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Great way to kick off the show with a win from the Texas Tag champs with the help of Dark Journey!

The tension continues to build with the weekly tease of LUSCIOUS!

I like the Texas Rangers tag team....I look forward to them eventually crossing paths with Tatum/Victory.

The "stupid gringo" line might have been my favorite this week! Akbar and Nagasaki on the Fiesta Garden was much more fun than it had any right to be....Madril is money! Loved the shots at the Beauty Shop! Fun stuff! Loved the questions at the end...lol.

If for nothing else ever....this game was worth every minute we've all put in it....for the visual of Ray Candy and Skip Young coming out to New Edition's 'Candy Girl' in those outfits as "Good & Plenty'!  Holy shit, words can't express how entertained I am by that....I can't wait to see them compete in the tournament! I hope they win! Getting in the "Candy man can" line popped me again in the promo! 

Great main event that's going to lead to a Gunslingers/Cartel match, loved the fired up promo afterwards....especially Sunshine's line "I have several words right now Marc, but none that I am allowed to say on television!"  

Awesome show as always man!

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(Taped on Monday January 25th, 1986 and airing Friday Night January 29th)


From the world famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. This is....


Richard Myhill's "The Hit" plays as we are shown highlights of all the top talent and hard hitting action from....



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the World Famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas and Welcome to Championship Sports. We are here tonight on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling!

We have a huge night of action here for you this evening as we continue to head toward the big David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Tonight we will see two teams that will be part of that tournament, and two teams that are long time rivals will lock it up again as The Highwaymen and The Glamour Boys meet once more.

In the main event tonight, the challenge has been accepted. Brian Adias will defend the Texas Television Title against "General" Skandor Akbar's Oriental assassin, Kendo Nagasaki. Akbar laid down the challenge last week on the Fiesta Garden, and Adias who is a fighting champion was quick to accept.

Speaking of the Fiesta Garden, I understand that none other than Texas All Star Commissioner, Frank Dusek will be the guest of Al Madril this evening. That should be interesting to say the least. Also in action tonight will be the team of "Killer" Tim Brooks and "Mean" Mike Miller, and we will see The Wild Bunch in six man tag team action. With those men in the building together, anything can happen!

Up first tonight we have a newcomer here to Texas All Star Wrestling, and.... Oh No....

As Marc Lowrance was speaking, a huge round of boo's went up in the Sportatorium. We see Lowrance look off to his right as he is talking, and as he says the words "Oh No" we actually see him roll his eyes on camera.

The camera pans over and taking his final steps down the aisle is Percival Pringle the Third. He has a huge grin on his face as he steps to where Marc Lowrance is standing.

Percival Pringle III: Oh Yes Marc Lowrance, it's true, I have returned to Texas, and you get the pleasure of being the first person to welcome me back.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman.... Percy Pringle.

Percival Pringle III: Marc Lowrance! It's Percival Pringle the Third, and you know it!

Marc Lowrance: My apologies. Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome back to Texas, Percival Pringle the Third.

Percival Pringle III: Well Thank You Marc Lowrance! I'd say it's a pleasure to be back here in Texas, but we both know I'd be lying.

Marc Lowrance: Then why are you here?

Percival Pringle III: What? You didn't miss me?

Marc Lowrance: Mr. Pringle, we have to get the show started, so please...

Percival Pringle III: Fine you stick in the mud! I am here, because my newest client is your newest wrestler, and the man who is set to wrestle in your opening contest here this evening! He is the man who is going to lay waste to the competition here in Texas No Stars Wrestling, and soon enough he'll hold either the Texas Heavyweight or Texas Television Title, or maybe both. So I present to you, "Crippler" Rip Oliver!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Percival Pringle III vs Mike Reed-

Rip Oliver was laser precision in his Texas All Star debut, going right after the arm and shoulder of Mike Reed. Oliver grabbed a hammerlock out of the collar and elbow, then drilled his elbow into the shoulder of Reed. An arm wringer followed, and then he took Reed down and worked the arm with several painful maneuvers. At one point Oliver had Reed face down on the mat and just simply stomped the shoulder several times, and then dropped an elbow on it. Finally after several minutes of torture, Oliver scooped Reed up and drilled him with a Shoulder Breaker. The cover followed for the easy One, Two, Three.

Winner: "Crippler" Rip Oliver


After the match Pringle and Oliver make their way over to where Marc Lowrance is standing.

Percival Pringle III: Aren't you going to interview the winner Marc Lowrance?

Marc Lowrance: Well, I....

Percival Pringle III: He didn't want to talk to you anyway! Crippler, you go on back and get a shower, then we'll head out for champagne and a steak dinner.

Oliver nods at Pringle, gives Lowrance a dirty look and then heads to the back. Pringle meanwhile continues to stare at Marc Lowrance with a grin on his face.

Marc Lowrance: Was there something else I could help you with?

Percival Pringle III: Well, I thought you'd never ask! There sure is Marc! I hear tell that there is a tag team tournament coming up with a quite sizeable cash prize on the line. Is that correct?

Marc Lowrance: Yes, the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament is coming up on February Twelfth, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth.

Percival Pringle III: and how much is the cash prize?

Marc Lowrance: The winning team will be taking home One Hundred Thousand Dollars and the David Von Erich Memorial Trophy.

Percival Pringle III: Did you say One Hundred Thousand Dollars?

Marc Lowrance: Yes, and the David Von Erich Mem..

Percival Pringle III: Yeah, Yeah, Trophy Schmophy!

That draws a huge round of boo's from the Sportatorium crowd

Percival Pringle III: Oh Shut Up! Now, since Percival Pringle didn't come back to Texas just to manage a single man, allow me to introduce to you the rest of The Pringle Dynasty! Please welcome the men who are going to win me One Hundred Thousand Dollars, "Dirty" Dutch Mantell and "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers"...The Kansas Jayhawks!

Mantell and Jaggers come walking down the aisle dressed in long coats and cowboy hats. Mantell is carrying a whip, and Jaggers has a noose. They come to stand next to Pringle and both of them are wearing sneers on their faces.

Dutch Mantell: So this is it? This is the Sportatorium, and this is Texas All Star Wrestling? We aren't impressed. You see, we come from Kansas, the home of real life, tough cowboys. Not like these sissies I see around here that go out and buy fancy boots and a cowboy hat and all of a sudden think they are Hoss Cartwright or something.

Bobby Jaggers: What Dutch is saying is that if any of these so called Texas tough guys want a fight, they can come find the Kansas Jayhawks and we'll show them a fight.

Dutch Mantell: Now, Mr. Pringle... it'll be an honor for us to win that Danny Von Erich tournament and that money for you. We just want you to know what a relief it is to us that we have quite possibly the only honest man in the state of Texas managing our business affairs.

Percival Pringle III: Ohh Boys. The honor is all mine. It's a relief to me to be managing the soon to be winners of the tournament and the money and the only real cowboys in the state of Texas! Ha Ha Ha!

Pringle and the Jayhawks head up the aisle surrounded by security as a chorus of boo's rings out across the Sportatorium.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling, right here on KTVT. Before the break we heard way too much from the returning Percy Pringle. But he has assembled quite the roster of wrestlers under his employ. "Crippler" Rip Oliver made short work of his opponent and looks to be a threat to anyone he steps into the ring with. Then the team of Dutch Mantell and Bobby Jaggers, collectively the Kansas Jayhawks made an appearance and have apparently entered the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. I am no fan of Pringle, but again, that is an impressive collection of talent. Okay, let's head down to the ring for six man tag team action with The Wild Bunch!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Wild Bunch (Black Bart/"Wild" Bill Irwin/"Outlaw" Ron Bass) vs The Spider/Snake Brown/Dave Kent-

Bart, Bass, and Irwin were out to have some fun tonight and they each took their turn beating up on one of the opponents. Bass started the match with Kent and pretty much just abused the youngster, battering him with big right hands and hard knees to the guts. Bass allowed Kent to tag out to Brown, and then tagged in Irwin. "Wild" Bill was all over Snake, hitting him with a big swinging neckbreaker and nearly knocking his head off with the Pump Kick. Irwin rolled Brown into the corner, and The Spider reluctantly tagged himself in. Irwin tagged out to Black Bart, and Bart came in like a wild man, battering The Spider with a barrage of punches. Bart carried the masked man around the ring and slammed him down, before scaling the ropes and coming off with the Texas Trash Compactor. Bart covered and that was all she wrote!

Winners: The Wild Bunch (Black Bart/"Wild" Bill Irwin/"Outlaw" Ron Bass)


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with your winners, The Wild Bunch!

"Wild" Bill Irwin: Marc Lowrance! We run Adrian Adonis outta Texas already. One match, one match with the three of us, and he took off.

Ron Bass: So Tim Brooks, Mike Miller. If you two old boys still want a piece of The Wild Bunch, you'd better find yourselves someone a little meaner, and a little tougher, cause it looks like your biker buddies ain't worth a damn!


Marc Lowrance: Which two of you would compete in the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament if you were granted a spot?


Ron Bass: You heard him!

Marc Lowrance: There you have it folks, The Wild Bunch is looking to lay claim to Texas All Star's tenth and final spot in the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament! We'll be right back!!

-Commercial Break-


Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. Up next we have two teams that will be part of the big David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament coming up in just a few weeks. They are also two teams who have a long history with each other, so this should be a fight Ladies and Gentleman. Let's head down to the ring.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson) vs The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson)-

This one didn't take long at all to break down into a fight as The Highwaymen jumped Doll and Simpson during the ring introductions and went to work on them. The referee was trying to push Hickerson out of the ring, when The Glamour Boys shook it off and nailed Duncum with a big double dropkick that sent him out of the ring. Doll and Simpson then basically leapt over the referee and started pummeling Hickerson with four fists of fury until Doll finally was pushed out of the ring by the referee.

Simpson was still all over Hickerson blasting him with lefts and rights, and kicks to the midsection. He then grabbed a headlock and snapped him over, grinding it in and occasionally popping him with a closed fist when the ref wasn't looking. It didn't take long for a recovered Duncum to hit the ring and stomp Simpson in the head, which allowed Hickerson to escape the hold and make the tag. Duncum came in and started pounding on Simpson with big hammer shots across the back, and a hard Irish whip into the turnbuckles that looked like it shifted the ring. Duncum followed that up with a big back suplex, and dropped an elbow on Simpson.

This time Doll had seen enough, and hit the ring with a big dropkick to the back of Duncum that sent him out of the ring again! Doll then catapulted himself over the top rope onto Duncum on the floor! Hickerson dropped off the apron onto the floor, and yanked Doll up by the hair and started blasting away with punches. Then Duncum was back to his feet and both Highwaymen had a hold of Doll, but then Steve Simpson came sailing off the top rope all the way to the floor! He crashed into the pile and all four men were down on the concrete!!

It took several moments for them to recover from that spectacular leap by Simpson, but when they did all four were back slugging it out on the floor, and none of them seemed to notice when the bell rang signalling the Double Count Out. They just continued to pound away on each other until a gaggle of security and enhancement talent flooded ringside and pulled them apart.

This Match is a Double Count Out!


Marc Lowrance: As we mentioned earlier, the rivalry between The Glamour Boys and The Highwaymen goes back a long way and neither team has really ever been able to gain a clear cut advantage. Tonight that animosity boiled over into an all out brawl that saw both teams counted out of the ring. Both of these teams are entered into the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. If they happen to meet during the tournament, a result such as this would eliminate both. Something for both teams to think about. Folks, we'll be right back!

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Killer" Tim Brooks/"Mean" Mike Miller vs Mike Bond/Shane Tyler-

Brooks and Miller were apparently feeling extra ornery tonight as they were obviously having some fun with young Shane Tyler. Miller started off grinding on him with a headlock, then took to choking him with his wrist tape when the referee wasn't looking. Then he stomped him down in the corner and choked him with his boot for several repeated four counts. He then tagged in Brooks who choked the young man on the ropes, raked his eyes, threw him over the top rope to the floor, and then brought him back in for a piledriver. That would have been in it, but Brooks scaled the ropes and delivered a Diving Knee Drop into the young mans throat and then covered him for the victory.

Winners: "Killer" Tim Brooks/"Mean" Mike Miller


Marc Lowrance: I am here with your winners Mike Miller and Tim Brooks.

"Killer" Brooks: I heard Fat Bart and them other two out here earlier bragging about how they run Adrian Adonis out of Texas. Well let me tell you right now, if you want to see the men who ran Adrian Adonis out of Texas, you're looking at 'em! He proved he couldn't cut it as part of the Killers Gang, so we sent him on up the road.

Mike Miller gives Brooks the side eye when he says "Killers Gang" but then nods to the rest of the statement.

Mike Miller: That's right Killer! "Mean" Mike and "Killer" Brooks were doing just fine before Adonis, and we are doing just fine without him. The two of us are just as bad as all three of those cowboys put together. That's not just talk either, we plan to prove it when we win that David Von Erich Tag Team Tournament.

Marc Lowrance: Well, actually The Wild Bunch claimed the tenth and final spot in the tournament earlier this evening.

"Killer" Brooks: WHAT!!!

