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[2016-09-14-Lucha Underground-TV] Marty Martinez vs Killshot (Weapons of Mass Destruction)

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Marty "The Moth" Martinez vs Killshot - Lucha Underground 9/14/16 TLC Match

Matt Striker sucks but out of all his insufferable, obnoxious performances this has to be the most insufferable and obnoxious of them all. You see this is a "Weapons of Mass Destruction" match, which is basically a TLC match that you win by pinfall. Oh the references, oh the horrible, horrible references. Killshot is Isiah "Swerve" Scott from NXT and Marty The Moth, I did some research into him doesnt like he has done much else. I will say Marty The Moth is the one who impressed me more. Killshot looked like your generic create-a-X-Division wrestler and wrestled as such. Marty The Moth has a lot of charisma and pure fucking heel. He is a scummy bastard. I can appreciate that. The other shoutout I want to give is I love how Lucha Underground is the blood & guts promotion of the 2010s. It is still not quite as good as 1980s US Territory wrestling because some 21st Century Workrate bullshit does seep in, BUT blood & guts brawling feels like an endangered species and I am happy someone was waving the torch. Killshot apparently in the military, Wikipedia says he served in the US Army Reserve. Marty The Moth stole his dogtags and is wearing US Military Fatigues. It was love at first sight. I like how hammy he is. He is very 80s. Crowd brawling and Scott is pretty decent. Martinez sells well. Martinez starts busting out some good schtick. He grabs the ring announcer lady as a hostage and then grabs a fistful of Killshot's junk. Hell Yeah! Scott takes a wicked head bump on an ladder. Martinez is bleeding and that adds a little sumthin sumthin. Killshot takes a lot of painful bumps on military boxes that look like they hurt. The big combo is Marty takes a Death Valley Driver on a Ladder, but this isnt the WWE it is a legit Ladder that warps a little but must have a hurt like hell. Killshot hits a Double Stomp and a wicked Piledriver thingy that was insane. Out comes the huge ladder and the match grinds a halt. Up until this point the match was pretty entertaining, but this killed their heat. Mariposa ends up going through the table. The Finish as great and salvages their heat loss. Killshot grabbed a handful of Marty's "mothballs", Matt Striker after an epically shitty performance of 22 minutes finally hit on a good one. Killshot rips the dogtags from Marty, I knew that was essential for the finish and then hit a Double Stomp off the Ladder through a table. Pretty wicked. It is not going to change your world and it could have been 5 minutes shorter, it is the first Lucha Undergrund match to overstay its welcome, but Marty's character work and the finish are worth it. ***1/2 

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