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[2015-06-28-TNA-Slammiversary] Austin Aries vs Davey Richards

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Austin Aries vs Davey Richards - Slammiversary 2015

"If you can jump six inches, I can jump six and one more" - The Pope, with the most hilarious gaffe this side George W. Bush. I had to pause and just let the laughing subside. 

Thank God, finally a TNA/Impact match with a halfway decent layout! I thought nobody in TNA/Impact knew how to construct a match but leave it to two ROH veterans to put together a very good match. I saw Aries vs Richards main event an ROH house show out in Michigan when I was in college. Even though I run lukewarm on Richards, I remember it being a banger. So I was interested to see how this match would go down. 

Aries is the heel you want to know how I know? Aries is in a tag team with Bobby Roode called Dirty Heels. They are embroiled in a tag feud with the American Wolves over the Tag Belts. They are 2-2 in a Best of 5 Series, winner of this match picks the stipulation for Match #5 on Impact. They have two PPVs a year but they are still building to Impact instead of the PPV. In fact in addition to the Tag Team Titles being on the line this Impact, Angle is defending the World Championship against ECIII on Impact and there is no defense on Slammiversary. You have 2 PPVs! Why would you book like this? TNA is so bizarre. 

I loved the beginning. They trade back chops. Then they run a cool shine that shows Aries powdering over and over again when Richards gets the best of him. Richards almost kicks his head clean off. Aries powder and strikes a Vogue pose making sure his head is still attached to his body. Aries gets the advantage but takes too long on his trademark Pendulum Elbow and when he eats canvas, he powders. Aries tries pummeling Richards, but Richards breaks free and dropkicks him clean out. Aries evades the Suicide Dive. Richards hunts him down beats him up on the outside. They told a nice, easy to understand story. That built tension and made you want to see Richards to beat up Aries and also made you wonder how Aries would gain the advantage. Pro wrestling is not hard, I swear. 

Aries is about to eat a Diving Headbutt or maybe a Double Stomp. He desperately dives for the ropes and crotches Richards. Aries works a great heat segment. Everything is fluid and looks great. He lets things breathe and sink in. That really cool Wolf Claw Slash tattoo on Edwards is not a tattoo, just warpaint. Aries SMACKS IT CLEAN OFF with a wicked chop. I mentioned this in my previous Aries review. I love his chops. He feigns with the right hand knife edge and CRACKS you with overhand left. Sick. Richards takes back over with a great suicide dive. Not as great as Aries, but he had really nice form and looked like torpedo. Missile dropkick by Richards as he looks to be rolling. He starts ringing Aries bell with an assortment of kicks. Aries sells it like he is dazed & confused and looking for a tag from Bobby, a little over the top, but entertaining nonetheless. Aries loves to go to the Boxing The Ear to comeback and this leads to his shot out of the rocket Suicide Dive. Fuck it is so sweet. Last Chancery gets a "nearfall" for him.

Best part of the match Richards is starting to comeback. Richards is ready to run across the ring and all of sudden ARIES FLIES INTO THE SCREEN AND SMOKES WITH A DROPKICK! They should have done the Brainbuster right then and there. Their only miscue was Richards converting into a Falcon's Arrow. Bad choice. Richards gets the Double Stomp for two. Roode out. Edwards stops Roode. Distraction Schoolboy finish gets it for Aries. That finish is the drizzling shits and needs to be retired permanently. Terrible finish and the one miscue choosing to have Richards hit a move after that DEVASTATING dropkick aside, this was a psychologically sound match. I dug it. ***3/4

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