Brooks grabs hold of Marc Lowrance and starts screaming, but Mike Miller quickly pushes him away. The microphone that Lowrance dropped when Brooks grabbed him picks up Miller saying "We'll take care of it."

-Commercial Break-


As we return from break we are greeted with the smiling face of Al Madril. He is sitting on the small stage that is the home of the Fiesta Garden. On either side of the stage are the two fake cactus each with a sombrero on top of it, and hanging above each of them in a pinata. Behind where Al is sitting in his custom producer chair, is a huge banner with the words Fiesta Garden in sparkling silver letters with streamers and balloons tied to it.

Al Madril: Hey Everybody! Welcome back to the number one, highest rated show in all of professional wrestling, especially amongst the USWA and it's affiliates, The Fiesta Garden! I am your host Al Madril, and tonight we have a very special guest as I will be joined by none other than the Commissioner of Texas All Star Wrestling, Frank Dusek!

But before we get to that, I have been asked to issue a public apology for last week when I referred to Marc Lowrance as a stupid gringo. The truth of the matter is that for a stupid gringo, Marc Lowrance does a great job hosting this show. For a stupid gringo he always conducts himself with class, integrity, and in a manner that benefits both Texas All Star Wrestling and the industry of professional wrestling as a whole. So for calling you a stupid gringo last week Marc Lowrance, I am truly sorry. I assure you that I will not make the mistake of calling you a stupid gringo again.



Ladies and Gentleman, Frank Dusek!!

Frank Dusek comes walking toward the set of the Fiesta Garden and he looks beyond perturbed. He stands staring at Madril who continues to have a huge smile on his face.

Al Madril: Frank, you're a guest, please have a seat.

Frank Dusek: Madril, I am not in the mood for any crap or any funny business. I heard that so call apology and I am THIS close to shutting you down. So you have one chance here.

Madril looks at Dusek like he has no idea what he is talking about, and then motions for him to sit down again. Dusek shakes his head and takes a seat.

Al Madril: So Frank, can I call you Frank?

Frank Dusek: Sure.

Al Madril: Great! So Frank, since I am giving out apologies tonight, I wanted to apologize to you for insinuating several weeks ago that you were perhaps stealing from this promotion. That was an ugly rumor, started by Jerry Jarrett may I add, and it was wrong of me to perpetuate it any further. So, man to man, I apologize.

Dusek just stares daggers at Madril. Madril waits for him to accept the apology with a smile on his face. Dusek continues to stare, and after several seconds Madril nods and continues.

Al Madril: Okay. So Frank, we are just a few weeks away from this David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. I understand that this involves teams from here in Texas All Star, from the main branch of the USWA, and from the Twin States Wrestling promotion. Is that correct?

Frank Dusek: Yes it is.

Al Madril: and there are going to be Thirty Two tag teams entered in this tournament?

Frank Dusek: Yes there are.

Al Madril: Wow! That is a ton of tag teams! Now I know that the people here have seen which teams from Texas All Star will be competing, but can you tell us about some of the teams that will be coming from Twin States and the USWA?

Dusek stares at Madril for a moment, seemingly confused that this is turning into an actual interview.

Frank Dusek: Sure. We know that the USWA will be sending the Central States Tag Team Champions, Porkchop Cash and The Snowman, The Bruise Brothers.

Al Madril: A very exciting team to be sure.

Frank Dusek: They will also be sending Steve Keirn and Stan Lane, The Fabulous Ones.

Al Madril: A huge name in tag team wrestling.

Frank Dusek: Even though he is technically banned from Texas All Star, Cocoa Samoa will return for the tournament along with his partner in South Pacific Connection, Sivi Afi.

Al Madril: The fans sure seem excited to hear that one. How about the Twin States? Who do they have?

Frank Dusek: Well, the world famous Armstrong family will be represented as "Bullet" Bob Armstrong teams up with Terry Taylor, and Brad Armstrong teams up with "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley.

Al Madril: Both of those teams should prove to be quite tough to beat.

Frank Dusek: They'll also be sending their tag team champions, Tommy and Johnny Rich....


Frank Dusek: You would....

Madril lowers his microphone and gives Dusek a dirty look. Dusek just glares at him realizing the "interview" is probably over.

Al Madril: What does that mean?

Frank Dusek: Well, they've said some rotten things about Texas and the Von Erich's.

Al Madril: Sometimes, the truth hurts...

Frank Dusek: All right, we are done here....

Dusek starts to get up, but Madril throws up his hands....

Al Madril: No, no, no, no, no, no, no..... difference of opinion, difference of opinion. This was going well. Let's change the subject.

Frank Dusek: Fine....

Al Madril: So, this tournament is going to have five shows over three days. Is that correct?

Frank Dusek: Yes.

Al Madril: All of them will be broadcast on the USA Network?

Frank Dusek: Yes.

Al Madril: That's a really big deal.

Frank Dusek: It definitely is. KTVT will always be our home here in the Metroplex, but this will give Texas All Star Wrestling exposure across the United States.

Al Madril: and I understand the USWA will have their television show at the Will Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth, then Texas All Star and Twin States will be here at the Sportatorium, and then the last two shows will be at the Reunion Arena. Is that correct?

Frank Dusek: Yes it is. USWA and Texas All Star on Friday Night. Twin States on Saturday Morning. Then the first Reunion show on Saturday night, and then the tournament finals and the defense of the USWA World Heavyweight Title on Sunday afternoon.

Al Madril: That is very impressive.

Frank Dusek: It is.

Al Madril: Now, I heard a rumor that originally USWA was supposed to have their show here at the Sportatorium as well. But they wanted to have Brenda Britton and the Beauty Shop on the show, so they had to move it to the Will Rogers Coliseum because the City Inspector said he'd shut the Sportatorium down if he saw any more rats in the building. Is that true?!?!

Dusek is staring at Madril like he wants to murder him and Al has a huge grin on his face. Dusek gets up out of his chair and looks like he is about to unleash a tirade on Madril, when "Killer" Brooks and "Mean" Mike Miller arrive at the Fiesta Garden stage. An angry Frank Dusek turns to them...

Frank Dusek: What do you two want?

Brooks reaches up and snatches the microphone out of his hands and looks even angrier than he did earlier.

"Killer" Brooks: WHAT WE WANT! What we want is to know why Fat Bart and his boys get to be in this damn tournament, and we don't! What we want.....

Brooks doesn't get to finish his sentence as he and Miller are throwing fists as Black Bart, "Wild" Bill Irwin, and Ron Bass arrive on the scene. It quickly escalates into a wild brawl and both Frank Dusek and Al Madril are jumping out of the way as they brawl onto the Fiesta Garden stage. The chairs are knocked over, one of the cactus's gets smashed onto the head of Brooks, and before long the flock of security and undercard guys is on the scene trying to hold the five rampaging wrestlers apart. In the chaos Frank Dusek finds a microphone on the floor and begins to yell!

Frank Dusek: THAT'S IT!! WE'RE DONE!! THIS ENDS NEXT WEEK!!! BROOKS...MILLER......THE TWO OF YOU.......AND TWO MEMBERS OF THE WILD BUNCH.... I DON'T CARE WHICH TWO!!! ......The Winners....The Winners are in the tournament! ....The Losers..... The Losers are no longer allowed to team together here in Texas All Star Wrestling!!! NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ARENA!!!

Brooks, Miller, and The Wild Bunch are herded out by security, as Frank Dusek stomps over and hands the microphone back to Marc Lowrance. The last scene before we head to commercial break is of Al Madril standing in the ruins of his Fiesta Garden set. He looks briefly sad, then shrugs his shoulders and cracks a grin before walking away.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. Just before the break we saw a very tense Fiesta Garden end in a wild brawl as Tim Brooks and Mike Miller got into it yet again with Black Bart, Bill Irwin, and Ron Bass. Well Frank Dusek has apparently seen enough as next week he has made match that will see Killer Brooks and "Mean" Mike Miller take on any two of The Wild Bunch. The winners will enter the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament, and the losers will no longer be allowed to team together here in Texas All Star Wrestling. High stake for certain. But that is next week. Right now it is time to get to our main event for this week, which will see Brian Adias defend the Texas Television Title against Kendo Nagasaki! Let's head to the ring!


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-Kendo Nagasaki w/Skandor Akbar vs Brian Adias- Texas Television Title

Things looked bad right off the bat for Adias as Nagasaki caught him with a thrust to the throat as he was going for the collar and elbow. Nagasaki then pounded away with karate style chops to the neck and shoulders, before locking in a nerve hold to the trapezius muscles. Adias eventually got to the ropes, but his left arm was hanging limply at his side early in the contest. Nagasaki went back to work hitting Adias with a thrust kick to the gut, and then butterflied his arms, holding the position and wrenching it for some time, before taking him over in a suplex. Nagasaki covered but only got two. Kendo picked Adias back up and shot him into the ropes, he went for a double chop, but Adias ducked under it and caught him with a crossbody on the rebound!

Nagasaki was quick to kick out, but it allowed Adias to roll to his feet and nail Kendo with a dropkick! Nagasaki quickly rolled to the floor, and while the ref was counting him it allowed Adias a bit of time to try and massage some feeling back into his arm. When Nagasaki came back in Adias quickly snatched a headlock, but Kendo shot him into the ropes again. Nagasaki leapfrogged over Adias and went for another thrust kick, but Adias forward rolled under it, and when Kendo came back around, Adias nailed him with another high dropkick! Adias followed it with a big elbowdrop and a cover that got two.

The match continued back and forth for several minutes with Adias using speed and quickness to confound his opponent, and Nagasaki using strikes and submissions to the head, neck, and shoulders every opportunity he got. The end came when it looked as if Nagasaki had things in the bag. He had been working on Adias for a couple of minutes and after sending him into the ropes, caught him with a hard kick to the gut. He put Adias into position for his Jumping Piledriver, but just as he was hooking his arms around his waist, Adias countered it with a big backdrop!

Nagasaki crashed hard to the mat, but on his way over his foot clipped the referee. Adias got slowly back to his feet, and was heading toward where Nagasaki was just starting to stir, when Skandor Akbar got up onto the ring apron and took a swing at Adias. Akbar missed, but caught the attention of Adias who grabbed the "General" by the collar and was drawing back to punch him when Nagasaki grabbed Adias by the shoulder. Kendo spun Adias around with one hand, and his other hand went to his throat as he spewed forth the Green Mist!!

But Adias Ducked!! The mist caught Akbar full in the face and he fell from the ring apron clutching his face!! Adias quickly pivoted around and hooked Nagasaki in his patented Russian Leg Sweep, executed the maneuver, and floated over into the cover before the stunned Nagasaki knew what hit him! The recovering referee counted One, Two, Three!!

Winner, and STILL Texas Televsion Champion: Brian Adias!



Brian Adias retains the Texas Television Title in an exciting match up! Kendo Nagasaki looks stunned, Skandor Akbar is furiously wiping his eyes, and Brian Adias is holding the championship high for all to see! Ladies and Gentleman, that's all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, Good Night Everyone.

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Great show.

The first segment with PP III was well done.  The Crippler, The Jayhawks and his one-liners make him MUST SEE TV

The Wild Bunch-Miller & Brooks is a great brawling tag team feud.  I know who I am wanting to see win this one as there are some huge stakes involved here.

The Fiesty Garden was awesome.  Loved how sorry Madril was for insulting Lowrance and his comments on the Beauty Shop.

The DVE Memorial tourny is shaping up nicely.  Kudos to the three of you.  

Great main event.  Adias with the big win but I wonder if Akbar is going to get over being misted?

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Pringle is back and Marc Lowrance is thrilled! Damn, as if Rip Oliver wasn't enough, Pringle also brings in the Kansas Jayhawks! Man, it's so good seeing Dutch and Bobby back together. This is one dangerous stable! I had a great time writing for Oliver as a tough babyface but he was such a great heel and I'm looking forward to seeing him in full heel mode with Pringle. 

Wild Bunch give us a wild match. They want in the tournament and they say ain't nobody can beat them! I'm glad their feud with Brooks and Miller isn't over. 

 The Luscious hype has me very intrigued. I'm doing something similar with "The Real King of Wrestling" LOL

The Highwaymen and Glamour Boys has been one of my favorite feuds. You've done a great job keeping the heat on this for a long time. This could be one of those long running feuds where they just keep coming back to each other. I hope they cross paths in the tournament.

You know the tag teams are stacked if Brooks and Miller didn't get in. I know they aren't happy. Hmmmm, Miller looked a little annoyed at the "Killer's Gang" comment. 

OH YEA! Time for The Fiesta Garden! "For a stupid Gringo" HAHAHAHA Al has me laughing already. LOL I couldn't stop laughing when things were going like a standard interview until the Rich's are mentioned and Al's response changes the entire tone. OMG! Al actually referred to Brenda as a RAT!!! WOW! This might have Brenda in tears LOL. How on earth will she respond to that? Things take an unexpected turn as the Wild Bunch and Brooks/Miller get into a crazy brawl and destroy the set. Dusek has enough and we're going to get closure next week! Al shrugging his shoulders with a smile at the end was the topper. What a fantastic segment! 

