Simpson leapt off for his Flying Body Splash, but Hickerson got his knees up!!

Simpson rolled away clutching his ribs as Hickerson got slowly to his feet. Phil then stalked over and dropped a huge elbow into the midsection of Simpson. As Simpson rolled to his back to protect his ribs, Hickerson dropped another elbow onto the back. Hickerson then grabbed both legs of Simpson and locked in a Boston Crab! Simpson was in agony, crawling hand over hand to try and make the ropes. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he made it. Hickerson then went back to work on him, this time locking in holds like the surfboard and the abdominal stretch that targeted the injured midsection of Simpson.

As the match rolled past the twenty minute mark, it looked like Steve Simpson had nothing left in him. There had been a few glimpses of hope, but Hickerson had managed to shut each and every one of them down. Hickerson fired Simpson into the ropes and caught him with a knee to the midsection that sent him on all fours to the canvas. Hickerson then kicked him hard in the ribs, but Simpson didn't collapse. Hickerson grabbed a handful of hair, and yanked Simpson up, hooking him for the DDT. But from somewhere deep down inside, Simpson summoned a burst of energy and charged forward, ramming Hickerson into the turnbuckle and saving himself from getting driven head first into the mat.

Free from the grip of Hickerson, Simpson took a moment to draw a breathe, and then fired a barrage of kicks into the ample midsection of Hickerson. Simpson grabbed the arm of Hickerson and attempted to whip him across the ring into the other turnbuckle, but Hickerson reversed and sent Simpson across the ring. Hickerson followed him in, but Simpson was able to grab the top rope and vault up and over the charging Hickerson! Hickerson crashed into the turnbuckle, and staggered backwards stunned. Simpson wasted no time, grabbing him around the waist, and rolling backwards with him, catching him in a pinning combination. The referee counted One, Two, Three!!

Winner: Steve Simpson in 22:01


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, Steve Simpson has done it! The S&S Express will now challenge The Highwaymen for the All Star Tag Team Titles in two weeks at the Halloween Spooktacular!

Joe Savoldi comes rushing to the ring and lifts his exhausted partner up in celebration! Just a few steps behind him comes Bobby Duncum who has a steel chair, which he slams into the back of Savoldi sending both members of the S&S Express crashing hard to the canvas.

Marc Lowrance: Come On Now! This is uncalled for!!

Duncum is quickly on top of Savoldi, blasting him with right hands. Hickerson, who has gotten back to his feet, grabs Steve Simpson by the hair and hurls him over the top rope to the floor. Hickerson then grabs the steel chair and positions it by the turnbuckle, before going over and kicking Savoldi in the head. Duncum grabs Savoldi off the canvas and they drag him toward the corner, where Duncum picks Savoldi up for a piledriver with the chair positioned underneath his head. Hickerson climbs to the middle rope, grabs both feet of Savoldi and leaps off, as The Highwaymen spike piledrive Joe Savoldi onto the steel chair!!

Marc Lowrance: NO! We are going to need medical attention for Joe Savoldi immediately!!

Duncum and Hickerson exit the ring, where Duncum clotheslines down Simpson who was getting back to his feet, and then The Highwaymen exit the arena to a chorus of boo's. The medical personnel come rushing from the dressing room to check on Joe Savoldi.

Marc Lowrance: A chaotic scene here in the Will Rogers Coliseum. The S&S Express have earned a shot at the All Star Tag Team Titles, but we have to wonder if they will be able to compete. The Highwaymen have done the damage, and you have to think that possible fines or suspensions will be in there future. Ladies and Gentleman, that is all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, Good Night Everyone.

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Texas is on fire! 

I got a good laugh at Spoiler taking a swipe at Marc. Akbar makes some valid points and Dusek agrees. Casey vs. The Spoiler for the title on free TV! OH Yea! 

Gaylord continues to impress.

Brooks cuts a very sinister promo. That cage match challenge sounds freaking nuts! I'll defiantly be tuning in for Halloween Spooktacular! Good job in making Brooks a top heel.

"From Outta Town" hahaha I totally remember that. Snake tried his best but Cocoa prevails tonight. 

McCord gives Iron Mike more than he bargained for but Sharpe's power gets him in the end. Nice to see Sharpe getting a push. The man was a great heel. 

I can't wait to see Gaylord and Sharpe go at it. Good big man brawl. 

That was one hell of a main event between Simpson and Hickerson! Very well written. Simpson wins and gets his team a title shot... but wait, Highwaymen do a number on S&S! Talk about getting heat back. I don't think Joe will be able to compete after that wicked spiked piledriver on a chair! We'll see how this turns out. 

Always something going in here. Great job! 



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Great show.  

You are getting so much out of your roster.  We all get a little greedy in these games but your roster is very realistic and works well.

Spoiler vs Scott Casey is perfect!  Interesting handshake between Akbar and Dusek.

Interesting to see  Iron Mike Sharpe getting some nice wins!  Perfect as this is just what he deserved

Great job with the main event.  S&S earn the title shot and now they will need to get some revenge... The Highway Men are a fun heel team here in Texas All-Star.

Really enjoying this as it just seems so realistic.  


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Great opening promo with Spoiler/Akbar.....love the Spoiler snatching the mic from Lowrance and taking a swipe at him.....Lowrance is so low key and non-threatening it really puts some good heat on the Spoiler being a dick to him.

Spoiler vs. Casey for the title is great match for the Halloween show!

I like the trio of Brooks/The Devil's Duo.....great promo about "Devil's Night' that ties in perfect with their gimmicks. I can't wait to see what "damn fool is stupid enough to stand beside" Black Bart and Mike Miller!

Jeff Gaylord is a guy that actually has me pulling for Mike Sharpe! 

Great main event! Simpson get the win earning S&S a tag team title match, but the Highwaymen immediately get their heat back by putting beatdown on the babyfaces and now we're even more fired up to see this tag title match!

Great stuff, I agree that this all has a very realistic...or I guess maybe authentic feel may be more the term I'm looking for.....like with your previous promotions here in the game, you're able to quickly set a tone and establish things to look forward to each week.  Great work as always!

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