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[2016-03-09-Lucha Underground] Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma vs Pentagon Jr

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LU Champion Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma vs Pentagon Jr - Lucha Underground 3/9/16

Second season of Lucha Underground my recollection is the buzz around Lucha Underground cooled off in the second season but I know Rey Mysterio did a couple matches for them so I am excited to see those. These three along with Johnny Mundo and Fenix are their big stars. I am not usually a fan of triple threats but this got good ratings and it is pretty short so lets give it a shot. 

Pentagon & Puma double up on the larger Muertes, pummeling him in the corner. They shoot the big man off, bad idea. They gave him space and clothesline to both challengers. Powerbomb to Puma and tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Pentagon. Vampiro gives an oddly specific hockey reference that I am not sure that happened to explain this match saying this is like the Red Wings vs the Flyers in the Stanley Cup in the 70s. A quick check and nope that didnt happen, I thought the Red Wings sucked in the 70s, the Flyer beat the Bruins and Sabres to win back to back cups in 74 and 75, was this the team that earned them the nickname, the Broad Street Bullies? Anyways, weird hockey reference aside, lets go back to the match. Pentagon ends up on the outside and Mil shoots Puma out but he wrangles Pentagon into a tornado DDT on the floor. I kinda feel like he was better off keeping Pentagon at full strength. Mil Slingshot Plancha on puma! Lets go brutha! Puma goes back to the ol head hunting strategy and then walks the railing to Rana on Pentagon Jr. Mil SMOKES Puma as he celebrates. They double up on Mil much better. Big time backbreaker on the apron and Puma bumps & sells so well. If he could learn psychology & escalation, Puma would be killer. Mil gets a big time powerbomb on Pentagon for two. I learned Pentagon broke Mil's arm to set this up and another DDT gets two. Couple Sling Blades from Pentagon, the first significant offense from him. Swandive over the top. Puma does his own swandive to wipe out Mil. Here's another from Pentagon. Puma does a Flosbury Flop on Mil. The Dive Train on Mil Muertes was the best thing so far. With Mil sufficiently beaten down, they brawl in the crowd. FU by Pentagon on Puma on the stairs. Mil is up but Pentagon sees it and dives on him. Since the dive train this has gotten a lot better, significant uptick in energy. 

Mil starts using that power again. Driving Pentagon into the apron and then wiping out the wooden chairs. Shooting Star Press from the bleachers on both men. I can see why some people really like this, lots of crazy spots, close together. Puma gets a big head kick and then 630??? FUCKING NAILED IT! 1-2-NO! Mil broke it up! Excellent use of the Triple Threat rules to protect the finish, baby! Snap powerslam by the Champion for two. Pentagon needs a nearfall. They take turns to trying to kick Mil's head off. Superkick Party reference by Striker. Topical. Lungblower by Pentagon and insane Piledriver for two. Told you Pentagon needed his nearfall. I can lay these out, baby. Cero Meido! Package Piledriver! Didnt got for the pinfall wanted to break the arm instead. Shaking my head. BIG SPEAR BY MIL! ANOTHER SPEAR BY MIL! Take it home, brutha. DOUBLE STRAIGHT TO HELL! Palm on the chest for both men for the win! Damn! That was definitive! Ballsy. 

Admittedly, this did not do much for me. The beginning was boring and meaningless. I liked the dive train on the Big Man. The finish run was pretty good but it was just my turn your turn. The 630 was awesome! They set  up the big Mil Muertes vs Fenix match in the post-match which I also reviewed. ***

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