Adias and Kendo put on an exciting TV title main event. The finish was great as Kendo accidently sprays Akbar and Adias hits his finisher! I wonder how Akbar will respond to all this? 

A ton of excitement as we approach the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. 

Loved this show! 





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We start off with bang this week as Percy Pringle has come home!! He's off to a fine start with the "Texas No Stars" line....as well as getting heat for downplaying the memorial trophy. The Pringle Dynasty will tough to beat with Rip Oliver and The Kansas Jayhawks by his side! 

The Wild Bunch are a force here in Texas! Rough and tough in the ring and great on the microphone! Bold prediction from Bart that any 2 of 'em could win the whole "Dadgum thing"...they're certainly over but with 31 other teams, it's really really tough to call.

The suspense continues to build as the Luscious tease continues.

The Highwaymen vs. The Glamour Boys is becoming one of the most established feuds in Texas that may never end!

Killer Brooks calling him FAT Bart made me legit laugh out loud. Speaking of established feuds here.....The Wild Bunch vs. The "Killers" Gang may become this era of Texas' version of the Freebirds vs. Von Erichs!

Al Madril raised the stakes once again with the Fiesta Garden with the "rat" comment towards Ms. Brenda! LOL.  I loved the interview with Dusek...I like the way you're playing Madril with the his whole "What? What did I do?" attitude and the shit eating grin...and the fact he isn't confrontational throughout....he made Dusek let his guard down, then stuck him with the comment about the Richs lol. Then all hell breaks lose with the "Killer's Gang" and the Wild Bunch!  Great stuff!

Adias vs. Nagasaki for the TV title is a solid main event....but holy shit with Kendo's miscue of spraying the mist in the eyes of Akbar....I can't wait to see what the consequences are!


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(Taped on Monday February 1st, 1986 and airing Friday Night February 5th)


From the world famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. This is....


Richard Myhill's "The Hit" plays as we are shown highlights of all the top talent and hard hitting action from....



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the World Famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas and Welcome to Championship Sports. We are here tonight on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! We are just one week away from the huge David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament where we will be joined by our associates from the United States Wrestling Association and the newly branded Continental Championship Wrestling. Tonight in our main event the team of Killer Tim Brooks and "Mean" Mike Miller will take on two members of The Wild Bunch for the right to be the tenth and final team to represent Texas All Star Wrestling in that tournament.

We will also see the Percival Pringle led Kansas Jayhawks in action for the first time here this evening. The Gunslingers will have a tune up match for the tournament, and Ricky Santana and Fidel Sierra who will represent The Cartel in the tournament will be in action. I do understand that "El Jefe" Jose Estrada has been barred from the Sportatorium this evening, and both The Gunslingers and The Cartel have been told they will be removed from the tournament if things get physical between them.

Now, earlier today Texas All Star Comissioner Frank Dusek met with The Wild Bunch to find out which two of them would be competing here tonight. A camera was present for that encounter, so let's take you to the footage.


We are taken to footage from the parking lot as Black Bart, Ron Bass, and Bill Irwin are all heading into the building. They are stopped by Frank Dusek at the door and Dusek has a stern look on his face.

Frank Dusek: I might let all three of you into the building, but there ain't going to be any funny business tonight. So I want to know right here, right now, which two of you will be wrestling Brooks and Miller tonight. Because whoever isn't in that match, I promise you that if you so much as sneeze in the direction of the ring, I am going to fire you.

All three of them looks at each other and then there is some muffled talking and some pointing, followed by some nodding.


Bill Irwin: Heads.

Black Bart tosses what appears to be a silver dollar up in the air and the camera follows it up as it flips through the air, then follows it to the ground. It zooms in to show that the coin has landed on Tails.

Bill Irwin: Aww Hell.

Ron Bass reaches over and slaps Irwin on the shoulder, and "Wild" Bill nods and gives him a slap back.

Ron Bass: Me and Bart are in the match.

Frank Dusek: Okay. That's final. Irwin, you go anywh...

Bill Irwin: Yeah, yeah... I got it.

The three members of The Wild Bunch walk around Dusek and head into the building.


Marc Lowrance: There you have it folks, our main event will be Ron Bass and Black Bart taking on Killer Brooks and Mike Miller. The winning team enters the David Von Erich Memorial Tournament, and the losing side can never team in Texas All Star again! Big stakes to be sure! We'll be right back with The Cartel in action!


-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Cartel (Fidel Sierra/Ricky Santana) vs Mike Bond/Darren Jackson-

Ricky and Fidel came to the ring wearing matching tights that had the word Cartel down one leg, and the flag of Puerto Rico on the other. They were nothing but efficient in the ring as they cut the ring off and brutalized Darren Jackson. Santana was especially vicious with his punches having a little extra pepper, and when he scaled the ropes and delivered a Top Rope Splash, it appeared to drive all the wind out of Jackson. Sierra tagged in and clamped on a Sleeper Hold and it took only seconds for the ref to call it.

Winners: The Cartel (Fidel Sierra/Ricky Santana)


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I may not much care for the way they conduct themselves or for their Jefe, Jose Estrada. But if these two men can compete like that in the tournament, they will certainly be hard to defeat. Speaking of the tournament, right now let's go ahead and run down the teams from Texas All Star Wrestling who will be competing.

First up, we have the Texas Tag Team Champions, led by their manager Dark Journey, "Hollywood" John Tatum and "The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory! Then we have the former champions, Phil Hickerson and Bobby Duncum, The Highwaymen! The men that we just saw in action, representing The Cartel, Fidel Sierra and Ricky Santana. Part of the Pringle Dynasty, we will see them make their in ring debuts a little later today, "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers and "Dirty" Dutch Mantell, The Kansas Jayhawks!

We will also see another set of former Texas Tag Team Champions, Chris and Mark Youngblood, Tribal Nation! The masked duo of Longhorn and Lonestar, The Texas Rangers! The hardest rocking team in Texas All Star Wrestling, Steve Doll and Steve Simpson, The Glamour Boys! The newest sensation in tag team wrestling, "Sweet Brown Sugar" Skip Young and "The Candy Man" Ray Candy, Good and Plenty!! Then we will have the duo of the reigning Texas Heavyweight Champion "Cowboy" Scott Casey and his partner Johnny Mantell, they are of course, The Gunslingers!!

We will of course find out who the tenth and final team is tonight in our main event. Right now, we have a very special highlight video of the teams who will be joining us from Continental Championship Wrestling, formerly Twin States. We know the fans here in Texas get to see the USWA teams on the USA Network every week, but these teams from Continental may not be as familiar to you, so we wanted to give you a chance to see just a little bit of what you have to look forward too! Roll the tape...


A highlight video of all of the Continental tag teams who are entered in the tournament starts to play but after about 30 seconds the footage goes to static and then..…the familiar World Class Championship Wrestling theme starts up with the old intro to WCCW. After about twenty seconds of the intro, we cut to Ronnie P. Gossett in a cowboy hat and western style shirt in front of a clearly homemade World Class banner. He's holding up his hand in a "claw" position and is doing a weird voice.

Ronnie P. Gossett: "Hey folks and welcome back to World Class Championship Wrestling, I'm Fritz Von Erich! Noo, I'm not doing the clawhold, I just have really bad arthritis. Well as usual, here on World Class….we'll spend the whole time putting over my kids. Hey Kerry……Kerry, where ya at?"

We here the unmistakable sound of a tape being closed in a boom box, and a second later the opening of "Tom Sawyer" by Rush begins to loudly play. The camera pans over to show "Kerry" who appears to be Davey Rich slumped over in a folding chair struggling to lace his boots while holding both hands as if he was doing a claw hold. Tommy Rich comes in with a short brownish/blond wig on and Gold's Gym t-shirt, the camera pans down to show he's barefoot, as he is apparently supposed to be Kevin Von Erich.

"Fritz Von Erich": "Hey Kevin, what's wrong with Kerry?"

"Kevin Von Erich": "Uh…um….he's just real sleepy Dad….he stays sleepy a lot."

"Fritz Von Erich": "Well he must have a bad headache, cause I saw him taking a BUNCH of asprin a little while ago."

"Kevin Von Erich": "Yeah Dad, that's it….he's got a real bad headache….we better let him sleep off all of those....asprin.  Let's talk to Mike instead."

The camera pans over and shows Johnny Rich in a short reddish colored wig, he's sitting at table and appears to be coloring and drinking from a juice box

"Fritz Von Erich": "Mike, come on over here son and talk to us."

Johnny/Mike gets up and comes walking over, we can now see he's wearing a home made t-shirt that says, "TEXUZ IZ GUUDER THAN TWEN STATZ"

"Kevin Von Erich": "Hey Mike, did you hear that the USWA is doing a tournament to honor your brother David?"

"Mike Von Erich": "I like pancakes!"

"Fritz Von Erich": "We know Mike. Did you hear that those guys Johnny and Tommy Rich said bad things about our family and the state of Texas?"

"Mike Von Erich": "Texuz guud. Richs bad! They don't get no pancakes!"

"Kevin Von Erich": "Take it easy, Mike! We don't want those Rich boys to come kick our butts….we couldn't carry their jock straps, that's why we're wrestling up in New York for that cartoon company instead of down south where the real action is."

"Fritz Von Erich": "Now those are some tough boys! I wish Johnny and Tommy Rich were my sons….they are wrestlers I could be proud of….why, they are the Twin States tag team champions and the favorites to win that whole thirty two team tournament."

"Kevin Von Erich": "They sure are, there's not a single team in that entire tournament that could cause them to break a sweat."

Davey/Kerry can be seen falling out of the chair to the floor in the background.

"Mike Von Erich": "Uh oh…….Kerry go boom!"

"Kevin Von Erich": "He's fine…he does that all the time."

"Fritz Von Erich": "Do you wanna try to get Kerry up off the floor and enter that tournament?"

"Kevin Von Erich": "Have you not been listening Dad? We don't wanna be in that tournament, the Richs would beat what's left of our brains in! Not to mention the whole reason we took off to Ringling Wrestling Federation was to get away from Texas….this state sucks! It's nothing but a bunch of steers and…."

"Mike Von Erich": "Adrian Street!"

"Kevin Von Erich": Ha! That's a good one Mike...

The tape abruptly ends as if it were cut off in the truck, and the show goes immediately to commercial.


-Commercial Break-


When we return, Marc Lowrance is standing stone faced staring at the camera. Frank Dusek is standing next to him, and he looks very pissed off.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, the footage that just aired was not at all what we intended to be shown on this program. As you saw, it was supposed to be a highlight reel of the teams that will be joining us from the Twin States promotion as part of the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. What we got instead was a disgusting, disrespectful, and downright vile attack on the Von Erich family perpetrated by the Rich Cousins who are scheduled to be part of the tournament. Right now joining me here at ringside is the Commisioner of Texas All Star Wrestling, Frank Dusek.

Frank Dusek: Number one, I want to assure everyone that as soon as we realized what was being aired, we shut that tape off. There was more of it, and it only got worse. The first thing I did was to call up Les Thatcher and ask him just what the hell was going on, but he had no knowledge of that crap. It seems that the Rich Cousins somehow got hold of the tape that Twin States were sending us and taped over it.

Mr. Thatcher immediately offered to fine and suspend the Rich Cousins and pull them out of the tournament. I almost took him up on that offer. But then I remembered who we are, and where we are! I said No. I said you let them Rich boys come on down to Texas! Because while we might not have any Von Erich's here to take some revenge, we have a whole locker room full of guys who after seeing that are going to want nothing more than to kick their asses!

This draws a huge pop from the Sportatorium crowd!

Frank Dusek: Now, we've let those punks take over enough of our show. Let's get back to some action!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Gunslingers (Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell) w/Sunshine vs Snake Brown/The Bounty Hunter-

The fans were put into a much better mood after Scott and Johnny hit the ring and made short work of their opponents. Lots of tandem offense on both men, Casey hit the Bulldog on Snake Brown and that was it for the man "From Outta Town." Then Mantell took a little time breaking down the big masked man, before finally hitting him with the Russian Leg Sweep and floating over into the pinfall.

Winners: The Gunslingers (Scott Casey/Johnny Mantell)


Marc Lowrance: All Right! I am here with your winners, the Texas Heavyweight Champion Scott Casey, Johnny Mantell, and the lovely Sunshine!

Johnny Mantell: You know something Marc Lowrance, I am getting sick and tired of these people thinking they can just come down here to Texas and do whatever the heck they wanna do! First we got The Cartel running around here like they own this place, and now we got Tommy Rich and his kin badmouthing the Von Erich's when they aren't even here to defend themselves. Well let me tell you what boys! The Von Erich's may not be here, but The Gunslingers sure the hell are! You wanna come down to Texas and run your mouths, me and Scott will be more than happy to shut 'em for you.

Scott Casey: You said it Johnny. Estrada! Cartel! You all wanna act like your some kinda big shots, like you run Texas All Star Wrestling. You think because you broke Jeff Gaylord's arm that everybody is supposed to be scared of you. Well Jefe, right now we got this David Von Erich Tournament to worry about, and I know your boys do too. But when this is all said and done, The Gunslingers are going to be coming to show you just who runs Texas, and it ain't you three. Not by a long shot!

Sunshine: Marc Lowrance. The Gunslingers are fired up, and the other thirty one teams in the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament had better bring their best, because we are coming to bring home that trophy!

Marc Lowrance: There you have it Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be right back!

The Sportatorium crowd is rabid for Casey, Mantell, and Sunshine as the show heads to commercial.


-Commercial Break-



As the show returns from break we are taken to the small stage away from the ring, that has been completely redone since last weeks brawl. There are now four fake cactuses, one at each corner of the stage, and each of them is wearing a sombrero. On the wall behind the stage is a new Fiesta Garden banner that is done up in the colors of the Mexican flag and also has streamers and balloons. The two director chairs have been redone in green, and Al Madril's name has been stenciled on his in a much more professional manner. The biggest change however, would be that Al Madril is not alone. While Al is of course standing at the front of the stage with a huge smile on his face, behind him is a man dressed in a martial arts gi who looks ready to fight.


Al Madril: Hola Mi Amigos!! Welcome back to the Fiesta Garden. As you can clearly see we've had some renovations since last week when all that Texas trash destroyed the place.

Big boo's from the crowd in the Sportatorium.

Al Madril: I Know! I was mad they destroyed it too! I mean, it still looked better than the Beauty Shop, but I couldn't have my Fiesta Garden looking like that. Anyhow, the biggest change I made was getting myself some security. I mean, Frank Dusek was my guest last week, and he is supposed to be in control of this place, and it's pretty obvious that he is in control of jack and crap! So I went out and hired this man to protect both myself, and the Fiesta Garden. This man has won Twenty Seven Karate Tournaments, he has black belts in both Karate and Judo, and he was a police officer for ten years. Ladies and Gentleman, the new Head of Security for the Fiesta Garden, Ron Slinker! Say Hello Ron...

Madril turns around with a big expecting grin and looks at Slinker. Slinker nods at the camera and Madrils smile quickly fades.

Al Madril: Ennhh, I suppose we can work on that part. Anyhow, before I introduce my special guest today, I need to address something that happened this past week on USWA Television. Apparently, Brenda Britton was on the TV talking again, instead of in the kitchen making someone a sandwich, and she kept referring to me as Alvin. Now, my name is Alberto, I mean seriously... Alvin? If either one of us sounds like a singing chipmunk it's her with that voice only a desperate man could love. I mean, I know Brenda only got this job because she was REALLY good at taking dictation for the whole USWA Front Office...if you catch my drift, but if this is really the best she can do, have her manage Greg Gagne or something, that way you only have to have one awful segment instead of two.

Madril lowers the microphone, nods at the camera and mouths the words "It's True."

Al Madril: Okay! Now that I've wasted my breath on a no talent bimbo, let's talk to my no talent guest. Ladies and Gentleman, "White Lightning" Tim Horner!

Tim Horner comes from the back where his trunks and a tank top. He already looks pissed off as heads to the stage.

Al Madril: Tim Horner, welcome to the Fiesta Garden!

Tim Horner: What was that you just said?

Madril cocks an eyebrow at Horner, and looks around like he doesn't understand the question.

Al Madril: Ummm... Tim Horner. Welcome to the Fiesta Garden. Do you need me to say it slower?

Tim Horner: No smart mouth, before that. Something about a no talent guest.

Al Madril: Ohhhh! You mean before you came out here, when I referred to you as my no talent guest!

Tim Horner: You got a big mouth Madril. You've been out here week after week running it, but you haven't stepped in that ring yet! How about you go one on one with White Lightning, RIGHT NOW!

Horner rips off his tank top and throws it into the face of Madril and storms off toward the ring. Madril tosses the tank top to the floor and looks toward Slinker who just shrugs his shoulders.

Al Madril: Come on Slinker, let's go show White Lightning what happens when you try to take the fiesta out of my Fiesta Garden.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-Al Madril w/Ron Slinker vs "White Lightning" Tim Horner-

Horner is waiting in the ring, ready for a fight. Madril saunters to the ring, grinning and taking his time. When the bell rings, Madril opens the match by lightly paint brushing Horner across the face. Horner responds with a right hand that floors Madril, and sends him rolling to the floor holding his cheek. Madril walks it off and then nods an okay at Horner before rolling back into the ring.

The match then became much more of a back and forth with Horner using his speed and quickness and Madril using his technical ability and well, cheating. Madril controlled the opening minutes after raking the eyes out of the collar and elbow, and then worked over Horner with a series of punches, before executing a series of wear down holds that seemed to focus on the legs of Horner. Horner eventually reversed an Irish whip and caught Madril flush with a dropkick, and then went to work with a series of high impact moves like a bodyslam, a back suplex, and a big back body drop that scored a two count.

The end came when Horner caught Madril with another dropkick that staggered him backwards into the ropes. Horner then charged Alberto, who was able to duck down and backdrop Horner over the top rope. Horner was able to land on his feet on the apron, and when Madril turned around, the two of them blasted each other in the face with simultaneous forearms. Madril staggered forward and got tangled up with the referee, while Horner dropped to the arena floor. This allowed Ron Slinker to come from behind and let loose with a Karate Kick to the back of the knee of Tim Horner that sent him to the concrete clutching his leg in agony. Slinker quickly moved away as Madril and the referee got untangled in the ring, and the referee began to count Horner out. Madril rolled out of the ring and yanked Horner up by the hair and tossed him into the ring. Madril stomped on the injured leg of Horner several times as Horner tried in vain to fight, and then Madril locked in the Indian Deathlock and Horner had no choice but to give it up.

Winner: Al Madril


Marc Lowrance: Al Madril picks up the win with more than a little help from his new Head of Security Ron Slinker, and young Tim Horner is going to need some medical attention. Let's take a break while the medical personnel attend to him.


-Commercial Break-




Marc Lowrance: Speculation continues to grow as to the nature of Lucious, but who or what it is remains a mystery. What doesn't remain a mystery are the participants in the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Up next we have a team who will be competing in that tournament, and tonight they make their debut here in Texas All Star Wrestling. They are "Dirty" Dutch Mantell and "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers, collectively known as The Kansas Jayhawks along with their manager, Percival Pringle III.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Kansas Jayhawks (Dutch Mantell/Bobby Jaggers) w/Percival Pringle III vs Mike Reed/Ken Johnson-

The Jayhawks were brutal this evening seperating Ken Johnson from his partner and just delivering a beating to the man. Jaggers stomped him about half to death after dropping him with a left hand, then jerked him up by the hair and gave him a hangmans neckbreaker that should have been the end. Then Mantell tagged in and gave the kid a piledriver for good measure, before punching Mike Reed off the apron. Then Jaggers came in and lifted the kid up, and Mantell came off and gave him a clothesline and mercifully pinned him.

Winners: The Kansas Jayhawks (Dutch Mantell/Bobby Jaggers)


Marc Lowrance: I am here with your winners The Kansas Jayhawks and their manager, Percival Pringle the Third.

Percival Pringle III: That's right Marc Lowrance, the winners! These men right here are victorious tonight, and in seven short days they are going to lead my Pringle Dynasty to glory in the Tournament, when they defeated thirty one other teams, and bring me home One Hundred Thousand Dollars! Isn't that right boys!

Bobby Jaggers: You didn't bring us here for our good looks did you?

Pringle breaks out into laughter.

Dutch Mantell: Eight teams, sixteen teams, thirty two teams. It doesn't matter to us. We step into that ring for two reasons. To beat people up and to make money. Next week we get the chance to do a whole lot of both.

Percival Pringle III: You heard it Marc Lowrance! I spent a lot of money to bring these men to Texas, they'd better not let me down!

The three men walk away from Marc Lowrance making assurances of their dominance next week. Marc Lowrance gives a look to the camera and the show heads to commercial.


-Commercial Break-


Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. It is time for our main event and it is sure to be a wild one! "Mean" Mike Miller and "Killer" Tim Brooks team up to take on Black Bart and Ron Bass of the Wild Bunch! The winners move on to the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament next week. The losers are no longer allowed to team together here in Texas All Star! Let's head to the ring!!


1 Fall, No Time Limit

-The Wild Bunch (Black Bart/Ron Bass) vs "Killer" Tim Brooks/"Mean" Mike Miller-

The minute the bell rings all four men are in the center of the ring throwing punches at one another. The referee is trying valiantly to get people out of the ring, but his threats fall on deaf ears. Eventually Bass knocks Brooks out of the ring with a right hand, and the referee manages to shoo him out of the ring as Bart and Miller continue to brawl inside the ring.

Bart apparently still hasn't forgiven Miller for his betrayal on Halloween as he is blasting away at the Mean One with rights and lefts and then levels him with a big clothesline. Bart drops an elbow on Miller, then gets up and drops another. Bart jerks Miller up by the hair and sends him into the corner and follows him in with a big back elbow. Bart tags in Bass who drops a leg on Miller and covers for a count of two. Bass picks Miller up and gives him a bodyslam and then starts working on him with a rear chinlock.

This starts to actually turn into a wrestling match instead of a fight for about the next six minutes as Bass works over Miller, who manages to reverse the momentum after a couple of minutes and scores with a desperation DDT that allows him to crawl over and tag Brooks. Brooks actually continues the wrestling as he comes in and clamps a headlock on Bass, then whips him into the ropes and hooks on an abdominal stretch! Brooks looks to Bart and begins to gloat, and that is when Bass hiptosses him out of the hold, stumbles forward and tags in Black Bart.

The wrestling portion of the contest ends as Black Bart hits the ring and unloads on Brooks with right, lefts, kicks, and even a headbutt. The crowd is going nuts as Bart goes crazy beating on the Killer! Bart hits Brooks with a reverse atomic drop, then a regular atomic drop, then stuns everyone when he hits him with a dadgum dropkick! Miller comes back into the ring, but Bass cuts him off and the two of them begin to exchange fists, and soon they've brawled over to the ropes, and then out to the floor.

Bart stalks over and drags Brooks up to his feet by the hair and Brooks immediately tries to kick Bart in the balls! Unfortunately for Brooks, Bart saw it coming and catches his foot. With a shake of his head No, Bart whips Brooks around and blasts him with a big clothesline! Bart scales to the second turnbuckle and crashes down with the Texas Trash Compactor for the One, Two, Three!!

Winners: Black Bart and Ron Bass


Marc Lowrance: Bart and Bass are going to the Tournament! Brooks and Miller are done as a team here in Texas All Star! What a brawl!!

"Wild" Bill Irwin comes to ringside and begins to celebrate with his two Wild Bunch partners. Meanwhile the camera pans to Mike Miller who is looking at Brooks laying in the ring, he shakes his heads and the camera catches him say "Killers Gang Huh" before turning and walking away from the ring.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, that's all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next week along with our partners in the USWA and Continental we present the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament on the USA Network, and right here on KTVT. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, Good Night Everyone.

The show fades out with the Wild Bunch celebrating in the ring, and Killer Tim Brooks staring at them in wild eyed anger on the floor as the fans in the Sportatorium go crazy.

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Such a good job of capturing the Texas Wrestling feeling.

Open segment with the coin toss was really fun.

The Rich's are really pushing it!  Should be fun when they finally do get to Texas... Was wishing Horner gave him a beating but forgot about the Martial Arts Expert now on the pay roll.

The Fiest Garden was great.  Like the back and forth between Alvin and Brenda.... The USWA is really a tight knot group and all of these joint promotion angles would really increase the viewing og each promotion.  GLad we are in the cable age where fans might actually be able to see both shows.

Luscious.... you are a real tease here...

The Jayhawks are a great addition to the promotion... might be a great addition to the tourny!

Awesome main event... I have tried a few times when I had Bass and Bart on my roster to not use them as a tag team.  Bad choice by me.  THEY ARE PERFECT TOGHETHER.  

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It's simple things like Dusek meeting the Wild Bunch in front of the arena that capture this territory so well. A coin toss determines it will be Bass and Bart competing in the tournament. 

The Cartel look impressive as they tune up for the tournament. Even Marc Lowrance had to give them their due. 

Great job hyping up the tournament and reminding us who's representing Texas. 

Ok it's official, I think the Rich's are going to die in Texas! OMG they took some serious shots at the Von Erichs! I wonder if Kerry and Kevin caught wind of this up in NY? I have to say, I think the Rich's are the most hated team in the entire game. Damn that was some nuclear heat. It was one thing when they were doing this in Continental but now that the fans in Texas got to see this first hand, it could cause a full blown riot. The Texas teams will be out for some Rich blood. No doubt about it, the ratings will be way up during the Rich tournament matches LOL. 

Thank goodness the Gunslingers were up next. Very smart placement. Gunslingers are fired up and have to be considered favorites. 

Speaking of heat, it's now time for the Fiesta Garden. Well it was only a matter of time before Al got a bodyguard. He gets none other than 27x karate champ and former officer of the law, Ron Slinker! What a pair! HAHAHAHA Al and his shots at Brenda have become my favorite part of the Fiesta Garden. He cracks me up. But he better watch it because Brenda has a plan. Al almost gets in serious trouble as White Lightning Tim Horner has enough and challenges him on the spot! Awesome segment as Slinker earns his money and helps Al get the win. Al's the man! 

Luscious is coming in with some serious hype. I can't wait to find out what this is all about. The suspense is killing me LOL. 

Kansas Jayhawks take care of business and Pringle tells them they better not let him down. The managers must be feeling the pressure because Paul Jones said the same thing to the Devil's Duo. 

Awesome main event as we get closure to one of the best feuds in the game. Wild Bunch take "Killer's Gang" down and advance to the tournament. Meanwhile Miller doesn't seem to impressed with Brooks anymore. 

Great go home show to the DVE tournament. I'm looking forward to this epic event. So many great teams competing. It's going to be a wild 3 days! 


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Nice nod to the late Gino Hernandez to open the show

Dusek addressing the Wild Bunch and laying down the law that there can only be two members at ringside and competing is a great way to open the show, Bart is quick to let us know he's "Fightin for sure!" Looks like it's gonna be Bass tonight!

Nice win for the Cartel that further establishes them as a legit team and not just lackeys for "El Jefe"

We get a rundown of all the Texas teams competing in the tournament, you and Spaldoni have both done an amazing job building up this tournament!

Not sure if I'm proud or ashamed of the Rich Cousins/Von Erich promo but it certainly dialed the heat up a few more notches...lol. Glad to see Marc Lowrance and Dusek reacted accordingly.

The Gunslingers seem more than ready for the tournament and I would think with the home field advantage they have to be favorites to win the whole thing!

Now....it's my favorite time of the week...time for the Fiesta Garden! We get some upgrades this week in not only set design but a new bodyguard in karate master, Ron Slinker! (I like it!) I love how Madril always twists the crowd's reaction into aligning with him I.E. they aren't booing the "Texas Trash" line, they're booing them destroying his set lol.  I'm loving the back and forth between Madril and Ms. Brenda...the "taking dictation" line was stellar lol.....while managing to bury Greg Gagne for good measure. Ultimately a great lead in to his debut match with Tim Horner, where we establish the imporatance of Mr. Slinker by helping him get the win....great stuff!

Classic 80's rasslin tv here with yet another tease of LUSCIOUS!  This shit used to drive me crazy as a kid waiting for the reveal! You and Spaldoni both have done a great job teasing LUSCiOUS and the "new" King!

Nice win for the Kansas Jayhawks and a great promo from them and PP3!

Awesome main event....featuring Texas All-Star's longest running feud Black Bart vs. Killer Brooks.....and it looks like the pairing of Brooks and Mike Miller has run it's course...while it appears Bart/Bass are ready for the tournament next week.....or will it be Bass/Irwin? Bart/Irwin?  It will be interesting to see it all play out! 



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Dallas Morning News

Sports Section


Texas All Star Wrestling dropped by KTVT


Despite the success of the tournament that was held this past weekend in Dallas to mark the two year anniversary of the death of David Adkisson, known to the wrestling world as David Von Erich, and despite drawing very high ratings in a late night time slot on Friday evenings, KTVT Channel 11 has dropped the popular Texas All Star Wrestling television show from their network.

KTVT General Manager Charles L. Edwards said of the situation. "The wrestling program was no longer in line with the kind of programming we wish to offer on our network. The violence and language has gotten progressively worse in recent weeks, and this past weekend they simulcast our programming on another network without our permission, which led us to make the decision to terminate our relationship with the program."

When asked for comment, an unnamed member of the Texas All Star Wrestling Board of Directors said "We are aware of the situation, and are working to secure a new platform for the people to view our product. An announcement will be forthcoming."

There is no word as of yet what programming KTVT will use to fill the time slot formerly occupied by the wrestling program.

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Dallas Morning News

Sports Section


Texas All Star Wrestling finds a new home


Last week we reported that Texas All Star Wrestling had been dropped as part of the Championship Sports program by KTVT Television here in Dallas/Fort Worth. It didn't take the company long to find a new home for their product as the USA Network, which airs their parent promotion, the Unites States Wrestling Association, has given them a time slot on Saturday's at 12:00 PM. 

It is being reported that the USA Network is looking to have a block of sports programming on Saturday afternoons right after their popular Cartoon Express programming ends, and that Texas All Star Wrestling is set to be the lead in. 

So for those of you who can't make it out to the Sportatorium to see the program when it is taped on Monday nights, be sure to tune in to the USA Network, every Saturday at Noon for all of your favorite Texas wrestling action!

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(Taped on Monday February 22nd, 1986 and airing Saturday Afternoon February 27th)

In Association With...


From the world famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas and airing on...


Richard Myhill's "The Hit" plays as we are shown a montage of the stars and hard hitting action from....




We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the World Famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas! We are here today for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling, right here on the new home of the world's best professional wrestling, the USA Network! That's right Ladies and Gentleman, starting today and every week from here on out, Texas All Star Wrestling will come to you Saturday's at Noon only on the USA Network!

Now, coming off the heels of the incredible David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament, we have quite a line up of action for you here today! "El Jefe" Jose Estrada will be in singles competition, and you have to believe his Cartel won't be far behind. We will see the Texas All Star debut of Pat and Randy, The Rose Cousins. One half of The Gunslingers, Johnny Mantell will be in singles competition, but to kick things off, we are going to see Brian Adias defend the Texas Television Title against none other than "Wild" Bill Irwin!

As we all saw last weekend, Irwin's Wild Bunch partners Black Bart and Ron Bass survived thirty one other teams to bring home the trophy and the hundred thousand dollars when they won the David Von Erich Tag Team Tournament. Before the tournament ever began, Texas All Star Commissioner Frank Dusek warned "Wild" Bill that he had better keep his nose out of the matches, and apart from showing up with a bullwhip to run some people away from ringside that were looking to cause trouble, Irwin kept his nose clean, so Dusek made this match to show his appreciation.




1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"Wild" Bill Irwin vs Brian Adias- Texas Television Title

The Sportatorium crowd was hot for both men, and the match started with a handshake much to their delight. Adias grabbed the advantage early in the contest, snapping Irwin over with a headlock and working it. Irwin made it back to his feet, but Adias shot him into the ropes and took him down a dropkick, then went right back to it. The opening minutes continued like this as Adias used technical wrestling to frustrate the brawler Irwin. Finally Irwin was able to mount some offense when he elbowed his way out of a side headlock and caught Adias with a swinging neckbreaker.

Both men were slow to their feet, and after this the match was a far more back and forth affair. The end came just after the fourteen minute mark, as Irwin shot Adias into the ropes and bent down for what appeared to be a back body drop. Adias was able to put on the breaks however, and pivoted to the side grabbing Irwin for his patented Russian Leg Sweep! Irwin somehow planted his feet and was able to block the move, and shoved Adias off into the ropes. Irwin threw a clothesline as Adias rebounded, but Adias ducked it. Irwin then went into the ropes himself and blasted Adias with a huge bicycle Pump Kick to the face in the center of the ring! Adias went down hard, and Irwin quickly covered him for the One, Two, Three!

Winner, and NEW Texas Television Champion: "Wild" Bill Irwin!!

It doesn't take more than a moment for Black Bart and Ron Bass to hit the ring and hoist Bill Irwin up on their shoulders. Irwin raises the TV Title high into the air, and the crowd in the Sportatorium is loving it. Bart and Bass put Irwin down, and Irwin helps Adias to his feet. The two of them shake hands, and Adias straps the belt around the waist of Irwin before he exits the ring. The Wild Bunch then go back to celebrating in the ring!


Marc Lowrance: Bill Irwin has won the Texas Television Title!! A classy move from Brian Adias, paying respects to the man who defeated him, and now we will take a quick break as The Wild Bunch continues to celebrate in the ring!



-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Okay folks, we are back and The Wild Bunch are still in the ring, but it looks like we may have some trouble...


"Killer" Tim Brooks and "Mean" Mike Miller have made their way out from the dressing room and are headed toward the ring. From behind the curtain, the Commissioner of Texas All Star Wrestling Frank Dusek rushes past them to cut them off before they can reach the ring. A microphone is handed to Dusek, while inside the ring The Wild Bunch are begging for a fight!

Frank Dusek: NO! No, No, No! This isn't happening tonight, or any night. Brooks, Miller, the match you two lost specifically said you were done as a unit. So go your separate ways, and forget about The Wild Bunch.

Brooks rips the microphone out of the hands of Dusek and gives him a shove.

Killer Brooks: Frank Dusek, you can take that stipulation, and you can stick it where the sun don't shine! Me and "Mean" Mike aren't done with these sissies yet.

Dusek who looks beyond angry, rips the microphone back out of the hands of Brooks.

Frank Dusek: YOU KNOW WHAT!! FINE!! Tonight in the main event, you two can team together again against Bart and Bass! But if you lose, you're both fired!

Dusek slams the microphone into the chest of Brooks and storms past him. Mike Miller gives Brooks a "what the hell have you gotten me into" look, and meanwhile The Wild Bunch is still in the ring looking ready for a war!



-Commercial Break-






Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling! We've already seen "Wild" Bill Irwin become the Texas Television Champion, and now we know in our main event that Black Bart and Ron Bass, fresh off of their big win in the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament will once again do battle with long time rivals "Killer" Tim Brooks and "Mean" Mike Miller. But if Brooks and Miller don't get the job done tonight, they are going to be fired! Huge stakes for those two men.

Up next, in singles competition we have a man who has been on quite a role here in Texas All Star Wrestling. He is also a man who has drawn the ire of our Texas Heavyweight Champion Scott Casey and his partner Johnny Mantell. He is "El Jefe" Jose Estrada and along with his Cartel, they are looking to take control of things here in Texas.



1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"El Jefe" Jose Estada w/Fidel Sierra & Ricky Santana vs Shane Tylor-

Estrada is extra arrogant tonight as he opens the match by just bitch slapping Tylor hard across the face. Estrada drags the youngster up by his hair, and then just clotheslines him back down to the canvas with disdain. Estrada grabs the kid again, and this time slaps on a Sleeper Hold and it doesn't take long before the kid is out cold.

Winner: "El Jefe" Jose Estrada


Marc Lowrance: I am here with your winner, Jose Estrada.

Jose Estrada: The name is "El Jefe" gringo loco, put some respect on it when you speak to me.

Marc Lowrance: My apologies.

Jose Estrada: So! Now that everybody is done worrying about that tag team tournament, maybe we can get back to the business at hand. Maybe we can answer the question that needs answering. Maybe we can find out why Scott Casey is ducking "El Jefe."

Marc Lowrance: I don't think...

Jose Estrada: Obviously you don't! Because if you did, you'd know better than to interrupt "El Jefe" but you did it anyway. So keep your mouth shut cabron. If you speak again, you may find yourself with a broken arm like Gaywad or whatever his name was. Now, Casey... Mr. Tough Cowboy. If you have any guts at all, you will fight me for that belt, right here, next week. If you don't, if I have to find you, if I have to send my Cartel to get you. Bad things are going to happen to you, to your buddy Mantell, and to that putana that is always running her mouth. Let's go boys.

Estrada, Sierra, and Santana walk away from Marc Lowrance, each of them staring him down as they pass.

Marc Lowrance: We'll be right back.



-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on the USA Network. Up next we have singles action featuring one half of The Gunslingers, and the man who pinned the USWA World Heavyweight Champion Terry Funk in tag team competition two weeks again, Johnny Mantell.



1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Johnny Mantell vs The Bounty Hunter-

The big masked man attacks Mantell before the bell can ring and actually gets a minute or so of offense, before Johnny ducks a big clothesline and flattens him with a dropkick. After that Mantell goes to town with a lot of fiery babyface offense, culminating with him nailing his Russian Leg Sweep floated over into a pin. Mantell gets a big ovation from the Sportatorium crowd.

Winner: Johnny Mantell


Marc Lowrance: Another victory for Johnny Mantell, and you know he will have his eye on the situation with Scott Casey and The Cartel. Speaking of Scott Casey, I am being told that he and Sunshine will be joining Al Madril on The Fiesta Garden a little later in the show to answer the challenge of "El Jefe" Jose Estrada. When we come back, we will see the debut of Randy and Pat, The Rose Cousins. Don't go anywhere.


-Commercial Break-



As the show returns, we see that Pat and Randy Rose have already made their way to ringside and are waiting with a microphone. They have on matching black ring jackets with a large rose on the back with the word Cousins underneath. Pat is wearing a cowboy hat, and Randy has on a headband.

Randy Rose: My cousin and I came to the USWA to make an impact, and right off the bat we beat the Rock and Roll PMS like the two skinny sissies they are. But did we get to compete in the big tournament for the money and the glory?

Pat Rose: Nope. They did.

Randy Rose: and wouldn't you know they got the crap kicked out of 'em and lost in the first round. Well USWA, if you'd put the Rose Cousins in there, that wouldn't have happened. But you shut us out, so we walked.

Pat Rose: Right out the door.

Randy Rose: So now we've come down here to Texas All Star Wrestling, to do what we do best, get in that ring and wrestle. Things might be bigger in Texas, but there is no bigger and better tag team than the Rose Cousins. Tell 'em Pat.

Pat Rose: That's right!



1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Rose Cousins (Randy Rose/Pat Rose) vs Mike Bond/Mike Reed-

This one was all The Rose Cousins who worked like a well oiled machine as they took apart the Mike's. Reed got it first as Pat and Randy tagged in and out and just beat him down with bodyslams, elbowdrops, and then a huge double back body drop. They then pretty much tossed him into the corner so Bond would tag in. It was more of the same for him as they constantly tagged and worked him over. Finally Randy headed up top, and Pat scooped Bond up, and the Rose Cousin Bomb was all she wrote.

Winners: The Rose Cousins (Randy Rose/Pat Rose)


Marc Lowrance: An impressive showing from The Rose Cousins, and the tag team division here in Texas All Star had better be on high alert! Folks, we'll be right back with the Texas Heavyweight Champion Scott Casey on The Fiesta Garden!



-Commercial Break-




We return from break and we are greeted with the smiling face of Al Madril. He is standing on the small stage that is the set for The Fiesta Garden! On each corner of the stage is a large plastic cactus wearing a sombrero. On the wall behind the stage is a large banner with the words Fiesta Garden done up in the colors of the Mexican flag. It has several balloons and streamers tastefully arrayed around it, and a small pinata hangs down from it as well. Standing behind Al Madril, dressed in an all red Karate Gi is Ron Slinker who is as stone faced as always.

Al Madril: Hola Mi Amigos! Welcome to the absolute top rated talk show in all of professional wrestling, The Fiesta Garden. I am your host, your guide, and your friend, Alberto Madril. The man standing behind me, the head of security here at The Fiesta Garden, is a former police officer, a black belt in several martial arts, and a winner of twenty seven hand to hand combat tournaments. His hands are registered as lethal weapons. He is Ron Slinker. Say Hello Ron!

Slinker cocks an eyebrow in annoyance as Madril's grin grows in size. With a sigh, Slinker speaks...

Ron Slinker: Hello Ron...

Al Madril: Ah Haaaa! There it is!! Not only is this man a killing machine, he is also a comedic genius! Ahhh.. that gets me every time.

The fans are booing and it only gets louder as Madril takes a moment to compose himself.

Al Madril: So, before I bring out our special guests for today, I want to discuss what was happened here. It was just two weeks ago that The Fiesta Garden made it's nationwide debut right here on the USA Network. Now, I know spent weeks running down Brenda Britton, talking about how stupid she was. About how unattractive she was, and how she was just made of bleach and silicone. I know I insinuated that she got her job by being a woman of questionable morals. I know I said that she belonged in a kitchen barefoot instead of on television. I know that I asked what you'd tell Brenda Britton if she had two black eyes, and the answer is nothing, because you'd have already told her twice......

Slinker leans forward and whispers something to Madril. The look on Madrils face changes to realization.

Al Madril: Ohhhh Man! I got way off track there!! While I meant all of those things, what I was trying to get at, was that I actually need to thank Brenda! You see, if she hadn't acted like a total whore and thrown herself at Rick Von Vaughn, he never would have come on my show, and I never would have gotten to expose him for being a lying piece of crap! The ratings were astronomical! The USA Network loved it! So much so, that they offered Texas All Star Wrestling a full time spot on the network, ensuring that The Fiesta Garden will truly be the highest rated talk show in all of wrestling... EVERY... SINGLE... WEEK!!

All Thanks To You Brenda!!!

Madril tucks the microphone under his arm and gives a round of mock clapping while chanting "Brenda, Brenda."

Al Madril: Okay! Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to today's honored guests. The Texas Heavyweight Champion "Cowboy" Scott Casey and his manager Sunshine! Welcome them to the show people, Come On!!

For the first time since this segment started the Sportatorium crowd is cheering as Casey and Sunshine make their way out to the stage. Casey is in jeans, a button up shirt, a cowboy hat, and has the Texas Title over his shoulder. Sunshine is wearing a flowered dress and doesn't look happy to see Madril.

Al Madril: Welcome to The Fiesta Garden! How are you both doing today?

Sunshine: Fine.

Scott Casey: Madril, I don't wany any funny business out here tonight.

Madril puts on his best "Who Me" face, and then cracks a grin at Casey.

Al Madril: No problem Champ! Let's get down to business then. Earlier tonight "El Jefe" Jose Estrada insinuated that you are ducking his challenge. How do you respond to that accusation?

Scott Casey: Since the day I won this belt, I've fought anyone that's wanted to step into that ring with me. So Estrada can take that talk of me ducking him and shove it. I'm not ducking anybody.

Al Madril: So does that mean you are are going to wrestle him for that Texas Heavyweight Championship, right here, next week?

Scott Casey: Estrada! Jefe! Whatever you wanna call yourself. I'll be in that ring next week. So you come on down and get what your after, and then the only thing they'll be calling you is loser.

Al Madril: Okay!! Anything you'd like to add... Sunshine....

Sunshine: No.

Al Madril: What's the matter! Usually you have so much to say.

Sunshine stares daggers at Madril.

Al Madril: Ohhh! You're afraid I am going to bring up that time you were my manager right before World Class ended, huh? Cause you've worked so hard to make these people forget that you weren't always little miss goody two shoes! Oh Boy...I could tell some stories!!

Sunshine hauls off and slaps Madril hard across the face. She rears back for another one, but Slinker grabs her wrist. Scott Casey is about ready to jump on Slinker when Madril cuts in....

Al Madril: Let her go...

Slinker lets go of Sunshine, and Scott Casey puts his arm around her and walks her quickly off the stage. Madril is rubbing his cheek, but the grin returns pretty quickly to his face.

Al Madril: It looks like that's all for The Fiesta Garden this week! Until next time Amigos!



-Commercial Break-


Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling. Before the break we saw Scott Casey accept the challenge of "El Jefe" Jose Estrada for a Texas Heavyweight Title match for next week. We also saw Sunshine nearly knock the smile clean off the face of Al Madril!

Ladies and Gentleman, it is time now for our main event of the evening. We are going to see the winners of the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament, Black Bart and Ron Bass, The Wild Bunch take on their long time rivals "Killer" Tim Brooks and "Mean" Mike Miller one more time. Now several weeks ago Bart and Bass beat Brooks and Miller in a match where the losers were no longer allowed to team together here in Texas All Star. However, Frank Dusek has waived that stipulation and allowed this match with a new stipulation. If Miller and Brooks don't win tonight, they are unemployed. You heard that correctly, if they don't win, they are fired from Texas All Star Wrestling! The stakes couldn't be higher for Brooks and Miller, so let's head to the ring!



1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

-The Wild Bunch (Black Bart/Ron Bass) vs "Killer" Tim Brooks/"Mean" Mike Miller-

"Killer" Tim Brooks charged across the ring and attacked Black Bart before the bell could ring and the brawl was on. Brooks hammered on Bart with sledges to the back, and then started throwing punches to the face. Bart took a good many, but then started firing back with punches of his own, and soon this resembled a boxing match more than a wrestling match. The two continued swinging until ultimately it was Brooks who went to the canvas first. Bart staggered punch drunk to his corner and tagged in Ron Bass.

Bass came in and scooped the now bloody Brooks up off the mat and planted him with a body slam, then dropped a big elbow on him that got a count of two. Bass got back to his knees and peppered the forehead of Brooks with a few more big right hands, and that really got the blood flowing down the face of the Killer. Bass pulled Brooks back up to his feet, but before he could plan his next offense, Brooks raked the eyes and stumbled over to tag in Miller.

Miller came in and planted a knee to the gut of Bass, then clamped on a front facelock and turned it into a swinging neckbreaker. That got a two count for Miller, who didn't let that phase him and went right to work on the leg of the big cowboy. For the next several minutes Miller worked over the leg of Bass and seemed to be making some decent progress at wearing Ron Bass down. Miller hoisted Bass up and dropped him with a shinbreaker, and was just about to apply a leglock when Killer Brooks reached in and tagged himself in off the back of Miller.

Miller stared down Brooks as he got in the ring, and was shaking his head in disbelief as the referee ushered him out. Brooks dropped down and was drilling the face of Bass with punches, then pulled him to the feet by his hair. Brooks drilled Bass with a heabutt, then whipped Bass into the ropes. Brooks went for a back elbow, and Bass tried to duck under, and the two men ended up colliding in the center of the ring!!

Bass began crawling toward Black Bart, as Brooks crawled around in a circle trying to get his bearings. Bass got to his feet and was headed toward Black Bart, as Killer Brooks managed to regain his footing. Bass tagged Bart much to the delight of the Sportatorium crowd, and Bart came into the ring with a look of joy on his face. Brooks made it to his corner, and held out his hand for a tag, but instead was met with a huge right hand!

Marc Lowrance: Mike Miller Just Nailed Killer Brooks!!!

Miller hauled off and blasted Brooks in the face, spinning Brooks into the path of a charging Black Bart who nearly took his head off with a clothesline! Miller didn't even wait around to see what happened next, as he dropped off the apron, waved his hands in disgust, and headed for the dressing room. Bart meanwhile picked Brooks up and planted him with a big bodyslam, then climbed to the second turnbuckle and sailed off with his patented Texas Trash Compactor! He covered Brooks for the One, Two, Three and this feud was now over for good!

Winners: The Wild Bunch (Black Bart/Ron Bass)


Marc Lowrance: It's all over Ladies and Gentleman!! Bart and Bass are victorious! Killer Tim Brooks and Mean Mike Miller are history!! It is deafening in the Sportatorium!!

"Wild" Bill Irwin and his newly won Texas Television Title hits the ring, bringing with him the David Von Erich Memorial Cup and the three members of The Wild Bunch are celebrating as the Texas crowd goes crazy.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, that's all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, and be sure to tune in next time. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, saying stay tuned for more fantastic sports programming, right here on the USA Network!

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Great start to the Texas All-Star-USA network relationship!  

A title change right off the bat...  I don't know much of the background of the Adias story but he always seemed to be a bit over rated for me.  I like Irwin with the belt.  Good choice. The handshake at the beginning was a nice touch.  Bart and Bass coming out made this seem like such a big deal.  Cool touch.  

Love Dusek in this opening segment.  He doesn't back down from Brooks and Miller and gives the fans something really hope happens... Brooks and Miller might be fired TONIGHT!

Between you and Spaldoni, you guys are killing me.... WHO is Luscious?  Who is the KIng?

El Jefe with a great promo.... he is after Casey and if he doesn't get what he wants, the Cartel will do some damage.  

The Rose tag team is a nice addition to the division.  Makes it deeper and gives you some options.

The Fiesta Garden was so well written.  Madril was magic on the mic from the jabs at Brenda to the reason TASW is on USA and then the background on Sunshine.  Great read.

What a way to get fired.... You get your own partner so angry he punches you.  Wherever Killer Brooks goes, he might need to be by himself for a awhile.


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Wow! Texas is on the USA network and gets the action going with a TV title bout. 

Good battle between two top babyfaces. Irwin wins the title! Adias showed some real sportsmanship in defeat. The Wild Bunch is riding high. 

Things take a turn as Brooks and Miller storm out. Looks like this feud is getting an encore. I don't blame Miller for being pissed LOL. 

The suspense is killing me! Who or what is Luscious??? I think it's hilarious we've got the same idea going and both will be answered next week. Great stuff. 

Oh yea, my man El Jefe wants a shot at Casey's title! I'm positive Casey will accept. I can't tell you enough the incredible job you've done with Estrada. 

Mantell scores another victory. Another guy you've gotten way over. 

Awesome debut for the Rose cousins! Loved the promo and it made total sense. That's followed by a tremendous in-ring debut. I know these guys will get over here. They really were an underrated tag team and you'll give them the shine they deserved. 

Yes, time for the Fiesta Garden! LOL, I'm sure Brenda was so happy to help. Only Al could get away with the two black eyes comment. Without a doubt,  he'll bring huge ratings for the USA network (just like Brenda) It's official, Casey vs. El Jefe next week! That might of taken a back seat to the slap by Sunshine. Nice touch having Slinker grab her arm before a second slap. Casey better be watching out for Al. I don't think he's going to let that slap go. 

Another wild main event match! A frustrated Miller walks and leaves Brooks to get his head knocked off by Bart. Such a fitting official end to this great feud. I wonder if Dusek will have a heart and let Miller stay? They win the tournament and end this feud. Bart and Bass are on fire. I see some tag team gold in the near future. Tatum and Victory better be on high alert. 

The USA network scored big with Texas wrestling!  


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What an amazing way to kick off the first episode of Texas All Star Wrestling on the USA Network with a TV title change as "Wild" Bill Irwin wins the title making the Wild Bunch even that much more important after the big tournament win for Bart/Bass recently....and Adias manages to stay over in the process.  Well done!

I agree that Dusek is well played here as he's a believable authority figure, and even though he's going back on his previous ruling, it's clear that Brooks has provoked him and gotten under his skin and I don't think the fans will mind at all...especially if it goes the Wild Bunch's way tonight.

Luscious tease continues....(Damn you and Spaldoni! next week is going to be a big week for Texas All Star and USWA...after all this buildup you guys better deliver lol)

The transformation of Jose Estrada to 'El Jefe' has been so entertaining to watch....I can't wait to see him get his shot at Casey! Ah, only in the 80's could the line about Jeff Gaylord not get Estrada "cancelled" and taken off television....a simpler time.  Another great promo!  I enjoy the fact you think to include the small details that help get folks like each one of the Cartel staring down Lowrance as they walk away, I honestly often overlook these sort of things...and really need to work on that. 

Johnny Mantell gets a nice win and as if being partners with the Texas champ isn't a nice enough rub, Mantell has a win over the World Champion in his back pocket to cash in at some point, I look forward to them meeting again.

I love that the Rich Cousins acknowledge their brief stop over in the USWA and use that to give their motivation to show up here in Texas, and it's also an example of something we'll all have to consider going forward now that we're all "on the USA Network", we sorta have to acknowledge people's history when they go from one of our three territories to the other...where that wasn't really the case before....not an issue, just something I just realized will have to be a consideration. 

Goddammit...Al Madril delivers as always....the black eye joke is a classic and I could see Madril getting away with this.....not to mention I love him taking credit for getting Texas All Star getting the gig on USA Network! Ron Slinker is perfect for this role, his total lack of personality and charisma plays right into Al's act...I love it!  Great interaction with Madril and Casey to set up a match with Estrada, but I love Madril throwing up the past at Sunshine and of course Sunshine responds in the only way Sunshine would....Slinker interjecting to stop the 2nd slap is perfect and Madril's reaction of never selling anything and just smiling has to be driving the fans absolutely nuts!  Another homerun!

Another great showing for the Wild Bunch in the main event and the moment would knew had to be coming finally happens as Miller has enough of Brooks and nails him....leading to a loss and it looks like the "Killer Gang" may finally be done here in Texas All Star.  

Great show my friend! Can't wait to see what Luscious is all about next week!!



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(Taped on Monday March 1st, 1986 and airing Saturday Afternoon March 6th)

In Association With...


From the world famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas and airing on...


Richard Myhill's "The Hit" plays as we are shown a montage of the stars and hard hitting action from....




We cut to ringside where... Dark Journey... is standing by with a microphone....

Dark Journey: For those of you who don't know me, they call me Dark Journey, and I am the manager of the Texas Tag Team Champions. My men John Tatum and Jack Victory have been overlooked since the moment they won those titles, but that stops tonight. Normally Marc Lowrance would be standing here right now introducing you to this show, but tonight you get lucky, and you get me instead. So allow me to introduce to you, THE Texas Tag Team Champions, "The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory and "Hollywood" John Tatum!

AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" hits as Tatum and Victory make their way to the ring. Victory is wearing black tights with red hearts on them, and a matching robe, the outfit topped off with plastic white sunglasses. Tatum is wearing a feathered white robe, and underneath powder blue trunks. They hit the ring and show off the Texas Tag Titles, and do a lot of strutting. Finally Tatum is given the microphone by Dark Journey.

John Tatum: Ever since we won these belts back in December, we've been overlooked and underappreciated! Everybody was worried about that stupid tournament, and then they were all talking about the stupid Von Erich's coming home, and now all you hear about is how Black Bart and Ron Bass won the tournament. Well you know what? Good for them! They won a tournament, whoopty doo! We won the Texas Tag Team Titles and we've held them ever since Christmas. But do you hear Mike Lapence out here talking about how great we are?

Jack Victory: No!

John Tatum: Do you hear these idiot's that come to the Sportatorium cheering for the best tag team in Texas All Star Wrestling, John Tatum and Jack Victory?

Jack Victory: No!

John Tatum: Do you hear Lance what's his name on USWA, and the drunk guy that Ronnie has to carry every week on Continental mention us?

Jack Victory: No!

John Tatum: All you ever hear is them talk about how Fat Bart and Yawn Bass won a tournament! Well let me tell ya something, Jack and I are sick of it! Ain't that right Jack!

Jack Victory: We sure are! Ever since I got here to Texas, the decks been stacked against me. Frank Dudecheck kept firing all my friends, then when we won the belts they just ignored us. Well, I'm not gonna be ignored! Dark Journey isn't gonna be ignored! John Tatum isn't gonna be ignored! So... Frank Dudecheck... get Fat Bart.... get Yawn Bass....and get them in this ring right now!!

John Tatum: We're the champions! We're the best team! So when we beat these two stupid cowboys, all of you Texas lowlifes will have no choice but to acknowledge that we are the greatest!!

A round of cheers goes up as Frank Dusek walks half way down the aisle with a microphone and a confused look on his face.

Frank Dusek: Are you two telling me that you WANT to defend the titles against Bart and Bass, right now?

Inside the ring both Tatum and Victory are nodding their heads and motioning for Dusek to bring them on. Dusek cracks a grin and shakes his head.

Frank Dusek: Hey, you boys are the champions. What you want, you get....



-Commercial Break-



1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

-"Hollywood" John Tatum/Jack Victory w/Dark Journey vs The Wild Bunch (Black Bart/Ron Bass)- Texas Tag Team Titles

As we return from break the action is already under way and we return just in time to see Black Bart nail Jack Victory with a big back body drop! Bart follows it up with an elbow drop, and then heads to the turnbuckle possibly looking for his finish, but Victory quickly rolls out of the ring!  

Marc Lowrance: This one started off fast and furious Ladies and Gentleman! Bart and Bass hit the ring, and the champions jumped on them looking for an advantage, but they are called The Wild Bunch for a reason! It was a four way brawl until just before we returned from break, and as you can see Bart is currently taking it to Jack Victory!

Victory is clutching his back on the floor, and Tatum drops off the apron so that the two of them can have a conference. It only takes a moment for Ron Bass to march around the ring and give them a huge double noggin knocker much to the delight of the Sportatorium crowd! Tatum stumbles off into the arms of Dark Journey holding his head, while Bass tosses Victory back into the ring! Bart is waiting and hits Victory with an inverted atomic drop, and then takes him over with a suplex. Bart tags in Bass who pulls Victory up by the hair and blasts him with a big right hand. Bass nails Victory with a body slam, then drops an elbow for the count of two. Bass pulls Victory back to his feet, but Jack sticks a thumb in his eye and quickly tags in Tatum.

Tatum comes in and jumps on the still recovering Ron Bass, peppering him with punches and forearm shots. Tatum whips Bass into the ropes and catches him with a kick to the midsection. Tatum gyrates his hips at Bass, and then hooks him for a suplex. He tries to lift Bass up, but Bass blocks it, Bass then lifts Tatum, and drills him with the Gourdbuster!! Bass rolls over and tags in Black Bart who enters at the same time as Jack Victory illegally hits the ring.

Victory takes a swing at Bart, but Bart ducks it and gives Victory an atomic drop, the momentum of which sends him up and over the top rope to the floor! Bart turns around and sees Dark Journey getting up onto the apron, and he heads over and plants a big old kiss on her! The Sportatorium pops huge for that one, and the handful of powder she was planning to use goes flying harmlessly in the air as she waves her hands around in disgust! When Bart lets her go, she drops off the apron and is wiping her face and screaming!

Bart turns around in time to see that John Tatum is getting back to his feet, gives him a swift kick to the stomach, and then drops him with a big piledriver. Rolls him over for the cover, One, Two, Three!!

Winners, AND NEW Texas Tag Team Champions: The Wild Bunch (Black Bart/Ron Bass)

The Sportatorium is going crazy as Bart and Bass are handed the Texas Tag Team Titles! Bill Irwin and his Texas Television Title are out to the ring very quickly, and as the show heads to commercial, The Wild Bunch are celebrating in the ring with newly won championship gold for the second week in a row!



-Commercial Break-



Marc Lowrance: Well, since I didn't get to do this earlier... Hello Everyone! Welcome to the World Famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas! Welcome to Texas All Star Wrestling, right here on the new home of the world's best professional wrestling, the USA Network! I'm your host Marc Lowrance, and as you just saw we have new Texas Tag Team Champions! Apparently John Tatum and Jack Victory didn't like the attention that the winners of the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament had been receiving, so they decided to take it upon themselves to throw out a little challenge. Well, Black Bart and Ron Bass aren't men who back down from a challenge, and now they are the new Texas Tag Team Champions! It was just last week we saw "Wild" Bill Irwin win the Texas Television Title, so The Wild Bunch is definitely on a roll right now.

Speaking of champions, as if what we've already seen wasn't enough, in our main event tonight we will see "Cowboy" Scott Casey defend the Texas Heavyweight Title against "El Jefe" Jose Estrada. The bad blood has been brewing between these two for some time now, and tonight it will come to a head in a match for the top prize in Texas. We will also see the "Crippler" Rip Oliver along with his manager Percival Pringle III, and it seems that after months of anticipation, tonight we will finally find out who or what "Luscious" is. But right now, let's head down to the ring where DJ Peterson is set to make his Texas All Star debut.



1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-DJ Peterson vs Jack Spade-

Peterson was looking in great shape as he made his first appearance in Texas since his time in World Class several years back. He used his power to toss Spade around the ring, dropping him with a press slam, and throwing him a good distance on a hip toss. He more or less toyed with him for a few minutes before putting him away with a Diving Shoulderblock from the Second Rope.

Winner: DJ Peterson


Marc Lowrance: I am here with your winner, DJ Peterson!

DJ Peterson: Thanks Marc. I want to start by saying that it's real good to be back in Texas. I've been all around the United States, but the people here are the best wrestling fans in the country. Now, the reason I've come back to Texas and come to Texas All Star is because the last time I was here, I never managed to bring home any championship gold. I know this was my first match back, and I have a long way to go to earn a shot at any title. But that's my goal Marc. I want to wear some of that Texas Gold.

Marc Lowrance: Well best of luck to you DJ, and with performances like that one, you have to think you'll be in contention real soon.

DJ Peterson: Thank You Marc. Thank You Ladies and Gentleman.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be right back, and hopefully we will find out what this Luscious thing is all about. Don't go anywhere!!



-Commercial Break-



As we return from break we see Marc Lowrance still standing next to the ring with the microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we are still trying to find out whoever or whatever Luscious is. But so far nothing has... Wait a moment, it would appear that someone is heading toward the ring.

Coming down the aisle is a monster of a man, somewhere around six and half feet tall, probably around three hundred pounds of solid muscle. His head shaved bald with a dark black mustache and a soul patch, this mountain of muscle is wearing leather pants, black boots, and no shirt. He comes to stand next to Marc Lowrance.




Marc Lowrance: Are.. Are you Luscious?

This monster of a man looks down at Marc Lowrance and slowly shakes his head No. He then nods toward the aisle way from which he just entered. The camera pans over and for several moments there is nothing at all, then a commotion in the crowd. Then a woman appears walking toward the big man and Marc Lowrance. She is wearing black high heels, black evening gloves, and a tight black dress that leaves little to the imagination. She arrives next to Marc Lowrance and gives him an up and down appraisal.




Marc Lowrance: Are you Luscious?

"No Marc Lowrance, I am just Woman."

Marc Lowrance: and who is this?

Woman: That is just Man.

Marc Lowrance: Then what is Luscious?

Woman: Something... in between....

The lights in the Sportatorium drop to near darkness and stay that way long enough to make the crowd start buzzing. Then a single spotlight shines into the aisle way for several moments, then that spotlight turns a shade of deep pink. "Welcome to The Pleasuredome" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood begins to pump into the Sportatorium as lights begin to strobe near the aisle way. Then someone steps out wearing a large feathered robe done up in yellow, orange, and pink. Their face is obscured by an elaborate Mardi Gras style mask as they slink down to ringside. The music continues to play, and the pink light follows them as they slowly walk toward the ring. Once they reach the area where Marc Lowrance, Woman, and Man are standing, the lights go dark and the music stops. When they come back on, another stands next to Marc Lowrance.....




Marc Lowrance: Luscious?

The man turns to Marc Lowrance and stares at him for an uncomfortably long moment. Then he reaches out and runs a finger down the cheek of Marc Lowrance, around and under his chin then up to his lips, stopping in a shushing motion. The Texas fans as you can imagine are already booing all of this heavily.

"Yes Marc Lowrance. The weeks of anticipation are over, and "Luscious" Lanny Poffo has finally arrived in Texas All Star Wrestling and I assure you, Nothing.... will ever be the same.

Marc Lowrance: I...uhh....what.....ummm.....

"Luscious" Lanny Poffo: I understand Marc Lowrance. Standing next to one such as myself, you find yourself confused, unsure of yourself. It's natural to wonder about that which you don't understand. I assure you that all of the men and women of Texas are feeling the same thing at this very moment. Wondering, dreaming of what it's like.. in between. Now, while you compose yourself Mr. Announcer Man, I am going to slide deep into your ring and show a very little boy, what a big, big man I really am. Ta Ta Marc.

Poffo gives a smirk to Lowrance and slinks past him. Woman pats Marc on the cheek as she goes around him, and Man shoulders past as Lowrance just looks confused.



1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Luscious" Lanny Poffo w/Woman & Man vs Shane Tylor-

Poffo rolls into the ring and literally skips over to his corner. He leaps up and lays across the top rope, waiting for the referee to finish checking the opponent. When the bell rings Poffo puts one hand behind his back and offers his hand to his opponent, Tylor slaps it away which brings a smile to the face of Poffo, who then lashes out and blasts him with a huge left handed punch with the hand he had behind his back. From that point on, Poffo is vicious in his attack, stomping on Tylor's head and back. Stomping with both feet onto his stomach, drilling him with jumping knees to the side of the head, and just pounding him with various strikes. Finally, Poffo does a back handspring and hits a picture perfect dropkick that sends Tylor to the canvas. Poffo then prances to the turnbuckles, climbs up, and hits an amazing Backflip Splash right onto Tylor for the One, Two, Three.

Winner: "Luscious" Lanny Poffo



-Commercial Break-



Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling. I'm uh... I'm honestly not sure what to say about "Luscious" Lanny Poffo, or Woman, or any of what we've just witnessed. I've run into a lot of strange characters during my time in the wrestling business, but that was the strangest by far. I never thought I would say this, but let's head to The Fiesta Garden and try to get some sense of normalcy back to this show!




We cut straight to a close up of the smiling face of Al Madril. He is standing on the small stage that is the set for The Fiesta Garden! On each corner of the stage is a large plastic cactus wearing a sombrero. On the wall behind the stage is a large banner with the words Fiesta Garden done up in the colors of the Mexican flag. It has several balloons and streamers tastefully arrayed around it, and a small pinata hangs down from it as well. Standing behind Al Madril, dressed in an all red Karate Gi is Ron Slinker who is as stone faced as always.

Al Madril: Hola Mi Amigos! Welcome back to the number one show on the USA Network! Welcome back to The Fiesta Garden! I am of course your host, the one, the only, Alberto Madril! The man standing behind me looking like he could take on the army by himself? That would be the head of security here at The Fiesta Garden, Mr. Ron Slinker. A multiple time Karate champion and quite possibly the toughest man in all of Texas! Say Hello Ron!

Slinker leans forward, casts a sideways glance at Al, and deadpans..

Ron Slinker: Hello Ron.

Al Madril: Tremendous! Ron Slinker, Ladies and Gentleman!

Madril pauses for a round of applause but only gets loud boo's from the Sportatorium crowd. The smile never leaves his face however. After a moment he continues.

Al Madril: So, tonight we have a very special guest here on The Fiesta Garden. We have a man of character. A man of high moral fiber. A man who came from nothing and has built himself into something to be respected, something to be admired. A man who recently was viciously assaulted by low lifes, but has decided not to let that stop him from reaching his goals. So Please, join me in welcoming to The Fiesta Garden, the esteemed Percival Pringle III!!

That certainly does nothing to make the fans any happier, and the boo's grow even louder when Pringle actually appears. On top of his usual obnoxiously loud suit, he is wearing a neck brace and walking with a cane. He slowly makes his way to The Fiesta Garden stage, and when he arrives he and Al make a big show of getting him onto the stage in his "condition."

Al Madril: Now Percival..

Percival Pringle III: Alberto, since you aren't a low life like Marc Lowrance or these people, you can call me Percy!

Al Madril: Hey!! I appreciate that! You can call me Al! So Percy.. I know you don't want these terrible injuries to define you, but I think we at least need to discuss them.

Percival Pringle III: Well Al...

Both men stop and share a big grin.

Percival Pringle III: At the tag team tournament, I was unfortunately representing two good for nothing losers who promised me that they'd bring me home that Hundred Thousand Dollars. Well, they didn't even make it out of the first round! So I went in the ring to inform them that I no longer required their services, and they assaulted me!

Al Madril: After you invested your time, your money, and your knowledge in these men. They did that to you. What pieces of garbage.

Percival Pringle III: Oh, they most certainly are! But, I got the last laugh, because those men are no longer employed here! My lawyers took care of that!

Al Madril: That'll show 'em!

Percival Pringle III: But you know what the worst part was Al?

Al Madril: What's that Percy?

Percival Pringle III: When those men were attacking me, these no good, degenerate Texans were cheering for them!

Madril mocks a look of shock.

Al Madril: You mean the same no good, degenerate Texans that are here in this building right now?

Percival Pringle III: Yes Al. The very same same no good, degenerate Texans.

The boo's are deafening

Al Madril: Well Percy, these people certainly aren't know for their class.

Percival Pringle III: or their intelligence.

Al Madril: I'd be afraid they might be getting mad that we're insulting them, but since I am talking at a normal speed, I just assume they can't keep up!

Madril and Pringle share a big laugh as the crowd continues to boo. Pringle clutches at his "injured" neck after laughing too hard

Al Madril: Sorry Percy, don't want you to make that neck worse, so let's stick to business. Now that you are out of the tag team business, tell me about what you do have going on.

Percival Pringle III: Well Al, here in just a minute you are going to see my man "The Crippler" Rip Oliver in action. He is a technician inside that ring and will gladly break down anyone they put in that ring with him. So right now, on behalf of Mr. Oliver, I am challenging "Wild" Bill Irwin to put that Texas Television Title on the line. The Crippler is looking forward to cracking Bill's shoulder like he cracks that whip, and bringing me home a shiny gold belt!

Al Madril: Well Percy my friend, best of luck to you and Mr. Oliver, and Thank You so much for being a guest on my Fiesta Garden.

Percival Pringle III: Oh No Al, the pleasure was all mine. It's nice to do an interview with someone around here that doesn't look like they drive a van with the words Free Candy written on the side.

Madril and Pringle share another big laugh as the show fades to commercial.



-Commercial Break-



1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Percival Pringle III vs Dak Ramsey-

Oliver viciously attacked the arm and shoulder of Ramsey from the moment the bell rang. From basics like hammerlocks and standing armbars, to bodyslams with the arm behind the back to dropping knees on the shoulder joint, it was an all out attack. Finally after several minutes of this, Oliver dropped Ramsey with the Shoulder Breaker, then locked on a Fujiwara Armbar which drew an immediate submission.

Winner: Rip Oliver


Marc Lowrance: Rip Oliver certainly living up to his nickname tonight as this young man is cradling his arm and appears to be injured. Pringle and Oliver appear to have their focus on "Wild" Bill Irwin and the Texas Television Title. That would certainly be a hard hitting affair! Ladies and Gentleman, we will be right back with our main event for the Texas Heavyweight Title! Don't go anywhere!!



-Commercial Break-



1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

-"Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs "El Jefe" Jose Estrada- Texas Heavyweight Title

Estrada is just oozing arrogance tonight, sauntering around the ring, smirking at Scott Casey, and at one point blowing kisses to Sunshine. Once the action starts though, his attitude quickly changes as Casey is all over him. Several times Estrada ducks out to the floor to escape the barrage of Scott Casey. That said, the opening minutes were all Casey as he relentlessly went after El Jefe.

Estrada finally managed to get some offense when he raked the eyes of Casey and caught him with a swinging neckbreaker. El Jefe then went to work on Casey and showed a fair bit of agression that we hadn't really seen from him since the Cocoa Samoa match. He caught Casey with a second neckbreaker, and then locked on a Sleeper Hold, but Casey managed to fight out of it, just when it looked like he might be finished. Estrada headed up top and went for a Flying Clothesline, but Casey ducked and Estrada crashed and burned.

Casey was slow to go after Estrada, still recovering from the Sleeper, but he pulled him up off the mat and whipped him into the ropes. Estrada was able to duck a clothesline attempt by the champion, and on the rebound both men went for a clothesline, resulting in both of them being down on the canvas! The referee began his count and both men struggled back to their feet around the count of eight. Estrada charged Casey, but Scott leapfrogged over him and caught him with a dropkick on the turn around. Casey was up first, and when Estrada was about half way back up, Casey nailed him with a Bulldog! It took Casey a few extra seconds to get him turned over, but he covered and the referee counted One, Two, Thr...

Fidel Sierra and Ricky Santana hit the ring and began laying the boots to Scott Casey! The referee immediately called for the bell and tried to pull the two men off of Casey, but only got thrown out of the ring by Sierra for his efforts. Santana and Sierra pulled Casey off of Estrada and were working him over with punches when Johnny Mantell hit the ring in street clothes!

Mantell started firing away at Sierra and Santana and appeared to be getting the upper hand when Estrada recovered enough to stiff arm Mantell in the groin! Johnny dropped next to Scott, and the three members of The Cartel started putting the boots to both men. Just as it appeared Sunshine was about to get involved, a skinny young man in a cowboy outfit hit the ring with a bullrope! He started swinging the rope, and after landing a good shot on Sierra, the three members of The Cartel headed for higher ground! Sunshine entered the ring, and along with Sam Houston helped Scott Casey and Johnny Mantell to their feet.

Winner, by Disqualification: Scott Casey


Marc Lowrance: Scott Casey had El Jefe finished, but Sierra and Santana made sure that didn't happen. Casey's Gunslinger partner Johnny Mantell came out for the save, but the numbers disadvantage was too much for them. But just when it looked like The Cartel was going to do some serious damage, Sam Houston arrived on the scene! Sam is a long time friend of Scott and Johnny, and he certainly wasn't going to sit back and watch this go down. The Cartel certainly didn't seem to like the numbers when they were three on three.

Alright Ladies and Gentleman, that's all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, and be sure to tune in next time. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, saying stay tuned for our friends at Continental Wrestling up next, right here on the USA Network!

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Texas tag champs Tatum and Victory along with Dark Journey gets things going quick. They demand respect and challenge DVE tournament winners Bass and Bart.! 

WOW! New champs!!!! Hell of a way to kick off the show! Bass and Bart holding the tag gold and Irwin as reigning TV champ. Yea, the Wild Bunch are having one spectacular run. I wonder how Tatum and Victory will react? 

Good to see DJ Peterson back in the game. I think a lot of people like him and are looking forward to a good push. 

The time has come! After weeks of hype it's now time for the anticipated debut of Luscious! Fantastic segment. We get a couple teases with AOD and Woman before none other than Luscious Lanny Poffo comes out. The way he made Lowrance uncomfortable was hilarious. Lanny always had a way with words and he put them to good use tonight. He follows all that with an impressive in ring debut. This was so well done and so worth the wait. I wonder if Roy Lee Welch was watching LOL. That picture really summed up his character here. This gimmick is going to draw massive Texas heat. 

Only on this show would the Fiesta Garden bring back normalcy LOL. The conversation between Al and Percy was solid heel work. They really tore apart the Texas fans. The visual of them laughing together was good stuff. I'm all for a Irwin/Oliver TV title program. 

Oliver looks more than ready for Irwin as he lives up to the "Crippler" name. Oliver was another one of those guys who were criminally underrated. I could see him having a Portland like heel run here. 

Casey defending his Texas title against El Jefe! Talk about a main event! Great back and forth match. Casey is on the verge of winning until the no good Cartel spoils everything. But wait, here comes Mantell! The odds are to much until Sam Houston hits the ring to even things up. Oh man I think we're going to get a 6 man tag coming soon. 

Another wild night in Texas! Two main event caliber matches and the long awaited debut of Luscious. Can't ask for more than that. 

You the man Bleh! 

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Nice change of pace with Dark Journey opening the show…..Tatum and Victory challenge The Wild Bunch to a title match…considering the roll that the Wild Bunch has been on….I hope this doesn't backfire on them! Great promo to set up the match from Tatum and Victory!


Well shit….it backfired! The good news is….after the big victory in the tournament, Irwin winning the TV title, and now Bart/Bass winning the tag titles…these guys have to be super OVER in Texas!


DJ Peterson is back! Looking forward to seeing what's in store for him this time around.


WOW, after a LONG tease recently LUSCIOUS is here and it certainly lived up to the hype! You did a great job of painting the picture of the entire scene. Luscious Lanny along with Man and Woman is going to make a lot of waves, not only here in Texas but across the USWA, I'm sure.


Fiesta Garden delivers as always, loved the interaction between Madril and Pringle.


Rip Oliver is a great contender for the TV title and with Pringle in his corner, he might just take it.


Great Main Event…..look like Casey has 'El Jefe' put to bed when the Cartel hit the ring…..Sam Houston has arrived which will be a great help to the Gunslingers who are often finding themselves outnumbered.


Another great show! I look forward to seeing who steps up to face 'Luscious' Lanny Poffo and his entorouge.

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Awesome  week for TASW!

Tatum and Victory tried to talk the talk with a great opening segment but it is time to learn that the tag division in Texas is owned by Bart and Bass!

WOW... Never expected Luscious to be Lanny.... Was sure it was Women when she walked out... by the way, keep those pictures coming!  Awesome, well built angle.  Can't wait to see what is next.  

Pringle was great in the Fiesta Garden.  You are such a creative writer.  Great work.

I like Oliver getting a soldi push.  He dereves better then we have given him so far.  He was great in USWA with the feud with Wildfire and looking forward to see what is nect for him.

AWESOME MAIN EVENT... great job getting Casey over big time over the last few months and getting some big time heat for El Jefe!

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